Join me on March 25th for my Live Global Channeling Event!

FOR YEARS now, you’ve asked me for a live online event–to tap into the heavens, and channel LIVE information for the world. There’s never been a better time to do it. So I’ve assembled the right Zoom support team for this epic global event–and now it’s HERE!

All my amazing pals in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, India, Turkey, Norway– plus ALL of my dear friends across all 50 of our states– you can now ALL attend my LIVE GLOBAL CHANNELING EVENT on Zoom, Sat. March 25th at 12pm MDT / 11am PDT / 1pm CDT / 2pm EDT / UCT, GMT -6 (It’ll be daylight savings then)!

There’s a Call to Action for humanity being placed out by Angels, OffWorlders, Interdimensional Beings, and even future timelines–and it’s more than time that our hearts stepped up to answer that call.

Event tickets may be purchased here:

This two-hour information-packed LIVE international channeling session will bring forward moving up-to-the-moment messages about the future of humanity from the angelic realm, our OffWorld Family, interdimensional beings, and future timelines, for our human family across the globe. These are complex, troubling, exciting, and evolving times.

Hear from the collective angelic realm how our relationship with global conflict is nearing its tipping point; learn how humanity can heal its broken-trust relationship with itself; discover the truth behind the recent UAP / UFO sightings; receive surprisingly uplifting messages from our OffWorld cultures; understand the illusions of lack and limitation placed before us by those who wish to control resources; be introduced to upcoming challenges we have in store with weather, economy, food and water supplies, energy—and what incredible opportunities and inventions we create through these challenges.

Plus, a Q & A — attendees will have the chance to submit questions to me prior to the live channeling event—and your question may be read live and answered during the session!

The event will be recorded so attendees can watch it at a later time.

Tickets are $55 for this Live Global Channeling Zoom Forum. (We regret that due to bandwidth management for this event, tickets are non-refundable.) The Zoom link will be sent to ticket holders 1 hour prior to the event.

Grab your event tickets at the link here:

The future may look bleak, yet you’ll be awed as to what we have in store. Bring your questions, your open heart, your open mind, and make space for your consciousness to be blown wide open by the knowledge and opportunity that is being gifted to the human race by a loving and benevolent Universe.

Wherever you are on the planet–hop online, tune in, add your consciousness to this phenomenal event, and have your hope in our brightest future rekindled!

Prosperity and kindness are our birthright, from the Universe. The end of wandering in The Dark starts with us—now.

SEE YOU ALL ONLINE, FRIENDS ACROSS the EARTH, for this exciting and enlightening global event!

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What will 2023’s Year of Rooting hold for us?

It’s almost the New Year. Just a shout-out about 2023! For those who couldn’t get to my Dec. 14th Barjon’s Forum in Billings, MT on 2023 and what’s to come, as shown to me by the angels—here are the Cliff-notes recap. This isn’t a short read. Because 2023 is involved.

2023 is the Year of Rooting. It’s the beginning of a new 10-year cycle.

2012 was the immersion into the Timeframe of the Feminine. The Mayan calendar called 2012 “The End and the Beginning”. The Western World, which leans heavily in business on the masculine, called 2012 “The End of the World”.

But it wasn’t the end. It was just the end of only the masculine energy leading all things.

This doesn’t mean that since 2012, males are lesser. All living beings have Yin and Yang/ Masculine and Feminine energy. For the past 100,000 years previous to 2012, we leaned forward with the Yang / Masculine side of energy, societally. It makes sense if you think about it: spread the seed, build the roads and bridges, etc.

In 2012, the energy shifted, because there was nothing left to conquer, nothing left to terraform, no more seed to spread on an already over-populated planet, without compromising said planet.

In fact, toward the end of this 100,000 masculine year cycle, the divine masculine had spun out of balance, into averous. Into ego. Into excess and greed. The carnage of “Manifest Destiny” in action.

Every energy shift has a shadow period. It’s a cross-fade time where the energy of what’s coming in, wiggles with the energy of what’s going out. Like a riptide on a beach. Think of Mercury Retrograde, which has a 6 or 7 days period beforehand where electronic stuff just starts to sputter and act weird, even though the retrograde isn’t here yet.

A Mercury Retrograde lasts a few weeks. So a shadow period is a hand full of days.

A masculine / feminine energy cycle on the earth lasts roughly 100,000 years, or enough to imprint society and the planet. So a shadow period of this nature is several years long.

From 2012-2017 was the shadow period from the masculine to the feminine timeframe, Crossfading the portion of the wiggling masculine timeframe, with the incoming feminine timeframe.

Out was the time of conquering and submitted/subjugation (the imbalanced masculine), and in was the timeframe of stewardship, caring, compassion, and the extreme strength to hold these tenets in place, no matter what (the divine feminine).

We saw the #MeToo movement rise.

We saw Black Lives Matter.

We saw MMIW take center stage.

We saw the deep caracature of the masculine push back with Trump. And so many more.

It was time to caretake the planet we lived upon. (Long past, actually.) Not simply exploit it.

So here we are, upon 2023, The Year of Rooting. The big brush stroke version is that we have had 5 years to get our crap figured out. To decide what we stand for, who we are, what’s important to bring into the world, and what, in us, needs to go.

We’ve been given ample time to figure out what we’re about. This year’s 2022 Year of Expansion was an exercise in EVERYTHING in our consciousness, our bodies, our lives, and our life paths expanding—our hopes, our fears, our wellness, our illness, our strength, our weaknesses, our isms, our quirks—it ALL expanded.

Each one of us changed remarkably in 2022, whether we chose to acknowledge it or not.

We flung through the wild atmosphere like a tree being ripped from the soil by a tornado, spun high into the stratosphere and sunk deep into the ground, hundreds of miles away—in 2023.

Where we landed, we landed.

Put very plainly, the time for playing both sides against the middle, the time for hedging our bets, the time for “faking it until you make it”—is over. Long over. There’s not one bit of energy in the cosmos that will support the grift, the spin, the illusion, the procrastination while we wait for “universe to intervene”—anymore.

Whomever you’ve chosen to be up to this point in 2022, is what will root in 2023.


Which is why I’ve harped for several years on working on our consciousness. Because the roots are hitting the soul, right now.

Now, in 2023, it’s time to GROW DEEP. Whatever you are, whatever you’re doing—if it serves you, grow it DEEP.

2022 was like fishing on a Florida charter boat, where you toss a bunch of poles over the side, each one with a different bait, each one tied to the railing, to see what you’ll catch. It was about diversification. It was about the last bet-hedge we could make.

2023 is about learning what bait was “hit” the most while fishing. It’s about fishing with one pole. With the bait that works.

It’s about conscious focus.

It’s about being okay to commit. To whatever that may be.

If you have been hedging about changing jobs, or retiring—do it. If you have been hedging about starting or leaving a relationship—do it. If you’ve been on the fence about an entrepreneurial idea or starting a business —DO IT.

Don’t stay frozen, waffling in nowhere’s-ville in your current situation out of complacency, laziness, or fear. Or you’ll find it tragically hard to leave later, as the roots of your decision grow tightly around your ankles, freezing you in complacency, laziness and fear throughout 2023—sour soil for any prospective crop.

Take action. It’s not a “risk” if it betters your life, and the life of those around you.

Root those commitments down deep, to weather upcoming storms. Whether we wish it to or not, 2023 will place us all in a shoot, and down that slide we shall go.

2023’s Year of Rooting doesn’t erase free will, or erased our ability to change our mind. However, it will place us all on the path we have truly been moving toward over the past five years.

Not the path we WANT. Not the path we HOPE for. Not the path we think we’re ENTITLED to.

But the path we’ve put the WORK into. Or—not.

2023 asks us to stop effing around with our own whining self-absorption, and to BE WHAT WE ARE in the world. Because the world needs us.

That takes work, on all of our part.

The imbalanced masculine cries “Look at me! I am the answer!”

The divine feminine whispers, “Look to us all. For we all are the answer.”

2023’s Year of Rooting, for some, will be the launch of what’s seen as “overnight success”—which is actually the culmination of years and years of conscious focus, taking ROOT.

For others, 2023 will feel like tar around the ankles, as they seem to go nowhere —which is actually the culmination of years and years of a conscious lack of focus, taking ROOT.

If we root our lives in LOVE, we will grow a mighty oak fortress whose roots can bear the hefty weight of those fruits.

If we root our lives in fussiness and discontent, we will grow a soft weeping willow, bending in the slightest breeze, supporting only the whims of the wind.

Neither is better than the other. As in any forest, all trees serve a purpose.

Yet 2023’s Year of Rooting forces us to sht or get off the pot. Or, more accurately, to sht and move on, or to become the sh*tter pot itself. With a strong foundation, either way.

2023 is a magical year for hope, for decorum. For innovation, for invention.

Extremism is out. Moderation is in. Seething vitriol won’t be tolerated. Because it cannot permanently ROOT. It is a passing fancy.

LOVE will root.

KINDNESS will root.

HELPING and SUPPORTING others will root.

Self-aggrandizement, self-victimizing, attention-seeking through the lowest common denominator, raging, blaming, paranoia, conspiracy—all are energies that have no roots, yet teeter atop insecurities whose roots are begging to be healed. None will root in 2023.

Don’t take my or the angels’ word for it. Watch the media trends, even now, moving into 2022. Media has always exploited people’s wounds.

I’m 2023, watch the move away from the sensationalized negative, a shaming tactic used in the old world imbalanced masculine timeframe to sculpt the public narrative.

Shaming is out.

Accountability is in.

Bragging is out.

True actions taking in humility is in.

Currently, we can watch Tech Titan Elon Musk digging himself an embarrassing hole on Twitter, his same braggadocio that was celebrated in the old world masculine, landing like nails on the chalkboard of the compassionate feminine timeframe.

We will see the most dramatic social changes of the last 5 years, in 2023.

Not through civil wars. Not through authoritarian take-overs.

Yet through hundreds of millions of people—simply not engaging the madness and the bullsh*t , and moving on to build a more functional, compassionate, sustainable world.

Power only has power if the masses give it power. “Power” is a fragile illusion, granted to many through participating with their narrative.

The feminine doesn’t demand power. It IS the power that nurtures. The feminine in males, nurtures. The feminine births. The feminine ideology in the masculine births modalities. It is the time of co-creating, trusting, rooting that field which we have seen over the last year.

Negativity will grow a crop of misery and chaos in 2023. One sprout at a time.

Love will grow a field of opportunity in 2023. One root at a time.

This is the overview. Yet the bullet point is that it’s time to sink the shovel in the ground to begin construction on the next ten years’ worth of our energies.

Time to take root

Time to grow…up.


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Irony: Hate, the granddaddy of discrimination, is non-discriminatory

“Light at the End of the Tunnel” – Photo by Danielle Egnew

In reading a beautiful post the other day by my dear pal who shared a conversation with another mutual dear pal of ours, I was inspired to look into something more deeply. My friend’s post was about focusing on what is beautiful in life, rather than what is hateful.

Our mutual friend was running for U.S. Congress recently, and had no doubt encountered the strange wall of hatred that appears to be running rampant in that sector of reality. Not just toward those with differing political viewpoints, yet those who happen to be female.

It is a great irony that the granddaddy of discrimination—hatred—really is nondiscrimatory.

And it got me thinking about this phenomenon called hatred; an old virus that continues to infect those whose emotional immune systems are ignored.

People feel so numb in their lives that they’d rather shock themselves into feeling something, anything, by entertaining hatred—rather than love, passion, healthy emotion, which may involve some grief.

Hatred is a placebo when the broken and frightened heart craves purpose, craves connection.

It deceives us into uniting around a common passion, though deeply wounded—a very negative one. Yet a bond, a sense of belonging, is created by those who share the same toxic passion.

For many, it’s better than being alone in a world that terrifies them.

I always look at folks who choose hatred as their identity, and their bonding mechanism, as people who are in life’s last ditch effort to find purpose, as they lose their battle against drowning in a churning, frightening sea of invisibility.

Hatred, on the outset, is a seething force that ultimately eats the host who entertains it, from the inside out. Hatred is like a mild acid—at first, it’s an exhilarating tingle on the skin, until the fingers go numb, and a stronger acid must be applied, to get the same tingle.

In the end, hatred burns through every nerve ending we have, leaving us even less able to feel, to connect, to sense our environment—rendering us more cut off, and more alone, than when we started.

Ultimately, those who choose hatred as their passionate connection to purpose, those who fear being alone, end up burning away every ability they have to feel a connection to anyone or anything.

They become a numb island, starving for feeling, unable to feel connected to anything unless a stronger acid is poured. And soon, the acid is so intense, it simply eats through their nerves, through their skin, through their bones, and right through their heart.

Medical studies have been submitted on the effects of hatred. It shortens lifespans, inflames cancer, fuels autoimmune issues, and triggers heart attacks.

Hatred is the drug that kills, that is often mistaken for community, for connection, and it’s most effective camouflage—for righteous purpose.

Yet there is no such thing as righteous hatred. It’s just an acid that will kill every one of us, dissolving us to the core, leaving the shell empty.

Hatred is the armor of anger. Anger is the scaffolding of fear. Fear is the cloak of sadness worn by a heart that feels it shall never be seen, or valued, or known.

Beneath every person who chooses hatred as their mantle, there is a person who is terrified.

Hatred is the national flag for those who are scared; scared the world is changing into something they don’t understand. Scared of people different than they are—and they may not even know who they are. Scared no one ever heard or saw them, so they rage louder and louder and louder.

Hatred. The killer, the national flag of the terrified, the battlecry of those who fear being unseen.

Loving on someone who has chosen hatred, extending kindness to that person, then breaks that cycle. It causes the barometer of need within that person who is clinging to seething hatred as a connection to an ideal—to readjust itself, as they feel TRUE connection, with a human.

Kindness and love are the Cadillac of all connections.

An ideal is hollow compared to the simple understanding another persons extends to our heart, our humanity.

Those who choose hatred often don’t know there are other forms of connection. Of being valued. Of having a voice or finding purpose.

If we, as a society, wish to eradicate hatred, we must begin to see our population. Fully. In all it’s fear and ugliness. And we must be strong enough to see beneath those systematic sets of armor passed down for thousands of years, a set of lies that are supposed to keep us safe.

We must find within ourselves relentless kindness, unyielding compassion, and love that races past conditions.

And we must extend those attributes to those who do nothing to deserve them, expecting nothing but a disarmed bomb in return.

We become the alkaline base to the acid. We become the neutralizer.

Yet many of us house our own wounds, many of those wounds having been burned-in by the very hatred that we seek to extinguish. These wounds sense the hatred around us, and scream at us to stay away, stay safe.

To heal ourselves is to have the the strength, the stamina, and the desire, to help others heal.

To find true connection with ourself is to help others find true connection with themself.

Once we can all feel—once we stop pouring acid on the sensitive ends of our reaching fingers just to feel the tingle of being alive—then the connection of intertwining our fingers becomes the craving.

This is the challenge of hatred. To heal past our own wounds, in order to help others heal past theirs.

Just as we do not give up on those who are addicted to drugs while they purge the toxins from their system, neither should we give up on those who are addicted to the rush of hatred, as they purge the toxin from their system.

Addiction is addiction. And fear is a powerful drug.

Let us heal ourselves, have compassion for ourselves, love ourselves, so that when the time comes and we are called by life to help liberate another from the self-sustaining prison of hatred, we are able to do so.

Because it isn’t a myth that as a society, we are only as emotionally healthy as the person next to us. We will never all be the same. That’s not the nature of living beings. Our experiences differ and shape us accordingly. However, our hearts are all born from the same source, the same light, the same love.

And that is the lighthouse in this fog of chaos that shall keep all of us off the perilous rocks, waiting below to shred the floating underbelly of hope.

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No, you’re not overreacting. The United States of America is actually in jeopardy.

I literally no longer have any worry about who this message will offend. Because being offended means, on some level, it’s hitting a nerve. And I’m not responsible for people’s nerves.

The Universe doesn’t actually pay much mind to the emotional ramifications of “offend”. They see it all as lessons. To put in terms more human—the heavens don’t really care if we get butthurt over observing reality.

I’ve cared.

But the Universe?

Facts are facts, for them. Lies are lies. Change is change.

The Universe isn’t mired in the weeds of whomever’s personal feelers get a little ruffled during transition.

It cares about the honesty and learning and awareness of the transition, because in that honesty and reflection, we bring through the greatest opportunity for evolution and growth.

When anything evolves, that means that another system dies out. And we are staring in the eyeballs a system of 400-year-old white domination, male domination, that is already dead, that’s attempting just like the emperor in his underwear, to convince everyone that his tighty-whities are long flowing robes.

Yet no one is buying it. Except others who are stranded in public, wearing underwear, calling it Gucci.

It’s not men, nor Caucasian people, who are “dead to the universe”. Many misunderstand this.

It’s the conquest model, the victimization model, the suppression model, that’s dead to the Universe.

Many white males can’t pull themselves apart from that model, or see themselves apart from that mode. And that’s an even more sad, more insidious systemic problem.

Consequently, anyone who adheres to this conquest and suppression model as a “way of life”, or who has mistaken this model for “the American Dream”, is feeling the squeeze of time, like a python around a trapped goat; when anything’s death is impending, it fights as hard as it can to stay alive.

In our reality, this demonstrates itself as a Supreme Court illegally packed full of Justices who carry this outmoded banner, at least two of whom were not even confirmed by a full bipartisan committees, because Democrats mistakenly thought their Republican colleagues would follow the rule of law, and not be able to vote-in a rushed-in Justice without a full panel.

There were Democrats who simply did not attend the confirming hearings out of protest for the immense haste in which these political pawn Justices were being tossed into the court by the same senators that blocked out Barack Obama’s Merrick Garland pick, for over a year.

It’s the law, that no Justice can be ratified until a full committee voted.

Yet a half-committee of Republicans voted-in Amy Coney Barrett, and a President who was assisted by Putin to grab an election and destabilize America, shoved this Justice through.

Yet the extreme right tweets and cries that it’s DEMOCRATS, trying to ruin the country. Democrats, who won’t even with a majority add justices to the Supreme Court.

They could.

They could ram through four justices, and they have the votes to do it. Kamala Harris would be the senate tie-breaker.

They could easily take a play from the Republican playbook and illegally ratify whomever they wanted, if Republicans didn’t show up to the hearings.

Just like the Republicans did.

But the Dems aren’t using their majority to BREAK THE RULE OF LAW.

Just like the Republicans did.

And the Dems were so stunned—they did nothing.

If Biden had the temperament of Trump, he’d pull in his attorneys and de-install Barrett especially. And by law, he could.

She was not ratified by a full panel.

But Biden wants to try and heal this country, so he left her there.

It was a mistake, by any Democrat or Independent, to think that this jihad being played out by the religious extremists who worship a new god of dark money and unlimited power would want to heal anything.

Don’t be bamboozled. These folks aren’t the GOP.

They aren’t the accomplished American conservative civic servants like Bush or McCain or Romney or Cheney. They don’t wish the country to heal.

They wish the country, as it is, to collapse.

Their goal is to build an empire in their new god’s image. They manipulate the faith of those who are unaware of the new god they worship; they are the worst kind of false prophet.

They make sure that the most unstable Americans remain armed under the once-again false-battle cry of “the Second Amendment”.

They keep pushing a civil war, an anarchist outbreak, with paid sponsorships to hosts like Tucker Carlson (who, just like Rush Limbaugh, doesn’t even begin to believe all the nonsense he spouts for money) to agitate the masses. To fill them with buzz-phrases snapped right from the KGB’s psychological warfare playbook, like “groomers” for drag queens. “Sociologist Marxists” for anyone who isn’t this particular brand of religious extremist.

Us against them in tiny digestible bumper-sticker snack bites.

The buzz phrases change every few weeks, to keep the frightened flock destabilized, more stirred-up, on edge, ready to snap, peddling the illusion that they are trapped in the fabricated world of “forced liberal indoctrination” —simply another term for people who don’t agree with the new idol, the new god’s Authoritarian opinion.

From the KGB’s handbook on mutiny, these extremists label lawbreakers, those who take the new god’s message into the world, as heroes—“patriots”.

Make no mistake. This extremist group does not want the country to heal.

They wish it to collapse, so they may build another country in their new god’s image, using 300 years of super-power resources for their vision.

The Dems didn’t appear to understand the gravity of this long-standing jihad, this holy war, put into play on the 1950’s, where even Republican Barry Goldwater warned his party about the “dangerous preachers” embedding themselves, hiding within the system of conservatism.

Goldwater, too, saw the writing on the wall. For a time, he was heard. Until Reagan. And that’s when the separation of church and state blurred dangerously.

That was over 60 years ago.

The Democratic party is in a tough position. Do they break the law, to stop these extremists hiding in the GOP from breaking the law? Because those in the GOP who have attempted to do so have been ostracized by their own.

Do the Democrats stand up to the jihad, now that this army is armed with quick repeating assault rifles, and ready to storm the Capitol building again in the name of the new god?

Or have the Dems recognized that by the time their own hubris subsided, they were entrenched in a war they never saw coming, believing that “the constitution” would keep them safe?

The Constitution only works when everyone adheres to it.

And these extremists do not care for the Constitution, though they claim it is their guiding light.

They are working to tear apart state constitutions, with plants from their extremist belief system in state governments all over the USA.

My home state of Montana is no different. Currently, we have “Republican” representatives who are working hard to tear apart one of the greatest and balanced state constitutions in the country—ours. If they succeed, Montana, the live and let live state where common sense, mutual respect for one another, and respect for the land, are the law of the land—will cease to exist.

They wish, too, to tear down the United States Constitution. They’ve already ignored it, backing a former President who was a key player in an insurrection.

The Democrats seem to be paralyzed in this scenario.

Perhaps the best they can do is ride out their government retirement and hope they won’t be rounded up into camps of dissenters.

The blaring fact is that the country is needing to evolve; a large power-play has been made for who is going to run this nation, so we do, quite literally, have a war waging within our borders, yet none of it looks like anything that anyone would have expected.

Except Barry Goldwater. And Hillary Clinton. Who warned everyone.

Yet they and many others were labeled as “crazy” or “paranoid” by either a system that simply was not ready to look at our own ugly; a system that simply had no clue that a jihad of this nature was possible in our idealistic, and slightly arrogant, USA.

The people who went on record about this jihad were laughed at. Liz Cheney has been been threatened with her life. And she’s a lifelong Republican.

Good Republicans and good Democrats are dealing with desperate, insane people who are enmeshed in a holy war to turn back time in the name of “God and Country” which is just code for “we still want a different set of rules that sets us on top, with no checks and balances.”

This has never been about God.

Nor the country.


This is about keeping all the money.

And if those particular “God and Country” folks think that, well—God—is going to appreciate being dragged into their game of false piousness; if they truly do not know their god well enough to understand that the tongue taking the Lord’s Name while their heart worships at the feet of greed and dominion is not going to be noticed by an all-seeing Entity, well—

that demonstrates the level of hubris, ego, greed, and sociopathic disconnection the country is dealing with.

That the world is dealing with.

Either these extremists don’t believe in God at all, and are using the idea of God for votes. Or, the God they believe in was created in their own image, for their own needs.

That’s called Idolatry.

And I observe that that is what has happened.

This is the desperation behind keeping the dead way of oppressor-life alive—to go through the trouble of creating a NEW GOD that justifies everything they choose to do.

They then serve that “god”, against the rule of law.

To me, that’s terrifying.

And maybe that’s why The Universe has had it, with the niceties in translation regarding this timeframe.

Thank God. Thank God in heaven that the Heavens are where they are at right now.

Because I’m exhausted from trying to get points across, skirting certain words, trying not to rock the boat too much, so “everyone” can hear the message. As a translator, that’s the job. The message is the most important.

Yet anymore, the ethers recognized that folks have chosen their path of participation. Sure, any of us can make changes. Yet paths are laid, and most folks are blindly walking upon the stones they don’t even realized they hammered into place.

Therefore, the heavens aren’t speaking in niceties. They are grueling right now; they are ragged and on-point, and raw and real, showing fear for what it is, oppression for what it is, illusion for what it is, hubris for what it is, laziness for what it is, neglect and apathy for what it is, narciccism for what it is—ergo, here I am today.

The translator.

For the on-point section of our historical program.

The fact is, everyone won’t hear or understand this message. And I’m not really talking to those who won’t hear it, anyway. They’re on a different trajectory with a different set of lessons that frankly, I really have nothing to do with.

Watch the actions of these extremists — the extreme white Religious Right casting themselves as the continual victim and martyr, though no one is doing anything to them. Yet they claim the victim hood, the attention.

It is the classic definition of narcissism.

“Republican” senators are demanding the POTUS protect the Justices, the court, churches, pro-life centers—even though NONE of these people are in direct danger.

Yet these extremists in power continue to stir the pot, rallying their troops, hoping someone will snap, and bring the dramatic and holy end to the current USA, so they can rebuild.

Now, thanks to these dog-whistlers, we have a people running around squeaking like Guinea pigs, “Our Justices are in danger! Our churches are in danger! Danger, danger, Will Robinson!”


The government put an unscalable wall up around the Supreme Court before this ruling. Anytime you must protect yourself from your own people, that should be a sign of imbalance.

The white Right Wing extremists know that the Justices are protected by personal security. That goes with the job.

Yet this is how how the Authoritarian destabilization game is played: oppress others, then claim you’re the victim.

Just like Putin.

Just like Kim Jong-Un.

Just like every genocidal warrior king in Africa.

So please be aware that in the United States of America, at this time in History, we art at war with an enemy that has overtaken our legal borders, from within.

We are not at war with each other, which is what the new dark money god would have us all believe.

We are at war with an enemy so cunning, they knew better to announce themselves. Instead, they saw the wisdom in pretending to be that which was already accepted: conservatives. God lovers. Patriots.

They do not wish to have an America based upon our experiment of Democracy, which will, by its nature, change the country every few decades, as the world changes.

That is the design of our nation’s fabric, the brilliance of our founding documents. Our founders didn’t expect us to keep the country static. They expected us to be just as excited about the process of self-governance, societal creation, and evolution, as they were.

Many do not realize that the change they fear is the very engine of the bright-shining light on the hill.

Perhaps after reading this, many will understand the much-wider-view of this Roe Vs Wade decision.

This isn’t simply about “women’s rights”. It’s about an entire country’s operating system being usurped from the inside out.

The United States has been successfully invaded.

The United States has been successfully taken over, legally.

This is not the time for denial.

And this is not a war that can be fought with guns, nor protest, nor destruction.

Destruction and civil unrest is the highest form of worship for this new god.

We must not give it the power. We must not feed its followers with purpose.

As with every false god, there is a weak place in the gold plating of the idol. In this case, the weak spot is money.

The new god of dark money craves money above all things; it’s power is derived from money.

Pull away the money, and all you have is a little man behind a curtain operating the great Wizard.

To win this war, and take America back to the principles of a country that is literally penned to evolve with the times, we must starve the new god. We must topple it from the inside out, just as it has toppled the American justice system from the inside out.

To do so, we must not feed it money.

Research companies that worship the new god. Don’t purchase their products if they support this new extremist occupation.

Please be clear that the followers of the new god want an old-school, bloody turf war, where their twisted martyr fantasies of bleeding out into the street for the cause of their new god are fulfilled.

They are the bully, slapping the child sitting in front of them in the back of the head while the teacher isn’t looking, until the child in front snaps, turns around, and clocks the bully in the head with a book.

The bully then falls to the floor dramatically, bawling, claiming he’s been victimized, reveling in delight as the startled kid is hauled off to the principle’s office.

To win this war, we must be as patient and cunning as those who have infiltrated from within. Or we’ll be hauled off to the principle’s office by those who know how to manipulate the rule of law.

We must turn the money OFF, to the god machine.

No “war”.

No “destruction”.

Just dwindling profits to the point where the boards of these failing companies become the ones with the torches and the pitchforks, storming the gates of the new god’s temple.

This is about saving what’s left of the nation.

If you are a company planted in a state whose government has been taken over by the extremist followers of the new god, consider opening locations in additional other areas.

If you’re spending money with a company that feeds the new god, stop. We have a world full of vendors.

Make another choice.

Once the money stops, the new god will panic; it’s followers will panic.

Without money, the monster topples.

Please hear this:

We are at a deeply pivotal time in the USA. What we do now has long-standing repercussions.

Do not become violent. Violence feeds the self-importance of the new god.

Do not riot and destroy. This feeds the purpose of the followers of the new god.

Instead, land a theoretical punch light where it will take the giant down—pull your money away from the machine.

Continue to write your congresspeople, go ahead and peacefully protest, yet congresspeople are pinned against upholding the rule of law against those who won’t. And protests are ignored by that same group.

Washington DC isn’t on the same page anymore. It’s not even on the same operating system.

If you are unhappy with what is occurring in the USA, VOTE.

Sign up new voters.

With enough votes, they cannot be manipulated. The followers of the new god are cowards. They will never outwardly defy the law without a loophole to hide behind.

Except with Amy Coney Barrett. That was an outward defiance of the law. Yet they were still insulated from the people by process.

Outwardly defying all the people? That’s the bully hitting the kid in the back of the head while the teacher is watching. The bully usually doesn’t have that kind of resolve.

So understand what’s happening, truly, not simply in the United States, but across the pond in the UK, in France, the same authoritarian regime is attempting to envelop our earth, to keep this planet which can transmute anything into something fabulous—in its control,

And all for money.

Be smart. Follow the money. Control your spending of your money. Don’t fund the beast. Don’t fuel the beast. Be as cunning and patient as the new god itself.

Every evil archetypal enemy has a fatal flaw. The new god is not exception. It is made weak by its complete addiction on money, and on having followers.

Just look at Donald Trump, the poster child for the Order of the new god.

And always remember—any law, or any government, only has power because WE THE PEOPLE participate with its power.

We the people are the power in the United States. We must wake up into the responsibility this entails.

Part of that responsibility is recognizing that we will never agree fully with our neighbors. Yet we can live in a country where everyone is free to decide what is best for them, as long as it is not harming another, or victimizing another, or jeopardizing another.

We have an opportunity to create a United States that moves away from its founding domination and suppression model.

We have an opportunity to truly create a country from the trust the founders had in the fabric of the principles that are encapsulated in the constitution and the Bill of Rights.

We can come away from the juvenile need to be violently reactive in the face of dissenting opinion; to overcome our own egos long enough to focus on our own brilliance, and the brilliance of another with whom we may disagree, to be able to create a third option which is more genius than that of the originating two authors, to be able to overthrow the United States’ occupation by the new god.

This is called growth.

What we are seeing in the United States with Roe V Wade being overturned is the product of turning a blind eye. This agenda has been here since this country was founded.

We walked over the top of first cultures and committed heinous genocide in the name of western expansion.

Enslaved people built our country’s wealth.

We looked away at the ugliest portions of what we were capable of, societally—all for money.

Money, the new god, making its way to the top of the pedestal for three hundred years, now experiencing its shining idol moment, directly in the sun.

For all to see.

Let us see if, finally. For if we choose to be blind to our own greed, we are choosing to be blind to the base problem not only in the United states, yet in our human condition.

Our blindness will not only end democracy in America. It will end humanity.

If this extremism gains control of the world’s super power, and the world super power’s military, we will have a bloody crusade across the globe the likes unseen in human history.

The new god is staving, insatiable. And it wants IT ALL. Putin worships the same new god. Ukraine is the current sacrifice.

This is what our current timeframe is all about—our choices.

Raise your eyes from the ground, USA, where the dirt horizon at the top of our tennis shoes is a Supreme Court Decision. Look to the sky of immense responsibility, and see the true weight of our choice:

Do we wish to have enough emotional discipline in the USA to do what it takes, to watch our money, to be involved and run for local offices to be a firewall for true freedom, to vote, to remain eerily calm yet cunning, to move away from the supposed “influence” of the new god, and lock it back into the trunk of the unwanted, for good?

Or do we feed our impulse to be seen, heard, like a crying child, blaming those who we lazily thought were “doing something” while we tweeted about the Johnny Depo trial, angry that our version of the USA isn’t here yet as if it will magically appear without our participation, lying to ourselves that “dropping out” is noble, unable to look in the face the reality we have mostly ignored—until now?

It’s up to us. Choice A, or choice B?

“Dealer’s choice,” says The Heavens.


How do you play your hand?

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Effort-Averse: The American Myth of Overnight Success

I find it fascinating the cultural resistance we have toward looking at the harder tasks that are our responsibility to take on.

In America, we are effort–averse. We’re trained to be that way. In the old-world business arena, the more you could gain with the least amount of work you put in, literally made you a genius. Nevermind the fact that all the work was still generally being done by a pool of other people, while the person acting like they’re doing very little work then takes all the credit.

That is the old-world boss and pool-of-secretaries model, that has created the illusion of the “self-made man”.

The fact is, we do not see results without putting in the work. Pretty much ever, unless you’re on the other end of a miracle, and in that case, there’s usually been quite a bit of emotional sweat, blood, and tears that hit the mat before that miracle comes to us.

Yet I am literally floored (and I mean floored—I’m sitting on the floor right now) by the amount of Facebook ads I am seeing for “smart lazy coaches like me“ and, “make $1 million by doing these two easy things that no one knows how to do“.

Does this actually attract people?

Do we, as a society, actually believe you can put in zero work, and make $1 million bucks? Or try something only once, and make a zillion dollars?


My God. Come on people. We’re priming ourselves for extinction here, with that attitude.

Not only are we effort-adverse, we only want to hear success stories.

I understand that success stories are very motivational. I get that! Sheesh, I’m a pretty classic GenXer, and I’m motivated by success stories, too.

However, for every success story, there are 10 stories of trying again and again and again, to make that success happen. And I think there is far more value in hearing the stories of perseverance, rather than simply the end goal of success, although a good positive ending never hurts to punctuate the fact that hard work pays off!

I see this need to display a result, and not talk about the gritty work that it took to gain the result, quite a bit—especially in the metaphysical community. We want to hear the feel-good stuff. (Heck, I want to hear the feel good stuff!) And certainly, perspective dictates our view of the world. If we believe the world is garbage, it’s garbage. If we believe the world is amazing, it’s amazing.

Ultimately, our reaction to the world is more our reaction to what we perceive the world to be—what we believe.

There’s a fine line between sharing our 10 stories of trying, and seeking attention at every turn for everything we’re doing. It gets to be a bit much when Facebook or Insta or Twitter become someone’s diary. There’s “being authentic”, and then there’s just verbally vomiting into the public to receive a lot of attention and feedback.

But I suppose we all do what we do for whatever reasons we see fit. Yet I digress.

The point I’m making is that there is no easy fix, and the answer is not always going to be positive. And when it’s time to get gritty, many people have a big problem with that.

Let me use my own experience as an example.

When money becomes tight, people began to see the world through a desperation lens. They begin to see the world through a limitation lens, where someone has something that they do not have. When this desperation lens begins to impart itself, peoples behavior towards one another changes.

This is where we see people getting competitive with one another, trying to knock others out of the professional sphere, attempting to get ahead, and the list goes on. The metaphysical field is no different. I even see this behavior here, in my tiny little hometown of Billings, Montana, in our tiny little metaphysical community, where I can’t tell you how many stories about me that have gotten relayed back to me, over the years, from concerned people—stories that rather surprise me as to the people who would be talking about me in that way, expressing their disdain/jealousy/whatever, for what they perceive I have obtained, or what I have achieved, or that I am “not all that,” and someone else is so much better, if they only had a team, or that I “took” what was theirs, bla bla bla—and honestly? It literally makes me shake my head.


Because it goes right back to what I’m talking about, putting effort into the heavy lifting. Instead of observing that I’ve spent thirty years in entertainment, eating a bunch of crapola along the way and face-planting so many times, I’ve basically had to rebuild my own nose out of tequila and sheer will, with twenty of those years working on this particular career path I am on currently—and instead of observing that there’s been a lot of failure stories there in my life, as well as success stories—all folks see is what they want to see: a very successful person who has everything. Who gets to charge whatever she wants. Someone for whom things happen “effortlessly”.

Except none of that is true.

None of it.

The truth is unglamorous, laborious. I work/ed my butt off. I still do. I have for 30 years. End of story.

Yet it’s so much easier to create a story, say around someone like myself, where it seems like “success” is instantaneous, so that we as a culture can continue our incipid addiction to the mythology of getting to have everything, with really no elongated lessons, or failure, or stress, or self-questioning, or soul-skinning sacrifice, or hard work.

We would rather believe in an illusion than do the work in this reality, and actually change our lives.

It is literally more important in the American culture to hang onto illusion, than to apply the self in the world, and just deal with the unsavory stuff that’s right in front of us, and do our best with it.

We would rather commiserate and talk about all of our opportunities that have been “stolen”from us, that are lost to us, when really, we just don’t freakin’ hang in there long enough to let success come to us.

We get tired. We get discouraged. And that’s all fair. And yes. Bad things happen to good people.

But honestly? And this especially goes out to all of my friends who are of generations that were born after the world became so virtual—

I will tell you that absolutely no change will come to anyone in this world, unless you apply yourself, actually, over and over again—in the WORLD.

Not simply online.

Not simply on TikTok.

Not simply on Live Meta, or Insta, or Twitter, or Snapchat, no matter how many filters you have or use.

“Likes” aren’t indicative of success. They are a temporary drug that make us all feel good once in a while. Shoot, who doesn’t like getting a bunch of likes? Hey—I sure do! (That’s an awesome human thing we all share.) Yet those likes are simply a snapshot of someone’s emotional scape in that moment. Though edifying, they’re a metric of how someone feels, not of our impression into the world.

The bottom line of this post is that there are no shortcuts.

There. Are. No. Shortcuts.

And not everything is going to be positive.

Not everything is going to be in a position to receive a “like”. Or to be noticed. In fact, some of the most impactful stuff I’ve ever done in my life, only a few people know about, and that’s because they were in it with me.

Not everything is going to be happy. Not everything is going to be easy.

And right now in the world, we have a lot of heavy lifting in front of us.

We cannot sit back and simply meditate our way out of the work that is ours to do. Meditation of course eases all things, and makes for a much easier energetic environment. However, the changes we are being beckoned to bring forward are in the actions of each one of us.

We must change how we bring ourselves to the world, and we must apply ourselves to the world. Not just fighting for a cause. Not just “fighting”. We must bring our brilliance and our change to this world, and let those changes flow through our hands, and become actual items that we build here in 3D.

It could be as simple as planting flowers in your front yard so that when people walk by, their mind is put at ease for a 10th of a second. Changing the world is not what we’ve been made to believe that it is. Sure, it can be a Marvel movie. Yet more often than not, it’s teeny, tiny actions, consistently, every day.

It’s doing more than just wishing you had what somebody else had. And it’s doing more than being disgusted with the fact that we have not ascended into some multi-dimensional reality, that’s actually here, yet we can’t see it.

The issue is our lens. Not the perceived dimension we’re dwelling within.

This ruminating and wishing and striving for 5D and 7D and 9D is a deep form of escapism, much like very deeply rooted religion, and it’s not helping the situation down here.

We have bodies for a reason.

We have brains for a reason.

We are on this planet, in physical form, for a reason. And that reason is not to escape being human, and it sure as heck is not to escape our lessons that are here for us.

Our hearts are drawn to one another in common compassion, for a reason. It’s because we’re supposed to apply ourselves, right here, in the dirt, in this gritty place that we call earth—not in some 11D or 25D or 350,000D perfecto-sphere where, just like a video game, we circumvent all of the pain and all of the hardships, and cheat our way to enlightenment.

We live in the Garden of Eden, and we paved it and put up a parking lot, as the song says. Yet we have so much opportunity to get back to that Eden. And it’s not about being so positive it makes everyone throw up in their mouth. It means literally seeing people for who they are. And loving them anyway. And having compassion for their journey anyway. And not pinning them up crucifixion style for their weaknesses, yet working around those weaknesses so that the whole will strive, as they figure out their own crap.

Humanity, we have two choices:

1. We can be present, and roll up our sleeves, and get our hands in the dirt, and throw a big barbecue for each one of us and invite everybody, and start to work it out with one another, and not get butt-hurt when some people don’t wanna hang out with us, and realize that we all share this planet, and we can all make money, without ruining the sphere on which we live, or oppressing others so we mai rain our advantage, or—

2. we can literally pretend that someone else is going to handle all of this, and that someone is going to come save us, and some god or some alien or something is going to intervene at the last minute and make our decisions for us, so if we just go to church every day, or we suck on a crystal every third full moon, or we spin in a circle with an incantation, we can literally change the world—but only if it doesn’t inconvenience us all that much, because isn’t that new Johnny Depp and Amber clip streaming now?

Many of you have been asking me for predictions. I told you, I’m not really into the big prediction game anymore, because it’s not about “outcome”.

My work is about the present.

It’s about the decision we make in THIS JOURNEY. That’s the exercise right now—being PRESENT.

For those that are addicted to outcome, I will tell you that the outcome will be absolutely devastating if we don’t get our crap together.

So perhaps let’s focus on getting our crap together? (Because that’s what we have control over.)

We have control over whether or not we apply ourselves. And that doesn’t mean that we have to join some crazed extremist army. (This is not the timeframe of extremes. Extremes will be locked out in this energy of attempted healing.)

It means that we must bring our common sense, and consistency, and our GRIT, and our well-being, and the best that we are, and even sometimes the not-so-best that we have, yet it’s all we’ve got to give—and right to this very plain old three-dimensional existence in which we live.

And then light that puppy up like a bonfire. And invite everyone to sit at that bonfire. And should someone decline your invitation, bow and bless them and thank them for that authenticity. Because your fire is not the one they should be sitting next to, and that’s OK too.

We are capable of incredible things. Yet by doing nothing, by ignoring the work in the world that is ours to do, we will literally bring on an outcome that everyone fears. So let’s change it up. Let’s get back to being in the real, beautiful world, and not the clogged-up virtual one.

Talk to your neighbors. Talk to people. Let them feel your heart even through differing opinions. Because that’s where our true connection lies. That is the gift of this great mother we live upon.

Let’s get back to being real in ways besides fighting in the streets. Let’s become joyful, and go to street dances, and invite people you kind of know, but always wanted to get to know more, to your place for a barbecue. (I’m big on barbecue right now, because the weather is getting nice. Now I want a blackened sirloin. Dang it.)

This is not the timeframe for “easy“. It’s the timeframe for all of us to see how magnificent we are, by doing that which may challenge us.

It’s not gonna be easy, you guys. Not at all. Yet it’s completely doable if we just stop running.

At some point we’ve got to stop running from ourselves. We have to stop running towards this idealist America that, God bless it, really honestly—has never actually existed.

We don’t need to create a fake illusion and live inside of it to be safe, gang. We don’t. We can leave our house. We can leave the safe confines of our mind. We can bring ourselves out to the world and shine. The world is happy to have you. Sure, it’s a challenge. (But who the hell came here to be bored?)

“3D” is not a dirty term. We disrespect the great mother we live on, acting as though real life is something to be escaped from. It’s a great planet, and this great mother has given us everything we need. This great universe, this great God, has instilled in us everything to get through these tough times together.

And our task? It’s to come together, and if we can’t come together, it’s our task not to kill one another over our differences. (We’re not two bands of chimpanzees fighting for one banana, people. Remember that. And also remember that there are people in the USA who are very vested in you believing that there’s only one banana, because they actually do want you to kill people for them. Please don’t be manipulated in that way.)

So yeah. I don’t post a lot of predictions as of late. Because it’s pretty black-and-white right now.

We do, or we don’t. To quote Yoda—there is no try, only do.

We quit escaping in our own mind and collapsing under what we don’t like, and we begin doing the hard work of creating what we do like. And that goes way, way, way past protests and petitions and online this or online that.

We acknowledge that we’re grieving; we acknowledge our hearts are broken; we acknowledge we’re scared because the west is drying up; we acknowledge all the things.

Yet we choose not live in the haze that is grief.

We do not make a diet of despair.

We acknowledge, we give it space—and we move forward.

It is in the moving where our ingenuity takes light, and our working together becomes collective genius, and our hearts for one another are sparked again, and our belief in one another is restored.

Yet—none of that happens if we don’t happen.

The Universe is asking us to come out of the closet and back into the garden, with all it’s paved parking lots, to bring our gifts and talents to the world, right now. In good old 3D. To be seen by your community, and everybody, for who and what you are, the good the bad and sometimes, the ugly, everything—yet leading with the heart that wishes to be present.

Every single one of us has a seed, an invention, a thought, a desire in our heart scape. That seed is planted by the Universe, and our job is to water that seed and give it root, and let it grow, instead of running to the next best thing, the next easiest thing, the next get-rich-quick thing, and pretty soon, 10 years later, our life is exactly the same as it was, 10 years ago.

Only we grieve the time that we have sacrificed to the illusion of our progress.

So let’s stop trying to drive one hundred miles forward by looking in the rearview mirror, and then complaining about at the fact that we keep ending up in the ditch.

And writing blogs about “ditch life”.

And watching TikTok‘s on the shape of ditches.

All the while, claiming we are an innovator, an influencer. A ditch expert. (How full of awe all the earthworms must be.)

The best news ever is that we are capable, if we’re willing to be. Shake off that “trapped” mindset.

That’s the illusion.

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Pluto in Retrograde and Roe Vs. Wade

Pluto is in retrograde in the sign of Capricorn. Which means that this potential SCOTUS overturn of the Roe decision, is going to be front and center energetically. And it’s bringing forward many emotional evaluations. I am no exception.

I’m *literally* tired of the hypocrisy in the United States. That’s the effect the Pluto retrograde has had, which asks us to evaluate that which is the hidden, the illusion of a situation, and what needs to die away away.

Yet the fatigue on reviewing hypocrisy, and the subsequent demoralization, is the plot, for authoritarians.

They wear out our resolve by creating ridiculous living conditions, that seem hopeless. So our spirit is broken, and we fall in line, and everybody casts their eyes to the ground in “what’s the point” defeat.

Except I’m not defeated. And my eyes are squarely on the horizon. Because this potential Roe overturn has nothing to do with abortion.

Be clear on that, please.

It has to do with demoralization, and it has to do with control.


And I will be damned, and I more mean “dammed”, so big, like a giant 500 foot impassable concrete structure that holds back billions of cubic tons of water, that kind of dam(m)ned—

—if I’m going to give this 50-year “holy war” waged by not religious people in office, yet bizarre zealots in office that even scared the Republicans back in the 1950’s when they first surfaced — I’ll be dam(m)ned if I’m going to give them an inch of anything even remotely in the same emotional universal orbit as demoralization.

And this incredibly sad argument I’m seeing floating around the Internet, where people take a very somber tone, and attempt to empathize with those who seek abortions for health reasons, yet stress that this anti-Roe ruling is very important, because abortion is “misused“ and we as a country need to get that “misuse” in check —let me run down some actual reality:

If this court were actually “pro-life”, they would outlaw guns. Guns are “misused” to kill children, who have no choice in the matter. But a majoriy of this court is not pro-life. They’re pro-control, and population demoralization.

If this court were actually “pro-life”, they would outlaw war. War is “misused” to kill children, who have no choice in the matter. But a majoriy of this court is not pro-life. They’re pro-control, and population demoralization.

If this court were actually “pro-life”, they would rule that the minute a woman became pregnant, she received half of a man’s salary who impregnated her. Because that child didn’t choose to come into the world, and had no choice in the matter. But a majoriy of this court is not pro-life. They’re pro-control, and population demoralization.

Please make no mistake. This is not about children. This is not about unborn children. This is not about life.

This is about control.

It’s about executing a systematic discrimination of women, who according to the Old Testement, we’re supposed to be submissive to their male partner, and who under that belief system are not supposed to have any control over their trajectory in life, according to this antiquated, really misled biblical interpretation of a 1950s religious cult, that has been working very hard to infiltrate our school systems, our school boards, our local governments, our local judges, all the way up to the Supreme Court.

For this group, abortion is not the enemy. Secularism is the enemy. And it’s not even religion they pedal. It’s their version of religion that they mandate that everyone adhere to. Which is exactly the opposite of the credo of the entire United States Bill of Rights, and Constitution.

Because really, if we were going to go Old Testament, according to the Old Testament belief of the day, women had nothing to do with the pregnancy. A baby was literally the seed of a man, and women were just like some sort of water glass, holding the goods that men implanted into them.

So if this extremist group wishes to control unwanted pregnancies, and they wish to “save babies”, they really ought to control the flow of semen; go back to the story of Onan, in the Old Testament, who was evaporated by God for masturbating in a tent, and letting his holy seed, which were actually “little mini babies” according to the belief of the day, hit the ground and die in the dirt.

Seriously, read your Bible. You can’t make this stuff up.

This attack on women’s rights is a jihad, of sorts (“Jihad” is an Arabic word which literally means “striving” or “struggling”, especially with a praiseworthy aim.) Its a form of “holy war”, whose goal has passed on from generation to generation.

That’s what’s actually happening here. Which is why I am not demoralized, nor defeated, yet resolved to hold the line for non-authoritarianism.

I’m a married gay woman, in my early 50s. It’s not like I’m going to get accidentally pregnant. Coming out as gay at 19, I was never going to get accidentally pregnant. (Not to say I couldn’t have been raped and gotten pregnant.) However, I have always stood in the gap for a woman’s right to choose the trajectory of their health, of their situation, and of their body. Even though I’m not a demographic that might get pregnant from a fun spin on a Saturday night in the back of a car. (Which is the stereotype against pregnant women seeking abortions.)

I recognized a long time ago that if Roe is overturned, abortion regulation is returned to the states. Some states will decide it’s illegal, some states will not. What this will mean is that many impoverished people, who are raped, or whose pregnancy is the product of incest, or naïveté, will not be able to travel to a neighboring state. They’ll have someone do it under the table. Or they’ll commit suicide, and take the baby with them anyway.

This is the pattern. There are actually 40 years worth of documented numbers to support this pattern.

Many of these impoverished people are people of color—Black people, brown people. So make no mistake, that the white people on the Supreme Court, who are deciding that Roe is needing to be overturned, are exceptionally aware of the demographic difference, and who could potentially perish from botched abortions.

Now for all culturally-insulated middle-class white people out there, who actually think that this is just about keeping an unborn baby alive, because perhaps you’ve never lived in an area with a diverse socioeconomic population, or perhaps something like abortion has never been part of your daily discussion, I will let you know that you probably know dozens of white women who at some point in their life, made that excruciating decision for whatever reason to not carry a pregnancy, and have secretly lived with that decision.

Many of these women are the community epitome of the most selfless and reliable mothers one could ever craft in their mind.

The difficult choice to undergo the abortion of a pregnancy isn’t just something that happens to “those people“—the poor people, the “sluts”, the addicts. This decision faces some of the most respectable people you could possibly imagine in your life. And the lack of empathy for this decision, that this court is exhibiting, is not only sociopathic, it’s the thing that nightmare dystopian novels are written about.

I am further horrified by the ignorant notion that abortion is simply “birth control”. That is utter ignorance. The process of abortion, on a woman’s body, and her hormones, is felt as a long lasting application. No woman in their right mind with “choice” in the pregnancy, is running to the clinic every five minutes, to have an abortion as a “birth control method” because they refuse to have protected sex and are getting pregnant. Abortion takes a toll on the body, and on the psyche.

So for all the people out there who are taking some creepy judging tone from the 1930s, putting on your Puritan hat, and casting the finger of judgment on women who have gone through such a procedure, insinuating it’s a form of “birth control” because they (not they and the man, but THEY) made a “bad choice”, well, you’re just publicly making yourself appear ignorant, and my empathy is with you. (However, do know that you are peddling a narrative that is simply untrue, both statistically and socially.)

Every single person reading this has a right to their opinion on whether a woman should go through with an abortion procedure or not. However, that opinion gets to stay with each one of us. Just because I choose not to own a gun, doesn’t mean I think everyone else should NOT own a gun. That’s just *my* choice.

This is called America. We’re supposed to have *choices*.

No one is forcing men to have vasectomies that can be reversed, once they have demonstrated that they are financially viable enough to take care of children. Did you know that it’s actually very simple to place a “valve” in the testes, to allow semen through into the penis, to allow a male to procreate? It’s literally like a half an hour procedure, with a local anesthetic.

If the court is so worried about babies being distributed all over the place, and potentially killed, they could certainly mandate that men, before they had the ability to just spread their seed indiscriminately, have a procedure done to temporarily restrain the flow of semen, until that male could produce tax returns to a doctors office, showing that they could financially take care of a child. Shoot, we could set the ceiling really low, like $20,000 a year, but just showing that hey, they’re willing to put some skin in the game, and some greenbacks behind that baby.

Sound inhumane? Sound nightmarish and ridiculous? Are those of you with testes completely cringing, reading this? Is your blood boiling, and is your face now red with anger, that someone would sterilize you until it was decided that you could actually have a baby? Are you feeling your heart race faster, at the notion that someone would have the right to tell you what to do, with such a personal part of your own body?

Well, welcome to the experience of hundreds of millions of women, if this Roe decision is overturned. (I’m happy to provide you with that exercise in empathy. You’re welcome.)

Let’s hope the courts don’t actually go this way. However if they do America, do not become demoralized. This is not about babies. It’s not about abortion.

It’s about control.

Don’t let this extremist jihad control you, or your emotions. As I stated at the top of this post, Pluto is in retrograde, in the sign of Capricorn. Which means that we’re having to evaluate our illusions, what needs to die out and what needs to go forward to benefit society, and the evaluation of antiquated rules and systems. This is par for the course for a Pluto retrograde. However, the other thing presented in a Pluto retrograde, is extreme societal evolution, created through the death of a system, and the raising up of a new one.

One could posit that by overturning Roe, it is the death of an old system, and by making abortion illegal, it is executing a “new way“.

However, Roe is a fairly recent Supreme Court decision in our history of America, so actually, overturning Roe is rolling back to an old way, which would mandate that the old way dies off, under the Pluto retrograde energy.

The point of this post is not even about abortion.

It’s about making sure we are all not being manipulated. Because that’s what’s trying to happen, America.

Keep your eye on the horizon, and be smarter than the outmoded authoritarian system that’s trying to trick you into casting our eyes to the ground, and giving up.

If they can’t own your mind, they have nowhere to plant their forests of demoralization.

Without soil, a crop cannot grow.

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Billionaire or Bust: The Last Sign on the Road to Collapsing Capitalism

“What are you doing these days?”

That’s a typical bridge into conversation, in America. It usually means “where are you working now?”

Surely, most folks don’t even expect a detailed answer. It’s sort of like saying, “How are you?” Most people are surprised if you actually tell them.

Yet “what are you doing” seems to address our American need to define ourselves by task. In a country founded by Puritans (whose idle hands were the devil’s tool), this makes sense.

Sure, every human spirit needs a purpose. Yet our busy, busy, buuuusy lives in America have always been synonymous with success. So in essence, we ask one another: “How successful have you been?”

Think about that.

In the USA, the predominant Capitalist buy-spend country on earth, we have been born and raised in a culture that defines our predominant social connection by outward actions—our job, how much money we make, what we have achieved.

We are trained to stay on the surface of our lives, and lead forward with our shiniest of attributes, all hold-overs from a conquest culture, whose social definitions were based on the amount of gold in the chest, or the amount of fat (or not) on the belly.

Then came Covid. The emergency brake was
pulled on the entire world, and our “run-run-run” culture was stopped abruptly in its tracks.

People had time to evaluate the amount of frenetic energy they were pouring into their lives, and realized that it was not necessarily amounting to success, but stress, and restricted family time. In general, it was movement, for only the sake of movement, to make one feel busy, ergo—“successful”.

After the Great Resignation of 2021, as people recognized that living smaller and more simply meant living happier and more relaxed, the American business corridor cracked their fists onto the table, decrying a “lazy population” that “refused to work.” In actuality, once stepping off of the nonsensical conveyor belt, and the barely-human demands of “downsizing”, the American populace recognized that working a service job for $4.25 an hour plus tips to make up wages, at three different locations, 14 hours a day—was a little rough.

Once given time to slow down and evaluate the quality of life, Americans everywhere, whether in blue collar or top executive positions, recognized a resounding common fact:

The United States has priced-out its residents.

Families everywhere sat down with their checkbooks and bank accounts, recognizing, on an hourly basis, how much time is spent out of the house, versus how many expenses were coming in. Average families with two working parents were scarcely home. And still, living on credit, with bills piling up, for basic things like groceries, utilities, and gasoline.

Countless articles in 2021 across national periodicals covered this phenomenon; that once Americans actually had time to breathe, they realized that the business and economic system they strived to be part of, keeps moving the goalpost.

And the faster middle-America catches up, the more the goalpost is moved.

Pre-Covid rents were rising, now astronomical in many places. Pre-Covid home prices were borderline ridiculous in normal parts of the country, and are now generally out of reach.

Voices of disconnect rose, blaming this President or that President, because that’s a much safer and more convenient way to channel one’s discontent in a country that is shifting faster than anyone can afford to maintain.

Yet the fact is, it is greed that has moved this goalpost; the millionaire is a passé status. It’s “billionaire” that now dominates the headlines. Billions or bust, say corporations everywhere.

A billion dollars looks like this:


It’s a nonsensical amount of zeroes, which draws to it astronomical amounts of interest, even in the lowest yielding accounts.

The gold rush for billionaire status is on, and companies and corporations across the globe can feel the pinch for cash.

We all must remember that billionaires simply don’t happen. They accrue their wealth from each one of us, $.50 and one dollar at a time, until we all fund parts of literally, billions of dollars. That seems to be an acceptable practice in business.

However, as a country, if we all decided to donate a dollar, or $.50, or $10, to a common pot in government, that would be equally distributed amongst income challenged people all the way to the middle class, those same aspiring billionaires cry “Socialism!”

Why do you suppose they care, about $.50 here, and a dollar there?

Why do you suppose they do not want a system that would allow Americans to not only buy their widgets, however give that same $.50 or dollar, to someone who may truly need it, because the $4.25 an hour wage, plus tips, is getting that server’s family evicted along with their three children?

Your $.50, and my $.50 deeply matters to these billionaires. Because we literally make or break their billions, one tank of gas at a time. One pair of Nikes at a time. One iPhone at a time. One $.99 Apple App subscription

You see, if corporate culture can’t demonize giving that same $.50 to someone who could truly benefit from it, instead of giving it to them, then their billionaire status may slip. They may be relegated to having only $100 million in holdings, instead of 5 billion. And in the desperate, collapsing corporate culture, who lunches on avarice and washes it down with a shifting goalpost—.50 is everything.

There’s a grand brainwashing that’s happened in America, that started with the glamorization of Western expansion (which in reality was a bunch of starving European settlers and Native American genocide), to the “American Dream”, which thrives on the annihilation of the extended family model, to promoting the ego of the self-sustaining nuclear family.

The shift to nuclear family was important to American commerce, as instead of a family home or family car being passed down from generation to generation, “success” and “responsibility” was suddenly about owning multiple homes, and several cars.

Where kitchen bowls and utensils and mixers and wooden spoons were once shared by multiple family members, now each nuclear family was encouraged to buy the latest, the greatest, the most plastic and most disposable home wares possible; the best American-purchased-from China products, that a person could ever dream of!

Post-WWII America was crying for local money to be poured into the economy, and “the nuclear family” was born. The 1960’s-80’s cemented the American need for “stuff”, and here we are, a throw-away culture.

The use-once culture.

Now, a couple of decades into the 21st-century, our earth is moaning under the weight of our plastic pollution. Our seas are choking up, wrapping marine life in discarded or lost plastic nets.

The race to become billionaire, and the unaware masses supporting the billionaires $.50 at a time, then blindly chew through resources on the planet, whose resources are finite.

Since the 1970s, climate scientists have been ringing their hands attempting to produce to world governments documentation that outlines how important it is that we stop burning through water, land, soil, and food, as if it will always be there. As if nothing changes.

Small steps have been made, like large chain restaurants replacing Styrofoam with paper containers, or plastic straws with paper straws. Yet all of that paper comes from trees, cut down, removing oxygen from the air, on a planet whose air is becoming more and more polluted on a regular basis.

It’s no wonder the pollution persist, as we mow down forest after forest in the Amazon (the world’s air filter) to make way for cheap, steroid-plumped cattle yards, because we all need a Big Mac or a Quarter Pounder, apparently.

Because $1 million is no longer enough. $100 million is no longer enough. Just like McDonald’s, billions and billions served into bank accounts is the litmus for success, in the 21st-century.

Unlike many, I personally do not believe that money is evil. Money is simply an energy. We can do anything we wish with it. It can be a tool for building schools and hospitals. It can be a tool that ruins peoples lives by building a chemical plant on a river that soils the water supply. Money is not the issue.

The hearts of human beings is the issue.

The conscience level of human beings is the issue. Or, the lack thereof.

And simply raising our fists and shaking them at the “billionaire class“ serves no other purpose than a basic tricep workout.

Because at the end of the day, we are the billionaire makers.

If we wish to shake our fist a big money, shake your fist at the person in the mirror.

Pay attention to where $.99 at a time, on your mobile phone, it’s being deposited every month.

It becomes ludicrous, thinking that money is the problem. Money is not the problem. The idea that we withhold money from people, livable wages for services rendered, so that corporations may make billions instead of hundreds of millions, is nonsensical; Dr. Seuss numbers, a billiondy-trilliondy-zilliondy dollars.

I’m always amused by the battle cry of those who claim that starting off an individual at a living wage is “pampering them”, or somehow unfair to those who have worked at a company for years, and earned their pay raises. Why not start off with a living wage, and adjust everyone’s wages accordingly, in higher position brackets? Everyone wins. (Except the bazilliondy-catrilliondy-aires.)

I’m especially amused by the aforementioned narrative when observing that the “cost of living goalpost” in America is being moved father away, and was moving previous to even Covid.

If Americans make more money, they spend more money. That’s really good for the economy. Most socioeconomically challenged classes, as well as the middle class, and even the upper middle class, have been trained by our capitalist nuclear-family culture for generations, to “buy stuff“ in order to separate themselves from the classes beneath them.

The middle class is an enormous consumer of “stuff”.

Where as nearly 100% of middle class American wages are going for basics like rent, mortgages, utilities, insurance, phone service, food prices, gas prices, and maybe a few things like clothes for the kids, there’s not a lot of big screen TVs making their way to truck beds in the WalMart parking lot.

There aren’t a lot of extra clothes flying off the rack.

There aren’t many new cars driving away.

And when they are, and those purchases are happening, their happening with cash. Because in America, in 2022, you’re either a billionaire, or a pauper on paper.

Most of America is financially struggling. Prices are rising at an unprecedented speed. Though oil prices have dropped, the oil companies refuse to lower the gas prices, extending only pennies of discount at a time to consumers, as they now clear record profits, because of the skyrocketing price of oil previously.

As long as we keep paying, America, corporations will keep hiking the bill. And we are trained to buy, buy, buy, so we will find a way to work that extra job, to keep purchasing.

And the corporations will keep jacking up the prices.

It’s an insidious cycle in which we fail to see our own key participation. We are literally stitching together this FrankenEconomy, a monster made from compulsive, addictive spending—and the bloat of unyielding inflation.

Soon, we’ll be living out a scene in Hunger Games, with the Capitol full of those who have, and the outlying provinces full of those who have not.

If you think this is simply a dramatic example, I suggest you drive around any major US city, where the class divisions are literally visible.

I also suggest you speak to that family with three kids, who may own that five or six bedroom home on the edge of your town, that same family that you may think is financially doing very well.

What you’ll find is that though the family may be drawing in $150-$200,000 a year, with 3+ kids, they’re living paycheck to paycheck. They’re living on credit. Not because they’re lazy, with both mom and dad working 40+ hours a week. Not because they don’t know how to manage their money, as mom and dad have done their best to have retirement accounts, yet they cannot contribute the full amount, because they need that money to pay the bills.

This is much of American life, because the goalpost in America, with “billionaire” now being the goal, is moved so far away from we kickers, that people are simply getting tired of playing the game.

In 2022, $100,000 a year barely supports a family of three, if that nuclear family is living the 1950s and 60s buy-it-and-throw-it-away lifestyle.

States like my home state of Montana, which was once fairly affordable in the outlying areas, now has unbelievably unrealistic socioeconomic conditions, with rents that beyond exceed local wages.

In fact, if any of you out there are watching Yellowstone, and are looking at Billings Montana as a destination to live (as it’s made several publications’ “most desirable city“ lists), you may want to think twice.

In Billings, you’re making “big money” if you’re making $15 an hour. Yet renting a two to three bedroom house is going to cost you around $2500 a month.

If you wish to be a commodity trader or financial assistant in Montana, the first basic test is $100, where you can take the same test for $40-$60, and both New York and California.

Sure, there’s no sales tax in Montana. Yet there is income tax, and property tax, and both will absolutely pop your eyeballs out with the bill that you’re handed, every year.

Gas is not the most expensive in the nation, because here in Billings we have three refineries close by. However, your groceries are going to cost you, especially your produce, trucked all the way in from other warmer growing parts of the country.

And, no one really wants to pay taxes here, so our poor police force and our firefighters are understaffed and underfunded. Therefore, crime in Billings tends to run a bit rampant for a town this size, parked at about 125,000 people.

Montana is a perfect snapshot of American avarice; with a high wage here at $15 an hour, the state is priced for billionaires. Why? Because billionaires are buying the state. (And then complaining, because no one is here to serve them coffee, or a breakfast, or work at the Starbucks, or work at the gas station chains they just purchased,

In fact, Montanas are moving out of Montana, as the Old West goalpost is pushed too far back into the sunset. A very dear friend of ours, who lived in Bozeman for a big part of the 22 years of his life in Montana, recently moved to St. Louis, to drop his rent down to about 1/4 of what it was in Bozeman, for a very cute apartment that was nearly twice as big; where wages are higher, restaurants are more plentiful.

Another longtime friend of mine, along with her wife, left Billings, Montana and moved to Ohio, where the sale of their cozy single-story two-bedroom home, plus a very small single-story guest house, net them a beautiful, sprawling two-story historical home with a big, beautiful yard, and gorgeous old fireplace—for roughly half the money.

This observation is not intended to be a doom-saying sermon, yet a call to pay attention to what is happening with our $.50 purchases, one degree at a time, as America is boiled in our own consumer juices.

Again, I’m not anti-money. I’m not even anti-consumerism. I’m all for free enterprise (I, myself, am a career entrepreneur). I’m just not for sociopathic greed.

I like my “stuff“ like any other American. I am not always the best at remembering to bring my own cloth grocery sacks to the store, and my wife makes sure to remind me about all the sea life that is dying, when I have to put the groceries in plastic bags if they’re out of paper.

Though the environment is extremely important to me, I look out into my driveway, and there is parked a Jeep Rubicon, so we can traverse the winters, as well as some rugged land we own on the backside of the Beartooths. That is not a super gas efficient vehicle. It’s not a guzzler, at four cylinders, yet it’s not electric. Since I live in a town that’s not very big, I don’t end up driving that vehicle around town as much as I would, as if I lived in a large sprawling city like Los Angeles.

We all can choose where we put our $.50.

I make these points because in many ways, I myself am an average American consumer, every day attempting to break the consumerist habit, and recognizing how I’m being nickeled and dimed into poverty, while my state, and my country, is bought out from underneath my boots.

And next time you see those bumper sticker memes all across social media, claiming that “people are lazy”, that they “don’t want to work”, or whatever the mythology is that’s attached to some 1885 version of Western expansion, spouted off by some potbellied oil magnate squinting over his monocle and chewing on his spitty cigar—remember that that is a marketing narrative, planted politically so that every working American is busy hissing at their neighbor, instead of un-electing the Congress people who are claiming that the money that you have earned, and put into your own Social Security account, is now “Socialism”—because they want to spend your hard-earned money to fund their government projects.

And they don’t want you to notice.

So they’re pointing the fingers at the brown-skinned person next to you, claiming they’re taking your job for pennies on the dollar, and that those brown-skinned people are the problem.

It’s not only sociopathic, it’s cowardly. And it’s inhumane.

So before you pass those “lazy” memes, you may want to be aware that you’re being manipulated by a billionaire culture that wants your attention away from the fact that you work like a dog, to fund them, convinced that your “busy” is synonymous with success, all while overpaying at the register.

There’s enough money to go around. There’s just not enough awareness, behind the money.

Only you and I can change that.

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A Lighter Future Later is About Heavy Lifting Now

Photo by Rebecca Douglas Photography

I’ve worked as a full-time spiritual advisor for the past 18 years. I continue on in that work. My work encompasses far more than “reading the future”, which truly, is in and of itself, a skill that takes years to understand.

Yet what I do, everyday, is about so, so much more than “predicting outcomes”—like what job a person will land, will someone marry, what team will win, etc.

The biggest portion on my work is always focused on how to convert energies into something phenomenal. I’m not only a translator, but a collective recycler, a repurposer of sorts.

That’s what angels do, you know; they take what is presented, a mucky mess of indecision, crossroads, fears, and uncertainty, and mix all that mud until the goo falls away, and it turns crystal clear. Then they pour it all into neat little bricks and together, we build a sturdy home in which we can live, if we choose—walls so strong yet transparent, to keep us safe, yet able to see the horizon.

The biggest hink in our lives tends to be that we simply don’t believe, really, in hardly anything anymore. At least, not in much that’s productive.

And Universe won’t save us from our own cynicism. (They see it as an exercise in “denying the reality of Ultimate-Provision”, so they hang out and wait for a window to help out, while we flail about in our illusion that there’s nothing bigger than us, and our own freak-outs.)

American society pedals cynicism as if it’s selling PhD’s. The less we believe in something, the smarter we’ll be; the less gullible, the more protected.

Yet the more cynical we become, the more we cut-off our life-force and our connection with everything that wishes to bring us miracles.

The Universe isn’t the problem. Our unwillingness to connect to What Is, causes the hiccup.

It’s us. Not them.

We often don’t believe in our ability to co-create these beautiful crystalline bricks forged out of our muckiest life-poo—we think that’s pie-in-the-sky insanity. We don’t believe in angels, or Universe/God, or the good intentions of others; we don’t believe in anything at all, including science.

We’re so afraid to trust.

We’re just so afraid.

Why can’t we just admit that we’re so afraid? Then we could help each other out. Human love to help others.

My job as a spiritual advisor is so much more than casting out predictions. Yeah, that’s part of the job. Yet the predictions are only a building block in the home of the soul, the rebuilding of our foundation of trust with a perfect balanced spiritual system.

The spiritual / quantum system is fine.

We’re gaslit by a sociopathic and narcissistic society, to believe nothing—but fear. That way, we’re very controllable. And it’s generally those pointing the finger of “you’re afraid!” that are the most afraid.

In my spiritual practice, angels / The Universe helps me to assist individuals to remember the truth of where they’re from, spiritually; of what super-powers they’ve talked themselves out of; of what mystical and magical ingredients exist around them, every day.

Angels help in that area, a lot.

They’re quantum beings that don’t mess around. WE mess around, avoiding our lessons. We wade into our own insecurities, trying to figure out how to get past childhood emotional pitfalls, while dwelling on everything that’s wrong.

My job is to help take those painful lessons that come about when “wrong” rears it’s head, and create solutions from the lessons we learn.

It’s a giant puzzle, whose pieces are disappointment, dreams, fear, hope, love, sadness, trepidation, anger, excitement, despair, rage, and the desire to believe.

Humans are deeply magical beings. Yet we think we’re idiots. Sure, we can act like idiots. That’s a fair human trait. Yet we’re also amazing. We’re kind. And compassionate, and we love to love.

The very essence of the particles in our bodies are held together by a magnetism that we actually can’t entirely explain. Sure, we can identify the chemicals and the compounds that conduct the electricity in the cells and keep them alive. Yet in our conventional ways, we can’t explain the origin of the electricity.

We are literally held together by light.

So over the last 18 years (and counting), I’ve been working on reminding humans of what we ARE. Not what we’ve been gaslit to believe we are. When we connect with what we are, then EVERYTHING that feels like molasses around our ankles clears away, and we’re free to run.

Heck, we’re even free to fly.

Yes, here on Planet Earthling, trauma and pain and heartbreak are real experiences,. Yet they are experiences which then plant fertile seeds in their tilled and disturbed ground. Just like a forest fire, razing the landscape to the blackened quick, only to grow a magnificent rainbow of color the next spring.

That’s the cycle of recycling lessons. Yet it’s often mislabeled “toxic positivity”, in our culture absolutely addicted to debunking every single thing. (“Toxic Positivity” used to be known by its old moniker, “Denial”).

We’re so used to debunking everything, that we’ve gone a little insane with it, even a touch paranoid, and have now created fictional stories where ex-president’s wives eat children, and lasers from space kill individuals. We’ve literally gone crazy in our need to have all the answers, and then in having all the answers, we supposedly satiate our fear of what cannot be controlled in our life.

Yep deep down, we know we’re buying our own fictional BS.

And that makes us even more insecure, that the crazy malarkey that we’ve made up in our mind, has become our doctrine. The fabrication becomes our guiding light, our mantra, our gods, the only “truth” we have left; the fiction we’ve created to make sense of a quickly-changing planet.

We have become our own worst gaslighters.

So for 18 years, and counting, my job has evolved into assisting people in the de-programming of some pretty outrageous beliefs, that have taken the place of simply believing in themselves.

As the world keeps turning in America, it becomes more and more difficult to communicate to people that they are worthy of love, that they have something special for the world. That they have purpose.

We are inundated with complete and utter paranoiac garbage every day. “Living” becomes more of a Jedi-Knight-like exercise, to focus our minds and our spirits and our souls, in order to fill our days with peace, with connection, with meaning.

We fight over vaccines and masks and political affiliation, all to stay distracted from the fact that we are actually the solution to a planet that needs our assistance. Many really don’t believe in ourselves anymore, in terms of making the world better than we left it. Many don’t believe, or don’t care anymore, that we can even begin to make a difference, in these pivotal times.

And they are pivotal.

People say that there are cycles in history, that everything happens again and again. I can see this re-cycle happening now, with the divisions in our country, going back to the Civil War. Yet our times now currently are more pivotal than the times back then. Why?

Because for the first time ever on the planet earth, we have almost 8 billion people.

For the first time ever, on the planet earth, we have technologies that will help us live through an Ice Age.

For the first time ever, on planet earth, we are interconnected with folks that we’ve never met in person, who live halfway around the world in tomorrow-land, Australia, and we can speak to people who live in the future in real time.

For the first time ever, on planet earth, we have science and medicines that help us live through diseases that killed our great grandparents. (Well, we had some of those before, yet many of our natural remedies were stomped out through the conquest and consumer years.)

For the first time ever, on planet earth, we have enough human brains to link together in a massive Bluetoothed net, to affect the quantum realm, to change negativity into usable positivity, to transmute weather patterns, really.

Anything energetic this planet can dish out? Team humanity can affect. Because there are enough of us, enough mobile radar towers known as brains, broadcasting.

Yet the truth is, we don’t even need this many humans to create an incredible “intention beacon”. We could do it with five people, if five people truly had their heads on squarely. Yet it’s going to take 8 billion people with their heads barely on, twisted in every TickTokFaceInstaTweetTubeNews direction, to achieve the same results.

That’s okay. In a world where the average attention span of Gen Z is 8 seconds (yep, true story), that’s where we’re at.

So that’s my job. For 18 years, I have placed one paving stone down, then another, then another, a very unsexy task really, usually kinda dirty, attempting to build one little pathway, to get from point A to point B. It doesn’t happen overnight. Not for an individual, not for a society. And with a generation that expects things to happen instantaneously, within 8 seconds, I’m certain this is a fairly disappointing reality.

However, we’re all here for what we’re each here to learn. We are eachother’s teachers, and students. Everyone of us. Whether we’re here on Planet Earthling to learn patience, perseverance, surviving suffocating grief, causing someone suffocating grief, whatever it is we are here to do— we’re going to do it.

Rest assured, you won’t miss your big moment.

Yep, this is where it gets confusing. We are taught by our Type-A consumerist- achievement-obsessed society in America, that our “big moment” is supposed to be something that causes everyone to stand up and applaud, or receive news coverage, or hands us a gold statue with our name engraved.

Sure, though every single human being on earth loves to be acknowledged for our contributions, and we all should be, we’ve been a bit brainwashed that “our big moment” is going to be marked by the universe as a noticeable big moment, something seen from space, something that wins a Pulitzer or Nobel Prize.

Yet our biggest moments are so huge, so impactful, that they create ripples outward that we don’t see for years. Much like an earthquake at the bottom of the Mariana trench, out in the Atlantic ocean, miles below the surface of the water, our biggest moments shake the very muck that bring life into the world, yet by the time the waves at the beach, everyone just thinks it’s a good surf day.

That’s not to say that we won’t have moments of being appreciated. We all need those. It’s also not to say that we won’t see the “fruits” of our “life’s work”.

It’s to say that your greatest magic, all of our greatest magic, all of our greatest gifts and abilities, aren’t even measurable on this American consumer is to scale. They’re scarcely measurable on a first world scale.

What matters most about all of us, what fuels us, what glues us together, what comes so freely to us, but we don’t have to spend a dime on, our birthright, our ability to transcend anything on this planet— is free.

And what is it?

It’s YOU, embodying the most peaceful YOU, that you can be.

It’s your hope. It’s your love. It’s your willingness to try.

And it doesn’t mean we have to be all these things all the time.

We all get to take our turn with sadness and grief, with no motivation, sometimes even depression. We get to take our turns as the villain, we get to take our turn as the hero.

Sometimes, when we’re very out of balance, we take our turn as the oppressor or the victimizer, until we realize that our deep pain within has changed us, warped our behaviors, until we don’t recognize ourselves in the mirror anymore.

These are behaviors, which can be unlearned. Within all of us is a reset button. Regrettably, we can’t just punch it like a computer, to override our corrupted programming overnight. This “insty-fix” mentality is the lie of the pop-guru-motivational industry, its the lie of the get-skinny-quick fitness industry, and its the lie of the get-rich-quick industry.

People make billions of dollars each year selling lies about how change happens overnight, if you buy this self-help mechanism, or swallow the right pill, or listen to the right programming while you sleep, anything to circumvent the path of deep learning—the path that it truly takes to become our best selves.

Many of us are terrified to walk that path.

Because on that path are snapshots, and logbooks, and people, who remind us of behaviors we’ve had that we are not proud of. Our weakest moments. Our most cowardly reactions. Our most ugly emotional outbursts.

Yes it is in evaluating that which we are most ashamed, that which we keep secretly under the floorboards of our misery, where we see how we’ve grown, how we’ve survived, and how we’ve made changes.

Sometimes we see that we didn’t change at all, and perhaps it would be in our best interest to do so. And so we shrink in fear that we will not be up to the task. Instead, we run with thousands of dollars to the Insty-Pill-Program-System that will “fix us”overnight.

We spend thousands on trying to stay away from the pain that is ours, the pain that lives within us, that is trying to teach us to love ourselves, and to release and forgive ourselves. Perhaps even to release and forgive others.

The pain within each one of us is not a punishment. It’s a teacher, crying for attention, so that it can show us that what we once feared has not been recycled into something that will enable others to heal.

We are walking transmuters. Some pain will always just be the periodic bouts with the pain. As they say, grief is what happens when there is nowhere to put all the love in your heart.

Yet even in our pain, we love. Even in our pain, we invent. Even in our pain, we affect others that we are unaware of—

— our biggest moments go undetected by us. Generally, until much later.

This isn’t because the universe is cruel, and doesn’t want you to know how well you’re doing. It’s because our biggest moments happen when we are cracked open and the most very raw. It’s when we’re not paying attention to our presentation, or what we’re wearing, or doing. Our greatest moments happen when we are being our most authentic, and in those moments our attention is often not focused on ourselves, but on the needs of others.

Our greatest moments are given away without a second thought.

Because that’s what it really means to be human.

Certainly, earning awards and accolades is wonderful. They are terrific metric of how we’re doing.

Yet how are we really doing?

We’re evolving this planet. We all matter. Every single thing we say and do ripples the quantum-sphere of this existence.

And this is my job. To continually remind us all, that we are not only not alone, yet we are impacting people that we are not even aware that we are impacting.

In fact, we are architects of many of our experiences. Sure, bad things happen to very good people, and animals, and plants, and water, and air. Why this continually happens, when we are capable of so, so much more as a species, is far above my pay grade, as an angel translator, and untangler-of-future timelines. (I have my thoughts on it.)

Yet my job is not merely to see the future. My job is to help us all create the most phenomenal future that’s possible.

Really, that’s all our job.

I’m just keenly aware of my role.

So this is what I do. When I’m asked “where I’ve been”, or folks say they haven’t “seen me around”, or I’m not posting giant accolades and life events, I’m still working.

I’m working every moment I’m alive.

I’m sitting quietly by myself, sometimes weeping with the universe on that day because humanity might be losing its battle with its collective grief.

I might be wandering, in my pajamas, in my house, speaking to a friend for hours, who is in a crisis.

I might be wandering, in my pajamas, in my house, speaking to a friend for hours, because I’m in a crisis.

Yet I am deeply present on this planet, in this and so many other multi-verses, and in so many ways. As should we all be. As are we all. Again, I’m just deeply aware of it.

So I write this today, as I would 18 years ago, to continually remind us all of the same thing: don’t you give up on yourself. Don’t fear the work that is yours to do, in your life. Don’t you give up on that life. Don’t you give up on this planet, don’t you give up on our society, don’t you give up on bringing into this world what you are born to bring into this world.

Just because you may not know what purpose is, right in the second, right in the 8 second attention span of Gen Z, does not mean that you will not explode into this universe in ways that you never expected.

There are truly those in this world, and in our country, who wish us all to believe that there is no hope left. They wish us to drop our face to the ground and look at our shoes, cocktailing ourselves into oblivion, and drugging ourselves out of our minds, not just once in awhile to take the load off, but every moment of every day, so that we cannot put our hands to the task of evolving a world that will fulfill all of our dreams, regardless of socioeconomic station, regardless of race or gender or background, or belief system.

We are capable of changing it all. That scares those who wish it to “stay the same”, both an evolutional and mathematical improbability.

So here’s your reminder, for today and everyday, that even though it may seem bizarre out there, you’re just where you need to be. Make changes if you feel you need to. Rejoice in what’s actually working. Yet know that you have so much tread left on your tires—

—and beautiful miles to quietly cruise, with your windows down, and the music on.

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2022’s Year of Expansion: What to Expect

With so many amazing changes on our doorstep, 2022 is going to be a year marked by velocity and intention! From myself and the angelic realm, I give you—

2022’s Year of Expansion

  1. Your life path will magnify and reflect whatever you believe to be true. Be mindful of your mind.
  2. Everything is given equal possibility, from great progression to great violence. We choose.
  3. Be honest with yourself about your intentions, or the Universe will tell your truth for you.
  4. Lies and deceit to gain power stand out as awkward and outdated. (Gossip, negative political campaigning, etc)
  5. Polarization / extremism gains traction, only to deeply implode at a later time.
  6. Unprecedented amounts of people “unplug” or un-associate from outmoded societal constructs. (Huge uptick in off grid living, leaving jobs, etc.)
  7. Illusion attracts those wishing to escape the uncertainty of an evolving planet (“easy-fix” cults of all types gain followers.)
  8. Brilliant innovations in energy and money (crypto, other modalities) begin to equalize social class inequality.
  9. Fearlessness is required in denying mistrust of others to build new and unprecedented opportunities.
  10. Reaching backwards to “restore the past” is ineffective. Innovation, amalgamation, compromise, and co-creation paves the way for survival.
  11. Self-reflection must evolve into self-application.
  12. Can-do attitudes replace skepticism.
  13. Beginning of “The Great Evolution” (2022-2025) that swings the USA into the next ten years of societal and socio-economic growth.
  14. Expansion into the virtual world is huge, with VR societies and “virtual real estate” booming. Be mindful of escapism.
  15. Ugliness, negativity, attacking words, or other unnecessary aggressive behaviors, are no longer considered the societal norm; kindness and respect come back into fashion.

…have a brilliant New Year, and point yourself in the direction of leaving your VERY BEST SELF “on the mat”, day after day!! 2022 defines our next three year cycle—so let’s bring our best, give up our worst, and be excited to create something “new and improved” to pass on to generations behind us!


Create, innovate, heal, and evolve!


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July 4th: The Modern American Revolution

With the Fourth of July upon us, I have something to announce

Yet first, some important observations.

This past year has been a very eye-opening experience. Not only for every person on this earth, yet for me. It’s been particularly profound.

Following four years of a severe degradation in our collective social dignity (how we address one another) in this country, we were slammed with a global pandemic that further divided America across partisan and paranoid lines.

My eyes were opened to the fact that fear, condemnation, polarization, and shaming were a predominant cultural staple in America. So much so, that people in politics, people in media, people wanting to sell swag, religious people, metaphysical people, all reached for this deeply ingrained fulcrum of control through fear in the USA—

—and drove home any conspiracy, any histrionic point, any ranting TV show talking head on Fox or MSNBC or NewsMax or CNN, all for a desperate grab at the consumer spotlight for five minutes.

To make money while the world burned.

America, five years of our fear, five years of our burned-out adrenal system, is all in sacrifice to the never-ending need for more money, by politicians, political organizations, TV networks, “gurus”, those who wish to keep us off kilter as a society by bickering about minutia so we can’t see the environment being ruined, our quality of life slipping through the cracks as the cost of living in the USA skyrockets and the average American needs more than one job to even keep the lights on, and more weird horrors from a bad 1980’s SyFy movie surface and n daily headlines.

Our collective mental health has been disposable to those in the grab for cash—collateral in a war for our money.

Not in a war for our liberating patriotic allegiance. That’s simply a bumper sticker to get to our money.

Not in a war for our liberating activist heart. That’s simply a bumper sticker to get to our money.

But for our money, and our money alone, which is not blue, nor red—but green.

Green money which spends the same, in any direction.

Money that is blind to any cause but itself; money amassed by a huge machine that eats and eats and eats its people to keep its bank accounts full.

This machine is neither conservative, nor liberal.

This machine is neither American, nor Russian, nor French.

This machine holds no allegiance to a flag.

This machine is larger than the borders of any one country.

This machine is a blind, starving glutton, whose avarice has no conscience.

This machine seeks only to feed, day in and day out.

As it grows in size, it is running out of resources to consume.

Across the globe, the machine is running out of food.

When a living being begins to starve, it panics. This panic from the machine has fueled the need to create panic in the people of the world, so that people will spend money.

And the machine can once again eat.

It can eat political contributions, bullet-hoarding income, gas-hoarding income, toilet-paper-hoarding income, big screen TV income from stimulus checks—

—anything we’re willing to spend in a panic, the machine gobbles it up. The more we panic, the more the machine eats.

The bigger it gets.

The hungrier and more demanding it becomes.

The more panic it floods into the world, to grow crops of fear, and division, and money, money, money.

The machine is a Frankensteined juggernaut, stitched together from the rotting pieces of an old world that has already fallen apart, already run dry of endless resources, a monster whose eyes have long bloated shut from the toxins in the panic it consumes.

It stumbles numbly across a scorching earth, crushing without noticing multiple societies, humans, plants, land, and animals, beneath its blocky feet, as it seeks new resources to consume, to quench a bottomless hunger—

Welcome to the 21st century first world.

—for money. It’s food.

Or…was it the 18th century world?


If we go back, and read both our history books as well as the founding documents of the United States of America, this nation was never forged in the spirit of the sole purpose of social idealism, for the “rights for all”.

After all, our founders held slaves.

In fact, the sole reason we revolted in 1776, and warred against England for our independence, was not to build a society where every person had equal rights in a new nation.

The sole reason we revolted was over money, and over the right to own the guns to protect the money.

We revolted over taxes. Not the human condition.

Colonists felt they were being taxed too heavily by the crown, and were not happy with how their firearms would be confiscated by Red Coats to suppress colonist uprisings. They were also not happy with a governmental system that held no checks and balances, and would put citizens to death for no other reason than whim.

Ergo, no access to arms meant colonists couldn’t protect themselves, their money, or their land investments, from the mood and avarice of the crown.

Really, we revolted because we wanted to keep our money, and our guns. That appears to be the driving modality behind “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” — not “uplift all”. Not “let’s give a chance equally to all people” (as that chance was reserved for European-descent, predominantly white, or “white passing”, colonists).

All of those beautiful and inspiring ideals of an “equal chance for all people” came later, as our Democratic Republic continued to evolve, and France gave us a gorgeous statue, on which is carved, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses.”

This was a passionate message shared by France, written by American poet Emma Lazarus, coming from a country that watched its own Revolution over classist economic division destroy its people. So it probably felt good to believe that somewhere, on the then-more-primitive earth, a country was being founded in the consciousness and spirit of equality, for all.

Again, it’s important to point out that this message on our Stature of Liberty was a French interpretation of some great marketing done by early American statesman who sought funds from France to fund our war against England. (The United States later left France high and dry when they asked us for funding, for their war. Because the white guys over here didn’t want to part with their money. Again, reference our founding documents.)

American propaganda has a long history.

Culturally, back then, “all men are created equal” automatically meant, without even giving it a second thought—“caucasian males”. Not women. Not people of color. Not the indigenous people who existed for thousands of years on this North American continent prior to western colonization. Just men. Who, as not even a conscious thought was given, meant men of Caucasian, European descent.

Culturally in America, for those of us who wish to build an equal society for all people, we tend to reference this motto on the Statue of Liberty when framing up the character of the United States:

Bring us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses.

In many of our minds, that means, “Let us build something magnificent, together.”

Yet Social Liberty for All was not really what our founders had in mind. Not because they consciously did not want all human beings to have freedom. It’s because social liberty was not even in existence in the European world.

Remember, our founders came from the conquest model of Europe.

They honestly believed that with their Declaration of Independence, and Bill of Rights, that they were granting the new (white male European descent) citizens of the new USA, and the property they owned—land, wives, children and slaves—a whole new operating system in governance.

And guess what? For where the brutal and primitive old world was at, for the time, the new United States of America was a marvel of governance.

It caught the whole world’s attention.

For the time, for the global consciousness of the day, in a primitive world that crushed out cultures and subjugated everyone who wasn’t powerful enough to protect themselves, in a world where genocide was committed in the name of One Holy God, from the perspective of a world where monarchies reigned for thousands of years and picked their teeth with the bones of their people—

—the United States of America was a marvel; a wild, weird experiment, something many European nations thought would fail.

But it didn’t fail. It was set up to evolve. (Or more lately, de-evolve, into its original state of guns-and-money-kept-predominantly-by-white-people. Yet I digress.)

It’s an historical observation that the 18th century idea of a “United States citizen”, and the avarice of manifest destiny, was a culturally assumed position by the Caucasian male European colonists—the founders of the USA.

Social justice was not only not in our founder’s sociological awareness of the day, it was nowhere in the entire European world’s consciousness.

This is not an excuse for racism, for slavery, for sexism and subjugation and victimization. Again, it’s an historical observation. History without context is nothing but lost lessons. And lessons are a metric for our progress, or our failings.

Our founder’s big feat was breaking from a world system of ancient classist tyranny, to create a new form of governance, with the very limited, if no, social awareness of the day, hoping the money-and-guns-and-not-being-hanged-for-nothing part would stick.

Praying this system they created would be continually developed by those who came after them. In ways they could not comprehend. They knew they changed the modern world. And they knew they didn’t have all the answers.

They hoped the spirit of their change would survive, and be expanded upon.

They knew from the get-go that theirs was only a minuscule first step. It needed to grow.

They hoped their experiment would live long enough to do so.


So many in modern America feel as though a decent quality of life in America—basic access to food, shelter, and clean water—is over.

They may not be incorrect.

We have been psychologically disempowered, as an American society, by big money that buys courts, locks away those who are inconvenient, buys land rights, burns up land that won’t be bought, that buys, buys, buys, erases, rewrites laws with money, buys legislators with money, and buys privilege some more.

Against this wall of endless, deep money, what is an average American to do?

This is the mentality that those who hope to keep Americans “in line” are hoping that average Americans will drown within.

After all, people who believes they are conquered—are conquered. Right?

Yet where does all this mysterious money come from? That same money that supposedly “oppresses” us all?

It comes from us.

We feed the same monster that eats us.

We do so under the name of free enterprise.

We do so because we’ve been trained for generations in America to give away our money to get something: peace of mind, economic “safety”, more beautiful bodies, cars, homes.

We have been trained for generations that provision is outside of us, happiness is outside of us. And all of that which does not originate from us—can be bought.

We have replaced God with online shopping. Through that buying, we’re better people, says the old world.

We’ve even pounded into generations of people in America that “working oneself to the bone” is noble, admirable.

In the same way that pharaohs told slaves that if they died in the service of a building a temple for the king, they would go to a peaceful afterlife—American corporations tell their employees that if they answer business emails and texts all hours of the night, they are model, good and just employees, who just may get a raise.

It’s a brainwashed form of servitude.

And those who are unable to break free from a system to which they are forced to work within then seek validation for their efforts, their gifts, and their lives.

They may die unhappy. Yet the system patted them on the head, at least once. That has to matter, right?

Our job in modern America is to re-format this system.

Not through insurrection, nor through rushing a Capitol. Not through anarchy or unrest. Not through destroying property or taking up arms against one another. Not through war, the outmoded ego tool of an old, dead world.

Yet through carrying on the economic Revolution, accidentally started by a tiny virus.

Covid-19 swept the globe and pulled an emergency break on the stumbling, ravenous juggernaut Franken-monster.

The money stopped. Work stopped. People stopped.

We looked around. We saw we had spouses and children that we haven’t truly “seen”, for years.

And we realized: we’ve all gone crazy, one 90 hour week at a time; one more car and one more house and one more super-expensive college payment at a time.

We realized, in America, that we were caught in a lose-lose cycle of economic backsliding. Paycheck-to-paycheck households failed when the hamster-wheel-world stopped.

Debt hung heavy.

Mortgages pushed out a year and accumulated interest, so some will not own their home until they are 89.

Many will now not be able to retire, ever.

Many would never even be able to afford a home. Even then, the property taxes would continue, as we rent the land indefinitely from the U.S. government.

We observed, without the desperate energy of the hamster wheel blinding us, an endless money bleed in our lives. All while we noticed, for the first time, that our son or daughter’s eyes had slightly changed color since they were eight years old.

How old were they now? Sixteen?

We looked our quality of life in the changed eyes, in America—and realized that the same long-time American propaganda that sold the French on making us a statue, by the guys who needed their money—still works on us, by the guys that need our money.

The myth of “The American Dream”, an old world modality based on subjugation, enslavement to a system, and racial preference, was alive and well.

And it had warped our perception of being alive. Because we let it do so; a frog boiled by increasing the temperature of the water a quarter of a degree, every five years.

Many received financial assistance from the government through the pandemic. We therefore learned, though Covid-19, that having money was not the enemy, as we working class folks had been told. We learned that those who have the money were not the enemy, as we working class folks have been told.

We learned that our spending habits were the enemy.

We learned that WE have been the problem, all along.

That we have been feeding the same juggernaut Franken-monster we fear, the same one that we rage against, that we blame for our lack of quality of life in the USA.

We learned that we are our own most terrifying lesson; that we are each a limb on a monstrous, reaching beast, driven by avarice, spending, spending, spending; an endless ravenous cycle.

As most will do when looking their worst fear in the mirror—we’ve dropped the mirror and run the other way, the monster cracking behind us on the pavement.

Those in newspaper journalism are calling this running away, “The Great Resignation”.

Like no other time in American history, people are quitting their old world jobs. We are retiring from grueling work cycles that have convinced us that giving away our mental health is somehow a noble sacrifice.

We wish instead to be with family and friends. To simplify life. To downsize. To sell off our extra cars and cavernous homes, so that the property rent (taxes) to the government is lessened. So that we no longer have to work to live, yet can live, to then enjoy our work and our purpose in the world.

Is this trend giving way to a generation of ne’er-do-well-20-somethings in tie-dyed shirts, high on legalized weed, collecting unemployment, playing video games in their parents’ basement, leaching money from government programs, and training to be in Antifa?

Or, is this trend giving way to three-piece-suit billionaires who are drinking $1000 a bottle champagne, smashing apart unions, forcing slave labor into long hours while creating dark money funding for voter suppression, closing abortion clinics, and funding The Proud Boys?

Ah, that’s what those who rely on our endless spending of our money would have us believe.

More baseless us-against-them American mythical propaganda from the money-monster, to make us rage against one another, and to blame others for the lack of cash in our bank accounts; a place to park our envy created by the monster inside of each one of us.

As most propaganda goes, the myth of the “unemployment leaches breaking the economy”, for instance, is simply untrue. (Just look at the Pentagon spreadsheet. There’s our money.)

You see, most who are quitting their jobs are in the 30-60 year old range, and are long-time corporate professionals, whose careers may span multiple decades.

We realized we’ve been duped. And we’ve had enough of participating with the problem.

This group is re-employing themselves by growing hydroponic vegetables, by starting local recycling businesses, by building their own off-grid earth ship homes out of recycled materials, some relocating to countries like Portugal, Belize and Costa Rica which are far more economically livable for a young family. Or, retiring people moving to other countries who are unable to set aside enough money because of the juggernaut Franken-monster in America, eating away their savings one cost-of-living hike at a time.

The same country that was founded on the principle of economic freedom, the USA, has become the home of economic enslavement, as the monster has simply become too big to feed.

There are many beautiful things about the United States. Social freedoms, for one. Are we throwing acid on women for showing their faces? No. Are we imprisoning people for having a differing political ideal? Well, not yet. Did a Caucasian police officer get convicted for wrongly murdering a black American? Finally. Can same-sex couples get married? Absolutely.

Though there is always more room to grow, we’ve come a long way in this nation over the past 400 years. Thanks to countless sacrifices and hard work of many, we are far more socially humane than many other countries in the world.

We have 400 years of history in our rear view mirror, and we’re making social progress, but many citizens working two full-time jobs can’t afford to live here?

It’s time to reign in the monster. It’s time to make changes.


Our job in modern America is to expand past the limitations of our history, and to continue to invent, create, and devise systems of society, or equal commerce, and of BALANCE, that set a new precedent.

This requires bravery, as just with our founders—there is no precedent for what is needed at this time.

We must create it.

That’s the evolved potential of the USA.

Not to feed the need of the founders, who wanted to keep the money. That need had its day. They risked everything for an experiment. It’s our challenge to continue experimenting.

To expand past the juggernaut Franken-monster that we have created, stitched together for thousands of years, created in the shadow of a primitive old world that crushed and subjugated and victimized and killed and marginalized and consumed, consumed, consumed, brought across the pond from the old world Europe in tiny boats called the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria—

—now picking its teeth in the new world with the bones of its subjects.

This juggernaut Franken-monster is the new monarchy. The new glass ceiling. Not just for the USA, but for all the “first world”.

This monster is seen as God, in the eyes of those who worship it.

This monster eats the environment.

It’s important to remember, USA, that we’ve had 400 years to figure out what works, and what doesn’t work, over here.

We have the privilege of history, and the privilege of a supposedly flexible governance system, comparatively speaking.

“Equal rights for all” was never in the front of our founder’s minds. Not culturally, not historically in a world that subjugated others for money, for sport—not at all. (Thomas Jefferson was a Virginia plantation owner. My guess is that he wasn’t prepared to start paying the help.)

After all, let’s remember, our founders revolted to keep all of their money.

It likely wasn’t that the founders of the USA were “consciously bad people”, as much as they were heavily socially ignorant people, a product of their day, in a heavily primitive and socially ignorant world, whose sole goal in its global avarice and naïveté was to expand, and to consume, and to grow, at everyone else’s expense.

And as absolutely incomprehensible as it is to we in modern society in the United States, who have had the privilege of nearly 400 years of wars and argument and education and growth and reflection on what doesn’t work in world history, as well as our own—our founders were operating 100% in the hubris of their day, which was to subjugate, annihilate, and dominate.

Back then, that was the civilized thing to do.

This modality of blind brutality blows modern society’s mind, and breaks our evolved hearts.

As it should.

We have the privilege of 400 years of American history, and through the sacrifice and blood of those who have died before us, we have inherited valuable lessons.

Why do I point all of this out?

Because we appear to have forgotten not only our actual United States history, yet the context in which the history occurred.

Context matters, because it points out how far we’ve come, overall, in our global consciousness.

This is deeply important.

Without being conscious, we cannot be aware of the callous horrors of our past missteps, or the intense power of our ability to forge a much more compassionate, educated, “justice for all” future, based upon our growth, and our common strengths.

Sure, we still have much work to do, in the consciousness department. That’s a human condition across the globe.

Yet for some odd reason, in spite of our great backslides, hypocrisy, and overblown marketing, the USA continues to grab the worlds attention; likely, because even in the frailties of our governmental system, we are still the best long-running experiment in potential “freedom” that’s out there.

Even though the juggernaut Franken-monster that’s eating the planet continues to be fed here, on our soil, the most.

And that, my friends?

That monster? That bloated, ravenous thing?

Containing that monster is our current evolutionary quest, as a nation.

It’s the revolution that is at our doorstep, America.

Just as our founders revolted to “keep their money” at the old world expense of human rights, indigenous rights, women’s rights—our modern revolution is to Keep Our Humanity.

At NO ONE’S expense, yet EVERYONE’S benefit.

We must starve this Franken-monster that’s been growing in our neck of the first wealthy world, that rode across the pond hundreds of years ago, to run free across a continent where coal and oil and land were seen as “plenty”. (In spite of the beautiful people who were living there before us, whom our founders dismissed as “savages” living “out there somewhere”.)

Through our vast missteps and missed opportunities, we have taken advantage of many leaps forward. We are still a magical place, our mingling energies, here in America. We are finding our magic in stepping away from the old modality of world domination and cultural oppression, as well as modern job-enslavement, and instead, employing ourselves in ways that edify us, and our environment.

We are reconnecting with community. With our humanity.

We must step away from the illusion of political “sides”. (Remember, that’s all us-against-them propaganda developed by the Franken-monster to cover its own money-avarice-trail.)

Being a “voice of reason” has been replaced with “a loud voice”. We must re-learn the difference.

It is important to note our successes in the USA. Otherwise, the sacrifices of the Martin Luther King Jrs, and the Harvey Milks, and the Gandhi’s, even the Jesus’—go without a place to root and grow.

This Fourth of July, as we observe our Independence as a nation, it’s is time we not only view the negative with the positive— yet it is time to make a commitment to build forward.

It’s time we acknowledge the social and economic limitations of the privileged old world, and move away from them. Just as our founders had done their very best, with what limited knowledge that they had, to inspire that movement within all of us

We are not bound and cursed by our history; we are educated by it. We curse ourselves with failure if we are too frightened, too lazy, or too entitled to grow.

The pledge of allegiance is something that many school children are familiar with. What many are not taught is that the pledge of allegiance came about in the 1950’s, as a response to what the US government perceived as an indoctrination of Russian children by the Russian Government. Basically, the USA wanted to show Russia that our kids, too, swore their allegiance to us.

It was a tit-for-tat political game. A big show.

Imagine the United States, if the mantra (pledge) by our school children was not something to serve the propagandist purposes of an insecure government, yet something that edifies those making the pledge.

Something that went more like this:

“I pledge to be the best person I can be, every day.

I pledge to be kind instead of cruel.

I pledge to work very hard, and then give myself permission to rest, once I’ve achieved my goal.

I pledge not to compare myself with others, and to encourage other people, especially when they are sad.

I pledge to be grateful for the hard work of everyone who came before me, to make my life a little easier today.

I pledge to believe in the hearts of my fellow humans, and to give everyone the positive benefit of the doubt.

I pledge to be brave enough to be part of every solution.

And I pledge to be the best person, the best American, and the best world citizen I can be, for myself and for others.”


My announcement is that I take this pledge, and so much more.

And I hope that you do, as well.

In taking this pledge, you won’t be seeing me blaming “the other side”, when it’s actually the juggernaut Franken-monster causing the problems.

I need to take responsibility for my bit of the monster.

I hope that you will, too.

I’ll still be holding individuals to account, with dignity, for their individual decisions, and I expect others to do so, when it comes to me.

Let us move away from lumping one another into the illusion of the mysterious “political party” (a now-new-realm-religion) which has also become a common costume of the juggernaut Franken-monster.

Sometimes it appears as a conservative. Sometimes, a liberal.

Yet it’s always the monster.

The world is too small for teams, when trying to survive. Team America must evolve past solely accumulating wealth, and holding wealth, to begin valuing humanity. We must ban together with team world, in order to bring our best science and minds and hearts forward to endure what’s to come in our climate crisis, in our water and food shortage, and in our understanding of how to give away feeding the monster—to simply LIVE, peacefully.

After the introspection of the last five years, I see the monster for exactly what it is. And I can’t go back to believing the myths, the excuses, the finger-pointing, the propaganda, the political sides—any of it.

Why? Because we must pick up where the founders let their pens dry.

We are the minds and the hearts and the hands of the future, that they knew would come along someday, to add to the historic annals of the great American Experiment.

We ARE that future that the founders knew they could not envision, whose voices and innovation and way of creating together, was, in part, the very reason they did what they did.

The founders wanted to keep their money.

We must move past our addiction to money, to keep our humanity.

That’s how we evolve the USA. That’s how we continue to free our country. This is how the whole world evolves. This is how we continue to free the whole world.

Lessen our debt to the best of our ability. Don’t add more. Sell off or donate our extra things that bog us down. Make our economic footprint smaller. Push off the yoke of overburdened financial obligation.

Liberate ourselves. Lighten ourselves. Starve the monster.

Give our actual hidden gifts a chance to surface in the world, past what we thought our “work function” in the machine should be.

Let go of old modalities of “earning money” if it makes us miserable. Money is simply an energy; an exchange for our energy put forward . As long as we are putting good purpose into world, and working for something larger than ourselves, there are plenty of opportunities, “jobs”, to bring money and provision to us.

Commune with God / Higher Consciousness / Nature, especially if you are afraid to make this shift in your purpose.


All the answers we need, how to be brave through this revolutionary transition back to what truly matters, how to break away from the dysfunctional cycles of the dead, old world—are within us.

God / Universe / Knowledge is within you.

We have so much spiritual support, that we can’t even identify or understand, because generations living under the heel of the monster have convinced us that we have nothing without the monster. (That’s a lie.)

This connection within us, to God / Knowledge / Universe, is bigger—far bigger—than the juggernaut Franken-monster.

Give It a chance to be heard.

Give It the space to be heard.

We can work hard, and not be owned by work. We can show up, and be productive, for reasons bigger than ourselves.

Please, on this July Fourth, join me, join all the rest of us, in a new revolution. One of true independence. One of true freedom.

Join us all in removing our own piece of the juggernaut Franken-monster, that eats the world.

You may just be the missing “peace”.

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