Donate to the Blog

img_0495Hey there!! Danielle here!! You’ve probably noticed that this blog doesn’t have any advertising placed into it. I get requests many times a month from advertisers who would love to place written content in my blog, or ads into the blog, because of this blog’s amazing traffic — which is YOU, the amazing reader!!

Now, putting advertising in here just feels weird to what we’ve had going on since 2011. However, the real-world conundrum remains; there are, of course, costs in maintaining a blog.

So, I’ve implemented a donations portal. You have emailed me over the years and asked where you can make donations to this blog, so I figured it may just make more sense to plop a button right here —


Or, you can use Venmo:


My hope is to keep the blog advertising-free, to have a space where you can go, for five or ten or thirty minutes, where you’re not being bombarded with tracking cookies trying to sell you the last thing you Googled.

We all need a break.

So, if you enjoy the blog, and if you’re able to spare a little change to keep the lights on in here, please feel free to do so. We, as humans, are a collective. And none of us exist without the support of one another.

Have a gorgeous, healthy, full-of-safety-and-love life. And I’ll see you here, whenever the light calls you back!

Danielle 🙂