It’s True: You’re Running Out of Time

My wife and I were having a discussion today. It circled around how there is never enough time to get things done in a day no how much one plans ahead, usually because of unforeseen emergencies, interruptions, etc. This I’m sure is complicated by the fact that we both own our own businesses which completely changes the idea of “free time at home”. However, I could not help but notice a trend in our society that has come about the last several years and I thought I’d share my observation.

Thanks to texting and hand-held devices that distribute work email to your pocket, we are all accustomed to having an immediate answer or response to nearly everything. The answer to a problem is no longer what I can do for myself to it figure out, but to Google it, text a friend, download an app – seeking outside source to fix my issue.

We have trained ourselves not to move unless prompted — to not trust ourselves. We even drive with our eyes glued to GPS instead of the streets and get turned around time and time again when Google Maps hasn’t updated from a satellite the same obstacle that we can clearly see with our own eyes.

We have lobotomized ourselves with our own laziness.

This laziness creates a chaotic cycle of expectation and a frenetic lack of accountability. Our workflow and our communication style, our need for immediacy has become an expectation. “To do” list is only as good as the time to do it. When endless emergency texts, emails, and phone calls are coming in, all from frantic sources – the to-do list goes out the window.

So what does one do?

We attempt to set boundaries. However, when the entire world is operating on a system of frantic immediacy, now dependent on “feedback” rather then handling something themselves – this emotional outer-dependence creates a dysfunctional cycle.

Again, let me say that running your own business automatically opens up a can of worms that should be labeled “always on call”. I’m not addressing in this blog the normal amount of own-your-own-business -emergencies. That comes with the territory.

I’m talking about the constant, nagging distraction that is out electronic means of communicating. And let’s face it: As human, we’re just not good at NOT looking at the shiny stuff.

It’s not Facebook’s fault we get sucked into the endless vacuum of kitten videos and “Which Superhero are You?” polls. It’s our need to escape from the constant NEED, NEED, NEED that’s pressed upon us every day. Facebook capitalizes on our own desire for escapism.

For many, our digital media has become a place of meditation, or so we think. It’s become a place to tune out the world and focus on ONE thing — an illusion in and of itself. That “one thing” then becomes a fragmented MILLION things as we get routed from one Pinterest board to the next, one Facebook link to the next — and an hour later, we’re still on-fire-scrolling and our to-do list sits untouched.

And we complain we have no time.

If it’s not the digital media that is prompting us to allow notifications for the most infinite of things (“Press to allow Facebook to notify you when someone merely farts against the wind”), then it’s well-meaning friends reaching out to say hello in text chats. Don’t get me wrong — I love text chats. I love my friends reaching out to say hello and I love to hear what’s going on. Yet if you’re not the strongest multi-tasker, and a hyper-focuser, like me, then engaging in text chats squirrels me out to the point that I either forgot what I was working on or am now completely out of the work flow.

That’s not my friends’ fault. That’s mine.

Maybe my Gen X is showing, not being raised in an attention-fragmented society. Yet I think it’s more of a statement on the function of the human brain, which is medically proven to NOT be able to multitask, physically. That’s just what our ego calls splitting our focus.

I don’t always engage in the text chats because either I don’t have time or I know it’s going to knock me off my horse faster than Sir Lancelot at a Beginners Jousting Match — which, often times in our now-need-an-answer society — can be misread as aloofness or as not being interested in being included. I’ve had feedback that my lack of response has been viewed as both. Thankfully I can laugh this off with my friends and remind them that no one was butt hurt back in the day when the phone cords were attached to the wall — and the machine picked up.

Energetically, intellectually, physically and spiritually, this emotional dependency we’ve developed for feedback isn’t healthy.

The need for feedback becomes a compulsion, to distract the self and to fill the self with an outer opinion rather than searching within or sometimes, just sitting with the crappy feelings we encounter inside of ourselves without a shiny to take our mind off of things.

Please don’t get me wrong. I’m all about people reaching out for help and I’m all about viewing something that lifts your spirits. I’m even all for zoning out on Pinterest and looking at photos of weird natural science — my guilty pleasure. I’m simply saying that when that option becomes a compulsive need rather than a choice — ladies and gentlemen:

We have an addiction.

This frenetic-to-do-list-interruption isn’t just social media. Again, it’s the need people have developed to have an immediate answer. (Thank you, texting. Said with dripping sarcasm.)

In my spiritual practice, I’m booked solid quite often, which I am blessed to experience. As such, I’m not always at my computer able to answer questions immediately. At times, people get a little crispy because their correspondence wasn’t answered within the day. Thanks to 24 / 7 customer service satellites in India, and the almighty online god called Amazon, this is a “normal” expectation in business at this time. Considering I don’t have a customer service help line routed to India where “Rick” can help you — folks may have to wait a bit before I’m able to get back to them.

Yet this inspires panic and indignant feelings in some, much more than five years ago. I find that interesting.

So when my wife was feeling frustrated about not being able to get to everything, I had to remind her that we don’t live in a 10-years-ago timeframe where people respected workflow and other people’s time.

In fact, societally — we respect very, very little anymore. Mostly ourselves. Therein lies the problem. We live in the me-me-me timeframe. And someone or something will pop in and demand we do something for them RIGHT NOW, three hundred times a day — until we draw the line.

We’ve become so accustomed to dropping everything to fit something else in that I’m watching a bizarre trend happening not only in the workplace that demands far more of employees even while not at work (yet tethered via electronic device), but at home with parents and their children.

Both the kids and employers are working it. I can’t say I blame them. The more we comply, the more anyone will push an envelope.

For instance, I have clients whose children were diagnosed with ADD, or AD / HD. The parents then expect their children to be able to handle less, do less, BE less, because of this issue. Because that’s what they’re told. So rather than working with the kids to establish a better system (however it works for them to the best of their ability) to remember their homework, stay on top of chores, follow through instead of dropping something in the middle of the hallway and running to the next thing – the parents just pick up after the child constantly (because setting up and enforcing an accountability program is tiring and most parents are already tired when they get home.) Or the parent will leave work to drop off the child’s forgotten homework to school so the child doesn’t have to stay afterwards to finish only to fall behind in their own adult workload — further enabling the cycle.

When the child is confronted, they spill out the list of reasons they shouldn’t have to do these basic things — mostly because of what they’ve been told by adults: They’re easily distracted. They can’t.  They shouldn’t have to because then they won’t be able to hold more things in their head. They burst into tears and wail injustices to the moon. They throw a violent tantrum and watch adults back off in horror. This is emotionally exhausting, and parents who are already exhausted from dealing with a sociopathically frenetic ADD society — just cave.

…Um, I interrupt this train of thought to say that WOW, was I born in the wrong era. When I was a kid, I didn’t want to do ANYTHING that wasn’t in the “play” category. I forgot a lot of things. I dropped things in the hallway and was on to the next opportunity and adults tripped over my toys. I used these same excuses. I was told to suck it up and clean it up or the results were not favorable. I pushed the envelope until I got the unfavorable results. I did that enough times to realize that it sucked and I couldn’t create my own reality with my own rules, so I changed my behavior and became a better citizen of the world, aware of the needs of others.

With so many kids playing Sims games where they literally create their own societies, universes and rules — it’s really important to imprint upon these small humans that they DO live in a physical reality where indeed — they are not the creator, author, and sole proprietor of all the pieces in it. (That perception gets rough later in life.)

Yes, I believe ADD and AD/HD are real issues for parents and children. I know they are — I see the energy of these afflictions, caused by crazed food tweaks in our DNA, toxins in the air, and many others things. I have compassion for parents and the children who struggle with these issues. Severe ADD and AD/HD issues cannot be fixed with diet and exercise and require medication and cognitive therapy.  Often, the kids just get bounced out of school for being too problematic or for not being able to comply with cause-and-effect reasoning. So hear me when I say that I’m not proclaiming that these issues are not real, like those people who swear that there were never any dinosaurs or that the earth is flat.


I don’t believe every ADD or AD/HD kid is this severe. OR, sometimes, even *has* ADD. I believe kids are reflecting the frenetic nature of what we’re becoming. They’re seeing it on TV — reality TV shows or news programs that have interactive low-scrolling feeds of people chatting live on twitter as the show airs. I mean, how many different things need to be happening on one show?


Or, the kids witness this fragmented behavior at home. Parents get on the computer while cooking dinner because most have to be for work (most work places expect folks to answer work email even when off the clock), parents escaping on Facebook, parents who don’t have the energy left to engage so they zone out in front of TV, which is now a sample-platter of on-demand goodies if the live interactive feed isn’t happening —

Just writing this, I’m thinking to myself: Holy crap. We’ve gone insane.

I’ve observed parents ripped in too many directions by their own day to be able to corral in a kid who is already ping-ponging off the walls of the same outside stimulus that de-rails an adult’s day as well. If we as adults can’t get a handle on our day — how is a developing brain supposed to, whose pre-disposition is to have fun at all costs?

You can see the problem here. We blame our kids’ ADD and we blame Facebook for our compulsion to check it 400 times a day.

That’s a lot of blame.

The only foreseeable solution that I can get an energetic eye on would be to go all Susan Powter, and Stop The Madness. This begins with training the self that the world won’t end if we don’t get to that next thing right away. (If your life depends on this type of dynamic, then you’re likely an air traffic controller, and my hat is off to you.)

Half the time, we’re jumping from one thing to the next because we feel RESPONSIBLE to get to EVERYTHING, rather than simply what is ours to get to. We are responding co-dependently as we are conditioned to be pleasers in Western Society, bullied and guilted by everyone to the point of guilting ourselves about missing one beat on anything.

It’s inane.

I’m not saying drop the ball on your responsibilities. I’m saying HONESTLY define your responsibilities and stop taking on that which the ego is taking on to feel more like a rockstar.

We fear saying NO and stopping the cycle of crazy because that also gives us more free time. People claim they want free time but actually, they are conditioned to run like a hamster on a wheel so that free time makes them uncomfortable. That’s a chemical affect in the brain, used to constant stimulus. Reference the number of children becoming addicted to games and electronic devices because their brain chemistry cannot map independently without an external set of parameters. The nervous system is used to stimulus and panics if we are not constantly in movement.

We must grasp our humanity back, admit our humanity, be at peace with being biological creature that enjoy technology yet being aware that our brain needs down time. We must get our groove back, actually able to sit around a campfire without checking Facebook for that extra stimulus.

We will never be the machines in our hand.

Next time you find yourself saying “there is no time”, truly — TRULY — look at your day. Where can you ask for help? Where can you let someone else be accountable for something so that THEY may grow as well? When can you let something slide? What must REALLY be done, or the world will end, that day? We’ve lost our ability to truly prioritize, to trust enough to delegate, to remove the ego long enough to recognize that the earth will keep turning if WE don’t step in with a comment, a like, an assist — something.

If your world has NO wiggle room and you are literally running “out of necessity” in your mind — there is something out of balance. Too many boundaries have been breached in your mental scape and it’s time to re-evaluate who you feel you are in relation to the world.

Does your identity depend on being “the doer against all odds”? Are you trying to prove something to yourself, or to others, by not asking for more help? Are you afraid you won’t be loved if you ask for help, or that you’ll be rejected, or judged? That ego stimulus, is likely a bigger embedded motivator than a naggy text.

If your life is not longer yours, and you’re complaining about it — it’s time to make another game plan. Come out of the victim mentality and make another choice. Or, stay where you are at and join billions of other deliriously happy functioning work-a-holics.

But you can’t have it both ways.

No one rules your time but you. Newsflash — our society no longer values people’s time or the time it takes to put towards individual efforts. This is a side effect of the disposable app-mentality (“Anything available, all the time.”) This will only change once we change, once we get back our ballast the keeps upright our sense of accountability while on the course of respectful action.

We may choose to be twisted up in butt-hurtness by this fact, to writhe in the indignation that our life path is not being honored by other people who have gone numb, tuned out, and forgotten how to be a respectful citizen of the universe (which is a whole ‘nuther blog). Or, we can recognize that this is all a symptom of a larger entitlement and emotional addiction problem in western culture — and we move on productively with our life.

You want your day to be less hectic? Get less hectic in WHO you are vs WHAT you are attempting to be. And to do that — we have to get back to being really honest with ourselves about what we can handle — and what we can’t.

Which I’m sure we’ll all get to, once we check Facebook one more time really quickly to see if…

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Want a Holiday Miracle? Here It Is.

I’m hearing the following statement from droves of people right now: “I need a Christmas miracle.” That miracle could be health, prosperity, balance in the family, or peace in the heart, on the home front, or in the world.

I truly wish that I could lend my “4-D” goggles to you, so you too could see how all of your miracles are right at your doorstep ready to come in. You’d be amazed at the beuty trying to reach you! So — instead of wishing, because we all know if we wish in one hand and spit in the other, which will fill up faster — I’m going to hand you those goggles by providing you a platform to bring all of your miracles through. And here it is:

Being extremely familiar with the spiritual physics of manifestation-plus-what’s-meant-to-be, I have observed time and time again that our miracles are attempting to get to us yet we don’t provide them with a doorway. Why? Because we’re tired, we’re cranky, crispy, jaded, and over all, we don’t logically subscribe to the fact that there is such thing as a “miracle” in this world anymore.

Guys. That’s not true. Yet we make it so. While living in this like-attract-like third dimension, if we put all that “This will never happen to me” energy out there — well, you just said “Amen” to your own worst fear — No miracles.

I’m going to give you the magic bullet for receiving your miracles because frankly, it’s time we take back our birthright as miracle machines. We’ve been demonstrated this miracle potential by countless spiritual and sociologically effective people like the Buddha, Jesus, Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, and countless others.

So let’s get you onboard too. Miracles aren’t just for “special people”. They are the birthright of ALL people. Once we capture this miracle potential, then things like money, cars, houses, status — will be a thing of the past. Status doesn’t mean much if EVERYBODY has what serves them. (See why this miracle potential has been hidden from us, for so long? It kind of takes a chunk out of the consumer culture…)

So here it is. And I’m asking you to read this all the way through, because I’m guessing that at least half of you are going to want to throw up in your mouth a little with the next paragraph. But stay with me. The rule thumb in opening the door to the miracles that are trying to make their way to you:

BELIEVE it’s possible.

Sound like the world’s most trite Hallmark card, complete with glitter and foil? Yeah, I kind of thought it might. But let me explain this, so you don’t think I’ve binged-watched too many Netflixed episodes of Touched By An Angel prior to writing this.

Belief is an ENERGY SIGNATURE that’s just as palpable as the electromagnetic wavelength that ignites a light bulb. Many unsavory folks have mis-used the energy of “belief” in an attempt to control the masses, and much of this “blind faith” ideology comes from our Christian churches. Though amongst many things, I am a minister with a Christian background, I have many ideologies that are woven into my personal belief system. (I can’t buy the party line that there’s only one road to Source / God. That makes about as much sense as binge-watching Touched By An Angel.)

Our first step in receiving the miracles that are beating down our doorstep is re-learning what it means to actuate the energy of BELIEF. To do that, we must re-learn what believing IS.

We have been trained that “believing” is assigning away our personal power to an outside source, say “That God / Parents / Good Will / Our Boss will dive in and save us”. We then become disempowered by belief instead of recognizing that belief is a magnificently powerful creative force that is BASED upon our participation.

Our modern version of Belief is more in line with the word “wish” or “hope”. And again, it’s been my observation that much of this ideology comes from religious institutions which were designed long ago to disempower people by disconnecting them from their own miracle potential, thus leaving all the “power” (developing a system of the “have” and “have-nots”) with the state at the time.

By this modern working definition of Belief, we are asked to disconnect from the action of creation and to put our actions toward “hoping” that something that we can’t see will deliver a result. We take out hat in hand and mope off, stopping our contribution to the energy process too soon. And once we’re disappointed that these “miracles” don’t come true, we lose hope. We then mis-assign the energy of the word “belief” to mean a hollow action filled with no results — nothing more than a platitude.

Which is what it’s been turned into, by the way — so don’t fault yourself there.

Yet the ACTION of BELIEF is immensely powerful, if you understand what it truly is. I get the chance to see energy waves and vibrations around all things, and properly executed, BELIEF is a HUGE heavy hitter that brings jaw-dropping change. We simply don’t know how to use it, or get onboard with it’s physics.

We’re not empowering the word Belief with it’s true potential. That would be like me taking a kitchen spoon and attempting to write a letter with it — and when it yielded no ink, wiring the flatware company to complain. I’m using the wrong utensil for the wrong ACTION. It’s not the fault of the spoon.

Here’s the deal:

BELIEF is a proclamation, a manifest. It is an ACTION, not an ideology.

ELIEF is not waiting for something else to “make it happen”, but a place within YOU — a platform, an eyelet, where you provide an opportunity to secure an ANCHOR for possibility. It’s where you hold space in your internal landscape for ALL options to grow. It is you, deciding that the fertile soil within you is ready for a crop to be planted.

Just like clearing the top of your desk to receive that brand new computer you’ve finally saved up to buy — BELIEF is the ACTION of preparing a space for usefulness. That space is YOU.

Belief must START with you, on the inside, giving up real-estate to the Universe to be able to take root and bring you that which serves your highest good — not hoping somehow the magic wish fairy will drop you a break while passing overhead.

Spiritual Physics that I’ve observed also dictate that where more than one person actuating this BELIEF is grouped, the magnitude of the BELIEF is also grouped. Science is very well-aware of the power of grouping like energies all focusing on the same task. As example, look at these planar arrays —  telescopes all focused on the same area, yet each one working with the other one. The more telescopes, the more powerful the signal.



From a spiritual Physics perspective, we experience the same thing. The Hindu religion teaches that there is great purposeful power in many people grouping together emit the meditative tone of OM:

“Om is the best sound of all the Vedas. It arose from the nectarine essence of the Vedas. May Indra grant me intelligence. May I hold the immortal teaching in my mind. May my body be strong. May my speech be sweet. May I hear a lot of wisdom. O Om, you are the receptacle of the Supreme Truth. Remove the worldly intelligence that is obstructing my knowledge of you!” — Transalted by Swami Chidananda

The Christian Bible demonstrates folks hanging together with the same goals in prayer: “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” — Matthew 18:20


Today we’re igniting your miracle aptitudes. And here’s how you’re going to do it.

Step 1:

Leave a comment below on the miracle you would love to give room in yourself to accept. And remember — think BIG. We tend to “wish” for things like more money or a better outfit — lol — yet since MIRACLES are not a one-off, but a way of life and your primary operating system, GO BIG!! The mere fact that ALL OF YOU are posting your miracles here then develops a HUGE intentional “planar array” of energetic energy — and that is beamed right to source.

Step 2:

Rather than using the words “I wish for” or “I hope” in your proclamation for your miracle (as those words energetically and intentionally assign away your own ownership of being the ANCHOR), start your proclamation with: “With gratitude in advance, I eagerly make room for…” and end it with “I am excited and grateful to make a place for this action in my life!”

Step 3:

LET IT GO. Don’t stew on whether or not the Universe is going to “prove to you” that this miracle thing is real. Let it go, with excitement — the same kind of excitement that you’d have if you found out that you just had a trust fund opened to you for millions of dollars. That is the energy of acceptance, or, as other religions like to call it — Faith. Always remember that miracles have to do with free will and the benefit of all. If the miracle you’re hoping for is for your ex to dump their current love interest and take up with you again — well, that may be more of an interpersonal issue, though it may “tale a miracle” to make it happen. Make room in your life for someone who truly loves YOU — not someone you wished would love you. Believe me — there is someone for EVERYONE. And if we’re constantly filling up our dance card with folks who are unobtainable, that one special person simply has no room to ask you to dance. The miracle is ACCEPTING the RIGHT person, who is placed in your path. That’s the AHA moment J!

Step 4:

TRUST the Universe. The Universe doesn’t waste anything and isn’t in the business of providing for you a miracle that you *think* you need, when the miracle that would truly BENEFIT YOU is right around the corner. Seriously. There are huge powers in the Universe that know what would truly ignite your life. Your petition for a miracle may get “put on hold” while something 100 times even more awesome is delivered to you. The Universe: Under-promising and over-delivering for eons. TRUST.

Step 5:

BELIEVE that your proclamation has been given a boost by the many other proclamations that have been posted here. Because, well — it has. That’s not belief. That’s plain old black-and-white spiritual physics, folks.

Step 6:

Be patient. That miracle may come overnight. If it doesn’t, keep in mind — as much as we’d like it to be true — it’s not all about us here in planet earth. Give away your desperation for the miracle to “come true”. Since miracles are your birthright, then the right miracle for you WILL be delievered, so there’s no need to fret over whether or not it will happen. It’s simply a matter of timing. The Universe is a massive machine of moving pieces and sometimes, what is meant for us takes a moment to get here. This goes back to the TRUST step.

There it is. That’s it.

Now leave your proclamations for a miracle — not your wishes — in the comments section below. Make room in your life for these miracles. Spread this information so that others may also do the same.

The moment we open up the world, and the people of the world, to receiving that which has always been intended for them — we eliminate competition. We eliminate “want” and “lack”. We eliminate excess. We eliminate the haves and the have-nots, which then eliminates violence, end war and many other yucky things that we initiate because we’re afraid we “won’t have enough.”

Have a glorious holiday season and a wonderful Christmas. Expect your miracle with the excitement of a child. Magic in the world isn’t dead.

BELIEVE, and you will see.

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Why Love is Winning

So there’s a lot to be said for standing in the gap for what you know is right. It’s generally hard because what’s “right” is usually the white elephant in the room that everyone pretends is a teacup Chihuahua. Yet if anyone points out that the Chihuahua has a trunk…well. That can get ugly. Thus enter the moral of the story in The Emperor’s New Clothes.

Pointing out the white elephant in the room, even if it’s an accurate observation, tends to ruffle a few feathers somewhere. Not everyone’s version of “what’s right” is the same.  My idea of “right” is someone else’s idea of utter crazy. So when we’re being called forward to speak up about something (because let’s face facts — we weren’t put on this planet to be silent OR invisible), it can get a little Old West.

However, with the last blog post on Non-PC Comments that I wrote going unexpectedly viral, I realized that many people were in the exact same boat that I was, simply staring out into the world with the same “WTF” expression plastered across their faces.

And I also realized that many, many people were excited about accountability, and about love winning. Because that’s what’s happening, even in the face of utter tragedy. Compassion is winning in spite of the fact that Fear wishes we thought the white elephant in the room was a Chihuahua in a pink sweater.

That mere fact that people are willing to see the white elephant FOR the white elephant — is freaking people right out.

Why? Because many people’s first relationship, the most important relationship in their life, the most long-standing relationship they’re ever had — is with their own fear. Ask them to get rid of the fear, and THEN who is going to hang out with them on a Saturday night?

The blog I posted received hundreds of comments, and even though I mentioned in the blog that I wouldn’t be approving anti-Islamic comments, or hate-fueled / overly-negative comments, people still posted them. And then they were unbelievably butt hurt that I didn’t approve the comment, re-posting comments about how it was “too bad I couldn’t stand another viewpoint”. The more I didn’t approve, the more they would post, just shouting into a vacuum, each post a little crazier than the one before it, attempting to employ shaming and bullying tactics to inspire me to approve previous comments.

LOL — yeah. Because THAT works.

I found it all utterly fascinating.

This fear and this anger was INCREDULOUS that it was not allowed to have a voice. It was astounded that IT was not the focus. That IT was not heard. Even though it was told that it would not be.

And that’s when I realized: Fear is made deaf by its own screaming. And those who house this fear are deaf to all the noise.

That breaks my heart for folks. Yet it is their own choice. It is their own learning path. For me? I do my best to choose compassion and love. I find that most people choose these same attributes for learning. Like Dr. Simon Atkins, for instance.

I was honored to appear on Simon’s Skyaia Show on Monday November 30th! Simon is a Light Worker who focuses on world change through love. He’s also a climatologist and author — a very learned and fascinating guy. And, I may add, a pal of mine from way back in the day. It’s funny how life brings people of like purpose around to assist one another, later on.

Nothing’s an accident.

On the show, Simon focused on the facebook page that I started, 1 World People, a page where everyone from every walk of life across the globe may congregate to share beautiful things about their community. They can literally — share the love. And that topic branches into some amazing concepts about how to actually transform our world. This was a great interview. Really, it was more of a fantastic visit that I was blessed to be a part of.

I wanted to share the show with you because it’s important to note that SO many of us speak the same language — love. Compassion. The willingness to extend ourselves and to buck up when we need to. The desire to kick fear to the curb and re-acquaint ourselves with our primary operating system of Love. To connect.

That’s most people I know.

The splatter of negativity and fear that media often represents is a thumbprint of a dying system of population control. It’s on its way out. In its place is a beautiful inner fortitude based upon the courage to stand in the gap for what’s right: Peace, love, compassion, education, effort, and patience. (I’m not always very good with the last one. But I’m getting there.)

Love IS winning. It can’t NOT win. It’s our primary design, our magnetic north, our birthright. It’s pushing ugliness out of the way even though the narcissism of fear shouts at the top of it’s lungs for attention.  Love is winning. That’s why were seeing so many horrible things happening around the world.

Fear is not going to go out without a big tantrum.

Here’s the Skyaia Show below, with me and Simon, and I encourage anyone who loves great uplifting concepts to subscribe to Simon’s channel on YouTube. Not because he’s my pal — but because he’s got great things to say that aren’t negativity-based.

Now there’s a thought.

May YOU let your love shine. Nothing can stop you from shining. It’s your birthright, afterall :) Find your voice no matter what. Have courage to express your perspective in the face of fear’s bluster. Your perspective just may change someone’s life. Stand in the gap for what you know is right, by Love. BE the LOVE you would like to see.

Just do it. And watch what happens.

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People are Demanding ‘Non-PC’ Comments on Terrorism — So Here’s the Mother of Them All

I’m seeing a ton of vitriolic comments all over Facebook, Twitter and other social sites about how we need to “stop being PC” and really address the terrorist issue by “really talking about what’s happening” without “censoring ourselves” to make everybody else comfortable.

As a Christian Pastor, I tend to raise an eyebrow at this. Not because of the lack of PC-ness, but because of the repressed anger I’m seeing. Yet this lack of PC discourse seems to be what people need right now. So okay. If that’s what everyone thinks will help — I’ll go there. As a Christian Pastor, and as a white American female, I’ll dump my PC filter and say it like it is in an effort to help us all heal. That seems to be what everyone is calling for.

So here it is.

America, you’ve gone yellow.

You’ve gone from a dignified nation who stood confidently in our identity knowing who we were in our strength while proudly accepting our melting-pot role to the world, able to extend compassion to the world’s citizens when tragedy struck without being intimidated by other religions or ways of life because we were so secure in our own global role — to an hysterical mess of knee-jerk exceptionalism, racism, gross misinformation propelled by our media as we Sheeple just sit back and buy it because educating ourselves takes time and work and lord knows we could be binge-watching ‘Breaking Bad’ instead, and 140-character headlines that are easier to whip into a frenzy than whacking a hornet’s nest with a stick.

Stop it. Snap out of it.

Get your intellect and your decorum back. Grow up emotionally. Have your opinions and express your incredulous anger at atrocities committed around the world, but get a grip. Stop acting like a frightened trust-fund-baby whose parents threatened to take the freedom of their credit cards away, and start acting like a World Citizen that can take one for the team while they console another who is hurting. Suck it up. Act like AMERICANS, not a contestant trying to get through an episode of ‘Survivor’ or that one chick at Walmart’s Black Friday sale that body-checks an old lady just to get an extra discount Duck Dynasty T-Shirt.

Yesterday when I pastored church, I addressed how to curtail our need to demonize that which frightens us. Fear begets fear. For many right now, that fear is Islam. For those confused by the concept of Islam, or who believe that all Muslims are terrorists, this guy being interviewed on the video below hits the nail on the head in spite of the leading questions by CNN, who didn’t enjoy his honest factual answers that couldn’t be manipulated and don’t support the American vitriol towards this religion.

Before we become part of the extremist problem by pushing *extreme* ideals that we claim are the “god’s honest truth” because we read it online so we’re passing around propaganda that supports our freak-out and subsequently causing others to freak out, let’s get our heads in the game. Let’s get our facts straight rather than purporting fan-fiction authored in fear. We can’t address a terror problem if we’re insisting on creating a war with every Muslim on earth. That’s not addressing a problem. That’s starting one. That’s ignorance and it’s dangerous ignorance at that — just as dangerous as extremist Muslims who want to war after every other religion.

I’m stunned by the amount of hyper-paranoia over one world religion because of a few minority extremist sects. WOW. What about the millions of other peaceful Muslims? Did you know that the word “Islam” in Arabic, though meaning “submission / resign oneself / surrender” (as to a higher power), also shares a root with the word “Peace”?

How frightened we have become, America? Looks like the terrorists are winning after all, for many of you. You may want to consider that before pushing around the internet a bunch of garbage that’s just not true but is scaring the dickens out of everybody. Way to help out ISIS.

Don’t turn into the people that terrify you. I’m warning folks ahead of time — I’ll be deleting off this thread any of this “Sharia law” propaganda or “why Islam will ruin the world” propaganda that only fuels misinformation and fear. This is MY page. Spread misinformation and fear on your own wall or blog, to your own audience.

So how are you enjoying our non-PC discourse? If you’re like most Americans, you’re already bored, rolling your eyes with the “Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’ve heard it before” expression on your face, already flipping through the channels looking for the next biggest thrill.

Alas, you can stay on this channel — as I can help you there as well.

You want to get really un-PC? You want a real throw-down, the kind of tell-it-like-it-is verbal blow-out that has America captivated with “candidates” like Donald Trump? I’m not sure that you do. Not when it could all be directed at you, rather than “those people”. Yet since we’re being as UN-PC as we can be here, as that seems to be what the American public is calling for in our obsession with brute demonstrations that project our lack of ability to really identify where our fear is coming from, let me provide you with what many Americans have been craving.

I give you the most UN-PC commentary on world terrorism of all:

America terrorizes itself. Americans feel powerless, and have since the Twin Towers fell in 2001 and then again in the Recession of 2008. We have a grid-locked Congress and a relationship with lobbyists and big money in government that neuters anyone in the Executive Branch. We are fearful because we fear we aren’t taken care of, even at home, by our own. We are too busy fighting over who is married to whom, who is doing what with their body, and who gets a tax break. We’ve become a nation of obsessed busy-bodies spitting hyper-criticism away from ourselves to mask our own feelings of weakness.

We tolerate poverty in America yet criticize it in other parts of the world. We have become the biggest demonstration of hypocrisy on the planet as a “Christian nation” who has forgotten to apply the most basic tenets of the Christian religion: Love and Acceptance of All. We continue that demonstration of hypocrisy while preaching the doctrine of the “American Dream”, holding much of the planet’s wealth and opportunity for advancement in technology, yet trailing far behind in first and secondary education, health care, and poverty per capita, as we restrict our resources to only the privileged few.

With gun violence making headline news, we feel we can’t even keep ourselves safe within our own borders because we have forgotten how to care about our neighbor. We handle our daily feelings of being invisible by showering movie theaters and schools with bullets, just to show anyone watching that we’re alive.

We demonize brown-skinned people because they are taking jobs that we whites statistically refuse to do anymore because we aren’t “paid enough”, jobs like manual labor, cleaning toilets and working at fast food chains. And then we whine that there are no jobs.

Overall as a nation we are frozen in fear, laziness, and in emotional impotence waiting for “someone at the top” to come riding in on their white horse and make it all better for us. Even as we elected a “grassroots” President with our convictions of “changing corrupt government” by getting involved in our own communities, as he asked us to — as many pledged to at the time — we got bored with the heavy lifting as we always do and dropped the ball. Instead, we sat waiting for the President to “fix it” for us while we put our feet up and watched the Super Bowl. Yet we still complain.

We have forgone personal accountability for the credo of “someone else will handle this” while we hit the 20% off sale at the nearest outlet mall. America, we have become an exercise in denial, escapism, blame, fear, malaise, segregationalism, overall laziness, and emotional entitlement (and by ‘entitlement’ I am not referring to welfare recipients. I’m referring to armchair quarterbacks.)

So how about we handle the fact that we’re feeling powerless and fearful as Americans in a different way? Can we not see that trying to give a face to our fear by uniting under the banner of “us-against-them” then snags a play right out of the ISIS handbook?

I, for one, as an American — am not going there. I love my country. I LOVE what my country was founded upon. And I stand in the gap for that. I love what my country REALLY stands for — not this second-rate sad shell of whining and blaming. I choose to educate myself. I choose to rise above this hysteria.

I choose strength and temperance. I choose Love above all things.

If you wish claim we live in the greatest country on earth — then act like it. Spread encouragement to your communities. Don’t hide in a hole and stockpile ammo. Build your communities. Don’t build walls around your communities. Talk about love for all, not hatred and segregation for those who aren’t like you. Engage in activities that encourage others to talk about their fears in a healthy way. Not blowing anti-Islamic Facebook posts all over creation to form “teams”. Stop comparing who is the bigger martyr– Christians or Muslims. This is not the time for the Oppression Olympics. Be honest with yourself, Americans, that you feel unsafe in the world because our own government and our own society has appeared to give up on us — not because of a handful of scattered extremists doing horrible things around the world. These things have always happened. America didn’t fall apart when Hitler rose to power. We didn’t fear that we would all be “forced into being German”. Saurkraut wasn’t put on a watch list.

Somehow along the way we have forgotten how to not cave into fear and stand in the strength of common world purpose. Perhaps the Twin Towers falling on our soil rattled our emotional constitution. It’s one thing to watch a war on TV. It’s another when it happens in the Big Apple. However, let’s take some pages out of the playbooks of other nations over thousands of years who have survived hideous atrocities on their own soil — and STILL operate under hope, love, and seeking common bonds with other global partners.

Buck up, America. This self-pity needs to end.

Own your fear. It’s yours. Danger is real — fear is a choice. No one can force us to feel fear. So don’t give fear a face. Don’t give it a cause or a nationality. Your fear lives inside of you. It is only triggered by outside sources. By giving your fear a cause, you are doing exactly what ISIS is doing — projecting their own fears onto hapless and innocent victims. You may not be killing anyone — yet. But you’re killing yourself. Fear is the great disabler, the great poison of the soul, the slow-leaking dimentia that distorts perception into nothing but chaos and ugliness. Fear is the drug on which most people overdose yet remain an upright walking corpse, dead in the eyes and dead to all further growth and possibility.

Love is the answer. I’m sorry there are so many of you that don’t believe this. And it’s a sad statement on where the United States of America is at, as a “Christian nation” (as claimed by many though we are a melting pot), that the Law of Love would be the first thing to be discarded. Yet love and respect for our fellow humans IS the answer. Jesus talked about it. John Lennon talked about it. Ghandi talked about it. The Quran talks about it. The Hindu and Jewish religions talk about it. The Wiccan practice cites “do no harm”. Sure, the people committing these atrocious acts don’t speak the language of love, so it’s likely that world militaries will deal with them in a language that they understand. However, for the rest of us that do speak this language, it’s very important that we don’t lose our ability to recognize the language intrinsic to the human soul when it’s spoken to US.

The moment we replace the Language of Love, the global, human language of our spiritual birthright, with the hysterical and isolationist silence of fear, well. That’s the time that we, as a species —

— call it quits.

Choose love, America. And stay in the game.

Watch CNN get their keesters handed to them on the issue of Islam at the link below:

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That ‘Titan Missile Launch’ off the CA Coast Wasn’t a Missile — Here’s Why

Question of the last 24 hours: “WHAT IS THE STRANGE LIGHT ABOVE LOS ANGELES? UFO? TIME PORTAL? ASTEROID? MISSILE?” Sometimes, it’s just rough when an event that you are witnessing is labeled something else by the powers that be. There’s no good way to truly approach answering a question when a government agency comes out with a formal annoucement “de-bunking it”. The Navy came out after hundreds of YouTube videos hit the deck announced they were making a Titan Missile launch test from a submarine in the Pacific. They re-routed aircraft from LAX for this “test”.

Articles whose title include “NO UFO! Just a Missile” include similar videos of missile launches that look a little bit alike, and explain why the high-atmosphere missile trail would “glow” from the suns rays way above even though it’s dark below. That’s actual science. The military can justify that science. ‘Nuff said for most people.

Except this wasn’t a missile launch.

And neither were many similar phenomenon occurring at breakneck pace all over the world. Some were missiles. Others weren’t. Some of these contrails look alike. Others don’t. All apples are fruit. Not all fruits are apples.

I’ll answer this question one time. Many will discount the answer which is why I don’t bother answering once the military comes out with something. That’s easier for people to swallow and really, I don’t enjoy the blowback from people who are a little scared this could be something else, and then get angry online. I don’t have enough skin in the game to have one opinion or the other where people place their beliefs. Everyone has a right to their opinion. Yet I have been asked a question by hundreds of people. And I feel I have a responsibiliy to answer it, rather than worry about the “troll blow back”. Haters will hate. Seekers will seek.

So here’s the answer.

Though missile contrails CAN look like this — this wasn’t a missile. Neither have been many other similar phenomenon that have popped up online. When I lived in LA, I saw an actual missile test tearing acorss the upper atmosphere. It was a tiny bright spot that flickered like a flare and left a huge thick contrail plume that was GLOWING and unmistakely smoke or steam. It was obvious it was a rocket propulsion system, even that high up. As a psychic I could not detect one ounce of life or consciousness in that missile high above. This event has NONE of those attributes if you watch the video from the beginning.

Also, no military branch issued a test-de-bunking press release on any of the missile launches we all witnessed in LA. I saw many of these tests in LA and there was never anything online or in the news about it manily because back in 2007 not nearly as many people were capturing video on their phones. It was just never mentioned. Yet this de-bunk came out in less than 24 hours.

It is confirmed by the NAVY that the military deferred air traffic from LAX, one of the busiest airports in the world if not the busiest — for a TEST that could have been blown off ANYWHERE, away from that much volume of air traffic? And never mind the fact that the sub was dispatched from WA state… to head all the way down to California right off the coast of the biggest city in the USA… for a missile test. Yep.

If you’re a facts hound and don’t mind a boring as heck read, please read the US MILITARY document attached at the link below which explains WHEN the military has jurisdiction to re-route commercial and civilian FAA traffic. You’ll find that “testing” is not including in the definitions of what constitutes the military to issue mandatory civilan air traffic control re-routing.

So why all this now?

Because people are onto something that’s happening. And they can upload it to social media in a blink. So best to get people’s mind put to rest before they figure it out. Yet we’re trying to be shown someting here, as a race, that’s magnificent. So hang in there with me while I explain.

Though it’s important to point out that sometimes missiles look a little like this — this isn’t a missile. It’s a very small and very stable “white hole”. Black holes eat light. White holes spill out light. It’s one end of a temporal event created by a very advanced civilization that’s been coming here for hundreds of thousands of years. They poke a hole in space by an “anchor craft” (that’s what I call them, the glowing craft in the original video) that “holds” the end of the wormhole they are attempting to open from a much bigger craft that is generally “anchored” by a distant star, using the star’s own gravity to open a “door”. That star’s light spills in once the hole is opened.

You’ll note the anchor craft in the original video. This is the greatest TELL of all, de-bunking the missile story. The large glowing smaller anchor craft (which is actually pretty huge) in the original video has no contrails. It’s too low to be above the atmosphere, so the fire propellant should flicker. (Again, plese keep in mind I’ve witnessed several missile tests while in LA. They all flicker when they’re that low.) This light of the craft does not flicker. (Because…it’s not a missile.) In fact, it gets bigger as the field of the craft widens to anchor the white hole for the larger craft coming through. Once this temporal doorway is opened and all the light floods in from the distant star, the smaller ship “disappears” once the “hole” is opened because it’s the nature of the gate system — that smaller craft swaps places with the larger craft to continue to hold the doorway open.

I could go on and on about this technology because I’ve chatted a lot with the OffWorlders who developed it – but I won’t bore you here with it because this is a REALLY LONG post already. Once this “hole” in space-time is punched, a much larger craft comes through this “hole” from a very distant quadrant of the universe. It’s their version of LAX.

We don’t often see the bigger craft because the temporal technology also bends light, so the ambient light we are seeing in the night sky is “bounced off of ” the field created by the ships. Think Star Trek and Cloaking, as cheesey as that analogy is.

However, if you’d like to “see” the much larger ship coming through the wormhole, watch an original video of this and watch as the wormhole opens wide, letting in the light from the distant star. You’ll note a blue “event horizon” stripe behind the opening. If you focus on that, you’ll see it black out very briefly as the craft moves across it. It’s a rough one to catch, but it’s there.

Many UFO sightings are above LA because of the geomagentic properties involved with the plate techtonics of California. The electromagnetic field on the earth weakens, or “bends”, at plate implact zones. This makes it easier for our temporal-bending friends to use this technology.

Our Offworld neighbors are coming in at breakneck pace to help with planetary electromagetic stabalization. This has to do with weather and atmosphere, which affects their temporal “runways” they’ve been using for hundreds of thousands of years.

Our military is grateful for this help. The military isn’t the bad guy here. They’re trying not to freak everybody out. They know it’s going on. Which is why the NAVY came right out with the announcement and diverted the air traffic prior to the event. That’s not to say that a Trident sub was in the area, or perhaps somewhere they were doing missile testing.

Yet this wasn’t a missile.

All apples are fruit. But not all fruits are apples. Keep an open mind this year. You’ll see magnificent things. Don’t fear that which has always been bere. It’s all part of Creator / God’s plan anyway.

Have a great week!

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WHY you’re feeling drained all the time right now – and what to do about it before it gets worse!

*****PLEASE SHARE to anyone struggling right now!****

This blog EXPLAINS in detail what is ACTUALLY GOING ON physically (and spiritually) right now. There is all this buzz about “Ascensions Symptoms” yet I’m not seeing a whole lot explaining what it is, why it’s happening — or what to do about it. Only that it’s happening, and you may feel crummy. (Can I get a “DUH” from the classroom? ;)) This “ascension” is VERY physical, and in my opinion, this is the most important aspect to address. It’s killing me that there isn’t more out about the physical aspect of this issue.

In fact, this whole Ascension issue has become so esoteric and metafizzly that I really think many are missing the point of WHAT IS HAPPENING at this critical time. So I will do my best to weigh in with information that is applicable day to day, rather than simply discussable in theory. I’m all for the feel-goods about the angelic and ethereal applications of an ascension. But seriously. I’d rather not feel like crap while it’s happening.

So let’s get to some brass tacks here.

This is really important. Sharing this information isn’t about marketing, or spreading the word about my blog (which has been rather neglected in the blogosphere the past many months as I’ve been attending to some other things, so it’s not all that stellar to shout out about anyway right now.) This is about helping people. Because people REALLY need help right now. So please share this. No one needs to feel the way they are feeling right now and there are things we can do to change it.

Here’s the scoop:

So, so, sooooooo many of you are reporting fatigue, physical discomfort, depression, lack of enthusiasm, malaise, body aches, flu-like symptoms without having the flu, and a general feeling of “being drained” no matter what you do, with nothing working on the horizon to alleviate these symptoms.

I feel ya!!

I want to let you all know what’s going on, so that you don’t think it’s some crazy “losing your mind” problem, though it’s hard not to feel that way right now for some ;). We have some spiritual and many more physical issues at play that are too important not to share publicly. It’s part of my job to report on this stuff for the betterment of all, so here is the spiritual ticker-tape-latest, hot off the presses!

The Physical:

First and foremost — this Ascension requires physical participation!

Currently, the earth is going through HUGE changes. Thanks to our climate change, and other issues which would take up too much space here, we are experiencing electromagnetic fluxes that affect the brain and affect the spirit. The magnetic field of the earth (especially in the northern hemisphere) is beginning to shift as our poles attempt to swing around (and this will happen with no adverse affects to life on earth). This slight lessening of our gravitational field over the USA in particular will be “noticed” by the brain, especially during CME’s (solar flares). With a slightly thinned magnetosphere above — we’re getting hammered with more sun energy.  (No, we won’t all be burned to a crisp or turned into mutants like a 1968 episode of Star Trek. Though if that happens — please put it on YouTube and I will share it ;) ).

The brain, being an electromagnetic organ, picks up on this, as our brains are set to work better in a higher gravitational environment. So our brains are struggling a little to create all the feel-good chemicals that they normally would produce (Google “brain function” if you’d like to learn more about how gravitational and EMF arrays affect brain chemistry.)

Also, in the northern hemisphere, the earth is traveling away from the sun, into fall. This is shifting the earth’s natural Vortex points and geomagnetic ley lines, and “pulls” the chemistry in the body a certain way. The biology of a human interprets this as “hunkering in” and “starting to shut down”. It’s how we survived the ice age — and will do so again.

Add to this natural phenomenon the slight thinning of the gravitational field around the earth (and it’s strengthening around Australia, so rock on Aussies, you’re getting some good brain boosts down there!!) and we have not enough “juice” in the brain to make all the snappy chemicals. Because THAT’S what we all need — right?

THEN, add to the mix all sorts of geomagnetic and geothermal disturbances on the earth (fracking making earthquakes worse, the volcanoes that have been going off that the USA news has not been reporting on, etc), and we have quite a chaotic electromagnetic spin cycle going on. The electromagnetic nervous system in the brain reacts to all of these things. And right now, we need to SUPPORT the physical self, more so than any other time in recorded human history.

We are not separate from the earth. We are an extension of it. She flexes, we feel the pull.

To combat this flexing, we can’t just “phone it in” anymore, you guys. Burger King drive-through every day and no sleep every night isn’t going to cut it. Nature is forcing us to make more responsible physical choices as the physical body is no longer able to just “wing it” with crappy chemicals in food, energy drinks to get through the office day because we’re not sleeping because we’re freaked out about bills — we have got to take more responsibility for our mental and physical health. If we don’t — put plainly — you’re going to feel crappier and crappier. That’s just the reality. I realize this isn’t very “puffy metaphysical”, yet though I am a Psychic and Medium and Channel for Angelic Entities — I’m also a Montanan. And when it’s time to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps — that’s a spiritual focus as well. It just is what it is.

We are, indeed, subject to our physical bodies. Even Jesus had hunger pains. He got so mad at a fig plant that wasn’t producing fruit when he was hungry, he swore at it. And it died.

We don’t have to get so Old West to get results.

This may also qualify as Spiritual, yet our DNA is being activated in a very specific way. This isn’t hoo-doo-voo-doo metafizzly speak. It’s science. Evolution occurs in the mutation and triggering of different DNA once different environmental cues are established. We have DRASTICALLY cued our environment to be different by lessening our air quality, water quality, food quality, deep earth stability with fracking, and noddling with our electromagnetic field around the earth (with the HAARP arrays and many other world arrays sending high frequency sound waves up into our Ionosphere, the Planet’s “protective EMF net”.)

Our DNA is fighting back, adjusting by turning back ON many of our extrasensory spiritual gifts and talents. Now keep in mind that many of these gifts have never been turned off. We’ve just been taught to ignore them as Darkness and Limitation Consciousness had a chance to see if it could permanently change the world — whatever that streak of hubris was all about.  However, we’re coming back online, and it’s happening in HUGE chunks of populations across the globe.

This is what we loosely (and rather ethereally) referred to as “The Ascendance”. I’m not really sure where we are ascending TO, except to say that we are pulling ourselves up and out of a Limitation Consciousness that has never, or will never, work. So this is a plus, Humanity. Pat yourselves on the back. Wherever we’re headed, it’s better than where we’ve been.

My feeling and my observation around the Spiritual Physics of this Ascension Event is that it’s not a place, but a way of Being. The Fifth Dimension, as many spiritual practitioners refer to — is a state of consciousness, from what I can tell. And this Ascension Consciousness requires physical action on our part, if we are to “Ascend”, which honestly I think sounds pretentious as all get-out. I feel it’s a more honest assessment of the situation to say that’s it’s finally time we get with the program, considering all the amazing spiritual gifts and psychic superpowers that we, as a species, have been blessed with.

Out with the victim mentality. In with empowerment and using our gifts that can no longer be ignored, for the highest good of all!! WHOOO HOO!!

I personally think it’s more productive, and more easy to wrap the human brain around, to think of this Ascension period as an ACTION period. If we don’t choose to take action, we stay stagnant. Our body and our DNA are shifting to support our action. It is in our highest good to follow biological suite, and enact behaviors that would support our gifts that are being activated.

To act, we must be free of energy that is leaking toward unresolved issues in the past. See the link-back to the Year of Reconciliation? Universe has a pretty good grip on timelines and which phases of development should come first.

That action changes this physical realm, or the third dimension. Action is followed by reaction. Cause and effect. Picking ourselves up by our bootstraps and making changes. It’s very physical as well as spiritual.

With these gifts being tweaked in our DNA to the point of being very prominent, we can’t ignore them anymore. Our ESP connection to one another, our Bluetooth connection to God / Universe, our gift of empathy to feel others and the earth (a human trait, by the way, one of our strongest) are all bursting online like pop rocks being dropped into Coca Cola. We are EXPLODING with spiritual gifts at a microbial level.

Just like any other body function that uses up resources  (if we work out, we need to eat more protein afterwards to re-fuel the muscle tissues),our spiritual gifts and talents also use up physical resources, which is why I was on such a naggy-Nancy rant earlier regarding good health. To cut to the main bullet points of this issue before this blog ends up being War and Peace, we must fuel the body in a more responsible way. I’ll give you some tips, but before I do, I want you to consider WHY our spiritual gifts and talents have been easier to suppress up to this point.

Let us do the biology math here, and you will see a fascinating pattern: Spiritual gifts and talents burn more energy in the body, and require the body to take in more minerals, clean foods, and regenerate with deep sleep in order to properly function without burning out the body. This is why (real) gurus, reputable spiritual teachers, and people who are dedicated to a rigorous output of spiritual energy then do their best to fuel and re-charge the body responsibly. Spiritual gifts and talents also require a decent amount of brain chemistry in order to keep the machine running well, and that requires a balance in electromagnetic stimulation.


If someone is dedicated to suppressing these gifts, then they must limit nutrition by noddling with genetics in food so that the core minerals and blood-building elements are removed, making healthy food really expensive so you have to be a Trump to afford it, limit healthy EMF levels in the brain by making sure that humanity is surrounded by over 3000 satellites and countless cell phones, towers, and VLF (very low frequency) arrays that pull brainwaves down to 6 Hz from the optimal 7.83 Hz, and demanding more and more of people in the workplace so that sleep is a thing of the past.

See the creepy take-over-the-world-super-villain pattern? Yup.

The good news is that we are not robots or slaves to a system. We’re just kind of lazy, at least here in the USA, and we’re a little emotionally entitled when it comes to having to dig deep and make changes. It’s an ugly truth, but it’s the truth. We’re the trust-fund babies of the globe in the USA, and we use our “freedom” to often sit back on our heals and coast from one Netflix and pizza night to the next. This feels great, to decompress, most days, as many feel over-worked. That is, until this Ascension time frame hits us, and we realize that the “coasting” lifestyle will require some serious tweaks so that our “DNA leaks” in energy then become humongous assets.

It is up to US to change our nutritional habits, our sleep habits, and our media habits. And we can do this a little at a time. No one is expecting anyone to be a health superstar overnight and it’s not that we can’t relax. It’s that our LIFESTYLES need to change, to keep up with the changes in our DNA that we, ourselves, have kicked off. We are trying to better ourselves, as a race. This is what has always been intended. We know what doesn’t work. And we know what works. It’s time we reach for what works, physically.

WE need to change. Or, we’ll die. That’s evolution for you.

So here is a list of what you can take to kick into your routine in order to help the body begin to return to a place where it can support the extra energy going toward “switching on” these spiritual gifts and talents, as well as replenishing the energy these gifts and talents naturally use up within the body. Now obviously, I’m not a medical doctor. Always see a licensed practitioner for your medical advice. This is a list I’ve compiled after meeting with hundreds of clients that are all going through similar symptoms. This list has been passed on from angelic entities, so I figure they probably know a thing or two about a thing or two. (I learn a lot in my job.)  As we physically transition, imagine being a growing 13 year old boy. You may need more:

– HIGH Protein
– Vitamin D
– Vitamin Bs – 6, 12 (for sleep)
– Magnesium (this is huge to dodge the feeling of depression and malaise)
– Calcium
– Iron (so many people seem to be missing big portions of this in the blood)
– Omega Fatty Acids (fish oils, flax oils )
– Acai (antioxidant support as the body kicks out old toxins)
– Vitamin C (our immune systems are suffering as we try and “grow”)
– Kelp / Iodine (liquid is great, thyroid support)
– Honey (antioxidants)
– Resveratol (DNA support)
– Zinc
– Evening Primrose Oil (ladies)
– Folic Acid
– Biotin
– Frankincense (this is good spiritually in the ethers as well as AMAZING for the body. It is edible. Chew it like Gum. Google it. It supports many regenerative functions.)
– Clean Foods: Fresh spinach, fresh veggies, stay in the outside aisles of the grocery stores. The inside aisles with chemicals and processed foods are stunting the body’s ability to transition with this DNA issue. Can’t afford clean food? Find an old pot and grow some tomatoes, and a few zucchini. They grow like weeds and are chalked full of vitamins.
– BATHS. The human body is meant to recalibrate itself in water, energetically. Remember, we are a heavily electromagnetic beings. Our spirit, our soul, is scientifically measurable in EMF. SOAK yourself in a bath at least twice a week if you can. If you don’t have access to a bathtub, soak your feet. All energy flows through the feet. And add three cups (YES, CUPS) of Epsom Salt to a full bath and one cup to a foot bath. Magnesium Sulfate is an amazing “bad energy buster” as well due to the nature of its crystalline content.
-BODYWORK: Get as many massages / Reiki / what-have-you’s as you can. Make this a priority. Help the body rid itself of toxins it is releasing at breakneck pace.

Also, physical movement is important. We are sloughing off old tissues as part of this DNA shift because these old tissues are full of old toxins and YUCK that won’t support the accelerated physical system of  having all our superhero psychic bells and whistles online. We’re replacing old yucky tissue with new tissue, so let’s support that process! Get out and walk. Ride a bike. Live in the snow an can’t go jogging? No worries! Shoveling snow is a great way to get your blood moving. Move the body. It needs your will to do so, and it needs our help to flush out the YUCK of the past.

The Spiritual:

We talk so much about the ascension of human consciousness during this time, and that is all true. Yet to ascend our consciousness means that we must be responsible stewards of cause-and-effect — the planet, our environment, our body, relationships — all of it.

Why is this happening? Well, in fairness to THE UNIVERSE, we’ve had plenty of heads-up that this was coming. We’ve been fighting GMO’s for several years, and 2015 is the first year in the Ascendance cycle (with the three-year transcendence cycle being completed — 2012, Year of Transcendence; 2013, Year of Polarization; 2014, Year of Illumination), 2015 is the Year of Reconciliation. We have got to reconcile our data columns, which may mean in some modalities, we are receiving, and in some — we owe. Some areas we are gently putting to rest, and some areas in our lives are blowing up because we have not yet assumed accountability for them.

Good times.

So, if “stuff” in your life is coming up — get it handled. No matter what it takes, no matter how deep you may need to reach emotionally, no matter how frightening it may appear — handle it.  Own it. Your lessons will be crossed off the learning list and they will fall by the wayside. Running from past ills is a no-no in the Year of Reconciliation. They will catch you this year, no matter what.

No. Matter. What.

Please hear this.

Back child support owed? Make arrangements that work, or even suck it up for a bit while it’s reconciled. Work out past debts. Make right on your end (since we can’t control others) any emotional situations in which you contributed to unrest.  Step into accountability and Make it Right. Step into Acknowledgement if there is nothing you can do to “right” a situation, and take emotional responsibility. Face fears. Walk through them. You’ll live, and you’ll be stronger. Own what is yours, both magnificent and challenging.

Reconcile with yourself. Blame is out. Accountability is in. Polish your not so shiny spaces within, and SHINE.

By doing so, the energy that is being “drained” from you right now will be freed up to be used to build new and beautiful things. Mostly, your body and your spiritual abilities, which will be deeply needed as more of our creature-comforts flop by the wayside for a temporary time, due to our neglect of the planet.

It’s for our highest good that this is happening, to get our closets totally cleaned out for our new “spiritual wardrobe” we will be receiving during 2016. (This, by the way, will be the Year of Reclamation. I just received that download about three weeks ago. More on that later.) Your spiritual gifts and talents are part of your wardrobe.

Light and dark cannot be in the same place at the same time. Denial and truth cannot, malaise and purpose cannot, action and inaction cannot. We must make a choice in which camp we wish to lay our gifts and talents. Do we choose fear? Blame? Victimization? Or do we allow our physical bodies the ROOM to develop and grow, allow them the sleep and nutrients they need, to house our true Spiritual Nature, which is that of an unstoppable MIRACLE MAKER?

Who do you want to be? It’s up to you. Yet sitting on the fence, thanks to our current Spiritual Physics, is no longer an option. Sitting on the fence defaults into Camp Fear. None of us wants to be there, though fear is a very valid learning tool. I’d say it’s the least fun, however.

Everything you have ever wanted is at your fingertips. It takes a little physical discipline to get us pulled around from a very unhealthy lifestyle set to limit the fueling of our gifts and talents, to a lifestyle where our psychic and spiritual gifts and talents do not deplete us, but edify us. We are telepathically connecting to all things. Think of the bandwidth being used up in your internet when too many people log on in your household. Now imagine what is happening within your body, as it relays all of creation — at once?

Give the flesh suit a break. Give it some support. And you automatically support the spirit.

We ARE in ascension. This is an unstoppable physical and spiritual action. The spiritual avalanche has left the side of the cliff and is plummeting down the hill, cleansing all beneath it.

How do you choose to handle the inertia?

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Understanding Your Spiritual Gifts – Danielle Egnew | Audio Books | Non-Fiction

I’m so PROUD to announce the DIGITAL DOWNLOADS of my FORUMS!! It’s taken me awhile to get all the components together, but now my LIVE forums and workshops from my private practice hosted at Barjon’s Books​ in Billings, MT are available on audio download for listening on any audio streming device that supports mp3’s — phones, computers, ipods (and yes, Apple products totally support the playing of mp3s though they don’t like to admit it ;) These live recordings include all the terrific information that is channeled and discussed during the forum. (Alas, to get the readings or Q&A at the end, you have to be present at the forum!) So if you’re out of the area, wanted to attend and couldn’t, or the forum was sold-out (which is often the case), these audio recordings capture the message and you can start expanding your spiritual growth wherever you are!! BLESSINGS and let’s hear it for the unlimited reach of technology, connecting people to their highest design one click at a time :)!!

Check out my last sold-out forum, “Understanding Your Spiritual Gifts”in Billings, MT. The live-three hour intensive workshop (audio caught in just under three hours / edited) covers not only how to productively live, but thrive, with the spiritual gifts of empathy, mediumship, and clairvoyance — and how to use these gifts to our highest design rather than view them as a burden. Thrive with who you are! 2 hours 49 minutes

Understanding Your Spiritual Gifts – Danielle Egnew | Audio Books | Non-Fiction.

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Love, Selflessness, and Communication: What Did You Say?

Communication makes or breaks a moment. A kind word in a moment of pain can change a life. A harsh word in a moment of vulnerability can shut someone down indefinitely. Often, communication happens only after someone is so upset that rational communication is no longer an option. (This is also known as the middle-class-American-screaming match.) When communication happens at an utterly wrong time, either too much or too little — the results are less than optimized for everyone involved.

I’ve observed that most people don’t communicate their needs because they are fearful of others viewing this action as “clingy”, “needy”, or a host of other negatives. We shut ourselves down because we fear that if others see our less-than-shiny spots, we will then be belly-up to the Universe in a full-scale prone spread, ready for the vultures to take their pick at our most tender places.

This vulnerability is, indeed — true. We must have faith that the person we’re attempting to communicate with is not a vulture.

Some people have come from backgrounds where if one speaks their needs, they are chastised or dismissed. Others come from backgrounds where there is no childhood modeling for decent two-way communication, so their communication is neither decent, nor two-way. It just isn’t.

We labor under the illusion that somehow, the Universe and everyone in it is supposed to know what we need by our sheer pouty slamming of coffee cups, or huffing behind the morning paper (do those even exist anymore?) as someone says a morning I Love You, or the infamous passive-aggressive “Nope, everything’s fine,” comment, followed by a tense evening over dinner, then breakfast, then the next night’s dinner — until a completely unrelated issue breaks the dam of ill will within the person harboring the resentment.

Yes Indeed. We are terrified to tell people how we truly feel. And we’re even more terrified to tip our hands that god forbid — we may need something.

Even worse, if we can calmly muster up the courage to be accountable for our emotions, and we bring those to another person, we then can be stale-mated with the wall of defensive embarrassment from the individual with whom we may have an issue. There is nothing worse than attempting to relay feelings in a non-aggressive way, only to have the individual we are bearing our souls to — then get nasty because they “feel attacked”.

I find the “feel attacked” response, when delivered to the person who is simply expressing how they are feeling in a non-verbally abusive way, to be fascinating. I myself have been on the other end of that comment, usually after attempting to do my best to rationally bring a behavior to light in another that has been causing repeat issues in our communication.

There is a big difference between “being attacked” and having someone point out that the stick you’re carrying and poking in their eye — is poking their eye out. That’s actually a statement on cause and effect, yet the “I feel attacked” person will make it out to sound like your eye is in the way of their life, their essence — who they are at their core. They will cease to hear the singular grievance at hand and turn the discussion into a discourse on how they are disliked in general. I’ve since found out that that is one of the signs of narcissistic behavior — the inability to accept accountability in any situation, then transferring the Self into a victim role. Yet that’s another blog.

It’s hard for any of us to simply hear that something we’re doing isn’t working for someone else. None of us want to hear that. Everyone’s inner Five Year Old feels embarrassed. The outer adult then creates issues when Pride gets in the way of actually observing and overcoming the behavior that’s causing the embarrassed upset. Notwithstanding verbally abusive relationships, the following are easy-to-read signs that our inner Five Year Old is running to hide in the closet of embarrassment — because it knows we’ve crossed the line and we can’t quite face up to it yet:

Defensiveness: Yes, the bottom-of-the-barrel deal-of-the-day when it comes to emotional reactions — defensiveness is a tale-tell sign that indeed, the other person is actually right. The more defensive we become to defend our behavior that is causing another to stumble — the more we know we shouldn’t be doing it. In fact, the nastier, more argumentative, more interrupting-someone’s-every-other-word-to-make-our-point that we get, the more right they are. To become defensive is to agree in full with the grievance held by the other party.

I’m Being Attacked: No, you’re likely not. You’re just hearing something that you don’t like and it feels icky. That’s not being attacked. That’s being embarrassed. There’s a difference. Each day, thousands of people are horrendously verbally abused by sociopathic people who don’t have any remorse for destroying their inner-most emotionality. There’s a big difference between that, and someone respectfully pointing out behavior we are exhibiting that is causing them pain. Casting one’s self in a victim role, or a role of the one being attacked, after one has been approached with a basic and respectful grievance, is a distraction tool designed to take the focus off of the grievance. It is a sign that one is not prepared to be emotionally accountable, period. It’s a cop-out. For the person attempting to work out the grievance, this is the mental equivalent of talking to a box of hair. It goes nowhere. At least the hair doesn’t blame the scissors for why it’s been cut.

The Shut Down: This is passive-aggressive emotional blackmail at its best.  The Shut Down happens when any issue surrounding our not-so-shiny-spots comes to light. The individual being presented with the issues then shuts down completely, claiming they “can’t deal” with the situation. This can involve the infamous “silent treatment”, a lack of intimacy for an extended period of time (because the person who was approached with a grievance now “doesn’t feel safe”), or a perpetual sulking, punishing, and inward behavior until the other party can’t take it anymore and apologizes for even bringing it up — and the issue then never gets addressed. This is a dirty card to play, and because of it’s manipulative properties, it’s used most in the deck.

The Snark Attack: The parade of nasty, ugly, hideous things that will fly out of a person’s mouth, once they have been embarrassed by the reflection in the mirror someone held up to them — is called a Snark Attack. The person who is attempting to bring the grievance forward will be shot full of holes and dropped to the floor before they can even finish their sentence. This takes Defensiveness to a verbally abusive level and typically, is a horrific version of “I know you are but what am I”.

These Inner Five Year Old responses to conflict will net nothing but pain, confusion, and if they persist — break-ups. The most odd thing about these communication hiccups is the severe emotional reaction of the individual who is repeatedly exhibiting them, once the other party is so beaten down they leave. Often, it is utter shock. The lack of accountability and denial that is necessary to continually be the person who is defensive, the person who constantly feels attacked by life, the person who shuts down all the time, or the person who is a verbal spew of yuck in a Snark Attack, demands a great deal of focus and energy. There is only room for one person in a relationship where all the energy is going toward the self.

On the opposite pole of the communication planet is yet another challenge — the area of proactively speaking out one’s needs. Obviously, people are different and can do the best they can, day to day. Yet if we are not speaking out our needs to our family and friends, and instead becoming resentful in the wake of that which we have not received, we have no one to blame but ourselves. We are told that if we speak out our needs, we are selfish. And worse, we fear that if we do speak out our needs, we’ll be met with Defensiveness, or a Shut Down, or a Snark Attack.

Worse still, sometimes simply speaking our needs is then interpreted by another as a criticism, though it is not about the other person at all. It’s about what we need.

I find the latter to be the case as I sit with couples who are attempting to work through an impasse. For instance, one member of the couple will mention that they wish they were held more by their partner. The other half of the couple will instantly chime in with, “See? They’re not happy with who I am.” I will then be required to point out that the comment was in regard to being held, not the person’s humanity. The person now on the defense will then give me a laundry list of all the things that they DO “do” for the other individual — mow the lawn, go to the grocery store, “I’m the only one who ever does the dishes”, bla bla bla and on and on, and I will simply listen as the individual builds their list of how fantastic they are in the relationship. They will eventually tire. At which point I’m obligated to point out:

“I didn’t see ‘quality cuddle time’ on that list. Did you?”

This is typically met with the “I don’t have time in my busy day (that no one appreciates) that I just recounted to you” rant. I’m then obligated to point out that they do not make the time to cuddle. Because it’s not important to them. And that they should simply admit that it’s not important so the other person truly knows where they stand.

This is usually a stumper.

If the other party admits it’s not a priority for them — this validates their partner’s need to bring it up. Do they admit it’s not a priority? Or do they justify their stance? Usually it’s the latter. More going on and on about how they give, give, give and it’s never enough — give money, give to the kids, give, give , give — to which I’m then obligated to point out that yes, they give, give, give — except in the ONE way their partner truly is requesting, needing it. I also point out that if they’re so busy, busy, busy — wouldn’t it make more sense to cut out the twenty things they’re doing for their partner that the partner could care less about — and pop in the ONE thing that really would make a difference to the other person?

You would think the answer was yes. Yet Pride is an addictive drug. Again, the partner is bringing forward a need, and the person is making it all about themselves. Often the response is, “But what about MY needs? I’m so busy I don’t even have any time for myself.”

To which, my response will often be, “What about your needs? You seem to have difficulty honoring one need belonging to your partner. If you can’t get to one, I’m sure you can’t get to two, no matter whose they are.”

This usually reflects the folly in the situation, and the person’s pride will break enough for some humility and some humanity to show through. I’ll often be asked: “Where do I find the time in my day?”

To which I’ll respond, “Take it away from facebook. But this not about time. It’s about your willingness to give that which you yourself do not require. It’s about being selfless.”

The bottom line is that changing our behavior into that which would benefit another is not about time. It’s about emotional willingness to factor in someone else’s needs. People call this resistance to change “being stubborn”, but it is not — not in this context. It is being fearful of letting in anyone else’s needs, because the person doesn’t truly feel they can meet their own needs. Often, the people who are the most resistant to changing personal behaviors in order to factor in differing behaviors to account for another’s needs — have a very difficult time committing to themselves in one way or another. These folks may have unfinished projects laying all over the house, or perhaps weight they claim they can’t lose, or unfinished books marked with unopened bills from 1998.

A lack of selflessness in a person is a sign of a great deal of personal neglect. Until we love the self fully, we don’t know how to make room to love another, especially if it’s in a different way that’s not convenient for us. That requires growth on our part.

Selflessness is the act of doing something for another that you yourself won’t directly benefit from. Yet the growth it brings always reaps benefits. For instance, my wife works very early hours, in the fitness industry. I will choose to go to bed early with her because that personal time is very important to us as a couple and I love to fall asleep with her — if I can. Sometimes I will get up and continue to work after she falls asleep because my body clock is more attuned for late nights, and simply won’t go to sleep. But I’ve done my best to turn it around so we can spend more quality time together. Personally, it’s of no bonus or benefit to me to turn my body clock around. As a couple, it makes a huge difference to US. So this is something I regularly work on. I’ve also benefitted by having more time in the day to use productively, which has been a great side-effect of growth.

Now, tonight, I’m not doing so well with it, at 2:39am. But it’s a process I choose to keep working on.

To truly love another, we must GROW beyond who we were when we started into the relationship. We must change, to become a WE, rather than a ME. Who we bring (as ourselves) into the relationship is important. But who we choose to BECOME while humbly and diligently committing ourselves, our hearts, and our lives to another, while they do the same — is far, far more desirable.

There is a great myth that by bending, changing, compromising and growing in relationship — we lose the self. That’s not true. When there is balance with another, the self is finally able to release and relax into it’s full potential as we no longer require the Ego Fence to define who we are, thanks to a partner that will give us regular feedback and provide us a place to rest.

Anyone who gets into a relationship and says, “I’m not going to let this relationship change me,” is missing the point of what a healthy, TRUE, loving, reciprocal, spiritual relationship is all about.

It’s not a pissing contest or a border war. It’s a blending project. This takes a great deal of communication.

So this Valentine’s Day — and every day — give yourself, and your loved ones, the gift of YOU. Communicate freely and openly. Be honest yet be kind. Listen when others air grievances, and give the grievance your compassion instead of your defensiveness. Replace “The Problem With You Is”, “I Can’t Deal With It”, and “I Won’t” with — “I’m Sorry”. Compromise. Do something for another just because they need it, not because you’ll benefit, or not just when it’s convenient for you. See the day through another’s perspective, to see life from a broader persepcetive. Remove the self —

To find the self.

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Want to Know If There’s Life on Mars? I’ve Got Photos…

So never start to read the internet at 5:30am when you’re attempting to get back to sleep. You’ll find something that invariably raises your hackles, and then you’ll do what I did — Spend the last five hours compiling images from research I did about three years ago, all on the Mars Rover missions.

Why, you may ask, did I have such a compulsive melt-down? One key phrase says it all: Lack of Information.

I swear to goodness, America — I love living here. I love being an American. But honestly, gang — if we get any more complacent we may as well be sleep walking. Any country that deifies Duck Dynasty and Honey Boo Boo deserves its misinformation. That being said, I do my best to try and balance that lack of information out, though I’m only one small Psychic human blogging from amidst a very, very large Big Sky State.

I’d wager to say that most folks nowadays, during the latter part of 2014, are aware that we are not the only beings in the Universe. I would also wager to say that most folks nowadays are even open to the idea that a humanoid, or human-like, species may have been around for quite some time prior to ending up on this lovely planet we call earth.

Of course, evolving on earth has made Human Beings our own special blend of grey area and “what the heck happened there?” But that’s another blog for another time. This blog is all about Mars. And it’s going to be a rather bullet-point piece because thankfully for everyone involved — it’s graphic heavy. So I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Here are the cliff notes, all research-based and also observations I’ve pulled from the ethers as well as our Off-World community:

1) YES, Mars had (and has) life.

2) YES, part of our gene pool migrated here.

3) YES, Mars used to be in the Goldie Locks Zone in space that the earth now occupies, thus allowing us to maintain our atmosphere.

4) YES, through the natural progression of the Universe and solar system expanding, coupled with a big wormhole “push” from some Offworld Cultures that were traveling through the sun’s gravitational atmosphere at that time — Mars lost its awesome hot spot and we took it’s place. Bummer for Mars. Awesome for us. Envision a croquet ball being knocked away from the scoring peg. (Now you have it!)

5) YES, NASA is very aware that there was (is) life on Mars. Which is why they are obsessed with colonizing it. In 2013 they were in the process of recruiting to doing so through a private company. Think about it. Human beings never want ANYTHING unless someone else has it first, and is currently using it.

6) YES, Martians were  / are real.

7) YES, we are a very small part “Martian”. Our genome isn’t completely original to earth though has evolved hugely here thanks to the mix-in of other Offworld races as well as out own life that sprung up. Earth is like the USA. It’s a huge melting pot. What happens on earth– stays on earth. Like Vegas.

8)  YES, there are archeological markers on Mars that show that sentient folks once lived there.

9) YES, I’ve compiled some of those here thanks to the Mars Rover missions.

10) YES, the are lame-o hoaxes and silly conspiracy theories out there. It still doesn’t change the facts. It just makes them sound lame-o and conspiracy-driven.

11), YES, I’ve been talking about the Mars artifacts being made public for the past two years. In fact, they have been. Hiding in plain site on NASA’s Mars Rover page, so check them all out yourself when you get a chance. NASA is brilliant for posting nearly everything they have (Except for the big photos of huge stone structures. That would wig people out a little too much.) because it’s a sea of reddish photos that anyone with a thinking mind would want to bail out of, rather than comb through.

12) YES, I was drawn to certain images on the Mars Rover site that out of the bazillion of them — contained very pertinent information. Thank the angels and guides for that assist. Personally, my eyes were crossing at what looked like an endless stream of photos from a family vacation at the Mojave.

13) YES, there is still life on Mars, though they took to living in a subterraneous manner because of the atmospheric hiccups.

14) YES, NASA has pictures of them interacting with the Rovers.

15) NO, the photos of Mars life interacting with Rovers are not posted on NASA’s Mars Rover website.

16) YES, they look like weird Disney-creature selfies during a break-out scene of “Despicable Me”. Not everything in the Universe is terrifying, folks.

17) YES, there is a LOT of very viable information online from people just like me who are wonky enough tot actually take the time (or be directed to post) this information, in order to prepare folks for actually meeting our OffWorld buddies face to face. Let’s all not act surprised when that happens, okay? That will be more awkward than Americans who travel abroad and claim that they thought France was owned by Canada.

Now let’s get to the best part — the photos! Because one doesn’t spend a few years compiling this stuff, and hours putting it together, just because it’s fun. Well, it was fun. But I’m just saying. There’s a purpose here, people.

On to it.

Mars doesn’t have water, huh?

Mars-water-BLOGI’m not saying there isn’t methane on Mars. There is. I’m not sayinf there aren’t other substances like Oxygen that can make a watery-like substance. There are. What I’m saying is that this is WATER.

It that it takes a TON of pressure, gravity, and / or heat to compress methane into a pool. Mars has none of those ingredients. We have methane pools at the bottom of the ocean where billions of tons of pressure form it into a liquid. Venus is 900 degrees on the surface and is a stinnky and toxic methane pit. Mars isn’t packing that kind of push. Where there is water, there is life. Again, back to the part about the earth colonizing ove there. We never go anywhere that isn’t beneficial for us. At least NASA is claiming that Mars “may” have water on it, or had it in the past, and it’s now all in ice.

Except for that ground water puddle there.

We are the only intelligent life that has ever, ever, ever investigated Mars — and we’ve used robots first.

Well then — this is kinda awkward…


Um… does someone want to explain what in the heck the following items are doing in the photo, taken as a stagnant shot from a passing Rover? Like that OBVIOUSLY drawn-in-the-sand mark, the other one that’s kind of worn away, and those two footprints in the foregound?

If you spend time with the Mars Rover photos, you’ll easily see that the Rover has a very distinct footprint from it’s tires. And it does all sorts of funky surface investigations — none of which involve drawing squigglies in the sand.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


Mars-Footprints-BLOGAgain. Awkward.

There has never been any intelligent life on Mars.



This is a screen shot of an image that grabbed my attention so hard that I had a full-on jaw-drop moment. Maybe it’s the fact thatI grew up in Montana and can spot a petroglyph a mile away through dirty binoculars, or maybe it’s that I can track a sentient energy signature from ten parsects away — but check this out. I zoomed in and jacked up the contrast on the lines in the photo, and lookie here:




Please feel free to share this with anyone who won’t accuse you of wearing a tinfoil hat. And please visit NASA’s website whihc actually provides all of these awesome original hi-res photos for your persusal — . You can have fun like I did, finding all sorts of stuff.

That is, if you don’t mind staring at hundreds of red photos full of red rocks. That’s kind of a buzzkill. But remember — they can’t say they didn’t tell us.

We can only say we didn’t look.

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The Power of Surrender: What to DO with Your Emotionality

I’m not sure why, but human beings have a very difficult time with the wild ride called “uncontrollable emotion”. We pay big bucks to go sit on a roller coaster at Six Flags but when that roller coaster is within us, we panic.

Talk about wanting life both ways.

This becomes very challenging when we are in a timeframe such as — well — right now, which is heavy on “going with the flow” and resistant to “creating the flow”. Of course, we need to be participants in our own lives and make sure that we’re not sitting on our box of bons bons wishing a glittery unicorn would bring us a winning lottery number. (That’s just scary and usually requires a handful of special mushrooms to truly experience.) Yet there is a fine balance between pushing the river — which is silly considering the predominant current will take the river downhill at the speed at which it is intended — and sitting back and doing nothing to the point where “nothing” is the result.

Remember: In this life, WHO we are is defined as WHAT we ARE — or, what we do day to day, with our intentions.

Now, as an observer of all energy signatures, I do find this persistent conundrum within our fabulous human species to be rather fascinating. We crave excitement, variance, and change, and yet we deeply fear all three. We crave deep emotional and physical intimacy, oneness and crazy spontaneous moments, yet to achieve all three — we must give control over to something else besides ourselves. We want, yet we are afraid to HAVE.

What is that about?

Well – it’s about learning that we’re not the biggest, baddest, smartest, most awesome-sauce rad-dog thing in the Universe. It’s about humility, and patience.

It’s about TRUST, the most difficult of all emotions to trust the self not to squander — on the self. We have a heckuva time trusting ourselves not to let ourselves down. If we can’t trust ourselves — how can we trust another not to decimate our most delicate inner workings? We’re pretty good at being self-destructive, so others must be even better, right? …Good heavens.

This puzzle of our soul yearning for deep connection, yet our fearing the depth and what we see as “consequences” of this connection — is about the lesson of release.

This is a great lesson. It’s an awesome thing to achieve. And it’s incredibly doable. Darkness, however, would have you believe that release, surrender, and “going with the flow” are all signs of being an emotional wimp, a doormat, and ineffective in the “Looking Out For #1” conquering methodology that was literally put on the back burner for the next 100,000 years after the transcendence marker of December 21st 2012, where humanity went from a 100,000 year masculine conquering and dominion strength cycle into a 100,000 year feminine support, nurturance and strength cycle.

There are reasons for everything. We must have balance in the act of conquering and then the act of nurturing and supporting what we have built. Without balance we falter. Thus it goes within the Self.

The word “surrender” has gotten a really, really, really bad rap (yep, it needed three “reallys”) under the 100,000 year masculine cycle. To most of we mere mortals, “to surrender” means “to give up”. Actually, the Spiritual Physics surrounding the action of surrender would indicate something completely different. “To Surrender” is an action that is on the offense, not an inaction on the defense. In fact, “to surrender”, in the language of Spiritual Physics, actually means “dissolve into the predominant flow”.

I’m sort of a language nut, being the Universal Translator that I am, and I regularly find it interesting that we will take words and completely misuse them over time depending on the cultural implication given to the word. (That shouldn’t really be that interesting, but I’m kinda nerdy that way, so bear with me. It gets kind of cool.)

Here’s the deal with “surrender”:

From an English language standpoint, the word “surrender”, as we currently utilize it, first came onto the scene in the 15th century. The concept as we now recognize it didn’t really exist until then, which makes sense considering the assimilation-and-dominion-driven development cycle of human society in the 1400’s.  (Always consider the context, people.) The word “surrender” derives from the middle English “surrende” which comes from Anglo-French (Originally surrendre, susrendre) “to relinquish”, adding sur- & sus-, suzunder + rendre — which means “to give back” (from Merriam-Webster). “To surrender” actually meant to relinquish and to give back. There’s a big difference between that meaning, energetically, and the modern use of the word, which according to ol’ Merriam-Webster is:

  1. to agree to stop fighting, hiding, resisting, etc., because you know that you will not win or succeed
  2. to give the control or use of (something) to someone else
  3. to allow something (such as a habit or desire) to influence or control you

Considering the original meaning of “surrender” is more closely related to the modern use of the word “to return” (to relinquish and give back) rather than the dominion-and ego-driven definition of “to control you” — you can see how confusing this whole idea about “going with the flow” can be for people. Seriously.

Again — there are reasons for everything. Darkness recognized that if we actually understood the meaning of “surrender”, we would then be able to dissolve into All That Is, accessing every bit of energetic information in the current, then able to extract an amazing understanding and game plan from that perspective. But that logic, patience, compassion and understanding is really hard to control by those who crave control over the masses, so let’s make sure that we all think that Surrender is what weak ol’ wieners do when they are bested.


Darkness must appeal to insecurities and ego in order for us to take out greatest strength offline. We disable ourselves. No one but us is capable of this action. So, in an effort to take back the understanding of a very powerful energy signature that has been redefined to the point of camouflaging it’s true power, let’s re-learn what the word “surrender” means:

To surrender is the conscious action of returning something. We return something because it does not fit us, suite us, or was a wrong purchase to begin with. Not because it has bested us.

If that’s the case, then the entire Kohl’s summer line bested me, as I returned a lot of stuff. So clearly, I am unable to stand up to a tank top.

Yep. The mistranslation is that inane.

To surrender is to “return,” or “return to”. Think back to the scene in the original Star Wars where Obi Wan Kenobi is fighting with Darth Vader using light sabers. It’s the big awesome show-down where good meets evil. At a certain point, Obi Wan figures out that there is greater power on the other side of The Force — so he lifts up his light saber and Darth Vader makes the death swipe, to the audience’s horror. It looks like Obi Wan is giving up. It looks like he is surrendering. Yet once Darth makes that swipe, there is no blood or gore, as Obi Wan disappears completely into All That Is, because he was aware that in the fight against good and evil, his most effective power play would be TO RETURN TO the other side.

I’m not suggesting we allow ourselves to be victimized, always dropping the light saber so bullies can take us down while we wallop them from heaven. There is obviously a time to stand one’s ground and fight back, or to stand in the gap for those who suffer and cannot find their own light sabers in the battle of evil against good. (I put it in that order because Good never feels the need to fight Evil. That’s Evil’s kink.)

What I am making the distinction between — is the action of laying down and dying, and surrendering, or returning that which does not suit us. They are two different energy signatures. They are two different intentions.

There is great power, great awareness, and great advantage in giving back to the Universe that which no longer suits us in order to become part of what is — mostly, because it takes the struggle away and allows us to redirect all of the energy of fighting the current into not only the observation of what is trying to happen around us (that is NOT within our design), but in being able to save our reserves to take action again, once the window of opportunity actually presents itself. We often think we are observing a fantastic window opening, in which we are able to take action — and sometimes, that’s true. More often than not, “the window” is just wishful thinking based upon our own needs as we try and scrunch a square peg into a round hole, all the while convincing ourselves that it’s meant to fit at that moment because as a human race, we’ve all got our Doctorate Degrees in Peg Scrunching.

I realize the following information may be a mind-bender, but the Universe is not actually functioning on our individual timelines, no matter how many mantras and vision boards and affirmations we put into the ethers. I know. It’s Inconvenient. But it’s best for all of us, in the long run, that The Machine functions for the benefit of ALL — not just you or me. We actually win bigger with the collective doing well. Again, a real mind-bender for the Ego-Drunken “Looking Out For #1” human consciousness.

We wish to achieve a deep oneness with one another, spiritually, sexually, intellectually, emotionally, and socially — yet we fear the process of sinking into one another. We fear we will be hurt, as others have hurt us in the past by running us through with our own trust we have granted them. We take snapshots from the past and we decorate the landscape of our future, designing our future with patchwork wallpaper made from ten-year-old images capturing our most painful moments.

We live in the fear of past pain, rather than the excited potential of The Now. We don’t understand that when we are upon an instance that represents what we have always wanted — the job that finally came through, the person who accepted our marriage proposal, the child one is pregnant with that has evaded being born for so long — we often clench down emotionally because we know that in order to grow, and experience, and live within our most precious and sought-after dreams —

— we must surrender our old patterns and ideals. We must give them back to the Universe and thank the Universe for the lessons they have brought to us.

We must surrender ourselves to the situation. We must return to that which we always knew, deep within our soul, was best for our highest development, and that we have finally been gifted with, in the now.

We must surrender — or return to — the flow, to return to the current which carries nourishment to all things, a current not by our design, a current that greater, and wiser, than our own understanding of direction.

We must surrender — or return to — our original Operating System of love. Not fear. Fear is learned. Love is intrinsic to our Design. It is our birthright. We are born knowing how to love. We un-learn this most base of instincts, confusing “love” with “pain”.

How do we surrender? How do we “Return To”? The answer is both unbelievably simple and very challenging at the same time.

We decide to return. And then we act on that decision, to do our very best day to day to pay attention to the dysfunctional behaviors that we have taught ourselves that create distance with others. And then, once these behaviors have our attention — we do our very best, day to day, to over-write them with ACTIONS of deep connection.

We decide to act in a new manner rather than reacting with an old behavioral pattern.

We decide to accept that our idea of “pain” is not the Universe’s definition of “the future”.

We decide to forgive ourselves for “back-sliding” while making the decision to unlearn behaviors that no longer suite us — in order to Return To those behaviors that do. We grant ourselves the slack we give to our friends and family while they are going through a rough patch.

We forgive the self.

There is great power, wisdom, and peace in Surrender, as it was originally intended — as there is great power, wisdom and peace in returning that which no longer suits us.

Sink into all that is. Find peace in your life through the beautiful flow all around you that was never designed to cause chaos. (That’s out own creative input.) Surrender to — return to — the operating system of ultimate provision and love. It is no one’s job but our own to TRUST. And no amount of Angels, guides, or even God Itself — will force this choice upon us. Nor will the Universe attempt to convince us it’s a good idea through “proving” to us that The Universe will not hurt us. The Universe has nothing to prove to us. It has never hurt us. We have hurt ourselves and others, and in this — we challenge ourselves not to compromise our hearts, our minds, and our spirits.

When we shake our “angry fist at God” — we are actually shaking our fist at ourselves. Universe is always there for us. Period.

We forsake ourselves. And we have 100% control over whether we choose to do this or not. Return to trust — mostly, of the self.

Within that trust there lies great freedom and Peace.

Within that Peace — everything changes.

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