The scales have tipped, and what that means

Humans, and American society, are at an evolutionary tipping point. We will either pass this natural transitional test of nature, or we will fail.
It’s refreshingly simple.

Passing means birthing a new balanced manner of achieving consensus for the good of the whole. 

Failing means total and utter collapse of the United States Republic. 

There is no indefinite stopping at this imminent crossroads to ponder life in the rear-view mirror; no trophy for mere participation; no standing ovation for luke-warm performances. Nature is doing what she does best — eliminating outmoded ways of operating — and leaving only the truly functional in place. 

It’s not simply about we, in America. The planet is moving, shifting, changing, and global sharing will be paramount to our survival on the earth. Unless, of course, humanity just can’t keep up, and our strengths in overcoming inconvenience and obstacle have been evolutionarily replaced with apps that order our pizza. 

In which case, it’s time to take our curtain call as a species. Because America, if we can’t get it together — then we can’t.

Moreover, if we are unwilling to get it together, then it’s time we put this wonderful experiment in blending world religions, ideologies, and democracy — to rest.

If we don’t have the strength to uphold the sacred Republic we’ve endeavored to build — if it has evolved as an ideal, yet we have regressed as a species, dummied down in America on generations of boxed starch and corn-syrup, mind-numbing TV programming, endless buy-buy-buy distractions, and an online universe that’s more important for people to cultivate than bonding with their own family — then it’s time to hand the torch of inclusive world leadership to Norway. Or Denmark. Or any number of countries who have learned to value their citizens, their earth, and their potential.

Those vying for ultimate power throughout the world markets, along with American markets, have a much more vested interest in the collapse the the United States from the perspective of controlling commerce, which controls money, which controls the USA. 

If the US capitalist machine collapses, then the poised few can rush in and rebuild markets while creating a government in their own image. Money becomes the official god. They own the money. 

They become god.

We are nearly there.

Laboring under the notion that this exercise in societal evolution within the United States is simply re-living another phase of our nation’s history, or something the country has dealt with in the past — is simply denial, a denial built on years of addictions to what we perceive as convenience. 

We in America have been groomed to be the veal calf in the slaughterhouse, its back leg tendons severed so it can only lay upon the straw, reaching the milk spout to consume, consume, consume.

The calf believes it has a life of pampered convenience, never knowing an existence of free range. 

Wishing to not confront the reality of the tipping point we teeter upon is ushering in our extinction as a culture. 

History is about to repeat itself. The same happened in Rome when government became top-heavy with chess-playing elite as the society partied on resources that didn’t exist. 

Soon the resources ran out, and the Republic fell — all because Rome could not balance its great reach and great wealth for the benefit of all.

But that was a long time ago. Surely we’ve learned something, right?


I have people on my friends list in the spiritual community who have voiced their discomfort with my speaking up on matters that could be classified as political. To them, that is not being spiritual, but “of the world”. 

Some have attempted to shame me into agreeing with their world view. Yet bullies, to me, are afraid. And that draws from me compassion.

I have people on my friends list in the political community who have voiced their discomfort with my speaking up for temperance, compassion and balance in the political environment. To them, that is not being an activist, but “advocating ineffectiveness”. 

Some have attempted to shame me into backing their world view. Yet bullies, to me, are afraid. And that draws from me compassion.

Bullies come in all forms. It is the symptom of a greater fear — a fear that change will erase us.

The fact is — I am not like anyone else. And neither are you. We aren’t supposed to be cookie-cutters of one another, a flock of one-minded automatons. 

Being unified does not mean being a hive-mind. Being unified means being aligned in common destiny. 

We are supposed to be with brilliance who we are, and to learn and grow from that perspective forward.

We are designed to see the world differently. We are designed to come at a problem with 50 different solutions, and from those solutions, take one component from each perspective to make the best solution possible. 

That’s not weakness in compromise. That is strength in resource building. 

A suspension bridge and it’s miles of tiny cabling within the large housing columns are then the strongest bridges on the planet. 

Many components working in single focus bearing different weights then create the strongest outcome. 

That’s not positive thinking. That’s physics.

We are designed to usher in better modalities of doing most everything. Every generation is genetically predisposed to include an upgrade. As such, we pick out certain aspects of imbalance from our own life experience that seem to take precedent over all other elements, and stand up to take action to bring balance to these aspects. 

This is evolution and problem solving in action. 

At times action will be in direct conflict with someone else’s life experience, or what another deems as imbalance. In those moments, it is to our greatest benefit to come together and educate one another on our perceptions, and build a stronger bridge by adding each one of our cables that represents the best strength. 

Democrat, Republican, Far Left, Alt Right — all very generic labels to attempt to categorize the way in which we see the world. Steelers, Broncos, 49ers, Giants — pick a team. 

As a world, as a society, we have outgrown this “Vs” mentality because it is no longer functional in a global environment where literally millions of “teams” exist.

Polarization and “Us against them” serves only the illusion of safety within a larger tribe. Yet it’s only an illusion.

Achieving real change lies in addressing the nuances, the details, of the patient work that’s required when combining all strengths for the greater whole, and releasing non-strengths for the whole without the ego if feeling bested, embarrassed.

The 20th century did a great disservice to society in insisting that we fear “not being right”. That hubris of the old world will kill us as a nation if we don’t abandon its teachings very soon. 

In the USA, we can’t go back in time to the tribal eras. We’ve evolved, and our society simply does not support polarized processing.

Evolution demands that we pay attention to the finer aspects of functionality, as society. Life is a balance of what works best for all. And in this collective “all”, there is growth, peace, and happiness.

The art of consensus has been lost to the chest-banging, ground-slapping territorial ego.

Though we’ve all evolved from apes — you’ll note that we aren’t one. And acting out from our most base primal instincts may help in a survival-threatening pinch, yet is not long-term functional in the society we’ve chosen to build. At its base, we’ve designed a democracy in America based upon the ideal of consensus. Consensus is based upon balance. Not tit-for-tat, not size/weight-per-size/weight — but balance.

Victimizing others is not balance.

Denying others religious beliefs is not balance. 

Withholding resources from the least of us on paper — the economically challenged, the elderly, those with mental issues — simply out of weight-per-weight principle, is not balance.

Withholding rights for some law-abiding citizens, that are granted to other law-abiding citizens, is not balance. 

Demanding others see the world as we see it, and becoming personally incensed to the point of isolationism — is not balance.

Nor is this isolationalsim actual, three dimensional reality in the 21st century. Social media has given us the crippling illusion that we can erase perceptions that are not ours with one block. We are then weakened in our resolve, our own identities, deeply wounded when three dimensional reality confronts us with multiple perceptions on the news, in conversation — in life.

And the calf bleets, reaches for the milk spout.

Nature balances all things. We are not greater than nature. This is the pride that goeth before the empire’s fall.

When friends, family, colleagues, and strangers attempt to shame us into complying with their worldview, it simply means that they themselves are not quite sure of their own perspective. They require group-think numbers to confirm their feelings. 

They do not trust themselves.

Discussions are for those who wish to grow. Debates are for the undecided. 

Learn from others’ perspectives. Yet don’t cave in on your own. Enhance your perspective, even amend it, for the greater good of a situation, or the edification of your own knowledge. Yet giving away your perspective completely nullifies not only your own life lessons, but the lessons you have engaged with others to suss out.

We all hold an important fiber in the suspension of the bridge — the priests, the activists, the racists, the stay-at-home-mom’s. Humanity grows through contrast. Some people choose to exhibit great contrast in how they live their lives to simply hurry along the growth process for the whole, and themselves.

Yet somewhere in the mix, we have forgotten that all of us play a part in learning, in growing — in our own evolution.

Perhaps our individual fiber must be adjusted to fit. Yet the fiber in the bridge does not take personally it’s being resized as it simply distributes the weight.

It’s identity dies not depend upon size. 

We must learn. Adapt. Grow. Admit when we are mistaken, or perhaps we simply didn’t have all the facts, even if we thought we did.

Let us re-introduce into our society the utter intoxicating brilliance of honesty, the strength to be wrong, the humility to learn, the patience involved in holding steady and standing up for what is right for the many, and the respect that is given to the wisdom of temperance.

We have literally decided that stupid is sexy, wealthy is wise, and a bully is strong.

It’s time we bring back Dignity as a hot piece of cultural currency, America.

Or not. If we don’t– we’re done. 

It’s very simple. 

This is the grand design. Each one of us holds a tiny piece of perspective and passion, that when combined with dignity then allows evolution to occur, gently.

That is the nature — of nature. We must acknowledge our role in what we have woven and choose new fibers differently from this point forward.

Otherwise, we go quietly into this good night. Evolution speaks loudly and clearly on this issue.

The choice is ours, yet we must decide. We must. That decision is not an inconvenience. This is our role, those of us upon this earth at this time in history. 

This is the time frame of The Great Healing. We must decide if we are the infection which must be purged, or the flesh which must be nurtured. 

We cannot be both.

About danielleegnew

Named "Psychic of the Year" by UFO's and Supernatural Magazine, Danielle Egnew is an internationally-known Psychic, Medium and Angelic Channel whose work has been featured on national TV (NBC, ABC, TNT, USA) as well as in the Washington Post and Huffington Post. She has provided content consultant services for the CW's hit series "Supernatural" and the blockbuster film "Man of Steel". Danielle is also an author, teacher, and TV / radio host in the field of metaphysics. She anchors her private practice in the Big Sky Country of Montana, residing with her wife and their daughter.
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8 Responses to The scales have tipped, and what that means

  1. Naomi Santoro says:


  2. Beth says:

    thank you, thank you for addressing this political, societal nightmare. I do agree that we have, as a country, participated in creating what we have. You offer what is needed at this time, the truth through your spiritual perspective.

  3. Annie Walden in New Zealand says:

    I LOVE your perspective Danielle in ALL of your recent postings/ updates -quite simply we do need politics world affairs spoken of like you speak of these subjects.I have always been a ‘big picture’ person – looking at and observing all around me in my own arena and that of the wider world!. Exclusivity is also perhaps obsolte?! Much gratitude to you! Much Love Annie Walden in NZ

  4. GAF says:

    Thanks for talking about the 3D mundane world. Never been a better time to talk about it.

    For years I’ve attempted to pry lightworkers’ eyes away from their daily dose of global cabal plans and schemes but they so love to keep their focus there… and hence their creative energies. But now that things are actually moving big time for the collective it’s a great time to be watching the show and shining one’s light.

    And yet after all this time many lightworkers still do things like support global cabal candidates. Like all that focus on 3D and they still can’t figure out who’s who, can’t read energy worth a darn. Are those who are grumbling at you for “talking politics”, are they still participating in voting? If so, there’s an inner conflict they have.

    Another thing that many lightworkers don’t get is the whole SERVICE WORK thing. They think they are to get themselves ascension-ready and just turn away from everyone who is still caught up in the 3D Earth paradigm. Teamwork? What’s that?! lol

    And… a season for every purpose under Heaven. Sometimes one has to hold a different / higher space / frequency / light and get away from the mundane. Other times, you go back “into Hell”, if you will, and help others find their way out. Too many lightworkers so timid about SHINING THEIR LIGHT. Why do they think they came here? If not them then who, if not now then when?

    Many lightworkers, regardless of where they are energically concerning their own Inner Work, are still clueless to both the mundane world and this entire ascension process.

    I always encourage everyone to Speak Their Truth… even if their current truth isn’t “The” Truth. By sharing their perspective, they encourage others to do the same, then both are offered more opportunities to learn and grow. Other offers a test, if you will. Will you stick to your truth even in the face of opposition OR does Other have something to expand your horizons? Either way all is well. Dive in. Be you.

    Keep talking about what you do. Many lightworkers still have much Truth of the world to wake up to. And facing the Truth – the good, the bad, the ugly – is a big part of one’s own evolution. Truth is Divine… no matter what guise it comes in. One day those same folks will probably be thanking you, ya know, for being you. Go figure.

  5. Robin Lynn says:

    “We will go into the future as a single sacred community, or we will all perish in the desert.”
    – Thomas Berry

  6. Sara says:

    My question is – what on earth do we DO? I know we must all do our own work individually – nobody can do that for us. But, collectively, as a country, how do we have any say in our government at this stage? They’ve gone rogue, and it certainly is not just Trump, not by a long shot. As far as I can tell, he’s epitome of what our entire government had already long become. Were it not already badly ill, this little infection would not have taken root. In small-scale situations, perhaps we have been able to stand up and redirect, but are even capable of doing this on a grand scale? And if so, how do we truly being this awareness? If enough individuals truly reach the stage of awareness, will it have impact on the direction of our country in time?

    If I’m being perfectly honest, though – can Denmark or Norway or Sweden PLEASE conquer us? Pretty Please!?

  7. Susan Tredway says:

    Dear Danielle, I am very glad you address politics. It’s what many people are thinking about, worried about. You are a spiritual teacher and have every right to bring up issues we are all experiencing. Although politics aren’t “spiritual” per se, politics is our joint lesson at this time, not just in America but everywhere on the planet. Thanks for your clarity. Susan

    Sent from my iPad


  8. serenayogina says:

    How beautifully, how effectively in Truth you write! But my feeling is that the U.S. has gone through its cycle of success and caused its own demise. We, I believe, may be relinquishing the baton of world leadership to some other power, to learn from, to step out of the limelight, and search our collective country’s soul in a period of quiet introspection. If life does play out that way, it might not be a bad thing. Those on the spiritual path will lift the light of Truth higher and higher under the canopy of Cosmic Karmic protection. Rather like the Bodhisattva, waiting, patiently, holding the energy for a while longer… Love, Light and Looking ahead, Michelle Star

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