Want a Holiday Miracle? Here It Is.

I’m hearing the following statement from droves of people right now: “I need a Christmas miracle.” That miracle could be health, prosperity, balance in the family, or peace in the heart, on the home front, or in the world.

I truly wish that I could lend my “4-D” goggles to you, so you too could see how all of your miracles are right at your doorstep ready to come in. You’d be amazed at the beuty trying to reach you! So — instead of wishing, because we all know if we wish in one hand and spit in the other, which will fill up faster — I’m going to hand you those goggles by providing you a platform to bring all of your miracles through. And here it is:

Being extremely familiar with the spiritual physics of manifestation-plus-what’s-meant-to-be, I have observed time and time again that our miracles are attempting to get to us yet we don’t provide them with a doorway. Why? Because we’re tired, we’re cranky, crispy, jaded, and over all, we don’t logically subscribe to the fact that there is such thing as a “miracle” in this world anymore.

Guys. That’s not true. Yet we make it so. While living in this like-attract-like third dimension, if we put all that “This will never happen to me” energy out there — well, you just said “Amen” to your own worst fear — No miracles.

I’m going to give you the magic bullet for receiving your miracles because frankly, it’s time we take back our birthright as miracle machines. We’ve been demonstrated this miracle potential by countless spiritual and sociologically effective people like the Buddha, Jesus, Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, and countless others.

So let’s get you onboard too. Miracles aren’t just for “special people”. They are the birthright of ALL people. Once we capture this miracle potential, then things like money, cars, houses, status — will be a thing of the past. Status doesn’t mean much if EVERYBODY has what serves them. (See why this miracle potential has been hidden from us, for so long? It kind of takes a chunk out of the consumer culture…)

So here it is. And I’m asking you to read this all the way through, because I’m guessing that at least half of you are going to want to throw up in your mouth a little with the next paragraph. But stay with me. The rule thumb in opening the door to the miracles that are trying to make their way to you:

BELIEVE it’s possible.

Sound like the world’s most trite Hallmark card, complete with glitter and foil? Yeah, I kind of thought it might. But let me explain this, so you don’t think I’ve binged-watched too many Netflixed episodes of Touched By An Angel prior to writing this.

Belief is an ENERGY SIGNATURE that’s just as palpable as the electromagnetic wavelength that ignites a light bulb. Many unsavory folks have mis-used the energy of “belief” in an attempt to control the masses, and much of this “blind faith” ideology comes from our Christian churches. Though amongst many things, I am a minister with a Christian background, I have many ideologies that are woven into my personal belief system. (I can’t buy the party line that there’s only one road to Source / God. That makes about as much sense as binge-watching Touched By An Angel.)

Our first step in receiving the miracles that are beating down our doorstep is re-learning what it means to actuate the energy of BELIEF. To do that, we must re-learn what believing IS.

We have been trained that “believing” is assigning away our personal power to an outside source, say “That God / Parents / Good Will / Our Boss will dive in and save us”. We then become disempowered by belief instead of recognizing that belief is a magnificently powerful creative force that is BASED upon our participation.

Our modern version of Belief is more in line with the word “wish” or “hope”. And again, it’s been my observation that much of this ideology comes from religious institutions which were designed long ago to disempower people by disconnecting them from their own miracle potential, thus leaving all the “power” (developing a system of the “have” and “have-nots”) with the state at the time.

By this modern working definition of Belief, we are asked to disconnect from the action of creation and to put our actions toward “hoping” that something that we can’t see will deliver a result. We take out hat in hand and mope off, stopping our contribution to the energy process too soon. And once we’re disappointed that these “miracles” don’t come true, we lose hope. We then mis-assign the energy of the word “belief” to mean a hollow action filled with no results — nothing more than a platitude.

Which is what it’s been turned into, by the way — so don’t fault yourself there.

Yet the ACTION of BELIEF is immensely powerful, if you understand what it truly is. I get the chance to see energy waves and vibrations around all things, and properly executed, BELIEF is a HUGE heavy hitter that brings jaw-dropping change. We simply don’t know how to use it, or get onboard with it’s physics.

We’re not empowering the word Belief with it’s true potential. That would be like me taking a kitchen spoon and attempting to write a letter with it — and when it yielded no ink, wiring the flatware company to complain. I’m using the wrong utensil for the wrong ACTION. It’s not the fault of the spoon.

Here’s the deal:

BELIEF is a proclamation, a manifest. It is an ACTION, not an ideology.

ELIEF is not waiting for something else to “make it happen”, but a place within YOU — a platform, an eyelet, where you provide an opportunity to secure an ANCHOR for possibility. It’s where you hold space in your internal landscape for ALL options to grow. It is you, deciding that the fertile soil within you is ready for a crop to be planted.

Just like clearing the top of your desk to receive that brand new computer you’ve finally saved up to buy — BELIEF is the ACTION of preparing a space for usefulness. That space is YOU.

Belief must START with you, on the inside, giving up real-estate to the Universe to be able to take root and bring you that which serves your highest good — not hoping somehow the magic wish fairy will drop you a break while passing overhead.

Spiritual Physics that I’ve observed also dictate that where more than one person actuating this BELIEF is grouped, the magnitude of the BELIEF is also grouped. Science is very well-aware of the power of grouping like energies all focusing on the same task. As example, look at these planar arrays —  telescopes all focused on the same area, yet each one working with the other one. The more telescopes, the more powerful the signal.



From a spiritual Physics perspective, we experience the same thing. The Hindu religion teaches that there is great purposeful power in many people grouping together emit the meditative tone of OM:

“Om is the best sound of all the Vedas. It arose from the nectarine essence of the Vedas. May Indra grant me intelligence. May I hold the immortal teaching in my mind. May my body be strong. May my speech be sweet. May I hear a lot of wisdom. O Om, you are the receptacle of the Supreme Truth. Remove the worldly intelligence that is obstructing my knowledge of you!” — Transalted by Swami Chidananda

The Christian Bible demonstrates folks hanging together with the same goals in prayer: “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” — Matthew 18:20


Today we’re igniting your miracle aptitudes. And here’s how you’re going to do it.

Step 1:

Leave a comment below on the miracle you would love to give room in yourself to accept. And remember — think BIG. We tend to “wish” for things like more money or a better outfit — lol — yet since MIRACLES are not a one-off, but a way of life and your primary operating system, GO BIG!! The mere fact that ALL OF YOU are posting your miracles here then develops a HUGE intentional “planar array” of energetic energy — and that is beamed right to source.

Step 2:

Rather than using the words “I wish for” or “I hope” in your proclamation for your miracle (as those words energetically and intentionally assign away your own ownership of being the ANCHOR), start your proclamation with: “With gratitude in advance, I eagerly make room for…” and end it with “I am excited and grateful to make a place for this action in my life!”

Step 3:

LET IT GO. Don’t stew on whether or not the Universe is going to “prove to you” that this miracle thing is real. Let it go, with excitement — the same kind of excitement that you’d have if you found out that you just had a trust fund opened to you for millions of dollars. That is the energy of acceptance, or, as other religions like to call it — Faith. Always remember that miracles have to do with free will and the benefit of all. If the miracle you’re hoping for is for your ex to dump their current love interest and take up with you again — well, that may be more of an interpersonal issue, though it may “tale a miracle” to make it happen. Make room in your life for someone who truly loves YOU — not someone you wished would love you. Believe me — there is someone for EVERYONE. And if we’re constantly filling up our dance card with folks who are unobtainable, that one special person simply has no room to ask you to dance. The miracle is ACCEPTING the RIGHT person, who is placed in your path. That’s the AHA moment J!

Step 4:

TRUST the Universe. The Universe doesn’t waste anything and isn’t in the business of providing for you a miracle that you *think* you need, when the miracle that would truly BENEFIT YOU is right around the corner. Seriously. There are huge powers in the Universe that know what would truly ignite your life. Your petition for a miracle may get “put on hold” while something 100 times even more awesome is delivered to you. The Universe: Under-promising and over-delivering for eons. TRUST.

Step 5:

BELIEVE that your proclamation has been given a boost by the many other proclamations that have been posted here. Because, well — it has. That’s not belief. That’s plain old black-and-white spiritual physics, folks.

Step 6:

Be patient. That miracle may come overnight. If it doesn’t, keep in mind — as much as we’d like it to be true — it’s not all about us here in planet earth. Give away your desperation for the miracle to “come true”. Since miracles are your birthright, then the right miracle for you WILL be delievered, so there’s no need to fret over whether or not it will happen. It’s simply a matter of timing. The Universe is a massive machine of moving pieces and sometimes, what is meant for us takes a moment to get here. This goes back to the TRUST step.

There it is. That’s it.

Now leave your proclamations for a miracle — not your wishes — in the comments section below. Make room in your life for these miracles. Spread this information so that others may also do the same.

The moment we open up the world, and the people of the world, to receiving that which has always been intended for them — we eliminate competition. We eliminate “want” and “lack”. We eliminate excess. We eliminate the haves and the have-nots, which then eliminates violence, end war and many other yucky things that we initiate because we’re afraid we “won’t have enough.”

Have a glorious holiday season and a wonderful Christmas. Expect your miracle with the excitement of a child. Magic in the world isn’t dead.

BELIEVE, and you will see.

About danielleegnew

Named "Psychic of the Year" by UFO's and Supernatural Magazine, Danielle Egnew is an internationally-known Psychic, Medium and Angelic Channel whose work has been featured on national TV (NBC, ABC, TNT, USA) as well as in the Washington Post and Huffington Post. She has provided content consultant services for the CW's hit series "Supernatural" and the blockbuster film "Man of Steel". Danielle is also an author, teacher, and TV / radio host in the field of metaphysics. She anchors her private practice in the Big Sky Country of Montana, residing with her wife and their daughter.
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30 Responses to Want a Holiday Miracle? Here It Is.

  1. Monica Bess says:

    “With gratitude in advance, I eagerly make room for courage to leave behind those people who hold me back from my potential, to find out who I am, where I am and what I need to be doing to bring happiness to myself and others and to leave behind, change or move forward with the mistake that has become my anchor. I am excited and grateful to make a place for this action in my life!”

  2. Wendy says:

    With gratitude in advance, I eagerly make room for my husband’s ability to take early retirement and still have the resources we need. I am so grateful I will be able to help him in this regard by being a successful entrepreneur who can provide for us both. I am excited and grateful to make a place for this action in my life!

  3. James says:

    With gratitude in advance I open all doors for prosperity and adopting Robert, E.J., and Giovanni and to make a happy and safe home for them. In Jesus name I ask and pray and I believe.

  4. With gratitude in advance, I eagerly make room for the miracle of wealth we so justly deserve. We have toiled long and hard to make our businesses a success and are due to receive the light at the end of the tunnel. With miracles being our birthright I am looking forward to this manifestation in our lives. I am excited and grateful to make a place for this action in my life!

  5. Lia says:

    With gratitude in advance, I eagerly make room for the funds to eradicate all my current debts, and the funds to live debt free and have the means to source my children’s tuition. I am open to receive and to use the talents and abilities that I have been blessed with. I am excited and grateful to make a place for this action in my life.

    • Marie says:

      I am grateful for the Universe for having material abundance and a safe home. I want to make room for a loving partner to enter into my life that would be there for me when I am healthy or sick. Will always support each other through loving commitment by sharing our passion(s) that bond us.

  6. With gratitude in advance, I eagerly make room for a partner who truly loves to be with me and accepts me as I am, a career in which I can combine and use my knowledge of documentary film production and history, and the freedom of my own tiny house, with increased options for travel. I am excited and grateful to make a place for this action in my life!

  7. Marie says:

    My husband and I need a miracle for our 38 year marriage.

  8. Marie says:

    Thank you Universe with our newest rescue named Ben. He’s been relocated to a new home after 11 years he lost his family. My husband and I adopted Ben a 11 year old Labrador joined our home with another Labrador Moses 11 years also.

    Ben needs a miracle. Please help him release his “separation anxiety” . My prayer is that Ben be happy, relax in his new home and enjoy his new buddy companion Moses. To trust that we have his best interest and well being at heart.

    xo Marie

  9. kmswenson14 says:

    With gratitude in advance, I eagerly make room for a loving and committed relationship with a stable and kind partner and two healthy and happy children. I also make room for a fulfilling job where I use my talents and passion to help others and where I am part of a positive and supportive work environment. I am excited and grateful to make a place for this action in my life!

  10. Katie says:

    With gratitude and excitement I eagerly make room for what supports the highest good for all. I am thankful for the healing I continue to experience and for the endless opportunities I have to make space for more and more LOVE. I let go and know that LOVE is always happening.

  11. Lori Lynn says:

    With gratitude in advance, I eagerly ask for help in letting the Universe step in and guide me to my true self; to a life of happiness and peace. A life that I can share with the one I love. A life with meaning, that helps me spread good energy to those I encounter along my journey. I am excited and grateful to make a place for this action in my life!

  12. Jezmond says:

    I pray that I can be a force to bring about greater awareness of Spirit, and help deliver people from the false hierarchies of imperialism, nationalism, corporatism and religious zealotry. These false orders are based on the domination of humanity through the domination of nature. If we are to achieve social equilibrium we need to engage in ecological equilibrium. May spiritual sapience govern our world!

  13. Sande says:

    With gratitude I open my heart to whatever the Divine has in store for me.

  14. Misty says:

    With gratitude in advance I open my heart to excepting what is and what will be and that things will work out in time and patience,and for understanding and good health for my family and friends♡♡♡♡

  15. Deloa says:

    With gratitude in advance I eagerly affirm Loki’s complete healing from Canine Lymphomia. I am excited and grateful, and create a huge space for his complete fealing🐶❤️❤️

  16. Deloa says:

    With gratitude in advance I eagerly make room for Loki’s complete healing from Lymphomia. I am excited and grateful to make a place for this complete healing in our lives.

  17. Amy says:

    With gratitude for my life and all the challenges and opportunities in my present, I ask God for all the help I am capable of receiving to become more creatively organized so that I might better serve the needs of my family and enjoy watching them grow into their own potentials.

    • Sharon Priest says:

      With gratitude in advance, I eagerly make room for my purpose in this life and to provide proper care for my husband, home and family and to have the financial stability to do so. I am excited and grateful to make a place for this action in my life!

  18. Lois says:

    With gratitude in advance I eagerly make room for love and prosperity to come into my life..i am excited and grateful to make a place for this in my life ♡

  19. Leslie says:

    It is with deep gratitude and joy in advance, that I excitedly make room in my life for radiant health, a joyful,loving & supportive relationship and a lavishly,large,dependable,permanent,passive income to support my humanitarian,animal welfare, and creative endeavors. I am excited and deeply grateful to make room in my life for these actions to take place. And so it is! Amen. Namaste

  20. Brian Prelle says:

    With gratitude, I make room in my heart for abundant growth and understanding. I am excited to receive peace and the ability to show it to others.

  21. Sarah says:

    “With gratitude in advance, I eagerly make room for the Universe to put in my path what ever is intended for me and my higher purpose in this life.” “I am excited and grateful to make a place for this action in my life!”

  22. Dear Universe,
    It is with full gratitude, in giving thanks for the gifts I have already become aware of, as well as those I have yet to accept; that I make room for the insight and ability to fulfill my role in helping Gaia to heal the earth of its multitude of wounds, and return this dimension and all inhabitants thereof, to their intended purpose, and function. I am excited and grateful to have the opportunity to assist in this great and important action.

  23. Chery Ehresman says:

    With gratitude in advance I eagerly make room for my purpose in a new world , where there is peace. In a new world where the needs of all creatures, an peaceful energies are met with grace, kindness, and generosity , I am excited and grateful to find my place, as well as my purpose.

  24. Chery Ehresman says:

    With gratitude in advance, I eagerly make room for finding my purpose in a new world, where every living creature can live in peace, health, and happiness. A world where all needs are met with kindness, and generosity. I am excited and grateful to make a place for this in my life.

  25. Kellie Gardner says:

    With gratitude in advance, I eagerly make room for finding my purpose in this life and for someone who truly loves me. I am excited and grateful to make a place for this action in my life!

  26. jayne diggles says:

    With gratitude in advance, I eagerly make room for enough wealth to make it possible for my parents and Penny to live near me, for my debts to be cleared and to have financial stability once again whilst at the same time serving my life’s purpose here in my new home. I am excited and grateful to make a place for this action in my life!

  27. C McCullough says:

    With gratitude in advance, I eagerly make room for the universe to show me my purpose and path so I can focus on utilizing my energy and unique skills I have to help others and make a difference, while giving me the abundance of health and wealth to take care of my family here and in Denmark. I am excited and grateful to make a place for this action in my life!”

  28. aretesr45 says:

    Thank you, beloved Universe, for directing my beleaguered daughter into the secure, steady, decently-paying, and satisfying job she craves as a safe place to live through her midlife onwards. She so deserves this secure stability at last.

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