It’s not your imagination. These are hard times.

These times we are in – they are hard. They are hard on everyone, even those who are not registering these times as being hard. Why? Because every human being is connected. And as one suffers, the rest suffer on some level as well. It is the nature of our interconnected species.

Conversely, as one of us celebrates, we all celebrate. Yet now, the times are hard.

The collective is crying out. The quantum field is vibrating with the need for all of us to evolve, to move upward, to become something we’ve never been before:

Present and willing, in our compassion for ourselves and others.

People are shutting down in ways that I’ve never seen them shut down before. That’s saying a lot, considering my job is to sample the energy fields of human beings. This assessment of “hard times” is not a measure of bad attitudes. It’s not even a measure of where one puts their focus. It’s a measure of what’s in the ethers, the air, the vibrations in the sidewalk.

It’s a measure of collective growth, evolution, and the resistance to growth and evolution. People are genuinely scared and worn out right now. And they can’t exactly put their finger on why.

This is not simply a statement on the United States; this rattling of the quantum ethers grabs our Mother Planet and shakes down every square inch of her rocks, her trees, her air. It’s not simply a “bad vibe” or a “political hiccup”. What’s happening across the world, right now, across the hearts of many people, right now, is something categorically different than anything humanity has experienced to date.

How can I make such a claim, when I, myself, have lived only 50 years on this planet? I can make this claim based upon not only the whispers of angels in my ear, day after day, confirming it is so, and why it is so — yet I can also make this claim based on some general facts.

Consider that the earth has nearly 8 billion people upon it. There have never been this many people on the earth. And the people on the earth have never been this connected. And we’ve never had Ai systems creating micro-universes in which we operate, and develop skewed perspectives, based upon the algorithms of our search habits.

We have billions of people operating in differing universes; differing versions of the news, differing echo chambers of existence, each claiming its own truth. We have billions of people who are human, the Empathic Species, blue-toothing together in the Universe to share this feeling of oversaturation, over-stimulation.

This “billions” number is new, to our time frame. Our 5G cell tower millimeter radiation is new. Facebook and Instagram and Twitter are new. This version of earth, of society, has never been done before. So pat yourself on the back for participating in a new phase of human development.

We are in a new paradigm of feeling, of world weight, of world joy and world agony. And we can’t escape the sheer numbers of us placing emotionality into the quantum realm, like billions of smokestacks belching energy upward. Neither can we escape the nearly 40,000 satellites that Elon Musk wishes to launch into our atmosphere to create a literal grid in space around the world – so that every person on every corner of the planet has “access to the internet”. (At least that’s what the press release says. I think that’ll go over easier than “the military will lease and co-opt the network”.)

We are interconnected in a way that is overwhelming in many ways. This is real. It’s not metaphysics. It’s not an attitude. It’s not a perception. It is physics, and the weight of these physics is occurring and felt in our everyday lives.

The angelic realm regularly tells me that those of us living on the earth today are the third version of humanity – OS3. Apparently, we’ve been nearly wiped out completely two other times, and we just keep coming back, like the snapback of a super ball. Or a cockroach, depending on your perspective.

As the third re-boot of humanity, we’ve learned quite a bit, like how how to stay alive, how to build shelters that almost withstand mother nature, how to not only feed ourselves yet eat up our rain forests in attempting to feed the world beef – yes, Humanity OS3 is a real upgrade. For humans. Not as much so for the planet. And really –

— not as much for humanity, either.

I’ve felt a heaviness I’ve never felt in my life, this past month of January 2020. Granted, we’ve slid into 2020’s Year of Evolution, and in this year, many parts of the Old World (which have hung on simply because all living things have an impulse to stay alive) are in the process of truly dissolving before our eyes.

Yet the heaviness in my chest, my solar plexus, the pressure in my third eye and crown chakra – that’s “the head” for all those less metaphysical folks out there – is brand-spanking new to me. It is as if the entire ether structure around the planet is contracting, squeezing out of me every last bit of illusion I was storing up for a rainy day.

And there is pain in giving away our own version of reality – the version that keeps us safe at night in our own mind.

In this oppressive squeeze that I’ve been experiencing, I’ve been diligent in observing what I feel is happening within me, because I am made up of the same compounds of billions of other people. So my body is going to be reacting as others’ bodies would. If I’m feeling like a ten-ton weight is crushing the joy out of my soul – it may be that others are experiencing the same thing.

I’m a true believer than my personal pain isn’t all that unique.

Again, this is all a bit new for me, as I am humanity’s greatest cheerleader, and though I’m human and can have a good bout of the blues sometimes – this is different.

This is a death. A grieving. An acknowledgment of an end. Not only of a system, a way of being, a something-bigger-than-I-can-yet-comprehend, yet also the death of illusion.

Illusion is something that keeps human beings alive, especially in America. In fact, we are addicted to illusion in America. We must believe that our country is the greatest on the planet, or our sense of safety is threatened. We must believe that there is one answer in one person ruling one aspect of a country, instead of recognizing that we all share the answer through our individual actions. We must believe that our god is the only true God, otherwise we are faithless. We must believe that we have a retirement account and that our money is safe, instead of recognizing that “money” isn’t even real anymore, considering it’s all binary on a server at a bank somewhere.

America is addicted to its illusions, like pharma can cure anything, the doctor is always right, radiation is the only thing that staves off cancer, sugar is no big deal, climate change isn’t happening, our government is for the people by the people, our listless marriages are fabulous, our jobs we can’t stand are for the best in terms of our mystical IRA account and the magical binary that pays our bills – yes, illusions run this country.

Really, illusions run the entirety of the Old World.

I’ve had my own illusions in my life, giant bubbles snapping sharply across my eyelids as they’ve been popped by the reality of any given situation. And in this ether-squeezing time frame, I’m asked to confront the illusions in myself that I build my life upon, just to stay alive, and upright, and confident.

One illusion being that I can handle and brush off the weight of the world in these collapsing ethers. That’s just not true. Yet the Old World version of me, the version that could be easily shamed for not being perfect, quakes in fear under the recognition that this time, the energy is just too big. And it must be shared. So my illusion of being impervious is shot right in the heart, and it drops to the ground in a pile of countless other illusions I’ve held in place, believing they’ll keep me safe. The weight of this time frame is their executioner.

Again, in all of this, there’s a grieving. A loss for the illusion of what I thought I once was, of what it all once was. Yet there’s also growth. Because what doesn’t evolve – dies. And 2020 is definitely the Year of Evolution. So get onboard, or become history.

2020 started off with a bang, considering major planets in astrology like Saturn and Jupiter and Pluto (the teaching drill sergeant, the new beginning master, and the ruler of money and hidden power within) all emerged in Capricorn. Capricorn isn’t the sleekest, sexiest sign in the zodiac, like Scorpio or Leo, yet it’s the hardest working and most efficient at crossing all the T’s and dotting all the I’s. Capricorn is the steel workhorse, the one-step-at-a-time-is-a-win sign. It’s the sign that abhors people breaking rules to better themselves at the expense of others. It’s the sign that will take it in the shorts as long as someone else can shine. And it takes pride in its diligent, hard work.

This year stepped off the cliff to plummet into evolution through the lens of this Capricorn workhorse, no corner to be cut. Only grit, blood, sweat and tears, to come out the other side better, perfectly balanced, and with all the details handled. An emotionally clean leger sheet.

Which gets rough when you look at a country like America that values its illusion above all things.

We are being asked by this etheric compression, this vice-grip of what-is Vs. what-we-wish-it-was, to look inside of ourselves and balance our emotional budget on how we spend our energies.

Who did you think you were, as opposed to what’s being squeezed out of you at this time? Are you more fragile now, more vulnerable? Are you also more wise, more compassionate, and less apt to fight? Is it because you’re exhausted, or because you’ve recognized that in this collective etheric buckle, we have bigger fish to fry than our opinion versus another’s opinion?

I have found that in this odd crushing period, many of the issues that caught my attention previously have fallen to the wayside. My attention is drawn to how to live off grid. How to purify water easily.  How to grow food and minimize my expenses. How to share, how to love, how to reach out, how to have true and honest connections with those who also feel as though they are being crushed.

For it is on our connection that great strength resides. This is what the angels tell me, day in and day out.

Yet it’s hard to connect when you’re feeling as though you’re on the bottom of the boot of a giant that’s learning The Twist. I have a great deal of empathy for those who suffer with depression symptoms, as I’m guessing it must feel similar to this strange, heavy numbing feeling. I’m blessed to be a person who does not suffer through issues with depression, thus my deep curiosity in how this time frame is affecting me. Or, how I am affecting this time frame. For we are all connected.

Perhaps I am simply growing. And that’s what I have observed is happening. Yet it’s rough.

One of the greatest ear markers of 2020 is a change in our DNA. Many labor under the illusion that our DNA never changes. That’s not true. Our DNA is designed to adapt and change depending on many factors, including stress, nutrition, and environment. Considering all of those factors are at chaotic play in the modern world, we are literally morphing in our own skin every day.

Only the first two rungs of our DNA deals with the physical body. The remaining 10 below have been considered “dormant” by science. If you work in my field, however, you recognize that the dormant DNA isn’t dormant at all, yet unlike it’s top two rungs which utilize chemical cues to speak to the body, the lower rungs use vibrational cues.

So instead of the body sending in RNA protein translators to talk to the lower DNA rungs, the body is awaiting vibrational cues to open up those lower DNA rungs. I’ve been teaching on this concept for years, and just last year I read an article where science has now finally figured out that those lower rungs aren’t dormant. They just respond to frequency. Imagine.

So let’s put this in perspective: We have a majority of our DNA rungs that respond to frequency. Our world is now full of high frequency millimeter radiation (5G), EMF saturation (cell phones and anything electronic), VLF (very low frequency) arrays underground used by the military, and now – thank you Elon – 250 new satellites as of October 2019 that will be working it’s way up to 40,000 in the next year or two to come. All transmitting. All vibrating.

So. What if this crushing feeling that many of us are experiencing is the evolution of the human species? What if, in Creation’s infinite wisdom, It has built into our design the ability to withstand the unrelenting micro-pressures of these modern wavelengths? And what if, when this lower-rung DNA is triggered by the vibrations of 40,000 nattering satellites, or block after block of 5G towers every 100 yards, the body is given a cue?

What if that cue is to open up our (psychic) gift of Empathy, to feel one another? To reach out to one another? To remind us that we are human in this dehumanizing time frame? And what if, in this gift of Empathy, we are able to feel one another, on a global scale that has yet to have been experienced?

What if we are supposed to feel each other, as a survival mechanism? (Because it’s much tougher to marginalize or kill people when we can feel them.)

What if this oppressive, heavy, crushing suffocating and numbing ether – is ALL OF US, coming online at one time, all feeling alone, and isolated? Realizing that we don’t have a damn clue how to handle the dissolving of the illusion of being alone, an illusion that has driven religion for thousands of years?

Because in the depths of my own well in these times, beneath the crushing weight of these ethers and my own wish to retreat from this feeling, even my own lack of recognizing who I am some days — this enormous connection is what I observe is occurring, as people begin to feel a grief they’ve not felt before. I believe it is the grief of the illusion of SELF dying away, the Old World 20th century champion of nothing, bragging about its martyred state of existence and blustering out the door – to be replaced with what?

Who are we, if we are not our lonely isolation?

Who are we, if we are not in pain, by ourselves?

Who are we, if we aren’t suffering in silence?

Who are we, if our anger is replaced by connection?

Are we still strong, if we are heard, if we are felt, if we don’t have to be alone anymore?

Are we still human if we actually become more excited about the well-being of another, over the well-being of ourselves?

Are we safe, to tell the truth? That we genuinely, unabashedly need one another?

I am telling the truth. I need my fellow humans. I need the plants, and the world, and the trees, and the oceans and the fish. I don’t need “stuff”. I need experiences, sharing, love, music, laughter, intimacy. I need to have compassion for myself in my own evolution, as these angels hold me in compassion and look at me with this expression of kindness yet not understanding why this transition is so hard for the world — because they aren’t human. I need to have the same compassion for my fellow humans who are all going through their own versions of grief, even if they aren’t aware of it.

Because we are all we have.

This is what I observe the vibrational DNA cue to be teaching us all. That we do, actually,  feel one another. And right now, most people feel heavy, and weighted, and crushed, and alone. The feeling is lonely and heavy because we haven’t yet reached out to one another consciously. Yet once we do?

Once we do.

That is where our true power as a species lies.

The heaviness, and the crushing, and the weighted illusion of separation will fall away to waves of love, waves of joy, waves of relief, waves of understanding, waves of compassion. We will wake up feeling inspired rather than isolated.

We will evolve together, or not at all.

So in this time frame that is hard, know that we are all online. And it’s each one of our responsibility to put into the billion-person channel a little light. Perhaps we volunteer in our community, or babysit for a dear friend so they can have a date night. Perhaps we take a walk in nature and sit on a rock and thank Creation for a sunset. Take a salt bath and listen to music. Calm your heartbeat. Bake bread and invite a friend to smear butter all over it while it’s hot out of the oven. Read by candlelight rather than a smart phone. Text a friend that you love them.

Do something brilliant, and small. Because with almost 8 billion smalls happening, we have one great big light in the world – us.

And that is our evolution. That is the second coming of the Christ energy. We are the conduits for that connection. Eight billion-smalls is the love that will save the world. This shared heaviness we feel now is the heaviness of our neighbor, times billions. We are casting off the illusions of the Old World. The illusions of “alone” and “separate”.

Our social media is our first step in manifesting global connection. We are the next step. Let’s share our small brightness in the physical world. Let’s accept our role in the evolution of humanity. And shine small, my friend.

Because small is the new huge.

It’s no longer just on your shoulders. Or my shoulders. Or the world leaders’ shoulders. It’s the same weight, distributed in small pieces, billions of times over. Shine just the smallest bit, every day. And that’s what we’ll share, in this new empathically-connected world. Not this crushing heaviness. Yet the bright, the lovely, the warm.

The rest will take care of itself.

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An urgent 2020 tough-love note from the Universe

Here is an urgent 2020 tough-love note from the Universe that woke me out of a dead sleep at 1:47am —

LET GO OF DEMONIZING OTHERS in order to justify your own choices.

2020 is going to be a hard year for people who live in the past, or people who have an ax to grind. Because that ax will end up squarely in the back of the one who’s swinging it. That’s not my prediction. It’s the accountability Capricorn energies of 2020.

I’m watching people lash out for no reason, or overreact when embarrassed.

I’m watching people struggling with this Capricorn-Saturn energy and losing the battle with their own long-standing illusions of grandeur; their own BS.

I’m watching people fall on the sword of their own hubris, spilling their own emotional blood to save their own egos in the moment.

I’m watching some pretty tragic behavior that could easily be avoided by folks “letting it go”, talking it out, or just plain moving on.

And, I’m watching others work out their own frustrations by getting sucked into other people’s “stuff” like tipping over the edge of a whirlpool, only to get drawn down to the depths of someone else’s negativity, ax grinding, and chaos.

People are projecting and demonizing up a storm so that they don’t have to do the heavy lifting when looking at their own participation in the failure of their relationships, systems, health, money, or opportunities. This behavior defies the detail-oriented Saturn in Capricorn energy that demands that we all clean up our own corners of the universe, one small, accountable detail at a time.

As example, I have several friends whose exes have suddenly, out of the blue, gone crazy in attempting to defame them, even though they broke up years ago. A former employee of my wife’s, who quit a long time ago, launches attacks at my wife’s business publicly and privately and encourages others to do so. Under the Saturn-Pluto-Capricorn energies, the aforementioned person will likely get their new employer sued for a myriad of completely differing reasons, yet that’s the hazard of hiring (then turning a blind eye to) people who pretend to be something they’re not; something that our current Saturn-Capricorn alignment, which will last all of 2020, has absolutely no tolerance for.

The bigger issue is the dramas and the anger and the projection that will absolutely *sink* the lives, careers, and relationships of people on 2020, should folks entertain them.

Devastating and unnecessary casualties.

Yet people will, literally, tempt fate, thinking that accountability just can’t reach them. Why? Perhaps they’ve had “fixers” in the past — people who have made excuses for them and enabled rotten behavior, or people who could always foot the bill to bail them out of legal or uncomfortable situations.

Because what people who are in utter denial about their own hubris have coming for them — is a massive lesson in accountability. It will be inescapable; a heartbreaking and terrifying experience.

If folks choose not to let go of their demonizing, blaming, raging, displacing — all things we do so we don’t have to deal with our own stuff — 2020 will be a shattering experience of their mirror breaking apart. Every frailty will be exposed. Every fear they’ve ever had will be flaid out onto the public table for all to see, naked before the eyes of the world.

Yeah. It’ll be that intense, if we run from our crap and blame everybody else for it. It’ll be worse for those that rally negativity against another. (This is NOT the year to be a pot-stirrer.)

And for those who live in an echo chamber of how “fabulous” or untouchable or unaccountable they are, or worse, how “wronged” they are (the narcissistic martyr) — 2020 is going to be a brutal lesson in face-planting into their own jagged pit of illusion.

I’m not kidding. It’s gonna be a real nose-breaker.

Because that’s what apparently is necessary for some folks, to snap them out of being high on their own press, their own illusions.

Why is the Universe being such a butt-kicker right now? Because some of us are just *not* getting the memo that it’s time to simply shine. That we have a limited time to come out of our own personal tantrums and fear, in order to shake off that drama distraction, and step into our amazing gifts and personal super-powers — so that we can TRULY be the person people can trust, people can count on, and we, ourselves, can *actually* respect when we look into the mirror.

Basically, we can’t evolve if we’re acting like self-indulgent little A-holes and blaming everyone for our inability to pull our heads from our butts. We’ve used up our “get out of jail free” cards in this area, humanity. It’s time to be grown-ups and get over ourselves and heal the world. Time to stop blaming, bullying, gossiping, deflecting, projecting, stalking, obsessing, snarking, playing the victim, attention-seeking, and attacking.

Move. On.

Otherwise — 2020’s going to be a looooong year.

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InPsightRadio Ep. 64 – “What Is Bigfoot?”

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“Choices: There Are Only Good Days”

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“Disclosure: The Little People of the Pryor Mountains”

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Find Melissa online at: 

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“What Makes a Good Ghost Bad?”

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“Doubt: It’s What’s for Dinner”

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“What Does Water Have to Say?”

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“Consciousness: The World Within the World”

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“Discernment Vs Paranoia”

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