InPsightRadio Ep. 42 – “UFO’s and the Horsepower They Road In On”

Episode 42 of inPsight Radio with Danielle Egnew: Danielle dives into the 2019 Defense Intelligence Agency’s disclosure that they’d funded Pentagon Black Programs on UFO propulsion: Danielle describes, as a UFOlogist, her work with OffWorld races — what are they doing here? Plus, Danielle explains, out of the 38 secret programs disclosed to the Congress, which programs correspond with UFO technology that OffWorlders currently use? Tune in and receive today’s best inPsight!  

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InPsightRadio Ep. 41 – “Manifestation Mishap: The Allegory of Algorithms”

Episode 41 of inPsight Radio with Danielle Egnew: Danielle goes deep to explain the effect that online algorithms have on shaping our three dimensional world: Does artificial intelligence have a spirit? How can perception change our frequency? What does the “echo chamber” effect have to do with dimensional shifts? Plus, the energetic ramifications of GenX, the “Xed Out” Generation — have we been completely forgotten? Tune in and receive today’s best inPsight!  

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InPsightRadio Ep. 40 – “The Dimensional Wave that Shook the Earth”

Episode 40 of inPsight Radio with Danielle Egnew: On January 3rd, 2019 — *something* hit the planet earth, from space, with unprecedented magnitude. Danielle brings forward new evidence of a the dimensional wave that offset the country, and the world, in 2016: Why has the earth, and American culture, been so “strange”?  Is it possible for humanity to enter into another dimension, and if so, would we be aware of doing so? What is “Space Sickness”, and why did so many people in 2016 claim it’s symptoms? Is an “ascension” happening, right NOW — if so, what triggered this massive event? Tune in and receive today’s best inPsight!

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InPsightRadio Ep. 39 – “2019’s Year of Re-Construction: Part 2”

Episode 39 of inPsight Radio with Danielle Egnew: Part 2 of a two-part year-end broadcast, Danielle casts a predictive light on 2019 starting with stepping outside the box to rebuild our current society: How will we see the year of Re-Construction work itself out in our government, our President, our Congress? What is the first, second, and third phase of life? What is the “age of the grandmothers”, and are we more powerful or less powerful, over the age of 60? Plus, what do we learn about money in 2019? Tune in and receive today’s best inPsight!   

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InPsightRadio Ep. 38 – “2019’s Year of Re-Construction: Part 1”

Episode 38 of inPsight Radio with Danielle Egnew: Part 1 of a two-part year-end broadcast, Danielle casts a predictive light on 2019 starting with stepping outside the box to rebuild our current society: What’s an example of human evolution in action? How does the term “non-binary” reflect a more inclusive “god consciousness”?  How can we all step outside of the box, out of our own comfort levels, to set a course of events in action that may permanently change the world? And what was in our current President’s mind when the then-candidate found out he was moving on to the Presidency? Tune in and receive today’s best inPsight!    

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An Open Letter to Fearful America

man standing holding a tablet behind curtain

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Dear Fearful America,

Though your voice has been strong and your vitriol has been stronger, I’m now speaking out on the consciousness of our nation, and what’s going on behind the scenes. Because believe it or not — I actually care about all of us. This includes you.

And, apparently, this is what the universe wants me to do.

I can’t say I’m super thrilled about this request, as it really does mean drawing a lot of heat from people, and making a lot of people feel not good.

And I like to make people feel good.

Yet if I ignore this repeated request from the universe, if I ignore my conscience asking me to speak up, then that ends up getting rotten on the other end. So I’d rather lose a few followers, ruffle a few feathers, and deal with a few trolls, than have the karmic repercussion on the other side.

After all — silence equals permission.

The truth is, I don’t care what side of the political fence you’re on. There should not be a fence. In fact, in my work, I seek to tear down the fence. Because you are my fellow human family. Which is why plain-spoken “tough love” messages are harder for me to deliver. Because I can see into the heart of every single one of you. And every single one of our hearts wants the exact same thing – love, acceptance, and peace.

It’s how we go about it that’s causing a bit of a wrinkle.

What I see happening, in my lifetime, is frightening. What’s more frightening is how many others don’t see it through the rush of anger in the moment, the illusion of purposefulness.

I’m 49 years old. Never before in my life have I been attacked as ferociously online as this time frame, what is now being called “the Trump era”.

I grew up a gay woman when coming out wasn’t the thing to do, 25 years ago — and even in the closet’s most dark corners, I was not the target of the seething hatred that I am, today, for simply speaking up, disagreeing with the modality of this President.

I was railed at for going public with my spiritual gifts by those who were frightened that I was propagation the work of the devil. Yet even then, with the mighty fear of God fueling conviction —  I was not the target of the seething hatred that I am, today, for simply speaking up, disagreeing with the modality of this President.

I’m a public person and have been for many years. As such, I’m (regrettably) used to people not liking me on occasion. That’s the price of putting yourself out there. You’re not everyone’s cup of tea. That’s life.

However, since I’ve made social observations on the obvious polarization that is fueled by the rhetoric during this time frame, I’ve had death threats on YouTube threads. I’ve had to block people on social media for the first time because they just can’t let my opinion go. I’ve had to delete posts because they are so heated and inappropriate that it’s too hurtful too have hanging in my space.

This is the new danger of the fringe consciousness, on both ends. And I’ve never seen anything like it.

I don’t live in an echo chamber. I have many beautiful people in my life with beliefs that differ from mine, politically, spiritually, emotionally and socially, and most of those people are riding out this craziness with the same patience that I’m attempting to apply. Some are completely sucked in, refuting every opinion I have on social media, as if our opposing energies cancel each other out somewhere in the multi-verses, or as if the refute will change my mind or the minds of readers elsewhere. Perhaps it’s just the need to provide a differing viewpoint, or to be heard.

Others with differing opinions see this timeframe for what it is, and we still hug each other in the grocery store, rolling our eyes, laughing that our votes will cancel each other out at the polls, and waiting for this phase of learning to be over.

Yet the climate in this nation, the holy war of god-and-country-verses everyone-in-the-country, has tipped into a realm of opinion that has deeply divided family, friends, and the nation.

It’s important to note that the last deep ideological divide we suffered resulted in the southern United States succeeding.

So. This timeframe is a big deal.

And like many of you, I am being asked to get over myself, over my fears, during this timeframe. Because though bullies want the last word, all words matter right now.

That being said –

The photo of the van found associated with all the pipe bombs belongs to Cesar Sayoc Jr. who was attending Trump rallies and was very inspired by the President’s rhetoric.

Now cue the conspiracies. They are many and vast, including but not limited to how Caesar Sayoc is a plant by the Democrats, so a poor victimized president would be run out of office. Or maybe it is the “deep state cabal”, who wants “Trump gone”. Except for the fact that they’re the people who put him in power in the first place, because they’ve been gunning for a Civil War in this country forever, so that martial law could of the executed as a control mechanism. (Yet we can all agree to disagree on this one.)

Or maybe, just maybe — it’s just one crazy extremist, because that’s all it takes.

Maybe America, it’s actually the most obvious answer.

Look at the Oklahoma bombing.

This is all a really bad movie plot, playing out in real time. Either way, even if all the conspiracies are true, even if a great big huge conspiracy is after Donald Trump, whether it’s Putin who has run out of his usefulness for him, or the Bannon’s brigade who always wanted to see the country fall by inciting a Civil War yet “the left” would never bite on that because traditionally we’re the people who do drum circles and wave protest placards then break for an organic lunch, not stock up bullets — or whether it’s the evil secret-socialist-Democrats who, in an attempt to ruin our democracy, are secretly trying to start the “angry mob war“ that the extremist right is so positive that we are trying to start —

— none of this would be plausible, discussible, “plantable” — if the American public was not so addicted to fear.

And, if this President of the United States would’ve kept his vitriolic mouth shut and not been so hateful and divisive — continually.

Except he feeds our addiction. And that’s what he was placed here for. A cosmic distraction, a not-so-accidental learning tool.

Even our President’s current head of campaign somewhat shrugs off Cesar Sayoc, saying that though the violence is never condoned — there “isn’t much you can do” about people like Sayoc, and that their campaign is “fighting” for a principle, so their tone won’t be changed.

Yet who are they “fighting”? The evil socialists? The Dems? The immigrants? The transgendered people? People whose skin is not white? Half of America who was too lazy or too bored or too unimpressed  to go to the polls and vote in 2016 yet still blame, blame, blame Hillary and Russia?

Why is there a “fight”, a war? Why is this war on compassion and integration necessary?

The answer is that it’s not necessary. It’s a choice. It’s a polarizing choice.

And it’s a choice that sells.

This “holy war of principle” is all about money, and the fear of the loss of money.

I really wish people could just accept that this tension that’s going on in our nation is a reflection of whether we choose to be in fear, or in love.

But this country is full of denial.

And we’re terrified to grow.

So we just keep coming up with conspiracies that get weirder and weirder, and we keep coming up with reasons to divide ourselves more deeply. Because that’s actually our comfortable place in this nation.

To be in fear, and division.

What does that say about how we’ve been programmed? Years and years of subliminal messages pulsed through the TV coupled with rotten nutrition and too many Big Gulps, and we have a serious lack of ability to make up our own minds without a discount code attached.

So, this van turns up associated with the many pipe bombs sent to Democratic personalities. And immediately, on many conservative talk stations, we hear that this van is all the Democrat’s fault, it’s all everybody else’s fault — except for the one person who flaps like a toxic crap-starter at the top of the food chain — our President. The person whose one job –


-– is to unite the country as the executive branch.

Yet to listen to these broadcasts —

Of course it’s not the President’s fault. He’s never to blame. He’s the victim; A righteous, selfless man who gave up his life to serve his nation, placed by God Himself into a position to liberate the true American way of life. He bucked an evil system and now that system is after him. All conservatives are victims, the suffering silent majority, and they have been for years. Silenced. Treated like garbage. Shamed, made fun of by the leftist elite of Hollywood. Christians are the biggest victims, persecuted for beliefs for thousands of years — and let’s not forget that our American way of life is at stake, because we could turn into a socialist country at any second. That is, unless the brown people over run us and steal our jobs. Or terrorists will blow us up, or illegals will rape our women. And then what will happen to we true Americans? We will have to fight for our land, the land we rightfully won away from the savages that lived here — but we can’t even do that, because Obama stole all of our bullets. Or tried to. Because he’s a draconian reptilian alien. Or a Muslim terrorist plant from Africa.

…yep, hyper-fearful America.

That’s how you sound to the rest of us.

The hard truth is that you sound afraid.

Deeply paranoid.

Kinda crazy.

And really *really* whiny, and thin-skinned.

You sound put out, that you may have to actually show up and work harder now that we have more people, more races, and more diversity in this country, a country that has changed radically from when the Constitution was written.

You sound completely unwilling to accept the fact that the reason we are bankrupt as a nation is not because of a few million illegal immigrants, working below minimum wage so that your lettuce and tomatoes don’t cost $25 a piece at the grocery store – but because the Pentagon budget has billions and billions of dollars in black military ops being filtered through $800 coffee mugs — budgets that even our Joint Chiefs have no access to reviewing. (Look it up. It’s all public record.)

Fearful America, you’re so busy protecting yourself, blaming what can be seen at the end of your fingertips, like minorities, gays, transgendered people, people of color, women, Republicans, white men — instead of truly accepting the powerlessness that comes with “billions of wasted pentagon dollars” — while many of us are trying to figure out how to get along, while many of us are trying to figure out how to work with one another in a massive country full of differing opinions.

Fearful America, you are unwilling to accept that there isn’t just *one* American way of life — yours. Heck, this goes for viewpoints on both the right and left.

Fearful America, your continual gong-banging of how you are wronged, how your beliefs aren’t honored enough, how your way of life is threatened, and your continual spewing of the fearful worst case scenario —

— is really — super — tiring.

Your energy is a weird selfish pit of non-stop fear, and like a black hole, it’s sucking in anything that gets too close to it.

And — it’s creating this hellish world that you live in. Your own lens, your own perception is creating the worst hell that you could possibly imagine.

Now that hell is starting to splash up onto the rest of us.

This is not political correctness speaking.

This is not Pollyanna consciousness speaking.

This is spiritual physics speaking.

This is coming from someone who doesn’t believe in taking my half out of the middle. And fearful America, you’ve taken your half out of everything. So excuse the rest of us for reaching across the table and pulling the turkey platter back to the center of the table.

Because though we have a lot of issues to deal with in our nation, including proper immigration, including keeping an eye on terrorism, including securing borders, yet also including a wild addiction to opioids making us the most drug-addicted nation on the planet, health are costs that are the butt of almost every world joke, and dealing with the horror of human trafficking and child abduction, which is spread across the United States and is the truest sickening cancer of our lifetime — this horror-scape world that you think is out there, this world with all the over-running marching armies of immigrants and rapists and terrorists breathing down our neck at every second, and our American way of life teetering on the brink of extinction unless you pass around Facebook Memes warning the masses of the angry snowflake socialist mob army that’s about ready to overthrow the capital, or that all conservatives are fascist neo-nazis trying to take over the world — ?


It’s not actually happening.

I’m part of “the left”, at least that’s what it’s called until we can move into a new world definition of consciousness (as at this point, I really don’t like being labeled.) However, I, and millions and millions of other people just like me on the left and on the right, could care less if you have 25 guns, believe women’s rights and abortion will send you to hell, and think that I don’t have the constitutional right to be married to my wife. You go for it. You’re an American and so am I. And I honor your right to believe whatever you want. Because I actually believe in our Bill of Rights.

The difference is that I am not claiming that your beliefs are ruining my beliefs, threatening my way of life — ergo, threatening the American way of life.

I could call you a fascist for insisting that my America be your America. Except that action may inspire you to hiss “socialist” at me — the new “Commie” —and as the saying goes, “Two wrongs don’t make a right.” Especially in this modern McCarthyism.

Plus, and most importantly — I don’t think you’re a fascist.

I just think you’re terrified.

Of what, so deeply, I can’t quite comprehend. But I acknowledge that you’re afraid.

Yet It’s not that bad out here in America. You just think it is. There’s nothing I can say that will change that. Because it is your reality, and you are entitled to it.

If you wish to live in hell that’s fine.

But please stop trying to convince the rest of the world that your hell is actually happening, when it’s not.

The real enemy is fear.

The propagators of this fear are the few financial elite that some call a cabal, that some call military industrial complexes, that some call corporate greed, that some call media. Yet it’s all based on tribal consumerism.

For some, propagating this fear is a game of power, to see if their insane media message of doom and gloom go viral.

They, whomever they are, know just how manipulable we are, so they keep at it. Because it works. Because we jump like little scared guinea pigs every time our cage is smacked, on both the left of the cage and the right of the cage.

It is cause-and-effect. We are all connected.

Quite honestly, I’m weary of having to wade through the hysteria propagated by so many who are addicted to this fear, and who mistake the continual fear propagation for “whistleblowing”.

Perhaps many of you are beginning to weary on wading through my collective consciousness posts. I can understand that we can all wear on one another after a time.

Yet please. If you are spewing this fearful stuff, whether you think the end of America is near because iron-clad Darth Vader authoritarianism has taken over D.C., or because you think a Democratic plot to frame supporters of the President for a bombing has been unleashed –

— please suck it up, recognize that we are in the 21st-century, recognize that we are a huge diverse nation it’s never going backwards — and please help with this difficult transition to get with the program of forming our future, instead of simply complaining about how we’re not more like our past.

And honestly— no one in this country, myself included, is going to have all of their beliefs honored. We can’t have laws that reflect individualized beliefs. That’s not what the Constitution is all about.

Be who you are, and do what you’re going to do. But no one’s words, including mine, are without consequence.

Especially the President of the United States.

ESPECIALLY the President.

This is the timeframe of accountability. Which is why we’re seeing such colossal meltdowns in people who have always dodged the accountability bullet.

All of us, enacting accountability, is what will inspire the potential de-escalation of this deeply divided situation. For instance, I will never be perfect in what I post. I will never be perfect in how I say something. Yet I’m accountable for my words.

And fearful America, speaking for those of us who are not addicted to the fear – please know that the climate that you are setting, for the rest of us in this nation, is toxic.

It is suffocating.

It has serious repercussions, especially when all that comes from the highest office in the land, the President of the United States.

Spewing hatefulness is utterly unnecessary in order to evolve the nation. And it isn’t being “real”, unless your reality is really ugly. Then perhaps it fits the bill.

This addiction to fear, conspiracy, blame, reaction, and worst case scenario, is what a dear friend of mine refers to as a tabloid consciousness. It does not forward us in our growth, except to elongate our lesson in polarization.

It is one thing to make a comment on why you think manipulation in government is happening. It’s another thing when it becomes your religion, and what you produce continually, publically, is a reflection of this tabloid toxicity. Then it is no longer simply an exercise in consciousness, or whistleblowing.

It’s simply an addiction to fear mongering.

It’s a choice many are making right now.

Yet this fear is taking many casualties.

It is causing disease, mental stress, nutritional issues, heartache and sleeplessness for millions and millions of people, yourself included; people who are so numb, and have been numbed by generations of social programming, that they cannot see what is happening to them.

These are the good people sucked under a mill stone, emotionally destroyed before they even understood that their toe was caught in the grinder.

These are the people for which my heart breaks the most.

And these are the people for whom my heart rages with the hot fury of a trillion suns, as I feel powerless to assist them into their plummet into the hell between their ears.

The people who are manipulating us, wishing us to engage in this fear, are counting on our country to shut down under the weight of this toxicity; under the weight of our own martyred sense of self importance, and sense of “righteous” hatred.

The truth is, the spiritual perspective, the future is – we are damn close to doing just that.

So for those of you who feel that you are  educating the masses by circulating conspiracy theories, us versus them theories, I hate Liberals and Dems placards, I hate Trump and Republican placards, I hate snowflakes placards, I hate deplorables placards, anything that does not provide a solution – I challenge you to attach a solution to the information  that you are putting forward.

It is not simply enough in our timeframe to be a whistleblower. To be an “I hate” person. To be the town crier of how it’s all gone to hell, and the American way of life is over. We have millions of those, all over the world, on social media, blowing whistles on their particular perspective. I could objectively be considered one of them as well. What I am asking all of us to do is come together with our solutions when we bring forward our grievances.

My solution is working on our trust building, bridge building, Coupling are differing perspectives to create a far stronger world — yet that is exceptionally difficult when the fear drug is running through people’s brains.

Our need to “be right” dominates our need to heal.

We are broken, and we need time to rest.

We have already crumbled to the base of what we can crumble to, without inciting violence.

That’s the next step that I sincerely pray we choose to avoid.

Let us not have to sink to that irreversible place.

So let us start the rebuilding process now. And let us start with self-reflection. For our inner world is splashed onto our outer world.

It is important to see where we make ourselves the martyr — every one of us.

It is important to see where we make ourselves the victim. Every one of us.

And it is truly important to actually acknowledge the real martyrs, and the real victims. Acknowledging others’ struggles does not rob from our own.

Acknowledging equality robs no one of power, except some who have gotten used to having more than their share of the power.

No one is anti-male, simply because women are stepping into an equal place of stewardship in both power, voice, and salary.

No one is anti-binary gender, with the introduction and acceptance of folks who do not associate with a gender.

No one is anti-traditional family, with the acceptance of same-sex legal marriages.

One is not an “anti-American socialist” simply because they believe that our government can budget more effectively to take care of all of our citizens.

One is not a “racist Nazi sympathizer” just because they own guns.

We either figure out this prefabricated divide in our nation pretty darn quickly, or the folks who are trying to work us into a Civil War are absolutely going to get what they want.

I’m not kidding.

So please.

Please don’t get sucked into the self-pity, and the hatred.

Please do your best hear this message past whatever feelings you would have of my own personal lens of the world.

Please hear this post, typed in as plain speech as I can muster. Let us not be so gullible, so hook-able with the fear addiction that we give away our Republic.

Let us all suck it up, compromise, and take care of our whiny parts. Let us all be grownups and move forward in this nation,  without the “but, but, but” of the finger pointing g and blame.

Let us evolve in a revolutionary way, peace and co-creation and brilliance first — in a way that the past has never yet seen.

Because the past does not hold our exciting new clues for the future, clues which have yet to be brought forward, invented, implemented. The past is a musty record book, from which we often choose not to learn anyway.

There is nothing that ensures that our experiment in Democracy is permanent, or a “sure thing” — except for us.

Only our visionary sense of exploration holds the key to our next phase of survival.

May we all move out of our butthurt positions, our fear, our paralysis, our exhaustion, our polarity, our ego — to truly stand in the gap for those who are actually victimized — for in America, it’s each other, in some way, almost every day.

We have become our own worst domestic terrorists —

— thanks to fear.

May we instead come forward with our courage to evolve, and our brilliance to be even more ingenious than those who began this wild experiment called the United States.

It’s what is possible. It’s what’s probable, especially when we #LeadWithLove.

With love, and hope —

Danielle Egnew

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A message to friends that argue politics online

These times are not “like” a powder keg ready to blow. They are the powder keg, blowing. As such, please do not tag or include me in heated online political arguments.

I’m fine to be tagged in political solutions, always — yet lately, for some really weird reason, I’ve been tagged in numerous debates, tagged to mediate, moderate, weigh in, whatever — please STOP.

I do not discuss politics openly on social media because our nation has melted into a sh*t show of irrationality, conspiracy, and quite frankly, crazy-*ss cult-like adherence to belief — and I don’t need the energy-suck of the pointless back-and-forth in my life.

SOME PERSPECTIVE: The largest hurricane in forever is smashing up Florida and the east coast, our clean water across the USA is repeatedly compromised or bought out as corporations drain aquifers to put in plastic bottles that are choking up the ocean and killing the ocean floor for hundreds of square miles as floating garbage decomposes, our coastline is shrinking as fresh water pours into the ocean from the planet once heating, our tidal convection system is now slowing down from said water so the earth is cooling down to extend our winters and create SyFy Channel superstorms in real life, poverty in America is at an all-time high though at an all-time low in the rest of the western world, our honey bees are still on the steep decline (no bees = no food crops) —

— and what do we focus on, America?

Those nasty snowflakes. Those nasty deplorables.

Oh. My. God.

Well enjoy your pithy political memes and conspiracies while we’ve still got an electrical grid to pass them around, USA. Because while we’re so easily distracted by utter base-level drama, the rest of life could actually use our efforts for something other than our fleeting divisive opinions, or our insecure and obsessive need to convert others to our personal belief system to make us feel justified in areas where our subconscious may be questioning our own life choices.

Stop the proselytizing, America. It’s ridiculous. It doesn’t work. America has always been diverse in opinion and it always will be.

And stop with the catastrophizing. There’s no “war on men” just because women are finally collectively voicing that we are sick and tired of a totally separate set of social, emotional, physical and economic rules under which we’re supposed to function. America isn’t being “taken over by authoritarians” just because we’re finally seeing, out in the open, the same sociopathic oligarchy that’s been running the country for the past 40 years.

If knee jerking were an Olympic sport, we’d be owning the gold. U-S-A! U-S-A!

We’re seeing life in America how it truly is — because it’s how we’ve allowed it to unravel. We’ve been too afraid to speak up, ladies, so we’ve co-created this bizarre social imbalance we live in everyday. We’ve been too lazy to be stewards of our bodies, humanity, so our illness rates in America are off the charts and our opioid addiction in the USA tops the planet earth. We’ve been too unwilling to be a grateful steward of the privilege that life has granted you, white guys, so now it seems blatantly unfair when the rest of the world is applying the same rules to you that are applied to them.

We’re easily offended, thin-skinned, frightened, blaming, angry. Like mangy cornered animals fighting over a partially-eaten hotdog dropped on a dingy nighttime fairway.

All while the planet slows to a halt.

Maybe the human experiment is over?

Or maybe we’re being asked to do better? To level the playing field, for all people, all plants, all animals, all beings, including the planet itself?

Maybe we’re being asked to do better than the idea that “there’s not enough”, an idea implanted into us by groups of people who also implanted us with the idea that “bought stuff” makes us happy, and “more bought stuff” makes us happier?

We are seeing our society for its frailties — because we have a choice to make about who we wish to be in the world. Not what (R) or (D) to put after our name, like some antiquated proclamation in a holy war — but WHAT and WHO we wish to be. Not what tribal brand holds us in the illusion of safety. But who in the dang hell we actually have the temerity to BE in the world; in the physical world, not in here, on social media, online, this energetic septic tank where electromagnetic impulses trap emotions and allow them to rot, suspended in their seething vitriol indefinitely, with no escape.

Not who we create ourselves to be, virtually. But who we decide to bring into the real world.

Because the world. Needs. YOU.

Not who you’re told to be. Not who you’re frightened into being, or guilted into being, or bullied into being. But who you HAVE THE COURAGE TO BE.

I have the courage to BE ME. You be YOU. And let’s give each other room to BE, while we clean up this collective crap-bucket we’ve all taken a dump into, over the last 2,000 years.

It stinks. It’s rough. It’s gross. It’s caused sickness and disease. And everyone is going to have to reach in and grab a chunky handful, to scoop away. Everyone — women, men, black, white, red, yellow, green, orange, whatever color, whatever gender or no gender you embody — it’s time to scoop.

Whatever political affiliation or no affiliation — it’s time to scoop.

Whatever religion or no religion — it’s time to scoop.

Whatever socio-economic background, rich or poor — it’s time to scoop.

Because with enough elbow grease, with enough people on deck — we can do this. We can get this mess cleaned up.

At least that’s what the angels tell me.

So I try and do my best to get as many folks to roll up their sleeves as possible. I gift all of my energy to this endeavor, which is why I don’t choose to leak my energy into pointless political rabbit holes.

Look, I realize for a lot of people, “armchair social media politics” is a great distraction. Yet I can’t just “tune out” by turning on the news. I can’t distract myself with a Tweet from a slowing planet, or dying bees, or victimized people, or poisoned water, or raising coastlines. Because I’ve got a karmic job to do, to remind people that we’re better than this, that we have superpowers we’ve forgotten about that are far, far greater than simply our capacity to destroy.

Maybe your karmic job is professional political agitator, stirring the stink-pot of 2,000 years worth of human waste to inspire the clean-up. Maybe that’s you being you. Go for it. I respect that.

Yet please also respect my job, which requires all of my energy to attempt to inspire people to quite literally — participate in the crap-scooping.

I thank you for listening. I thank you for the role you are playing.

And may we all have hand-soap ready for use in the days to come.

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A new moon in Libra plus a Venus Retrograde – what does it mean for you?

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Feeling testy? Lost? Judged by others? It’s not a mid-life crisis or an hormonal imbalance. It’s Venus, attempting to get your attention.

These ethers are full of transformational energies to the point of many folks feeling really very uneasy. Surviving and navigating the deep emotional excavations that are upon our spiritual ethers at this time is becoming a full-time job for many. Yet much of what we’re experiencing is necessary for all of us to move to the next wonderful phase of life that’s intended for us.

We’ve got a Venus in retrograde for 40 days starting back on October 5th, asking us to come out of our own self-delusion, and a new moon in Libra October 9th that inspires us to look at all the areas in our lives that are out of balance.


Pretty much, we have spiritual heavy lifting all around, yet heavy lifting that inspires some terrific growth.

With these two deep-digging aspects, you might be feeling a little off kilter, hyper-angry at outside sources, insecure, crazy-upset at your mate, or just spun-out with uncertainty. And all of those wonky feelings are tremendous excavators in terms of getting rid of baggage we no longer need.

Venus Retrograde is either our biggest empowering resource, or our worst personal whistle-blower. It’s all in our perception of our experience.

Our choice right now is to engage our lessons with grace, humility, and with the determination to be unafraid to look our most unattractive buried aspects of the self – right in the face, or — work extremely hard to remain under the umbrella of illusion as gale-force spiritual winds tear the landscape apart.

We are seeing these energies play out on a national level as well.

Venus Retrograde demands that we look into our own insecurities – who we are, what “brand” we’ve chosen to identify with in life, why we align with what we align. It’s a pretty frightening time for many people, as our very sense of “what I am” is called directly into account by our morphing and growing spirit that is making big transitions during this feminine time frame.

We are being asked to evaluate where our core belief system has run its course – is it still useful, or has our refusal to grow now morphed into hubris in defending our position in life? We are being asked to deal with very difficult personal relationship issues that can no longer be swept under the carpet – are we constantly giving away ourselves to make someone else happy? We are being asked to evaluate all of our own “dark places” within – is the anger we feel within ourselves truly inspired by another, or is it really directed at ourselves, for not handling our own emotional, spiritual and intellectual needs?

We are being asked to evaluate our role: Are we the downtrodden victim, or are we the triumphant healer?

At our core, Venus Retrograde is the big BS buster that shows up at our front door and says “Nice try!” in the face of our own personal “press releases”, or our own myths and stories we tell ourselves in justification.

Venus Retrograde is a heavy feminine energy vested in healing that is not interested in excuses, not interested in sugar-coating, not interested in the bluster or the falsities that create illusion. It is interested solely in authenticity and in the healing of the self and the spirit through true ownership, accountability, and transformation of the self so that the whole may heal.

It doesn’t get more “real” than being steeped in Venus Retrograde energy. This is a great time to sit with the self and ask the self where we have taken chosen to take harder learning paths rather than engaging our own fears, or where we are refusing to grow because the fear of what we may find in our emotional self may be ugly or frightening to us.

This self-evaluation is daunting, especially when reflected in a culture of blame. Yet “blame” is an old-world energy signature, and outmoded energy of suppression. Venus Retrograde asks us to replace shame with accountability, remorse, and positive forward action, and to be compassionate with those who are doing the same thing.

Couple a new moon in Libra with this large “deal-with-it” energy, and we’ve got a recipe for emotional unburdening that is unparalleled.

New moon in Libra asks us to make a new beginning based upon striking balance in our lives. It also asks us to evaluate our own crevices where we’ve hidden emotional imbalances, illusions, or martyred stances under the guise of “necessity” or “ego”. New Moon in Libra asks us to be a compassionate house cleaner in all areas of our life that up to this point, have taken their halves “out of the middle”.

We are best served in this time frame to simply go within and tend to the “tidying” of our “own house” rather than attempting to micro-manage others’ belief systems; to go within, instead of being hyper-critical of others’ external process; to go within instead of casting blame where accountability is better served. It is in this tidying that we are able to access our deepest strengths, that which is rooted in our own truths, our own purpose, and our own solidly-planted plumb-point so that we may emerge as the Phoenix from the flames, the triumphant and transcendent healer.

Be kind to yourself and to others. This is the time for true growth. Give away fear and embrace the fullness of who you are. The darkness within you is simply a teacher waiting to discuss lighter options.

If we have the courage to fully engage this Venus Retrograde energy, the world will heal exponentially.

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The Universe Will Meet Us

42142831_274849473134769_8117201895509983232_nThe word “success” gets tossed around as if it’s a destination. Yet truly, it’s a way of life.

Know that 100% of the “successes” we experience in life start first with our attitude, which translates to “energetic expectation”.

The universe will meet us right where we’re at. It won’t hand us opportunities until we’re truly ready to engage them. Why? Because we co-create with this universe, and we, and the universe, have no desire to set ourselves up for failure.

We don’t have to be perfectly prepared, nor do we have to be perfect, when getting ourselves ready to co-create. When moving forward, it’s natural to experience fear, anxiety, and hesitation, anytime we step into a different role in our life.

We won’t ever have all the answers. One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned is to give away needing to “know it all”. Honestly, the universe is quite a bit smarter than I am. I’m supposed to do my job, and I give it room to do it’s job, and everything falls perfectly into place.

Yet being nervous, or a little insecure and needing to call a best friend — is normal when we make a change. And that’s a completely different energetic situation than ultimately believing “you can’t do it.”

So hold that space in yourself, where anything is possible. Don’t be afraid to BE afraid, to pace the floor, to feel out of control — even though the only aspect of our life that we truly have control over is how we respond to any given circumstance.

We fear feeling deeply uncomfortable; We fear being uncomfortable to the point that we cripple ourselves over time by continuing to live in a mild state of discomfort for the rest of our lives — as opposed to going through ONE really scary leap, which would brighten our lives in a way that is nearly unimaginable.

As a species, our fear of discomfort is now embedded into our DNA. This embedded fear has evolved into a PTSD shut-down to something our DNA is telling us will threaten our survival.

Yet it’s up to us to change this programming. No matter what our DNA is telling us, biologically, our will — our spirit and mind — charts the course.

So —

If you’re seeking purpose, move past fear, into forward motion. That movement then ignites your purpose on this earth.

And that momentum you’ve created? That’s the launching pad for miracles.


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Terrific Podcast about Angels, and Even a Great Song


This is a FABULOUS show, and I was graced to be a guest!

See You On The Other Side Podcast is all about paranormal phenomenon, and hosted by a paranormal-hunting musician, Mike Huberty , who, with his fantastic band mates including Wendy Lynn Staats, write and record an original song after the interview, BASED on the interview we did!

Now, for those who don’t realize how much work all that writing-recording-mixing is, on *top* of producing a great-sounding podcast — it’s A LOT of work!! In fact, as a musician, that very time-consuming fact keeps me from chewing into producing more recorded material. I’m very grateful to Mike Huberty not only for a REALLY fun interview, yet for the talent and time that he and his band mates put into the song.

Music is such a channeling exercise, and all of we musicians are channels. The song Mike and Wendy wrote actually choked me up :). Mike cited a piece of our conversation that caught him during the interview. This piece inspired the song:

“I think that the most interesting thing that Danielle said to me is that human spirits are basically good, it’s the machinery of the body that’s broken. So there isn’t any Hell really. We have a second chance the next time around, even if we’re evil, even if we’re mentally ill. Even if there’s some kind of imbalance, we are capable of being forgiven.

That reminds me of the legend of Tannhäuser, someone who the Pope said his staff had a better chance of growing new leaves than of God forgiving him. Well, what happens is that the staff ends up blooming, but it’s too late. No one is beyond redemption, no one is unworthy of forgiveness if they are penitent.

What does it mean if there is no Hell? What does it mean if the Universe doesn’t care about justice? What does that say about Free Will? Anyway, just some questions to ponder as you listen to our latest Sunspot track, “Bury It With Me”.

Words and music by Sunspot

A polluted genealogy
colonized my head
And if vengeance isn’t mine
then anger has no end

a faulty biology
for this blood shed
and if karma is a lie
then you never can forget

Redemption is tears in the rain
sometime before sacred and after profane
So when the sleeper wakes up from the dream
a thousand years have disappeared in the land of the Faerie Queene

as the sinner begs his penance
these wet androids come to me
when there’s no one left to blame
then we’re just broken machines

Oh, bury it with me


— Check out the music track HERE –>>

Check out my interview on the podcast, with a great blog summary of the interview here, and take a listen to these talented musicians!…/214-angels-sound-like-yoda-c…/

Thank you Mike and Wendy for such a fantastic experience, and I love your tunes :)!

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