This message from the Universe may not be what you’re expecting

“Sunrise on the Beartooth Mountains” oil on canvas / Danielle Egnew

The Universe has been busy transferring information on this current time frame. It seems that with every day, the news erupts with yet another scandal, ripple, or eyebrow-raising tale from our Capitol. And for every headline, my spiritual ticker-tape explodes with the spiritual mechanics of the situation.

So hang onto your front seats, everybody, because we have Team Light swooping in to save the day with our current world consciousness situation.

And congratulations – because that Team Light – is you!

The Hubris exercise that we’ve been watching since this past November is coming to an end sooner than later. We the people, the collective body, the collective consciousness, have stepped up and continue to step up, establishing a solid perimeter, a #FirewallForLove, that is becoming impassible by those who wish to turn back the clock.

This heaviness, this darkness we’ve been seeing spread through hearts and through the land, is an ancient energy that rears its head when humanity falls asleep.

Believe it or not, and this will be very hard for some to get their brain around — this darkness is actually also working toward our elevation and enlightenment. It just has a slightly different job, and has slightly different needs in the process.

Its job is to come in here, rattle the cage, and get our full potential back in the game so that we don’t waste our existence on auto pilot.

Being on auto pilot, in this matrix of the 21st-century consumerism environment, is the greatest spiritual cancer that we as a human race can possibly face at this time.
Our potential is completely boundless once we’ve engaged ourselves. Yet we continue to linger in the illusion that we are separate from creation, we are separate from mother/father God, we are separate from the miracles that we are completely capable of co-authoring in this environment.

This ancient balancing force, this darkness, is here to kick us in the butt and remind us what we are capable of. It’s unfortunate that humanity seems to only rally once we feel that times have become dire.

Eventually we will evolve past our need for crisis to be our collective “glue”.

Yet for now, crisis appears to be our rallying cry.

For now, this system dictates that one or more of we humans must to act as a portal in order to let this darkness into our realm of light, through us, so that this awakening process could happen.

As showed to us by the universe numerous times, this energy signature is simply not sustainable in the timeframe of the feminine past being a learning catalyst.

And we are in the process, right now, of pushing back into the dimension where this darkness came from – – all the fear, hubris, separation, separatism, exceptionalism, ego, bullying, and victimization.

Our biggest challenge right now is to wake up out of this polarizing mindset of Good vs. Evil, Us vs. Them, Righteous vs. Unrighteous — because in that insistence that we apply contrast in how we look at one another — we aren’t getting the Ascension memo.

Right now, we have a choice:

To continue to demonize everything around us that we do not agree with, or to realize that humanity simply would not have been shaken awake without a strong boot to the hind-end.

Darkness is not our enemy. Trump is not our enemy. Bannon is not our enemy. Trump supporters are not our enemy.

There is no enemy unless we decide there’s one, in order to learn. There are only lessons here.

Ready for the big message?

The message is that once we decide that we do not need to choose an “enemy” as an archetypal mirror for all the issues in ourselves that we are working on —

— this whole fiasco in chaos consciousness falls away.

Continue forward in your actions that are fueled in #love. Once again, #LoveIsWinning.

If you are meditating in peace for the nation, continue – it is working.

If you are sending respectful postcards to your representatives and senators, continue — it is working.

If you are a warrior spirit who is called to loving activism, and you stand in the gap for the voiceless, dodging the burning rafters that fall within the collapsing machinery of a dying political system, continue — it is working.

If you have completely turned off your news, and you are building fabulous community gardens, or working with youth in your area to balance out this heavy energy signature that has flooded our 3rd dimension, then continue — it is working.

Right now in the USA, we are re-enacting the scene in “Finding Nemo” where all the fish trapped in the trolling net begin to stop participating with being captured, and instead of panicking, swim toward the bottom of the ocean, tipping the boat into the water, and snapping the cables that held the fish hostage. Not by anger, not by resentment, not by rage. But simply by mass applied collective action which was best for the whole.

Because the bottom line is that the “5D reality” that we hear so much about, in our metaphysical community, comes not from above in the heavens, but from the several-pound organ wobbling in our skull, right between our ears. “5D” is a physical, tangible vibration that is created by a consciousness that is then followed up upon with our actions that back up that consciousness, here in the physical world.


Time to give away the idea of an enemy. Time to give away an idea of being controlled. Time to give away the idea that the Us vs Them is what rules our life. Otherwise, we stay in this matrix indefinitely.

Instead, lay on the love. Be relentless and standing up for what you believe in, in a peaceful way, in an excited way, in a way that includes everyone who wishes to join you in this action of peaceful world-building, not just those who agree with us — yet making room for those who may not, yet also who seek peace.

This isn’t a football game. One side must not conquer over the other side. All sides must emerge into peace here, whichever way they are able to process that peace.

The idea of winners and losers is so 20th-century-masculine-ego. Time to put the ego aside, and the healing of our consciousness instead — as the priority.

Angels called his timeframe “The Great Healing”. The grandmothers come forward with open arms, saying:

“Embrace all of the world’s children, for all children yearn for The Mother. All children are born of love, and return to love.”

So it is, blessed be – and amen.

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The scales have tipped, and what that means

Humans, and American society, are at an evolutionary tipping point. We will either pass this natural transitional test of nature, or we will fail.
It’s refreshingly simple.

Passing means birthing a new balanced manner of achieving consensus for the good of the whole. 

Failing means total and utter collapse of the United States Republic. 

There is no indefinite stopping at this imminent crossroads to ponder life in the rear-view mirror; no trophy for mere participation; no standing ovation for luke-warm performances. Nature is doing what she does best — eliminating outmoded ways of operating — and leaving only the truly functional in place. 

It’s not simply about we, in America. The planet is moving, shifting, changing, and global sharing will be paramount to our survival on the earth. Unless, of course, humanity just can’t keep up, and our strengths in overcoming inconvenience and obstacle have been evolutionarily replaced with apps that order our pizza. 

In which case, it’s time to take our curtain call as a species. Because America, if we can’t get it together — then we can’t.

Moreover, if we are unwilling to get it together, then it’s time we put this wonderful experiment in blending world religions, ideologies, and democracy — to rest.

If we don’t have the strength to uphold the sacred Republic we’ve endeavored to build — if it has evolved as an ideal, yet we have regressed as a species, dummied down in America on generations of boxed starch and corn-syrup, mind-numbing TV programming, endless buy-buy-buy distractions, and an online universe that’s more important for people to cultivate than bonding with their own family — then it’s time to hand the torch of inclusive world leadership to Norway. Or Denmark. Or any number of countries who have learned to value their citizens, their earth, and their potential.

Those vying for ultimate power throughout the world markets, along with American markets, have a much more vested interest in the collapse the the United States from the perspective of controlling commerce, which controls money, which controls the USA. 

If the US capitalist machine collapses, then the poised few can rush in and rebuild markets while creating a government in their own image. Money becomes the official god. They own the money. 

They become god.

We are nearly there.

Laboring under the notion that this exercise in societal evolution within the United States is simply re-living another phase of our nation’s history, or something the country has dealt with in the past — is simply denial, a denial built on years of addictions to what we perceive as convenience. 

We in America have been groomed to be the veal calf in the slaughterhouse, its back leg tendons severed so it can only lay upon the straw, reaching the milk spout to consume, consume, consume.

The calf believes it has a life of pampered convenience, never knowing an existence of free range. 

Wishing to not confront the reality of the tipping point we teeter upon is ushering in our extinction as a culture. 

History is about to repeat itself. The same happened in Rome when government became top-heavy with chess-playing elite as the society partied on resources that didn’t exist. 

Soon the resources ran out, and the Republic fell — all because Rome could not balance its great reach and great wealth for the benefit of all.

But that was a long time ago. Surely we’ve learned something, right?


I have people on my friends list in the spiritual community who have voiced their discomfort with my speaking up on matters that could be classified as political. To them, that is not being spiritual, but “of the world”. 

Some have attempted to shame me into agreeing with their world view. Yet bullies, to me, are afraid. And that draws from me compassion.

I have people on my friends list in the political community who have voiced their discomfort with my speaking up for temperance, compassion and balance in the political environment. To them, that is not being an activist, but “advocating ineffectiveness”. 

Some have attempted to shame me into backing their world view. Yet bullies, to me, are afraid. And that draws from me compassion.

Bullies come in all forms. It is the symptom of a greater fear — a fear that change will erase us.

The fact is — I am not like anyone else. And neither are you. We aren’t supposed to be cookie-cutters of one another, a flock of one-minded automatons. 

Being unified does not mean being a hive-mind. Being unified means being aligned in common destiny. 

We are supposed to be with brilliance who we are, and to learn and grow from that perspective forward.

We are designed to see the world differently. We are designed to come at a problem with 50 different solutions, and from those solutions, take one component from each perspective to make the best solution possible. 

That’s not weakness in compromise. That is strength in resource building. 

A suspension bridge and it’s miles of tiny cabling within the large housing columns are then the strongest bridges on the planet. 

Many components working in single focus bearing different weights then create the strongest outcome. 

That’s not positive thinking. That’s physics.

We are designed to usher in better modalities of doing most everything. Every generation is genetically predisposed to include an upgrade. As such, we pick out certain aspects of imbalance from our own life experience that seem to take precedent over all other elements, and stand up to take action to bring balance to these aspects. 

This is evolution and problem solving in action. 

At times action will be in direct conflict with someone else’s life experience, or what another deems as imbalance. In those moments, it is to our greatest benefit to come together and educate one another on our perceptions, and build a stronger bridge by adding each one of our cables that represents the best strength. 

Democrat, Republican, Far Left, Alt Right — all very generic labels to attempt to categorize the way in which we see the world. Steelers, Broncos, 49ers, Giants — pick a team. 

As a world, as a society, we have outgrown this “Vs” mentality because it is no longer functional in a global environment where literally millions of “teams” exist.

Polarization and “Us against them” serves only the illusion of safety within a larger tribe. Yet it’s only an illusion.

Achieving real change lies in addressing the nuances, the details, of the patient work that’s required when combining all strengths for the greater whole, and releasing non-strengths for the whole without the ego if feeling bested, embarrassed.

The 20th century did a great disservice to society in insisting that we fear “not being right”. That hubris of the old world will kill us as a nation if we don’t abandon its teachings very soon. 

In the USA, we can’t go back in time to the tribal eras. We’ve evolved, and our society simply does not support polarized processing.

Evolution demands that we pay attention to the finer aspects of functionality, as society. Life is a balance of what works best for all. And in this collective “all”, there is growth, peace, and happiness.

The art of consensus has been lost to the chest-banging, ground-slapping territorial ego.

Though we’ve all evolved from apes — you’ll note that we aren’t one. And acting out from our most base primal instincts may help in a survival-threatening pinch, yet is not long-term functional in the society we’ve chosen to build. At its base, we’ve designed a democracy in America based upon the ideal of consensus. Consensus is based upon balance. Not tit-for-tat, not size/weight-per-size/weight — but balance.

Victimizing others is not balance.

Denying others religious beliefs is not balance. 

Withholding resources from the least of us on paper — the economically challenged, the elderly, those with mental issues — simply out of weight-per-weight principle, is not balance.

Withholding rights for some law-abiding citizens, that are granted to other law-abiding citizens, is not balance. 

Demanding others see the world as we see it, and becoming personally incensed to the point of isolationism — is not balance.

Nor is this isolationalsim actual, three dimensional reality in the 21st century. Social media has given us the crippling illusion that we can erase perceptions that are not ours with one block. We are then weakened in our resolve, our own identities, deeply wounded when three dimensional reality confronts us with multiple perceptions on the news, in conversation — in life.

And the calf bleets, reaches for the milk spout.

Nature balances all things. We are not greater than nature. This is the pride that goeth before the empire’s fall.

When friends, family, colleagues, and strangers attempt to shame us into complying with their worldview, it simply means that they themselves are not quite sure of their own perspective. They require group-think numbers to confirm their feelings. 

They do not trust themselves.

Discussions are for those who wish to grow. Debates are for the undecided. 

Learn from others’ perspectives. Yet don’t cave in on your own. Enhance your perspective, even amend it, for the greater good of a situation, or the edification of your own knowledge. Yet giving away your perspective completely nullifies not only your own life lessons, but the lessons you have engaged with others to suss out.

We all hold an important fiber in the suspension of the bridge — the priests, the activists, the racists, the stay-at-home-mom’s. Humanity grows through contrast. Some people choose to exhibit great contrast in how they live their lives to simply hurry along the growth process for the whole, and themselves.

Yet somewhere in the mix, we have forgotten that all of us play a part in learning, in growing — in our own evolution.

Perhaps our individual fiber must be adjusted to fit. Yet the fiber in the bridge does not take personally it’s being resized as it simply distributes the weight.

It’s identity dies not depend upon size. 

We must learn. Adapt. Grow. Admit when we are mistaken, or perhaps we simply didn’t have all the facts, even if we thought we did.

Let us re-introduce into our society the utter intoxicating brilliance of honesty, the strength to be wrong, the humility to learn, the patience involved in holding steady and standing up for what is right for the many, and the respect that is given to the wisdom of temperance.

We have literally decided that stupid is sexy, wealthy is wise, and a bully is strong.

It’s time we bring back Dignity as a hot piece of cultural currency, America.

Or not. If we don’t– we’re done. 

It’s very simple. 

This is the grand design. Each one of us holds a tiny piece of perspective and passion, that when combined with dignity then allows evolution to occur, gently.

That is the nature — of nature. We must acknowledge our role in what we have woven and choose new fibers differently from this point forward.

Otherwise, we go quietly into this good night. Evolution speaks loudly and clearly on this issue.

The choice is ours, yet we must decide. We must. That decision is not an inconvenience. This is our role, those of us upon this earth at this time in history. 

This is the time frame of The Great Healing. We must decide if we are the infection which must be purged, or the flesh which must be nurtured. 

We cannot be both.

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A message from the Universe to everyone who is afraid

My backyard view in Montana, the Big Sky Country.

I’m sitting on my back steps, soaking in the spring warmth and sun. I just saw the first butterfly of the season. Mother Earth is so powerful, and so calm.

I begin to ask myself as I observe massive and peaceful clouds boiling over a hot sun, the birds carelessly rocking in the trees, “If the earth is in constant peaceful synchronicity with its own patterns of nature, and we are part of the earth, why then do we seek discord and chaos instead of simply settling into this ominous, beautiful greater system that’s built to sustain itself and all its inhabitants?”

And I’m given this awareness:

We are attempting to awaken from a fitful and troubling sleep, where the disturbing dream of loneliness and abandonment seems so very real. We have forgetter what we are. How cared for we are. How deeply connected to something bigger than ourselves — and with each other — that we are.

How, through this connection, all people have enough; enough love, enough food, enough resources, when we simply acknowledge this connection.

Instead, people choose a side — choose to war with others — because it brings an awakened rush, a passion into their lives, that is missing.

Better to feel alive, and enraged, than to feel nothing at all.

We mistake the need to war with one another for the “savior identity” that gives us purpose.

Soon, the addiction to the fighting passion pushes away any options for delivering true connection, true fulfillment, into one’s life.

We skate on the outskirts of our actual intended design while distracted by this anger of purpose, feeling abandoned because we refuse to accept the fullness of what is sitting right before us — right within us.

We distract ourselves with fighting endorphins, the cheap and easy drug available to all. We justify this rage. It becomes our life force.

Yet we are designed to love. And running any engine on a fuel that is not intended for its mechanics will then ruin the hardware.

We blame the Universe for our distraction, our breakdowns.

Humans seek excitement, seek inspiration, as a way to awaken our true nature. Our culture has fallen into illusion that a rush must be all physical — butterflies, elevated pulse — and polarizing through war or disagreement is an easy bridge to that end.

Yet it is possible to feel purpose and to feel invigoration without falling into chaos and falling out of synchronicity with nature. For this pulse, this rhythm, this tempo — that is where our hearts lie.

There are far more love songs than hate songs. Because that is where our true freedom, our true “power”, is invested

Imagine a world where the rush of purpose was not thrusting our anger into the world, but creating boundless cultures of love, respect, and upholding dignity and support for other people’s brilliance, instead of worrying the spotlight may go to someone else?

Awaken. Awaken. Awaken — rise, and rest. This peace belongs to you. This peace is made by you. It is your birthright.

This fear you focus upon — you are simply dreaming the dreams of a troubled sleep. This is not real.

The world you build through your love, your respect for all — that is real. That is enduring. All world empires built on hubris then fall away. One cannot build upon a fitful dream.


Welcome to the Ascension, where the human race is rapidly discovering that warring in order to feel alive is surely the death of not only the body, but of the freedom of the soul.

Have the courage to open your eyes and greet the sun. For it is here for you, whether you acknowledge it —

— or not.

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Confessions of a Psychic during the biggest shift in recent history


When you’re hard-wired to the Universal AP ticker-tape, discernment becomes key in disseminating information.

I’ve had many folks write me and ask me why I’ve slowed down on commenting about the Presidential administration as more information comes in about Russia and the involvement of the administration’s key players.

Well, the straight-forward answer is that I’ve passed on everything there is to pass on, for this time frame right now, in terms of blow-by-blow events. And it’s unfolding as it was looking like it’s going to unfold — pretty much right on time.

Our job is to work toward a world full of dignity and love. And to do that, it’s to our benefit to enact consistency and patience while the onion is being unpeeled. I know. No one likes being patient. Which is why it appears to be such a big learning tool for so many of us.

Sure, we all like a little predictive encouragement along the way, myself included, and this situation in the USA is more like watching an episode of 24, which is hard to turn off in general. Yet to keep obsessing about the “whens-and-wheres” as the Universe is attempting to work through them doesn’t really assist the process, unless you’re betting in Vegas. Literally. Apparently, booking agents in the UK have made massive amounts of cash on people betting on when Trump will be impeached.

We live in an odd world.

Predictions are simply markers in time. Predictive guide posts, if overly-focused upon, can create distraction that can potentially bog down a person’s usable energy if we are too tied to specific outcomes at specific times in order to create our own motivation.

That’s a rough trap in which to be ensnared.

People want to know how I know “I’m right” about this time line of presidential administrative onion-peeling, if I’ve been wrong about other things. They want to know so they can have the safety to believe in something, mostly themselves.

They want to believe in their own instincts.

Only you can decide what inspires YOU — to believe YOU. People like me? We just do our best to read the spiritual weather patterns and translate usable messages from the ethers. The moment someone begins to sell you “belief”, well — you might want to double-check your motivation for being there, and their motivation for offering you that service.

We all know, deep down, that the craziness in consciousness we are currently witnessing is going to unwind into birthing the new world. Not because I said so. Not because another Psychic said so. Not because angels said so, or it’s some big prophecy in a book, or on a rock, written 10,000 years ago.

But because we, as human beings, simply will not stand for this limitation consciousness as we attempt to move forward in the evolution of our species — what’s also called “the ascension”. It’s just not on our DNA to go backwards.

That’s nature vs nurture, right there. And in this case – the biological prerogative to survive takes precedent.

We will continue to put our efforts into building an impervious #FirewallForLove, where we #LeadWithLove while the onion of fear is being peeled open. It is this action — this ACTION on our part — that designs the future.

The future doesn’t happen by accident. It doesn’t happen because the stars lucked into the right alignment. It doesn’t happen because “God wanted it to”. It happens because we are willing to stand up to the call in our DNA to assist the world in evolving.

It happens because we engage.

And we are engaging, right on schedule. Everything is spilling out of the Warehouse of Weird, for all to see, just as it looked like it would. We are doing the work that I saw that we would do, in society, plus even more work on the spiritual plane.

And we will continue to do so, until we are healed. This inertia we have created is far greater than our ability to apply the brakes in hesitation. That ship has sailed.

To observe all of this doesn’t make me a “good Psychic”. It makes our species a phenomenal team-building, miracle-wielding body of Love. A powerhouse of manifestation, a blessing full of joy and ultimate grace for all.

And I am happy to be part of us.

We are in a huge process of deconstructing an old world, whose lessons in fear consciousness have been applied and exhausted. We are building a new world, whose lessons in inclusive love-consciousness are a throw-back to the original operating system of humanity before we were hijacked by consumerism and a cult of limitation thinking.

This process of returning to our primary design, spiritually, while adding the benefits of evolving DNA, also involves giving away our need to have one person, or one system, ration out to us our own ability to trust, or to believe.

I will always pass on messages, as they come. It’s what I do. And I will always encourage you to think for yourself and engage your greatest empathic super-hero gifts in order to apply those messages, if you’re called to. I’ll also encourage you to dismiss any message I hand over if it’s not resonating with where you’re at on your own journey, as you have your own path and it’s vitally important to this world.

Because this journey I’m on — this “job” — has never been about me. This has always been about YOU — about us, as a species.

In good conscience, I can’t foster an “addiction to prediction” in this field. That’s big business for some people, and I’m assuming that’s their calling. Yet it’s simply not where I’m aligned, in spite of a predictive video of mine that went viral, largely due in part to the timely message, rather than the prediction itself.

That’s not to say I won’t bring forward predictions — I sort of can’t help that. They just fall out of my essence. They wake me up at 2:35 am and send me on a writing rampage. They keep my wife awake when they aren’t the happiest of predictions and they pull me from sleep in what I’m told is an abrupt manner. I’m wired to pass on information, guideposts, in timely moments it seems. I will continue in this.

Yet the bulk of my work isn’t the “look at what I can do” predictive element. It’s the LOOK AT WHAT YOU CAN DO empowering element.

Because I am you, and you are me. And until we get this memo, we’re going to be stuck in the hamster-wheel of illusion that someone else holds our belief, someone else holds our power, and someone else holds our PERMISSION —

— to be amazing. To change the world for the better by standing up, speaking in peace, and sometimes not speaking when we wish to, but listening instead, so that someone may feel visible for the first time in their life. To forgive, to enlighten, to uplift, to hold a safe space for the self and for the many. To see the future and create the future that we have always envisioned. To truly connect to what it is that we are made of — pure love and possibility — so that we may take this pure love into the world and forge a union of spirit that only seeks to heal, heal, heal.

Yes, big, beautiful changes are coming. Because WE BRING THEM.

So keep yourself informed. Yet let’s get our heads out of the distractions of fan-fiction plot lines projected into the future, as entertaining as they may be — and place our hands behind our hearts, to till the fertile ground beneath our feet, planting the seeds of the new world to catch the light and grow at record pace, setting roots in healing soil.

This is where the growth starts, where the roots take hold. In you. And me. And mother earth, our shared home.

Find peaceful purpose in scattering those seeds. And don’t forget to listen to the birds.

They’re singing for you, too.

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Insider Look: A Psychic Profile on President Donald J. Trump

When even the Washington Post is commenting on the white elephant in the room with an article entitled Demonic activity was palpable’ at Trump’s rally, pastor says, you know that people are ready to actually hear what’s going on inside our most-unusual President.

I’m not a psychotherapist, nor do I know President Trump personally. Yet due to my skill set, I have the opportunity to view the energetic blueprint within people, as well as situations, and I’ve found this viewpoint to yield vast amounts of enlightening information. I’ve volunteered this skill set to law enforcement when they have sought to close cold cases, requesting of me additional information on perpetrator motive or background information on the case.

Since so many tend to find our President to be a mystery, this unknown appears to be causing undue fear.  Sometimes, a little inside scoop goes a long way. Information on any given circumstance then dispels this fear of the unknown. And in that spirit, I provide the following information from my spiritual and psychic perspective.

I don’t know about “the devil”, yet I have encountered Darkness in my work as both a Psychic / Medium and a Reverend, paranormally and spiritually.

One of my greatest concerns about our current President was his ease and excitement with igniting rage in people in order to convey his message. Obviously, not all people felt rage when being excited by his messages, yet many aligned with this need to vent seething hatred.

Rage is fuel for all sorts of dark beings. It’s the fire-hose, jet-propelling the energy they consider “food”. I watched numerous Trump rallies where he stood atop the foray of rage below, cool as a cucumber, smiling, absorbing the unfettered rage energy the crowd gave off like a sunbather taking in the warm Bahama rays.

That — and that solely — chilled my bones to the core about the man who was running for President.

At the end of the day, I’m a Montanan — which means I could care less whether you’re a Democrat or Republican. You just need to be a dang decent human being. I will always vote for the rights of the many and underprivileged, which tends to put my vote in the (D) section yet I don’t blindly vote “party line”. If the (D) was a politics-towing robot phoning-in the basics because they wanted a job with great health insurance, and the (R) was genuinely excited to bring positive evolution in government, had a warmth toward all people, supported green energy and infrastructure development, was into education, into human rights for all, and balancing the budget without cutting people’s ability to have assistance — they’d have my vote no matter what letter was in front of their name.

People’s motives and intentions matter to me. And because of the way I’m wired, people’s motives light up in my viewfinder like a 24 Hour Vegas sign flashing over a free all-you-can-eat buffet.

You can’t miss them.

What concerned me about this President was not the (R) in front of his name. That’s a technicality. What concerned me was why he was running in the first place, and what he got out of running —

— because it was never about service to the country, but what the energy of the campaign trail could bring to him. Not the energy of the office, but the energy of the campaign trail.

He didn’t want to be President. He wanted a platform to eat people’s energies, to feel the rush of thousands through his skin as he energetically swam through the crowd with his gaping jaw dropped like a big dark whale, scooping up millions of tons of people’s anger-angled worship.

That gluttony stopped me in my tracks.

I could go on for days about what causes this insatiable and unquenchable energetic hunger in a person: Disrupted emotionality in childhood, ignoring intense empathic gifts, emotional, spiritual and /or sexual abuse. The circumstantial breeding ground for this behavior is huge.

Narcissists have a big, permanent “crack” in their heart chakra that they can never seem to locate in order to patch up. Yet the leak nags at them constantly. Through that crack leaks their energy 24/7, a slow trickle continually leaving their inner energetic reserves low. Because they are disassociated from the fact that they, themselves, can fill this reservoir (generally they’ve been disempowered at a young age), they seek to siphon off energy from outside sources, typically other people, in order to “fill their cup”. This creates an obsession with drumming up and receiving “attention” from others, and a sheer instinctual panic if they are not the center of all energies.

Narcissists have much in common with drug addicts who go into withdrawals when they aren’t close to a dose. For a narcissist, other people’s energy is “food” for their battery pack.

Some refer to people who exhibit these narcissistic behaviors as “psychic vampires”. Yet I really think that romanticizes a much more tragic and straight-forward issue: Emotional and spiritual neglect.

Rage is the next-biggest huffing-rush of energy for a narcissist who has not experienced true parental love or self-love. Rage is what fills the cup. It’s the drama often mistaken for “love” because nearly all of the attention the narcissist had ever been shown from parents had been, in one form or another, negative or conditional.

And attention from parents must be love…right?

In fairness, most people seek to absorb some sort of energy from how they apply themselves in the world. That’s how we, as humans, are built — to Bluetooth with one another. That syncing lets us know we’re connected. Yet narcissists don’t Bluetooth fully because they give nothing back. They just forcefully hijack a signal and siphon, siphon, siphon — an energetic parasite at its most needy.

On the campaign trail, and even now, Donald Trump didn’t seek to absorb the energy of unity in order to give back a bridge. He didn’t seek to absorb the hope of the masses in order to give back opportunity.

He didn’t seek to give back anything.

He sought to gain, to poke the fire with a stick in just the right place so that the log would roll over and burst into flames — because he craved warmth.

The guy already had ultimate power and money. He wasn’t chasing what he already had. He was chasing what he didn’t have — thousands upon thousands of people, feeding that big, non-fillable black hole created by an ever-leaking heart chakra.

In short, Donald Trump never wanted to be President. He just wanted to eat. He wanted to absorb that energy from every rally, this seething, unfettered, dark rage energy which is mistranslated as “love”. This was why he threw another “rally” in Florida even though he’s been elected.

President Trump is starving already, having developed such a big apatite in the campaign trail.

People love to hate President Trump, yet I just can’t bring myself to do it because I can see his deep struggle beneath the strange comb-over and awkward orange spray tan.

This is a man who suffers so grievously in his own skin that he can’t sleep. He must create his own reality to protect an inner child who is terrified of the world outside of his imaginary design; it is within this imagination that he has retreated from deep emotional neglect. His compulsion to receive attention, or energy, drives his every move, an addiction far beyond his ability to ever co-author healing within himself.

There is never any rest for an individual who experiences this type of “leak”. And though I don’t subscribe to the belief that his inner issues then justify actions that inspire fear and divisiveness, I also can’t get on board with tossing a weight belt on a drowning man. That’s just raw.

Trump lives in a never-ending hell on earth, authored within his own internal chaos. Which is why he attracts Darkness.

It aches my heart for those who truly believe in this poor man’s ability to usher in change. His supporters see only charisma and success, and that’s fair. We all experience the world through a different lens, on a different wave length. Yet from a spiritual physics perspective, President Trump’s supporters have no idea that to him, they’re the fat cows in the pasture that will taste great on the energetic BBQ.

Watching this then-Presidential candidate filling a big, black hole within himself by inspiring rage in others made me sick with dread. Because as someone who works in the spiritual field, we recognize this blind need to inspire rage as chum in the spiritual waters, calling in chaotic great white sharks from the dark depths below.

What people don’t understand about Darkness, or demonic activity as some call it, is that Darkness can’t occupy space within our life, or ourselves, unless we allow it. Unfortunately, much of our Christian culture has taught millions of people something quite different — that the devil is the real power, seeking to destroy us every day, and human beings must cling to the life raft of God in a giant swirling dominating ocean of evil that it is waiting to swallow them at any moment.

Though that’s a fabulous plot for a Ridley Scott film, one that I would probably enjoy as I nervously munched my popcorn watching the beleaguered protagonist wage a war against Darkness, single-handedly winning with only their wit (and a spare emergency rubber band )—this “all-powerful devil” plot line is an untruth in day-to-day reality.

Love is the most powerful energy across many dimensions. Darkness isn’t an energy. It’s a modality that follows an energy.

Through mis-interpretations of the Bible, much of Christian religion has developed a personified fan-fiction personae in Satan, who is out to purposefully make miserable the lives of God’s children like some whacked-out jilted ex stalking the family after they were dumped.

The truth is — that’s not true.

If you are a person who believes in an almighty God, a maker of heaven and earth — then it stands to reason that God made everything. Including Darkness. If you observe nature, you’ll observe that nature wastes nothing. Everything in nature eats something. It’s an enormous recycling system that is very efficient. If God made everything, and God made nature, then it stands to reason that God is a big believer in recycling, and wastes nothing.

For instance, pain turns into lessons. Demoralization turns into motivation. Hopelessness turns into purpose. Everything has a dual use.

This is also true in the practical, physical realm. Catfish eat unidentifiable mung at the bottom of muddy rivers. Tilapia have a particular taste for bass poo. All living organisms give off waste. And for every waste, there is an organism to eat it, absorb it, and turn it into useful energy.

Human beings give off a tremendous amount of physical waste that is used for nothing — simply rotting in landfills and polluting the ocean. We are the only species on this planet that are in denial that it is imperative to our survival to work in harmony with nature, not against her.

And it doesn’t stop there. Because we love to take our half right out of the middle, humans also give off a tremendous amount spiritual waste due to our insistance that we are separate from boundless sources of manifesting energy. In other words, we have a lot of constant fear that isn’t used as fuel, but simply burned off as a toxic energetic bi-product into the ethers, like carbon emissions.

Exposure to constant fear energy is toxic to humans because it inspires the body to overwork the adrenal system contributing to sleeplessness, thus weakening the immune system and limiting the proper manufacturing of healthy brain chemistry.

Fear, or chaos, if not removed from the ethers, then causes contamination problems like any other toxin. Since nature seeks to balance itself on all ways, enter Darkness.

Like a Catfish, Darkness is designed to eat the mung, or the dissonance, out of the ethers. Just as a shark swims through waters to clear the oceans of dead matter, Darkness swims through the ethers and cleans out the chaotic pollution that humans energetically emit into the ethers on a regular basis.

No energy can be destroyed. It must be transferred. The job of Darkness is to swallow and absorb chaos so that it may be transferred into a different dimension and recycled into something useful there.

The imbalance here is caused by humans, not Darkness. In our over-consumption, our self-absorption, our me-me-me mentality, humans just can’t stop bleeding fear into the ethers. Darkness, or demonic activity, tends to hang out where the energetic bleed is, just like sharks who continue to remain in an area where a fish is bleeding out into the water. Considering most living beings hang out close to their favorite food source — you can do the math.

Darkness isn’t going after people. It’s after our bi-product.

Donald Trump isn’t going after human rights. He’s after the squeeze of rage in the ethers, directed at him. He’s not going after immigrants. He’s after the squeeze of anger that expels into the world, directed at him.

He eats, he eats – he starves and he eats.

I’m not saying that Donald Trump is evil, or in any way that he is the embodiment of “the devil”. I’m pointing out that the same system through which he feeds that slow leak in his heart chakra is also the same system that then causes spiritual “blood” to flow into the ethers as he pokes his crowds until rage flies — and the dark sharks come to eat the rage.

It’s a spiritual food chain issue.

Unfortunately for those crowds, Darkness tends to tag along with anyone who will feed it, like a mangy stray cat. So I have a tremendous amount of empathy for folks raging at those rallies, then leaving to potentially take home with them a dark passenger who expects to be fed the next day.

Donald Trump isn’t “evil”. He is desperate. His supporters who rage angrily aren’t “evil”. They’re afraid. Desperation and fear feed Darkness, whether they come from a Trump supporter or a Bernie supporter.

Humans are the only species I’ve encountered that labors beneath the hypocritical facade of moral high ground.

Until we can accept that every single one of us is a mirror for one another, perhaps showing us a rather unflattering view of our backside that we can’t see unless we turn just right — then we will continue to fall into the mind-numbing trap of us-against-them.

President Trump has no idea that his heart leaks energy that could be used for so many more productive ventures. His is a taxing situation for the physical body, like a cancer that goes undiagnosed. Even if President Trump were to read this article, it likely wouldn’t resonate with him as the inner child creating his reality has been trained for survival to fill the crack, feed the leak, as a biological imperative.

Put plainly —

Hating feeds this energy beast. Anger feeds this beast. Rage feeds this beast. Fighting feeds this beast. Contention, chaos, disruption, panic, fear, desperation — feeds this beast and makes it stronger.

If you seek to move away the feeding trough for Darkness in your world, lead out with compassion for the difficulties that those you disagree with may be facing. Lead out with temperance (a level head) so that you may respond, not react. Stand up for what you wish to hold sacred, in a way that does not compromise your dignity, or the dignity of someone you disagree with.

Fighting fire with fire feeds the blaze. Entering in a different element — water, earth — suffocates the fire. Bring forward a differing element to situations that are burning out of control.

Be aware of your own emotional triggers. If any one politician or cause instantly blinds you with rage, it’s not them you are angry with, but a wound deep within yourself that is begging to be acknowledged.

Have compassion with yourself and engage in the process of healing your wounds, always. It doesn’t happen overnight. Yet what an unlikely internal tour guide these politicians and world events can be, in discovering our own inner wounds we’ve been carrying — perhaps for far too long.

And maybe that’s why they inflame us; to purposefully help us relieve ourselves from invisible thorns within. Maybe secretly, deep within the spiritual system – they’ve been on our side, all along, rooting for our healing. So perhaps it’s time we root for their healing, right back.

Our own emotional accountability and inner healing then makes interacting with contentious situations far less painful and much more productive, as we are not fearing the outside world as the bringer of our pain, yet acknowledging the lesson we are co-creating by holding our own pain within.

This removes the “victim” energy that seeks only to feed itself in an attempt to heal a wound.

We are in a quickened ascension process right now, which, in plain terms means we’re having to deal with a whole bunch of garbage at once, emotionally, sociologically, spiritually, and psychologically. Standard western society has taught us to compartmentalize every aspect of ourselves and our lives. Yet we are now face-to-face with the reality that mind, body, and spirit are indivisible.

Why must this lesson be driven so intensely? Because nature wastes nothing and prepares for everything, and the climate will be experiencing further changes coming up quickly where everyone’s participation is mandatory for survival.

It is in our best interest as a species to give away the idea of one ideology, one savior, one President, fixing everything. Together we are the body of positive change, the collective mind of evolution. There is no us-vs-them.

We ARE them.

View the larger whole of President Trump for who and what he is. And view yourself for who and what you are. We are all part of the solution to avarice and world destruction.

Thanks to lessons President Trump is bringing us, publicly submitting himself for perhaps the greatest example of spiritual, emotional and social disconnection we’ve seen in decades — we grow faster, in observance. There is great gratitude to be had for his service in this regard.

Be okay to learn, and don’t always take the lessons personally that are intended for the world. That gets rough. Invoke the Law of Love — lead your own life with grace, respect, and of course, love, the greatest element on the spiritual periodic table.

All of that, met with a little good ol’ fashioned elbow grease, integrity, humility and hard work —

— and the rest falls into place, healing the world.

Because nothing is wasted.


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Our Role in this Ascension is Bigger Than You Think


This chapter in American history isn’t simply about Donald Trump. He’s only one guy, one player in a vast cast of ascension. It’s not just about him.

It’s about all of us.

The bottom line is that most folks simply were not in a space to hear what was happening with this bizarre election in real time, let alone a future perspective. Rationality had been replaced with an utter blinding fear consciousness, followed with the ensuing grief.

People were shaken up, angry, scared, that an entire election was literally stolen from our first female candidate, all with the help of a foreign coup aided by the FBI. And make no mistake — this election was purposely, and calculatedly — redirected. Not to spite a candidate, but for big, big money gains. And the financial pay-offs promised to all who helped this outcome pop into fruition are immense.

Meanwhile, the once-powers-that-be in the USA stood around in shock after the fact — and let it happen, as not to rock the boat.

Because no one knew what to do.

People needed to process the injustice of that reality, as well as the reality that many people in the midst of a full-blown corporate government take-over still believe that liberty and justice have won out at the polls. Some even believe that God made it happen.

There was, and still is, a lot of anger. Yet this anger has turned to purpose for the masses. And that was, indeed, the spiritual point of this whole escapade. To wake us up. To get the blood flowing. To prove that ALL outcomes are possible, whether manipulated or not, so be alert.To break down the system so that the system can be rebuilt from a differing perspective as the old perspective had locked horns for good.

Let us all thank the coup for placing into effect a free-for-all, the effect of breaking a system down completely, where we take the broken pieces and like shattered pottery in Japan, we mend the break with gold. The piece then becomes more valuable in its usefulness.

This is the time frame of the feminine. Women are tough. We re-invent ourselves. Our bodies change, our roles change, our minds change, we change. We lead not through bragging but through action and actions of compassion. And we don’t back down when what we love is threatened. A mama grizzly bear is the most formidable creature in the Rocky Mountains.

This feminine time frame, that which the angels call “The Great Healing”, is upon us.

The temple-punch of the last few months’ events is beginning to subside. The consciousness of the nation has placed it’s bubble between the lines, putting fear on the back burner for united action. And now it’s time to speak about what’s to come because healing minds are at the helm and the smoke and mirrors of the Old World are about to come crumbling down.

We will save ourselves. We were always going to save ourselves. Which was all part of a message I translated back in May in a video entitled “Presidential Prediction — You May be Shocked!”

And indeed many of us were.

We all weigh in. We all reach out. Not in hatred, or partisan anger, but in the need to bring love to the forefront to create that #FirewallForLove that has always been the motivation to bring evolution. We find our inner feminine strength, not the masculine strength wrapped in feminine clothing, but the deep feminine within every man and woman — and we push through the pain as we birth a new nation, indivisible, into life.

We lead, we lead, we lead, from our homes first, then into the streets, then into the businesses, then into the capitals, then into the world.

WE LEAD. We do. We don’t stop. We don’t back track. We don’t rest. We stay on course, the body of the many, in this channel, in the momentum of true evolution, the inertia of rebuilding.

This time frame, now, has been the vision of Bernie Sanders, the masses uniting against the lurking corporate tyranny that sounded like a conspiracy — until we see the tyranny in action within the white house — now focusing Bernie’s fiery message of Power to the People. This time frame, now, has been the vision of Hillary Clinton, all the empowered women coming forward to hold the space for one another and stand strong in union, the women’s March on Washington spurring marches all over the world, now focusing Hillary’s hopeful message of being Stronger Together.

Now these are no longer campaigns phrases, but templates for the new world.

This has been the exercise, giving away the savior identity that would have been assigned to either Bernie or Hillary that neither of them would have wanted — as they both shouted for America to come off of auto pilot and engage our true potential as a diversified mind in this nation.

Yet it took an incomprehensible coup to bring us this same lesson, years in the making, fragile to pull off, and impossible to uphold over time.

The universe went through a lot of trouble to get us this message, to get us up on our feet.

Now that we are here —

This governmental illusion will fall apart before it gets the footing to truly tear down the country. It never had the power to ruin us. This experiment in consciousness was set before us to see if we would give this hiccup in the timeline the permission to become a full-time nightmare.

Yet the majority does not give this illusion permission.The majority doesn’t relent beneath the photo ops of executive orders. And the illusion evaporates, a parlor trick of the last old world stand-off.

The walls — they come tumbling down quickly.

Comey and several other high-rankers within the FBI will be investigated for their part in Russian efforts of hacking and fake news distribution; Those who need to be held accountable, will be; the Supreme Court, no matter what mandate the administration sends down, will not roll back civil rights that are in place; and no wall will be built. The masses are not thrown over the border and deported. No medicare is stripped away. Even the ACA though “repealed” is still in place because in this grand illusion – there is nothing to replace it. The Dakota Access Pipeline falls into it’s own pit of hubris as legal action stalls out yet again as half-dug canal beneath a lake is suspended in court. Later the pipeline itself experiences seal breaks as unprecedented rains pepper the midwest in 2017-2018, causing flooding. Shifting ground weight twists the best of engineering’s designs. Oil profits are lost deep into the soil and water. And new legislation will be born under a new President to address these great natural resource losses.

In our wobbling awakening state, we must experience loss before we are galvanized to act. And then we lead, we lead, we lead, with the #FirewallForLove.

All of this chaos and distraction has been transparent from the moment it hit the news. Parlor tricks, headline-grabbers, keeping our heads turned away from the stock market and the business world attempting to position money before the President is impeached — which is his hope, so that he may return to his own dynasty. His unfortunate plan blinds him from his closest advisors turning on him, Bannon one of the first out of the boat once the President’s usefulness has expired.

Interestingly, Bannon is a film director. His idol is a Nazi propaganda film maker. Our President is a TV star, being directed. Once a director walks off-set — the actors have no vision, and the production closes.

We are not saved this time. We create the next step, and the next plan, and the next move. We create the future. This has always been our next phase of ascension, no matter who was in office.

We lead, we lead, we lead with love. With respect for those we disagree with, with secure dignity instead of fear. And with temperance and purpose, not entitled rage. There is no more need to fuel ignorance in ourselves in order to mirror ignorance in others.

There is no us. There is no them. There is only We the People.

We lead with the thinkers, the warriors. We lead with the peace makers. We lead with the teachers, the healers, the spiritualists, the singers, the shy, the outgoing, the doers, the activists, the moms, the dads, the children, the scientists, the workers. We lead not with whose god is right, but with right goodness. We lead with those who wish not to lead. We lead with those who do. We are the collective consciousness awakening. We all matter,the angry, the righteous, the pompous, the pious. No *one* person does more than another, or takes away more than another. All energies are accounted for. All have their application.

The ego is dismissed in lieu of purpose. Your neighbor is not your enemy. And Party Lines are not real.

We must decide if our addiction to tribal warring outweighs our need for survival.

We course correct with directing the phenomenal energy of intention flowing through us — energy behind phone calls, behind starting new community centers where all are welcome, with letters to those who make decisions, with not sitting back in shock, but leading with love.

We lead with the energy of putting our dollars in banks that don’t back endeavors that are contradictory to a united and respectful earth for all. The money shifts. Then more fear of more money shifting turns the perspective for those whose god is the dollar.

We step up. All of us. In our own way. And we have extra compassion for those who cannot, for their burden is great.

The time lines are put right. This inserted reality falls away as the exercise is received in record time — for humanity’s ascension is imminent.

A coup cannot bend destiny, only buy time for the lesson.

And this opportunity for growth is about transcending, overcoming, through love. Love, the verb, who stands in the gap for what is to come — an earth moaning beneath the neglect we’ve dealt her, the weather bringing to us all lessons in humility, and working together.

This is your time, humanity, to step up in your design and do what you do best — work together for something amazing.

We lead.

We lead.

We lead with love.


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Breaking America’s Self-Image: Trump’s Hostile Takeover


I know, I know. I said I wouldn’t be mentioning his name. I said I was going to focus on only uplifting content and spiritual messages. And then President Donald Trump went and scared millions and millions of people with his recent string of what can only be described as bat-crap crazy pen-wielding. And my heart broke for all who are so crippled with fear.

So I bent the ear of dozens of angels while looking for the inside scoop. I’ve made a decision to help dispel the distraction of fear that this administration is working hard to facilitate, and instead, replace it with information.

Perspective is a powerful focusing tool. And America — we need to focus.

I don’t come at this article as yet another pedantic commentator seeking to dredge the travesties or negatives in the world. On the contrary. So much is happening in America, so quickly, that the energy is shift is dramatic. We are attempting to get our ballast amidst a great storm of ideals. As we prepare to usher in great positive change, it seems that our bubble is in need of finding the center point in the midst of a whirlpool of chaos.

So to everyone who is finding their jaw dropped on the floor over the actions of the President, I offer you this perspective from not only an energetic and behind-the-scenes Psychic viewpoint, but a karmic one. And let’s not forget to add a dose of pure-and-simple observation with a dash of common sense. (I may be a Psychic, but I’m still from Montana)

Let me remind everyone that the reason we are all so intensely confused by the President’s actions are because much like the election itself, this whole thing has not been a political issue, but a hostile business take-over via a political coup.

The energy of our current political climate and that of a hostile corporate take-over —  is identical.

The President has said from the beginning that he isn’t a politician, he’s a business man. And he’s living up to one of his only honest moments.

Middle America, this is how huge corporations operate. They take over aggressively by blindsiding boards with misrepresented facts, then walk in and fire all the people working there within the first week with the goal of putting in their own people.

Pink slip week — it’s a big business thing.

While the new business is changing the guard, they undo policy of the former corporation that they took over and re-do the policy dramatically, in their image. This is also called marking your territory, or “peeing on the tree” in honor of the masculine marking ritual.

The President’s base is getting exactly what they wanted — a wild-card business man running the government. This is what it looks like, and this is why the (lack of) conscience in business when applied to the heart of a nation is nothing short of a really bad idea.

Big business is a sociopathic entity that worships only numbers. People are irrelevant within the corporate structure.  We’re getting the chance to see how awful this modality of operation actually is when directly applied to people’s civil rights.

We’re also getting a front row seat to see what many Trump voters complained of: Being treated as less than human in the workplace.

The deep irony here is that they elected the king of inhuman firing. (We tend to need a mirror before we really notice our shirt is untucked.)

This old-school business take-over is not only non-functional from a governmental standpoint but also from a humanitarian standpoint, as there is nothing humanitarian about the 20th-century-modeled big corporate structure, which birthed our President.

We are having to face the music, as out of tune as it may be; that the USA is a country based in the energy of consumerism, which means many of our social attitudes toward one another are built upon this same sociopathic corporate way of treating one another. After all — what’s in it for me?

Looking out for number one isn’t just a book title. It’s a disease at this point.

Our President is a walking, talking visual aid for a dead world and a dead way of life that went by the wayside as it wasn’t sustainable in our 21st century global climate. We’re watching a bad hologram fizzle to its end with every pink-slip pen stroke from the Oval Office.

We’re looking the last of our own corporate America ugly right in the eyes. We created this scenario. From a monetary perspective, the United States is built upon on this sociopathic pink-slip wielding foundation. The Corporatocracy of America has spoken.

And that’s why the country moans. It hurts to realize that you aren’t what you think you are. And that’s when it’s time to truly make a change

Some of the biggest moans come from the tier of people below the President’s administration — the politicians in Congress, who now amount to roughly the same ranking as the VP’s of different corporate departments that all dependent on the CEO for direction.

Considering that career politicians in D.C. are used to working with a three-prong government while honing their skills of playing the long chess game — this regimented downgrade in power is a shocker.

Once held in esteem for their feisty filibustering or their Tea-Party stone wall moxie, many congress people have been sharply kicked to the curb like an irritating yappy purse dog. Simply looking into the eyes of these Congress people shares a story of utter loss.

And fear.

On the flip side are the conservatives in Congress blind to the demotion because they are still fighting a holy war from 1980. These wide-eyed, spittle-spewing souls are surfing an endorphin high under the illusions that a few pen strokes from one man will make permanent a repeal of decades of social progress.

I truly feel the most empathy for this group as their Nirvana is very short-lived. The loss of an ideal is a crushing blow to one’s faith.

Many Conservatives are not agreeing with the President’s rash actions and don’t care for being walked right over in a lieu of a CEO’s executive orders.

Big business stops progress for no one.

This administration doesn’t care about petitions. Or Marches. Or rallies. The administration is deaf to cries in the streets. Because this isn’t about politics for Donald Trump.

It’s about business, and it always has been.

Just look at the Dow, soaring the moment he took office. I find this a little strange past the fact that perhaps a few folks hedged their bets that a business man would turn the economy around. Why strange? Because generally, a new President creates a slump in the market for a good stretch of time as uncertainty peppers the financial sector. And this particular president is a loose cannon.

Yet none of that mattered this time.

Previous to Trump announcing his cabinet picks, Goldman Sachs stocks were one third of the Dow’s rise, along with Exxon stocks climbing. Then miraculously, we end up with two of Trump’s cabinet picks coming in as former Goldman Sachs execs, and one Exxon CEO.

So I’m guessing that there are a lot of financial planners and investors out there who have missed their callings as Psychics. That’s a very lucky break for their clients.

Or the answer is much more plain; that this facade of the free-trade insider-free America is actually just as corrupt as the insider-riddled American government. In fact, it’s much worse as the private business sector is just that — private — whereas the government is subject to dozens of watchdog organizations and cross-check laws. Comparatively, corporate business is the government’s outlaw cousin running a billion-dollar speak-easy out of the garage.

Take it from the woman who gets the pleasure of watching all of this incestuous energy unroll itself like a rug stored after a 1970’s key party — this is a sticky situation.

And it gets stickier. Our President has money in Blackstone, a failing Russian oil company. Russia’s main national commodity is oil yet much of their oil is either located in hard-to-get places or is stuck in tar sands. (I told you this is sticky.) Russia needs better oil technology to get at their oil and Exxon has the best technology out there for this type of extraction. Except Russia can’t have access to Exxon’s technology because the USA and Russia aren’t talking right now. Unless of course an Exxon CEO becomes Secretary of State and said Secretary of State then makes diplomatic recommendations that we ignore Russia’s genocide and do business with them.

It doesn’t take a Psychic to call out that plan.

This whole erratic shift has been about attempting to control money. Much of the major market money has disappeared into private vendors using merchant processors like PayPal and Square. Nearly half of America’s daily pocket change is processed by independent vendors. And that’s not good for those who choose to control through money and power.

So it’s important to note that at our helm, we no longer have a President. We have a sociopathic business entity. It cares about its agenda and the bottom line.

Still in disbelief? Still think that some rallies and a good 1960’s sit-in will turn it all around? Well ask yourself — what major business ever changed its mind because of people picketing out front? None. They changed their course of action when their bottom line was affected once media covered the picket lines and once the public reacted emotionally through restricting their financial opinions.

Corporations make changes when the money stop flowing.

For those who disagree with the direction that the country is headed, choking off the off the money will send the largest, fastest interruption to this season of the Political Apprentice.

Surely, we have two forms of demonstrating our unhappiness with the course of events. The politicians in Congress are still deeply affected by traditional protests, which also provide a bonding environment for like-minded people. It’s our American right to peacefully assemble (so far). Career politicians pay attention to social unrest, relatively speaking, as it’s their job to keep their seat by keeping the peace.

But the guy now in charge and the gang at the top? Totally unaffected past ego irritation.

If we want to show our discontent with a business mogul, we hit him in the pocket book/ We move our money. Money is simply an energy. In my field, I watch it flow like water around rocks, avoiding hardship and carving opportunity.

For instance, I’m no stock market genius, yet I can even see an obvious flaw in the flow. For those who hold oil shares and wish to remain in the oil investment field– considering making a mass exodus from Exxon in a 48-hour period to another oil entity, say Shell. Shell stock would spike in demand, thus evening out some of the lesser dividends that Shell pays its investors. If Exxon’s stock was abandoned by even half its shareholders in a persisting 48-hour period, the stock would plummet in value. Investors could later then pick up Exxon stock for a fraction of its cost. For a company like Exxon which clears billions of dollars a year, that stock migration immediately affects operating costs which then affect per-barrel oil prices which can’t stay competitive while attempting to even out losses.

That would sure get our administration’s attention.

Yet a “protest” of that nature would depend on a unity, a particular team attitude and selflessness among individuals that would drown out a fear of loss. And in America, right now, we’re being challenged to ask ourselves: How much of my life have I been looking out for solely myself? And to save America, am I willing to take a risk?

Indeed, this is a much bigger issue than a few pen strokes from the White House.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: No time line, in any dimension, supports a Trump Presidency, no matter who swore in. The energy of this administration isn’t a Presidency but a business venture. Not to mention, the overall energy is a blast from the past. The world of control through oppression over. No CosPlay of the Glory Days will bring it back, no matter how many dark blue suits are involved.

While our President is distracting everyone with social issues, he’s replacing generals with blog heads on security councils. Classic bait-and-switch business stuff from 1997. Except it’s not 1997 and he can’t do in the public what he’s done all his life in private.

We’re getting a chance to see just how ruthless and nasty the corporate world is — and much of that corporate culture has shaped America. Want to know why gun violence is so bad? Why we as a culture have been lacking in empathy for our fellow citizens who claim to have been lost in the cracks?

Just turn on C-Span.

We’re going to end up with huge changes in how America sees itself and how we see each other. Are we willing to weight in to save the whole? Are we willing to look past someone’s political ideas to work with them towards solutions? Or are we still under the illusion that we aren’t part of the whole, and someone else will dive in and save us — the lawyers, the Congress people, Superman — while we wait it out?

The time frame of the feminine is about healing, unity, growth, expansion, courage, re-birth, organization, holding loving boundaries, and multi-tasking for the betterment of all. 2017 is the Year of Actualization. It’s time we decide which direction to send our nation, our lives, our integrity and our hearts. Only we, the people, can affect change at this juncture.

It’s time we put our money where our heart is.

The rest will play itself out in loose brush strokes:  Time lines hold Pence taking office soon after the Koch brothers talk Republicans into impeaching Trump via the 25th Amendment because even the Koch brothers’ money can’t reign in this President. Once Trump is gone, the poor limping Republican Congress, who actually pays attention to the marching and picketing American people, will be tentative about holding up any of the extreme whack-a-mole executive orders that inspired upcoming riots and militaristic-style stand-offs.  We’ll then have a lukewarm two years until Congress changes majority as a flood of Dems come in, big on women and minorities. In two more years — out goes Pence.

And the curtain falls on the last of the old world to a distracted golf clap from a hardly-capacity crowd.

The best part of this time frame is the healing, the crossing of the aisle that we will be witnessing in a once-gridlocked Washington DC — because the enemy of my enemy is my friend. And all in Washington will be aching to make friends. Because there’s a difference between the icky in politics, and the icky in business. For the latter, Washington seems to be low on antibodies.

Before it’s all said and done, our President will have made a string of enemies in government. Yet he knows that. Mr. Trump is aware that his time in office is short. Too many legal issues, too many conflicts of interests, too many Senators and Representatives that get tired of being upstaged. And two Koch brothers. Contrary to what many believe, the President is a very insightful man when it comes to furthering his own interests. The man is crazy as a fox. Which is why he’s trying to get as much money moved as he can before he’s bounced out of the hot seat. Even then, he’ll be grateful. because the truth is — Donald Trump never really wanted to be the President of the United States.

He just wanted the rush of the chase and the thrill of the crowds.

This time frame isn’t about Donald Trump. It’s not about being a conservative or being a liberal, being an Atheist or a Christian, being LGBT or heterosexual. It’s about being human again. Since all of us are human (generally speaking), it’s best we start devising a world that actually supports humans, instead of a world that subjugates us to widgets, ideologies, and principles, all with the stroke of a pen.

Tyranny, thy name is corporate soullessness. And ascension, thy name is 2017.

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Five Ways to Survive the Culture of Rage

The feminine time frame is upon us. For some, it’s impossible to see. For others, it’s impossible to miss.

You may not notice the time frame of the feminine when turning on the news and watching yet another old-school patriarchal mess tangling itself into knots in the nation’s Capitol. Yet the era of the feminine is here to stay for at least another 99,000 years, give or take. And that’s one of the main reasons we’re watching the sparks fly; It’s going to take some getting used to.

The feminine time frame is an era of creation, unification, healing as one body, and growth. Since humanity has evolved under the masculine time frame, the true feminine strengths are still widely misunderstood and are often compared to the masculine. 

The women’s liberation movement of the 1970’s had a masculine edge. Women and men alike are just now beginning to understand the deep strength of the feminine as it stands on its own — not attempting to emulate the masculine, or be in contrast to the masculine by being “ladylike”.

Both men and women embody the masculine and feminine. Basically, our inner momma grizzly bear has awakened, and all genders aren’t sure what to do with that kind of raw, unstoppable power within that won’t simply posture as the ram butting another off the mountain — but instead, unapologetically eating the other ram entirely.

Men especially are struggling with this sudden rush in horse power under the hood that has no instruction manual. So the power is coming out sideways.

Welcome to the Culture of Rage, where both men and women alike blow like a rabid volcano for no other reason except that they can. 

While an old, dead patriarchal world plays its very last poker hand in Washington DC, the 20th century caricatures off of your grandpa’s tattered monopoly board bluff their way to another round, chomping on saliva-soaked cigar stubs and snapping their suspenders while winking over smudges monocles.

For some, this is a terrifying situation that means a powerless future for the common American. For others, it means a welcome deliverance back to the good ol’ days where women and people of color respectfully knew their place. 

For the rest of us, it’s a glimpse of an ancient corpse kept alive on failing life support, moments before the respirator is turned off to let the brain-dead body finally Rest In Peace. 

No matter what your take may be on this time frame, the prevailing winds of change have brought forth a ripple in how we treat one another. The dignified niceties once held in esteem when addressing a stranger have been tossed aside for one last round of hubris pie as an endless stream of bully-speak makes its last attempt at being normalized.

The Culture of Rage in our nation has been fortified as the old world lowers its head to take its final bow while bringing down with it an antiquated system of subjugation. 

For those who do not speak the polarizing language of insults and verbal abuse, this Rage culture — ridicule first, ask questions never — is a shock to the system, especially when the rush of the anonymous internet places wind in overly-seething sails. 

The following are five tips to surviving the Culture of Rage, especially in the virtual realm:

1. Don’t try and speak a language that you don’t understand.

Ever notice that online troll who posts something nasty no matter what course the discussion has taken? And ever notice how much energy that person sucks out of the discussion because their bizarre spewing makes no sense and the whole rant is going nowhere fast? 

That’s because they’re speaking a language that you don’t understand. It’s called Nonsensical Rage.

You wouldn’t stand and argue with someone speaking Mandarin Chinese though you didn’t understand them, would you? Of course not. So stop engaging the rage mongers. Stop trying to smooth over their comments by attempting to reason with an unreasonable anger-machine. 

In fact, ignore them. Stop talking to them, period. Let them blow hard into a vacuum. 

They’ll go away once no attention is paid to them. 

It’s no one’s job to make feel better someone who is being blatantly horrible and ruining the vibe of a perfectly fabulous conversation. And you aren’t going to make sense to them anyway. They aren’t there to be converted by your reason and thoughtfulness. They’re there to victimize whomever they can and spew vitriol because those caught up in the Culture of Rage often feel invisible. That’s an issue for their therapist — not your whole thread.

So cut them off and move on. It’s the least you can do for yourself and moreover, true friends and family who share your cyberspace. Whatever you do — don’t feed the trolls. They’ll come back like stray cats looking for an open trash bag to eat out of. 

And that’s just yucky.

2. Be okay to delete / block a bully or a heated antagonist.

Somewhere it was embedded into our heads that we should try to be polite in rectifying a miscommunication so as not to hurt the feelings or embarrass a person who steps over the line of decorum. This is great advice under normal circumstances. 

Yet nothing about the Culture of Rage is normal.

If someone continues to spew ugliness with no provocation — that’s what the “delete” prompt is for. Within yourself, wish them a buh-bye and remove the stream of ugly, or name-calling, or chiding.  

That doesn’t mean you have thin skin or that you’re weak. It means you respect yourself enough to have decent boundaries. 

This act of deleting or blocking can be challenging if it’s a close friend or family member. Yet perhaps it’s time to ask yourself: 

Why am I subjecting myself to this A-Hole anyway?

3. Avoid being baited by challenges or arguments.   

Your opinion on your pages is just that — yours. Your pages. Your space. Your story, your thoughts. You are not responsible for justifying your world view to those who seek exception to your view.

Unless you’re the Washington Post or the LA Times, you have absolutely no obligation whatsoever to host someone’s argument against your own opinion. “Freedom of Speech” only applies to major press outlets, and isn’t Carte Blanche to be a horrible human being in basic conversation.

If you like giving people a platform to rail against your world view for the sake of debate, that’s a slightly different story. Yet you’ll notice that those who have adopted the Culture of Rage have no debate skills. They simply TYPE IN ALL CAPS AND THEN SWEAR AT YOU or they keep making pithy comments with no substance outside of “I know you are but what am I”, relegating them to troll status. (See step #1 for help in dealing with trolls.)

4. Remember that the virtual world isn’t real.

That’s right — those friend counts, shares, re-tweets, likes, and video views, and status posts? They aren’t real. They’re just evidence of an impulse within a moment, an illusion of connection.

Sure, we stay in touch with lots of great people through social media. Yet it’s just something to do to fill time or pass on (hopefully real) news. 

Real life is calling. Go connect with it. 

If you’re finding yourself getting depressed because of what’s on Facebook — that’s like saying you’re ready to end it all because your fan fiction group killed off a character.

It’s time to disengage and address in yourself why you’re giving this virtual platform, with people you don’t even know, so much power in your life.

Instead, call a real friend or family member on the phone and touch base. Have appetizers and a drink with pals. Reconnect, connect, connect in real life. Get off the devices where the Culture of Rage can create whatever craptastic reality it desires and get back into life where you design the experiences.

The virtual world is not real. Yet you are. So wake up out of the matrix and go watch the sunset with your dog while eating a soft-serve cone. 

Make sure to give some to your dog though. It makes them really happy.

5. Don’t allow fear to be your mantra.

So many people live their lives to avoid pain, conflict, and confrontation. This makes sense as the only people who tend to enjoy those things are active participants in the Culture of Rage. 

Yet when we live to avoid fear, we live within fear. It’s our main focus. Everything we do is based on seeing the world through a lens of fear in order to attempt to avoid it. 

Since like attracts like in the spiritual universe, as we ruminate on fear all day, that’s exactly what we’ll draw to ourselves. 

Rather than approaching life with the mantra of “What’s going to be wrong today” (which attracts many members of the Culture of Rage), pop in the recording of “This day is exactly what I make it!” And in that resonation, no low vibration outside of your own design can stand.

The Culture of Rage counts on your addiction to fear in order to find that door cracked open so that they may come in and wreak havoc. 

Slam that bad boy shut, put on some good music and wag your tail to your own drummer. This is your life. Your life is not in response to a bully, but in response to your loving spirit. Own it proudly. Those who love and respect you then understand you. Those who don’t — don’t need to. Bless them on their way and set them free to their own lessons.

We aren’t here to make everyone happy. We are here to be. How someone else perceives our being — is on them.

These are your boundaries, your joy. And that’s non-negotiable. 


With taking just a few positive steps toward not forming attachments to opinions that you’ve never asked for, the Culture of Rage is then denied access to you, your life, your thoughts and your vibrational world. 

Though discussing opposing viewpoints can bring forward untold opportunities for growth and learning, being the whipping post for a person’s rage serves only to increase the sensation of victimization for the abuser, and the role of victim for the abused.

Be okay to walk away. 

Therein lies your freedom in all aspects of life.

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How Viewing Life Outside of Your Perspective Will Save the World

As I fly 32,000 feet above the ground, I glance upon an epic natural world below that has no clue I’m riding above in an aluminum tube with the jet stream. The disconnect between my idea of the world, and what I see below me, is held in front of me as plainly as a marque.

The earth presents herself with a wry smirk, not as I concoct her to be in my mind, yet as she simply stands. She wears proud lines and gashes from millions of years of experience with the elements, beautiful, as the smile lines creating caverns around an octogenarian’s eyes.

And she is happy I finally see her for what she is — a testament to the now.

There is so much to be aware of — so much to be in awe of, if we only allow ourselves the time to absorb the reality that sits in front of us. Not the pain brought on by disappointment, which can become our reality. Not the limitation we feel we are trapped beneath, which can become our reality. But the wide-open canvas that is constantly set before us. 

With what do we choose to decorate our perspective?

This is not to discount the valuable lessons learned through pain and disappointment. Yet it is important to remember that pain, particularly emotional pain, is simply a lesson in our decision to dance with our ideas of self-limitation. 

Unless we know where our own boundaries exist, we cannot reach past our own perceived borders. And if we choose not to teach past our own personal emotional walls, we stop growing in any one direction.

That which does not evolve then dies away.

It is within the human to design to crave growth because we crave survival. Humanity changes at a breakneck pace both genetically, spiritually, and sociologically. 

From our limited and often distracted perspective on the ground, mired in our own entrenched earthly woes, we as a species appear to drag from one evolutionary opportunity to the next. Yet when comparing ourselves to the vast array of our OffWorld cousins, some of whom have dotted the galaxies with their cultural brilliance for millions of years — we’re doing pretty darn well for a species that insists on starting from scratch every 20,000 years or so.

With our virtual world more real to many than that of the physical, our reality is crafted exactly as we see fit. This is both a fascinating exercise in manifestation and perspective, and a seductively dangerous dance with rigidity.

For instance, we filter our news feeds with perspectives that mirror our own. This both enhances our creation of the world around us and also limits our perspective while living day-to-day in a physical world that is not solely controlled and created by our own desires.

As a species we are deeply impressionable. Again, this is part of our design, the human soul ever-starving for experience. As such, we seek to impart ourselves with knowledge that makes sense to us — that feels good.
The hazard in this time frame, the double-edged sword of filters and feeds, is a loss in our ability to factor in perspectives that may not mirror our own.

Considering that humanity is a grand experiment in perceived separation — as we are constantly connected through the heart chakra with one another, Creator, and all things earth — this illusion of creating our own world to mirror our own understanding of it then becomes both a lesson in manifestation and at times a prison.

Since the earth, the world, all physical reality bears the weight of surrounding elements to bring through change and evolution, if we seek to surround ourselves with only that which reflects our very core perceptions, it stands to reason that we don’t evolve past our current understanding.

This is not the time frame to insist on converting others to our perception, but to hold a space for others’ perceptions while they hold a space for ours. The antiquated notion that we all must “agree” in order for change to occur is not in line with diverse evolution. It is more accurate to note that though we may disagree, the art of Ascension is in the dignity with which we proceed forward while building bridges to solve problems from all angles.

This union of intention, not like-thought or group-think, then becomes the glue which transcends opinions and turns principles into action steps.

There is a delicate balance in reaching past our own bubble of perceived reality in order to grow our viewpoint for learning, and holding sacred the space within us that is our precious sanctuary of healing, connection and understanding. As we would not allow a person with muddy shoes to track carelessly across our brand new white carpeting, we protectively reserve the space for our own core within. Yet in doing so there is no need to disavow the very reality of mud on the earth.

This balance of what we see, what we’ve experienced, what we know, what we think we know, what we want to learn, what we choke on as the Universe urges us past our comfort zones in order to learn, what frightens us because we are unsure of who we are, what frightens us because of exactly who we are — this balance of all options is the great exercise known as Being Human. 

Being Human is our greatest purpose of existence; to be alive on the earth, to show ourselves that we are far more than we perceive ourselves to be at the same time that we realize we are far smaller than we perceive ourselves to be. 

 It is in this understanding, this dichotomy, this ability to both create and imitate at the same time, to both broadcast and reflect simultaneously, to be the innovator and in doing so become the mirror of innovation to others, it is in this flexibility of being human that literally nothing is outside of our grasp.

Unless we need it to be. And that is up to us.

All is as well as you require it to be in your immediate world. The sky shall remain the sky, the earth shall remain the earth, and the sea shall lull the planet into a tidal sleep as it has for eons before our bubble — my bubble, your bubble — bounced on the surface of this tapestry of agreement with both perception and physics that we call “reality”. 

And that, at the end of the day — is what’s real.

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Why You Won’t Hear Me Talking About the President-Elect

There is a very specific reason I haven’t been commenting recently on the current President-elect, and it’s time I share this reason.

The fact remains that this entire time frame is an experiment in consciousness. And I’ve never been one to pollute my environment.

This time frame is asking us — what do you choose to be in your reality?

My consciousness and my work isn’t centered around fear. Therefore, none of this look-what-he-tweeted flurry is registering on my radar as anything to report on, short of:

“Hang tight and don’t buy into the illusion that it’s all gone to heck in a hand-basket. This whole debacle will come crashing down very soon .”

Because it will.

It’s like a really bad reality show that gets cancelled halfway through the first or second season. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again — no time line supports this President-elect, including the one they attempted to author in order to paste over the top of ‘reality’.

No matter what it looks like, no matter what laws Congress has passed in the middle of the night, no matter who is sworn in — this President-elect’s energy won’t be furthered. Because it’s simply not his time, or the time of anyone of this consciousness whether they are a man, woman, or gerbil.

It’s the era of the New World. We The People still run this country because we pay its bills, and the majority is not going to stand for the extreme measures being taken.

That’s the reality.

Our government is only as powerful as we decide it is. And that is one of the great lessons of this time frame.

We’re not sheep. We run this show. We’re finally waking up to this fact the hard way.

No matter whose hand gets placed on the Bible in January, we’re still in the time frame of the feminine. We had a female Presidential candidate who, love her or hate her, won three debates and won the popular vote by a huge margin. We have a President-elect that was voted into office by not only a section of disenfranchised Americans, yet, thanks to electoral math that was heavily affected by a coup between Russia’s fake news and the FBI, a big power play was made by the dying imbalanced masculine — the last twitch in it’s mealy death throes.

The spiritual physics of the New World don’t support these old world physics long term, regardless of what network news has to say. The Emperor’s New Clothes are already seen as some pretty dirty underpants that are headed for the wash.

None of this has ever been about candidates. Or political parties. Again, it’s always been about consciousness.

Therefore, I’m not sure what needs to be commented on past “Don’t buy into the end-of-the-world” hype unless that’s the reality that you wish to learn from.

Sure, activism has its place at this time. My activism is being a #FirewallForLove .

That doesn’t mean I’m not paying attention while stuffing my head in the sand and hugging a Gryphon. It means I’m paying so much attention that I simply see all of this for what it is.

All of this fear, polarization, hypocrisy and hysteria isn’t my particular soul battle. I don’t need to cast the President-elect as my mirror because I’m not fighting a demon on the inside of me that requires caricature-like embodiment on the outside, acting out.

This whole mess is going to crash and burn like the most awkward car wreck ever. And in the meantime, fanning the blow-by-blow fear-fire isn’t my calling.

My calling is to remind us all that each one of us are blinding beacons of hope. We aren’t here to be simply bumps on a fearful log until we can have proof from an outside source that faith is a better idea — as if we don’t have a faith center of our own and we constantly need to be satiated from the outside like a child being fed.

We’re more than a wobbly fence propped up against the wind, subject to the change in the elements.

Sure, we all need encouragement from time to time. Yet there’s a big difference between seeking encouragement and just flat rolling on the ground like Auntie Ida in a John Waters movie, gnashing our teeth because nothing we hear makes us feel any better.

Maybe you are supposed to be what makes another person feel better? Maybe it’s time we stop turning over every rock looking for a savior because the savior you are looking for is staring at you in the bathroom mirror?

We’re here at this time to reach deep, to see what we are made of without the endless stream of immediate-gratification stimulus to pat us on the bum and tell us where fabulous.

We’re here to blaze a path for optimism with an energy of unity. This is the sword that forges change.

We are here to wake up to the mind-bending power that we individually possess, and to bear witness to what a stunning difference we can make when we pool this ability.

The United States of America isn’t a super power on its own. We The People — we are the super power.

Evil may be Legion. Yet we are Union.

We are here to inspire faith by simply not condoning actions that don’t represent our consciousness. We’re here to embody hope because that’s what we’re made of — not because hope is some rickety beat-up life-preserver keeping us barely bobbing amidst a sea of terror like some sad default to misery, or because hope is a campaign slogan, or because hope is the band-aid that gets us through until the next knock on our big plans.

We’re here to embody hope because hope is right, faith in each other is right, and taking right-action — is right.

It’s what we are at our core before we were taught that brazen selfishness represents personal prowess.

My calling is to make sure that everyone is as awake as they choose to be. I’m not going to allocate my life energy arguing politics. That arena is the great mirror for personal reflection rather than conversion.

So if you feel the need to buy into the illusions of the dying old world in order to learn lessons in this time frame — then go for it. I respectfully step aside and you may have at it.

If you are ready to find out what you truly have inside of you — to remember what you are before you became what you thought you were supposed to be; if you’re ready to discover what truly sets you aside as a pillar of strength even when you feel weak, a steady temperate mind even when you feel afraid, and a rock-solid constitution in your gut even when you feel your stomach in knots; if you’re ready to embrace the change in you that will bring change into this evolving world — then hey.

I’m your gal.

That’s my calling — to remind you, and all of us, what we are truly capable of. Not to call play-by-play the biggest match of Oppression Olympics ever authored. Not to cross verbal swords with attention-seeking internet trolls. And certainly not to get swept into the tide of the dark illusion of a dying world.

To each their own path.

The angels rejoice in this time frame. They call it “The Great Healing”. They see it as the time when we finally begin to heal our fractured selves to embrace The One That Is All Within (the God within) in order to come together in true unity.
Therein lies our greatest power as a species.

So no. You won’t hear me comment on the endless and obvious events to come which shall play out in overly-dissected real-time across every media outlet known to humanity.

You will, however, hear me commenting on how strong we are. And how focused we are. And how our sense of unity continues to usher in the time frame of the healing and balanced feminine. I’ll hold a space for love. I’ll protect that sacred space. I’ll nurture it.

I give my Life Force to hope, not because I’m a cheerleader with a penchant for the saccharine.

But because it’s what I am. And in this time frame of 2017, The Year of Actualization, where transparency is the great currency —

— I give away my riches.

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