Three steps to heal Las Vegas and the world


It struck a chord of horror in the hearts of America that such a tragedy would occur, having over 50 people reported killed and hundreds more wounded in a Las Vegas mass shooting.

In times such as these, when one person’s overwhelming pain becomes the fulcrum for so much destruction across so many lives, it fully brings to our attention the intensity of pain felt on this planet.

When I talk about “leading with love”, I speak on a principle that is quite weighted in its application. It’s not just about giving people hugs and being kind day to day, which of course both are always recommended. Leading with Love is a state of BEING. It’s a state of centering the soul to recognize that no matter the grotesque display of rage, pain, and anger that is splattered across our headlines, our innate need to love, and be loved as human beings, is the bottom-line factor that allows every person to come together.

There are measurable spiritual physics and weight within both the energies of love and the energies of fear. These energies aren’t hoopla or woo-woo theology. There are actual vibrations that are capable of being scientifically measured to show the effects of anger, hatred, neutrality, and love. In one particular case, we see these effects played out in water. Dr. Masaru Emoto demonstrated these spiritual physics principles brilliantly, and the cliff notes from his works may be viewed here on YouTube:

Our CONSCIOUSNESS is a work in progress. It’s neither “higher” nor “lower”, yet simply a series of choices on what we choose to be conscious of, every day. It would be more accurate to term this practice as “Awareness-ness”, as what we choose to be aware of, then becomes our focus. What becomes our focus becomes our lens, which becomes our life. This happens with areas of focus that are both positive, or what we would consider negative. What we resists persists, as the energy and action of “resisting” then places energy toward that which we are attempting to repel — turning the resistance energy into fuel for the lesson.

Consciousness is not a ranking system, nor something we are struck over the head with in a moment of grand enlightenment, though we may have those moments of clarity in our walk.

Consciousness, by definition, is being conscious when presented with a series of choices.

People don’t like to hear this.

I often receive pain-fueled blow-back from people who struggle with this modality when I teach on the principles of “Awareness-ness”, as people have bought into a metaphysical ranking system that states that people of “higher” consciousness are “better” than people of a “lower” consciousness. When in fact, that is simply an erroneous assumption, on many fronts.

Consciousness is simply an exercise in where we place our focus. If we choose to place our focus in fear, we are experiencing fear consciousness. We learn from this perspective, and hopefully move on. Yet for some, their soul path is to continue to work with this energy of fear, as a teacher.

As example, if I decide that a person’s walk with fear is “lower consciousness”, and I interlope with that motivation, THAT very act of judgement is in and of itself – fear consciousness (or “lower” by my own supposed definition) as I am “afraid” that the person in question “needs” my help, as my consciousness must be “more evolved” than theirs.

This action, though generally well-intentioned, is the most acute form of proselityzing in the metaphysical community today. We forget that what works for one of us, may not work for another. And though many in the metaphysical or progressive communities proclaim open-mindedness, the biological and societal need to form a tribe around shared modalities is strong. At times, those shared modalities can then become somewhat of a totalitarian states of being, if not placed into balance.

In other words – in our “higher consciousness”, we may forget that another individual’s lesson IS their walk with the illusions of fear. And though we can reach out a “helping hand” from our perspective, our help may not be what is required in the situation.

Surely, humans are wired to attempt to help one another. Yet if people are truly resistant to receiving a lesson of love over a lesson of fear – there’s a reason. So continue to love that person from a place of respecting their need to wrestle with the fear, and hold your own space of love while continuing onward.

There is a place for the warrior tribes, and a place for the healing tribes. If we truly subscribe to the belief that this system of life is in all balance, and that our choices are a reflection of lessons we are learning, then one side “damning another” for their perspective is of great folly. Warriors claiming that healers are ineffective is a reflection of fear within the warrior that their own modality may not be what is needed. Healers claiming that warriors are part of an old consciousness is a reflection of fear within the healer that their own modality may not be what is needed.

When we feel the need to polarize against another’s modality, we are actually deeply evaluating our own deepest crevices where we have stored our own pain.

In fact, it’s an old throwback to spreading Christianity, this need to “convert” everyone to our lens, to our experience, to our way of thinking. There is a difference between simply sharing our realizations, and judging others who do not take on our life path as a path for themselves.

I’ve observed that humanity is in a time of attempting to exercise the balance between working with each one of our own walks in consciousness, and attempting to understand modalities that are far-reaching; the racist does not understand the love of the African American people; the metaphysical person does not understand the zeal of the Evangelical Christian; the far-fringe Muslim does not understand the lens of the western world; we appear to be wrestling with our pre-conceived ideas of polarization, of generalization, in recognizing that this world, indeed –

— is exactly what we create it to be, a co-created dream where we are all the authors.

We are our own worst terror. We are the Devil, hiding in the night. We are the work of the Holy Spirit, coming through our hands. We are our own miracles. We are the vessels for this great opportunity to grow. This is the way of an interconnected consciousness, of an interconnected universe.

Yet that’s a bit much to bite off and swallow, if you’re coming from the perspective of a nearly-emotionally-and-spiritually-lobotomized American (and western) culture. This culture, especially that of consumerism, has taught us that we are not enough, and what we truly need to be whole exists outside of us, for only five payments of $39.99.

Television “programming”, which is exactly that, has programmed the Baby Boomer generation on down to need, need, need. To strive, strive, strive, for the endless bottomless pit of “stuff” that means nothing at the end of a life cycle, except to have bookmarked that we have championed emotional lessons in the Illusions of Separation from Source (God), or – lessons in “lack”.

And here’s a bit of mind-boggling awareness for you that was brought to my attention by the Angelic realm, with whom I am frequently interacting – this championing of “lack” is worth just as much, in the spiritual learning bank, as championing “love”. Once we leave this lifetime and can reflect on our life path, we recognize that one lesson is not “better” than the other.

This idea of moral hierarchy that humanity has imposed upon our lessons is a construct of the human need to “be special”, which really is an issue of being seen for who we are, instead of feeling invisible. Morality is a human score-keeper. Honestly, the Collective Universe could care less how we choose to learn, or what we’re learning. That’s our choice.

This choice means choosing to be conscious of where we are at, as well as where everyone else is at, in our and their own growth. We will not always agree. And certain actions we take may horrify others, as much as their actions may horrify us.

Pay attention to your horror. It is your teacher.

For example, what do you wish to be able to heal in yourself, that is brought to the surface by what you’ve witnessed? If a shooting has brought up fear and sadness over the potential loss of family, how may you love on your family more thoroughly, every day? If another lens views same-sex marriage as a means of fear and sadness for a loss of a way of life that seems traditional, that person would be well-suited to look into their own marriage and make sure that they are giving it every ounce of attention necessary as not to lose what is dear to them.

There are the healing tribes, and the warrior tribes, and all are necessary to move our species to the next phase of our human evolution. Yet judging one person’s walk over another – or judging a person’s “consciousness” – often times means that we may want to take a look at our own, and decide which areas we are still working on.

Remember – there IS no “grade” for this process. We all get an “A” for being here, for being present, which defies the Patriarchal need to “best” another in order to earn importance or worth. In an old- world template that determines worth by how much money you spend (how many academic letters are after your name, how much money you earn, how many books you have published, the car your drive, the size of your home or 401k), this concept of “enough” by simply being here is a mind-bender for many; that simply the act of BEING born – of choosing consciousness — is in fact, a triumph of love in this incarnation.

If that previous paragraph in any way causes you discomfort, anger, or a feeling of being incensed, I would offer you the opportunity to utilize those feelings as your teacher: For instance, have you sacrificed internal happiness to achieve the “successes” in your life, and if so, are you able to forgive yourself and / or  embrace those choices, as clearly, the successes were a valued part of your learning path in which you invested greatly? Or, perhaps you feel that others had it easy while you had it hard, and you consider your ability to persevere to be a sign of strength, so hearing that “simply being here” takes away from that which you perceive to be your greatest value. If so, are you willing to embrace the potential that other people’s walk has nothing to do with your strength, beauty, and character, for comparison is an illusion of the ego?

Every emotion is our teacher.

So how do we realistically and energetically assist, in a situation like Las Vegas, or any other major tragedy in the world, when most of our hearts are breaking? Because really, in the midst of all of this learning, we FEEL very deeply, and in those feelings, we translate great emotional, chemical, and spiritual lessons.

I’ll pass on a list that you might find helpful in your CONSCIOUSness exercises – again, paying attention to what you are CONSCIOUSLY ingesting:

1. We are all a grain of sand in the million-ton weight of love

Life is like an old-fashioned balance scale. On one plate is filled with a brick of gold that everyone is convinced is worth everything, due to its weight. As a western consumerism society programmed to believe that the WEIGHT of our value is in those external items which we can never fully attain – great wealth, for instance — this gold brick represents that which we feel we can never balance out, in our life.

We step into the other scale tray, to attempt to balance this expectation in our life, and because we have convinced ourselves that our value is far less than that of the gold, our weight is that of a grain of sand. The scale does not move. We are convinced that our weight is not enough, and we sit paralyzed by the appearance of never being able to bring balance to our life.

Yet this is an illusion in how we choose to train our “Awareness-ness”, as the scale does not pass judgement on the value of the contents in either dish. We may not be able to command our “Arareness-ness” to be more conscious of the fact that we ARE the value of the gold, in that moment, as we’ve had several generations of social and spiritual programming to the contrary. However, when we give away the need to “do it ourselves”, to put to rest the Hierophant’s staff of ego, and we invite others into our tray, the scale begins to right itself; millions of grains of sand balance the weight of that which was once viewed as immovable.

The moral of the analogy here is that we are NEVER alone, and through our co-creation of purpose, we can change the weight of a culture’s energy simply by stepping together in unified vision toward a collective goal. In this case, to balance the scale. It takes many of us to move the gold brick, yet we’ve forgotten that the gold brick was CREATED by many of us at once.

Action to take:

In terms of world tragedies such as Las Vegas, if we all take a moment to send a Spirit Shot into our day to effectively change the energies of the world – hug someone, smile at service people, call a friend, allow someone else to go before you in an elevator, acknowledge with KINDNESS those around you —  then energetically, that seemingly “tiny” act of kindness becomes one grain in the million-ton weight of love, and the scale shifts to center. When the scale shifts, people “feel” kinder inside and share a sense of peace, often for “no reason”, though the reason is very purposeful.

Each action you take has a profound affect. We’ve been taught that small actions don’t matter.

The scale would disagree.

2. We are all Bluetoothed in the consciousness of evolution

The reason that the sand analogy actually works in real life is the same reason that the water molecules in Dr. Masaru Emoto’s experiments reacted – we are all connected through energy fields.

The brain is an electromagnetic organ and the body is roughly 65% salt water, one of the most effective semi-conductors for electricity. Our bodies are designed to share an energy field. As we pour bits of our sand into the half-full glass, the mass of the love attached to the sand raises the glass from empty to full, and the energy of these actions are then shared by the planet.

Again, this is a scientific application, not metaphysical hoopla. If you truly wish to education yourself on how the human brain “clocks” and “synchronizes” with others, via energy fields, there is much data available from our military to our psychological fields on this topic.

As we share the energy of support and love, this lessens the energy of the  “mystery stress” shared by all of us in the etheric field as our brains receive energy that inspires panic chemicals to be created.

Our grain of sand becomes the gold brick, when combines with others.

Action to take:

Today, take three minutes and envision the world being full of nothing but ease and peace. FEEL this, in your very being. Allow the feeling to be real, as literally, in that moment – it IS real, as our mind is incapable of distinguishing our own imagination from “factual” information, as the brain simply processes what it is given to process.

To the brain, an imagined world of peace is just as real as an actual world of peace. And the brain will send out electromagnetic signals of peace, contentment, and harmony, in response to this reality. The reciprocal effect for others is to pick up on this “transmission” of peace, and to continue to broadcast it, though we may not be conscious of this broadcast, as our “Awareness-ness” is elsewhere.

Once the FEELING of this peace permeates your being, just SIT within, and radiate it, like a pulsating beacon. This action is ENOUGH. Your grain of sand suddenly becomes a gold brick as this energy signature finds millions of others just like it, out in the ethers. Once combined, this energy “changes the dial” from the frequency of fear to that of peace.

It is palpable.

3. My hands are your hands

Humans are designed to work as a bio-unit. Energetically, we Bluetooth together for the most effective collective outcome. This Bluetooth affect is also transferred to actions that each one of us then takes upon ourselves.

Each hand has five fingers – and each finger represents the people of the world – black, white, red, yellow, brown. The palm represents the planet, the world that supports us, in which we live. As I use my hands to help another – perhaps raise a barn, or watch a friend’s children, or help clean an elderly person’s gutter – my hands become that of service. As my hands become that of service, I help the world as everything I place into the world through my interconnected and Bluetoothed hands then has it’s mirrored effect in the shared energy field.

Action to take:

Spend up to an hour a week physically DOING something in the world that does not directly affect you. or further your own life, in any direct way. Give of your time and your talents. Feed the flow of energy around you with loving action. As your hands become tools of a bigger purpose than simply serving the self, your hands become my hands, as I do the same.

As sands that create a million pound weight, we become a Giant, moving mountains in the world, all for kindness and all for sharing.

This action directly recycles the more brittle energies of avarice, fear, anger, jealousy, and many other “I”-focused “Awareness-ness” into then pliable “we” energies such as growth and healing.

The old world, built upon hubris and the lesson to control others in order to be gifted with value, has great trouble with enacting these simple steps in which to begin to alter the energetic field in which we all globally reside. The old world wishes to poo-poo such basic spiritual physics in lieu of far more labor-intensive principles, such as politics and big business. Each of those modalities has its purpose. Yet by enacting these very basic principles in spiritual physics, while others enact the more labor-intensive principles – perhaps both at one time – we experience the greatest change in our world possible –

— that of co-creation and co-responsibility for the lessons we are teaching, as well as learning.


We are inter-connected as a species. It’s not a choice, yet a fact. We are the body of life, all of us; those with whom we agree and disagree; those who strike horror in our souls, as we mirror back horror in their souls. One person’s savior is another person’s rogue.

The new world beckons us to a place of ease, of shared creation, for the world of the conquering energies, driven by dominion through the illusion of lack — has passed away.

Welcome the age of connection.

For some, this is age terrifying, as people everywhere can feel these deep energetic connective shifts, and perhaps some are not ready to have a universe full of others in their sphere. For with feeling others comes the Bluetoothed emotions driven by the illusions of shame, fear, anger, humiliation, and disgrace. Yet our power to utilize this connection for something far greater than our own desires then lessens any inconvenience — or opportunity for growth, depending on your own lens — that we may pick up from the emotions of others.

As we continue to flood the world with love, one grain of sand at a time, our global scales right themselves to a place of balance, rather than polarizing righteousness or fear. This is the challenge for all of us: to give away the idea that our “little bit” we are able to do, means nothing.

In fact, your little bit means everything, once combined with the millions and billions of other little bits — just exactly like you.

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Named "Psychic of the Year" by UFO's and Supernatural Magazine, Danielle Egnew is an internationally-known Psychic, Medium and Angelic Channel whose work has been featured on national TV (NBC, ABC, TNT, USA) as well as in the Washington Post and Huffington Post. She has provided content consultant services for the CW's hit series "Supernatural" and the blockbuster film "Man of Steel". Danielle is also an author, teacher, and TV / radio host in the field of metaphysics. She anchors her private practice in the Big Sky Country of Montana, residing with her wife and their daughter.
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12 Responses to Three steps to heal Las Vegas and the world

  1. Naomi Santoro says:

    Excellent, thoughtful and thought-provoking piece. Thank you.

  2. Lily says:

    Thank you Danielle for this deep well of wisdom. Overcoming judgement is a tall order in this day and age but I believe it’s possible. ❤️

  3. Nathan Fleischman says:

    I was wondering what you thought about Tim Murphy not seeking re-election over a hypcrisy regarding abortion.

  4. Nathan Fleischman says:

    Trump’s reaction to the incident has been awful. What do you predict will happen to him because of that?

  5. Jessica says:

    I have been appreciating you and following your blog for a while. This post stood out. Thank you.

  6. Tracey Barry says:

    Thank you for sharing this, Danielle. It helps us see the bigger picture. And that every act of kindness matters. ❤️

  7. Kara says:

    Thank you, Danielle. ❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️

  8. Theresa says:

    Beautifully written and the world could use this blessing to heal.

  9. Janet Barrett says:

    Another great piece or should i say peace? It is both.
    Janet Barrett
    Co host Conscious Conversations with Joan and Janet
    CTR Network

  10. C.J. Robison says:

    Thank you for this offering very helpful.

  11. Gail Altschwager says:

    Thank you, Danielle! Much love!

  12. Ricardo Cisneros says:

    Nice ! Thank you blessings.

    On Oct 2, 2017 7:02 PM, “From Psychic / Medium Danielle Egnew” wrote:

    > danielleegnew posted: ” It struck a chord of horror in the hearts of > America that such a tragedy would occur, having over 50 people reported > killed and hundreds more wounded in a Las Vegas mass shooting. In times > such as these, when one person’s overwhelming pain becomes the ” >

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