Angelic Message on April 3, 2018

I received a timely update from the angelic realm regarding this time period between April and June, that I was asked to share. So here we go:


“You wander with fear, your eyes not on that which is within, yet uplifting [worshipping] all that touches the hands. This is your way [journey of learning]. Know this, the time of acceptance [personal evolution] is upon you; This time casts clouds upon the hearts of fear and clarity upon the hearts of healing. All are One. All are One. The One that is All stands with you, as One. To this, the Being of The All [humans], all love is given, for it is the fabric of your nature; this, the time of Oneness [amalgamation / “one” with Spirit, God], brings with it peace.”


When looking into the ethers on this message, it appears as though we are right on schedule with the aforementioned time frame where there will be a great deal of changes in how the population of the USA view government, media, information in general, and one’s personal political and social beliefs, and how we deal with one another on all of this information.

Obviously, with the very recent hat-tipping of the media conglomerate that delivered the same speech regarding the POTUS, people’s attention is fixed on what is “fake news” or real news”. The message from the angelic realm is that ALL is fake, and all is real, depending on where our individual lens lies within us.

Do we see the world through fear, or do we see the world through the opportunities of rebuilding, and commonality, and love?

This message indicates that it will honestly get just a little bit more ridiculous before we, as a people, decide that we’ve had enough with the ridiculousness as a teacher. In other words – how outrageous does “it” need to become, before we all start laughing, because it’s just so slap-stick bizarre?

And how bizarre does it have to get before we come together and simply change the channel, no longer listening to the never-ending onslaught of distractions, and instead, pool human genius to change the world for the better?

The over-arching message here is that polarization will be overcome by our human curiosity, or the need to “get to the bottom” of, illusion. People with long-standing polarized beliefs, say, on either side of the political or religious fence, will be evaluating the real-life application of the functionality of those beliefs, in everyday life. It doesn’t mean that people will give away beliefs that are dear to them. It DOES mean that people will be having some serious come-to-terms internal dialogues with the self, regarding the aspects of belief that inspire anger / rage / piousness / inflexibility – and how truly functional those motivators are, this far down the ridiculous-river.

This message indicates changes in WHY we do things.

There is no such thing as righteous hatred. Hatred is hatred. And we are seeing the folly of differing political franchises claiming “righteousness” while hating another. This message indicates that once we stop buying into the “righteous hatred” act of justifying our own positions, we begin to see a great manipulation in the “system” of information, and how we, as a culture in the USA, has been easily “programmed” by external messages, rather than relying on the indelible spiritual blue-tooth within.

It’s time we snap out of the haze and actually stand up for our own internal data stream of information, and share that stream. There is no “fake news” in the spirit. Yet it will take courage to share this awareness, as it will appear to others as “standing against” the popular tide of rage, anger, and hatred that has justified many of our actions for centuries. This tide is constantly attempting to shame consensus-bringers into “shutting up”; it fears its own extinction. Its knows it’s time of dominance is over.

The message above indicates that the “oneness”, or amalgamation of the strengths of humanity – wins. This does not indicate a group-think hive mind. It indicates that we come together, all differing in viewpoints, to create a strong world.

It also indicates the beginning of the end to the time frame where we franchise “god”; we stop persecuting one another for differing spiritual beliefs. The angry god created in our own image, to justify our own fear, rage, and hatred, falls away, to make room for the respect for one another’s spiritual path, and individualized connection to Spirit / God / Universe / Nature.

God doesn’t care what we call “god”. God is love. Love is an action, not a story in a book, and not a set of religious rules. We may celebrate our connection with universe in any way that makes sense to us, and we may call god whatever we see fit —

— Just don’t call yourself late for dinner. We all need our energy during this time frame.

This release in the ownership of “god” challenges the fabric of many, who see this ownership as a mission of salvation. Yet the message indicates that “salvation” for everyone is actually in the awareness that God / Universe / Love is within, residing in everyone, no matter what.  That being loved by God / Universe is not “earned” through a spiritual points system, yet the birthright of the Children of Light.

To act in love, to act in compassion, to act in the wellness for all, with no fear underlying the action, then creates the strongest tide of change possible. Because human beings are woven together by light / love.

Retrograde Jupiter in Scorpio is happening currently, and those energies also add to the “no BS” view-point of seeing the world more clearly through non-rose-colored glasses. It’s not a time to be depressed or “down” due to the view, yet to be able to process what’s actually happening, as opposed to the plotline we sell to ourselves based upon our own belief systems, day after day.

This angelic message outlines of a course of events that is on a roll for a reason. Have patience with yourself, have patience with others, and mostly, have GRACE with a world that is thawing out, waking up, from a “reality” that has been super-imposed upon them by the relentless self-seeking god of Consumerism, branding, and fear.

It’s time we grow past our own egos, our own brand-identities, our own pride. This is what heals the world, and calms people’s heads enough to move forward. The resistance to growth brings even more fear. For those folks who struggle down that really difficult road — resisting growth — we are asked to have compassion. (I know. That’s not what we’re trained to do by the world. But hey, look at this world. It’s pretty twisted up. I think it’s probably time to try something else, at least according to these angels.)

The message here is that we are them and they are us. There is no “those people”. There is only “we the people”.

Peace to all of us – ALL of us — walking this path at this time, and may patience and grace be your companions.

— Danielle

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About danielleegnew

Named "Psychic of the Year" by UFO's and Supernatural Magazine, Danielle Egnew is an internationally-known Psychic, Medium and Angelic Channel whose work has been featured on national TV (NBC, ABC, TNT, USA) as well as in the Washington Post and Huffington Post. She has provided content consultant services for the CW's hit series "Supernatural" and the blockbuster film "Man of Steel". Danielle is also an author, teacher, and TV / radio host in the field of metaphysics. She anchors her private practice in the Big Sky Country of Montana, residing with her wife and their daughter.
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5 Responses to Angelic Message on April 3, 2018

  1. Tru says:

    Hey Danielle 😁

    Reading this post lifted my spirit, and I truly hope, pray and intend that I will be here to see all the great things and all of us, come together in positive changes that will come from all of what seems to be the real craziness in our world right now. I truly wish to be here to see that, and beyond.

    I don’t know if you got a Facebook message I sent you to tell you this, but I was dealt a cancer diagnosis a few weeks ago, and I will find out more by the middle of this week where I stand with that and what they are planning on doing. I would greatly appreciate you sending me some positive healing energies toward the best outcome that I can have with it. And if I can afford to, I will try to talk to you directly at some point further about this.

    I truly appreciate seeing your blogs here in the meantime… thanks so much, and lots of love 😁

  2. Gail E Altschwager says:

    Thank you, Danielle! Love you!

  3. Great article. Yes, Bizarro Land. As I observe the world, I have flashes of Monte Python’s Beserkers.

    “This message indicates changes in WHY we do things.”
    Intention is the biggest part of the doing. Thing is, the “out there” part, the things we say and do may not even change, but yes, the energy behind it can and will and it makes a difference, one that is detected, at least unconsciously, by even the most “sleepy”.

    Compassionate Non-Attachment also plays into all this. What info or whatever that we have for Other is just an offering. Don’t attach to what they do with it.

    Hatred is a poison you give yourself hoping someone else will die. Ah, but folks will have to understand the concept of Self Love a little more thoroughly before they realize their hatred towards others is not something they want to do TO THEMSELVES.

    When people work to align themselves with Truth, no matter what superficial differences they may have or think they have, they end up on the same sheet of music. 2 people who know the Truth – truly KNOW it, not just have heard it – very much see eye to eye. Go figure.

    I’ve often said that there are two ways to get somewhere, either voluntarily or kickin’ n’ screamin’. Every single person will either seek the Truth proactively or will get a sudden wake up call when it all needs to surface. That applies to each individual’s “truths” and having their own shadow / darkness exposed as well as the cabal’s or a more collective darkness. Along with solidifying one’s Divine connection, acknowledging and addressing one’s own darkness are key to healing – with most folks, the biggest part of their darkness is not sheer maliciousness but just ignorance which leads to disempowerment, but yes, ignorance can and has created quite the mess.

    And that’s what happens when we bring light into the world – it shines on the darkness, so we can now see the darkness. However you want to label it – good, bad, indifferent, light, dark, whatever…. the Truth shall set you free.

  4. Hi Daniell, I am an artist and I remember a friend telling me about 10 years ago that I needed to “brand” my artwork and my “feeling” of being repulsed. I was never able explain why I was feeling that until now. My art is my soul, it is not about my brand aka ego. Thank you.

  5. I needed to see this today. Hope fills my heart

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