Down The Rabbit Hole: Welcome to Why it’s ALL So Weird

Many people as of late have reported feeling off kilter, as though their world around them has been tipped on its ear, with absolutely no ability to right itself. This tipping phenomenon appears to be a rather large consensus among many people throughout the United States and abroad. I’ve heard from people as far as Australia who all report the same thing – that life has simply grown to be too…weird.

From dying dictators to Occupy Wall Street to bizarre tar sands to revolving wars to social media-driven societies, it does seem that our handy-dandy three-dimensional reality has really gone a little “X-Files” these days, sans pensive ol’ Fox Mulder and that wily and tormented Dana Scully. Perhaps it would be more palatable if Scully and Mulder were indeed blazing a trail to understanding what the heck was going on. However, in a pinch – I guess someone like me will have to do, though I’m a pretty crummy replacement
for Special Agent Dana Scully. And I really don’t look nearly as snappy in a navy
trench coat.

Yet I digress.

I’ve heard people describe current life in the United States as being “lost in the Twilight Zone”, “being part of a bad movie”, and even “sleep walking” through the day, as if the world around us is melting into a crazed version of The Matrix. I can’t say that I disagree with the Matrix philosophy, being as that according to countless Native American tribes, we are all “dreaming” this existence, but for the sake of a much less 1970’s approach
to this discussion – it’s time we address the white elephant in the room. Move
over, Jefferson Starship – we’re going down the rabbit hole.

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I welcome you to the “middle phase” of the seven year spiritual transition we began in 2008, the phase affectionately known as: The Wobble.

I’m going to break this down in terms of Spiritual Physics, so that once and for all, this idea that “we’re all going crazy” can be put to rest. No one is losing their minds. We are all observing the changes that are going on around us, and the changes are exponentially so diverse that we, as a societal consciousness, simply do not have time we once would have taken to ingest the changes and assimilate them into a palatable “group think” understanding. Basically, changes are coming on too quickly for we humans to become comfortable with, and that’s all part of the intentional disorientation of The Wobble.

What’s The Wobble, you may be asking, and who would intentionally create an atmosphere that feels this icky, and moreover — why? Well, let’s first address the wobble itself.

Think of a top that’s been spun on a table. The top, upon the flick of the thumb and the forefinger, begins to spin in a tight trajectory, making large circles. In 2008, our third dimension was “spun” by two opposing forces – Light and Dark – who had been weighing so heavily upon one another that finally, the bond between the two “snapped”, and we, in our third dimension, went shooting out from between these two forces, spinning

While the top is in high spin mode, everything is chaotic, but in the same orbital path, traveling while spinning in big ovals over and over again: 2008, the housing market collapses, the banks collapse, the economy collapses, it’s all collapsing – but it’s doing so in a very controlled fashion, like dominos falling. The velocity of the spin is out of control, but the trajectory of the spin is predictable. By the end of 2008, no one was shocked that the economy had slowed to a dead halt because it had been progressively seizing up. Though we were spinning out of control, we knew which direction it was spinning.

As a top begins to slow down, it starts to wobble, and the wobble changes the top’s trajectory. Once traveling in predictable ovals, the top begins to zig-zag across the table as the wobble of the spin takes effect: In 2011, the crumbling economy is no longer the focus of the chaos. The top has now slowed down enough for all of us to notice that the United States Government has been locked up with in-fighting while the American middle class
is well on its way to the extinction list, next to the Dodo Bird. The country is no longer in a plummet, but is attempting to stabilize into some sort of survival mode while realizing that soon – the top is going to stop spinning all together. And this is where the anxiety of The Wobble comes in.

There is no greater tension in Spiritual Physics than the tension created by any system that is right on the precipice of expiring. The survival instinct is biological, and is not simply allocated to those of us with two arms and two legs. Spiritual systems will struggle for survival as well. Darkness is in the death throws of a tight hold it’s had on the earth and
its inhabitants for millennia. The desperation created by Darkness, as it realizes that its blind hold over humanity is slipping, is fierce.

Once the top stops spinning and falls to its side – that’s the last of Darkness’ “direct effect” upon this dimension. From that point forward, the shift in human consciousness simply will not allow Darkness to place its thumb against the top again, for another spin. On the other side of this transition, it will be humanity who must work to bring Darkness through
the veil, if it’s going to have any affect on humanity. There will always be Darkness, as long as there is Light. However, humanity’s relationship with Darkness, and our dependence on Darkness as a primary learning tool, will shift to the background as a result of this transition.

So during The Wobble, not only are we humans figuring out that the chaos is still coming at us, yet now in a way (or trajectory) that is no longer predictable, but we have the time to survey the damage made during the high spin. It is in this surveying process that there is great horror to be had. The chaos is zigging one way – Bipartisan secular Occupy Wall Street protests breaking out across the nation to raise consciousness – and zagging another way – congress gridlocked into impotence. Zigging in the direction of homes being foreclosed on while zagging in the direction of The U.S. Government wanting to sue the same banks they bailed out. Zigging from child suicide rates soaring due to people feeling bullied and alone while zagging from a sociological dependence on “the connectedness” of Facebook and Twitter.

While in The Wobble, Darkness is still making its last ditch attempt to create as much destruction as possible. Because remember, we’re still spinning, and so we’re still stuck in the gravitational pull of this transition. If we stay focused on the way that these “problems” appear to continually be tossed in our faces like a batting cage’s mechanical pitcher gone possessed, we will be too caught up in trying to save our nose from being broken, rather than simply sidestepping the pitch and fixing the machine.

Panic is one of Darkness’ most effective disabling drugs.

The next question that begs an answer is — who would create an atmosphere like this in the first place? Well, the answer is tragically simple: We would. Yep, we humans, the same ones crying in our milk about the injustice of it all, created this entire debacle. WHY did we create this heinous spin, you may ask? That answer isn’t quite as simple, but it’s a good
one: To remove a splinter.

See, when the human race was on the playground, many millennia ago, we fell down on the beauty bark, and caught a splinter in our palm. It was one of those really tiny splinters, the kind that you can’t see with the naked eye, but you feel its white-hot sting every time you pet your cat. This splinter, otherwise known as Darkness, has interfered with our
everyday activities every since. Every time we wash the dishes, that microscopic splinter flares up. Every high five, every handshake, every diaper changed, every pat on the back, that splinter sends a stab up our arm, reminding us that though it is invisible, it’s lodged itself into our most utilized limb, and it’s pain is part of our everyday life.

A sliver is eventually doomed to be pushed from the body. As a foreign mass, the sliver will be evicted. The body will eventually eradicate any sliver by sending millions of white blood cells to surround the sliver, first soaking it to soften it, and then to push it toward the surface in a pressure pocket of white blood cells that gave their life to remove the foreign pest.

Much like the white blood cells, the human race is flocking to the point of contact where the sliver of Darkness has entered our Global Spiritual Body. We are throwing ourselves against the sliver to soften it – raising consciousness about world suffering, no longer participating in corporate thievery, exercising social acceptance of those who may differ from us – and we are placing pressure against the sliver to push it from our body. And, just
like the white blood cells, some people are giving their life to become part of the pocket that pushes the sliver to the surface – like the thousands and thousands in Japan, whose Tsunami related deaths have shined a global spotlight on the unsafe practices of Nuclear Power. Systems attached to the sliver – greed, oppression, hubris, denial, secrecy, and tyranny – struggle to maintain control as the sliver is being pushed out of the body: The Free World’s congress is gridlocked even though Egypt’s president steps down.

Nothing is quite as tender, or messy, or nasty, as a pussy sliver being pushed to the surface. It’s even gross to write about.

So here we are, in The Wobble, the top almost ready to tumble to the table, zigging and zagging all over the place, in a situation that we helped author in order to then turn around and help eradicate the very thing that’s attempting to keep us in a tailspin. If we were in a poker game, this would be the part where the guy who was losing all of a sudden decides to
go all-in, just to confuse the table. When it’s your turn, simply call, and pass the hand, until the bet returns to the all-in guy, and he has to show his cards. Wait it out – because he’s bluffing.

Don’t be caught up in the nauseating wobble of the top right now. The most important thing to remember is that every top must stop spinning eventually. This top is going to continue to wobble through 2012, and even become more unstable and wobbly through 2013, until around 2015-2015 is makes it’s last spin out, and flops quietly to the side. Instead of focusing on Darkness’ distraction of the head-spinning inertia, look at yourself as part of an active immune system belonging to the Global Spiritual Body, alive and well
in this pivotal transitional time to help eradicate the sliver, alongside millions of other members of the Army of Light, whose strength is in intention and numbers. Think about yourself being in a level of a video game — the less we buy into the fear of the number of changes that appear to be fired at our faces everyday, the more we are able to actually
navigate around the changes, and we’ll get to the next level.

AND – the more we stick together, as one global healing body – the quicker the sliver will be removed.

So rest easy. You’re not crazy, and neither am I. These are some pretty wacky times to be living in, and though world trauma is cyclical, this is the first time that the human race has ever had to be aware of, and deal with, so many crisis points at one time. To say that we’ve “been through it before” is just inaccurate. It’s more accurate to say that previous civilizations have dealt with events that threatened their civilization. But never before has
human kind had to deal with not only physical threats against our environment, but economical, social, and spiritual changes that will alter the global, not just the regional or societal, perspective. The planet has become conquerable by the click of a mouse. A transition of this magnitude is a first for the human race. How we do with it is up to us, and right now, we’re writing some incredible history, everyday.

In the meantime — don’t let Darkness bluff you out of your jackpot.

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Named "Psychic of the Year" by UFO's and Supernatural Magazine, Danielle Egnew is an internationally-known Psychic, Medium and Angelic Channel whose work has been featured on national TV (NBC, ABC, TNT, USA) as well as in the Washington Post and Huffington Post. She has provided content consultant services for the CW's hit series "Supernatural" and the blockbuster film "Man of Steel". Danielle is also an author, teacher, and TV / radio host in the field of metaphysics. She anchors her private practice in the Big Sky Country of Montana, residing with her wife and their daughter.
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