2011 into 2012: What Happened, Where We’re Going, and What To Expect

As I sit and look at the early morning clock, it dawns on me that this will be my last blog of 2011. And what a year it has been! I started The Call To Light Press in 2011, and the year has flown by. Now we stand on the crest of 2012. So much is to come, so incredibly much, good, bad, and the ugly — and so much is going to go by the wayside; The good, the bad, and the ugly. Give time enough “time”, and all will be righted.  

On one hand, I’m very glad to see 2011 go. It was a real white-knuckler for many, myself included. 2011 is what I call a “shelf year”, meaning that our toes are curled over the lip of the shelf, and we’re ready to dive right off, into something new, forever leaving behind the platform from which we’ve sprung.

On the other hand, I’m very sad to see 2011 go, because it is the last of an era, the last of an energy signature that will no longer be with us, whose last traceable shift was 1980. With the passing of 2011, we are letting go of, and witnessing the demise of, a 32 year social and spiritual cycle. For those of us who brought large parts of ourselves into the world during this time, there is sentiment to be had, in watching this energy signature evaporate into history.

Certainly, every ten years, the world changes. But this is different. It’s very different.

I’m talking about a timeframe in human history that will never come again. Unless civilization has to re-start itself from scratch, we will never again have a time when there is an open frontier, and open country, an open sea. We are able to read license plates from satellites and store countless libraries of information on a chip that fits on the head of a pin. We take pictures of the ocean bottoms from space and we watch the solar flares as if predicting storm fronts across Nebraska.

Now, I’m not bemoaning technology. I love technology. My smart phone and I have an unnaturally close relationship. Yet I am sad to see this familiar energy signature go. It’s the last echo we had of the 20th century, the era where in 100 years, so much changed. However, even in those 100 years, the 20th century can’t hold a candle to the rapid-fire exponential season of change we, as a species, will endure over the next five years.

Those of we Gen Xer’s are the generation at the tail end of that 32 year energy signature. I have watched people of my generation struggle greatly with the last of this transition from 2008 until now, moreso than even the Baby Boomers, who rode high – and, heh, I do mean high – during the social and spiritual shift of the 60’s.  They’re old vets at this whole “world changing beneath your feet” thing. (And no, mom, I’m not calling you old.)  

However, even the Baby Boomers have noted this change as unlike anything they’ve seen, even in the 60’s. I’ve had more than one conversation with a Boomer that ended with them saying, “Well, I’ve never seen anything like this, even in Vietnam. The world’s gone crazy.”

I’ve even wondered: Geez. What the heck happened to us, Eddie Vedder? Did we finally become those geezers who, at 40, just can’t get our cultural footing? If Curt Cobain were still alive, would he be rallying with the Occupy Protests, or would he be doing what a majority of we Gen Xer’s have been doing… staring at the news and wondering when exactly it was that we belly-flopped into a scene from Blade Runner?

My work in the spiritual world allows me a great deal of access to perspective, though often, I’m not terribly happy with what I find. I say this because I’d like to think I’m much more hip than I actually am. But it appears that that simply is not the case. As I’ve been pouring over the details of the Spiritual Physics of the last four years, attempting to make sense of how not only the timeline has been unraveling into a Nobel-Prize Winning experiment but how it’s subsequent affect has impacted our world and our culture – I’ve come across some fascinating ear-markers. Amongst other things, I’ve realized that all of the delightful Gen Y’s out there have no other reference for the world they are currently living in, because a majority of that 32 year old social, spiritual and cultural energy signature was wound to it’s end by the time they hit the scene. Many of them don’t even recall air travel in a pre-9/11 United States. All texts and Tweets, these sweet babies were born into this transition, which is fantastic, because their enthusiasm is needed.

And, those of us who are a “straddle” generation, like Gen X is and always has been, are bridging the gap between a world where rotary phones reigned, and smart phones rule. We are the generation that went from analog to digital. And we will be the generation to reach back to our Gen Y’s when it’s time for us to go from digital, back to analog for awhile, come 2014-2015.

Nothing is an accident. But sometimes – it’s just a trip.

This change in Spiritual Energies that we are currently experiencing, rolling into 2012, is significant. I would go on and on about all the positive, amazing metaphysical aspects of enlightenment that we all have to look forward to – and we do – however, I feel that my calling is more in line with banging the gong of the obvious for a moment, simply so many of us don’t feel like we’ve completely lost it in the past two years. Sheesh, I’m even someone who, for all intensive purposes, exists between time, regularly speaking with Angels who are not in phase with this incarnation, and dealing with crossing over spirits who are out of sync with our vibration. I ride the curl of space-time distortion all the time.

For instance, my laptop, which should always be synced with our server and the same universal clock that both the cable box and my smart phone are synced with — is currently running two minutes ahead of both the cable box, and my Blackberry.

They were all synced up when I started working on the computer six hours ago.

Now, the laptop is synched with me, not the server. Like I said – I seem to “wrinkle time”, or, time warps itself around me, as Star Trek as that sounds, because there isn’t actually any “time”, though we synchronize our watches to the spinning of the planet so we can all get to the same place at the same time. Anyway, I’m regrettably aware of this space-time distortion. It’s how I do my job. It’s how “the future”, which is the greatest probability margin crossroad, is laid out in front of me. I’m used to it. And all that being said — even for a dimension-bending veteran like me — these last few transition years have been challenging. I think this is important to acknowledge – not to bang the “woe is me” alarm, but if someone like me,  who is used to a rather skewed perspective on a regular basis, has been having some truly astounding “WTF” moments, then it stands to reason:

Perhaps the white elephant in the room should be addressed.

Personally, I feel the old world leaving, and the new world arising. I feel as if I’ve boarded a spacecraft, and am standing at a port hole as we blast away, watching the earth get smaller and smaller as the craft whooshes away toward a new, unknown horizon. The familiar place that I grew up is behind me.  On one hand, I am excited for new the challenge of horizons. On the other hand – I miss my home.

2011 said goodbye to the last of the familiar. 2012 moves us into a new epoch of human sociological and spiritual evolution. Change is always exciting, and in the end, is always a positive thing. However, if deep down you’re a traditional gal from Montana, like I am – one tends to wax sentimental about the “times” that we are leaving behind.

I say “leaving behind” because that is exactly what is occurring. One of the main reasons that 2011 had more in common with a bad acid trip than a calendar year was due to the Spiritual Physics. Many of you have noticed that time “flew by” in 2011. Well, it did. Quite literally. I spoke a great deal this year on this very blog about time compression, and how it works – with our planet moving through a dense gravitational section of the Milky Way, something it does every 50,000-60,000 years, and something it’s been doing since 2008 and will continue to do until 2015, time has “sped up”. Even the Queen Bee of the World, Oprah Winfrey, talked at length on her show about this time distortion. Yes, we still have 24 hours in a day – it’s just that those 24 hours crack on by a LOT faster. (It’s a Quantum Physics thing, and if you’re bored, you can read up on a little Einstein later tonight, after you get home from your New Year’s festivities. But I’m guessing you’d have to be MIGHTY bored.)

So, not only did our technically-24-hour-but-feels-like-17-hour days go flying by in 2011, but all that change that would normally take place in a real-time year took place, if we were to do the math – in about nine and a half months, biological time. I say
“biological” because our internal time clocks don’t sync up with a space-time compression. So people wandered about this year downing Red Bull and thinking they had some sort of undiagnosed micro-stroke because they simply could not “get ahead”.      

For 2012, this time compression will continue, but it has stabilized. In other words – most of us are used to it by now. It’s sort of at it’s max, and will remain there until 2015. It’s going to be a real hay ride once we start returning to the “normal” 24 hour non-compressed cycle – I can see it now, people feeling like the day won’t end. Because by our newly accepted standards, a day will feel like it’s 32 hours long. But I’m getting ahead of myself, and this time distortion will unwind gradually, just as we wound into it, so it won’t be as shocking as I’m making it sound. At this point, I’m just having fun doing math. But I digress.

2012 is the start of a BRAND NEW ENERGY SIGNATURE! This is a new leaf turning over, It has absolutely nothing to do with 2011. It’s fresh, fresh, fresh, folks, right out of the birth canal of sociological and spiritual evolution, so expect big changes. 2012 brings with it a crispness and an excitement of a pioneering new beginning. My friend Connie Rose, who is also a wonderful numerologist amongst her many facets of spiritual work, told me that this year is a “5” – which is change. That confirmed the energy maps I’ve been staring down the barrel of, for the past several years.

Though I mentioned we’d never have a world again that was fresh with frontiers, we will have a world that is fresh with designing new systems. And in this new design, there will be much enthusiasm. New money systems, new fuel systems, new transportation systems,  new social systems, new government systems, new voting systems, new everything – our social and spiritual culture will reflect this brand new energy. I almost said “energy of renewal” but I caught myself, because there is nothing being renewed here. Nothing is being resuscitated. 2011 brought the death knell for the old system. The final nails were driven in the coffin with Occupy Wall Street, no more banks loaning, Presidential primary debates that seem like outtakes from Real Housewives of Weirdness – wave good-bye to the old world. She’s done her time. 2012 is about RE-STARTING. This is what the Mayan Calendar is referring to, on December 21st, 2012. The end of an old system. Technically, that system is done now. But just like a carp flapping endlessly on the dock once it’s been pulled from the water – it’s just going to take awhile for the old system to give up the ghost.

Instead, look forward to 2012 to bring innovation, cooperation, inventions, outstanding philanthropy, a return to “old school manners” but through new modalities, a return to community compassion rather than apathy, and more than anything – a feeling that ANYTHING is possible. The glory of a brand new energy signature, even though sentimental dweebs like myself bemoan the loss of all things 80’s, is that the Spiritual Physics of “brand new” literally means that all things “from scratch” will be supported!

What does that mean for you? Well, that business you wanted to start but thought you probably shouldn’t? Now’s a good time. You wanted to finish up that college degree? Do it, but you may want to change your major – again, this isn’t about finishing old business. It’s about starting something NEW. The Universal energies are attuned to support new birth, not the retreading of the same old tire. Be fearless in executing positive, BIG, forward changes you’ve always wanted to make. The Universe will absolutely, without a doubt, support your movement in that direction. 

We are all supposed to be putting a brand new foot forward. This is not to say that if you have started projects in 2011 that you should throw them all away. It means that to continue them into 2012, make BOLD, positive moves, in ways that you normally wouldn’t, and your projects will thrive. Again, it’s very important that we all work with the brand new 2012 birthing energy. Otherwise – it’s going to be like trying to climb right back up the birth canal, against mother nature’s contractions.

Not a pretty visual.

For those who may be having a more difficult time understanding what I’m talking about, just pretend that we are all on a Mars colony, and we are getting a chance to start from scratch. Yes, there are those who are still going to be trying to squash that tired round “old system” peg through the square “new system” hole, and that’s going to cause some sparks. But just step to the side and let that poor cuss wrestle with the obvious until they tire of the splinters.   

Which leads me to the other side of the coin. Now, with any brand new growth period – there are always growing pains. There will be those in 2012 who are not open to the idea of “new”, because everything they have defined themselves as, they see as static. In other words, they aren’t able to climb aboard the spaceship, looking for the new adventure, and watch the earth in the aft porthole.  There are those who will insist that we must CLING to the old energy signatures, and they will go down fighting. I say go down, because attempting to buck this brand new energy is going to be like hanging onto the railing of the Titanic and as she sinks — and trying to tread water.    

Because some folks are going to have a very hard time with the way this new energy signature feels, the result will be social unrest, from the powers-that-be, on down. This isn’t to make anyone paranoid. It’s to give you a heads up that when you hear on the news that this or that blue-ribbon corporate head is pulling all of their stock from the market in the USA and moving it to Geneva, then Iraqi Oil, or this or that political candidate wants to round up large groups of people and put them in civil detention camps – yep, I’ve been “seeing” all of the above – don’t panic. That, too, shall pass. These are sweeping, desperate, temporary measures that will be taken while the frightened figure out that there is no crawling back up the birth canal of Spiritual Physics.

On the other end of that 2012 spectrum is a social push-back of people doing the right thing for the right reasons. There are far more good, decent, beautiful people in the world than there are frightened, angry, fearful people. And believe me when I tell you that GOOD wins this one. Good, patient, compassionate, decent, uplifting people pave the way for a brand new system of equity. Sure, there will be those “in charge” who aren’t too hip on that, and again, sparks will fly in some pretty dramatic ways. But don’t mistake the sparks for a nuclear bomb. The positive change that is coming is unstoppable. No one can stand at the base of an avalanche and think, simply by placing their hand forward, that the billions of cubic tons of snow will go around the town below. Spiritual Physics, much like gravity, has its own inertia.

And speaking of gravity – yes, we will be experiencing some geophysical planetary challenges thanks to the same high-gravitational zone that has squashed us so badly that even our 24 hour day is compressed. Those plates on our ol’ earth have to shift somewhere. Think of dipping a Nerf ball in that Dairy Queen hard shell cone chocolate, and then squeezing it. The chocolate on the surface would crack, and compress. That’s what our planet has been doing, starting 2009 onward. Poor Japan is now 9 feet closer to us that it used to be, thanks to the Earth being “squeezed” by the high gravitational pressure in the Milky Way, and those plates are scrunching underneath one another as the Nerf ball is compressed.  

One of the side effects of squishing the earth like that is geothermal pressure, which is released into the atmosphere, affecting everything from ions to the earth’s electromagnetic field – which, in turn, effects weather. So we’re going to have some pretty crazy James Cameron-esque storm fronts all through 2015. 2012 brings tornadoes in places like Los Angeles (that’s a heads up for me, because I literally have to figure out where to hide in my house that’s not built for any weather at all, lol – LA, brace for erratic weather starting late spring through August.) Bizarre super-storm cells off the Atlantic coast during hurricane season. Just general “what the hell” kind of weather. Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, the Dakotas – BRACE for very frequent tornadoes all late spring through the summer. 2012-2015 is the year to have extra candles, blankets, water, and some canned meats and beans in the cupboard. Not only is that smart in general, but this year it will really be a life-saver for people. Water is especially important to have on hand this year, as with geothermal uprisings, ground water can be sullied. So have a cheap case of bottled water handy on the bottom of the closet floor.

Also, fuel is going to be an issue this year, on and off, and I see some issues with the shipping industry – not to the point of ruining the country, but enough to be a pain — so make sure to stock up your cupboards with dry goods and have some extra toilet paper on hand. I’m all for roughing it — to a point, people. If you have kids, stock up on things like diapers and other sundries.  Again, this isn’t to start a panic, but to give everyone a timely heads up that if we just take a little extra precaution, and stock a few extra cheap items in the cupboards, the entire system will run without a hiccup. I mentioned candles before and it’s important to point out that though having a flashlight on hand is great, candles will also be a necessity for 2012. I’ve looked ahead, and I’ve seen that the nature of the electrical storms has changed, thanks again to our geothermal pressure boosting EMF in the atmosphere. 2012-2015 bring some intense electrical storms that have the capability of producing large electromagnetic spikes, which can spike batteries. So have your flashlights, but also have a few good old fashioned candles in the cupboard just incase.

And, last but not least, I see a LOT of power grid failure not only in the summer of 2012, but during these super storms, so make sure that you have food that doesn’t require cooking, or you can eat cold out of the can. OR, grab some of those cheapie propane burners and do a little camping in the house until the power comes back on. Again, none of this is intended to panic anyone, but to say if you spend $30.00 on stuff you normally wouldn’t, and keep it handy, you’re going to be thanking your lucky stars later in the year, and disaster will be averted.

Now, on a more fanciful note, for all my UFOlogist friends, 2012 is going to bring a LOT more citings of our ET friends. Watch the skies, and have your cameras ready — they’re going to be out in force. You’ll note the dramatic drop in major earthquakes toward the end of 2011? (Yes, yes, I know, many of you will roll your eyes at this part, but bear with me, gang) That was widely due to the fact that our OffWorld friends, who are also part of our Creation and our Family, were utilizing their technology to relieve a lot of the geothermal pressure that was building up under the crust of the earth. Thanks to these guys and their ability to “funnel” geothermal pressure up through the atmosphere (that’s a whole huge blog for another time about some huge EMF headaches in October that many on the West Coast were stricken with, caused from low-orbit installations, but now I sound like a tinfoil-hat wearing cat lady, so moving on), the United States was spared some enormous quakes in the heartland, and only had one or two rattlers this past year. Unfortunately, they can’t keep it up indefinitely, because we are talking about a planet here, people — so those quakes in odd places like the Midwest, St. Louis, Las Vegas, and the East Coast and the Southern Hemisphere are still on deck for 2012-2015 as the mid-Atlantic ridge spews more magma to the surface, thanks to our planetary compression, and shoves that mid-Atlantic plate into the North American plate with a greater rate of speed, all while our Pacific Plate is grinding against the North American plate on the other side of the country, causing the nation to “buckle” in the middle.  However, if we all adhere to the “$30.00” rule, and have a few common-sense supplies on hand — we’ll all be a-okay. (That concludes the Deep Space Nine portion of our programming. I’m now putting my tinfoil hat away, right next to my Fox Mulder doll.)

So, as you can see – we are in a very exiting time. We are, each one of us, emissaries for the future, right now. In 2012, we all have the opportunity to hit the ground running with an enthusiasm for new beginnings, and by choosing not to panic when challenges arise, we will ALL be part of this brand new solution that we have been gifted with. 2012 is not the end. It’s the beginning. 2011 was the end, which is why it felt like “the end” to so many. It quite literally was the end, of an era, of a cycle – of a world. So tonight, when you’re out ringing in the New Year, toast to ingenuity, and invention, and compassion. Toast to YOUR decision to co-create with Creator the daily miracles that are necessary to keep our species not only fortified emotionally, spiritually, and socially, but culturally, scientifically, and intellectually.

Begin your beginning. Re-create our world by owning your brand new path, no matter how big or how small. You will have great support from our Creator for all of those endeavors. It is your time to shine with integrity, and courage.

If it’s the end of the world – count me in :).

About danielleegnew

Named "Psychic of the Year" by UFO's and Supernatural Magazine, Danielle Egnew is an internationally-known Psychic, Medium and Angelic Channel whose work has been featured on national TV (NBC, ABC, TNT, USA) as well as in the Washington Post and Huffington Post. She has provided content consultant services for the CW's hit series "Supernatural" and the blockbuster film "Man of Steel". Danielle is also an author, teacher, and TV / radio host in the field of metaphysics. She anchors her private practice in the Big Sky Country of Montana, residing with her wife and their daughter.
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10 Responses to 2011 into 2012: What Happened, Where We’re Going, and What To Expect

  1. Noah says:

    You wrote, Bizarre super-storm cells off the Atlantic coast during hurricane season.

    Great call!

  2. KH says:

    Hi Danielle!

    Hope you’re well. I really enjoy your blog..thank you so much for publishing it! I was curious if you still feel larger EQs will happen before the end of the year in SoCal and NoCal? I am still getting they are coming and they may come after the Chinese quake you were talking about in a recent post. And I keep getting messages from spirit about being close to resolution on several cold cases in Northern Cali. The only evidence that would reopen the cases is buried deep and I’m being told it will come up with a large earthquake.

    I’d love to know what you’re getting now.

    Thanks so much,

  3. K.H. says:

    Hi Danielle,

    I just found your blog and want to thank you for your insight. I’m a medium (non-professional) in LA who primarily works with missing children’s cases. Not because I seek them out but because their energy is coming to me. Anyhow, I’ve been getting info regarding major EQs in LA and San Fran late August time frame. The only reason I am receiving this info has to do with a particular cold case from 1989 where a bag of evidence near San Francisco is supposed to unearth itself this year. I was wondering if you’ve been getting more specifics as we near summer.

    Thanks so much for your help! Please feel free to email me at the address I provided if you’d like.

    • danielleegnew says:

      HI there K.H.! Good for you, for working on missing children’s cases! I donate my time there as well and it’s a very fulfilling though difficult at times. And yes, I have been getting all sorts of “info” on larger earthquakes in California over the late summer — mostly, down here in Southern California, yet there does appear to be quite a set of rattlers coming for the Pacific Northwest and Northern California. The timing on all of that is a touch tricky, but it does look like later in the summer, early fall, this year. As a Psychic, there are certain things that I just hope I’m wrong about, and this would be one of them! However, I encourage folks to have some emergency supplies on hand, just in case. Living in California, that is always a good idea anyway :). Thanks so much for the terrific work that YOU do, and many blessings!!

      • K.H. says:

        Thank you, Danielle! What you’re saying is spot on what I’ve been getting along with a network of about 10 other mediums. I hope we’re wrong, too, but as you said, it is California so it’s a good idea to prepare regardless. Thank you!

      • danielleegnew says:

        Right on — you’re welcome, K.H. :)! All the best to you!

  4. I like your call to action:
    So here’s my toast to my decision to co-create with the Creator the daily miracles necessary for the good of all and to begin my beginning of the new year and to own my path and my part in re-creating our world.

  5. Bridget says:

    OK- just so long as you aren’t seeing the Yellowstone Caldera in that picture….

    • danielleegnew says:

      LOL — No, Yellowstone doesn’t appear to be blowing :)!! Well, besides every 90 minutes as Old Faithful lets her go for it! I had a dream not too long ago about a big volcano errupting straight out of a flat spot in the ground, like a humongous super hose of magma shooting hundreds of feet straight into the sky and curling over into black ash — but it was in the middle of a city. So I don’t think that’s about Yellowstone — probably an anxiety dream about trying to park too close to the La Brea Tar Pits here in LA 😉 — HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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