Five Signs that You Aren’t Ready for a Psychic Reading

As someone in the metaphysical field who has been blessed with a booming practice for over 15 years, I’ve had the privilege and the opportunity to visit with thousands of different personality types representing countless needs. I’ve made many observations in this field about what people are truly seeking, once making an appointment with me. And in assessing these observations, I’ve found several commonalities that may assist many who are debating whether or not to actually visit with a Psychic or Medium.

Let’s face it: Money isn’t exactly growing in most people’s gardens. And before I ever “came out” as a Psychic, I was a Montanan. As a Montanan, I feel it’s my pick-yourself-up-by-your-bootstrap-duty to save someone else a headache.

With that motivation on the table, let’s get to the five signs that you aren’t ready to visit with a Psychic.

1) It’s not the job of any Psychic to convince you that you should have faith in the Universe.

This is a job best suited for a pastor, a priest, or perhaps, your bestie or your mom. It’s a waste of your hard-earned money to sit across from a Psychic, whose job is to provide you with guidance, and demand that the guidance be backed with some sort of iron-clad guarantee that faith will accompany you on the rest of your life path journey.

Faith is a trust issue. It has nothing to do with Psychics, or Doctors, or even Lovers. These trust issues have more to do with whether or not a person can trust themselves in their own decision making. No angel in creation is able to tell a person whether or not they will choose to trust themselves, the universe, or any other individual.

Trust is a free will issue, and a great lesson for many.

The issue of faith resides within each one of us, and it is the job of each one of us to access that faith center within the self and decide where to place our faith.

Which leads me to number two on our list.

2) It’s not a Psychic’s job to prove to you that they’re Psychic.

Honestly. This is almost silly to address, yet it’s going to get a few paragraphs because this issue gets in the way of people receiving the valuable information they are paying for.

If you don’t trust medical science – don’t go to see a doctor. If you don’t trust roller coasters – don’t get on one. To pay for a service that you don’t believe in, or that you don’t trust, is baffling. Sure, take from a reading that which resonates, and throw out the rest. That’s called discernment, something that most people don’t trust themselves enough to access. And that’s back to the “faith” issue.

Yet if you are walking into a reading wanting the Psychic to “prove” they are the real deal – that wastes your time, the practitioner’s time, and moreover – your hard-earned money. There are many 1-900 sites available to entertain you with mentalist tricks if you are simply bored and seeking to be “wowed”. And that can be fun in and of itself.

One of the most irritating misconceptions floating around the metaphysical community is that a Psychic should never ask you questions, and if they do, they’re not a real Psychic. That is a fear-based assumption that is ridiculous on a hundred levels, yet I’ll cite one, to start.

If I am visiting with a client, I will see a wall of issues that need to be addressed. We have a time limit and I want to make sure that I am addressing the issues the client wishes to deal with during our session. After all, it’s not my session – it’s theirs.

The other misconception is that the Universe knows exactly what we are seeking before we get into a session, and if a Psychic can’t “guess” our “big question” without the client mentioning why they are there, they are not psychic.

This isn’t a game show.

Of course the Universe knows what you need. Yet human beings have DOZENS of issues that need addressed, at any given time. And often the issue that brings someone to my office only scratches the surface of the issue that truly needs to be addressed. Yet THAT is the issue folks are ready, emotionally, to start with. And Universe meets us where we are at. If you need to hear a related message that you’re not asking for, the Universe will make sure that message gets through.

We MUST ask for the help we wish the receive. There are no “cheats” to life, and the Universe will rarely throw us a bone if we are constantly trying to “test it” so that it can “earn our trust”.

Trust yourself to know what you need. The idea that you don’t know what you need is an outmoded dis-empowering brainwashing modality from the old religious ages.

Free will is at the very learning core of the human species. I know, I know, we all want to be “floored” by Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character on “Ghost Whisperer”, when she walks right up to us and says, “I have a message!” Yet only in rare cases is that not a violation of free will. Every Psychic is different, yet ALL of us are bound by the physics of free will – as is the angelic realm when dealing with us.

Which bring me to number three.

3) If you’re not ready to hear unexpected information regarding your life path — you’re not ready for a Psychic reading.

This is perhaps the most important piece of information in this list. I have lost count over the years of the number of people who come to see me, wishing to hear from their angels the best life path choice, or the most effective job decision – only to balk at the answer when it’s not what they expected.

Well of course it won’t be what a person may have expected. It’s change. And change is hard for people. In order to change our life, we must do something we’ve never done before. And that’s scary sometimes.

When someone mentions they hate their job, and then they mention they wish to have some hints form the universe on which direction they should choose to place their efforts, it’s likely that the universe will re-direct the person into a different occupation. That is, if one truly is displaced in their occupation. Yet this base fact scares the ba-jeezuz out of most people because changing occupations sometimes requires financial “risk”, furthering education, and the one thing that most folks dread more than the dentist – a heap of courage to change, and a leap of faith.

There’s that faith issue again.

Which leads me to number four in our list.

4) If you already have all the answers – you don’t need a Psychic reading.

Again. I simply cannot fathom, as someone with a family and a family budget, the disposable income someone must have in order to book a session, receive information, and then argue every point that is presented with “why it won’t work”.

Of course we don’t have to agree with everything in a reading. Yet if you’re kicking everything out immediately with comments that nothing will ever work – perhaps the reason your life isn’t working is because of that very negative base line to begin with?

Save your money and work on your mentality surrounding limitation consciousness. And reference the paragraph on “faith”.

And last but not least, number five.

5) If you want to visit with a deceased loved one and you are wanting them to give you the “secret sign” to believe it’s really them – you’re not ready for a Mediumship reading.

Again, please see a priest or a holy person to assist you with issues on the afterlife, if you’re not sure what happens after our bodies die. I regularly answer many questions about the afterlife, but not from the “prove there is an afterlife” perspective.

That energy isn’t conducive to learning.

When we cross over, we still have free will. Nine times out of ten a deceased loved one will come back to give us a message of peace. If you want to “test” the spirit to make sure it’s really Aunt Sally by asking her what color underpants you put on this morning, it’s highly unlikely the spirit will answer you, because again, that goes back to the “trust” issue that we’re all learning. And once spirits cross over, they have an incredible understanding of what is in our highest interest.

Now, maybe Aunt Sally has a sense of humor and will answer you. I’ve had that happen. But it’s rare. Spirits come back to deliver our hearts the healing they are seeking and to help bring us closure in our grieving process. That is, if they show up.

Sometimes, spirits won’t come forward if someone has formed an unhealthy attachment to letting that person go. Sometimes they do come forward just to help with this issue. Yet again, we are dealing with free will here.

The misconception is that we Mediums can just “dial up” spirits like we’re calling someone on the phone. Well, we certainly try. And just like a phone, sometimes, folks pick up, and sometimes they are busy and let the call roll to voicemail.

Again, discernment is key here. If you are fearful that you can’t trust yourself to know whether the spirit communicating through a Medium is actually Aunt Sally – engaging in a mediumship session is not for you.

In summary

Obviously, there are disingenuous people in all fields, and the Psychic field is notorious for charlatans and weirdos taking off with the money of hurting people. There are people who make big money off of claiming to remove “curses” from folks, for only three sessions of a bazillion dollars each.

I get why folks are a little gun shy.

However, if you truly are gun-shy, then it isn’t the right time for you to seek the type of assistance from someone like myself, or many other reputable practitioners, who have dedicated our lives to bringing through messages for the growth and highest good of all.

Most of us are here to help you. It’s pretty simple.

Make sure to do your research before booking with any Psychic, and the most valuable research you can do is – ask around. Any troll online can say anything. However, real people will tell you the real truth about their experience with a person.

And most of all – trust your GUT. When you’re seeking a reading, trust the FEELING that you get when you view someone’s website, videos, or read their blog. That feeling is the Universe nudging you to “go for it” or to “wait”. The more we learn to trust ourselves, the more we trust those around us, getting more out of our personal relationships.

And that’s the greatest spiritual gift of all.

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What You Need To Know About Hillary Clinton’s Emails

I’m emailed dozens of times a week regarding the Hillary Clinton email situation. What really happened? Is she trustworthy? Why would I predict her as the next President if she’s going to prison? Did she buy off the FBI?

This interest in what I see, politically, surprises me a bit considering I’m not a pundit, nor a political expert. I’m a Psychic. Technically, I’m a temporal and electromagnetic translator, identifying and untangling energy signatures to uncover the bedrock supporting any issue in order to present readable maps from a pile of what may be perceived as chaos.

Perhaps that’s the perception some are looking for, considering what I’m observing in politics, energetically, is very rarely on the same page with much of the surface-fear-mongering in media. Or perhaps folks are simply tired of the same pundit analysis that sounds like a late-night infomercial tape loop.

Either way, with regard to Hillary Clinton’s emails, I’ve found that to many Americans, it doesn’t matter what my psychic “take” is, or what has occurred behind closed doors. Because it doesn’t matter what the FBI determined.

To this same group of Americans, it doesn’t matter that the few classified emails that were exchanged by Hillary Clinton were actually labeled as “confidential”, the lowest level of classification possible.

It doesn’t matter that other government officials from Colin Powell to Condoleeza Rice have regularly complained that this overuse of the 20th Century “confidentiality” labeling makes general and timely business-as-usual matters in the 21st Century nearly impossible through email, a means of communication that has only recently existed in our country’s security protocols.

It doesn’t matter that this whole situation has drastically pointed to yet another hole in our bureaucracy and in our evolving role in changing world technologies and security — red tape verses functionality.

In all that red tape, calls were made on the fly, and the ball was clearly fumbled.

It doesn’t matter that two investigative congressional committees, the FBI, and the state department have all looked into the email issue, and found only that Hillary Clinton is bad with computers and prefers her Blackberry.

The truth is — none of the truth in the “Hillary Clinton email scandal” is of consequence to most Americans. Because a bigger truth has brought itself forward, and that’s what we seem to be obsessed with.

This bigger truth is actually what matters here. For in this truth resides the decline of all great civilizations in our human historical past. We now stand upon this truth firmly and the responsibility is ours whether or not we follow suit.

This truth is based upon the Group-Think that creates the plot line which keeps fueling conspiracies, heroes, and villains. This is the soap opera mentality of too-busy-for-details bullet-point America that boils down complicated circumstances to a do-or-don’t outcome, one person the winner, the other disqualified.

This truth — this perceived inconvenience, or unwillingness, to process small details and weigh circumstances verses action — is the decline of all great governments and dynasties.

Rome could no longer be bothered with addressing its financially excessive and non-functional global infrastructure, which had over-extended itself — because the party was simply too much fun.

Egypt’s general citizens were fed grain and kept uneducated. And when it came time for the many, not the few, to engage their minds in order to help stabilize a wobbling dynasty too heavy at the top to sustain itself — the ignorant and impotent populations looked on as the roof caved in upon them.

Here we are, America. Both overextended in our opulence and feeling impotent in our own self-imposed ignorance, we stare at our handheld devices for answers through 140 characters on Twitter and act enraged over mere headlines.

Details no longer matter. Only the presentation of emotional buttons is of interest to us. We crave this sensationalistic approach as a catalyst to ignite our own opinions on a base level — to seek a sense of authenticity in the self.

Yet we have lost the self in the spin cycle of a swirling, changing world that barks demands from beyond our spiritual and emotional capacities. We don’t remember what we are, only who we have attempted to become.

This loss in our spiritual and emotional identity has affected our perception of authenticity. How can we read the compass when indeed — we have forgotten how to read?

We have become numb in our own lives beneath the grueling weight of a sociopathic 20th century business and communication model which demanded we become a widget in a larger machine in order for us to further the machine’s needs.

We work from 8am until 6pm. We make a two hour commute on either side. 15 hours a day spent dedicated to the furthering of the machine. Fuel up with dinner for an hour, power down for seven hours, and return to our posts.

We have been taught that this rinse-and-repeat cycle is “making a life” for ourselves, though many have no life outside of the machine.

We have been programmed that we need the machine — not ourselves, our ingenuity, or our hard independent work –to provide us with sustenance. We have elevated the machine into being god, the provider of All Things

We have been ingrained with the idea that enacting our own genius is nothing but ego — a fool’s errand.

Entrepreneurialism is discouraged by tax laws. Family members cringe when we talk about stepping outside of the 20th century business model in order to forge a living, or to create a new system that would evolve our society and the quality of our life.

The human brain craves activity, and the human spirit craves purpose. All life that does not evolve, then dies. Yet the machine knows nothing of life, as it serves only itself.

Curiously, the machine is of our own design, our own experiment in giving away our greatest power — to create anything, including a blinding lack or progress.

We are learning what we are, by creating that which we are not.

Since human beings have chosen to learn through contrast up to this point in our evolution, this makes sense. We’ve now pushed ourselves to critical mass, pinning ourselves against the base wall of our emotional instincts to distinguish “right” from “wrong”. In this, we elevate polarizing figures such as Donald J. Trump, who speaks in weighted emotional absolutes, providing us with the opportunity to react. We push forward ideologies that one person, Hillary Clinton, can embody every shortcoming we find in ourselves: Greed, untrustworthiness, deceit. And we take the opportunity to emotionally react to our intolerance of these attributes.

We are attempting to re-acquaint ourselves with our “gut”, as our minds now brainwashed with fear, limitation, and paranoia, are not producing the most optimum results.

The attempted standardization of human beings in America has left most craving a different experience — one of FEELING to believe, rather than SEEING to believe. Though we should always trust our gut — most are not sure if it is their gut, or the machine’s gut, to which they are responding.

This unsure response is called “effective marketing”.

We are addicted to the emotional reaction we receive from bullet-point-sensationalism in headlines, mistaking this initial emotional reaction as “authenticity”. In fact, that would be like mistaking the arc of electricity from the outlet to the plug — for the origin of lightning.

We have forgotten the process of creating our own electricity. Yes, our emotions guide us. Yet emotion acted upon, without temperance, is simply more self indulgence.

And that self-indulgence is the energy of the machine.

To truly scrutinize this civilization-breaking truth we are currently experiencing — then takes courage. The courage comes in recognizing that standing up against the group-think tide of the machine is hard because the driving force behind the machine’s group think ideology is based upon fear.

Whenever one stands in the gap for growth over fear — the reaction can be extreme. Viewing the lives of Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and even Jesus, demonstrates that fear is a formidable opponent.

Yet fear is the flip side of love, buried beneath a belief system that love will never be given room to grow.

All originates from love.

Whenever we ask anyone to give away their fear, we are asking them to give away a coping mechanism that has been handed down generationally, from culture to culture, for thousands of years. For many, fear is the only consistent emotion they have known. To ask a person to give away their fear as a coping mechanism is to blindfold them, or — to take away the best friend that always provided emotional stability in a crisis.

This is a terrifying experience for most.

Yet simply because something is a habit does not mean it is the most healthy choice. Convenience is often an addiction in and of itself.

We rely on the convenience of our phones and personal handheld devices for everything. Our lives are busy. We’re on the fly. We use email to track details in business so we cannot be misquoted through a misunderstanding in a phone call.

And for some reason, we expect those in government to have different lives than we do, or perhaps other technologies that we don’t have access to. Because we are “us” and they are “them”, and we’ve been taught a system of “us against them” to explain away our differences, or moreover, to create excuses why we don’t handle our own lives with more care or ingenuity:

If we only had a staff, or extra-special technology, or this gadget, or that money — we, too, could be successful.

This is the brainwashed mantra of Capitalism turned crowd-control. And this is the civilization-crumbling truth we are standing upon: We are afraid to trust anyone in power. Not because they are “them” but because we are afraid to trust ourselves.

We give away our trust, and hope someone will handle the details.

Just as Rome did.

Just as Egypt did.

And we turn blindly from history.

Hillary Clinton’s email debacle is an opportunity for us to put into perspective not only our imperfect humanity, but our non-functional system of administrative, emotional, and societal double standards, especially in the area of women in America. For a country forged under patriarchal modalities whom then often subscribed to patriarchal religious beliefs — this is perhaps the most fear-pushing button of all.

Right now, we’re not being asked to put mere issues of national security into perspective. We’re being asked to put OURSELVES into perspective. And that means truly looking some ugly in the mirror and standing in the gap for messages that make us all squirm with discomfort — as this one hits home.


Women are our mothers, our wives, our daughters, our sisters. In America, women are socialized to be the caregivers, the peacemakers, the true-blue hearts of the family. We are traditionally asked to put our needs as human beings on the back burner while we substitute our self-worth for our children’s and spouses’s success.

Though there are always exceptions to every rule, women are natural empaths who are genetically and spiritually designed to create life. As such, our desire for harmony across all horizons so that all life may flourish then lends itself to the gender-based manipulation of female enculturation in Western Society that has taken hundreds if not thousands of years to formulate.

And it goes like this:

Though men and women embody both masculine and feminine energies, or Chi, women are held to a different standard of life by those who subconsciously feel that we, as life-bringers, somehow embody some type of “magic” — the we have the ability to hold the world together in a way that males do not. Instead of appreciating this perceived “power” to create life, it is feared, even resented, by the out-of-balance masculine.

We only fear that which we either do not understand, or that to which we give away
our power.

Through this fear, women are quietly given more power than men in American society, and then punished for it. For instance, we are apparently “responsible” for many things, including but not limited to robbing a man of his will and forcing him to rape us. Or, not using our empathic “women’s intuition” to know exactly what someone else in our relationship or family needs, and therefore, deserving to be brutalized and hospitalized when we don’t live up to invisible expectations.

Women have been cast as secret mythical creatures by the out-of-balance masculine. Based upon this FanFiction, we have been expected to adhere to a separate set of rules for living, from sexuality to personal expression. For instance, the visible stand-outs are obvious, yet a bedrock for our daily American way of life.

Men may be crass. Women must be inoffensive. Men may be sexually promiscuous. Women must not. If men make a non-critical mistake in the workplace, life goes on. If women make the same non-critical mistake in the workplace, they are fired for being a liability. If men lie, they’re full of “posture”. If women lie, they are the “deceivers”. If men don’t disclose the truth until more facts can be found, they are discerning. If women don’t disclose the truth until more facts can be found, they are manipulators. Men exerting boundaries while in power are successful. Women doing the same are “bitches”. Men may pursue careers because that displays personal drive and initiative. Women doing the same are “selfish”. Men may make mistakes, because “they’re only men.” Women making mistakes are “stupid and untrustworthy.” Men who make it in business are geniuses. Women who make it in business pulled favors, or slept with someone. Men may throw caution against the wall and expect a clean-up crew. Women must always proceed with caution and BE the clean-up crew.

Because that’s what mom would do.

Women, as have men, have been reduced to caricatures of themselves throughout the 20th century. As such, women have become the most vicious critics of one another, in an attempt to beat this characterization to the punch.

Oppression feels much less like a burden when we are enacting it, ourselves. Yet ownership of a behavior, ladies, does not change its abusive impact. We then become the enablers of the same system we rally against, begging for the system to accept us — classic Stockholm Syndrome.

The media has dramatically helped along our cultural evolution in pushing polarizing viewpoints of gender roles, such as seemingly innocuous cultural reflections as “The Donna Reed Show”. These dramatic displays of gender roles were not only a sign of the times in the post war 1950’s, but was, in part, universal preparation for the switch-over to the feminine, which we are now experiencing.

Again, keep in mind that human beings have chosen to learn through contrast at this point in our spiritual and cultural evolution.

As such, let’s note the famous “Donna Reed Show” episode surrounded the family being gob-smacked that Donna wasn’t waiting at home, literally with Dad’s slippers, when he arrived from work. Dad was horrified to come home to an empty house, reacting like a lost little boy. His wife, Donna, had decided to do something for herself that day – go shopping for a new hat. Dinner was not made when the children came home. They found a bewildered dad, sitting in the dark, and no dinner on the table. The entire family collapsed, disheartened and full of fear, feeling abandoned.

No one actually went to the refrigerator and pulled out a sandwich, by the way. They all sat in the dark, moping. (Someone actually wrote this TV episode. It gets better.)

Donna came home, happy with her hat, only to receive a wall of guilt from her abandoned, starving, frightened family. She tossed the hat aside, repenting of her selfish actions, literally vowing to never “put herself first” again.

We wish to to pretend that in 2016, we have evolved from the Donna Reed Show viewpoint — that this tenet is dead in American society simply because a few laws have been passed that support women’s rights.

Yet laws cannot affect perception, only protect it.

The only thing which has evolved in our nation, in dealing with gender inequality, is our willingness to talk about the persistence of the issue, which is part of our very fabric of learning.

After all, if you’re going to restore the upholstery on a couch, you’d best understand not only the weave and stretch of the old cloth — but what affixed the cloth to the frame of the couch for so long.

Women are not the only casualties in this polarization of masculine and feminine energies. Out-of-balance males suffer greatly as well.

Again, there are exceptions to every rule. Yet many males are currently experiencing great amounts of fear as the earth shifts from a masculine to feminine timeframe, having not been properly fused with their own deep and powerful feminine gifts within themselves.

Culturally, men have been taught to lash out against that which threatens them. We are seeing this fear enact itself in a steep rise of violence toward women since the beginning of 2016. Yet one cannot lash out against an impending tide and energy, so instead, the faces of women will do.

It’s important to note that though gender inequality has resulted in the victimization of many women, women are not the only victims during this timeframe. American society stands poised to be hacked apart on the chopping block if we continue to refuse to deal with the obvious squeak in the wheel of global and energetic progression. And males seek to lose just as much.

The out-of-balance masculine has been a product of thousands of years of enculturation as well. Just like women, men embody both feminine and masculine energies. Under the previous 100,000 year masculine timeframe which stressed conquest and reproduction to further the species, males were nearly cut-off from half of their most powerful inner gifts and talents by the misguided idea that feminine energy within indicated “effeminate” energy.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Alexander the Great, one of the world’s most effective conquerors, balanced within himself his masculine and feminine Chi with extreme success. He not only enacted powerful military campaigns, but tapped the feminine within himself to maintain the strength through stamina that was required to nurture that which he conquered.

Alexander the Great was his own clean-up crew. And I’m not certain there’s a patriarchal male alive that would label that guy “effeminate”, no matter which gender he chose to be intimate with.

We are in a process of integrating the masculine and feminine through entering the feminine timeframe. And for now, we are focusing on the healing and nurturing attributes of the feminine. To do so, we are being asked to release the old archetypes. In order to release, we must view the polarizations of the gender caricatures we’ve created.

Then we must do something so unconscionable, so outrageous — that many do not know how:

We must come out of judgement with ourselves for our participation in this polarizing mess, as well as coming out of judgement with one another for the people we have become while being raised in this polarizing mess.

The buck stops with us.

Once we come out of judgement, and move the lens back a little, we are able to see the true overview of what’s attempting to happen here.

We are attempting to embrace our humanity, enact grace, stop holding each other to impossible standards, and to celebrate not only the diversity within the genders, but transcend the need for labels and roles within those genders to define our purpose and application in the world.

Simply look at the powerful Trans movement in America. We are not afraid of Trans people in our bathrooms. We are afraid of the power of the trans-person, energetically, within each one of us — as we all hold masculine and feminine energy within.

We fear our own integrated power.

We are being asked to embrace the beautiful commonality that we all share as beings of Light. This is the hope of humanity. Not an election. Not a candidate. Not a political party. Not an FBI investigation, but our willingness to evolve without blame, without fear, and without restriction.

The first step in this process is standing in the gap for reason to counterbalance the group-think modality of fear and polarization.

Which is why Hillary Clinton’s email issue still sits as a burr beneath many people’s saddles. It carries with it not simply FBI and state department findings — but for many, unfinished business culturally and spiritually.

Clearly, her gender aside, judgements were made on Hillary Clinton’s part that she now considers to be mistakes. However, to simply hold the magnifying glass on Hillary Clinton in this matter completely defeats the exercise of growth, and ignores the great white elephant in the room.

In an attempt to acknowledge all pieces of this email puzzle, let us look at an archaic government communication structure whose red tape is so vastly inefficient in a fast-paced world full of incriminate twists and turns — that gridlock is now a global association with the US Congress.

Let us also look at a conservative electorate, along with media, that propagated this email issue as if highly classified national security documents had been carelessly splashed across World Wide Web, rather than the boring old truth that a few statements labeled as “confidential”, many concerning upcoming public statements, were discussed via email.

Though facts are minuscule at this time in America’s need to be emotionally stimulated, it’s important to note that had Hillary Clinton truly compromised national security, she would have been immediately removed by her governing administration during her tenure as Secretary of State. And that would have been very big news — the kind the media thrives upon.

Yet this was never the case. Even Colin Powell struggled with the same judgement calls as Clinton in sending emails dictated as Confidential, for the same reasons of daily functionality.

Let’s again call out the large pachyderm in the room: Colin Powell wasn’t running to be the first female President of the United States, private server or not.

This isn’t about trusting Hillary Clinton’s judgement on one instance. Not really. It’s about whether or not we trust our OWN judgement.

For those who like details in this one-hit-wonder world, the Washington Post covered all angles of the Hillary Clinton email debacle. Yet for many, the facts have dulled to the excitement in the roar of pitchforks and torches.

This issue of emails is not about emails at all. Those who claim they’d vote for a women, just not Hillary — I have to wonder: Which woman would that be, considering none have even been resilient enough to survive the hazing to make it to the Presidential table?

Again, America — we love to create our mythical female caricatures, such as the mythical woman who could make it to the White House by being polite, prim, proper, always telling the truth because no one would judge her or her progress and rule her out for making a mistake, a woman who would back down at just the right time and show a little flirtation to melt the world to make her point — a woman who never makes mistakes and is never is called to task, and certainly, is never required to play a little rough. Because the world just bows at her feet, like a scene from the Musical “Mame”.


When voting for a male president as a leader, we subconsciously look for a Savior. When voting for a female president as a leader — we subconsciously look for a Mommy.

Both need to stop.

Let us all remember that women in this country are held to a different standard. To dismiss this reality in the factoring of this situation, or in factoring Hillary with Benghazi, or Hillary and anything —

— is in and of itself, a double standard.

How many times are we willing to change the rules to fulfill our own agendas? Is this not what many accuse Hillary Clinton of doing? Perhaps it is the double-standard, the hypocrisy within our own society that creates our eagerness to label someone else — in this case, Hillary Clinton — as a hypocrite?

Regardless who anyone chooses to vote for, the vitriol towards women in this country is staggering. I, myself, have received death threats from males for merely predicting Hillary Clinton would be elected President. Pretty impressive considering I’m hardly Anderson Cooper. I’ve been told that if I vote for Hillary, I’m “voting with my vagina”. (Actually, I use my hands. The ballot is easier to read that way. I’m not sure how my vagina was suddenly made relevant in the political process anyway. That’s ten kinds of weird.) Bullies have flooded my comment threads with single-file-run-on-crazy-making sentences full of hatred and paranoia, attempting to shame me because I haven’t demonized Hillary. I don’t demonize anyone, so they’re barking up the wrong tree to begin with.

Our problem with women in this country can’t get any more poignantly demonstrative than what I myself have experienced.

Trust or don’t trust Hillary Clinton. Yet for our own sake, America — let’s be honest with ourselves about why.

Really, why.

How does that saying go? Before you judge the spec in your brother’s eye, you may want to remove the plank from your own. Or you may want to check your neighbor’s pitchfork.

It may be missing one of the tines.

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Five Signs You May Be Infected with the Fear Virus


Today on our show in 2016, the description of our times truly does sound like a demented post-apocalyptic SyFy mini-series pitch:

Five planets in retrograde tear at the very fabric of people’s mental and emotional make-up. A crazed presidential race erupts into angry mobs that mirror each other on the far right and far left. A verbally abusive archetypal male narcissist leads the clash with a steely-eyed matriarchal women’s rights pit bull for a scathing smack down towards the Presidency while followers of a wild-haired Socialist vow to tear down the electorate system. With a wobbling 100,000 year shift from the masculine energy to the feminine, vitriol regarding women is seething through the sidewalk cracks. Violence towards women has spiked dramatically, doubling in many areas from 2015. Hysteria is the new black. Blame is the new philosophy. Cynicism is the new religion. Foods are being unlabeled so that consumers have no idea of their genetically modified content. People are physically addicted to mobile devices. The main ingredient now found in city drinking water is toilet paper. Water sources are being polluted by chemical spills and fracking. Over-the-counter pain medication kills empathy in the brain. And the weather has gone mad.

Cue the really bad graphics.

Welcome to 2016, The Year of Reclamation, where everything that was meant to fall by the wayside, will — so that what is truly intended for us all, in our highest good, has room to land.

On the flipside of all the crazy — which is what the media loves to focus on —  consciousness is exploding and people are being acquainted with their Spiritual and Psychic gifts and talents at a fabulous rate.

People are being reunited with soul groups that they can truly depend on for emotional, spiritual and physical support. Folks who once worked at traditional institutions like banks are now stepping into their role as healers, counselors, readers, seers, and shaman to come forward with helping the earth and her inhabitants heal.

Organic community gardens are springing up, green power is on every corner, harmful personal relationships and business associations are being gently put to rest, homes are being made from straw bales and plastic bottles — all while a HUGE ascension and polarizing shift is taking place.

How do we know it’s an ascension? Well, we can’t have complete and total change of an operating system that’s been in place for thousands of years — without a complete freak-out.

Simply look at the level of fear in the ethers. The proof is in the poopy pudding.

There are so many frazzled folks experiencing many steep and severe changes right now that I often receive letters from people feeling lost or in great turmoil — even though this is an exciting an amazing time. As I look out on social media and the general trip to the grocery store, decorum has seemed to fly out the window and people are just getting flat nasty in lieu of having base-level polite interaction with one another.

There’s a lot of fear flying and only WE can do something about it. This time period is not about fear, but about our abandoning fear — to be replaced with empowerment, hope, and grace.

Now, that’s going to take some yoda-style focus for just a moment here as we allow the tantrums to erupt and the dust to settle.

It’s important to remember that fear is like a drug — it can get into the spiritual system and fuel a fight response that isn’t exactly authentic, yet works dramatically in the moment. People are using fear as a form of “instant courage”, to “pump up” their opinions and set free deep-seeded emotions and a lifetime of resentments that have stewed within for years.

As we near the Presidential Primaries coming to a close, people’s fear responses have increased hugely. And seeing as that humanity tends to be a monkey-see-monkey-do lot (considering we came in part from primates), folks from both side of the political aisle are jumping on the hysteria bandwagon as a form of personal therapy, using fear and anger to dislodge large chunks of pieces of the self that have felt invisible, dismissed, or simply unheard.

This gets rough, because fear, like any energy signature, attracts itself — to itself. The more fear that hits the ethers, the more fear comes to the surface and fills that persons life. It’s a nasty cycle. I could write for days on the tenants and spiritual dynamics of fear, and chaos, and darkness, and how they all work together to create the ultimate distraction — but if a person has any sense of awareness, one can see what’s happening in the world.

This isn’t meant to sound like an essay on doom and gloom. To the contrary! It’s to enforce and underscore the reality that times are changing in a very exciting way. As the ethers vibrate and ascend, low-ranging vibrations like fear, anger, hatred, projection of frustrations upon minorities and women, and the illusion of financial control are all being rattled to the surface by the poweful vibration of hope, love, connection and joy.

Nastiness is being blown right off the map — and into oblivion.

The big machine is breaking down and the ship is leaving the port before the dock falls in the water. If you are wearing a human body in this timeframe — you are here because you can help handle the transition.

Go Team Light!

In fact, so much is coming to pass so quickly (that I spoke about last year), even I am a little gob-smacked by the accelerated timing. It’s exciting for me to watch as that means the beautiful things that I’ve seen coming are also quickly on their way. We just have some “sorting out” to do, first.

For instance, those who attended my “Healing yourself and others with earth energies” forum, I talked a lot about bizarre alternate side-effects of big Pharma that would be coming to light this year — so the contents of this article on the pain killer Tylenol may ring a bell:

And for those that attended my 2016 predictions forum where I talked about how “money” would begin to look ridiculous to us 2016 — here is Jeremy Irons, saying the exact same thing:

I’ve grown so confused by people truly buying this transitional FEAR as a snapshot of permanent reality that I chose to make a video one Saturday morning, attempting to explain what was going on.

The message needed to get out, needed to happen that day, that moment. So there I sat, in my robe and glasses and coffee — and let the information fly.

The message was to be wrapped around the prediction for who was going to be President in 2016, why, and how valid all the players are at this time. Because let’s face it — a video entitled “Hey! Being afraid isn’t sloving anything!” isn’t going to get many hearts pumping.

It’s time we kick fear ot the curb. Understand that everything that’s happening right now is simply the side-effects of a very quick transition. Victimization, vitriol, us-against-them, hatred, and every other fear and ego based 20th century modality is in the process of flying out the 21st century window.

This change-of-operating system is instilling a great amount of uncertainty in many people — as the devil we know is better than the devil we don’t know. And many are terrified to make new friends without horns and a tail.

Ah — growth. Thy name, at times, is dissonance.

Dissonance, by its very nature, breaks down particle matter. So do your best to keep up your spiritual and emotional immunity. This will prevent infection from the Fear Virus. Once the virus gets into the system, it takes a long time to heal and can have far-reaching side-effects. The virus can be easily transferred or contracted through the ears and eyes — simply by viewing or repeatedly hearing ugliness. This serious illness erodes relationships, opportunities, and health.

Here are five signs that you may be already infected with this highly contagious condition:

  1. Cynicism replaces hope and victimization replaces motivation.
  2. Infected individuals become obsessed with catastrophizing, seeking negative messages and media content and passing that content along.
  3. The virus masquerades as other things like purpose, strength, anger, martyrdom, and blame, and is therefore hard to treat.
  4. The virus creates paranoia and affects judgment, such as the placement of trust.
  5. Prolonged exposure to the Fear Virus infects all mental processes and produces dementia, resulting in the infected individual’s reality existing only within the illusion of the worse case scenario.

If you’ve found that you’ve been infected by the fear virus and are having a tough time getting well, up your spiritual anti-bodies by turning off the news. Hide posts on facebook and other social media that propagate anger, mistrust, blame, and nastiness. When someone attempts to bully, simply walk away. If being forced to make a polarizing decision based upon other people’s fears, abstain.

To kick the virus all-together, change your daily habits: Surround yourself with loving people, loving messages and healthy images. Replace hate or anger-filled music with that of a peaceful or happy vibration. Disengage from the virtual and engage with the ACTUAL. Connect with activities that have nothing to do with furthering your own life, yet enrich the lives of others. Replace synthetic low vibration foods such as corn syrup and artificial sweeteners with high-vibration organic foods. Move the body to the best of your ability and flush out fluids with plenty of water, rather than sitting in pools of toxins that never release themselves from muscle tissue and joints.

Mostly, give away your need for the fear. Fear is not necessary. It’s simply a learning tool, a distraction, an addiction. We may choose to learn in any way we wish.

Give away your identity of being afraid. This may be your longest standing relationship with an emotion, so that may be a challenge. Yet no matter how familiar, fear is not your friend.

Sometimes it’s easier to let go of fear if we give it a face or a category. Say, world events. If you’d like to let go of some fear surrounding world events, and mostly, this upcoming election — I can help you there. Or, maybe you’re just dying to know what’s happening with the Presidential race, because it’s become weirder than a vintage Jerry Springer episode.

Either way, grab a cup of coffee and sit down with me here to have a chat. Because connection is a good thing. And education is even better.

A message from the Angelic realm for us all:

  “Children of this earth, you cry out as you perceive yourselves mired, laboring beneath  the illusion of separation from The (Holy) One that is All. This is the great mystery,  how you born of Light are blinded by Darkness, a mere creation of your will [mind].”

Be in peace. It’s all okay. You’re going to be okay.

We’re ALL going to be okay .

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Hillary Vs Trump – A War of Consciousness


Hollywood could not have devised a more infectious blockbuster plot line: A verbally abusive archetypal male narcissist clashes with a steely-eyed matriarchal women’s rights pit bull for a scathing smack down towards the Presidency.

The movie title? Transcendence: The Last Battle.

And indeed — it is.

I have the opportunity to see inside of people. It’s a beautiful gift. People are far more gorgeous on the inside than they allow themselves to be on the outside. Due to my unique spiritual goggles, I have a slightly different perspective on Presidential elections.

The Universe has scripted a demonstration in consciousness that is so blazing, so obvious in its polarity that it nearly could be its own reality TV show. Except, of course, for one sticking point:

Most people aren’t even comprehending the point of the script. And therein lies the lesson.

This 2016 election cycle in the USA is about much more than simply choosing a President. This cycle is about choosing who America wishes to be, not only at home within our own borders, but in the eyes of the global community.

The Universe has given the United States of America a grand representation of what currently exists within us — hope, racism, activism, misogyny, anger, excitement, history making, history repeating itself, fear and more fear. Now it’s our turn to decide who we wish to become, once and for all.

This year on our ballot, we have a buffet of wide-swinging drama to choose from. We can become part of the endless spin-cycle of hype, hysteria and social terror. Or, we could simply see this election for what it is.

The bottom line here is consciousness.

Regardless of who anyone believes would be the best candidate, the fact remains that somehow, against all odds, our presumed Democratic and Republican nominees will be both a woman and a man who are literally despised by many for their polarizing personalities. Yet neither candidate is remotely alike.

How is this possible? Is this the pre-cursor to a collapsing America? What does this mean?

Well, for those of us who track energy signatures for a living, like myself, this is hardly the death knell for the USA. In fact, it’s just the opposite — a harbinger of powerful change that spells G-R-O-W-T-H for our once great nation as it attempts to reach greatness again.

America was never great because of the money or commerce it generated. It was great because of the heart of the nation which has since been sorely compromised by allowing all that is dear to us to be commandeered by the highest bidder.

This election cycle is the turning point in our consciousness and economy that years down the road, will be the thing of late-night stories by the fireplace. Not because of the individual politicians involved, but because of the consciousness each politician brings forward.

With this grand cast of presumed characters on the ballot, we are being asked to step away from the political programming and think for ourselves — rather than vote party lines, as each candidate challenges the base of both parties.

Wherever there is growth there is growing pains. And wherever there is pain, there is ugliness.

Long-time Republican devotees are deeply torn whether or not to line up behind a brash and poorly-spoken bully hijacking their party who, until 2012, was a lifelong Democrat. A chunk of Democratic voters must decide if they are willing to put aside their seething vitriol for the woman they demonized as a deceptive big business puppet in order to keep an Authoritarian extremist out of the white house.

We’re being asked to transcend the group-think media mentality and look beyond the bullet points — an epic attempt in the fast-paced, low-substance 21st Century America.

We’re being asked to examine how it feels to be part of a mob, fueled by a false sense of safety built upon thin fan-fiction to support our opinions, our anger, and our causes, in comparison to how it feels to think — and moreover, act — as an individual for the betterment of the whole.

Each of us are being called to examine our true colors not only in the voting booth, but in how we approach life. Not the colors we think make the best Twitter posts. Not the colors we think make us look extraordinary on Facebook or Instagram. Not Red or Blue. But the colors that would consider, weigh, and balance the highest good for all, rather than the self-serving, rushed, selective sum of its parts.

For a culture that loves to pick and choose our moral fiber from a series of headlines depending on which is most convenient, this is a colossal feat. Even in our deepest faiths, we cannot simply see the forest through the trees, dissecting the Bible itself while picking and choosing relevant passages according to a God we create in our own image.

We create the President in our image as well. We expect one person, this President, to save us from ourselves so that we don’t have to do the heavy lifting in our own communities.

We don’t want to elect a human being with a past. We want a mythical figure to ride in and rescue us, a Deus Ex Machina, a quick miracle fix so we can get to our Netflix date.

We don’t want to mix church and state yet we wish to elect a savior, not a President. We trip on our own hypocrisy and we blame the cracks in the sidewalk rather than where we’ve placed our feet.

We have disowned our personal accountability to bring change to our lives in lieu of scathing Facebook posts on walls of those whose political views we don’t agree with. And that’s where our effort often stops.

Our emotional laziness in America has become crippling and we are quick to blame everyone else — big business, money, “the man”, Republicans, Democrats, people with brown skin, the system — rather than facing the cringing reality that we are the problem.

We are addicted to convenience in the USA. And this election is here to slap us squarely across the face into sentience again. Because there is nothing — absolutely nothing — convenient about the Presidential ballot in 2016.

For millions of Americans, this lack of convenience on the ballot is a point of extreme anger, playing into the overwhelming sense of entitlement that we express when it comes to being inconvenienced by not only having to think, but having to confront the fact that we cannot have exactly what it is that we want.

And that’s the point of this whole consciousness exercise known as the 2016 Presidential Election.

We’ve lost touch with compromise and consensus. Discussing, bending, and patiently working towards a goal that accommodates the whole has been replaced by tantrum obstructionist government or tear-down revolutions. This “tantrum at the top” trickles down to inspire those who feel disempowered to emulate the behavior of those in charge, with masses demanding instant change, or they’ll take their toys and go home.

I’m often curious: What would the WWII era America have to say about what we’ve become? Besides being too embarrassed to sit next to us in a movie theater, they may simply not recognize the nation that once put personal convenience, pettiness, political preference and theory aside in order to stand in the gap for the many.

In 21st Century America, we define the thin-skinned whining known as “First World Problems”. Self-sacrifice for the sake of societal growth is barely in existence outside of parenting. And even then, there are often caveats, fueling a booming therapy industry.

Recycling even has its limits when Americans can’t be bothered to drop off items at a far-reaching location, so into the trash they go. Along with anything else that requires our effort, time, or thought process — like our common sense.

Therein explains why the country is in the state in which we find it today, digging itself out of a pile of trash with hopeful expectations that the light is only handfuls away.

We are said to be the world’s most influential nation. That’s what Americans are fed for dinner, and we eat up the press release with a truly well-intentioned and naïve pride. Yet for a nation supposedly filled with the most amazing governmental system on earth (according to itself, naturally), our populations often choose to be socially impotent. We barely engage our neighbors, let alone apply ourselves to the type of fiscal and emotional discipline it takes to bring solutions to our own communities.

Yet we complain about the options on the Presidential ballot as if this one human being will somehow represent every need we cannot fulfill ourselves.

With the dramatic dummying down of the USA to which Americans have happily contributed, we have drawn an interesting cause-and-effect lesson. The Universe has had no other choice but to send us two polarizing candidates to demonstrate our own lunacy through hyperbole.

No matter anyone’s opinion on either presumed candidate, they both represent two battling sections of consciousness from the perspective of Spiritual Physics. If this Presidential election were an old spaghetti western, we’d have one candidate in a white hat and one in a black hat. If it were a Star Wars movie, one candidate would be a Jedi and one would be Darth Vader.

If the election was a heavyweight boxing championship, the appeal of such opposing forces would sell out the Mile-High Stadium.

In the first corner, we have billionaire businessman Donald Trump, snagging headlines everywhere with his unpredictable and shocking perspectives, grossly exaggerating the consciousness around ego, hubris, misogyny, racism, and back-room-deal excess.

It’s no secret that Donald Trump boasts he’ll be the first presidential candidate to make money campaigning. It’s no secret he boasts about being smarter than nearly everyone he encounters. It’s no secret Donald Trump sends jobs overseas, or that he boasts he’s declared bankruptcy several times as a business plan.

It’s no secret that Donald Trump boasts, period. He is proudly a caricature of himself.

One of his favorite boasting points is his male prowess — his masculine appeal, his large hands, his John Wayne fearlessness at a business table, his tall and exotic wives.

Donald Trump represents the dying machismo consciousness of 20th Century America, the medallion on the hairy chest of the consumerism that crushed the North American continent between railroad tracks in only six years and hastened the death of the Indigenous People’s way of life through it’s avarice.

This consciousness has warred against its own inhabitants, gifted a different set of rules to white males, authored internment camps, and suppressed the civil rights of minorities and women. This consciousness has made “money” the official God. This consciousness has deemed the rape of a child a lesser crime than the theft of a vehicle. This 20th Century consciousness is all consumerism, waste, victimization, and sociopathic bully modalities. And it is dying on the vine as it cannot sustain itself any further.

Yes, Donald Trump and his wall between the USA and Mexico embodies the consciousness of the old world, the us-against-them, the been-there-the-done-that, history repeating itself. Many in America are deeply comfortable with this familiar sense of security framed up in nothing more than bullet point bluster. They love the drug of the convenient illusion and Donald Trump is happy to provide the high.

In the other corner, we have millionaire, former First Lady, former Senator, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She is not the flashiest candidate, nor does she carry the most charismatic or revolutionary message. Yet her consistency, sharp intelligence, and unshakable nerves pack an experienced punch.

Hillary also represents part of the 20th Century consciousness with the old-school political dynasty she and President Bill Clinton have built. She maintains deeply entrenched and loyal old-guard alliances and endures the echoes of 20th Century scandals where other male politicians appear to have passed through an unspoken statute of limitations, their former transgressions disappearing from this dimension entirely.

Her run for the Presidency draws to the forefront the trickling 20th Century sexism that America pretends does not exist.

Hillary Clinton campaigns under different set of social rules where women must look, speak and act in a way that’s “pleasing”. Where other male candidates are given a pass on their clothing, hair, voices, body types, opinions, missteps and all-out lies, Mrs. Clinton is held to a higher judgmental scrutiny based in the 20th Century Virgin-or-Whore litmus.

In America, where women bear the brunt of all responsibility — from a short skirt “causing” rape to a disobedient wife “causing” her own domestic abuse, Mrs. Clinton is automatically entering the ring with a reach disadvantage.

The very image of Hillary Clinton throws many into a rage. Nothing infuriates the ego of the Patriarchal modality more than reminding it that it wins only because it gave itself the advantage to begin with.

Though dragging 20th Century attributes along with her, Hillary Clinton very decidedly represents a 21st Century Consciousness in the fact that she indeed — is a woman not only running for President, but the presumptive Democratic nominee.

She consistently paints a picture of a nation whose consciousness must work for growth, not regression. She speaks past the expired 20th Century realm of masculine oppression through force and bluster, and reaches toward the 21st Century feminine strength of perseverance through education, inclusion, and nurturing the downtrodden.

Whereas Donald Trumps boasts of being tough — Hillary Clinton simply is.

While Trump beats his chest in fancy suits with the exaggerated 20th Century braggadocio and cameras rolling, Hillary keeps her nose toward the task, paced, often considered grandmotherly in her posture, strong with her tone in her not-as-flashy 21st Century world.

Trump’s performance is far better on television — the 20th Century Illusion Maker. Hillary’s performance is far better in reality — the 21st Century Sculpting Tool.

Any candidate will make promises. Yet the focus here is on the consciousness of these promises. Donald Trump embodies old 20th Century fears. Hillary Clinton embodies 21st Century inclusion.

Trump’s consciousness focuses on the external, a 20th Century exercise in learning. Clinton’s consciousness focuses on the internal, the 21st Century exercise in learning.

Hillary is the tortoise. Trump is the hare. Yet even though we know the fable, we still choose not to see the plotline, the bold writing on the wall. We still place our bets for the hare.

Though stepping in from the old world, Hillary creates a bridge to the 21st Century new world by focusing on the consciousness of spreading love, of a hopeful nation rather than a fearful one. Hillary speaks of a 21st Century global approach, frames up equality for women, speaks of equality for immigrants, of clean energy, of families, of equality for children, equality in pay — a connected, paced, and functioning 21st Century road to uplifting the nation.

Donald Trump speaks of dismantling that which he does not agree with and deporting those who he deems threatening, a 20th Century Cold War mentality. Hillary Clinton speaks of transcendence by working incrementally through the process of compromise and consensus not only in Congress, but the world, while embracing diversity in culture within America — the natural progression that the 21st Century America has already taken.

Hillary, by the very nature of her still being in the fray, defies oppression. That which cannot be oppressed then ascends.

Energetically, ascension is a 21st Century dynamic. Regression is a 20th Century replication.

Though Donald Trump is widely disliked for a multitude of reasons outside of the fringe right of his party, he is considered courageous and strong by many. He is viewed as the Maverick, the last banner-carrier of the Truth, the BS Buster owned by no one, the Masculine Guard. Indeed, he carries the mantle of the Last White Alpha Male Patriarch. He is playing his role with perfection.

Though she is often described as aloof and elite by the far left of her party, Hillary Clinton is considered courageous and strong by many. She is the quintessential grandmother energy, having been through life’s hardships and gained wisdom from them. She embodies feminine strength, resilience, growth, compromise, temperance, determination, and a Mother’s lack of fear. And she is playing her role to perfection.

The spiritual aspect of this political shift is extremely applicable in the energetic climate of our vastly changing world. We are currently experiencing a rapid ascension in consciousness. So rapid, in fact, that people’s fear of change is igniting chaotic and angry outbursts.

Our election cycle is simply a reflection of this trend in Spiritual Physics.

It’s important to note one last piece of the consciousness puzzle, from an energetic standpoint. As of December 21st 2012, known as the Mayan New Year, or “the end of the world”, the earth entered into a 100,000 year feminine energetic timeframe, moving out of a 100,000 masculine energetic timeframe. No longer are we being asked, as a species, to conquer, to clear cut and build, to subjugate, to boldly blaze new settlements. We are being asked to nurture that which we have already conquered and developed, to be respectful stewards of the earth and of each other, and to support and uplift the many so that the whole, much of which we now occupy, may function.

We are being asked not to tear down, but to reinforce and restructure, that which we have already been given. This takes strength and patience for the long haul, the steady process of give and take as our new upcoming system grows.

This patience lies in the feminine, within both males and females.

In this election, it will not matter who runs against Hillary Clinton. They will be struggling against a much greater tide. She is the match for the energetic shift we have engaged, part old world, part new world, requiring the strong feminine to navigate. The bridge to the new system that will be driven by Millenials but for now, is driven by Gen X and the Baby Boomers.

Hillary will bring a break to the death-throes of the chest-bumping gridlock we have been experiencing as the country has shifted from the end of the masculine building timeframe (20th Century principles) to the 21st Century ascension of the feminine.

Donald Trump claimed that Hillary played her “women card”, and in this, was receiving votes. There is ironic truth to this, energetically, with our current Spiritual Physics. Yet not any woman would have been able to navigate the narrow passageway to the Presidency. That skill, that calling, has fallen upon Hillary Clinton herself. And she drives ahead in her own style.

All things in their divine right timing. All bridges to their rivers. And all people to their divine right station.

Surely, there are supporters on both sides of the aisle who feel the sting of their preferred candidate not making it to the final countdown. Yet there are reasons behind all things, and all candidates have played an important part in this ragged and often rough ascension in consciousness.

Ted Cruz spoke on the same issues and highlighted the same fears as Donald Trump yet did not play the machismo and charisma role nearly as well. Bernie Sanders started a political awakening, his revolution, geared toward the 21st Century whose intense and youthful inertia took the campaign towards activism rather than the Presidency — yet is still waging itself to the Democratic convention, simply to make a point.

Cruz accurately represents the old detached political and social model that has become so outmoded and difficult to relate with that it’s washed out. The GOP must reassess how they determine conservative standards in a 21st Century environment.

Sanders represents the grassroots awakening in households across America of personal empowerment and personal accountability toward national evolution, to great success. Supporters of Sanders will no doubt fight for a voice in change, whatever shape that voice may take.

Trump, though hoping to win the Presidency, will end up playing the role of jester in the reality theater, artfully creating for us all exactly what we hope we are not. Human beings learn through contrast. And he has provided invaluable learning material that will push the polarization of our consciousness forward by leaps and bounds.

All have their successes in the larger picture though the end results vary.

This 2016 Presidential election is not about the candidates. It’s not about political parties. It’s about consciousness. Choosing not to weigh in during this important election and moreover, this important movement in Spiritual Physics within the United States, would be a shame. You may have to make a choice that isn’t your favorite. But remember — it’s not always about getting exactly what you want.

And we’ve forgotten what that feels like, as there is usually an app for that.

Universe will provide us with exactly what we need. Even if, America, after staring our entitled faces in the mirror for the past 70 years —

— we’re not really sure what that is.


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Why Donald Trump is the Best Thing to Ever Happen to the USA


In my line of work, I clearly see timelines and futures. I see probabilities rather than possibilities. I compare energies of past, present, and future events in order to calculate similarities, find growth, and evaluate pitfalls.

I see the blueprint beneath the trajectory of events, life paths — anything, really, that involves the melding of human consciousness. Due to this ability, I’ve been hired by Fortune 500 Executives to evaluate failing business directives, Investors to monitor the success-or-failure arc of future projects (and how to avoid the fails), and good ol’ everyday folks like you and me who would like some assistance with the complex hurdles of their own lives.

I’ve assisted Hollywood Producers in developing content that’s consistent with the reality of the paranormal and spiritual world. I’ve been part of ridding homes and people of horrible and pesky spirits, be they Demonic, Human or Elemental. I’ve even consulted with Law Enforcement on cold cases, providing pieces of the puzzle whose goal is to help bring closure to suffering families.

If it has an energy signature, I can track it. I can identify its purpose through several timelines, outcomes, and probabilities. Overall, I’m in the business of solving puzzles for the betterment of consciousness in the highest good of all.

That’s code for “I’m in the healing field”.

And that’s why I’m here to announce that Donald Trump is the best thing to come along for the United States, in a very long time. And we should not only be grateful we have him relentlessly flashing across every media outlet known to humanity, but outwardly thankful for what he is contributing, especially considering the pivotal times that we live in.

Our consciousness in this nation must make a choice if we wish to remain in play as a world super power. Because no matter what our media says — we’re about played out.

Countries won’t buy our exported food because it’s full of hormones and genetically modified garbage. Most of our manufacturing comes from China. We are no longer required to label the country of origin our meat comes from, even if that country has lesser health standards than we do.

We have derailed, put at risk, and marginalized our own populations in nearly every direction. As someone who sees energetic blueprints and connected energies, I can report that The United States of America is not United. And I doubt that fact requires exceptional Psychic abilities to evaluate.

I can also report that Donald Trump will end up uniting our great nation. He is a blessing that should have arrived years ago, yet we simply were not ready for the lesson.

And it’s doosie.

How, you may ask, will Mr. Trump accomplish uniting the USA?

Well, in order for the United States to remain united in this fragile world climate, its time we kick our secrets to the curb. Its time we find out what we really have under our hood, America — who we really are — and stop hiding who we wish we had the courage to be, in the shadows.

Until we come to grips with some serious tears in the seams of our national fabric — no switching of Presidents and Congress will heal the gridlock and the rip in consciousness of the Corporatocracy that though horrifying — now defines our country.

Enter The Donald.

Donald Trump is fearless in his commitment to his opinions, and moreover — to himself. He embodies Capitalism, sensationalism, unapologetic stereotypical male sexuality all with the swagger of a movie-star-meets-professional-wrestler.

He has chosen to present himself as a finely-sketched, perfectly sculpted caricature of American ego, idiocy and ignorance.

To those who have never witnessed self-confidence, or have had the experience of being heard, they stand in awe of his sharp-tongued hubris, logging it as unstoppable success. Perhaps that could be them up there, someday; the big man with all the big opinions that someone finally not only listens to — but obeys.

And obey the masses do. The more applause Donald gets, the braver in the moment he becomes. He is bold and has no second thought to shaming people from his microphone, puffing his chest with self-approval with seemingly uncensored convictions that ignite crowds of 20,000 people to frenzied masses — who then have no where to unload their temporary sense of power except on one another.

In come the police to moderate.

“I’m behind Donald because he speaks his mind,” says millions of followers, crunching on their chips and watching ringside as the circus continues.

Yet it’s not the fact that Donald Trump is speaking his mind in an outside-the-box way that inspires the deep dedication and screeching discipleship from coast to coast. If that were the case, every Donald Trump follower would fall at the feet of Bernie Sanders, who has spoken his mind for decades in a way that definitely has been outside the box. Or, they would be devotees of Hillary Clinton for that matter, who has spoken her mind sharply enough to draw decades of calculated wrath from the pharmaceutical companies, the oil industry, and the gun lobbies.

The fact remains that Donald Trump receives the unfaltering dedication and hero worship from his followers not because he speaks his mind — but the that fact that Donald Trump is indeed, speaking their mind.

Trump gives a name, a face, a resume and a strangely-fitting suit to the ugly stepchild of American Consciousness: Bigotry, fear of change — and the hatred that is born from resentfully stewing these ingredients in repressed silence.

Finally, the Movement of Secret Seething Resentment has a leader.

Those who have shrank their less-than-shiny opinions under the weight of their own conscience, and moreover, under the weight of fear of rejection from loved ones or society — now feel free to pump their sweating fists in the air and declare liberation.


And they do so unapologetically, as many who have truly felt oppressed do. It’s fascinating what we, in the United States, view as oppression, when in other parts of the world, populations are executed for a difference in their opinion.

The United States is growing up. And some are uncomfortable losing their teenage-status in lieu of the responsibilities of global adulthood.

While others have been utterly gob-smacked by the rise of a character like Trump, Donald Trump’s success is no secret to those of us who track energy signatures for a living.

It is not Trump that is the draw himself, but what he transparently stands for. In that, he is the most accomplished politician of all — an irony, coming from a candidate who claims not to be a politician.

Trump inspires a certain population of Americans who do not relate with the fast-paced changed taking place in the country. In fact, it’s not the country, but the world that has changed, and the United States of America is finally slipping into the 21st century.

From an energetic perspective, Donald Trump speaks the language of those who feel silenced in their fear, voices their opinions as if sitting around the dinner table, and inspires them to feel alive again. Trump knows how to create a feeding frenzy that launches endorphins in the brain and raises the heartbeats of millions of Americans. He has an intrinsic knowledge of how to pump the blood back into the extremities of our dulled or frightened populations who have been sleep walking under the guise of feeling invisible, marginalized — voiceless in their terror and discontent.

Much like an old-school preacher, Donald Trump eats the blind faith of his followers to fuel the bully culture of fear, providing the illusion of the escape from that fear while an onlooker becomes part of a mob who for a moment — feels power.

He speaks the words that so many in the USA are fearful of owning themselves for they fear that their opinion may be shot down as ugliness by their neighbors.

And they’re right.


Donald Trump exemplifies everything about America that we pretend does not exist, yet is loathed by other nations across the world. He is the greatest reality check the Universe could have ever sent to the insulated and naive consciousness running within the USA’s borders.

He embodies the bully, the fear of everything outside of our back yard, the deep paranoia associated with the reality that being Caucasian is no longer a free pass for any type of behavior, the crippling resentment and jealousy against women for being the life-bringers, the corporation who buys cheap Chinese steel to erect superstructures on USA soil while sending jobs overseas for dimes on the dollar.

Donald Trump summarizes the insular and offensive nature of the American braggart, all in one human being. He represents impulsiveness, ignorance, selfishness, fear, misogyny, marginalization, ego, unkindness, pride, sadism, and crassness incarnate.

And so does a section of consciousness in the United States.

Notice that I said consciousness, and not people.

People are mutable. We are canvasses that change color depending on the nature of the paint we need apply for decorating the climate of that moment. (In the healing field, we call that “growth”.) People learn through fear, we learn through love, we learn through hatred, we learn through compassion.

People learn in order to evolve and grow. And consciousness is a learning tool.

This is exactly why Donald Trump will save America.

Consciousness represents a tide, a trend. Without a Donald Trump to draw out this sticky, seething vitriol en masse from under the floorboards of Anywhere, USA, the toxin of divisiveness, fear, and bigotry remains the poison that is slowly killing all within our great mansion.

Trump has wicked to the surface a very real and long-standing cancer in consciousness within the USA. Though this consciousness does not represent the majority of Americans, it will remain the passive-aggressive underbelly that fuels Congressional gridlock, race-wars, and fear-mongering for decades to come.


Unless we decide it’s all gotten so crazy, so overblown, so idiotic, that it’s time to stop, grow up a little emotionally, and face our fears by applying ourselves every day to make our communities better, rather than playing the role of victim that needs the swaggering movie-star-meets-wrestler to give us a voice.

How about we find our own voices before they become so pressed with hatred and desperation that they no longer make sense?

With this blatant ugliness in the spotlight, showcased by tens of thousands of people, encapsulated brilliantly by a show-stopping performance by Donald Trump, we all have the opportunity to decide who we wish to be, as participants in this conscious growth journey.

Are we the onlookers who say nothing because we fear the wrath of the mob? Do we step away from the consciousness that fans the flames of divisiveness and work together to help place balm on our fears — by discussing them?

Perhaps we simply shout vulgarities at the top of our lungs because for one moment, we feel the blood back in our faces. Yet that is a temporary fix to a permanent conundrum.

Much like a drug — Donald Trump gives many the fix they are seeking. Yet it does not cure the pain.

There are good people everywhere who feel they need to find a voice in government. These good people do the best they can with the knowledge and emotional resources that they have, to pick a candidate. Yet this isn’t about a candidate. It’s about something much bigger.

Take it from the woman who seeks energy signatures and solves problems for a living: It’s important to note that Donald Trump represents a consciousness — not a wall, not water boarding, not big or small hands — but a consciousness. We cannot agree with the consciousness presented by Donald Trump without agreeing to all his terms. He is, after all, a business mogul.

And in business, it’s all or nothing.

This is a big country. There is room for everyone. If your way of life requires suppressing another — there’s a problem.

I’d like to sincerely thank Donald Trump for so diligently playing his role in the polarization process that ends up assisting in the Ascension of Consciousness for a kinder and gentler America. We couldn’t have done it without you, Donald. After all, we can’t clean the counters if we never move the cookie jar to see that they’re dirty.

The key to the healing that the United States seeks within the hearts of its population is in finding our own voices, without the anger, the desperation, or the need to marginalize another — in order to find room to talk.

That is the liberation of America.

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Chicken and the Hazards of Being Psychic

Today’s blog post is a transparent look into my life. Why? Because it’s just ridiculous sometimes.

People have a tendancy to glamorize spiritual abilities, such as being sensitive enough to translate Angelic messages and read energy off of objects at a crime scene. There exist schools of thought that people who are wired like me lead some sort of a superhero life with unimagineable superhero powers just waiting to be sprung into action at the right mystical moment.

We are thought to show up on the scene with our curly shoes, velvet cape, our crystal ball, our whispering spirit guides, perhaps a cool twisty wand (because everybody gets confused between a Wiccan and a Psychic), and probably an owl.

Well, that’s all very romantic and such. Until you have to make dinner.

See, the same awe-inspiring abilities that can assist law enforcement in rekindling cold cases, bridge the gap bewteen the living and the crossed-over, pull in messages from Angels and OffWorlders, and pull details from a human being off of a static object — then become a little sticking point when dealing with, well —


To the Albertson’s Butcher that packaged up the half chicken slabs in the “$20.00 Bonus Buy” Family Meat Pack: I now know why the meat combo pack is so inexepensive.

Ladies, and gentlemen, it’s “Gut It Yourself” Chicken!

While preparing dinner tonight, I went to rinse the chicken and realized — wow — it’s liver and heart are still attached, and not just attached, but wedged WAAAAAY into the spine! If that little tidbit weren’t enough to make you gag (which I was, a lot, and the puppy was staring at me through white eyelashes with great concern as I choked into the sink), there was this big chunk of the neck with — WAIT FOR IT — three protruding arterties just flapping in the breeze like a Jeffrey Dahmer crime scene photo. More gagging commenced.

Unlike my unshakable sister Halley, who is on a fast track for medical school — I am NOT cut from that “Medical Doctor” cloth. I held this carnage, a grudge match between the slasher-movie chicken and my gag reflex. I sounded like Bill the Cat after he licked the drier vent.

Paper towel after paper towel I grabbed to attempt to put some other texture between ME – and the unyielding guts. And not only the guts, but all the WOE that had been imprinted in this chicken — energy of a sad, meaningless short life STUCK in the filter organs of the body. Which are stuck themselves.

“Jesus Christ”, I’m praying, “please help this miserable chicken that I really want to bash into the bottom of the garbage out of pure repulsed horror but now I feel guilty it had such a rotten life — and died for some schmuck like me — so I should probably eat it.”

I re-adjust my attitude thanks to guilt and overall embarrasment that I can’t breathe bewteen my gag reflex — and now my white, fluffy tiny puppy is staring at me with his head cocked.

I’m from Montana, I tell myself between dry heaves. I’ve gutted fish, and I pictured my Grandma Pinkie sucking it up with a smile on her face and sticking her thumb nail right in the middle of all the fish innards — so that seemed like a good idea.

Except it’s not a fish, whose guts pop right out. It’s a flightless sad genetically mutated land bird with I-had-a-crappy-life-and-its-your-fault energy, with angry, clingy livers and pokey empty-straw arteries plus other veins that are stonger than bailing wire because god only knows how many hormones this chicken has been injected with and now I’m swearing at the crime-scene carcass because we didn’t go organic this time around.

It’s me or dinner. So I continue hacking into the sink and just go for those livers, wedging my thumb nail under the edge Grammy Pinkie style — and the livers EXPLODE outward with an unimagineable texture unless you’re a serial killer. I guess the livers run right up the whole spine. With THAT exploding texture. The whole way.

Fish guts don’t do that. They just slide out.


All of a sudden it hits me: I just read an article on that the FDA forced chicken farms to stop feeding chickens food which contains so much ASENIC — in THEIR LIVERS.

I look under my fingernails and I calculate how long it will take me to die.

At this point, I just sort of black out a little bit between the gag-and-flail to rip out these imbedded guts, the frantic panting to get the knife from the drawer to cut away the neck and those three god-forsaken arteries that look like somebody’s discarded cocktail straws in a haunted house — I’m sawing through the spine with a kinda dull dollar store knife, and the sound itself is the stuff nightmares are made out of, I’ve got arsenic under my nails and no lobotomy on earth can erase the texture of those toxic, popping, exploding chicken livers.

I rinse and I go in a panic to slather this chicken in some sort of spices which will absolve the meat of ANY of what I’ve witnessed just now — so I grab the salt, flip up the lid and WHOOSH —

Coat the entire tray with a half inch of sea salt. In my hysterica, I flipped up the pour side, not the sprinkle side.

The dog is now laying down, staring at me with a really sad look on his face, his ears plastered back until he looks like an otter in mourning.

At this point I’m just furious. I’ve had my innocence stolen from this crappy $20-buck-chuck cheapo chicken and I’d be DAMNED if I was gonna let a little salt get in my way. And considering I’m sure I now have arsenic poisoning, I’m at least going to get this thing in the oven!

Thighs and legs go flying out of the pan and slide across the counter as I rinse a pound and a half of salf from the roasting pan. Back in with a skidding THUD go the disembodied chickie limbs and I realize — oh dear god, in my fury, I’ve now contaminated the counters with arsenic and woe.

I disinfect, pray, and move right to the sage, the salt, pepper, and cajun spices because I’m pretty sure that any spices developed to cover the taste and viral mung in catfish will probably kill the arsenic in this demonic and depressed chicken.

Into the oven she went at 450 degrees.

I’m praying to God my wife brings home a pizza.

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It’s True: You’re Running Out of Time

My wife and I were having a discussion today. It circled around how there is never enough time to get things done in a day no how much one plans ahead, usually because of unforeseen emergencies, interruptions, etc. This I’m sure is complicated by the fact that we both own our own businesses which completely changes the idea of “free time at home”. However, I could not help but notice a trend in our society that has come about the last several years and I thought I’d share my observation.

Thanks to texting and hand-held devices that distribute work email to your pocket, we are all accustomed to having an immediate answer or response to nearly everything. The answer to a problem is no longer what I can do for myself to it figure out, but to Google it, text a friend, download an app – seeking outside source to fix my issue.

We have trained ourselves not to move unless prompted — to not trust ourselves. We even drive with our eyes glued to GPS instead of the streets and get turned around time and time again when Google Maps hasn’t updated from a satellite the same obstacle that we can clearly see with our own eyes.

We have lobotomized ourselves with our own laziness.

This laziness creates a chaotic cycle of expectation and a frenetic lack of accountability. Our workflow and our communication style, our need for immediacy has become an expectation. “To do” list is only as good as the time to do it. When endless emergency texts, emails, and phone calls are coming in, all from frantic sources – the to-do list goes out the window.

So what does one do?

We attempt to set boundaries. However, when the entire world is operating on a system of frantic immediacy, now dependent on “feedback” rather then handling something themselves – this emotional outer-dependence creates a dysfunctional cycle.

Again, let me say that running your own business automatically opens up a can of worms that should be labeled “always on call”. I’m not addressing in this blog the normal amount of own-your-own-business -emergencies. That comes with the territory.

I’m talking about the constant, nagging distraction that is out electronic means of communicating. And let’s face it: As human, we’re just not good at NOT looking at the shiny stuff.

It’s not Facebook’s fault we get sucked into the endless vacuum of kitten videos and “Which Superhero are You?” polls. It’s our need to escape from the constant NEED, NEED, NEED that’s pressed upon us every day. Facebook capitalizes on our own desire for escapism.

For many, our digital media has become a place of meditation, or so we think. It’s become a place to tune out the world and focus on ONE thing — an illusion in and of itself. That “one thing” then becomes a fragmented MILLION things as we get routed from one Pinterest board to the next, one Facebook link to the next — and an hour later, we’re still on-fire-scrolling and our to-do list sits untouched.

And we complain we have no time.

If it’s not the digital media that is prompting us to allow notifications for the most infinite of things (“Press to allow Facebook to notify you when someone merely farts against the wind”), then it’s well-meaning friends reaching out to say hello in text chats. Don’t get me wrong — I love text chats. I love my friends reaching out to say hello and I love to hear what’s going on. Yet if you’re not the strongest multi-tasker, and a hyper-focuser, like me, then engaging in text chats squirrels me out to the point that I either forgot what I was working on or am now completely out of the work flow.

That’s not my friends’ fault. That’s mine.

Maybe my Gen X is showing, not being raised in an attention-fragmented society. Yet I think it’s more of a statement on the function of the human brain, which is medically proven to NOT be able to multitask, physically. That’s just what our ego calls splitting our focus.

I don’t always engage in the text chats because either I don’t have time or I know it’s going to knock me off my horse faster than Sir Lancelot at a Beginners Jousting Match — which, often times in our now-need-an-answer society — can be misread as aloofness or as not being interested in being included. I’ve had feedback that my lack of response has been viewed as both. Thankfully I can laugh this off with my friends and remind them that no one was butt hurt back in the day when the phone cords were attached to the wall — and the machine picked up.

Energetically, intellectually, physically and spiritually, this emotional dependency we’ve developed for feedback isn’t healthy.

The need for feedback becomes a compulsion, to distract the self and to fill the self with an outer opinion rather than searching within or sometimes, just sitting with the crappy feelings we encounter inside of ourselves without a shiny to take our mind off of things.

Please don’t get me wrong. I’m all about people reaching out for help and I’m all about viewing something that lifts your spirits. I’m even all for zoning out on Pinterest and looking at photos of weird natural science — my guilty pleasure. I’m simply saying that when that option becomes a compulsive need rather than a choice — ladies and gentlemen:

We have an addiction.

This frenetic-to-do-list-interruption isn’t just social media. Again, it’s the need people have developed to have an immediate answer. (Thank you, texting. Said with dripping sarcasm.)

In my spiritual practice, I’m booked solid quite often, which I am blessed to experience. As such, I’m not always at my computer able to answer questions immediately. At times, people get a little crispy because their correspondence wasn’t answered within the day. Thanks to 24 / 7 customer service satellites in India, and the almighty online god called Amazon, this is a “normal” expectation in business at this time. Considering I don’t have a customer service help line routed to India where “Rick” can help you — folks may have to wait a bit before I’m able to get back to them.

Yet this inspires panic and indignant feelings in some, much more than five years ago. I find that interesting.

So when my wife was feeling frustrated about not being able to get to everything, I had to remind her that we don’t live in a 10-years-ago timeframe where people respected workflow and other people’s time.

In fact, societally — we respect very, very little anymore. Mostly ourselves. Therein lies the problem. We live in the me-me-me timeframe. And someone or something will pop in and demand we do something for them RIGHT NOW, three hundred times a day — until we draw the line.

We’ve become so accustomed to dropping everything to fit something else in that I’m watching a bizarre trend happening not only in the workplace that demands far more of employees even while not at work (yet tethered via electronic device), but at home with parents and their children.

Both the kids and employers are working it. I can’t say I blame them. The more we comply, the more anyone will push an envelope.

For instance, I have clients whose children were diagnosed with ADD, or AD / HD. The parents then expect their children to be able to handle less, do less, BE less, because of this issue. Because that’s what they’re told. So rather than working with the kids to establish a better system (however it works for them to the best of their ability) to remember their homework, stay on top of chores, follow through instead of dropping something in the middle of the hallway and running to the next thing – the parents just pick up after the child constantly (because setting up and enforcing an accountability program is tiring and most parents are already tired when they get home.) Or the parent will leave work to drop off the child’s forgotten homework to school so the child doesn’t have to stay afterwards to finish only to fall behind in their own adult workload — further enabling the cycle.

When the child is confronted, they spill out the list of reasons they shouldn’t have to do these basic things — mostly because of what they’ve been told by adults: They’re easily distracted. They can’t.  They shouldn’t have to because then they won’t be able to hold more things in their head. They burst into tears and wail injustices to the moon. They throw a violent tantrum and watch adults back off in horror. This is emotionally exhausting, and parents who are already exhausted from dealing with a sociopathically frenetic ADD society — just cave.

…Um, I interrupt this train of thought to say that WOW, was I born in the wrong era. When I was a kid, I didn’t want to do ANYTHING that wasn’t in the “play” category. I forgot a lot of things. I dropped things in the hallway and was on to the next opportunity and adults tripped over my toys. I used these same excuses. I was told to suck it up and clean it up or the results were not favorable. I pushed the envelope until I got the unfavorable results. I did that enough times to realize that it sucked and I couldn’t create my own reality with my own rules, so I changed my behavior and became a better citizen of the world, aware of the needs of others.

With so many kids playing Sims games where they literally create their own societies, universes and rules — it’s really important to imprint upon these small humans that they DO live in a physical reality where indeed — they are not the creator, author, and sole proprietor of all the pieces in it. (That perception gets rough later in life.)

Yes, I believe ADD and AD/HD are real issues for parents and children. I know they are — I see the energy of these afflictions, caused by crazed food tweaks in our DNA, toxins in the air, and many others things. I have compassion for parents and the children who struggle with these issues. Severe ADD and AD/HD issues cannot be fixed with diet and exercise and require medication and cognitive therapy.  Often, the kids just get bounced out of school for being too problematic or for not being able to comply with cause-and-effect reasoning. So hear me when I say that I’m not proclaiming that these issues are not real, like those people who swear that there were never any dinosaurs or that the earth is flat.


I don’t believe every ADD or AD/HD kid is this severe. OR, sometimes, even *has* ADD. I believe kids are reflecting the frenetic nature of what we’re becoming. They’re seeing it on TV — reality TV shows or news programs that have interactive low-scrolling feeds of people chatting live on twitter as the show airs. I mean, how many different things need to be happening on one show?


Or, the kids witness this fragmented behavior at home. Parents get on the computer while cooking dinner because most have to be for work (most work places expect folks to answer work email even when off the clock), parents escaping on Facebook, parents who don’t have the energy left to engage so they zone out in front of TV, which is now a sample-platter of on-demand goodies if the live interactive feed isn’t happening —

Just writing this, I’m thinking to myself: Holy crap. We’ve gone insane.

I’ve observed parents ripped in too many directions by their own day to be able to corral in a kid who is already ping-ponging off the walls of the same outside stimulus that de-rails an adult’s day as well. If we as adults can’t get a handle on our day — how is a developing brain supposed to, whose pre-disposition is to have fun at all costs?

You can see the problem here. We blame our kids’ ADD and we blame Facebook for our compulsion to check it 400 times a day.

That’s a lot of blame.

The only foreseeable solution that I can get an energetic eye on would be to go all Susan Powter, and Stop The Madness. This begins with training the self that the world won’t end if we don’t get to that next thing right away. (If your life depends on this type of dynamic, then you’re likely an air traffic controller, and my hat is off to you.)

Half the time, we’re jumping from one thing to the next because we feel RESPONSIBLE to get to EVERYTHING, rather than simply what is ours to get to. We are responding co-dependently as we are conditioned to be pleasers in Western Society, bullied and guilted by everyone to the point of guilting ourselves about missing one beat on anything.

It’s inane.

I’m not saying drop the ball on your responsibilities. I’m saying HONESTLY define your responsibilities and stop taking on that which the ego is taking on to feel more like a rockstar.

We fear saying NO and stopping the cycle of crazy because that also gives us more free time. People claim they want free time but actually, they are conditioned to run like a hamster on a wheel so that free time makes them uncomfortable. That’s a chemical affect in the brain, used to constant stimulus. Reference the number of children becoming addicted to games and electronic devices because their brain chemistry cannot map independently without an external set of parameters. The nervous system is used to stimulus and panics if we are not constantly in movement.

We must grasp our humanity back, admit our humanity, be at peace with being biological creature that enjoy technology yet being aware that our brain needs down time. We must get our groove back, actually able to sit around a campfire without checking Facebook for that extra stimulus.

We will never be the machines in our hand.

Next time you find yourself saying “there is no time”, truly — TRULY — look at your day. Where can you ask for help? Where can you let someone else be accountable for something so that THEY may grow as well? When can you let something slide? What must REALLY be done, or the world will end, that day? We’ve lost our ability to truly prioritize, to trust enough to delegate, to remove the ego long enough to recognize that the earth will keep turning if WE don’t step in with a comment, a like, an assist — something.

If your world has NO wiggle room and you are literally running “out of necessity” in your mind — there is something out of balance. Too many boundaries have been breached in your mental scape and it’s time to re-evaluate who you feel you are in relation to the world.

Does your identity depend on being “the doer against all odds”? Are you trying to prove something to yourself, or to others, by not asking for more help? Are you afraid you won’t be loved if you ask for help, or that you’ll be rejected, or judged? That ego stimulus, is likely a bigger embedded motivator than a naggy text.

If your life is not longer yours, and you’re complaining about it — it’s time to make another game plan. Come out of the victim mentality and make another choice. Or, stay where you are at and join billions of other deliriously happy functioning work-a-holics.

But you can’t have it both ways.

No one rules your time but you. Newsflash — our society no longer values people’s time or the time it takes to put towards individual efforts. This is a side effect of the disposable app-mentality (“Anything available, all the time.”) This will only change once we change, once we get back our ballast the keeps upright our sense of accountability while on the course of respectful action.

We may choose to be twisted up in butt-hurtness by this fact, to writhe in the indignation that our life path is not being honored by other people who have gone numb, tuned out, and forgotten how to be a respectful citizen of the universe (which is a whole ‘nuther blog). Or, we can recognize that this is all a symptom of a larger entitlement and emotional addiction problem in western culture — and we move on productively with our life.

You want your day to be less hectic? Get less hectic in WHO you are vs WHAT you are attempting to be. And to do that — we have to get back to being really honest with ourselves about what we can handle — and what we can’t.

Which I’m sure we’ll all get to, once we check Facebook one more time really quickly to see if…

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Want a Holiday Miracle? Here It Is.

I’m hearing the following statement from droves of people right now: “I need a Christmas miracle.” That miracle could be health, prosperity, balance in the family, or peace in the heart, on the home front, or in the world.

I truly wish that I could lend my “4-D” goggles to you, so you too could see how all of your miracles are right at your doorstep ready to come in. You’d be amazed at the beuty trying to reach you! So — instead of wishing, because we all know if we wish in one hand and spit in the other, which will fill up faster — I’m going to hand you those goggles by providing you a platform to bring all of your miracles through. And here it is:

Being extremely familiar with the spiritual physics of manifestation-plus-what’s-meant-to-be, I have observed time and time again that our miracles are attempting to get to us yet we don’t provide them with a doorway. Why? Because we’re tired, we’re cranky, crispy, jaded, and over all, we don’t logically subscribe to the fact that there is such thing as a “miracle” in this world anymore.

Guys. That’s not true. Yet we make it so. While living in this like-attract-like third dimension, if we put all that “This will never happen to me” energy out there — well, you just said “Amen” to your own worst fear — No miracles.

I’m going to give you the magic bullet for receiving your miracles because frankly, it’s time we take back our birthright as miracle machines. We’ve been demonstrated this miracle potential by countless spiritual and sociologically effective people like the Buddha, Jesus, Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, and countless others.

So let’s get you onboard too. Miracles aren’t just for “special people”. They are the birthright of ALL people. Once we capture this miracle potential, then things like money, cars, houses, status — will be a thing of the past. Status doesn’t mean much if EVERYBODY has what serves them. (See why this miracle potential has been hidden from us, for so long? It kind of takes a chunk out of the consumer culture…)

So here it is. And I’m asking you to read this all the way through, because I’m guessing that at least half of you are going to want to throw up in your mouth a little with the next paragraph. But stay with me. The rule thumb in opening the door to the miracles that are trying to make their way to you:

BELIEVE it’s possible.

Sound like the world’s most trite Hallmark card, complete with glitter and foil? Yeah, I kind of thought it might. But let me explain this, so you don’t think I’ve binged-watched too many Netflixed episodes of Touched By An Angel prior to writing this.

Belief is an ENERGY SIGNATURE that’s just as palpable as the electromagnetic wavelength that ignites a light bulb. Many unsavory folks have mis-used the energy of “belief” in an attempt to control the masses, and much of this “blind faith” ideology comes from our Christian churches. Though amongst many things, I am a minister with a Christian background, I have many ideologies that are woven into my personal belief system. (I can’t buy the party line that there’s only one road to Source / God. That makes about as much sense as binge-watching Touched By An Angel.)

Our first step in receiving the miracles that are beating down our doorstep is re-learning what it means to actuate the energy of BELIEF. To do that, we must re-learn what believing IS.

We have been trained that “believing” is assigning away our personal power to an outside source, say “That God / Parents / Good Will / Our Boss will dive in and save us”. We then become disempowered by belief instead of recognizing that belief is a magnificently powerful creative force that is BASED upon our participation.

Our modern version of Belief is more in line with the word “wish” or “hope”. And again, it’s been my observation that much of this ideology comes from religious institutions which were designed long ago to disempower people by disconnecting them from their own miracle potential, thus leaving all the “power” (developing a system of the “have” and “have-nots”) with the state at the time.

By this modern working definition of Belief, we are asked to disconnect from the action of creation and to put our actions toward “hoping” that something that we can’t see will deliver a result. We take out hat in hand and mope off, stopping our contribution to the energy process too soon. And once we’re disappointed that these “miracles” don’t come true, we lose hope. We then mis-assign the energy of the word “belief” to mean a hollow action filled with no results — nothing more than a platitude.

Which is what it’s been turned into, by the way — so don’t fault yourself there.

Yet the ACTION of BELIEF is immensely powerful, if you understand what it truly is. I get the chance to see energy waves and vibrations around all things, and properly executed, BELIEF is a HUGE heavy hitter that brings jaw-dropping change. We simply don’t know how to use it, or get onboard with it’s physics.

We’re not empowering the word Belief with it’s true potential. That would be like me taking a kitchen spoon and attempting to write a letter with it — and when it yielded no ink, wiring the flatware company to complain. I’m using the wrong utensil for the wrong ACTION. It’s not the fault of the spoon.

Here’s the deal:

BELIEF is a proclamation, a manifest. It is an ACTION, not an ideology.

ELIEF is not waiting for something else to “make it happen”, but a place within YOU — a platform, an eyelet, where you provide an opportunity to secure an ANCHOR for possibility. It’s where you hold space in your internal landscape for ALL options to grow. It is you, deciding that the fertile soil within you is ready for a crop to be planted.

Just like clearing the top of your desk to receive that brand new computer you’ve finally saved up to buy — BELIEF is the ACTION of preparing a space for usefulness. That space is YOU.

Belief must START with you, on the inside, giving up real-estate to the Universe to be able to take root and bring you that which serves your highest good — not hoping somehow the magic wish fairy will drop you a break while passing overhead.

Spiritual Physics that I’ve observed also dictate that where more than one person actuating this BELIEF is grouped, the magnitude of the BELIEF is also grouped. Science is very well-aware of the power of grouping like energies all focusing on the same task. As example, look at these planar arrays —  telescopes all focused on the same area, yet each one working with the other one. The more telescopes, the more powerful the signal.



From a spiritual Physics perspective, we experience the same thing. The Hindu religion teaches that there is great purposeful power in many people grouping together emit the meditative tone of OM:

“Om is the best sound of all the Vedas. It arose from the nectarine essence of the Vedas. May Indra grant me intelligence. May I hold the immortal teaching in my mind. May my body be strong. May my speech be sweet. May I hear a lot of wisdom. O Om, you are the receptacle of the Supreme Truth. Remove the worldly intelligence that is obstructing my knowledge of you!” — Transalted by Swami Chidananda

The Christian Bible demonstrates folks hanging together with the same goals in prayer: “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” — Matthew 18:20


Today we’re igniting your miracle aptitudes. And here’s how you’re going to do it.

Step 1:

Leave a comment below on the miracle you would love to give room in yourself to accept. And remember — think BIG. We tend to “wish” for things like more money or a better outfit — lol — yet since MIRACLES are not a one-off, but a way of life and your primary operating system, GO BIG!! The mere fact that ALL OF YOU are posting your miracles here then develops a HUGE intentional “planar array” of energetic energy — and that is beamed right to source.

Step 2:

Rather than using the words “I wish for” or “I hope” in your proclamation for your miracle (as those words energetically and intentionally assign away your own ownership of being the ANCHOR), start your proclamation with: “With gratitude in advance, I eagerly make room for…” and end it with “I am excited and grateful to make a place for this action in my life!”

Step 3:

LET IT GO. Don’t stew on whether or not the Universe is going to “prove to you” that this miracle thing is real. Let it go, with excitement — the same kind of excitement that you’d have if you found out that you just had a trust fund opened to you for millions of dollars. That is the energy of acceptance, or, as other religions like to call it — Faith. Always remember that miracles have to do with free will and the benefit of all. If the miracle you’re hoping for is for your ex to dump their current love interest and take up with you again — well, that may be more of an interpersonal issue, though it may “tale a miracle” to make it happen. Make room in your life for someone who truly loves YOU — not someone you wished would love you. Believe me — there is someone for EVERYONE. And if we’re constantly filling up our dance card with folks who are unobtainable, that one special person simply has no room to ask you to dance. The miracle is ACCEPTING the RIGHT person, who is placed in your path. That’s the AHA moment J!

Step 4:

TRUST the Universe. The Universe doesn’t waste anything and isn’t in the business of providing for you a miracle that you *think* you need, when the miracle that would truly BENEFIT YOU is right around the corner. Seriously. There are huge powers in the Universe that know what would truly ignite your life. Your petition for a miracle may get “put on hold” while something 100 times even more awesome is delivered to you. The Universe: Under-promising and over-delivering for eons. TRUST.

Step 5:

BELIEVE that your proclamation has been given a boost by the many other proclamations that have been posted here. Because, well — it has. That’s not belief. That’s plain old black-and-white spiritual physics, folks.

Step 6:

Be patient. That miracle may come overnight. If it doesn’t, keep in mind — as much as we’d like it to be true — it’s not all about us here in planet earth. Give away your desperation for the miracle to “come true”. Since miracles are your birthright, then the right miracle for you WILL be delievered, so there’s no need to fret over whether or not it will happen. It’s simply a matter of timing. The Universe is a massive machine of moving pieces and sometimes, what is meant for us takes a moment to get here. This goes back to the TRUST step.

There it is. That’s it.

Now leave your proclamations for a miracle — not your wishes — in the comments section below. Make room in your life for these miracles. Spread this information so that others may also do the same.

The moment we open up the world, and the people of the world, to receiving that which has always been intended for them — we eliminate competition. We eliminate “want” and “lack”. We eliminate excess. We eliminate the haves and the have-nots, which then eliminates violence, end war and many other yucky things that we initiate because we’re afraid we “won’t have enough.”

Have a glorious holiday season and a wonderful Christmas. Expect your miracle with the excitement of a child. Magic in the world isn’t dead.

BELIEVE, and you will see.

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Why Love is Winning

So there’s a lot to be said for standing in the gap for what you know is right. It’s generally hard because what’s “right” is usually the white elephant in the room that everyone pretends is a teacup Chihuahua. Yet if anyone points out that the Chihuahua has a trunk…well. That can get ugly. Thus enter the moral of the story in The Emperor’s New Clothes.

Pointing out the white elephant in the room, even if it’s an accurate observation, tends to ruffle a few feathers somewhere. Not everyone’s version of “what’s right” is the same.  My idea of “right” is someone else’s idea of utter crazy. So when we’re being called forward to speak up about something (because let’s face facts — we weren’t put on this planet to be silent OR invisible), it can get a little Old West.

However, with the last blog post on Non-PC Comments that I wrote going unexpectedly viral, I realized that many people were in the exact same boat that I was, simply staring out into the world with the same “WTF” expression plastered across their faces.

And I also realized that many, many people were excited about accountability, and about love winning. Because that’s what’s happening, even in the face of utter tragedy. Compassion is winning in spite of the fact that Fear wishes we thought the white elephant in the room was a Chihuahua in a pink sweater.

That mere fact that people are willing to see the white elephant FOR the white elephant — is freaking people right out.

Why? Because many people’s first relationship, the most important relationship in their life, the most long-standing relationship they’re ever had — is with their own fear. Ask them to get rid of the fear, and THEN who is going to hang out with them on a Saturday night?

The blog I posted received hundreds of comments, and even though I mentioned in the blog that I wouldn’t be approving anti-Islamic comments, or hate-fueled / overly-negative comments, people still posted them. And then they were unbelievably butt hurt that I didn’t approve the comment, re-posting comments about how it was “too bad I couldn’t stand another viewpoint”. The more I didn’t approve, the more they would post, just shouting into a vacuum, each post a little crazier than the one before it, attempting to employ shaming and bullying tactics to inspire me to approve previous comments.

LOL — yeah. Because THAT works.

I found it all utterly fascinating.

This fear and this anger was INCREDULOUS that it was not allowed to have a voice. It was astounded that IT was not the focus. That IT was not heard. Even though it was told that it would not be.

And that’s when I realized: Fear is made deaf by its own screaming. And those who house this fear are deaf to all the noise.

That breaks my heart for folks. Yet it is their own choice. It is their own learning path. For me? I do my best to choose compassion and love. I find that most people choose these same attributes for learning. Like Dr. Simon Atkins, for instance.

I was honored to appear on Simon’s Skyaia Show on Monday November 30th! Simon is a Light Worker who focuses on world change through love. He’s also a climatologist and author — a very learned and fascinating guy. And, I may add, a pal of mine from way back in the day. It’s funny how life brings people of like purpose around to assist one another, later on.

Nothing’s an accident.

On the show, Simon focused on the facebook page that I started, 1 World People, a page where everyone from every walk of life across the globe may congregate to share beautiful things about their community. They can literally — share the love. And that topic branches into some amazing concepts about how to actually transform our world. This was a great interview. Really, it was more of a fantastic visit that I was blessed to be a part of.

I wanted to share the show with you because it’s important to note that SO many of us speak the same language — love. Compassion. The willingness to extend ourselves and to buck up when we need to. The desire to kick fear to the curb and re-acquaint ourselves with our primary operating system of Love. To connect.

That’s most people I know.

The splatter of negativity and fear that media often represents is a thumbprint of a dying system of population control. It’s on its way out. In its place is a beautiful inner fortitude based upon the courage to stand in the gap for what’s right: Peace, love, compassion, education, effort, and patience. (I’m not always very good with the last one. But I’m getting there.)

Love IS winning. It can’t NOT win. It’s our primary design, our magnetic north, our birthright. It’s pushing ugliness out of the way even though the narcissism of fear shouts at the top of it’s lungs for attention.  Love is winning. That’s why were seeing so many horrible things happening around the world.

Fear is not going to go out without a big tantrum.

Here’s the Skyaia Show below, with me and Simon, and I encourage anyone who loves great uplifting concepts to subscribe to Simon’s channel on YouTube. Not because he’s my pal — but because he’s got great things to say that aren’t negativity-based.

Now there’s a thought.

May YOU let your love shine. Nothing can stop you from shining. It’s your birthright, afterall🙂 Find your voice no matter what. Have courage to express your perspective in the face of fear’s bluster. Your perspective just may change someone’s life. Stand in the gap for what you know is right, by Love. BE the LOVE you would like to see.

Just do it. And watch what happens.

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People are Demanding ‘Non-PC’ Comments on Terrorism — So Here’s the Mother of Them All

I’m seeing a ton of vitriolic comments all over Facebook, Twitter and other social sites about how we need to “stop being PC” and really address the terrorist issue by “really talking about what’s happening” without “censoring ourselves” to make everybody else comfortable.

As a Christian Pastor, I tend to raise an eyebrow at this. Not because of the lack of PC-ness, but because of the repressed anger I’m seeing. Yet this lack of PC discourse seems to be what people need right now. So okay. If that’s what everyone thinks will help — I’ll go there. As a Christian Pastor, and as a white American female, I’ll dump my PC filter and say it like it is in an effort to help us all heal. That seems to be what everyone is calling for.

So here it is.

America, you’ve gone yellow.

You’ve gone from a dignified nation who stood confidently in our identity knowing who we were in our strength while proudly accepting our melting-pot role to the world, able to extend compassion to the world’s citizens when tragedy struck without being intimidated by other religions or ways of life because we were so secure in our own global role — to an hysterical mess of knee-jerk exceptionalism, racism, gross misinformation propelled by our media as we Sheeple just sit back and buy it because educating ourselves takes time and work and lord knows we could be binge-watching ‘Breaking Bad’ instead, and 140-character headlines that are easier to whip into a frenzy than whacking a hornet’s nest with a stick.

Stop it. Snap out of it.

Get your intellect and your decorum back. Grow up emotionally. Have your opinions and express your incredulous anger at atrocities committed around the world, but get a grip. Stop acting like a frightened trust-fund-baby whose parents threatened to take the freedom of their credit cards away, and start acting like a World Citizen that can take one for the team while they console another who is hurting. Suck it up. Act like AMERICANS, not a contestant trying to get through an episode of ‘Survivor’ or that one chick at Walmart’s Black Friday sale that body-checks an old lady just to get an extra discount Duck Dynasty T-Shirt.

Yesterday when I pastored church, I addressed how to curtail our need to demonize that which frightens us. Fear begets fear. For many right now, that fear is Islam. For those confused by the concept of Islam, or who believe that all Muslims are terrorists, this guy being interviewed on the video below hits the nail on the head in spite of the leading questions by CNN, who didn’t enjoy his honest factual answers that couldn’t be manipulated and don’t support the American vitriol towards this religion.

Before we become part of the extremist problem by pushing *extreme* ideals that we claim are the “god’s honest truth” because we read it online so we’re passing around propaganda that supports our freak-out and subsequently causing others to freak out, let’s get our heads in the game. Let’s get our facts straight rather than purporting fan-fiction authored in fear. We can’t address a terror problem if we’re insisting on creating a war with every Muslim on earth. That’s not addressing a problem. That’s starting one. That’s ignorance and it’s dangerous ignorance at that — just as dangerous as extremist Muslims who want to war after every other religion.

I’m stunned by the amount of hyper-paranoia over one world religion because of a few minority extremist sects. WOW. What about the millions of other peaceful Muslims? Did you know that the word “Islam” in Arabic, though meaning “submission / resign oneself / surrender” (as to a higher power), also shares a root with the word “Peace”?

How frightened we have become, America? Looks like the terrorists are winning after all, for many of you. You may want to consider that before pushing around the internet a bunch of garbage that’s just not true but is scaring the dickens out of everybody. Way to help out ISIS.

Don’t turn into the people that terrify you. I’m warning folks ahead of time — I’ll be deleting off this thread any of this “Sharia law” propaganda or “why Islam will ruin the world” propaganda that only fuels misinformation and fear. This is MY page. Spread misinformation and fear on your own wall or blog, to your own audience.

So how are you enjoying our non-PC discourse? If you’re like most Americans, you’re already bored, rolling your eyes with the “Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’ve heard it before” expression on your face, already flipping through the channels looking for the next biggest thrill.

Alas, you can stay on this channel — as I can help you there as well.

You want to get really un-PC? You want a real throw-down, the kind of tell-it-like-it-is verbal blow-out that has America captivated with “candidates” like Donald Trump? I’m not sure that you do. Not when it could all be directed at you, rather than “those people”. Yet since we’re being as UN-PC as we can be here, as that seems to be what the American public is calling for in our obsession with brute demonstrations that project our lack of ability to really identify where our fear is coming from, let me provide you with what many Americans have been craving.

I give you the most UN-PC commentary on world terrorism of all:

America terrorizes itself. Americans feel powerless, and have since the Twin Towers fell in 2001 and then again in the Recession of 2008. We have a grid-locked Congress and a relationship with lobbyists and big money in government that neuters anyone in the Executive Branch. We are fearful because we fear we aren’t taken care of, even at home, by our own. We are too busy fighting over who is married to whom, who is doing what with their body, and who gets a tax break. We’ve become a nation of obsessed busy-bodies spitting hyper-criticism away from ourselves to mask our own feelings of weakness.

We tolerate poverty in America yet criticize it in other parts of the world. We have become the biggest demonstration of hypocrisy on the planet as a “Christian nation” who has forgotten to apply the most basic tenets of the Christian religion: Love and Acceptance of All. We continue that demonstration of hypocrisy while preaching the doctrine of the “American Dream”, holding much of the planet’s wealth and opportunity for advancement in technology, yet trailing far behind in first and secondary education, health care, and poverty per capita, as we restrict our resources to only the privileged few.

With gun violence making headline news, we feel we can’t even keep ourselves safe within our own borders because we have forgotten how to care about our neighbor. We handle our daily feelings of being invisible by showering movie theaters and schools with bullets, just to show anyone watching that we’re alive.

We demonize brown-skinned people because they are taking jobs that we whites statistically refuse to do anymore because we aren’t “paid enough”, jobs like manual labor, cleaning toilets and working at fast food chains. And then we whine that there are no jobs.

Overall as a nation we are frozen in fear, laziness, and in emotional impotence waiting for “someone at the top” to come riding in on their white horse and make it all better for us. Even as we elected a “grassroots” President with our convictions of “changing corrupt government” by getting involved in our own communities, as he asked us to — as many pledged to at the time — we got bored with the heavy lifting as we always do and dropped the ball. Instead, we sat waiting for the President to “fix it” for us while we put our feet up and watched the Super Bowl. Yet we still complain.

We have forgone personal accountability for the credo of “someone else will handle this” while we hit the 20% off sale at the nearest outlet mall. America, we have become an exercise in denial, escapism, blame, fear, malaise, segregationalism, overall laziness, and emotional entitlement (and by ‘entitlement’ I am not referring to welfare recipients. I’m referring to armchair quarterbacks.)

So how about we handle the fact that we’re feeling powerless and fearful as Americans in a different way? Can we not see that trying to give a face to our fear by uniting under the banner of “us-against-them” then snags a play right out of the ISIS handbook?

I, for one, as an American — am not going there. I love my country. I LOVE what my country was founded upon. And I stand in the gap for that. I love what my country REALLY stands for — not this second-rate sad shell of whining and blaming. I choose to educate myself. I choose to rise above this hysteria.

I choose strength and temperance. I choose Love above all things.

If you wish claim we live in the greatest country on earth — then act like it. Spread encouragement to your communities. Don’t hide in a hole and stockpile ammo. Build your communities. Don’t build walls around your communities. Talk about love for all, not hatred and segregation for those who aren’t like you. Engage in activities that encourage others to talk about their fears in a healthy way. Not blowing anti-Islamic Facebook posts all over creation to form “teams”. Stop comparing who is the bigger martyr– Christians or Muslims. This is not the time for the Oppression Olympics. Be honest with yourself, Americans, that you feel unsafe in the world because our own government and our own society has appeared to give up on us — not because of a handful of scattered extremists doing horrible things around the world. These things have always happened. America didn’t fall apart when Hitler rose to power. We didn’t fear that we would all be “forced into being German”. Saurkraut wasn’t put on a watch list.

Somehow along the way we have forgotten how to not cave into fear and stand in the strength of common world purpose. Perhaps the Twin Towers falling on our soil rattled our emotional constitution. It’s one thing to watch a war on TV. It’s another when it happens in the Big Apple. However, let’s take some pages out of the playbooks of other nations over thousands of years who have survived hideous atrocities on their own soil — and STILL operate under hope, love, and seeking common bonds with other global partners.

Buck up, America. This self-pity needs to end.

Own your fear. It’s yours. Danger is real — fear is a choice. No one can force us to feel fear. So don’t give fear a face. Don’t give it a cause or a nationality. Your fear lives inside of you. It is only triggered by outside sources. By giving your fear a cause, you are doing exactly what ISIS is doing — projecting their own fears onto hapless and innocent victims. You may not be killing anyone — yet. But you’re killing yourself. Fear is the great disabler, the great poison of the soul, the slow-leaking dimentia that distorts perception into nothing but chaos and ugliness. Fear is the drug on which most people overdose yet remain an upright walking corpse, dead in the eyes and dead to all further growth and possibility.

Love is the answer. I’m sorry there are so many of you that don’t believe this. And it’s a sad statement on where the United States of America is at, as a “Christian nation” (as claimed by many though we are a melting pot), that the Law of Love would be the first thing to be discarded. Yet love and respect for our fellow humans IS the answer. Jesus talked about it. John Lennon talked about it. Ghandi talked about it. The Quran talks about it. The Hindu and Jewish religions talk about it. The Wiccan practice cites “do no harm”. Sure, the people committing these atrocious acts don’t speak the language of love, so it’s likely that world militaries will deal with them in a language that they understand. However, for the rest of us that do speak this language, it’s very important that we don’t lose our ability to recognize the language intrinsic to the human soul when it’s spoken to US.

The moment we replace the Language of Love, the global, human language of our spiritual birthright, with the hysterical and isolationist silence of fear, well. That’s the time that we, as a species —

— call it quits.

Choose love, America. And stay in the game.

Watch CNN get their keesters handed to them on the issue of Islam at the link below:

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