An urgent 2020 tough-love note from the Universe

Here is an urgent 2020 tough-love note from the Universe that woke me out of a dead sleep at 1:47am —

LET GO OF DEMONIZING OTHERS in order to justify your own choices.

2020 is going to be a hard year for people who live in the past, or people who have an ax to grind. Because that ax will end up squarely in the back of the one who’s swinging it. That’s not my prediction. It’s the accountability Capricorn energies of 2020.

I’m watching people lash out for no reason, or overreact when embarrassed.

I’m watching people struggling with this Capricorn-Saturn energy and losing the battle with their own long-standing illusions of grandeur; their own BS.

I’m watching people fall on the sword of their own hubris, spilling their own emotional blood to save their own egos in the moment.

I’m watching some pretty tragic behavior that could easily be avoided by folks “letting it go”, talking it out, or just plain moving on.

And, I’m watching others work out their own frustrations by getting sucked into other people’s “stuff” like tipping over the edge of a whirlpool, only to get drawn down to the depths of someone else’s negativity, ax grinding, and chaos.

People are projecting and demonizing up a storm so that they don’t have to do the heavy lifting when looking at their own participation in the failure of their relationships, systems, health, money, or opportunities. This behavior defies the detail-oriented Saturn in Capricorn energy that demands that we all clean up our own corners of the universe, one small, accountable detail at a time.

As example, I have several friends whose exes have suddenly, out of the blue, gone crazy in attempting to defame them, even though they broke up years ago. A former employee of my wife’s, who quit a long time ago, launches attacks at my wife’s business publicly and privately and encourages others to do so. Under the Saturn-Pluto-Capricorn energies, the aforementioned person will likely get their new employer sued for a myriad of completely differing reasons, yet that’s the hazard of hiring (then turning a blind eye to) people who pretend to be something they’re not; something that our current Saturn-Capricorn alignment, which will last all of 2020, has absolutely no tolerance for.

The bigger issue is the dramas and the anger and the projection that will absolutely *sink* the lives, careers, and relationships of people on 2020, should folks entertain them.

Devastating and unnecessary casualties.

Yet people will, literally, tempt fate, thinking that accountability just can’t reach them. Why? Perhaps they’ve had “fixers” in the past — people who have made excuses for them and enabled rotten behavior, or people who could always foot the bill to bail them out of legal or uncomfortable situations.

Because what people who are in utter denial about their own hubris have coming for them — is a massive lesson in accountability. It will be inescapable; a heartbreaking and terrifying experience.

If folks choose not to let go of their demonizing, blaming, raging, displacing — all things we do so we don’t have to deal with our own stuff — 2020 will be a shattering experience of their mirror breaking apart. Every frailty will be exposed. Every fear they’ve ever had will be flaid out onto the public table for all to see, naked before the eyes of the world.

Yeah. It’ll be that intense, if we run from our crap and blame everybody else for it. It’ll be worse for those that rally negativity against another. (This is NOT the year to be a pot-stirrer.)

And for those who live in an echo chamber of how “fabulous” or untouchable or unaccountable they are, or worse, how “wronged” they are (the narcissistic martyr) — 2020 is going to be a brutal lesson in face-planting into their own jagged pit of illusion.

I’m not kidding. It’s gonna be a real nose-breaker.

Because that’s what apparently is necessary for some folks, to snap them out of being high on their own press, their own illusions.

Why is the Universe being such a butt-kicker right now? Because some of us are just *not* getting the memo that it’s time to simply shine. That we have a limited time to come out of our own personal tantrums and fear, in order to shake off that drama distraction, and step into our amazing gifts and personal super-powers — so that we can TRULY be the person people can trust, people can count on, and we, ourselves, can *actually* respect when we look into the mirror.

Basically, we can’t evolve if we’re acting like self-indulgent little A-holes and blaming everyone for our inability to pull our heads from our butts. We’ve used up our “get out of jail free” cards in this area, humanity. It’s time to be grown-ups and get over ourselves and heal the world. Time to stop blaming, bullying, gossiping, deflecting, projecting, stalking, obsessing, snarking, playing the victim, attention-seeking, and attacking.

Move. On.

Otherwise — 2020’s going to be a looooong year.

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