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Named Psychic of the Year by UFO’s & Supernatural Magazine (Issue 3), as well as Most Noted UFOlogists in 2012 (UFOs & Supernatural Magazine, Issue 4), Danielle Egnew is internationally renowned for her litany of layered spiritual talents.  Applying her skillset which encompasses Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Empathy, Psychometry, Mediumship, Remote Viewing, Profiling, Spirit Guide Channeling, Angelic Communication, Extra-Terrestrial Interpretation and Tonal Healing, even outside-the-box spiritual ministry, Danielle Egnew has worked as a Professional Clairvoyant and Medium both in the private sector and the media for the past 12 years. She is a vetted alumni member of Best American Psychics and the national crime-solving organization Find Me. Her forward-thinking perspectives on consciousness have been featured in the Washington Post and The Huffington Post.

Danielle’s often disarming and approachable demeanor nearly masks someone whose vast knowledge of spiritual practices and paranormal phenomenon has landed her in the “expert” seat on more than one panel and production team.  Along with her reputation of assisting law enforcement on cold cases with great success, she has been featured as on-camera talent on several television projects (ABC, NBC, USA, TNT, TRAVEL CHANNEL) including an appearance on the Psychic’s version of The Weakest Link alongside five other Psychics and Astrologers recruited nationwide, but she has been a content consultant on a number of paranormal television programs including Lifetime’s America’s Psychic Challenge, the CW’s hit series Supernatural, and the blockbuster film Man of Steel. She is currently in production with her own docuseries in which she stars, entitled The Road Angel.


From 2004 until now, Danielle’s experience with many types of spiritual phenomena lends her to repeat guest slots on many AM / FM / podcast radio shows all across the nation as well as across the Atlantic and into Europe.

untitled-1inpsight3Most recently, Danielle hosts inPsight Radio,  a weekly ad-free podcast that covers spiritual topics, UFOs, the spiritual / psychic end of our political climate, and mysteries of our times. Listeners can subscribe to the podcast for $5 a month through Patreon. Patrons receive the latest episodes. Podcast archives up to a months behind are also available online on Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, and TuneIn.



NetworkLogo copyNow it’s easier than ever to find out what’s happening in the Universe. Subscribe to Danielle Egnew’s YouTube Channel The Signs and Wonders Network (SNW/NET) and received regular updates on what is occuring in the Spirit-sphere. With a candor that explains the most complicated spiritual principles in an easy-to-understand conversation, Danielle regularly supplies to-the-point content to the channel surrounding insight on major world events, predictions, UFO’s and OffWorld Issues, astrological alignments, and much more!  Stay tuned and stay in the know!


In film, Danielle produced, directed and starred in the history-drenched and evidence-packed feature-length paranormal documentary Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting (Ave Vox Entertainment 2010), covering one of the most disturbing haunted locations in America. The film, being heralded by Hollywood Today and CNN as “the real-life Paranormal Activity”, highlights the use of Psychics and Sensitives as “tools” in the paranormal investigation process, netting jaw-dropping on-camera evidence such as an actual entity, while featuring the only Cowlitz Indian Death Ritual to ever be captured on film to date. As a filmmaker, it was a great honor to be gifted with such an experience.



On TV, Danielle can currently be seen on Travel Channel’s American Mystery adding her insight as a UFOlogist.

In addition, Danielle is currently in
production with her own TV series entitled The Road Angel, where she takes to the backroads of America to translate angelic messages to those in dire need of other-worldy assistance.

Danielle continues to consult on paranormal and OffWorld programming with various production companies.


In June of 2012, Danielle’s paranormal autobiography True Tales of the Truly Weird: Real Paranormal Accounts from a Real Psychic hit the stands:

“This woman is the Real Deal. Wit, sensibility, charm and true ability. Read her book.”
— Kim Rhodes, Actress (CW’s ‘Supernatural’)

The book explores a wide range of Danielle’s paranormal pursuits: From Ghosts to Demons, Extraterrestrials to Kachinas, Banshees to Elementals, talking plants to people who cannibalize another’s liver,  Danielle Egnew has encountered it all — sometimes with more terror than triumph. Uncover secrets of the magnificent yet monstrous unseen world that surrounds us everyday, recounted in exquisite and disturbing detail as experienced first-hand through Danielle’s extraordinary Psychic abilities. At the heart of the chaos, take a rare and candid look into the life and psyche of one of today’s most influential Spiritual and Paranormal personalities. An engaging yet chilling memoir underscored by fascinating history, harrowing humor, and freakish facts, True Tales of the Truly Weird is a powerhouse ethereal expose on what’s really lurking beyond our comfortable realm of understanding, redefining our reality. The question is: Are we ready for the truth? Available on Amazon in hard copy and kindle.

DanielleEgnewDailyInsight-smashwordsJune of 2014 brought Danielle Egnew’s Daily Spiritual Insight: 365 Lessons for Lifetime Growth, an easily digestible daily journal designed to edify your life while bringing through insights based upon her in-depth work with angels and the spirit realm. This journal is about realistically making changes within your spirit and your psyche — starting right where you are today. One lesson at a time. One day at a time. One decision at a time. Simply focus on the lesson for the day and that lesson only. Put the lesson for the day to use. Allow 24 hours to let the lesson sink in. Then allow a lifetime for the lesson to blossom. Change is a decision and then an action. It’s that simple. You can do this. Available on Amazon in hard copy and kindle.


CreationWhispers-CDBabyAlso a multi award-winning musical artist, Danielle Egnew brings the first of many passive listening mediation experiences to her vast musical catalogue with her album Creation Whispers on  iTunes. Using the powerful attributes of sound as a healing and energetic release tool, Danielle has pooled her years of knowledge as a tonal healer as well as producer and musician to compose this highly effective passive-listening ambient mediation CD. Applying both her sound science and Psychic background to the healing tonal canvas of  Creation Whispers, Danielle artfully weaves together specific musical overtones and patterns in order to create harmonics which are designed to trigger relaxing and meditative Theta Wave activation in the brain. Theta Waves are associated with meditation, Psychic ability, and the pre-cursor to deep sleep — or Delta Waves. Creation Whispers is extremely effective for stress relief, chakral cleansing, meditation, and use prior to bedtime. Due to the heightened Theta Wave activity in the brain inspired by this work, it is not recommended to listen while driving or operating heavy machinery. Sit back, relax, and sink into Creation Whispers by Danielle Egnew — and allow the deep healing power of sound to wash away the stresses of life.

A U D I O   W O R K S H O P   S E R I E S

DanielleEgnew-AudioWorkshopSeriesOne of the most engaging spiritual speakers, teachers and lecturers today, Danielle’s ability to illustrate complex spiritual concepts in the most ingestible and entertaining way possible has set her aside. The forums are simple: While channeling Angelic entities and weaving the topics with her own candor, Danielle translates the most intertwined of spiritual principles into an easy-to-apply discussion on implemeting astounding change in everyday life.  Downloadable audio files are mp3 format and range in forum length from 1.5 to 3 hours. Immerse yourself in expansive and exciting learning while igniting your deepest potential today!

P A R A N O R M A L   I N V E S T I G A T I O N

Danielle has also been a contributing guest member of many other paranormal and UFOlogist teams across the USA. Danielle has been a featured Key Note Speaker, Teacher, and Advisor at many Conventions, Spiritual Healing Centers, and events.  She has spearheaded dozens of seminars and forums covering a wide array of spiritual and paranormal phenomenon.


Danielle currently resides with her wife, their teenage daughter, and their three fluffy dogs — Angelo, Sebastian, and Rubin–in her home state of Montana. She has not only volunteered to consult on cases with Law Enforcement, nationwide, yet also provides Spiritual Advisory services to a range of individuals, from private clients who simply need personal guidance, to Hollywood Studio Heads, Fortune 500 Executives, and international and celebrity clientele.

W E B S I T E   L I N K S


To contact Danielle:

Media –
productions [at] danielleegnew-advisor.com

Spiritual Advisory / Private Readings –
appointment [at] danielleegnew-advisor.com

10 Responses to About Danielle

  1. Clay Davis says:

    Hi Danielle,
    I can’t tell you how much joy and peace my heart received reading a number of posts from your blog! I was finally able to confirm from your blog many theories I had on organized religion, God, and on angels and demons.

    I’m very curious if you have heard of a woman who was better know as Baba Vanga and her list of predictions? Also, I am curious if your read or heard of the story/ book, “Heaven is for real”? I would love to hear your thoughts and insight on these!

    Best Regards,
    Clay Davis

  2. Hey Danielle.

    Im a psychic as well and need to put some things before you regarding these craft and what i call OBE Propulsion as well as several other things regarding our ‘friends’.


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  4. J. Montew says:

    How am I doing with fun?

  5. Pingback: *Blog Share* Call To Light #19 | Its good to be crazy Sometimes

  6. vickie1 says:

    Dear Danielle,

    1. Why most of the ‘good’ psychics preach positive thoughts, enlightenment, personal change etc but seem unable to fight/take out the bad elements (including people) from a person’s life?

    2. Why most of the psychics (rare ones excluded) ask for details (like birth dates, problems) about a person, instead of “knowing/seeing” (if they truly posses the ‘clairs’) why that person is there?

    Will appreciate an answer.

    Thank you.

  7. Lynne says:

    I was looking into getting a physic to help me with a vision I had, about a possible Murder or ( Cold Case )? and I believe my Son is in Danger. I keep feeling weird about it and the vision happened recently. I’m an Ordained Minister but wasn’t sure about contacting a medium. sometimes when it’s late at night is my most clarity of times. and it does not happen often. even though you are way ahead of things than me. I share some gifts and hidden talents. currently, I’m writing my first Sleuth Novel. I can easily relate to you. we have a lot of same interests and a lot in common. I have really been searching hard for a good spiritual medium. and you popped up suddenly. please get in touch with me as soon as you can. while it is fresh on my mind. Thank You .sincerely Lynne Lotte

  8. Hi there, I love your site! I am also a psychic medium and teacher and I love the work I do! I run a website called Lightloveandspirit.com where I bring a down to Earth approach on this not so down to Earth subject. I offer a variety of readings as well as intuitive coaching! I would love a guest spot on your blog if you have any space to fill!

    My niche kind of found me and currently I work with a lot of overdose and suicide victims. I would love to write a post on what happens after suicide and how a reading with a psychic can help your loved one on the other side!

    Please let me know if this sounds like something you would be interested in!

    Thank you!

    Love and Light,

  9. Lama Rangbar says:

    Excellent Danille, the more voices of reason, the better. May all your work succeed.

  10. Dear Danielle, I just read you post on Islam and want to thank you. I feel that I am continually walking upstream because when I hear most people grouping ISIS with Muslims I want to scream. The only answer I can come up with is “all men are not fathers, all fathers are men. All ISIS are Muslim, and not all Muslim are ISIS. The reaction is most always are you crazy. I found you post to be the closest answer I could ever dream of. Well done and thank you
    Robin Kilburn

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