What Went Wrong with the Clinton Presidential Prediction

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Named "Psychic of the Year" by UFO's and Supernatural Magazine, Danielle Egnew is an internationally-known Psychic, Medium and Angelic Channel whose work has been featured on national TV (NBC, ABC, TNT, USA) as well as in the Washington Post and Huffington Post. She has provided content consultant services for the CW's hit series "Supernatural" and the blockbuster film "Man of Steel". Danielle is also an author, teacher, and TV / radio host in the field of metaphysics. She anchors her private practice in the Big Sky Country of Montana, residing with her wife and their daughter.
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85 Responses to What Went Wrong with the Clinton Presidential Prediction

  1. Joel says:

    I view psychics as a source of entertainment rather then a source of information. The future is meant to be mostly unknown and we’re to create it rather than figure out what’s going to happen.

    • Carlo says:

      I used to explain my psychic interest to myself that way as well, but I let it go of it and admitted to myself that I take psychic realities seriously. But I do agree there are a lot of challenges in interpreting the information.

      The worldview that rings true to me is that every imaginable future exists, but there are major themes that lots of the futures share, and other futures that are rare and strange.

      I am guessing that the Trump presidency is a weird outlier, and that’s why hardly anyone perceived it.

      I am also guessing that the idea of a “weird outlier” won’t be all that unfamiliar to readers of this blog.

    • Kitty says:

      I’m intrigued Joel, I’d like to know – what’s your source, and what makes you so confident that you’re right?

  2. Carlo says:

    My favorite left-brain psychic just looked in detail why his prediction was off.


    So both reading the energy and physically gathering the data both say that Clinton had the energy to win behind her, but people changed their minds literally at the last second.

    • Marie says:

      Those last minute voters switched their votes for Trump because of the FBI director dropped a bomb just days prior to the election. so yes, he is responsible. I am hoping now, James Comey gets what’s coming to him. A big beautiful black eye

      • Carlo says:

        I can’t quite decide if I am being neutral and observing him for what he is, or being really, really, really, really, really negative.

    • Marie says:

      for me, I call it for what it really is. the GOP party are desperately trying to apply lipstick on a PIG

  3. Catherine says:

    Beautiful Danielle,
    I am so profoundly touched by ALL that you shared about the election events,/shock /aftermath/fear. Tears in my eyes for ALL the feelings & thoughts I’ve been feeling and that I experienced so raw, at many different times that you bravely and eloquently gave words to, that I could not. You shed more Light (literally!) and enabled deeper understanding that I have desperately been seeking while also building upon ideas and ideals that I whole-heartedly believe in and practice. You are a bright, loving light at a very difficult time—lighting the way for many in several different, critically important ways–both directly and indirectly. You have truly eased some more of my heartache and the mental ache of trying to wrap my mind around it all. Of course, it was also painful to read–the truth hurts, right! But, reading–devouring it actually–was necessary–I reached more layers of grief that still needed to be acknowledged and felt and healed some more. Thank you.
    I am in AWE of your bravery, vulnerability and strength.
    I am GRATEFUL for your compassion, insights, wisdom, authenticity, honesty, positivity, gifted writing, generosity with your Divine messages and guidance.

    PS. want you to also know: 1. My first visit to calltolight.org as a result of an impulsive Google search–excited to pass the link to your article to my like-minded friends/family. So, so powerful & life-affirming!!!
    2. How deeply sorry I am for the negativity/anger/hurt you and your wife have faced/continue to face when you are really, truly coming from Love and a deep desire to help everyone. Glad you have each other!

  4. toni says:

    Danielle, I loved your prediction video! My question to you is, since so many psychics including yourself saw her being sworn in, perhaps that is what will happen. Perhaps that is why you were so thrown for a loop when she didn’t win – because you know something is going to happen and she will be inaugurated and you can’t assimilate everything that is happening at this moment. What do you think?

  5. bjauctions says:

    Those who “saw” Clinton being elected, including myself, can forget that those who voted for Trump, Trump himself and all his gendarmes are here to learn Light Lessons, just as much as the rest of us. Sooner or later, via the hard or easy way, we are all invited to learn to put faith in the inner, more than the outer, in our inner connection with Self more than another person outside ourselves, i.e. Pope, Preacher, Priest, Queen, Mom or Trump. This may be a pathway, ultimately for many to find out how badly they will be let down and betrayed and in turn wake up to their own Divine nature.

    I just hope things don’t get too Dark while this happens. I must cling now more than ever, to the Light within me!

  6. joann love says:

    you all were right, they hacked it.

  7. Erica says:

    THANK YOU so much for this very important post. It resonates deeply with me and I appreciate your honesty and transparency. I’m feeling so “unsettled” and off about this election that I’m reading evrything I can get my hands on to try to figure it out. It just does not feel finished to me, something is vibrating and something is going to happen. I just can’t imagine what or how.

  8. Kitty says:

    I felt the energy of this election very strongly even though I’m not a psychic, I’m highly intuitive. And If I was a Psychic I would have given a 100% accuracy prediction based on this energy feedback. But then this energy field changed suddenly after James Comey pulled that stunt with reopening the investigation. Immediately I started to sense a change and knew strongly that Trump would win. Strangely, I also had the strangest dream about a dark presence going after immigrants and when things didn’t go his way, started shooting innocent people who were just minding their lives. My ego really wanted a Clinton win because the mind cannot and refuses to process this level of threat, but alas we now have to deal with our new reality.

    For me, I think this might be a good reason for all Lightworkers to come out of their lovely spiritual bubble and start actively participating in world affairs. Turning off the news and pretending all this will just go away isn’t going to cut it this time. If you need a reason to believe that the world needs us now more than ever, you just need to read this recent statement made my Trump’s newly appointed Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon. This is what he said just a few days ago:

    ” Darkness is good. Dick Cheney. Darth Vader. Satan. That’s power. It only helps us when they (liberals) get it wrong. When they’re blind to who we are and what we’re doing,”

    Danielle, I wonder if this is the feeling of an invasion/strategic interruption invasion you were picking up?

    • Cee says:

      I asked for a dream a few days after the election to show me what was going on. I got very clear symbolism of a fascist army about to march through a town. There was no fear, the understanding was that they were going to march on through, not stay – but there was a feeling of powerlessness and that there was nothing to do but get out of the way and let them pass.

  9. Hinhan says:

    Very interesting. I see creationism as ongoing and at any given moment, conditions can either support or not support any manifestation. I do not see psychic predictions or anything that manifests as absolute, ever… they are what manifests in any given set of conditions interacting with local and collective levels of consciousness and this changes by the moment and often startles or shocks people into “how could this be happening” but there is a template in the unconscious that created it and had to happen – what is, is. There is a mystery to this that we should not try to understand. I actually see the predictions as contributing to the vast complex mix that actually manifested, not as good/bad or right/wrong, but through the lens of non-duality. And such predictions may hold a deeply symbolic truth rather than literal – for example, the restoration of the sacred feminine balance to a deeply patriarchal world; and so for myself, the prediction of Hillary winning is still true – because the change that is working out in the field, the shadow of this country, and karma, is playing out and it has to happen this way, but still reflects seeds of growth, not regression, in the evolution of the collective consciousness. I see a lot of positive coming from this despite times where the field of fear tries to pull me into it too – that is what it wants – to pull like to itself… but if we are conscious we can hold space for that fear but not reinforce it and instead return to the Center of Truth and contribute to that change through non-linear dynamics – growth in our own individual consciousness by processing out the contents of our own shadow and humanity and karma, and surrendering egoic opinion and judgment over and over, which ultimately will have a logarithmic influence on the collective.

  10. Naomi Santoro says:

    Thank you, Danielle, for the wisdom of your message. I completely agree.

  11. Magic is afoot. It reminds me of a scene in one of those Viet Nam films (forget which one) in which the visual part of the film is of the carnage and violence of active war while this exquisitely beautiful music is being played. Combining the two emotionally intense opposites did this amazing thing to the circuitry of the viewer. Once Trump was announced as the President-elect, I was filled with abject horror, and at the same time, aware that something unseen and sublime was involved. That also happened to me on 9/11 when I awoke in bliss before I heard about the Twin Towers. I am hesitant to share such things but you, Danielle, are such an example of courage to be true to your inner experience, that I just put this out knowing it could register in different ways to different people. My take from this dance of opposites is that our Spirit knows things our bodies and minds and emotions do not. My Spirit deeply gets that the opportunity for humanity with this untoward event is so big and so unusual, but perfectly cast for our leaps in growth and FINALLY claiming our inherent truths (we at least have the choice to do so). We have been painted in a spiritual corner, and it will be the making of many beautiful souls willing to represent themselves better than ever before. And yes, the twists and turns to come will likely make a mockery out of the pre-election twists and turns. As more and more people dive deep within (which we are oh so motivated to do now), reality will respond in amazing ways to what the “inner divers” uncover. Tough times and miraculous times, all rolled into one. Thank you Danielle, for being an inspirational drum major. And you have a great bathrobe.

  12. There is still hope.Trump hasn’t been sworn in yet.The electoral can still vote for Hillary.He might be in jail.What did the FBI do anything else ?Did Ruissa ?

  13. Laura says:

    Please know I stand with you connected, dear friend. I stand to promote this love and healing.

    “I am not in denial about what may be potential human and civil rights roadblocks ahead in the USA. However, I refuse to live in the fearful shadow of worst-case-scenarios. I will not be bullied or shamed into fear by those whose fear is drowning them. Should I need to stand against the tide of injustice that could potentially present itself, I shall stand with a dignity and a piercing fierceness that will shatter the darkness.”

  14. Carlo says:

    Hi there, Danielle. Hi dear fellow blog readers.

    I felt compelled to write a little open letter here, both to support all of you in both of these decisions, but also because I am an arbiter between nit-picky left-brain analysis and intuition, and this situation will stir up a whole lot of conflict between the two.

    Thank you, Danielle, for making your prediction and allowing it to serve as an example after it did not come to pass.

    This is an incredibly inspiring thing to do, for a whole lot of reasons.

    It’s honest. That alone has a very direct feeling of goodness and realness to it which is connecting me to those qualities in myself.

    It’s real, actual trust. Amateurs trust because they’ve experienced a pattern- professionals trust because they can.

    Finally, and here’s probably the reason why you felt compelled to share the prediction regardless of the outcome- it illustrates more powerfully than anything I have ever witnessed before the power of free will and the freedom that we all enjoy.

    Every single reading of the energy, both through right-brain methods and mainstream left-brain methods, clearly pointed toward Clinton as a favorite. For example, a leftbrainy channel named Bashar “read the energy” for the first female president at 88%, and our various nerdy human poll models and prediction markets had her at 70 to 99. My friends who did their own intuiting, and my own feel, said the same thing. So I went to bed early and woke up to a nasty surprise.

    So I believe that you simply accurately reflected a clear energy pattern which was going on, until it wasn’t any more.

    Then, you write in your heartfelt explanation, a lot of people who hadn’t added their energy to the mix until the last possible moment came along, and changed everything around.

    Well, that happens to be exactly what the most prominent nerd-psychic in the business said: Google the exact phrase “Undecideds and late deciders broke for Trump” to find the article. It also adds up to Bashar’s usual caveat when he makes predictions: “This is simply a reading of the energy at a given moment, and can change at any time”. This sounds a lot like everyone covering all their posterior bases, but it would appear that in the business of prediction, it is simply the honest thing to say.

    After getting over my initial shock, disbelief and anger, it dawned on me that he is in fact very likely to be serving a purpose- actually, very many purposes, if you care to look, and I also feel strongly that seeing him this way will prevent his usefulness to become even less obvious.

    He is serving as a bad example, an amazingly pure-bred strain of what we don’t want. This one is the most obvious.

    He managed to surprise us all. That, he is good at, and we should learn this from him.

    He displayed supreme confidence against all odds. Again, there is nothing wrong with this, and we don’t have to copy anything else form him to appreciate it.

    And finally, and most importantly, he is teaching us that no matter what we marginalize, it will come back to bite us.

    Has any one of my fellow liberal minded people reading this ever felt very strongly that it is not okay to call a black person names that make you feel superior? Well that’s great! Can you say the same thing about light-skinned people of the not-so-abundant sort, and the things that make things easier for them? Thought so. Time to change that.

    I feel embarrassed and ashamed that it took a Trump presidency for me to recognize my own bigotry towards rodeo, wrestling, monster trucks, timber sports, cage fighting, gun culture, and, to my even greater embarrassment, country music. I listened to Dolly Parton when I was six, until my Dad told me to cut it out. And that’s just naming the tired cliches. Digging deeper I found a wounded soul, and very real, unimaginable suffering, and the smug cynicism that allowed me to ignore it.

    Well, now that it’s threatening me I’m willing to listen, and I can feel my own energies I judged so harshly for having the gall to appear unsophisticated to his superior smugness the open-minded ™ intellectual rushing back into me and crying tears of joy and relief. Had I done it earlier we might not have needed a president Trump for us to acknowledge our very own personal underbellly, but I sure as hell am doing it now.

    Thanks for pointing that out, Donald, and thank you, Danielle, for your vivid reading imagery that allowed me to notice. It’s what you do best.

  15. Diane says:

    I think the importance of free will might be a leason in this outcome…a reminder that we can change outcomes consciously or unconsciously. And I believe that fear of one candidate or the other might have helped disconnect people from their head and heart…and the energy in the voting booth attached to the strongest fear through the conflicting emotions.

    The result of the “gobsmack” might be just what is needed to wake up. We have been given an outcome, one with the highest stakes we may never have imagined. We can’t change that, but we have full control how we handle this. The bigotry, the hatred, the fractured country…all of this is in our hands. It is ours to stand up to whatever injustice or negativity that is in front of us and say “No” and in so doing, say “Yes” to our true nature. We are One…one nation (of Beings), indivisible with liberty and justice for All.

  16. LadyC says:

    I am not a professional like you (which I truly admire, btw!) just privately clairvoyant/intuitive/empathic. And I saw and felt this happen exactly the same way. I felt no fear and saw her winning. Then this complete change of fortune and it changed on a flipping dime! The only sign was that I started getting quite ill that night, even though at the time she was in the lead but I could feel this cold wind starting to blow…
    The message I am receiving now is there is something moving and changing still, fortunes are still somehow up in the air or are already decided but I am not privy to. And that there is not a dang thing I can do about it. There have been maybe 2 or 3 times in my life I have felt completely and totally powerless and bewildered and this is definitely one of them. Something else is in the drivers seat and I am deeply frightened but strangely hopeful though I have no earthly idea why. Please know from a fellow lightworker, that I saw it the exact same way, the floor shifted and moved suddenly on me too and this does not reflect negatively on your gift! Blessings

  17. N8tvchik says:

    I’ve been reading energy for almost 30 years now and never did feel what so many of my fellow psychics felt, that Hillary was definitely going to win this election. I never felt any kind of big enough surge in energy surrounding her and her campaign that would clinch this for her, especially toward the end as I expected there would be if she was indeed meant to be the next POTUS. Instead surprisingly and much to my own personal dismay I felt that surge behind Trump, time and time again. Like waves that were being pushed and pulled by a swelling tide, slowly and steadily building, most especially in the last two weeks leading up to the election. It was during this time that whenever I tuned in I could feel the final wave building and building, ever gaining momentum, no more pulling back. And on election day before they even started reporting results I could feel he was going to win it. And I could also feel and even see the post-election upheaval, the rioting and protesting that we’re now experiencing. And here we are. I’m not happy about the way it went, but my feeling now is that it went this way for a reason. Or rather, for many reasons. Most of all, for our growth. While we have come a long way, it is evident by the behavior of so many right now that we still have much to do. Sending out Love and Light to us All.

  18. Jean Rudo says:

    I respect and completely loved your bathrobe video. You HAD to do it. And yes, there is a niggle, something off, something not finished. Trump even looks stunned and rueful that he actually won. And it’s not just wishful thinking (well, maybe a little bit), but he hasn’t been sworn in yet.

    The shock of this outcome is being experienced by so many, that it makes it hard to understand who DID vote for him. I sense lots and lots of money, but that too could be my trying to make sense of all of this. Change takes place in odd ways! Once I get over being so sad and shocked, I may actually enjoy seeing this unfold. Thank you for all of your messages and love!

  19. Annie Walden says:

    I love what you say Danielle – i am simply an observer but i can see how people are being called to look within themselves in their own Heart space before looking outward for some external authority – which by the looks of things, does not exist amongst the human population- particularly in politics. I don’t think you were wrong either – what you inadvertently did was steer the people in another direction and that direction is to follow our own inner power – so a great achievement on your part!

  20. Zuzanna Vee says:

    I am glad to read this. I loved your bathrobe video and was very heartened by it. I too felt a time blip sometime between 11:30pm and 12:30am on election night. I was surprised by it, but it was visceral and almost visual. I remember it distinctly. Just like you described it – something changed in mid-breath. At any rate, I’m sorry for the horror of being wrong in public and on record. Astrologists were wrong too, and they have something solid to be looking at. So, I feel something happened. Something we can’t explain. Its not over yet, and we’ll see what happens. Blessings to you and keep up the good work.

  21. Valeria Murray says:

    HILLARY DID WIN :….. the popular vote. I see her taking the path to health and wholeness by stepping back and allowing the chaos to focus elsewhere. Let the media have another round of showing their greed for news, let Mr. Trump face the mess he got himself into, let the protesters protest.

    Let us do likewise: Provide peace and calm in our own home and family. Show gratitude and love. Be the change we want to see. Things will change……


  22. Thank you out for the this. It’s interesting gay you say that you feel the energy sort of twitching. I’m feeling quite the same thing. I keep seeing a thick, bold arrow pointing up and flashing, a clock on a mantel with the time 11:30. Not sure what this means, but I feel like it’s tied to the energy behind this election.

    • Zuzanna Vee says:

      Ha! interesting – I just wrote my piece below and read yours just now. I felt something that I said was sometime between 11:30 and 12:30 – couldn’t get it any closer than that. Something happened that we can’t explain. Thanks for this validation. Blessings to you.

  23. radar says:

    hmmmm. so now you have been hijacked by a n invading timeline. lol. why again predict/assume that those who voted trump will b disappointed ? because it does not match your vision for future? why not be open and trust that trump may do some good things and this may be a benevolent outcome ? may be you still have not got the lesson of it and may be you are getting it as each day goes by.

  24. Marie says:

    Danielle, you could still be right. something is AMISS.

    read this article, they’re still not done counting the votes in certain states. yes, this could flip.


  25. Dear Danielle,
    Thanks for the details of what you are thinking. Your predictions were so inspiring. I still feel their energy. The strong female energy coming in through Hillary’s election. I think it did come in, I felt it. The male energy is still releasing and releasing, and releasing, and we will probably see a lot of surprises from Trump. How far will the male energy be allowed to go before outraged people respond to it? Will the female energy help to gentle it? Will we see it in ourselves first?

    I felt an expansion of spiritual energy myself when I got over the shock, anger, rage, frustration, fear, hopelessness, unreality, of the results of the election. Right now I feel my crown chakra opening up and all chakras expanding. My third eye is buzzing. Some energy change happened to me during the results of this election. Did it happen to you?

    If the outside world is a reflection of what we are thinking, then I need to be careful of what I am thinking because I am projecting it out there. If I am directing anger towards Trump the that’s what I am creating. It’s not going to be easy to see and hear what is happening and still be forgiving, loving, seeing the spirit in the other person. As we judge others, so we judge ourselves.
    I will have to be working on this every minute and also take time out to let go of the stress of it by
    deep breathing, meditation, prayer and balancing my male and female emotions, Reiki. mudras, EFT and anything else I can think of like reading this site. WOW!

    All I know is I am not alone in this. I am one with Danielle and all of you. Blessings! Dorothy

    • Sara says:

      “I felt an expansion of spiritual energy myself when I got over the shock, anger, rage, frustration, fear, hopelessness, unreality, of the results of the election. Right now I feel my crown chakra opening up and all chakras expanding. My third eye is buzzing. Some energy change happened to me during the results of this election. Did it happen to you?”

      It happened to me. I’ve been puzzling over it since. The night of the election, I was forcing myself to pretend to be calm so that I didn’t project hysteria and fear. The next morning, I was calm. A calm I haven’t felt in YEARS. I just haven’t known what to make of it at all.

  26. Kimberly Passmore White says:

    Thank you for writing this. We have free will and can exercise it at any moment, including the last moment. We all saw the result we wanted coming, whether strongly psychicly connected or just motivated by intuition, hope, or plain belief that no other outcome was appropriate. We were all wrong, and probably more than a bit naive. I appreciate your courage and honesty. You did your part and we all did ours. Something turned the tide.

    I don’t believe in mistakes, so I have chosen to see this using the analogy of a wound. We are a wounded nation where hate and fear have been living under the surface and ignored. Just as with a festering wound, we must let the puss and nastiness come to the surface and clean it out. Only then can the wound heal. I think that’s why this happened – to help us pay attention to what’s underneath and really deal with it rather than thinking it will just go away. It may also light a fire under the millenials to actively work to create the country and world they want. Maybe we just needed an ‘earthquake’ to wake us up.

    I appreciate you and what you do, Danielle. So thank you, and let’s just keep shining light wherever we can. Kim

  27. Marie says:

    I agree on your theory on once you place your prediction in print or verbalized to the public, it can change due to “free will” I should know, because I test the Universe constantly. Free will can change the outcome. The polls were so far off by saying Clinton was 4-5%. I believe that fooled many to becoming complacent.

    What bothers me more than anything, is not with the Clinton lost (yes, I am very upset) but more terrified of Trump being President of the highest office of the land.

    He is absolutely without a doubt, “terrifying” in every sense of the word. Not trying to spread fear, as I am a pragmatist that do hold out HOPE for a miracle. With this harsh reality we are facing, we absolutely should do everything in our power by asking the Universe to correct this.

    There is currently a petition with over 2 million signatures for the electoral college to overturn Donald Trump’s win. Why? Electoral college was created or designed to keep a criminal, tyrant, or a dictator from becoming President.

    Clearly, Trump IS unfit. His hateful speeches, aligned with racism is unforgivable and he showed himself for who he really is, ” a Frankenstein monster” a nutter with an agenda that will suit him and him only.

    President-elect Trump is in for a surprise when he finds out he can’t get many of his promises to happen, because he will need the democrats in the senate. Most bills or law require a super majority of 60 votes to repeal or enact a bill or a law. specifically, nominating a supreme court justice will require a super majority

    So, be prepared for a shit storm for the next four years. Donald and the GOP may have an ambitious agenda, but the ACLU will be right there like watchdogs for any violation of the constitution particularity the 1st, 4th and 14th amendments.

    I like you Danielle, I am very psychic. I did feel something was off the day before the election. I was thinking about the day after the election. I was thinking that I am going to feel depressed if Donald wins this thing. wow… too bad I could not influence the masses on such short notice.

    I do feel something is still off with the outcome of this election. like you, there is more to this thing, as more is coming. so we’ll see.

    please hang on to the hope that is left. We can overturn the electoral votes in Hillary’s favor. one state already did. remember we have a good case to fight this thing. sign the petition at change.org

    xo Marie

    • Lia says:

      “we absolutely should do everything in our power by asking the Universe to correct this” YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!! Thank you for that. That is the same confirmation I received in meditation today.
      Also the polls were not wrong, and things were in alignment to be a HRC win. What I did find out is that there were so called “prayers of the righteous events” that suppressed the will of the many to uphold their antiquated thought process and belief. They are now gloating that “God heard them and now that trump is elected, the rapture and judgement is delayed”. They directed this energy at a specific time to subvert the will of the people. I send them light for enlightenment because they are working blindly in darkness. They are hiding behind their fears cloaked in their “faith” to work against the will of the majority. That is wrong. It’s wrong because they are not leaving it up to the universe to work it out, they are using energy to manipulate the outcome. It is wrong because HRC has the majority of the popular vote. This surge in energy against her at the last minute was as they are calling it “their surgical strike”. They are blindly usurping the will of the many by directing dark and diversive energy. Notice some of the posts here that are basically saying – suck it up and move on. Those are trolls who want to suppress the light of truth and free will. They want to discourage us from fighting onward. WE CANNOT LET THAT HAPPEN. The chaos energy has subsided despite the peaceful protests, as that energy can be transmuted for good. I completely agree with you and hope we as children of the light of God can work together to restore order to this outcome. One thing I know about God is that he does all things decently and in order. He is not the God of confusion or hate or bigotry.


    • peakae says:

      The problem I have with that is half the country doesn’t agree with you. You don’t like the outcome, that’s ok, if we all had the same opinion on everything it would be boring. Half the people in the last elections didn’t like the outcome either. But respect the process. That’s part of the lesson here — respect the process. Give the moment a chance. Give the new president a chance without being hindered with negative energy. Perhaps this is good perhaps it is bad. Perhaps Hillary being president would have been good, perhaps it would have been bad. This is what happened. Wake up from the reliance on the leader to be the answer.

  28. coffey.gail says:

    Bless you! Thank you.

    Sent from my iPhone


  29. Margaret Lind says:

    Dear Danielle, Thank you so much for all that you do! Hang in there…. In my own “message delivery service to the Universe, ” things are darkest before the Dawn… And all of my outlandish (what I — the little I — thought) messages … delivered in the face of opposing appearances, became true. It seems to me — that the “fat” lady has yet to sing… And this whole debacle is not yet over… I especially thank you for saying you saw Hillary being sworn in in a cream-colored dress, red dress and a blue dress….

    Lynn LindDeming, NM USA

  30. Elza Curky says:

    Hi Danielle.Everything went  RIGHT with the election.  We’re through  being ruled by  greedy Middle-east entities who pretend  to be our allies, but actually  helped ruin our country because their agenda  is   to  Rule the world.  Their God is money. Because  the people are becoming more  enlightened, they can see their cruel deceptions.Long live Donald.Other psychics have predicted his win..Elsa Curyk

  31. Janet says:

    Thank you for having the courage and faith to face a stymied, public prediction then offering an loving explanation that answered my “why?” in such a way that I have found the peace I had misplaced the last couple of days. It explained why I was experiencing an unsettling, unexplainable energy on Election Day.

    While there have been protests about the results, they have been peaceful. But had Clinton won would the protests have been peaceful? I doubt it. And I may have re-found my sense of peace, I, too, still have a sense of things not being settled or final.

  32. Sharon Priest says:

    This is the first time, ever that I didn’t vote in a Presidental election. It wasn’t from not wanting to but was due to not getting home in time to vote. I am an over the road truck driver so having a schedule of any kind no longer exists. Plus I missed the early voting as it opened up AFTER I went back to work.

    Was this all for a reason? I don’t know.

    Am I excited about Trump winning? Not really. If I did vote it wasn’t going to be for Clinton or Trump.

    Now I see there are protests – from those that supported Clinton. And yet these are the people that claimed Trump was behind doing riots and stuff at Clinton rallies.

    This is what I feel about this – all the anti stuff that Trump seems to evokes NEEDS to be exposed. One in particular is bullying. I have been bullied in various ways since grade school. I got it in school and in jobs I’ve worked at. It has been somewhat addressed in schools but still it is not enough as children are commuting suicide as they just could no longer take it.

    The negative stuff that he has presented is a rip that was long overdue. But with him being in the top office, this stuff that has been covered over for years is now going to be wide open. Maybe this is what the public needs to openly hear and once heard it can be addressed and healed.

    I’m not a Psychic. I do feel things at times that a particular outcome will occur. But it is not an overwhelming sense in that I say comments to others – I just watch in silence. If it is particularly strong I will say something. Often it is about where a person comes from like in India or are American Indian.

    Our government has been fractured for a long time. Maybe before the feminine really does come in we need the bully to wake these people up so that they see what they are really doing to others – I know that sounds really ugly.

    The outcome of this election just shows we are still extremely divided as the win column was very, very narrow.

    Trump is the mirror and many don’t like seeing what they really look like. When they do, they will do something that will fix it. Then the public will ask them “What took you so long?”

  33. Cindy aka Tru says:

    Thanks Danielle…makes me realize that we all have to take responsibility for our actions (or our inaction actually), and part of me thinks that our complacency also was responsible for the outcome. We got too comfortable and let our guard down so to speak. So, we will all just have to move forward from here and just take everything as it comes.

    It’s just a hard pill to swallow that all the progress forward possibly will now be pushed pretty far back, and once again we find ourselves fighting for our rights, and maybe even having to defend our lives in our own country. Right now It feels like bigotry rascism and hate has won out, and many people are now fearful. LGBT people are afraid for their marriages and other rights, Muslims are fearful for their lives, and other families are fearful that they will be torn apart by being forced out through mass deportation. It truly looks like a dark time ahead.

    You know I got this thought in my head last night about the Disney movie The Lion King, where Scar plotted and successfully took over the Pride Lands….but Simba was on the Way, and I am sure you know the rest of the story. But Simba is not another Savior to look to in my thought process of this…Simba represents US finding a way to overcome and win back in whatever way that shows up, what was taken from us. It’s like you said no one man rules us…not even a congress full do either. In the end, each of us are our own empowered people, and no president is going to change that. It’s up to us.

    Guess we go now go forward from here, yes?

    I admit my own emotions about this whole debacle have been running very high…but I want to find a way through it and grow from it in spite of the reality of the outcome. I pray that I can rise above and just live my life in the highest way I can. So be it 🙂

  34. Jenny Mizote says:

    Dear Danielle,

    You are such an angel and a blessing! I’m so sorry people lashed out at you. I remember thinking that night “No, this can’t be happening. I have heard from more than one psychic/energy intuitive that HRC would win, and I felt it too.” But I am at a point in my growth that I know there is : 1) free will and anything can change; and 2) I take full responsibility for my expectations and hopes.

    I love the guidance that is offered and I love your absolute frankness and clarity. You know, the first time I even heard of you was your morning video. I said to myself “She is great! I want to keep her in my circle of trustworthy intuitives that I can feel are real.” I still feel the same way about you. You are a delight to watch and read. Thanks for this update. Huge hugs and gratitude to you and your family. Jenny

  35. Lia says:

    Thank you for posting this. I know without a doubt that the “chaos energies” were directing wikileaks and assange. Russia has been hacking into our systems for quite some time. I think sometimes folks set out to thwart the plan, but God is still in control. You have to ask yourself, why such opposition? Why the need to destroy a good person? Hillary is not evil despite all the lies written and said about her. Just because someone says it over and over does not make it true. There was a “shift”, but those chaos energies will not triumph. Just as we are lightworkers, there are darkworkers. Sometimes we put too much information out into the world and those who oppose us can temporarily work against us, but no man can change the divine plan for another. I have been feeling so much energy – spikes and then lows-heaviness-grief. I am empathic so I have not been out of my house since the election because picking up everyone’s emotions would double me over. Maybe tomorrow I will venture out.. Something is completely amiss about this. As others keep saying, something is very “off” about this. All will be revealed eventually.

  36. CJ says:

    It really does feel like there was some kind of timeline manipulation somehow. It all seems very unreal and quite repulsive as if it were never meant to be.

  37. As a very good energy reader who could see Hillary taking oath in January and so predicted her for the win…I have been scratching my head over that same “wrinkle in the grid system” that occurred. Thank you for sharing your vision around this. AND I do get that there is still something “out there.” It could all turn around again in a heart beat. How? I have no idea…it’s outside my ability to read for now. And yet…I’m not pinning my hopes on us being saved because as you’ve said here…it’s about each of us taking charge of our own destiny/fates and not leave it in the hands of the politicians. I also see that “spite.” Chaos energy is also creative energy and creative energy likes to create destruction as much as it likes to create positively. Some ancient “nasty” energy was awakened and came out to play with us. Someone put it back to sleep!

  38. Colette says:

    Great post! Don’t agree with everything but that’s all good. I would have to say I strongly feel in the pit of my stomach that something is off. I think we are all in for a big surprise. I do want you to know that you did a good job.

  39. Davida Rochman says:

    Danielle—great commentary on your prediction, and the unexpected outcome!
    I have a theory on this as well. I believe a Hillary presidency was in the universal plan. In watching the coverage of her during the convention and campaign, I learned that her mom was obsessed in teaching Hillary how to stand up to “bullies”, how ironic that her mom felt so strongly about giving her that particular strength. A classmate in high school wrote in Hillary’s yearbook that she would be the first woman U.S. President.
    I think this was her destiny, but it shifted at the last minute for her own good and protection. A huge amount of negative energy has been thrust at her, the republicans who despise her, the wiki leaks propagandists, the tons of people who just don’t like her for a variety of reasons and consider her corrupt and untrustworthy. Trump exacerbated this collective negativity and negative energy towards her. It may be that if the original divine plan of her becoming president did happen, some harm would have come to her, and the angels intervened to avoid this. Everything happens for a reason and the fact that she did not win, may be a blessing in disguise. That scenario is what I am feeling.

    • Cee says:

      I had a similar thought. (All the above). Especially after the FBI letter. They will just never leave her alone and I feared the violence that would erupt if she won. Not peaceful protests like now.
      I also think there are a lot of things that got shaken out of complacency that needed to be shaken.
      And I think the forgotten Americans in rural America and small towns and the rust belt who felt a Trump vote was the only way to get heard – needed to be heard. I hear them and my heart goes out to them. I apologize for overlooking them myself.

      BUT – it does feel weird and off.

      Danielle, I am new to your site – just discovered before the election – but I have been following Erich Leigh-Pink’s World Wide Predictions for some time. The two of you are doing the exact same drill right now. He got three or four strong, consistent messages over several months of a Hillary win and he is doing the exact same apology tour, on his site now.

      After a few days stepping back, the message he got now is to “wait.” Something is around the corner and there is an epic bombshell coming.

      Perhaps. We shall see.
      Thank you for the work you do…

      • Cee says:

        Oh by the way. He also saw the number 62, as in her winning by 62% or electoral votes or something close to what you said. His message all along was that it wouldn’t even be close. But the 62 is the number of Electoral votes DJT won by.

  40. judithornot says:

    Interesting. 🙂 I wondered how you would react to the way things fell apart as they did. Thank you for your honesty and encouragement. I read tarot, and asked what my attitude or actions should be in regards to the time between now and January. Using Ellen Lorenzi-Prince’s “Dark Goddess Tarot,” I got the Six of Earth, Tsonokwa. She is a Kwaquitil Wild Woman of the Woods in the Pacific Northwest. Her key phrase is “Measure wealth by giving.” Her message was about community, and working together, being grounded, and being generous whenever possible. Very much like what you’ve written here. Thank you, Danielle.

  41. Maryann Kosinski says:

    Yes, long, but I read every word. I still like her. Very, very interesting about several things that she said as to what could have happened . What I am not surprised about is the even bigger lesson that this election held and still hold s for us.

    On Thu, Nov 10, 2016 at 1:37 PM, From Psychic / Medium Danielle Egnew wrote:

    > danielleegnew posted: ” Just like countless others, my wife and I have > been processing the shocking events of the 2016 Presidential Election. My > heart is deeply saddened for our country, for the world, and mostly, for > those who voted in a person they thought would truly ” >

  42. Joyous says:

    Bless you, Danielle, it apparently just wasn’t time yet, but I still feel we are heading in the right direction, towards the more feminine, balanced approach. And four years of
    Trump should finally tip the scales, if anything will! Makes me shudder, but we shall get through it!

  43. Thank you Danielle! I appreciate all your insights. I was disappointed as well that we won’t have a Hillary presidency, but we don’t know for certain exactly what happened. I do feel that the time lines were broken and that we have somehow an altered reality. I plan to plant tomatoes and my garden and enjoy my granddaughters over the next 4 years. I know that it’s not easy to put yourself out there and sent you love and respect for your efforts. I laughed out loud reading this post and my heart is uplifted! Many blessings to you and your wife from me and my wife!

  44. tjc says:

    the psychic lens is always clearest when devoid of belief, desire and ego….or perhaps your 5th dimensional self shifted you to a parallel reality to teach u one of these lessons…we are all at the mercy of our great teacher…the donald…i pray for his awakening which was predicted by an accurate psychic months before his election…i think he used the words trump is gods messenger to bring change and harmony to the world
    ….from da leper messiah

  45. Karla Taylor says:

    I’m feeling both sadness and maybe some anger, but mainly bewilderment. Like I’ve been kicked in the stomach. I was excited about the awakening in the new energy and the feminine energy waking up in everyone. It wasn’t about Dems vs Reps but seeing all the shadows gave been shoved under rugs for decades and now they were coming out for light to be shined upon them. I was very excited about more people waking up to their true spirituality not organized religion. I am so disappointed that we spiritual beings would allow such a narcissistic person so filled with hatred and backward ideas to become a world leader! I think it’s more about that than anything. It’s more that than anything- the disappointment. I seemed to have lost my faith a little. I know this all happened for a reason, it’s all for our lessons and evolution. But I just can’t get over this overwhelming sadness and disappointment. I’m not judging your predictions at all. I was so happy to hear that we were moving forward spiritually. But then….the luck in the stomach moment that took my breath away.thats what I’m having difficulty dealing with.

  46. Judy says:

    I’ve been waiting for this, to hear your thoughts. Thank you for your perceptive, honest post, Danielle. Your description of how this all played out was exactly the way I experienced it also, but I could not find the words. You’re a talented beacon of light in this often topsy turvey world. My heart hurts for my fellow artists friends who have been shell shocked into going dark—we need their light. I hurt for those who have been left feeling scared & vulnerable—they need to be wrapped in love. You inspire me to stay faithful & do my part to exemplify love & choose to shine light even though things seem so bleak. “Love is the energy of strength.” Let the light we all carry break through the shadows of fear & darkness. Much love to you 💜

  47. Carol says:

    I had read your prediction and it gave me hope. I also read today your two posts previous to this one and then I signed up for your blog, today before this post. I get it, we are all in the same human boat and everything is changing so fast. We are evolving together. Nothing shakes my faith, not trump, not 50% of us being behind, not a prediction we don’t understand yet. I think half of that vote was for change, any change. You are doing your job. I need you to keep it up.

  48. Mary Jo says:

    Thank you, Danielle! I’ve been waiting for your post. And while I’ve been waiting, I’ve been listening and reading posts of other people who stand for peace, for love and for an end to the divide. And I began to “feel” those who put Trump in office. To feel as if they’re nothing in the face of politics and the manipulation of special interests. To feel helpless and hopeless and blown off. I go to deeper wells in my life and see a bigger picture, but their structures are locked in. I totally get what you said. While I believed the good people of the US would swarm the voting booths and put Hilary in office (my frame of reference and perspective), those unseen citizens found a way to be heard. To say F-you to a system that regards them as replaceable “worker bees” and “cannon fodder.” To vote for the powerful guy outside the system who promised trouble for all of it. I work with people. Until they feel heard – REALLY heard, I can’t make any progress. We’re lucky to have the times we have. Their outlet of rage and fear was the ballot and not a bloody coup. I, too, feel something else is going on past the Trump win – feels.. don’t have words for it, just a feelign. I’m going to hold to “something is possible that wasn’t possible before” (something I chant to myself when I’m in grief and despair.) And I’ll do as you’re doing: when something is very wrong out there, I look to see what is going on in ME that makes it a mirror. I have some ideas and I’ll get to work on it. Again, THANK YOU. We’re watched over and who knows what will come of all this past the chaos? Sending love…

  49. Tom says:

    This is a serious question. Do you feel like maybe you weren’t able to predict the election because these powers you claim to have are imaginary? Maybe you predicted that Clinton would win because it seemed like a “slam dunk”, kind of like making general statements about a person’s past or future.

    • Erica says:

      Tom, please reread the article again to answer your question. It’s long, but worth it. The whole point is past predictions have been specific AND correct, so that is why this is si interesting.

  50. peakae says:

    Thank you for your words, Danielle.
    The message I’m getting is that this was to wake people up. For too long people have incorrectly put their faith and decision-making and personal power in government, media, and yes, even psychics. These are for the individual alone. The answers are inward.

    For the last eight years, people who believe one ideology have had to live in a difficult reality for them and to learn to either stand with their principles and endure a lot of vitriol or not. Lives go on. The world doesn’t end. Trust me. Now the shoe is on the other foot — in order to wake up the other side of the ideological coin.

    It’s all about control and consciousness and Americans taking it back to themselves. Government has been weaponized against some of its own people. Media has agendas and more interested in entertaining the masses. Power has been misused. But you don’t wake up if the dream is a good one and for half the country in the last eight years it was. They keep dreaming, Matrix-style.

    This is a conscious collective choice for all to go through these years in order to wake up and make better choices. In each moment we can make new choices. Humans are wonderfully inventive.

  51. Sounds like you have had a rough couple of days. Still think you are fabulous, and it has nothing to do with your predictions. This to shall pass.

  52. Hi Danielle–
    your pajama video meant the world to me–not just bcs you predicted Hillary would win, but bcs of all the other things you said. They were the words i needed to hear–the feeling and thoughts that were in my heart that i didn’t quite trust and because you said them, you made me feel better–ideas coming from the outside help us validate ourselves and for that reason they are necessary—So you gave me a few months of no worry, where before i had been getting more and more afraid—- then, so close to the election, there was the fbi’s 2nd Clinton email thing and i started getting a bit worried again, but hung onto the light—until Mon, Nov 7, when I did my weekly Zap Oracle general life reading(http://zaporacle.com/online-image-oracle/) : 1st card, Where querent is now=Down the Rabbit Hole and last card, Looking toward an event horizon (Jonathan’s way of saying ‘future’)=Shock and i knew it was about the election and spent the next 36 hrs in worry and denial–followed of course by Shock, which today is waning a bit
    So i thank you for the grace period of living without worry that you gave me–bcs of your pajama video i was able to enjoy myself with feel good pictures of the future–w/o it i might easily have become a basket case, like so many others i know
    my Best to you, dear woman, and thanks for the help you give us,

  53. Patricia Gibb says:

    Dear Danielle,

    You have been a great source of strength and dignity throughout this most horrific election of all time! Yes…the outcome feels very “off” and insidious!

    As Light Workers, we have to release all fear and carry on as beings of Light! We are far more powerful than we realize when we reflect the LIGHT of SOURCE and allow it to flow through us without giving up!

    Thank you from all of my heart for your amazing work!

    Patricia Gibb

    Sent from my iPad


  54. saharadevi says:

    You’re still a rock star with me. I didn’t want the Donald, and I didn’t want Hillary, but I’m glad she didn’t win because I feel it would have been 4 more years of same old, same old—even if she’s a woman. I don’t think this was an alien hijack, either. To me, this is a Cosmic shake-up, one we sorely needed—because we didn’t pay attention after the collapse of ’08. To me, this is a Supreme wake-up call and maybe people will finally be willing “to do the inner work necessary to transform the fabric of Reality for the well-being of All.” Personally, I am using this historic moment to encourage that—to encourage folks to cultivate the Light within, and shine that Light around them. To use fb as a tool to inspire & spread the Light & Love. Imagine what could happen if the masses went within and emerged carrying the Light of Love as a beacon. And for anyone with a clue, this is a necessary balance to the Michael Moore reaction and whatever anyone else will do on the ‘protest’ front. You know, honeydew, the only real change has to come from within, the more of us who focus on That, the better for All. I Love you with all my Heart—May you be Blessed.

  55. You gained a new fan today. Every spiritually attuned person I knew, and every spiritually attuned person they knew got the same clear message: Clinton would win. And all of us are feeling like things aren’t settled. I don’t know that anything will change, but I do know things are still shifting. I read this article with keen interest and greatly appreciate your perspective and help in trying to wrap my head around this confounding result. Thank you.

  56. Jeanette Moran says:

    First: Thank you for your unflagging courage in a weird-ass time.
    Second: Yep, it does indeed feel as if we entered an alternate Universe. It still feels ‘off’, as you, and many of our community have been expressing. “Bobby’s alive! it was all a dream!” yaaaa…. I feel the same way I did on 9/12/01.
    On a positive note, I have also been feeling the SUPREME importance of every interaction. With strangers, with family, with coworkers, as if … every energetic expression adds to some ‘scale’ — on one side or the other. We are all fragile, and … valuable. No room for unconscious, knee-jerk reactions any more. We have taken our Power for granted and operated on ‘auto-pilot’ for too long, oblivious to the energetic ripples.
    Third: I do think we may have to deal with a Kristallnacht or two. We WILL get through. We WILL have opportunities to find and hold the ‘high road’. It’s gonna be okay. Breathe….

  57. Carrie Mayes says:

    And through it all, she keeps her marvelous sense of humor!! Because, in the end, we take ourselves and our American political system far too seriously as the be all and end all of global and Divine consciousness. All Is Well. All is always well, no matter what it looks like. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you and this post, so I will not attempt it. Just carry on being and trusting you, because no matter who and how it touches, that is why you are here. I know that you know that. Please know that I know that too.

    With much appreciation for your being and your being in the world with me at this time, I offer much love and peace to you this day, dear one, Carrie


  58. Susan Maurer says:

    The future belongs to ME and what I make it. Thank you Danielle for your wisdom and humanity

  59. abbeysonntag says:

    Thank you for your look into what is going on. The quiet that I was blessed with yesterday is gone, so having your take is a blessing. Especially the part about the millions walking out of the dark to cast a vote no one saw coming. I, myself, and finding peace where I can. Peace in going about this morning feeding the chickens, checking the horses, and reveling in a cloudless sky. Remembering that we chose to come here and experience all these unique emotions that are so very human. (Just wish I could have a little less abject terror about what is to come). And hearing those beautiful voices of those looking down saying, “Well that was unexpected”. Thank you for all the peace you have given me over the years, and I the peace I pray you will continue to give in the coming years.
    And to all those who are giving you grief about your predictions, my mom said she would be glad to have a word with them. And I am so grateful that you are leaving all your past posts up. I get so much out of them, insights, ideas, hope, and love. I love you my beautiful friend.

  60. Carly says:

    the Divine Feminine intervened. Do not espouse, promote, endorse patriarchal values, and at the same time try to come across as an Earth Mother in a pantsuit. The Serpent has awoken. If you felt Her rise up, and interpreted it as ” alien” that’s fear. You are very gifted, but not immune to attachment!
    Namaste sister xo

    • Jane says:

      May I suggest if you wish to address matters related to the “Serpent”, you might find enlightening information in these 3 books by Elaine Pagels:
      Adam, Eve, and the Serpent
      The Origin of Satin
      The Gnostic Gospels
      Christians and former Christians would benefit from these books if they have any interest in understanding the roots of Christian beliefs.

  61. Thank you, Danielle. Your insights around the whole election process and what it meant (and means) to the collective have so much to teach us. ❤

  62. Janet says:

    Bless you, Danielle, for all you do. Keep your chin up and your heart open. Hugs

  63. Sara says:

    Thank you for this. It’s very interesting, because my feeling might be that it wasn’t your prediction of Hillary that was so important to get out there, but the other parts of the message that we all need to hear, own and implement. That it’s all up to US. I have a feeling that some of the Democrats heard that part of the message, but only in passing, and only because they felt safe with the idea of being under Hillary’s leadership – NOT because they truly understood the point. And now that the safety net is gone, they are really going to have to dig deep and own the rest of the message.

    I’m no saying this to be arrogant, as though *I* actually get it, because while I’m trying, I still feel like I don’t get it. I’m probably the most fearful person I’ve ever known and this entire election year has been hard on me, but I’m working, truly trying to get it and make my own life good, and to spread that goodness. To understand that it is all up to us. I don’t know HOW, exactly, but I’m trying.

    Again, I’m NOT a psychic, but this feels strange to me, too. So off. No fiber of my being believed it, and I’m not the fan of Hillary that many of you are. She deserved it more and would be an infinitely better leader than Trump, and I had no doubts it would be her position one way or another. I wrote a friend saying that it feels like our timeline crossed another, and our train accidentally skipped tracks at the last second. We entered a wormhole. A vortex. I don’t know. It feels WEIRD.

    And I share your hopes. That BECAUSE he has no interest in actually doing anything for the American people, maybe he won’t be bothered. And, in the grand scale, we’ll be spared his more insane desires. I just don’t know. Mainly I’m saddened by how his supporters are reacting to minorities, LGBT, muslims – the hate crimes being committed right now. I had more faith in my fellow Americans, to be honest. I’m more disappointed in that than anything else.

    Please don’t stop putting yourself out there. You give us a lot of hope, a lot of ideas. This message you’ve been putting out there along with election information needs to sprinkled out to the world constantly. We need to hear it over and over until we get it and make it happen.

  64. mahala2020 says:

    So much hate was put out towards Trump. My “spiritual friends” were posting negative Trump posts like they were shooting machine guns in the battle for their lives. What i felt and was shown that all that NEGATIVE ENERGY directed at him only fueled him and those who thought they were fighting him were actually helping get him elected.

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