The Power of Surrender: What to DO with Your Emotionality

I’m not sure why, but human beings have a very difficult time with the wild ride called “uncontrollable emotion”. We pay big bucks to go sit on a roller coaster at Six Flags but when that roller coaster is within us, we panic.

Talk about wanting life both ways.

This becomes very challenging when we are in a timeframe such as — well — right now, which is heavy on “going with the flow” and resistant to “creating the flow”. Of course, we need to be participants in our own lives and make sure that we’re not sitting on our box of bons bons wishing a glittery unicorn would bring us a winning lottery number. (That’s just scary and usually requires a handful of special mushrooms to truly experience.) Yet there is a fine balance between pushing the river — which is silly considering the predominant current will take the river downhill at the speed at which it is intended — and sitting back and doing nothing to the point where “nothing” is the result.

Remember: In this life, WHO we are is defined as WHAT we ARE — or, what we do day to day, with our intentions.

Now, as an observer of all energy signatures, I do find this persistent conundrum within our fabulous human species to be rather fascinating. We crave excitement, variance, and change, and yet we deeply fear all three. We crave deep emotional and physical intimacy, oneness and crazy spontaneous moments, yet to achieve all three — we must give control over to something else besides ourselves. We want, yet we are afraid to HAVE.

What is that about?

Well – it’s about learning that we’re not the biggest, baddest, smartest, most awesome-sauce rad-dog thing in the Universe. It’s about humility, and patience.

It’s about TRUST, the most difficult of all emotions to trust the self not to squander — on the self. We have a heckuva time trusting ourselves not to let ourselves down. If we can’t trust ourselves — how can we trust another not to decimate our most delicate inner workings? We’re pretty good at being self-destructive, so others must be even better, right? …Good heavens.

This puzzle of our soul yearning for deep connection, yet our fearing the depth and what we see as “consequences” of this connection — is about the lesson of release.

This is a great lesson. It’s an awesome thing to achieve. And it’s incredibly doable. Darkness, however, would have you believe that release, surrender, and “going with the flow” are all signs of being an emotional wimp, a doormat, and ineffective in the “Looking Out For #1” conquering methodology that was literally put on the back burner for the next 100,000 years after the transcendence marker of December 21st 2012, where humanity went from a 100,000 year masculine conquering and dominion strength cycle into a 100,000 year feminine support, nurturance and strength cycle.

There are reasons for everything. We must have balance in the act of conquering and then the act of nurturing and supporting what we have built. Without balance we falter. Thus it goes within the Self.

The word “surrender” has gotten a really, really, really bad rap (yep, it needed three “reallys”) under the 100,000 year masculine cycle. To most of we mere mortals, “to surrender” means “to give up”. Actually, the Spiritual Physics surrounding the action of surrender would indicate something completely different. “To Surrender” is an action that is on the offense, not an inaction on the defense. In fact, “to surrender”, in the language of Spiritual Physics, actually means “dissolve into the predominant flow”.

I’m sort of a language nut, being the Universal Translator that I am, and I regularly find it interesting that we will take words and completely misuse them over time depending on the cultural implication given to the word. (That shouldn’t really be that interesting, but I’m kinda nerdy that way, so bear with me. It gets kind of cool.)

Here’s the deal with “surrender”:

From an English language standpoint, the word “surrender”, as we currently utilize it, first came onto the scene in the 15th century. The concept as we now recognize it didn’t really exist until then, which makes sense considering the assimilation-and-dominion-driven development cycle of human society in the 1400’s.  (Always consider the context, people.) The word “surrender” derives from the middle English “surrende” which comes from Anglo-French (Originally surrendre, susrendre) “to relinquish”, adding sur- & sus-, suzunder + rendre — which means “to give back” (from Merriam-Webster). “To surrender” actually meant to relinquish and to give back. There’s a big difference between that meaning, energetically, and the modern use of the word, which according to ol’ Merriam-Webster is:

  1. to agree to stop fighting, hiding, resisting, etc., because you know that you will not win or succeed
  2. to give the control or use of (something) to someone else
  3. to allow something (such as a habit or desire) to influence or control you

Considering the original meaning of “surrender” is more closely related to the modern use of the word “to return” (to relinquish and give back) rather than the dominion-and ego-driven definition of “to control you” — you can see how confusing this whole idea about “going with the flow” can be for people. Seriously.

Again — there are reasons for everything. Darkness recognized that if we actually understood the meaning of “surrender”, we would then be able to dissolve into All That Is, accessing every bit of energetic information in the current, then able to extract an amazing understanding and game plan from that perspective. But that logic, patience, compassion and understanding is really hard to control by those who crave control over the masses, so let’s make sure that we all think that Surrender is what weak ol’ wieners do when they are bested.


Darkness must appeal to insecurities and ego in order for us to take out greatest strength offline. We disable ourselves. No one but us is capable of this action. So, in an effort to take back the understanding of a very powerful energy signature that has been redefined to the point of camouflaging it’s true power, let’s re-learn what the word “surrender” means:

To surrender is the conscious action of returning something. We return something because it does not fit us, suite us, or was a wrong purchase to begin with. Not because it has bested us.

If that’s the case, then the entire Kohl’s summer line bested me, as I returned a lot of stuff. So clearly, I am unable to stand up to a tank top.

Yep. The mistranslation is that inane.

To surrender is to “return,” or “return to”. Think back to the scene in the original Star Wars where Obi Wan Kenobi is fighting with Darth Vader using light sabers. It’s the big awesome show-down where good meets evil. At a certain point, Obi Wan figures out that there is greater power on the other side of The Force — so he lifts up his light saber and Darth Vader makes the death swipe, to the audience’s horror. It looks like Obi Wan is giving up. It looks like he is surrendering. Yet once Darth makes that swipe, there is no blood or gore, as Obi Wan disappears completely into All That Is, because he was aware that in the fight against good and evil, his most effective power play would be TO RETURN TO the other side.

I’m not suggesting we allow ourselves to be victimized, always dropping the light saber so bullies can take us down while we wallop them from heaven. There is obviously a time to stand one’s ground and fight back, or to stand in the gap for those who suffer and cannot find their own light sabers in the battle of evil against good. (I put it in that order because Good never feels the need to fight Evil. That’s Evil’s kink.)

What I am making the distinction between — is the action of laying down and dying, and surrendering, or returning that which does not suit us. They are two different energy signatures. They are two different intentions.

There is great power, great awareness, and great advantage in giving back to the Universe that which no longer suits us in order to become part of what is — mostly, because it takes the struggle away and allows us to redirect all of the energy of fighting the current into not only the observation of what is trying to happen around us (that is NOT within our design), but in being able to save our reserves to take action again, once the window of opportunity actually presents itself. We often think we are observing a fantastic window opening, in which we are able to take action — and sometimes, that’s true. More often than not, “the window” is just wishful thinking based upon our own needs as we try and scrunch a square peg into a round hole, all the while convincing ourselves that it’s meant to fit at that moment because as a human race, we’ve all got our Doctorate Degrees in Peg Scrunching.

I realize the following information may be a mind-bender, but the Universe is not actually functioning on our individual timelines, no matter how many mantras and vision boards and affirmations we put into the ethers. I know. It’s Inconvenient. But it’s best for all of us, in the long run, that The Machine functions for the benefit of ALL — not just you or me. We actually win bigger with the collective doing well. Again, a real mind-bender for the Ego-Drunken “Looking Out For #1” human consciousness.

We wish to achieve a deep oneness with one another, spiritually, sexually, intellectually, emotionally, and socially — yet we fear the process of sinking into one another. We fear we will be hurt, as others have hurt us in the past by running us through with our own trust we have granted them. We take snapshots from the past and we decorate the landscape of our future, designing our future with patchwork wallpaper made from ten-year-old images capturing our most painful moments.

We live in the fear of past pain, rather than the excited potential of The Now. We don’t understand that when we are upon an instance that represents what we have always wanted — the job that finally came through, the person who accepted our marriage proposal, the child one is pregnant with that has evaded being born for so long — we often clench down emotionally because we know that in order to grow, and experience, and live within our most precious and sought-after dreams —

— we must surrender our old patterns and ideals. We must give them back to the Universe and thank the Universe for the lessons they have brought to us.

We must surrender ourselves to the situation. We must return to that which we always knew, deep within our soul, was best for our highest development, and that we have finally been gifted with, in the now.

We must surrender — or return to — the flow, to return to the current which carries nourishment to all things, a current not by our design, a current that greater, and wiser, than our own understanding of direction.

We must surrender — or return to — our original Operating System of love. Not fear. Fear is learned. Love is intrinsic to our Design. It is our birthright. We are born knowing how to love. We un-learn this most base of instincts, confusing “love” with “pain”.

How do we surrender? How do we “Return To”? The answer is both unbelievably simple and very challenging at the same time.

We decide to return. And then we act on that decision, to do our very best day to day to pay attention to the dysfunctional behaviors that we have taught ourselves that create distance with others. And then, once these behaviors have our attention — we do our very best, day to day, to over-write them with ACTIONS of deep connection.

We decide to act in a new manner rather than reacting with an old behavioral pattern.

We decide to accept that our idea of “pain” is not the Universe’s definition of “the future”.

We decide to forgive ourselves for “back-sliding” while making the decision to unlearn behaviors that no longer suite us — in order to Return To those behaviors that do. We grant ourselves the slack we give to our friends and family while they are going through a rough patch.

We forgive the self.

There is great power, wisdom, and peace in Surrender, as it was originally intended — as there is great power, wisdom and peace in returning that which no longer suits us.

Sink into all that is. Find peace in your life through the beautiful flow all around you that was never designed to cause chaos. (That’s out own creative input.) Surrender to — return to — the operating system of ultimate provision and love. It is no one’s job but our own to TRUST. And no amount of Angels, guides, or even God Itself — will force this choice upon us. Nor will the Universe attempt to convince us it’s a good idea through “proving” to us that The Universe will not hurt us. The Universe has nothing to prove to us. It has never hurt us. We have hurt ourselves and others, and in this — we challenge ourselves not to compromise our hearts, our minds, and our spirits.

When we shake our “angry fist at God” — we are actually shaking our fist at ourselves. Universe is always there for us. Period.

We forsake ourselves. And we have 100% control over whether we choose to do this or not. Return to trust — mostly, of the self.

Within that trust there lies great freedom and Peace.

Within that Peace — everything changes.

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Named "Psychic of the Year" by UFO's and Supernatural Magazine, Danielle Egnew is an internationally-known Psychic, Medium and Angelic Channel whose work has been featured on national TV (NBC, ABC, TNT, USA) as well as in the Washington Post and Huffington Post. She has provided content consultant services for the CW's hit series "Supernatural" and the blockbuster film "Man of Steel". Danielle is also an author, teacher, and TV / radio host in the field of metaphysics. She anchors her private practice in the Big Sky Country of Montana, residing with her wife and their daughter.
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