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When Fear is All The Rage

Fear and rage are free drugs (they literally make the brain “high”) and many people substitute that high for “purpose” and for “belonging”. If we can continue to show people that caring for others is actually the greatest “heart and … Continue reading

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An urgent 2020 tough-love note from the Universe

Here is an urgent 2020 tough-love note from the Universe that woke me out of a dead sleep at 1:47am — LET GO OF DEMONIZING OTHERS in order to justify your own choices. 2020 is going to be a hard … Continue reading

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Palm Sunday as Reflected in Today’s Mirror

If you are someone who adheres to the Christian religion, today is Palm Sunday, when Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey and was declared a triumphant king of his people. They cried out “Hosanna in the highest heavens” as they … Continue reading

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Terrific Podcast about Angels, and Even a Great Song

This is a FABULOUS show, and I was graced to be a guest! See You On The Other Side Podcast is all about paranormal phenomenon, and hosted by a paranormal-hunting musician, Mike Huberty , who, with his fantastic band mates including Wendy … Continue reading

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Messages from the Earth Contain Secrets to Ascension

When we quiet our minds and shut off the obsessive chatter in our heads, on TV, and on our handheld devices — we give nature room to speak. And nature has a great deal to say. I know. After a … Continue reading

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Is Fear Your Drug?

Have you been noticing the fear has been used as a pretty hefty marketing tool? Not for five years, or twenty years, or hundreds of years, but for thousands and thousands of years. Fear— the big scary illusion that everything’s … Continue reading

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Who Can We Trust To Save Today’s World

It’s on my heart to bring a very important message today about how we are all being asked to step forward with our gifts and abilities, and bring our awarenesses into this timeframe. Look, we have been taught by an … Continue reading

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Spirit Shots Ep. 3 – Do Our Thoughts Harm the Planet?

A new installment of SPIRIT SHOTS is here!! I love spiritual education and I’m also a science geek — two passions of mine! Do our thoughts harm the planet? Watch and find out, and pass it on! Let’s get onboard … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Psychic during the biggest shift in recent history

When you’re hard-wired to the Universal AP ticker-tape, discernment becomes key in disseminating information. I’ve had many folks write me and ask me why I’ve slowed down on commenting about the Presidential administration as more information comes in about Russia … Continue reading

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Five Signs that You Aren’t Ready for a Psychic Reading

As someone in the metaphysical field who has been blessed with a booming practice for over 15 years, I’ve had the privilege and the opportunity to visit with thousands of different personality types representing countless needs. I’ve made many observations … Continue reading

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