Voting is an act of compassion, and here’s why

Voting isn’t about “politics”. It’s not about some team-sport party affiliation. It’s about shaping your own community, with your own voice, for your children, and generations to come.

I know that there are many folks out there in the USA that don’t believe their vote makes a difference due to the electoral college, or politics, or “cheating”, or any number of reasons.

I know there are many folks out there who don’t vote because the candidates “don’t excite them” enough, or they don’t “do politics”, or they believe their voice doesn’t matter.

The difficulty with abstaining from voting is that a person chooses *not* to be part of building their own community, and their own world.

A person LITERALLY becomes a ward of the will of others.

More people take the time to vote for American Idol contestants than they do for public leaders.

That’s mind-boggling to me.

When we vote in civic elections, a person chooses to be part of something bigger than themselves.

Like deciding how many police we can hire. And how many fire stations we can have.

To not vote means to drop out of designing your own community, your own country, and your own environment. It means to be okay with going along with what someone else decides—FOR you.

It took WOMEN in America 70 years of continual protest to get the right to vote. It took black Americans *generations* before they were allowed a ballot. And Native Americans are still challenged to have their votes counted.


Because VOTING SHAPES THE COUNTRY. Control the vote, and you control the nation.

THAT’S how much voting matters, to local issues and big-picture matters.

And, in many cases, where candidates threaten the environment, or a local way of life, a person who chooses not to vote then chooses *not* to protect what they already have built.

We take so many freedoms and resources for granted in the USA, and even in my home state of Montana, like our beautiful public lands to camp on, and clean creeks to wade in, and fish.

For instance, the wrong candidate for Montana governor can be bought by big industry, and will have those public lands drilled full of oil holes, or campgrounds strip-mined, and those creeks will be redirected, or full of chemicals and muck.

But aren’t there regulations that prevent that, one might assume?

The wrong candidate for President, or, say, Montana governor, can easily override those regulations—with a pen stroke. And what we’ve come to know for our families and children, is gone to the almighty dollar.

That’s just one example of what happens when we unplug from our accountability as a citizen, and just coast along, hoping someone will “handle it” for us.

Hoping it will work out “somehow”.



NOTHING IN AMERICA is set in stone.

NONE of your rights are guaranteed.

It doesn’t matter if the “Bill of Rights” says so.

At any time, any President, backed by a court or a few congress people, can change the landscape of your carefree American rights—overnight.

It’s called a Constitutional Amendment.

It’s called a Supreme Court Ruling.

NONE of our freedoms are guaranteed.

Our entire American life can be purchased, if we’re not paying attention, and if we are not part of the solution. Much of it has already been sold-off to high bidders, all while many of us are were busy voting for the next hit top model or singer on TV, or believing incorrectly that someone else had it handled, and big changes would never touch us.

As we’ve seen recently, if any candidate manipulates the system properly, even the recommendations set forth in the Constitution and the law itself, then won’t apply to them.

You see, politics isn’t about politicians.

It’s about societal design.

And it’s OUR JOB, as a person who claims American citizenship, to cast a vote in the direction of the society that *we’d* like to see built.

For some, that society is traditional. For others, it’s progressed. Yet WE are supposed to decide.

And if enough of us cast our votes—the system must overwhelmingly listen to We The People. Not the few senators whose income is subsidized by lobbyists writing them hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of checks for their congressional vote.

But US. You, and me.

And YES, if enough of us vote, the system works. Yet when barely anyone is voting, and no one is paying attention because our favorite TV show us on, then those few votes cast are easily manipulated.

So please, especially if you’re a woman, or a person of color, or if you’ve never voted, or you’re “sitting this one out”—please consider joining those of us who are doing our best to sculpt an equitable, beautiful, FREE America.

Because we can only lift so much, without you.

We can only protect so much, without you.

We can only design the future so far, without you.

It’s not the politicians that need you.

It’s WE, your neighbors, who need you.

Vote. It doesn’t mean “I’m political.”

It means, “I care.”

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When Fear is All The Rage

Fear and rage are free drugs (they literally make the brain “high”) and many people substitute that high for “purpose” and for “belonging”. If we can continue to show people that caring for others is actually the greatest “heart and brain” high there is, only then will tides will begin to turn.

Yet people across the board must want to expand their horizons.

Anger and rage have a place, as a tool, a stepping stone to a resulted healing, or action. They both become a damaging stumbling block when that tool is used as the be-all destination.

I’ve never supported or been a part of movements where anger, fear, intimidation and rage are the driving collective motivator or bonding mechanism. I’ve even unsubscribed from certain liberal political newsletters and organizations because the messaging was too angry and polarized. No one political party or belief system owns the cornered market on rage and anger.

That being said—

The #TeamMAGA movement was built on rage, fear, intimidation, and anger. It’s purpose is to have a high-profile account holder on Twitter, or Facebook, or YouTube, who would turn all the other team members against someone on any of those platforms whose messaging they didn’t like. Then, the #TeamMAGA swarm would descend like locusts and cyber bully whomever’s opinion they didn’t agree with, en mass. It was a calculated “hit” process that has gone on for four years.

I’ve been on the other end of #TeamMAGA’s insane vitriol. I’ve had my life threatened, my body threatened, my family threatened, my work threatened, all because I publicly expressed that I don’t agree with the behavior of President Donald Trump, who encourages his biggest fans to act like mobs of crazed, violent fans.

I’ve reported and blocked profiles across multiple platforms over the years. They’d get shut down and others would pop up to take their place in the swarm of rage and anger.

At first, this was shocking and disturbing, until I began to see what it was truly all about. That none of this has been about politics. That it’s all been about a brokenness in people, a lacking in understanding one’s purpose.

Human beings are designed to thrive when helping others do something—anything. Living to solely fulfill ourselves will result in a feeling of loneliness and emptiness that many attempt to fill—often, fill with raging against another people online to forge some sort of “bond” with others, even through hating them.

For millions of people, rage and hatred are the only emotional connectors they have to others. It is a form of warped, conditional intimacy, a way that the hater won’t feel “alone” in the world…as long as they have someone to hate, and a group to cling to, who also hates the same people or ideals. Hate becomes the life ring someone is clinging to, while being tossed about in a dark, churning sea of unknowns—called life.

Yet hate and rage are the drug that separate us further from not only real connection, yet from ourselves. Because inside every human being is someone just wanting to actually, warmly connect with others, and to be seen for who and what we truly we are.

It’s how our spirit is designed.

#TeamMAGA has taken advantage of this loneliness in people, this blind need to belong—as have other various political organizations over the years on both side of the aisle. Yet this particular organization thrives on the collective need to choose attacking others through rage and anger as the bonding mechanism. And those who refuse to tow the rage line are then subject to the abuse of the members of the organization itself, until the straying subject falls back in line. It is, by the FBI’s current working definition, a cult.

The man that wrote the linked article below in 2018 was part of #TeamMAGA. His heart and mind were expanded and his journey took him away from the rage. And the quality of his life has improved greatly.

Anger, hatred, rage—all the mechanisms that create a false piousness—are temporary moments in a growth and understanding cycle. To adhere only to them, is to never grow.



I Used To Be A Trump Troll — Until Sarah Silverman Engaged With Me

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We Are the New Greatest Generation

As I’ve been saying for months:

We are the NEW GREATEST GENERATION. And it’s time to step up.

Much will be asked of us. Yet like those who, in WWII, gave up copper, tinfoil, and rubber for a war effort, we will give up polarizing political ideals, tribalism, and blinding fear, in order to rise to the occasion that is now calling us.

We are THE NEW GREATEST GENERATION. This is the beginning of our defining moment. As such, I’m reflecting on how we, as an American society, are handling the idea of limited resources (TP, bananas, money, etc):

COVID-19 is a spreading virus. It’s highly contagious. Yet the real contagion is fear, and sadly, a “justified selfishness” in that fear.

We can be responsible, aware, and take care of our families without panic-hoarding and leaving little or no resources for people who don’t have the means or energy to drive to multiple differing stores to find supplies. If we all have a little, we will all have enough.

A week ago my family was legitimately out of toilet paper. Bad time to run out, in a house with three women, yet life is life.

I went to three stores and found some TP at Walgreens . As I walked in, a women was there with her cart piled so high with TP that she had to steady it, to move it. I hoped there was still some left.

The shelves were pretty bare, yet there a brand left that I don’t normally buy because it’s a touch overpriced in my opinion, but it’s what was there. (Likely because of the price point.)

I talked with the girl who was stocking, about the TP situation. She mentioned a lady was just there and had cleaned out two full shelves. She mentioned the lady said her son had an autoimmune issue.

The employee I was speaking with was younger and didn’t get the “hoarding” mentality. She said she thought people could leave some for others.

I agreed. It’s true that we don’t know other people’s circumstances. Yet for those of us who are healthy and are not in a critical age range for mortality with COVID-19, we can step up.

Now, bulk buying in Montana, where I live, is sort of a “thing” for those who live in outlying areas, so a cart piled high is not entirely unusual. My family doesn’t live in an outlying area, yet I proceeded to buy TP as if I were buying for a cabin, stocking for a summer stint. I bought two packs of 12, and three packs of nine. I left a TON of TP on the shelf, and they were still stocking. (I’m a house of three women, I generally buy more than one pack anyway.) I just wanted to make sure we had enough to get through this weird rush on TP. There were *plenty* packs of TP left and six really big boxes to unload on the palate.

I later bought some herbs from my good pal Jim Nymeyer at Jade Forest Wellness & Herb Store here in Billings, MT. He has herbs that have helped me kick viral bugs in the past. He only had a little more than a dozen bottles because China is running out. I could have easily bought them all, yet I wanted to leave some for others. I bought one bottle for each person in my home — three (as that’s the dosing) — and left the rest.

It’s important to remember that product comes from many sources. TP also comes from a Mexico, and other places, and so we won’t be utterly wiped out. (No pun intended.)

Jim has multiple anti-viral and anti-bacterial herbs that will work in teas. My sister-in-law Melissa Scianna also has bacterial and viral-resisting herbs and teas at her store, Vintage Apothecary, in Bridger, MT. We have so many resources here in Billings and surrounding areas alone, (and skilled people who can combine wonderfully naturally healing elements in a pinch), that hoarding seems a bit over the top.

And really, just not the thing to do.

It’s important we widen our scope; to remember that Kleenex will work as TP in a pinch, cut-up thin napkins, as well as cut-up small squares of more thin paper towels, can also double as toilet paper and not overwhelm plumbing if the regular paper towels are small enough (and aren’t the thick “wipes”.) Or, thicker paper products can go in the garbage instead of down the toilet, like in other parts of the world.

AND — it’s important to note that if ALL paper products on earth disappear — we can cut up a sheet, and do as many countries whose plumbing can’t handle paper products — toss the sheet squares in a secure plastic container or garbage bag until hot-and-bleach-water wash day comes along. Rinse, dry, and repeat. (There weren’t always disposable diapers.)

It’s important that we all don’t HOARD; that we don’t panic. This puts at risk the elderly, and those who financially can’t buy in massive bulk at one time. Which is *most* of America right now.

There’s enough for everyone if we just don’t act like those temple moneys and street monkeys in Thailand who depend on tourists to feed them, yet now that the tourists aren’t there, are literally warring with one another in the streets over scraps of food.

It’s important to recall that we evolved from those primates. That type of behavior is in our DNA. Yet just because it’s there does not mean that we are required to act on it.

This is our challenge. To rise above the “no one will notice” illusion that we, as Americans, have propagated. That we are somehow separate, on our own, in our own bubble. That we affect no one but ourselves.

This is our challenge. To leave some for others. To have faith in others that they will assist us as well. To remember that in a consumerist nation so large, a nation that places money above all things — it’s likely that TP companies will be pushing product into the shelves as fast as they can get it here. And until they shut down trucking in America, product is still on the roll.

This is our challenge. To not see the end of life as we know it as world stock markets plummet and continue to plummet. And they will. Yet we the people decide value. Not the markets. And that’s what this situation is all about — returning the pace, and the power, and the lifestyle of TRULY LIVING — back to an emotionally connected people.

We are being taught the value of time off, the value of connection, and the value of trusting our neighbors again. Though we are social distancing, we can still text and call to stay in contact with one another.

If we remain calm, and all do our part, then we will mostly, across the board, be okay.

This is our challenge. To step up. To pop our own bubbles. To see the world for the delicate connected society that we are. To care about people we’ve never met. To consider ourselves a steward of one another, not just “our family”, and “our money”, because as we are seeing, our family — and our money — is spread out over the entire world.

If we stay calm, this all makes sense, in a world where money is king above humanity, and where health and wellness is put on the back burner.

It make sense that we are having this colossal priority re-set. Because while nose-deep in convenience, we have lost our way.

As part of the NEW GREATEST GENERATION, I get it. I get the very small sacrifices we’re being asked to make — sacrifices that we should have been making this entire time.

This is an important drill. Because when more life-threatening “bugs” hit our atmosphere as our climate changes, and our permafrost melts by billions of gallons of water at a time — we’ll need to know how to share.

And moreover, we’ll need to remember how to CARE. That’s how we’ll stay alive.

You are part of the NEW GREATEST GENERATION. Step up, step into it. We’ve got this, America.

And we’ve got this, world.


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