North Korea: The Judas Factor

For anyone following the situation in North Korea – this is for you. I had a dream two nights ago, and I’ve just figured out what it means, thanks to ABC News. So you’ll forgive this blog hastily tapped out on my iPhone.

With precognitive abilities, predictions are not always a literal. For instance, the Bible is full of people who would have precognitive dreams but they were always full of symbolism. Now, I’m not suggesting my dreams are worthy of being documented in the Bible 🙂 This one, however, was significant – I could feel it. Predictive and symbolic dreams “feel” very different than one’s normal subconscious just rolling through the motions. So here it is:

I dreamed I was on a road trip in a bulky old Jeep Waggoner pulling a flatbed trailer with some fella who happened to know where we were going. We ended up following this river for a long time, over state lines, until we end up getting stuck in it, and I realize it’s the Rio Grande. We then have to pull over into the desert of Arizona (The Rio Grande actually starts in Colorado runs between Texas and New Mexico). We crawled out of the River and walked into the back yard of this very interesting modern adobe house.

Suddenly we were in southern CA, In the Anaheim area, pulled over in some semi-industrial-meets-neighborhood cul de sac by a large weedy vacant lot. I can clearly see four HUGE Zepplins in the air, at every compass point, N, S, E, W. Then a HUGE military cargo plane, those giant four-engined things that look like they shouldn’t even be able to fly, barreled right through the Zeppelins one by one, exploding them Hindenburg style. The zeppelins burst into flames and it was rather traumatic, watching such an enormous fireball and realizing that all the people on board died as the debris cascaded to the earth. The zeppelins had to be destroyed for the higher good of everyone – whatever that was supposed to mean — even though people died onboard.

I watched as one by one, the huge military cargo plane drove right through the zeppelin at the North as it exploded, then through the zeppelin at the south as it exploded it, then the zeppelin to the east was destroyed.

I look to this vacant lot and its then full of about 20 guys that look exactly alike, identical to the guy who has been driving me around on this road trip. They were like clones, wearing some light red outfits with the Anaheim Angels logo on the front. They walked in perfect formation, all very thrilled that they executed blowing these things up with such precision. They were making all of these strange unison hand gestures, like pitchers on a baseball field, but it was some sort of celebratory dance/signaling to one another, and all in unison, like a dance troupe — river dancers with their hands. They were quite excited about their accomplishment and this was some sort of “group high five” shared by the collective consciousness of this bomber team in Angels outfits. They didn’t seem one bit upset about the loss of life, as that seemed as though it was supposed to happen to execute this plan.

I recall saying to them, in regard to their hand gestures: “Geez, pitchers are superstitious!” As they were all pitchers.

They ignore me so I then look back at the trailer attached to the old Jeep Waggoneer I’ve been road tripping in, which has been pulling a flatbed trailer, and on the back is strapped a small zeppelin. I hop out of the jeep, which is now full of a few people and I’m not sure where they came from, and I told this weird identical clone guy who was driving that we had to get everyone away from the trailer before the plane drove through the last zeppelin on the trailer and exploded everything. I realized that this zeppelin was the zeppelin of the West.

When I looked back at the flatbed trailer, the zeppelin had turned into this odd looking ball made up of triangles, like those giant radar things. The minute I saw that, I realized we were in the clear.

Then I woke up.

This dream bothered me because I knew it meant something. I just wasn’t sure what yet until I saw a few news pieces today. Then it slammed into focus.

Over the last week, I’ve done a few radio shows on which I’ve been asked about what I saw for North Korea. I’ve told people what I’ve “seen”, and I was also “prompted” by the universe not to put that same prediction in writing, mostly for the “panic” affect it could potentially have.

Then I have this dream, and the “green light” of sharing and go-ahead comes flooding through.

I’ve “seen” that North Korea would fire nuclear weapons. This hasn’t been a very popular statement, met with the usual hems and haws that the Kim dynasty likes to make threats. But I’ve seen North Korea fire on China and South Korea, and that’s what I’ve reported. I believe those are the zeppelins of the north and south. I believe the zeppelin to the east — is Japan, which will be fired upon. The military plane blowing through the zeppelins are military intercepts, yet people still died. The zeppelin to the west is us — the United States — and we are not fired upon.

The group of cloned baseball players were neither athletes nor military, but quite literally, angels, thus the uniform and logo. These brings were doing their job to keep as many safe as possible even though that meant some would die in the process, to save the many. The hand signals were some sort of language they shared, symbolic of a group moving as one with a higher directive that was secret only to them.

The guy driving me around all this time was one of these Angels, part of this squad.

The Rio Grande is geographically significant. Colorado has a huge Air Force base, as does New Mexico (Roswell, anybody?) Rivers represent change and death. I started to be swept away by the river but was safe on the shore, in Arizona, a large spiritual vortex. The United States is spared.

I thought I’d pass this along. I hope I’m wrong about North Korea pulling the trigger. The feeling of this dream was that those who perished on the zeppelins gave their lives for those on the “ground” , so we could be safe. The people in the zeppelins that died a quick death by explosion represented the souls who would be lost so that the consciousness of humans left behind could then be raised.

It’s not often I have a dreams like these. I felt it was time to pass this on. Pray for / send positive thoughts to the heart of the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. It seems that poor man has chosen the “Judas” straw. That can’t be an easy path — for anyone. The greatest dictators have brought the greatest peace and societal transcendence afterwards.

Odd how that all balances out.

May peace be upon us all. And may I be flat wrong, this dream the result of too many Doritos before bed.

Sea Radar Tracking N. Korean Threat

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Named "Psychic of the Year" by UFO's and Supernatural Magazine, Danielle Egnew is an internationally-known Psychic, Medium and Angelic Channel whose work has been featured on national TV (NBC, ABC, TNT, USA) as well as in the Washington Post and Huffington Post. She has provided content consultant services for the CW's hit series "Supernatural" and the blockbuster film "Man of Steel". Danielle is also an author, teacher, and TV / radio host in the field of metaphysics. She anchors her private practice in the Big Sky Country of Montana, residing with her wife and their daughter.
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12 Responses to North Korea: The Judas Factor

  1. Oops, I forgot to say: this is Daniel.

  2. Wait a minute, Danielle. As you might remember, I live in Seoul, S. Korea. Should I be thinking of hauling ass? Like just in case *if* your dream comes true, how long from now are we talking here?

  3. ikatpillowtalk says:

    I could totally relate to you talking about the difference in symbolic dreams and precognitive dreams. I get them alot, although not so much lately. But there definitely is a difference. And it can be very scary….it can take a while for me to shake off a “premonition” dream when I wake up. Sometimes they’re boring, sometimes I wish I didn’t see it. Great post.

    What I have found with time and experience, (and this may sound totally crazy), is that if you send light energetically to the situation, it can actually make a difference. The future is not set in stone. Of course, I can’t prove this 100% but it seems like every time I would get a warning about something bad happening, wether to me or others, the situation would be much less severe when I would take time to send light and protection everyday (ex: dreamt of getting into accident with our brand new car/damage to side of car – after sending light, got a tiny little dent instead, in the very same spot as dream.)

    Who knows. Maybe I need to be on the 6th floor somewhere 😉

    Thanks for sharing!

    • danielleegnew says:

      Lol! Well maybe I should be joining you ;)? Thank you for your kind words — and you are absolutely right about the future not being set in stone. We can do anything by sending our energies in its direction, positive or negative, so I say we send LOVE to North Korea and let the energies land where they land! Here is to love conquering all things :)!

  4. Lynn Reiland says:

    OH Danielle, My ‘kids’ and their families in Seoul would be in jeopardy…this is just horrible. It breaks my heart but I know that they have faith and will be ok….Glad that one is in South America right now. Hopefully when Yoonkyu is done with the military this month, he and he family will be visiting/educating in the U.S. by then!
    All my love to you hon!

    • danielleegnew says:

      I’m so sorry Lynn!! I sincerely hope I called this one wrong and if not, I sincerely hope that people will send North Korea compassion, prayers and love in an attempt to soften the heart of the leader who was raised to “pull the trigger”, so to speak. Love and peace to you too, gal!!

  5. sneuhardt25 says:

    This should console many who were concerned about a greater threat.

  6. Danielle this should console many who were concerned about a much greater catastrophe.

  7. Reblogged this on MikesFilmTalk and commented:
    Not that I really believe whole-heartedly in precognition but this is pretty remarkable…If if it doesn’t come true.

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