How Hillary Clinton Won for America by Losing the Election


The electoral college has spoken.

I really, really wanted to be proven wrong — that they would not fall for voting in Mr. Trump.

Yet between the death threats many electors received and the fear of the system, fear won. And the writing was simply on the wall. Because we have greater growth ahead —

— And in comes the time frame of the feminine, the great healing, where unity of the people redefines the next phase of America.

The division of the 20th century old world is dead. Evolution demands unity. It is the only course of action that will be supported, universally.

The power at “the top” has not “saved the bottom” for generations. We see this clearly now.

It is We The People who govern this United States, whose god is not a deity, a religion, or an ideal — but money.

We The People decide where our money goes or does not go. Ergo, We The People then become the “god” to those who worship money. Yet God remains God to those centered in Spirit.

One god can be revoked. The other is intrinsic.

The irony is palpable.

The 1% cannot exist without the 99%. We are all connected for a grand reason, of balancing.

May we do so with dignity, temperance, and respect for all.

This feminine time frame, Hillary Clinton won in ways that Trump will never recover from.

In addition to smashing Trump in the popular vote, Pantsuit Nation, the secret Hillary Facebook group, gave millions of women a platform to come out of silence and share their stories of humiliation and abuse under the imbalanced masculine.

Pantsuit Nation received a book deal in order to share these stories.

The feminine voice will not be silenced.

Hillary Clinton was always the “bridge candidate”, bridging the masculine time frame to the feminine. A bridge lies between two polar opposite sides. As she has held the space —

— 65 million people crossed over, with hundreds of local Pantsuit Nation groups who are no longer stomping for Hillary, but picking up the mantle of activism and standing in the gap for those who don’t have voices such as minorities, women, and the LGBTQI community, leaning on one another for strength in unity rather than being bullied apart.

The feminine voice will not be silenced.

Hillary Clinton won three debates and the popular vote yet was denied the Presidency by what looks from the outside to be a slow-boiling coup between Russia, the FBI and the Trump camp. And now all three must be examined as the healing feminine seeks to unify the nation.

The feminine voice will not be silenced.

Indeed, at this time, Hillary Clinton will not be sworn in as President. Yet in her not “winning”, she won, the sharp shock of such a loss presenting the question to us all:

What nation do we choose to birth, as the mother?

Because the time frame of the feminine is upon us. And the feminine will no longer be silenced.

Brace for the strength of this healing force, the mother grizzly bear protecting her cubs against an intrusion.

Nothing shall waylay the inertia of this ascension, hurried by the exposure of the infection of divisiveness; racism, hatred — fear.

The grandmothers are with us, their wisdom present, as work seeks to be done to set this time line right.

May their words flow from our tongues, their discernment flow through our hands, and their immovable strength create a #FirewallForLove in our hearts.

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How We Heal: Exposing the Cult of Fear

Though it would be a much more convenient way to live to believe that life is a random mishmash of events, the tide of energies weaving throughout our world are present because we invite them to live among us.

This fact becomes a difficult pill to swallow when the energies surrounding us are harsh or discordant. In this harshness, we forget the base spiritual physics of cause and effect and often assume the role of the victim or the role of the martyr — two caricatures displaying the imbalance in our ability to ask for that which we need the most, which is self-love.

Trends, art, sociology – all human experience – is brought forward by us, for us, in order to learn what works and what doesn’t work. It’s evolution in action, keeping what sustains the whole, releasing that which compromises the whole.

In spiritual, sociological and emotional evolution, nothing is more straight-forward and effective than a plain and simple comparison lesson. And we learn best when our own tendencies are reflected in another. Thus, politics become a fertile learning tool in humanity’s need to evolve.

America has readily bitten off this lesson on comparison in an attempt to expedite a learning curve whose trajectory is attached to upcoming future events, and how we as a nation will choose to handle them on a global scale.

Considering humans are obsessed with learning by comparison, the USA has been torn in half not by politics, but by two ideologies:

Unity and Division.

This slow spiritual separation has been coming on for some time, bubbling just on the surface with passive-aggressive resistance and outright rage directed to our first African American President. With the rise of Donald Trump, we’ve finally just stretched the canvas of polarized consciousness to the point of a quick, clean rip.

And now we’re not sure what to do with two banners of spiritual alliance, flapping in the wind, united under the Stars and Stripes.

Joe Navarro, M.A., details in a poignant article for Psychology Today the traits of a successful cult leader, many if not all of these traits oddly demonstrated by Mr. Trump. 

Donald Trump has brought the USA the gift of exposing the Cult of Fear which pervades our society on every level. Paranoia, American exceptionalism, racism – all symptoms of a fear that has been passed down often for generations.

It’s easy for those who have not been raised under a mantle of deep separatist fear to judge another person in that position. To the non-separatist, or someone who is naturally drawn to form social strength and bonds through diverse unity, this fear of is incomprehensible. To a separatist, or someone who is naturally drawn to form social strength and bonds through association with others of like modality, this fear makes a great deal of sense, as to them – it’s not fear. It’s simply protecting their perspective.

However, from a spiritual physics stand-point, fear cannot breed unity. Like attracts like in the spiritual universe. Thus, fear attracts fear.

Fear is the process of isolating the self within the realm of one’s own projected emotional and intellectual reality, trapping the self in a cave full of holograms containing our worst nightmares. Reality is occurring outside the cave – plenty of sunshine and birds chirping – yet within this darkened cavern of the self, we are trapped within our worst-case scenario.

And we become our own jailer. If we can continue to live within the realm of our deepest fears, we will supposedly never be surprised by pain, misfortune, or experience the powerlessness which comes from the tremendous terror of being blind-sided by chaos.

We cling to fear as a method for bringing consistency to our immediate world. The devil we know is better than the devil we don’t know.

Humans are designed to learn from one another, to share with one another. Yet fear demands that we isolate our own perceptions in order to create a false sense of security in feigned righteousness, ego, and judgment – all the chain link fences around our delicate and frightened hearts.

The result is that we create far more fear within the self by feeding this need for isolation.

It’s a vicious cycle.

Fear is a learned response. For many, generations of fear masquerades as power over others, strength, business prowess, charisma, and intelligence, often with a bully edge. Fear has remained widely unnoticed under the time frame of the imbalanced masculine as most often – fear has been the fuel for hubris, which has been the bedrock for the “fake it til you make it” mantra; the classic 20th century masculine poker game bravado.

With the rise of Donald Trump, The Cult of Fear has been given a platform to present itself outside of the millions of inner caverns in which it has seethed quietly over the past forty years. Now that all is in the open, the Cult of Fear is flying its colors proudly, screaming with the non-filtered fervor of those who have claimed to experience great suppression. 

Those indoctrinated into the Cult of Fear ingest the sensation of fear as a drug; a quick high that pushes an individual past their own hesitancy to represent themselves; a tool to numb the impact of the world; a rush of power.

The Cult of Fear then recruits members into its fold by using bullying tactics toward those who do not shy away from bringing forward the perspectives of unity. Fear creates the illusion that the one wielding the negativity is then “stronger” than another, as the other person simply backs away from the dissonance, not wishing to engage the energy.

The Cult of Fear demands full worship of the fear energy. Without fear, there is no life. Without fear, there is no strength. Without fear, there is no protection. Without fear, there is no structure. Without fear, there is no safety.

Under the tenets of the Cult of Fear, love is weakness. Hope is deceit. Unity is a myth. Diversity is subversive. Inclusion is invasion. Trust is powerlessness.

As is any cult, the Cult of Fear is effective in their recruiting techniques, preying on those whose hearts have been broken, whose trusts have been mishandled, whose hopes have been crushed beneath the boot of inconsideration, whose very human essence has been overlooked by others who are drunk on fear.

Asking someone to leave the Cult of Fear is akin to giving away one’s belief in God. Because fear is the god. One does not simply abandon a belief system, especially a belief system created in their own image within the cavern on the self.

So in addressing the issues of racism, hatred, and human rights issues, one often encounters the Cult of Fear, whose defense mechanism is uncensored and seething group rage.

The Cult of Fear encourages members to not simply disagree, but to war against those whose opinions may not be shared. In this rage, the drug of fear is activated in the spiritual bloodstream, physically creating an endorphin rush. The Cult maintains members by keeping them high on fury. Just like any drug – while high, the world seems like a much more manageable place.

For those who are not sharing in the drug of fear, or do not belong to the cult, this outward behavior is shocking, sometimes even deeply emotionally damaging, as the amount of energy contained in an uncensored blast of vitriol is sickeningly palpable. The Cult of Fear is aware of this poisoning effect, and encourages members to infect as many as possible in attempt to mark their territory.

“Freedom of Speech!” is often a battle cry in these warring group rage sessions. However, this proclamation takes out of context a Constitutional mandate that disallows the arrest of those whose opinions may not align with opinions of the government. Freedom of Speech is not a free ticket to be abusive or offensive. Yet while high on fear, just as when high on any drug – the rules no longer apply.

It is deeply important as we continue on into the Ascension time frame of 2017, the Year of Actualization, to clearly identify the effects of the fear drug, and those in alignment with the Cult of Fear. In doing so, we are able to step away from the tendency to demonize those whose behaviors may exhibit themselves as horrific or extreme.

All human beings are made in Light. Not all human beings align with Light, or relate with Light. And to all human beings – “Light” is subjective.

If we are to successfully continue on in this Ascension time frame, which beckons us to the great healing of ourselves through the forgiveness and understanding of others, our first mission is to not view one half of the United States as “the problem”. Those acting in rage and fear simply exhibit symptoms of a bigger problem –
— an addiction to fear.

And as we would not think less of an addict, yet view them as a person who may struggle in areas we may not, let us place aside our judgment of those addicted to the fear lifestyle and instead seek commonality and grounds to simply show them another way.

Free will is powerful, and the gift to each one of us. There will be those whose job is to learn through fear until they no longer walk the earth. As such, it is not the job of any one person to “convert” another from the Cult of Fear. It is just as offensive to look down our noses in false piousness to those who struggle with fear. We may simply provide an energetic modality based in love, if a member of the cult should reach out; may we provide alternative examples in behavior for those who are finding that the lifestyle of the cult no longer serves them.

For those of us who are not called to this fear lesson – let us have compassion for the inner torment of those sealed inside of these dark caverns of the self. Let’s see this for what it truly is. If we feel intimidated or bullied by a member of the Cult of Fear, then it is not them we fear, yet our own inner fear of the lack of being able to keep the self “safe”, or trust that the Universe is aligned with our needs.

And let us compassionately stand up for those who are terrified into silence by the vitriol of fear. Let us stand in the gap when the group rage rears its teeth against those who frightens it. Let us be the #FirewallForLove not by fighting fire with fire – but with the healing life of water.

The Cult of Fear operates most effectively anonymously. The internet is ripe with devotees, online commentators who dip in to leave scathing comments, posts and tweets which neither change nor edify a discussion with an opposing viewpoint, yet only serve to divide; to provide a platform for the tantrum of those cult members feeling invisible.

Yet to speak fear to fear then begets nothing but fear, feeding the cycle of indoctrination. The Cult of Fear relies on the addictive qualities of fear in order to gain new recruits.

Let us not wage the battle of force against force, yet the show of abstinence against energies that no longer serve us, instead diverting the stream to better uses.

 Where no water flows, all life must cease.

Let us bring forward solutions with the mass density of unity, through channels of commonality, dignity and peace.

And let us not be afraid of those who are afraid. Instead, let us allow them to teach us about our own fears. And when the vitriol is sprayed as the Cult attempts to protect its tenets, simply wipe the venom from the windshield; the fallout from the storm of change.

No one takes the rain personally.

It will not be fear, nor anger, nor bullying that enables this ascension. It will be the healing power of the many coming together in the best interest of all, for all.

One nation, under god. Indivisible. With liberty and justice –

— for all.

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Three Energetic Reasons You May Be Having Trouble Getting Over the Election


This energetic time frame is unlike anything I have had the opportunity to witness. It is a rush of ultimate manifestation, an exercise in Spiritual Physics akin to being tossed into a Navy Seal training scenario. 

Most of us who work with the realm of Spiritual Physics can recognize a lesson when it is presented to us. Yet this exercise goes beyond a lesson.

Because this is not a drill.

Most of us are able to shake off a disruption and move on. Yet many are finding this task more and more difficult in our post-election environment. 

The following three energetic points shine a light of understanding on complexities of what many are feeling.

1) We are in full-tilt, full-throttle ascension.

Though the 1960’s were a great time of transformation, this nature of a Spiritual Ascension has not been experienced in recent human history, so coping with the inertia of a situation such as what we are currently experiencing – just isn’t in the how-to-be-a-20th-century-human manual.

The Universe in its ultimate wisdom has been attempting to prep the human race for this particular moment in time during the past five year ascendance cycle, working us up the spiritual ladder:

2012 was the Year of Transcendence – time to leave old conventional thought patterns behind and accept that we are the great creators of our universe, day to day.

2013 was the Year of Polarization – many outmoded relationships and work situations crumble as our intentions align with our greater paths ahead, clearing space for our greatest application of our gifts.

2014 was the Year of Illumination – with a new clean slate, this was our time to looks inside of ourselves and take an inventory of who we truly are in terms of our greatest strength, gifts, and talents.

2015 was the Year of Reconciliation – the time to forgive the self for putting our greatest strengths on hold, time to release family and friends from old resentments to be able to free the emotional and spiritual self, and time to begin the process of coming together as a community, and a world.

2016 is the Year of Reclamation – owning that which has always been intended for us, and stepping out of the way of “what’s trying to happen” to allow what is meant for our highest design to come to us to that we may launch forward into the ascension.

2017 is the first year we will experience full-tilt, full throttle ascendance.

Ladies and gentlemen – the countdown is over. We have lift-off.

We are no longer prepping for the ascension exercise. Energetically, we are in full thrust, pushing off the ground as a giant rocket blasting away outmoded energies on the ground below, carrying the consciousness of the human race to the next stratosphere.

2017 will be the Year of Actualization. And in this shadow period of the upcoming year, we are already feeling the great gravity of change pulling upon our souls as the inertia of this unstoppable upward thrust plasters all of us against our chairs, our world quaking beneath us with the power of 100,000 years of transitional fuel on fire, propelling us upward.

2) We are re-writing our future moment-to-moment with every thought, social media post, and phone call, and the constant shifting in energies is non-grounding.

Though history can and often does repeat itself as we crave to re-learn lessons, the myth that “everything has already happened” is just that. In fact, this is the largest spiritual payload we’ve attempted to lift, collectively, in the history of the human race, thanks largely in part to a phenomenon that has not existed on the planet – until now.

Welcome in social media, the third-dimensional learning tool to acquaint us all with the Spiritual power of unity and connection.

It is a trackable and tangible representation for not only telepathy, but collective consciousness, that  instantaneously crafts a perceived reality around the world with a mere click. We have become masters in ultimate manifestation, sharing perceptions immediately and changing our world radically within a 24-hour period by shifting the energies and perceptions of many.

As demonstrated by the Russian hackers who presented falsified news stories during an election cycle, it is we the people of the Unites States of America that bit on the negativity, which reflected our own paranoia and fear. It was not Russia, but America, that accepted these base-line fears as truths.

In a 21st century world, it no longer matters what is true or not true, as we have even created continual fragmentations — rips — in time lines where reality can take on its own meaning according to the power of group think, collectively.

What is real and what is not real is no longer black and white because reality is a decided-upon endeavor for we humans. For instance, if collectively we decide that murder is no longer “evil”, but an act of mercy – then our entire system of belief shifts.

Collective belief, and agreeing to said collective belief, is what creates the holo-deck, or the matrix, that we currently participate with.

We call this matrix “life”.

We are being awakened to our own power to create in real time, not simply in concept, both beautiful and fearful results. And for many, this much responsibility and participation with the flow of our everyday lives then defies our teachings as Americans that we are “trapped” beneath a bigger system.

Accountability and action is what’s for breakfast. In America, blame and martyrdom is an Olympic sport. So there is a great conflict of social and spiritual programming at hand.

The fact that we are not drones chipping away for the purpose of furthering a larger machine is incomprehensible to most Americans because that has been our consciousness experiment – giving away our true spiritual power of manifestation. Suppression of the miracle-capabilities of the human race is the goal of every dictatorship.

Yet now thanks to the Spiritual Physics we have both created, and intersected with the Year of Actualization — we’re jarred awake.

And awareness can be scary when auto-pilot was the operating system for so long.

3) We are feeling physical effects of temporal augmentation, or dimensional rifts.

Energy is not destroyed, only transferred. Einstein said it best. And we are energetically track-switching at an almost impossible rate to describe. Yet I’ll do my best.

The human brain is an electromagnetic organ. It communicates with itself – and its surroundings – like a radio antennae, exchanging electrical impulses containing vast amounts of chemical and energetic information with bursts of electromagnetic energy, called synapses.

The phenomenon knowns as “Telepathy” is actually a sensitivity to outlying electromagnetic fields, where one brain picks up an impulse in another brain, like two radio antennae sharing a signal.

Physically, the human brain is affected by energies around it. This is a scientific and medical fact – not a metaphysical pondering. For instance, extensive military investigation has been undertaken to expose weaknesses in the human brain’s ability to speak to itself. These experiments in brain-wave interruption were deemed so inhumane that the Geneva Convention deemed brain-wave manipulation as a big no-no in its rules for war.

The human brain operates at it’s optimum on a frequency of 7.83 Hertz, known as the Schumann Resonance. This is also a measurable resonance of planet earth – the “pulse” of the earth. We are created to be in harmony with this pulse and the pulse inspires the brain to keep on track with producing all of the proper chemicals it requires to function at its peak.

Considering the brain is so vulnerable to exterior electromagnetic impulses, it is affected by a great deal of interference in our atmosphere.  There are studies linking Autism to the brain’s developmental response to the pulse of 6 Hertz, which is present in many military VLF devices below ground.

The human brain takes note of electromagnetic disturbances and alerts our body that something may be amiss. As example, when the wiring in our home becomes ungrounded, an unshielded EMF (electromagnetic frequency) burst will be noticed by the residents. This burst of EMF will be physically experienced as nausea, dizziness, paranoia (the feeling of being watched), skin irritations, and if severe enough, hallucinations.

EMF bursts are not lethal to humans, yet they definitely scramble our neuro-computers. And our brain attempts to tell us that we are in a non-friendly EMF environment by sending our physical body the cue that it’s time to move out of the danger zone.

This is a product of evolution. People who live in areas where high fault line activity often feel nauseated or dizzy prior to a large earthquake due to the geomagnetic pressure released from the ground in the form of electromagnetic energy. Ancient peoples would not tend to settle in areas that made them repeatedly feel nauseated, thus – lessening the impact of natural disaster.

EMF static is created when two plates in the ground grind together and create energy. It is also created when two dimensional rifts rub together and create energy. The astronauts reported “space sickness”, flu-like symptoms that would be present for days due to removing the body’s clock from the atmosphere, and literally – traveling through time while hovering above a spinning earth.

They were experiencing two different dimensions of being. Yet the body was “clocked” to the earth. The “rubbing” of these two different realities, or dimensions – created EMF offsets that resulted in nausea, foggy-headedness and lethargy.

At this time in our history, we are re-writing time lines so quickly that dimensional rifts – “time lines” — are being created and erased, created and erased, at a collective pace on a massive scale.

We are learning that intentions create reality. Reality is a shared belief. We share through the electromagnetic impulses in the brain. And that channel is being switched at break-neck pace.

Think of two children fighting for the Xbox console, switching characters, changing backgrounds, all happening at a pace that the human brain cannot energetically keep up with.

We literally have two different realities that are duking it out for dominance right now; neither is about politics, but about inclusivity or isolationism, unity or victimization, fear or love.

It may be easier to think about this timeframe as two Nascars crashing together against a railing, and where the sparks are flying – humanity is pinched.

That’s just uncomfortable.

We are literally experiencing dimensional “sickness”, many people reporting flu-like symptoms with no flu. As we get more accustomed to the switching dimensions jostling for dominance, or agreed-upon lock-in by society, just like the astronauts – we become accustomed to our new surroundings and the dimensional sickness subsides.

For now – many cannot shake the physical feeling of being “somewhere else”, being stuck in a “different dimension”, or feeling “foggy” to a point that no amount of Vitamin B will assist. Different people evolve at different paces through an EMF shift, and some may claim not to notice.

Yet the human brain is made to report to us when there is a disturbance in the energy field. And right now, there is a wobble in The Force as we figure out our deep connection and relationship not only to it, but to each other.

That’s simply physics.

What does this mean? 

With all three of these issues at play– you may be having a little trouble getting over the energetic shift that was inspired by this election. Yet to continue to remain in the emotions that were released in this election experience is not advised, as that event was simply a tool to point us in the direction of our own extreme manifestation capabilities.

We created this experiment by participating with actions in fear. Let us balance the experiment by creating actions of love.

Many are feeling demoralized by not only an outburst of racial tensions across the country but by the hubris exhibited by so many who wish to press this victimization energy. The sheer numbers may be interpreted as society “sliding backwards”, when in fact, Spiritual Physics would dictate that any anomaly within an energy field must present itself upon a larger resonance establishing dominance.

In other words – this ugliness is being shaken out of the carpet because the shaking has already begun.

We are in the time frame of the feminine. We are in ascendance, full-thrust off the ground. The ether of change is here. We simply are not sure what to do with this incredible magic wand known as “intention meets action” because we have been so summarily brainwashed to believe that our action means nothing by not only society, but old world religion; The President leads us, we don’t; the priest talks to god, we talk to the priest; we are powerless without an intercessor.

Which we are now learning – isn’t true.

Many are panicking that their perceptions – what they passed on Facebook while enjoying a good bit of daily drama — are actually making a difference, and not neccessarily for the better.

Again, that’s a lot of responsibility to assume if you’re a 21st Century American whose life is based around weekends, Netflix, and which drive-through to hit on the way home.

America, I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – we are growing up to join the rest of the world, which is also trying to grow up, and be one with our Global Family. This will be remarkable important with climate change presenting itself, clean water shortages, as well as other anomalies in our future which will be appearing, forcing us to look at our very place in the Universe.

Just a teenager rebels when they are expected to behave responsibly, so is our young nation spitting in the face of a Universal parent, blaming the Universe for taking the car keys away when in fact – it was simply a response to our running into a light post.

Cause and Effect is our lesson here, as is our lesson in applying, accepting, and responsibly using our own spiritual power. Many will continue to claim a victim status in this transition fueled by an anger that is palpable, due to this social and spiritual brainwashing. Compassion for this response, not equal anger – is the means to balance the energies here.

Many will be terrified to give away their anger, as anger has been the agreed-upon emotion that has been socially accepted as a show of strength. Anger can push us past our fear and be used as a performance-enhancing drug – yet anyone under the influence does not make rational decisions.

Anger can be confused with grief. It is the go-to-emotion for the bully Patriarchal to cover up a litany of fear and pain. To give away anger, for many, is to give away their voice. There is much resistance to the thought of giving away our anger, as many view that action as giving away their right to grieve, or to feel disappointment.

Anger can be healthy when temporarily used as a tool for healing or taking responsible action. Yet to maintain a state of anger is living within the disappointments of the past and is not conducive to building in the future. To remain in anger is to remain in agreement with the disappointments of the past. It is also to remain victim to our own sense of hopelessness and fear. In this scenario, we are our own captors.

Our lesson at this time is to set ourselves free.

Love is a much more sustainable fuel, and this is also a lesson we are currently learning. The works of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. have persisted more than the works of Malcom X. The works of Gandhi and Jesus has persisted past the works of Stalin and Hitler.

Taking action in love during this time frame is a tangible way to assist the time lines in stabilizing, so the track-switching isn’t such a nauseating ride. Outcome is important. Yet right now, it’s not about the outcome, but about how we manage the wobble in trying to handle our own super powers of creation. If we make this stretch of the journey only about outcome – whose side wins, who is right and who is wrong — we disempower the self once again in an attempt to shortcut past learning that our actions design our world.

We go deaf to the lessons of the grandmothers attempting to present themselves under the feminine time frame.

Put more plainly, if we try and play under the rule of the outmoded imbalanced Patriarchal which has already been shaken from the carpet, that won’t work anymore, because that system doesn’t work anymore, in spite of recent appearances.

Remember, we keep trying to re-create the world we are familiar with – the world of the oppressed and the oppressor. Stockholm Syndrome at its best. And creating that world within the time frame of the feminine won’t be stable. It’s simply spiritual physics.

Action solidifies an energy signature. Whether taking action in love means beautifying your community, spending time with family, working with a social cause, phoning congress people with respectful messages of support for inclusive action, standing up in a respectful way for what you believe in without needing to victimize another to substantiate your beliefs, or praying – all of these actions in love begin to rest the bubble between the lines of a rocking imbalance we are creating in order to learn.

Be patient with yourself. You’re learning to fly. We’ve never done this before – not to this extent. Yet as creatures of love and of light –

— we’ll get it.

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Where Are the Trump Supporters Against Racism, Homophobia, and Misogyny?

I have heard from many Trump supporters that are worried and even hurt that people are thinking that they are racist, homophobic or a misogynist. They’ve been asking me what I think they should do, to move forward, to waylay some of the “hate” that is being directed at them.

This is a rough question to address, as the anger and fear being directed at many Trump supporters is unfortunately a side effect of the campaign that Trump himself ran.

Honestly, it is somewhat surprising to me that many of these Trump supporters are very gob-smacked at the response from non-Trump supporters.

We all live in our own bubbles, and if we have not learned anything from this election, we should take away the lesson that living in our bubbles, and not factoring in the perceptions of others, has gotten us into this position in the first place.

Regrettably, unless Trump himself changes his tune from the top — he’s sort of trying yet all of that trying is being over-written by his cabinet appointments — this “generalization of supporters” is going to be the predominant feeling of many Americans who did not support Trump.

Even if it isn’t true, individual to individual.

This would be no different than half of America believing everyone who voted for Hillary is just another corporate oligarchy puppet out to perpetuate lies in government — which of course is not true either.

For everyone to heal in this process, especially those who voted for Trump, I have observed that accountability is a very large lesson in this election.

No matter why people voted for Trump, I believe there is wisdom in people excepting that they voted for a candidate who simply erased the boundaries of accepted behavior for a person seeking the office of a public servant. This is spiritual physics – like attracts like. So it is likely that the response that many Trump supporters will receive from other people — will lack boundaries.

I’m not saying I support having no boundaries. I don’t. I am making a comment on base level spiritual physics. Cause-and-effect.

I think we have some opportunity to step away from this marginalization of people in the cause-and-effect boomerang that’s occurring, especially for those of us that were never Trump supporters.

I for one got very sick of being told that I was “voting with my vagina” as a Hillary Clinton supporter. So as someone who has been wildly marginalized in this election, I would rather harness my own sense of accountability and not pass that useless and base energy forward.

I personally know many of these “fiscal not moral” Trump supporters, and they are very good people in their day-to-day life. I know some that have been life-long moderate Democrats that were sucked into the fake-fact media campaigns. Or, they just didn’t resonate with Hillary anyway, period, and wanted a change. Many are Libertarian or Independents wanting something new to shake out the system, so they voted for Trump, fully knowing that mayhem would ensue, but counting on the mayhem to incite a course correction.

In short, a different form of Bernie’s Revolution.

I think it’s very important for the balancing of fear that’s spreading like a virus in the USA to acknowledge that for those of us who did not vote for Trump, not every Trump supporter is a racist or a homophobe or a misogynist.

And I think it’s very important for every Trump supporter to understand why people would make that assumption.
Because until we begin to see the world through someone else’s eyes – we will remain on this ridiculously polarized trajectory cast in a victim position. And that solves nothing.

It is up to our actions, not our ideologies, to define who we are in the world.

This in turn defines our world.

So I would ask every Trump supporter out there, who is not a racist, or a homophobe, or a misogynist — and I know there are many — to call their state senators and insist that no matter what party affiliation that you are, human rights, civil rights, and dignity be brought into our affairs of government.

Maybe start a hashtag like #TrumpSupporters4Equality when disavowing racist messages on social media.

Because this evolution is far bigger than Republicans vs Democrats, liberals vs conservatives. This is about love vs oppression. This is part of the ascension process.

Indeed, it is a spiritual issue.

And this issue calls into question the very design of the United States of America, which by our Constitution, does not call for oppression of the masses.

It’s especially important at this time that Republican congress people understand that half of America is not in favor of a human rights shut-down. I personally think they’re fairly aware of that, with the exception of a few hard-line extremists. However, I would not put anything past people’s aptitudes at this point in time, here in bizarro land, where there the illusion that “mob rules” is being acted out to reap its lessons.

If / when he is sworn in — and I’m still seeing some bumps in the road for him there — Mr. Trump is going to have a huge amount of pressure put on him by outside interests to carry out an agenda that is extreme. He has absolutely no training in this area of powerlessness. He is going to be overwhelmed by how silent his voice actually will be in the office of the Presidency.

We are already witnessing Mr. Trump bracing up against this overwhelming tide of powerlessness by attempting to insulate himself with family in the office of the Presidency. This insulation is costing the city of New York nearly one million dollars a day as he blocks off portions of fifth avenue to spend large amounts of time at Trump Tower instead of the White House.

I actually, truly, have a lot of compassion for the guy, as the fear that I feel coming out of him is palpable.

He fears for his life. He fears for his children’s lives, which is why he wants them close to him in the White House.

What was a strategy game of poker for this man has now become very real for him. And this reality is something that he simply is not prepared for.

Trump is, however, very tied to the opinion of him which is held by his supporters, as well their belief in him.

So please – if you supported Trump for fiscal or “governmental change” reasons, and you are not in support of racial and gender separatism, let your Congress people know that you are a Trump supporter who is not in favor of rolling back base human rights in America.

This is how we break the cycle of marginalization.

To be a Trump supporter and say nothing in the face of such sweeping hatred popping up across America is to give permission to the movement, regardless of your personal stance.

Silence is the green light. So speak up.

Please and thank you — from a Hillary supporter who does not believe that all Trump supporters are evil incarnate. None of us are. And I’m done with the need to polarize and marginalize.

That’s in part how we got into this mess.

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What Went Wrong with the Clinton Presidential Prediction

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Evolution, Not Revolution, is What Saves America

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A Message to the World from The Angels

WOW. I don’t have any words of my own right now — I’m still stunned. The Angelic realm kept me up last night to pass this message along. The message has taken my breath away. 


Here is the message from The Angels, to the world —

“You, Children of The One That Is All, be free to hear:

The old world shrivels beneath the growth of the new. The old world cries out “Injustice!” as all (law) is applied equally, striking wheat into the basket for the great feast.

It is the time of harvest. The family is drawn together in celebration.

Anger is the tongue of the fearful, reaching with pain for the sun through tangled brambles of barbed vines, which reach also upward. 

All seek the Light; the fearful, the temperate, the barbed brambles, the green buds. All are bourn of Light and return to Light; though some cast shade and some bloom, all are purposeful in the fertile soil below. 

Look not to the sky nor the soil for your signs. Your redemption is not of this place. Look not for direction to the furrowed brow nor reaching hand scathed with thorns. For the gesture of your reaching is not salvation. The cursing of the burning sun does not provide shade. 

Instead, be at Peace, you who dwell in the Light of the One That Is All. Seek your signs in the actions born of your hands. Awaken! Stand witness to your truth. You are the embodiment of Light, the children of Light, the bearers of Light, the bringers of miracles, whether tethered to brambles or tending supple fields; you embody the Christ you seek on this earth. 

You as one are the Great Return.”

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Epilogue to an Epic Shift

All actions have a learning component. As does this election.

I received my absentee ballot and I’m going to vote and send it in. And then I’ve done my part, in walking the walk and talking the talk.

I’m looking forward to voting in this historic election and I’m looking forward to this election being over. The unrest in the feelings that have come forward in our nation will take time to heal. Yet everything that has occurred — everything — has been in the highest good for the growth of this country during this pivotal time in history.

We must flush out all of this fear and anger in order to come together to address much bigger issues coming forward in the world.

So go vote. Then let it go and be the best person you can possibly be, for yourself, your friends, your families, and your communities.

This means taking a breath before deciding our opinions are worthy of being turned into a sword.

This means thinking through generalizations of “those people” no matter who they may be. To make certain people out to be “those people”‘– means we become those people.

And most of all, this timeframe means having the courage not to punch back with a fist when the situation requires our own tears, instead.

Hear this:

Our anger is not righteousness.

It’s just anger.

And beneath that anger is pain.

Our pain is not righteousness.

It’s just fear that has festered.

Fear that nothing will get better. Fear that we are not seen, that we are caught in the treads of a massive shoe that crushes us to the ground. Fear that our hopes, our needs, our understanding of our world — has gone invisible.

Fear that we are invisible.

This new world to come is ours to design. We choose it’s guidelines. We choose it’s parameters. We choose to be the victim, the oppressor, or the champion for others.

This choice is ours alone. We make this choice everyday.

We are not kept out of chaos by violence, nor fear, nor oppression, nor judgement, nor cynicism.

Law and order are not iron rails upon which we must be chained. ‘Law’ is the balance of actions and ‘order’ is the action taken to keep the balance. The key to both is agreeing that both have a place in peace.

The other component to peace — the most important component — is you.

It is not the President who will bring peace and healing to America. It is not the Supreme Court Justices. It is not the Congress nor the trade policies. It is not tax breaks nor our neighbor who holds differing political viewpoints. It is not big money. It is not our partners, our pastors, our rabbis, our husbands or wives.

It is us. It is YOU.

This new world, this peace, this safety – starts with you; with what comes from your mouth and your heart, everyday.

If you wish to see the pain and the fear in the world go away — then work to remove the pain and the fear in yourself.

Because you, and me, and seven billion others — are the world.

We don’t need a savior. We don’t need a cause.

We simply need to recognize that WE are enough; we are sacred enough, special enough, worth treating ourselves with love instead of pain, worth reaching out to others past our misunderstanding of them, as we would hope they would extend us, too, this same courtesy.

You are enough.

You are worth respecting yourself. When we spew vitriol towards those with whom we disagree, we do not shame and disrespect them. We disrespect ourself by showing others what we feel we are worthy of, by our very actions.

Anger met with anger is simply an exercise in anger. Judgement met with judgement demonstrates we judge ourselves the most harshly, above all.

How we behave everyday sets the tone for the world.

Own it. Give away your demons, for they may have been valuable teachers, yet no effective student utilizes the same teacher forever.

That is the sign of the student who fears moving forward.

Why do we fear moving forward? Because familiar pain is less frightening than unexpected pain.

And there is our bottom line, humanity.

We build life paths, relationships, entire societies, on avoiding predictable pain —

— instead of truly living by allowing the variable called joy.

No President can convince you that you are safe enough to expect joy. No Congress, no political party, no religion nor tax code. No partner, no lover, no spouse, no child. This responsibility of excavating our own joy through layers of fear and mistrust and bitterness — is our task, and ours alone. This excavation is the action of hope. And we must have courage to be hopeful.

So be brave. Own your task. Own yourself.

And let’s change the world.

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Why Voting in the 2016 Presidential Election is the Biggest Spiritual Act of Our Time

This election is playing out exactly as it looked like it would play out as I peered through the ethers back in May. Yet even though one may be able to spot the rocky terrain ahead –

—  it still doesn’t prepare a person for the actual jolt of the ride.

I channel information that’s given to me to share. The Universe has no desire to watch people panic, and whatever truths may be shared in order to waylay some panic, well – that’s my job, as the translator. I feel like the Anderson Cooper of the spiritual realm, although he has much better glasses. Though Anderson and I don’t exactly do the same type of work, and he would probably squirm in his beautiful shoes at being compared to a Psychic, we do the same type of job: We break news.

And that doesn’t always make everyone happy. Yet it is what it is.

As a spiritual news-breaker, I’ve written a number of blogs and produced a number of videos on how this 2016 Presidential Election is not about the President at all, but about a demonstration in a shift of consciousness and in outmoded operating systems as we move from the masculine time frame into the feminine.

At the time, this message was a touch ahead of the curve, as the country was still in the primaries. There seemed to be some furrowed brows over the fact that some wild-haired chick in her robe and glasses was espousing energetic election results, and even more furrowed brows that the same woman had not only called out a dated and abusive out-of-balance masculine energy, but named Hillary Clinton, not Bernie Sanders — the winner of the 2016 election.

What was a Psychic doing, messing with political projections? Talking about male and female energies? Was it a ploy, to get visibility? Was she paid by the Hillary campaign, or a secret spokesperson? Was she a man-hater? (Because Facebook showed she had a wife.) I was disavowed by a few people in my own spiritual field who claimed that I was one step off of being an ambulance chaser – a sensationalist for my own gain wading into pseudo-celebrity waters by even being associated with the name “Donald Trump”.

As the translator, the spiritual news reporter – I sat back and watched the many reactions to this news I had placed forward. I observed many hanging upon this messenger their deepest fears. It was fascinating and a little frightening at the same time as death threats peppered threads on my YouTube channel and wove between rational comments on my blog.

In the face of quite an emotional and energetic storm, I knew that none of this was about me.

In fact, when the dust settled, the message I’d passed along had done its job. It resonated, and continues to resonate, as the collective many have looked into this fire and have attempted to make sense of the unusual sparks.

My blog post “Why Donald Trump is the Best Thing to Ever Happen to the USA” and my Presidential Prediction video both went viral. I was contacted by the Washington Post to add my two cents on the shift on consciousness we are experiencing, and the Huffington Post cited my work as accurately making sense of this time frame. People everywhere were tuning in, waking up, realizing that indeed – there was a bigger picture attempting to paint itself past the usual hair-splitting and name-calling that elections bring forward.

As the real nature of the lesson of this election has made itself more and more clear, I’ve since been a national tele-conference speaker alongside New York Times best-selling authors, been humbled to be on the cover of a Magazine, sat on a “State-of-the-world” panel with accomplished individuals such as a Rabbi, a Muslim woman, and an infectious diseases specialist. I’ve been a guest on terrific radio programs and have even chatted about politics with Ghost Hunters Jason Hawes and JV Johnson on their radio show. I continue to get a chance to speak on the evolving nature of this consciousness, yet six months into the circus – the spiritual news broadcast is making a lot more sense to most folks.

That whole time-lapse-confusion part is simply a job hazard in my field.

Through this election process, we’ve watched energy exchanges in the Presidential debates where a centered and focused Hillary Clinton has weathered the blustering, stammering, sniffing, pacing, stomping, shifting, scowling, interrupting, and looming of Donald Trump. No matter which candidate – or neither – that anyone prefers, the outward display of caricature-like behavior exhibited by Mr. Trump is driving the nail of ascendance deeper into the consciousness coffin.

As I’ve mentioned before, Donald Trump is here to represent a dying consciousness; one of ego, victimization, bullying, narcissism, and the out-of-balance masculine. These chest-bumping attributes of 20th century cigar-chewing, suspender-snapping conquest are antiquated in a global society where working together is necessary for not only the preservation of one another, but our planet.

As a human species, we learn through contrast. So here comes The Donald, unapologetically wielding every trick in the used car salesman’s handbook (1985 edition), demonstrating for us that the “guy with the credit card” energy falls flat against the empowered feminine. The grandmother energies are upon our wounded earth, as heralded by the Hopi Nation ten thousand years ago. And every naughty little boy is going to get a wooden spoon to the butt – spiritually speaking.

Donald Trump appears to be on a divine schedule: As the clock ticks down to November 8th, he somehow recognizes that soon, his name shall disappear into the annals of news history, so he’s going to make sure to throw down every exaggerated man-tantrum behavior before he loses the unprecedented press coverage.

As someone who reads timelines, I’m grateful for his unwavering dedication to the petulant. It appears that only through his jaw-dropping demonstrations of projectile hubris are we willing to learn that being a completely separatist authoritarian bully who lacks accountability yet fakes it ‘til he makes it – doesn’t work in the 21st century.

Societally in the USA, it is to our best interest to get it together in the area of overall consciousness, and we don’t seem to want to do that until we’re threatened with a world leader who basically – can’t. In more plain terms – we really need to stop bickering over everyone’s differences and embrace our own accountability and strengths instead of distracting ourselves with lowest-common-denominator dramas.

The next two years is going to pose difficulties in not only clean drinking water here in the USA and abroad, but difficulties navigating world weather. So building walls, blaming others, and creating an isolationist culture of fear doesn’t exactly cut it.

At this point, I look at Donald Trump as an activist, championing his representation of the dying 20th century patriarch with dedication. He’s placed nearly 100 million of his own dollars into propagating this image, and I cannot thank him enough for investing in the education and expedited evolution of America that would have never taken place – without him.

And he’s not finished yet. With the latest “Looming Trump” body language exhibited in the Town Hall Debate in St. Louis, Mr. Trump has kicked the lid off of another septic vat of consciousness as women everywhere were spun into anxiety attacks while recalling the overbearing posturing of their father, their husband, their brother.

As Hillary quoted first lady Michelle Obama, going high when he went low, Trump continued to squirm and twist and turn and grip the back of the chair as if at any moment, he would explode with the indignation of literally – having all of his power removed by moderators and a rather unshaken opponent. There was a moment in the debate where my wife turned to me and said, “Hillary needs a drink after this.” I mentioned I was fairly sure it was whiskey. And perhaps that would be a two-shot evening.

I personally received dozens of emails from women asking me what to do, from a spiritual perspective, with the level of resentment that had emerged while watching Trump pace in and out of Hillary Clinton’s personal space like an impatient large cat as she answered questions. Women described to me feeling “sick”, “anxious”, and revisiting the traumatic stress that living with a narcissist, a bully, and an emotional abuser had left within them.

Some women were shocked at the feelings that emerged while watching Trump, not even realizing that their childhoods had been so fraught with tension – until they watched it play out on national TV. I even heard from a few men who had lived through difficult and abusive fathers who were also made tremendously uncomfortable by Trump. The underlying commonality between these groups was the fact that most of them felt they had dealt with their issues around their fathers – or so they thought.

Until they felt panic, and sickness, and smallness, in watching what Hillary Clinton managed to completely ignore. It was then that they realized a small child still resided within them, frightened by the bully, terrified by the narcissist.

The consciousness experience known as Donald Trump is the gift that keeps on giving, and he’s not done yet. With such a limited amount of time left to completely encapsulate a mentality that is flying out the door faster than a red shirt out of a Star Trek airlock, we are going to see more intense outbursts of seemingly unfathomable conscience from Mr. Trump. Yet that’s what he’s here to do. And the more outrageous Donald becomes, the closer we are to turning a corner to a new chapter in consensus in American government. And we are ready.

The spiritual ticker tape is ripe with future news, and the news wire isn’t bleak, but hopeful and brilliant:

This is the era of the divine feminine. The truth is that we have many years of growth ahead of us. There will be an historic election of women into the Congress this year, with focus on minorities. Hillary Clinton will be elected into office with a near 63% margin. There will be an unprecedented working together of both political parties as the USA is faced with tough challenges in energy, water, and climate. Infrastructure will boom and jobs will be on the rise. Education is boosted as Bernie Sanders comes onboard as a higher education advisor to a new task force that will be put into place to better serve students and those who wish to obtain alternative education in vocational aptitudes. The green energy act coming into play will boost innovation within the USA and the limping steel industry is moved ahead with new gas furnaces as dwindling coal companies are given dividends to train their employees in alternative energy means.

This is a time of great transition, and fast transition. The focus will not only be on a better America – but being a better world steward.

In the midst of this golden growth, there will be those whose identities have been so mired in the dysfunction of the abusive 20th century patriarch that the new world improvements simply will not be acknowledged, or believed. There will be those whose form of income is derived from the suffering of others. The plain and simple truth of an America on the rise will be dismissed as spin and media manipulation because that reality is the only world that many know; they shall cling to the identity of the limited, the victimized, the fearful, for as long as possible.

It will be our job to be patient with those who struggle against the tide of great growth and improvement. Their fear is a prison and compassion is the only key to early release. To judge someone caught in the snare of fear is to admit that we will never be free of fear, ourselves.

We are in transit, and the train is slowing pulling into the new world. This world is created by our choices and our willingness to work together – because thanks to Donald Trump, we have seen what it looks like to work apart. Everyone in this breakneck evolution has played a valuable role – especially Donald. We couldn’t have done it without him.

To all who have participated in this great ascension process– I have gratitude. We aren’t done yet. But the ship is almost to the dock. And when we get there –

– it’s going to be one heck of a party.


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Five Signs that You Aren’t Ready for a Psychic Reading

As someone in the metaphysical field who has been blessed with a booming practice for over 15 years, I’ve had the privilege and the opportunity to visit with thousands of different personality types representing countless needs. I’ve made many observations in this field about what people are truly seeking, once making an appointment with me. And in assessing these observations, I’ve found several commonalities that may assist many who are debating whether or not to actually visit with a Psychic or Medium.

Let’s face it: Money isn’t exactly growing in most people’s gardens. And before I ever “came out” as a Psychic, I was a Montanan. As a Montanan, I feel it’s my pick-yourself-up-by-your-bootstrap-duty to save someone else a headache.

With that motivation on the table, let’s get to the five signs that you aren’t ready to visit with a Psychic.

1) It’s not the job of any Psychic to convince you that you should have faith in the Universe.

This is a job best suited for a pastor, a priest, or perhaps, your bestie or your mom. It’s a waste of your hard-earned money to sit across from a Psychic, whose job is to provide you with guidance, and demand that the guidance be backed with some sort of iron-clad guarantee that faith will accompany you on the rest of your life path journey.

Faith is a trust issue. It has nothing to do with Psychics, or Doctors, or even Lovers. These trust issues have more to do with whether or not a person can trust themselves in their own decision making. No angel in creation is able to tell a person whether or not they will choose to trust themselves, the universe, or any other individual.

Trust is a free will issue, and a great lesson for many.

The issue of faith resides within each one of us, and it is the job of each one of us to access that faith center within the self and decide where to place our faith.

Which leads me to number two on our list.

2) It’s not a Psychic’s job to prove to you that they’re Psychic.

Honestly. This is almost silly to address, yet it’s going to get a few paragraphs because this issue gets in the way of people receiving the valuable information they are paying for.

If you don’t trust medical science – don’t go to see a doctor. If you don’t trust roller coasters – don’t get on one. To pay for a service that you don’t believe in, or that you don’t trust, is baffling. Sure, take from a reading that which resonates, and throw out the rest. That’s called discernment, something that most people don’t trust themselves enough to access. And that’s back to the “faith” issue.

Yet if you are walking into a reading wanting the Psychic to “prove” they are the real deal – that wastes your time, the practitioner’s time, and moreover – your hard-earned money. There are many 1-900 sites available to entertain you with mentalist tricks if you are simply bored and seeking to be “wowed”. And that can be fun in and of itself.

One of the most irritating misconceptions floating around the metaphysical community is that a Psychic should never ask you questions, and if they do, they’re not a real Psychic. That is a fear-based assumption that is ridiculous on a hundred levels, yet I’ll cite one, to start.

If I am visiting with a client, I will see a wall of issues that need to be addressed. We have a time limit and I want to make sure that I am addressing the issues the client wishes to deal with during our session. After all, it’s not my session – it’s theirs.

The other misconception is that the Universe knows exactly what we are seeking before we get into a session, and if a Psychic can’t “guess” our “big question” without the client mentioning why they are there, they are not psychic.

This isn’t a game show.

Of course the Universe knows what you need. Yet human beings have DOZENS of issues that need addressed, at any given time. And often the issue that brings someone to my office only scratches the surface of the issue that truly needs to be addressed. Yet THAT is the issue folks are ready, emotionally, to start with. And Universe meets us where we are at. If you need to hear a related message that you’re not asking for, the Universe will make sure that message gets through.

We MUST ask for the help we wish the receive. There are no “cheats” to life, and the Universe will rarely throw us a bone if we are constantly trying to “test it” so that it can “earn our trust”.

Trust yourself to know what you need. The idea that you don’t know what you need is an outmoded dis-empowering brainwashing modality from the old religious ages.

Free will is at the very learning core of the human species. I know, I know, we all want to be “floored” by Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character on “Ghost Whisperer”, when she walks right up to us and says, “I have a message!” Yet only in rare cases is that not a violation of free will. Every Psychic is different, yet ALL of us are bound by the physics of free will – as is the angelic realm when dealing with us.

Which bring me to number three.

3) If you’re not ready to hear unexpected information regarding your life path — you’re not ready for a Psychic reading.

This is perhaps the most important piece of information in this list. I have lost count over the years of the number of people who come to see me, wishing to hear from their angels the best life path choice, or the most effective job decision – only to balk at the answer when it’s not what they expected.

Well of course it won’t be what a person may have expected. It’s change. And change is hard for people. In order to change our life, we must do something we’ve never done before. And that’s scary sometimes.

When someone mentions they hate their job, and then they mention they wish to have some hints form the universe on which direction they should choose to place their efforts, it’s likely that the universe will re-direct the person into a different occupation. That is, if one truly is displaced in their occupation. Yet this base fact scares the ba-jeezuz out of most people because changing occupations sometimes requires financial “risk”, furthering education, and the one thing that most folks dread more than the dentist – a heap of courage to change, and a leap of faith.

There’s that faith issue again.

Which leads me to number four in our list.

4) If you already have all the answers – you don’t need a Psychic reading.

Again. I simply cannot fathom, as someone with a family and a family budget, the disposable income someone must have in order to book a session, receive information, and then argue every point that is presented with “why it won’t work”.

Of course we don’t have to agree with everything in a reading. Yet if you’re kicking everything out immediately with comments that nothing will ever work – perhaps the reason your life isn’t working is because of that very negative base line to begin with?

Save your money and work on your mentality surrounding limitation consciousness. And reference the paragraph on “faith”.

And last but not least, number five.

5) If you want to visit with a deceased loved one and you are wanting them to give you the “secret sign” to believe it’s really them – you’re not ready for a Mediumship reading.

Again, please see a priest or a holy person to assist you with issues on the afterlife, if you’re not sure what happens after our bodies die. I regularly answer many questions about the afterlife, but not from the “prove there is an afterlife” perspective.

That energy isn’t conducive to learning.

When we cross over, we still have free will. Nine times out of ten a deceased loved one will come back to give us a message of peace. If you want to “test” the spirit to make sure it’s really Aunt Sally by asking her what color underpants you put on this morning, it’s highly unlikely the spirit will answer you, because again, that goes back to the “trust” issue that we’re all learning. And once spirits cross over, they have an incredible understanding of what is in our highest interest.

Now, maybe Aunt Sally has a sense of humor and will answer you. I’ve had that happen. But it’s rare. Spirits come back to deliver our hearts the healing they are seeking and to help bring us closure in our grieving process. That is, if they show up.

Sometimes, spirits won’t come forward if someone has formed an unhealthy attachment to letting that person go. Sometimes they do come forward just to help with this issue. Yet again, we are dealing with free will here.

The misconception is that we Mediums can just “dial up” spirits like we’re calling someone on the phone. Well, we certainly try. And just like a phone, sometimes, folks pick up, and sometimes they are busy and let the call roll to voicemail.

Again, discernment is key here. If you are fearful that you can’t trust yourself to know whether the spirit communicating through a Medium is actually Aunt Sally – engaging in a mediumship session is not for you.

In summary

Obviously, there are disingenuous people in all fields, and the Psychic field is notorious for charlatans and weirdos taking off with the money of hurting people. There are people who make big money off of claiming to remove “curses” from folks, for only three sessions of a bazillion dollars each.

I get why folks are a little gun shy.

However, if you truly are gun-shy, then it isn’t the right time for you to seek the type of assistance from someone like myself, or many other reputable practitioners, who have dedicated our lives to bringing through messages for the growth and highest good of all.

Most of us are here to help you. It’s pretty simple.

Make sure to do your research before booking with any Psychic, and the most valuable research you can do is – ask around. Any troll online can say anything. However, real people will tell you the real truth about their experience with a person.

And most of all – trust your GUT. When you’re seeking a reading, trust the FEELING that you get when you view someone’s website, videos, or read their blog. That feeling is the Universe nudging you to “go for it” or to “wait”. The more we learn to trust ourselves, the more we trust those around us, getting more out of our personal relationships.

And that’s the greatest spiritual gift of all.

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