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593b44d14202b.image WHOO HOOO!!! You wanted more content, more access to “what I see”, more insights, more info, a safe environment, whenever you wanted. 24 / 7  — and now you’ve got it!

I’ve finally figured out a way to deliver you tons of content in one easy-to access setting, without being held captive by the demands of advertisers, or by  “leanings” of a network — and I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to not only offer terrific raw, real, in-your-heart-and-face spiritual content, yet to create a #LightNation where a climate of LOVE is inspired to thrive, as we discuss incredible topics! Come join the seekers and learners on my subscription site at Patreon — click here to read more!

My site on Patreon is WAY more than a “subscription”. I’m holding a perimeter of love, in a safe culture of respect and learning in which to immerse yourself in order to ask any question and reach for any answer. A troll-free, hate-free environment to expand and grow. Now it’s thriving community of Light Workers, seekers, learners, and just really cool people all around! Come join us, and ad your voice, your questions, and your knowledge!

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This is all about ALL OF US coming together to build a culture of love —

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