Money Energy: ‘What’s Going to Happen?’ Vs. What YOU Make Happen

As times are getting a little more – shoot, shall we say, “dicey”, in the world – there appear to be more calls than ever to my Spiritual Practice office by good people who are very scared, in need of “Predictive Sessions”. Of course, I am a Clairvoyant, and as such, my job is to look up the Intra-dimensional Periscope into that Universe known as “probability” and report back on the most probable actions to come.

I say “most probable actions”, because this is a free will environment, and everything – and I mean absolutely *everything* — is dependent upon, well – absolutely everything else. That’s an awful lot of chaos to decode, and to responsibly identify, in order to properly disseminate the information to a client. Anyone can be born with these spiritual gifts, but the ability to deliver the information with any sense of clarity takes years of practice, and some pretty whopping communication skills. Naturally, I do the very best I can to hit the mark every time, in regard to “passing the notes” accurately. Because let’s face it – who wants to visit with a sucky Psychic?

My job ends with reporting the information I am given to see. I say “given” to see, because simply because I CAN see ahead, doesn’t mean that it’s in the highest interest for the client, and thusly – even my view will be waylaid, if it will cause the client to stumble. I deal primarily with angelic entities, whom amongst other things, hold the job description of passing along information for the client’s highest growth journey. If this journey involves the client struggling a bit to overcome an obstacle, in order to find the confidence on the other end that allows them to take a huge swing at life on their next project, then the energies would dictate that interrupting that journey with a “quick cheat” is not in the best interest of the individual. Angelic entities very much subscribe to the “give a person a pizza and he eats for a day, but teach a person to farm and they will feed themselves, and a village, for a lifetime” philosophy.

The Universe’s job is to make sure that we are trained up, in the most efficient way possible, for anything that may befall us in life. Think of The Universe like a Spiritual Jillian Michaels, but without the scary highlights. People like myself, who are here to help others along on their respective journeys, can only help within the parameters we are given. For me, it’s decoding, and passing along messages.

The rest, my dear Watson – is up to the individual.

As times have heated up here on Planet Earth, with a plummeting economy and a general world money system that is about to change, panicked people everywhere are seeking immediate “answers” about what is currently happening. By the way – sideline — according to the “future ticker”, we are going to a world oil standard to secure our national treasury and equalize out-of-control world currency margins and trading inequities, though we will still recognize a localized “gold” standard for a new banking and loaning application with the USA. (Oil – really?? THAT old dying fossil fuel? Who’d a thunk? But I digress.) People are afraid, because the top has spun off the table. And people want to call the Psychic to hear “when” things are going to be better.

I take great honor and pride in being able to assist people through their fear. People have a difficult time making rational decisions when they are busy digging a bunker in their back yards and hoarding dried beans. Yet I’m only 50% of the equation. A proper Clairvoyant is not only an interpreter, but a Weather Man. We look into the ethers, decode the tangle of chaotic probabilities that lead from the future to this very moment in time, report back the path of those probabilities, and then give a general “forecast” for the spiritual ethers. Stormy, smooth sailing, rainy with a chance of fog – but all it is, is a forecast. It’s up to the client to buy an umbrella, or get drenched.

I will be one of the very few people in my field to bite the bullet go on record with this statement: Reading on the to-the-date predictive “outcomes” of financial turmoil in the next two years will be difficult. The reason for this difficultly is that money is an energy, not an outcome — period. To accurately “predictively read” on anyone’s financial issues, one must read on the individual’s consciousness around money, the probability of their current issues interfering with their proactive actions toward the gathering and / or receiving of money, as well as reading on the actual “characteristic” of the current money energy — and then comb through all energies listed above to find a common intersect point, in time, if any – reporting back a “time frame” to the client, when things will change.

Yeah. In a good economy, it’s involved.

I’m not saying it’s impossible to predictively read on money issues. But I am saying it will be much more difficult to pinpoint timing with white-hot accuracy while the global money situation goes through the ringer, because we, as a society, decide what money is worth, everyday. So there is no “constant” point on the timeline, to backtrack from in the future. It’s like reading the flow of blood – I can “see” an oxygen particle in the blood stream and track it through the heart – but ask me one minute later, and I will see the same particle in the brain. “Money” is nothing more than an agreed-upon concept, a moving, breathing energetic energy that changes location and direction with the fears and the needs of billions of people. Those fears and needs are based on free will. And when free will is part of the equation – all bets on “predictive timing” are OFF, people.

This is life. Not a level in a video game whose cheats can be downloaded by your friendly neighborhood Psychic. (Sorry to report.)

People are afraid, and running out of what they perceive as financial options. There’s a reason for this: Our money system is changing. (If you’re still unclear on what that means, refer back to that whole section talking about financial energy – or, as I like to call it, “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride”.) The way we do business is changing. It’s all changing. That’s why the “old way of doing business” is coming up against brick walls and leaving people feeling like every option is closed to them. The old options are being phased out.

The good news is – the new options are being phased in. And they allow for A LOT more people to partake in, and to share, the global money energy. Thanks to a change in consciousness that will literally be forced by a gridlocked world economy, the “identity” of money is about to be transformed forever, and those who remain calm will be right in line with the new money energy. But that’s a blog for another day, as it doesn’t really have to do with how, right now, folks can cope with the changes afoot. This is confusing enough in the present.

I’ve been asked more times in the past six months the question “What DATE do you see my financial situation getting better?” than in the entire ten years I’ve had my Psychic Shingle hung up above the door. When people get afraid, they want to know OUTCOME, so they can calm down. The difficulty is that this need, to know the outcome, is a fear-based knee-jerk response, and is not supported by The Universe. When people fear, the Universe sends instructions on how NOT to fear, because that is what the Universe does – it seeks to strike balance. A journey through fear begets a journey out of fear. Problem is, humanity, and our downloadable-App-mentality, wants the solace of instantly knowing we will “be okay”, before taking action to provide outcomes that will strengthen our situation, allowing us to then get the “feel goods” that it really will be okay.

Which leads me to the ultimate point of this blog: Action.

What I am blessed to have at my fingertips, as a Clairvoyant, is a hard line to endless lists of instructions, game plans, and strategies for how to get “things” back on track, individually, from person to person – thanks of course to the angelic entities that walk with my clients. I can pass along game plan after game plan, recommended by a client’s own angels, that maximize the client’s gifts and strengths to maximize the timeline of their current situation.

The catch is – the client must take action on the plan. Otherwise, it’s just sitting there, in outer space, orbiting around the client’s life like a million other fantastic – yet unexecuted – life-changing ideas. Many of these “game plans” involve patience, and timing, and faith, and action – all things that human beings throw right out the window when they hit the panic button. When humans are terrified, we experience a fight or flight instinct. We become either Godzilla or a deer in the headlights. You don’t see many deer working through grand life-changing plans in the seven seconds between the rest of their life – and the Mack Truck that makes them a hood ornament.

However, if we can calm our mind down long enough to listen to what these angelic hosts are passing along – there are some dang great ideas. Life changing plans, that can easily be put into swing with what the client has on hand, that once instigated, set off a chain reaction of soul-growing events that end up being 100 times more poignant and more powerful than simply knowing the calendar date when the money is hitting the bank account. Yet if any one of us refuses to take action with the information we’ve been given, then, well – The Universe is off the hook, and we’ve got no one to blame but ourselves, in the continued stagnation of our forward progress.

The Universe is also not responsible to keep us calm. This tends to cause a lot of resentment in humanity, who not only wants all the answers yesterday, but an emotional and spiritual pacifier to make use feel better while having it all. Yup, humanity – the trust fund babies of the Cosmos. (It’s no wonder that occasionally, some of our Galactic OffWorld relatives roll their eyes with malaise at our general idea of “suffering”. But again – that’s another blog.) It is our job to work through the issues that would continue to push our “panic” buttons. It is in working through these issues that we grow. Sometimes we need help, and this is what “phoning a friend” is for. We often times need feedback to stop our mind from spinning into the worst case scenario, and that’s fair.

It is of course a wonderful part of my job to be able to provide comfort to people, in viewing forward their highest probabilities of the success they will bring to their lives by the action they, themselves, will take. I will always note in the reading, however, that if the client decides not to take action on any given plan, any aforementioned potential result tied to that plan is then off the table. I always say: I can report to a client that they’ll win the lottery. Yet if that client doesn’t buy a ticket — so much for the winning outcome.

Nothing in this third dimensional universe is “destined”, though there are best courses of action to take – the most optimized paths of least resistance. Luckily, The Creator is on our side – It will continue to serve up opportunity after opportunity to try and get our feet on that maximized path. Yet it violates The Creator’s own laws if that same Creator then forces us into a “destiny”. The idea of destiny is better explained as the most optimized course of action that would be best supported by all of our gifts and abilities, for the maximum fulfillment of our heart, mind, body and spirit.

SO – when just a few of the spiritual mechanics are lined out, one can see how, in any Psychic session, asking for a “hard predictive date” – especially on finances — is counter-productive to the overall use of one’s visit. I can surely tell anyone it’s going to be okay as long as ultimately, it is. A client’s angelic hosts can even provide the game-plan to bring that “okay” into fruition. Yet it is up to us to provide the elbow work and the patience to allow the plan that WE put into action – to work.

There is no Psychic or Clairvoyant or Medium alive that can tell any other one person whether or not they will choose to follow through on something they start, from remedying financial woes to remedying communication in one’s love life.

I regret to inform all of humanity: Your free will is WAY above our pay grade.

Remaining in an upset that financial changes aren’t coming in fast enough is antithetical to solving the problem. Working toward a solution, everyday, is not. And certainly, if one is hurting financially, the last thing one needs to do is spend X amount of dollars on a Psychic reading — just to burn up the whole reading panicking about dates and times that can never be fulfilled because “the plan” that would fulfill them isn’t allowed to be delivered, and therefore, cannot be put into action to fulfill any hard dates and times.

It’s a fascinating observation in space-time manipulation – the “Butterfly Effect” at work, in our own lives.

Allow The Universe to help you by providing you with a prescription for financial remedy, and believe in yourself to fill it. YOU bring the changes into your life that will ultimately benefit your highest good, not the miraculous Wells Fargo Wagon full of cash, or the Magic Visa card, dumping a load on your front porch as it whisks by. Although that would be really cool.

There is no situation on this earth that remains constant, suffering, elation, or otherwise – unless we choose it to remain constant. Believe in your ability to rotate through these financial shifts. Just because changes are taking place, it doesn’t mean we can’t handle them. Of course we can. Just remain committed to taking action with the resources you have at hand. Get creative. The how’s and the why’s are up to The Universe. We can do nothing about third parties issues: Who is hiring, who is not, how our money has already been spent, what businesses are opening and closing. But we can dictate where we allow our mind to wander. There’s a difference between reflecting on past missteps in order to make better strides ahead, and just unwinding into a catastrophizing nightmare.

I’ll give you a hint: The old money energy was wrapped in Victimization. The new money energy is wrapped in Actualization. To remain in “victim” energy re-subscribes, over and over again, to the old, dying system that is on it’s way out. Stepping into “actualization” then aligns our spiritual poles with the incoming money energy, and makes it much easier for the new energy – and the money attached to it – to find us. Remember, in Spiritual Physics – Like Attracts Like.

In plain English: Panic, blame, and entitlement are out. Hard work, enthusiasm, and ingenuity are in. You know all those “great ideas” you’ve been toying with, the ones that seemed so outside of the box that they were practically in a neighboring universe? Now is the time to kick them into high action. The new money energy supports new ideas, new enthusiasm, new elbow grease. And there’s no Psychic alive that can do it for you.

A million dollars starts with just one penny. Now reach into your pocket. I believe you’re carrying seeds to a billion dollar bumper crop.

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Named "Psychic of the Year" by UFO's and Supernatural Magazine, Danielle Egnew is an internationally-known Psychic, Medium and Angelic Channel whose work has been featured on national TV (NBC, ABC, TNT, USA) as well as in the Washington Post and Huffington Post. She has provided content consultant services for the CW's hit series "Supernatural" and the blockbuster film "Man of Steel". Danielle is also an author, teacher, and TV / radio host in the field of metaphysics. She anchors her private practice in the Big Sky Country of Montana, residing with her wife and their daughter.
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  1. Awesome post. Brilliantly written as usual and timely for me, thanks (-; ~ Sharon

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