Feeling depressed, hopeless, and anxious: It’s literally in the air

I’ve been noting the unusual amount of emissions, electromagnetically and otherwise, in the air lately. And I’ve been fascinated by the fact that many of those energetic emissions actually augment brainwaves and cellular stimulation in one way or the other.

This can be a really interesting hayride for the brain, as I’ve been noted unusual mood swings in people, spikes in strange types of violence, unending blankets of depression – all indicative that our neural net is being tweaked in one way or another. This is a big fat bummer for most of us, who have enough on our plate just trying to figure out the new Verizon bill.

In an effort to attempt to provide some information on this subject, I’ve sat with these “ethereal emissions” to decipher what in the dickens is messing with everybody’s heads. And the results are an 8 out of 10 on the Orwellian Disturbing Scale.

It’s true that we’ve had a spike in geomagnetic storms over the past several weeks. That will definitely affect our brain, due to the way that our magnetosphere reacts to our ionosphere once those Coronal Mass Ejections (Solar Flares) hit the atmosphere. That ionosphere lights up and sends a lot of electromagnetic “static” toward the earth. The brain is an electromagnetic organ, and since it is sensitive to energies, we can feel mood swings or mentally highly energized from these spikes in EM.

Yet there are also some little buggers out here in the ethers that I’d like to draw attention to – and these are man-made. It is this section of our program that gives me the heebie-jeebies. I’m unnerved by this information because when I find a great deal of this type of “broadcast noise” in the atmosphere, that means that someone is broadcasting it, on purpose. And with as much information as our tech establishments already have on brainwave affectation and manipulation, it’s very difficult for me to rationalize that it is simply an “accidental” broadcast emission.

Let me get to what I’ve energetically found, floating about our heads in the big blue above:

1. 6 Hz frequency

I’ve pulled quite a bit of 6 Hz from the atmosphere as of late, and worse, from the ground. That’s the wavelength that can cause depression. Massive exposure to 6 Hz can also be linked with autism in developing children.

Now, what is 6 Hz and why does this matter? The brain is optimized at a wavelength vibration of 7.83 Hertz, or, The Schumann Resonance. That’s the sweet spot where the brain makes all it’s happy chemicals and operates at peak efficiency, including manufacturing the chemicals that allow our bodies to heal faster.

6 Hz is the frequency on which VLF arrays broadcast. These are Very Low Frequency broadcast systems that actually pump 6 Hz frequencies through the lower atmosphere and ground, as by broadcast standards, it’s a slower wavelength. In that 6 Hz lies coded information sent between military bases. It’s harder to snag information from a 6 Hz signal, because it’s so low, and it’s so slow, and one needs to have another multi-million-dollar transmission device in order to “hear” through this frequency range.

The arrays that broadcast VLF signals are usually about a mile wide, comprising of many towers and cabling. VLF waves can permeate saltwater down to 131 feet, so they’re often shot into the ocean to chat with submarines.  Or, you need to be a whale to hear them. Since most of us aren’t whales, the military is fairly safe to include encoded messages in 6 Hz and blast it through the ocean, air, and ground.

In addition to the depression affects, the pulsation of a 6 Hz wave is big and deep, and really, splatters as a vibration at nearly 200 miles across into the earth. It’s a big boom,  not simply a broadcast frequency flying above the heads of everyone. The human brain is made to “clock on” to pulsations of the earth, so that it knows where the sweet spots are to manufacture healthy chemicals, so it looks for that 7.83 Schumann resonance, or heartbeat of the earth.

Many claim that the Schumann Resonance has been shifting upward to reflect a “raising” in consciousness, yet that’s not true. Our consciousness is attached to one another between 7 Hz and 8 Hz. That’s the sweet spot. The Schumann Resonance fluctuates a little depending on where you measure it on the globe, and there are six rotating resonances. Yet it always levels out at 7.83 Hz.

Though our consciousness is raising, it’s not affecting the planet’s heartbeat.

When our brain is cut off from that 7.83 Hz heartbeat and then finds a dominant 6 Hz frequency being blast through the ground from military installment to military installment, the human brain “dials down” to that frequency, and those happy chemicals start coming to a halt.

And that’s not all that comes to a halt. So does the actual mental (or “telepathic”) connection between all human minds. That feeling of “connectedness” with one another, which actually physically occurs between 7 Hz and 8 Hz in the brainwaves, then diminishes, thus, adding also to the feeling of “being alone” in depression.

Quite literally, the human Bluetooth is snuffed out at 6 Hz. That feeling of disconnection feels really alien to humans, as we are a deeply empathic species. Therefore, being separated form one another through a 6 Hz blast is a demoralizing feeling.

I live I Billings, Montana, which is smack in the middle of a VLF array between Wyoming’s Francis E. Warren Air Force Base, one of three strategic missile bases in the USA – and one of the other three strategic missile bases, Malmstrom Airforce base, located in Great Falls. Montana. Both of these bases house America’s Minuteman III missiles. (The third location is Minot Air Force base in North Dakota, just in case you were morbidly curious.)

What does the American Government do with the fantastic, rugged, wild vistas of America’s Old West? With the expansive mountains, bison roaming, and cinematic rolling plains? They do what anyone else does who has a bunch of nuclear missiles they need to plant: Drill holes in the ground and use it as a missile silo parking lot.

Since there are only about 1 million people in the entire state of Montana, and only about 585,500 in Wyoming, we’ve geographically drawn the short straw for collateral damage.

I suppose I shouldn’t complain, as at one time, over 1000 of these nuclear hair-trigger buckos used to be planted in the great plains, and now we’re only down to about 399, thanks to cold war treaties. Yet considering each missile can carry up to three nuclear warheads, we’re really packing 1000 explosions.

Yet I digress.

In Billings, Montana, I’m sitting on a 6 Hz highway. In peace time, this really isn’t a big deal, because the natural ley lines and vortex points and limestone canyons surrounding of the valley in which I live actually defer a great amount of the 6 Hz array, and it’s a very healing place. However, with a President in the White House whose every impulsive tweet could be a call to war, those 6 Hz arrays have been extremely busy.

Which means that all the military bases in America are busy.

An no. I do not see us going to war with North Korea. Russia, however, is overplaying its hand, so I’m keeping a watchful eye on our northernmost superpower. I’m guessing that the military is doing the same thing. Which his why the 6 Hz arrays are lighting up.

If you’ve been feeling overly depressed for no particular reason, outside of the world seeming like it’s been going crazy thanks to absolute manipulation of the news algorithms that deliver echo-chamber-style content to your hand-held devices (yet that’s another blog) — check your proximity to a military installment. Chances are that you may be picking up some VLF chatter on the 6 Hz range and feeling lousy.

2. Electrosmog is at an all-time high

What in the dickens is electrosmog, you may be asking yourself? It’s exactly what it sounds like – electromagnetic radiation discharge or RF discharge, that hangs in the ethersphere when we are surrounded constantly by electronic devices.

You know – invisible energy smog. From electronics.

Our bodies communicate first through a bio-electric language, then through a bio-chemical language. Prolonged exposure to these persistent and constant EMF signals coming off of our handheld devices, our computers, our pads and smart TV’s, actually cue our cells to shut down.

In an oversaturated EMF or RF environment, the little radio towers within cell membranes called “protein vibratory receptors” will begin to resonate with the electromagnetic signals, just like a tuning fork. Once they start to vibrate, the cell is cued to figure out if the signal is coming from a hostile invader, or if the signal is a legitimate biological communication. Once the cell figures out the signal is a man-made trojan horse that’s trying to vibrating its way on in, the cell goes into what’s called a “sympathetic lock” in order to protect itself from further invasion.

Once in sympathetic lock, the cell can no longer absorb nutrition and release toxins. It’s quite literally in full lock-down.

Not only is that an eerie thought, having our cells completely locked down like an episode of Orange Is The New Black, yet the lock-down triggers a domino effect of other negative events that can manifest in the form of many diseases and disease symptoms, especially those conditions that feature compromised immune systems.

Just look at the spike in autoimmune disorders and cancer in the USA, a country heavily flooded with Wifi hotspots and a WiFi smart TV in nearly every room. Though autoimmune issues are also closely linked with nutrition (glutens, sugars) and dehydration, one cannot ignore the EMF ramifications.

Western medicine has well established that exposure to higher than average EMF fields will then induce a stress response in the brain and the body. If the EMF exposure is prolonged, the body’s stress reaction then becomes worn out, and the body’s natural immune system drops. When our immune system is compromised, we are more susceptible to illness such as cancer, autoimmune and other infectious diseases.

Here’s the kicker:

The body goes into a repair mode at night when we sleep, and the cells are especially sensitive to this cellular lockdown if they’re triggered while we’re sleeping. When we sleep, the body routinely purges the cells and internal organs of toxins. Yet most people sleep within two feet of their cell phone, their digital alarm clock, a plugged-in lamp by the bed, the WiFi on throughout the house.

If the cells are in sympathetic lock down after being triggered by all this EMF and RF, we wake up with the same toxins that we went to bed with and the body can’t purify itself. You’ll feel extra tired and almost hung over. The usual answer to this is “more coffee”. Yet that compounds the problem by stressing out the adrenals.

With the 90% of American homes containing three or more cell phones along with corresponding electronic gadgets, such as computers, smart TV’s, and tablets, the amount of electrosmog in an average home is astounding. Couple that with the boom in the cryptocurrency market such as Bitcoin, which has been cited as putting off huge amounts of EMF as the 24 / 7 computation of the digital currency runs computers day and night. One Bitcoin transaction in a day can use up in the server as much energy as one entire household would use in a week. Considering there are generally 300,000 Bitcoin transactions in a day – that’s a lot of energy — and electrosmog.

So how do we feel better?

How can our bodies combat this multi-billion dollar VLF array? How can we clear out the electrosmog from our homes?

To combat the 6 Hz issue, listening to the 7.83 Hz Schumann Resonance through earbuds will help the brain re-clock to a more healthy wavelength. You can find the Schumann Resonance all over YouTube, for free.

Also, wearing shungite, a stone that assist in balancing the body’s electromagnetic currents, is a HUGE boost to assist in both the 6 Hz and the electrosmog issue. Wearing shungite at a choker length will be of great assistance to the brain and the cells.

Found only in a 5592 square mile deposit in Russian Karelia, shungite is a natural antioxidant containing fullerenes, a compound which absorbs nasty chemicals, negative energies, and electromagnetic frequency radiation. It also helps neutralize EMF from home appliances, cell phones, and WiFi hot spots. Considering most people are glued to their hand-held devices, which output steady amounts of EMF – this is a plus. Shungite diminishes this harmful EMF smog without disturbing the devices, as other ferromagnetic materials can, such as hematite.

The coolest thing about shungite is its neutrality. It doesn’t take on a charge when it’s exposed to EMF, chaotic frequencies, or even the vast energetic output of human emotions. It balances both chi fields of the body, the left and right. If you wear other prescriptive stones, shungite helps boost the effectiveness of those as well.

It’s a heavy energy lifter and can range in appearance from black to an almost metallic grey/gold tone.

To combat the electrosmog issue in the home, turn off broadcasting WiFi routers at night when they’re not in use. Don’t sleep with a cell phone, digital clock with a digital display, or any digital computers, pads, or digital reading devices within 6 feet of the bed. If you like to read, do your best to have battery powered reading lamps next to the bed. It is best not to have an electric lamp, or something conducting electromagnetic energy up a cable even if turned off, right next to your bedside. EMF travels up electrical cables even when a device is not turned on.

RF signals, or broadcast signals, also produce a lot of electriosmog. Cordless telephones, baby monitors, and wireless speakers are also found in bedrooms, and these RF broadcasting devices saturate the environment. Cordless phone bases are often the most harmful as they broadcast RF signals 24 hours a day.

Since RF signals can travel through walls and floors, RF blocking materials can be fashionably draped over the bed in a canopy to block other transmission if you live in a high RF traffic area of town.


All in all, returning to nature as much as possible, without the electronic tag of a cell phone in our back pocket at all times, is very healing for the body and the brain. Limiting our electronics use, hard-wiring as many of our internet devices as possible and placing Himalayan Salt Lamps in areas where WiFi is necessary, while re-setting the mind with the Schumann resonance at least twice a week is a great start.

If you really want to go old-school analog, grab yourself a turn table and get some Schumann Resonance music on vinyl. Not only will your body appreciate feeling the 7.83 Hz signals actually moving through the air from the projection of a stereo speaker or sound bar – yet your plants and pets will love it, too.

We are analog beings.

We are analog beings attempting to keep up with a digital world.

We are not successful in that regard.

The brain suffers and the body suffers. We lose sleep, we lose libido, we lose focus.

We lose happy chemicals in the brain, we lose connection – real connection – with others, as VLF arrays blot out our 7.83 Hz telepathic hook-up to mother earth and one another.

We lose our blue-toothed sense of being part of something much larger than ourselves.

We lose our ability to regenerate our cells, to detoxify ourselves, and we gain, gain, gain  disease, anxiety, depression, and toxins.

We are analog beings. We must slow down. We must accept that our flesh needs a break. Then we must take those breaks. We must protect our flesh from the 24 / 7 onslaught of EMF and RF and VLF. Because the Consumerism Oligarchs see great financial gain in all of these modalities, and they will only grow.

That is, until the sun burps a large enough Coronal Mass Ejection at the earth to fry our electronics systems. And that is coming. That’s not a psychic prediction as much as it’s a cyclical solar observation. That, and nature seeks to balance itself on a regular basis. We are currently dramatically out of balance.

I challenge you to turn off this digital device you’re reading on, right now, and go take a walk outside. And I double-dog-dare you to leave your cell phone at home for that 20-minute walk. (Worried about safety? Remember those analog cans of pepper spray?)

You can do it.

Sweet dreams.

About danielleegnew

Named "Psychic of the Year" by UFO's and Supernatural Magazine, Danielle Egnew is an internationally-known Psychic, Medium and Angelic Channel whose work has been featured on national TV (NBC, ABC, TNT, USA) as well as in the Washington Post and Huffington Post. She has provided content consultant services for the CW's hit series "Supernatural" and the blockbuster film "Man of Steel". Danielle is also an author, teacher, and TV / radio host in the field of metaphysics. She anchors her private practice in the Big Sky Country of Montana, residing with her wife and their daughter.
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16 Responses to Feeling depressed, hopeless, and anxious: It’s literally in the air

  1. shar6125202 says:

    You rock girl!!!! I have lived in Billings 10 years. I suffer from depression more severely here than when I lived in Whitefish. I never thought about the military bases, and all the transmissions they send. This explains to me why I have difficulty shaking off my depression. Now I know why I’ve felt a pull to go back from where I came. This pull has been especially strong for about 6 months. Wow. You are amazing. Thank you for being you. Love and blessings.

  2. Jason Post says:

    Thank you my friend. I really needed this read. It explained a lot to my emotional roller coaster as of late.
    You are always a ray of sunshine in my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Much love

  3. Leilah says:

    Thank you Danielle. This is disturbing information, but it explains a lot. I know that when I connect with my infinite being – the vastness of being – I feel better – more expansive and invincible! – Leilah

  4. teresa donaldson says:

    I have changed my email, but would like to continue to receive your emails. Please add my new email address to your list. thanks. tdonalds2014@gmail.com 


  5. Retired Techie says:

    I’ve been listening to Schumann on YT for the last year or so, a couple of times a week.
    My big concern right now is the upcoming 5G–it can make all the others look like small potatoes in comparison.

  6. Penny Herring says:


  7. Amy says:

    Wow. Fascinating and scary on many fronts! Thank you for the reality check and for all the great ideas on how to ameliorate the effects. Your posts are the best among many. I share them widely.

    • danielleegnew says:

      Thanks so much Amy! I think with enough education, we’ll get ourselves back to where we are feeling much better on a day to day basis, and co-existing with our technology in a more functional way for we analog beings :)!

  8. Pamela Harris says:

    Thank you Thank you

  9. Donnalee says:

    Best wishes to all–I have noticed manymany folks having crises lately. I wish us all well.

  10. We will be okay❣️I choose to see only love❣️🕉🙏Namaste beautiful soul

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