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“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” ― Albert Einstein

Hello there!

Danielle Egnew here, founder of Call To Light. I’m glad to see you here! As you might have noticed, Call To Light is more than just a blog — it’s a personal spiritual movement based upon the immediate need for humanity to come together for it’s own greatest good. It’s not just superstition — the world has entered into a powerful transitional change – energetically, sociologically, geographically, and spiritually — and it will continue to change dramatically. This change will not simply “go away”. It is part of our right of passage, as a species. It is here to move us from point A to point B. And only in the acceptance of that movement will we, as a species, excel. This choice to excel is up to us.

Certainly, change is eminent upon the earth. It is part of our social, spiritual, and geological heritage, as a planet. However, never before has the human race been privy to witnessing our planetary changes from not only one corner of the globe to the other, at the mere touch of a screen, but even from the far reaches of outer space. Technology wraps us into one body, unlike any other time in our human heritage. In the known history of
humankind, our world has never before been so small, now a click away from anyone, any experience, or any occurrence, nearly anywhere.

And that’s not by accident. The timing could not be more imperative.

To say that this exciting transition is just like any other that earth has experienced is simply not true. Certainly, the planet has endured climate shifts, and even pole shifts. Yet the consciousness shift that humanity is now capable of, thanks in part to our ability to experience empathy for our global neighbors simply by “logging on”, is unprecedented in our history books. More than ever, it is imperative that the human race embrace our likenesses, not our differences. We must grasp this extraordinary opportunity that we, as a species, have at our fingertips —  to witness the commonalities at work within the human spirit that cross cultures, morays, and even religious beliefs.

It is time to release ourselves from the “us-against-them” mentality, used on humanity by Darkness, that has been the go-to modality to conquer and divide for many ages. It is time for each of use to take ownership in our part of the global transition.

Participation in this movement doesn’t require anything fancy. It does not require membership fees, nor contributions. It simply requires you to make a concerted change in thinking, everyday.

“Those people” become “our people”.

“They don’t deserve” becomes “We are all deserving.”

“I don’t have” becomes “I will help.”

Together, we are the breath and body of the transition, filling our streets, our coffee shops, our workplaces, and our homes with the energy of Acceptance. Together, we change the baseline in dealing with one another. It is time to lay down the stone tools of the past and take up the brilliant light of the future. Compassion. Empathy. Understanding, and
education. We do not always have to agree, yet we can extend dignity to those with whom we differ. AND, we can learn from our differences. Therein lies the strength, and the magic, of who we have the capability to be, as a species.

To download, right click image and choose “Save Target As”

So please, join me as a conscious member of the Family of Light by downloading one of the free banners on this page — two different sizes — and placing them on your websites, homepages, and social media sites, so that others may know where to join us. Simply right click on the image and choose “Save Target / Picture As”.  No matter what race, creed, color, sexual orientation, religion, or economic status, YOU are MY family. And I am yours. Creator made all of us to be beautiful pieces of the same puzzle. We are each uniquely different, on purpose. Without each other, we are unable to see Creator’s Big Picture —  which is seeing the depth of Creator It/Her/Himself.

Join me in denying Darkness further access to the Human Spirit. The “Call To Light Press” features free access to numerous overviews on the Spiritual Physics of our time, as well as spiritual messages for those seeking, hurting, and just looking for common thought.

Answer the Call To Light. It’s your spiritual birthright. It’s your spiritual design. Our family has been held hostage by Darkness for far too long. It’s time we love it back.

Many blessings and peace –

Danielle Egnew, Founder
Call To Light. Org  / Call To Light Press

Post script:

I’ve been repeatedly asked by many for a means through which they could contribute to spreading these messages of love and clarification housed on Call To Light. Those feeling called to assist even further in the outreach of the Call To Light Press may do so through this donation portal. Your donations are applied toward the administration of this blog and distribution of its positive spiritual messaging. Yet always remember — your largest donation to the world is yourself. YOU are your most valuable currency of all. And the fact that you’re here, right now, is the greatest gift that this world — or myself — could possibly ask for.

18 Responses to Call To Light

  1. Margot says:

    I love you and your messages. Our work is very aligned. Thank you for speaking your truth!

  2. Christian says:

    Hey can you give me a psychic look to see if my ablilities can be used to help in your work. If you could use me, I would love to help.

    Christian Andre

  3. Pam says:

    I’d like to join but use an iPhone and can’t right click..,
    Can u add my email address?

  4. Wondering why you’re here replying, mr small snappy-yappy dog… if the topics offend your sensibilities… why bother reading them?

    Oh wait.. you’re a small snappy-yappy dog. LOL

  5. Dr. Len Cruz says:

    I was deeply moved by an article you wrote on Why Donald Trump is the Best Thing to Happen to America. I have returned to your site for inspiration over the past few months when I was helping prepare a book that we recently released, “A Clear and Present Danger: Narcissism in the Era of Donald Trump” ( ) . I plan to make a reference to your post about Donald Trump and I hope it will bring new visitors to your site. I am grateful for your efforts.

    • yvonne says:

      Really? So how to you square what she says right above this post with her rant on Trump. All people coming together accepting each other is ALL PEOPLE, that includes Trump.

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  7. RR says:

    True, and unfortunately the entertainment industry is slowly trying to produce that of which is, ‘all fun and games’ by turning those who have been ‘genuinely’ hurt into a side show for freaks. It’s all too easy for people to use this technology to spice up or titillate the curiosity of an audience. What’s ironic is the many that seem to find this ‘guised’ reality, intoxicating. But, in all actuality, about all they have served up is a dish of apathy for group of mouthwatering sloths to feast upon. And, for those who wish to indulge, I guess it serves them right. It seems as though most everything that we are subjected to in the news or on TV these days to is tainted in one way or another. Thanks for your response. RR

  8. Roger R. Thomes says:

    Please note: it is not I who trivialize surveillance by offering my observation: surveillance is topical. That, any more than a person who had witnessed a crime and reported it, perpetrated that crime. Counter-phrasing Marshall McLuhan–The messenger is not the message.–R.T. Thomes (Amsterdam)

  9. RR says:

    In consideration of her invitation, it’s easy to see that you are also the co-author these blogs. Thank You for your response. It is easy to state that trespassing on personal privacy is ‘common place’ however, that doesn’t by any means, excuse it. It almost sounds as if you are ‘trivializing’ it by mentioning it as being the object of humor and story telling. And, although, I might agree with this statement, I don’t condone of its action and I would think that anyone who would, might be making a grave mistake. I think that if people are having their privacy expoited, especially from that of a private forum, the trespasser(s) should be held accountable for their actions. If anyone should feel liberated enough to offer surveillance onto any other under the pretense of helping one or society as a whole, wouldn’t it be safe to say that they are condoning of the very same behaviors they claim to condemn? What a ‘common-place’ contradiction. It’s a shame that we live in a time when there are only very few left who think or speak for themselves as well as others who believe they are high and mighty enough to make such an assessment. It’s even more of a shame that there are people who just go along with the status-quo or would trivialize any violation simply because it was let to become, ‘comon place.’ If only people truly felt free enough to speak for themselves then maybe there would be enough ‘brave’ people to counter such a violation. The good news is that there are at least some who can still recognize this for what it really is instead of its pretense. Thanks again, RR

  10. Roger R. Thomes says:

    Thank you, Danielle for your invitation for me to give my thoughts on the subject of “Surveillance”
    In our time, “Surveillance” is so commonplace, that the public have become desensitized to its omnipresence.. Surveillance (even to the extent of spying) is: the object of humor, the subject of stories, and a source of a means of law-enforcement. The last-mentioned “reason” for the use of surveillance is the thin wedge that authorities use for its use and eventually, its abuse–absolute social control. Thus come into existence the: “Nanny State”, “Big Brother”. With false explanations, such as: “we are doing this to help you”, “if we do this, you are going to be protected”, etc. At exactly at this point, the dichotomy emerges–“we” and “you”. At that point, authority (“we”), ceases to acknowledge that its power of authority comes from the people who surrender some of their powers in order to have a fit society, therefore, authority becomes a power unto itself. That dichotomy can only exist when society has become disenfranchised from its government. Disenfranchisement starts early in life, it begins with: unreasoning, authoritarian, and impatient parents who fail to explain to their charges, the reasons for the boundaries they had set. Later in life, children are exposed to the superstitious dogmas of religion; for which blind “faith” is the only mode of acceptance. In normal school, students are supposed to learn the processes of correct: grammar, maths, science, and even the arts; those are often, for lack of time, presented without sufficient rationale. Personally speaking, I am quire amazed at the resilience of human consciousness. I see that there are still left, a few people who, despite their past experiences, are able to think for themselves.There are indeed, a few people who reject intrusiveness, authoritarianism, and injustice. They protest surveillance; they go so far as to protest state-sponsored murder that the state calls “war”.–Roger T. Thomes (Amsterdam)
    Note: “Surveillance”, cab be literally understood as, “under the veil”.
    P.S. At this very hour, the British Parliament are trying to find ways of curbing surveillance by the media They would be well-advised to consider their own government’s surveillance.

    • yvonne says:

      I am amazed at this. I have to assume that you are working on waking up and remembering who you really are. Are you new? Let me relieve your fear. In the not to distant future they will be able to scientifically prove that we are connected using brain mapping. They already can with long term couples. The ultimate realization is that you are one with all things. That includes all people. Whether you can understand, translate and use that oneness right now does not change that it is the truth. You have always been able to know everything about everyone. Don’t be afraid of it. You have to understand that when you know everything about everyone then you understand why they do and say the things they do. You will not even hate the most horrendous child serial killer because you will know how they got there moment by moment. Relax. We have finally gotten over the hump it is going to be fantastic!!!

  11. rabic says:

    Yes, we do live in interesting times in consideration of astrology as well as technology we possess, however, with this technology in hand, people are also using it to invade the privacy of others. This seems to be happening at an alarming rate these days. There are so many people who live without integrity and they exhibit this when they fail to respect people, including their privacy. I am very curious to hear your opinion in regard to the infringement of others for the sake of personal gain.

    • yvonne says:

      LOL, call to the light, uniting humanity? Why are you here on this site? You are a powerful creator god. You are a part of the one, the whole. No one and nothing can do anything against you without your permission. Oh, fear is giving your permission. Relax, enjoy, learn what you are!

  12. Roger R. Thomes says:

    Thank you, Danielle for your invitation for a reply (I often have a million-or-so words on a subject I know little 😉 ) But of that little, I am fairly certain:
    The financial crisis the Western economies is a result of several causes. One solution will not remedy the whole problem. One part of the problem is the supply of money. One can naïvely ask: From where does money come? A naïve reply might reply: From government printing presses. On both counts–Dead Wrong. A more informed question is: How does money (currency, paper money) get its value?
    Currency is a Seventh Century, locally-used Chinese invention; it was a piece of paper that stated: This paper was worth so many copper coins (usually on a string). Marco Polo (1254-1324) having returned from China, had introduced the idea of paper promissory notes to Venetian money-changers; they had tables (“counters”); the Italian word for “counter”, is “banka”; thus, we have the word “bank”.
    Just as gold, silver, and copper had more-or-less mutually agreed upon values, a piece of paper representing that amount of metal could be exchanged for metal equal to the value printed on the piece of paper. In 1933, The government United States of America (U.S.A.) officially ended a precious metal-based money: First: President F.D. Roosevelt signed a federal order making the Ownership of gold coins, bullion, and certificates (bills that could be exchanged for their printed value for gold) Illegal! All gold was to be be turned into the government of the U.S.A.; that gold would be exchanged for paper dollars at the rate of $20.67 per ounce of gold turned in. A few months after most of the nation’s gold had been harvested by the federal government, a new federal order increased the value of gold to $35.00 per ounce. Since the government of the U.S.A. held most of the gold, it increased its solvency by 69%. Second, In 1971, President R.M. Nixon signed legislation that would in 1974, totally abolish printed peged to gold. The assumption being that: The value of the American Dollar would be whatever the the government of the U.S.A. said it would be worth (It partly worked in 1933; let’s go all-the-way in1974).
    Money is not printed by the Federal Government. Money (bills, currency) is printed by The Federal Reserve (F.R.S.). The name “Federal Reserve System” is a malapropism. Essentially, the Federal (Reserve System) is not a “federal” institution; it is privately owned. The Federal Reserve (System) has no gold or other precious metals that act as a “reserve”. The F. R.S. was formed by a group of twelve banks. The F.R.S. stock is not allowed to leave the families who own the stock. In 1995, the F.R.S. raked in $23.9 billion; 97.9% went to the Federal government; $283million went to the bank; $231million went to stock holders. The Federal Reserve System now, has absolute control of the money supply (how much currency they decide to print) for the U.S.A. and the rate of interest it loans money.
    Okay, I gave the warning–There are no simple answers to big problems. The above is just the beginning. The real answers are in a superb article by G. Edward Griffin, “Iran, Gold, and Oil–The Banksters’ War” ( . After reading that article, you will know the score.–R.T. Thomes (Amsterdam)
    P.S. Danielle, here is where your prediction about oil becoming a foundation for currency, comes true (You have “direct knowledge”; the rest of us have to do a little digging).

    • yvonne says:

      You know if you asked an ant to describe his world and it was great, then asked a squirrel in a tree to describe the world and around the ant and it describes something, let us say bigger or more complete, then ask the hawk to describe the same area. So you see. You may be the ant and she may be the squirrel and it may seem amazing to you but let me assure you there is a hawk, and a cloud, and a moon, and a star who are even more amazing. You should try to find them.

  13. Dude says:


    Would like to get your monetary thoughts.

    Current dumdazz wizdumd

    State of economy. Early 2013

     As the debt crisis continues into year seven, many have shed personal obligations to find present day monetary environment to their liking. 

     The hangeroners continue to strive awaiting a bail-out which rarely arrives for most. Easy money policy from the Feds is welcomed by some. 

     The mindset of the working masses mostly tolerate higher inflation with increased taxes from the man.

    Always dreaming of diminished bill by the minds of  energy programs. 

     The common informed human will prevail though this cycle and thrive will into next generation.

     Your survival is welcomed.



  14. Roger T. Thomes says:

    Hi, Danielle:
    I first discovered you when you were a guest on the Sheena Metal Experience show. Later, I found you co-hosting the Haunted Playground show. Before listening to what you said about “Off World” entities, I was convinced that if such things existed, their energies had as little affect on me as that of a car turning the corner a block away. Now, I am at the point where, if someone told me that off-worlders* do not exist, I will ask for proof that they do not exist. Quite a change.
    I listened several times your discussion with Sheena on the controversial subject of whether people are just born with “bad” souls. Until I understand your explanation, I must say, that I think, some people are born with “bad” souls. I think if the matter of “the origin of souls” were explained, I might come to grips with the the idea that no people born with “bad” souls. On another show, you discussed with Sheena, the matter “bad”animals; Sheena challenged with a Google listing of some 270 references to “dolphin-rape”. That show was a hoot!
    In one discussion with Sheena, you were in agreement with her on the topic of “Limbo”. Sheena burlesqued the idea of “limbo” to a ship-board recreation; where the social-directer encouraged: “Common, you can do it!”, and where the drinks were watered. I laughed until my eyes teared.
    Danielle, I mention these things to you because you and Sheena often come to a balance between: your spirituality (your pantheon of living entities) and Sheena’s earthiness (off-worlders probing her butt). Okay, my birth-month/day is October, 5th; I may be obsessive when it comes to balance.
    Danielle, you have broadened my earthly horizon like the one you see it in your beautiful Montana; you also have also broadened my heaven-ward horizon to like the one you see in the night sky in your beautiful Montana. Thank you.
    Cheers, dear lady,
    –R.T. Thomes (listener in Amsterdam)

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