Truth vs Fact: The Critical Difference


Understanding truth is important.

We’re going through a period of learning in the United States where truth is in question. Through this, truth becomes our teacher.

What we are learning is that facts are facts, and facts are not disputable. Yet truth is subject to a person’s belief system.

For a Christian, the Bible is the truth. For Muslim, the Quran is the truth. For an Atheist, both of those books make no sense whatsoever, and the human experience is the truth. My truth is that all of that is the truth. Yet that’s my truth. I have no need to make it anyone else’s truth.

We are experiencing this social evaluation in how much power we grant to truth in order to evaluate how much power we grant to our ability to trust ourselves in what we choose to believe. Therefore, we fight for our truths —

— because really, we are fighting to prove to ourselves that we can trust what drives our convictions.

Truths, as a social currency, are important. We share truths in order to create a functional society. An example of this shared truth is that murder is wrong.

Yet at its core, the concept of truth is deeply personal, an inner compass system that is attenuated according to a person’s life lessons, soul plan, upbringing, fears and hopes.

All of the aforementioned items constitute what we call “belief”.

The understanding of our dependent relationship on what we consider to be “true”, and how this affects our faith in not only the world around us but how we see ourselves, is deeply important. Because in order to effectively grow and change as a species, we must allow others their truths, even if we don’t agree, or even if we don’t understand. And others must return the same courtesy to us.

Forcing one’s truth upon another creates great imbalance.

Forcing a truth onto another is then victimizing another. It is an energetic imbalance. Racism is a forced truth. Religious dogma is a forced truth. Political zealousness is a forced truth.

We are seeing that in such an interconnected world, with eight billion people each containing eight billion life lessons, and eight billion multiple life paths – that the argument over truth is no longer an effective teacher, yet becomes a distracting set of stumbling blocks.

We are learning that rather than forcing a truth, which we now know is highly subjective, it is far more effective to craft social development on facts.

Truth is attached to an emotional reaction due to the fact that truth is subject to our own inner belief system — our sense of self. Facts are not attached to an emotional reaction for they bear no attachment to anything but themselves.

In a world of eight billion truths, it’s far more effective to govern, to build, upon the non-emotional reflection of facts.

However, in our desperation and obsession with forced truth, we have now blurred the purity of fact. We now clamor to cast facts in the same shadow as truth, when facts are not dependent on belief, but on the traceable data of cause and effect.

As a person who studies and evaluates energies, I note that we are at a critical juncture in our human development. We are not at a crossroads, but a cliff’s edge. Our task is to either negotiate through our truths to make collectively healthy decisions on facts, or, like lemmings, we will plummet over the cliff following the truth of the animals ahead of us.

The example of truth vs fact can be painful if we allow our truths to thrust themselves into a position of feeling threatened. This is a clear indication that we do not actually believe our truth at its core, and that we rely on continued external confirmation that our truth is valid. This indicates a larger underlying issue of not believing in oneself.

If we are centered in our truths, or our beliefs, then others’ truths are no longer a threat, yet simply a statement on their belief compass. This is no more threatening than someone proclaiming they adore the color yellow, even if it’s not your favorite hue.

The imbalance occurs when one truth must dominate another. This Old World belief that “might is right” then screams of the fear of loss.

Due to the fear of loss, which has been a very effective crowd control mechanism for thousands of years, our truths become hammers. They become weapons to protect us, rather than inner conversations to have with an ever-growing, ever curious self. Our truths become heavy bricks in high walls rather than the paving stones to vast bridges toward collective knowledge.

Our misunderstanding and misuse of the power, the beautiful wealth, of personal truth will be the single downfall of humanity, if we are unable to negotiate past the emotional allure of righteousness.

We have many examples of the conflict between truth and fact in our current culture.

Fact: Russia has been hacking into American elections with social grooming campaigns for multiple years. 17 security agencies verify this fact in the USA alone.

Truths include:

  1. The Russian scandal is a ruse generated by countless corrupt agencies working with an oligarchical shadow government to remove an unwanted outsider President that threatens the control of this shadow government.
  2. The Russian scandal is true because Russia favored one candidate over another in order to accomplish long-term business goals.

Fact: The super-heating of the planet will result in sea level rises of three to five feet in the next 80 years. World climate science experts report annually on the exponential melting of polar ice caps and glaciers.

Truths include:

  1. The planet is not heating up and it is simply a scare tactic by a shadow government wishing to control resources.
  2. God will protect us.
  3. Climate science is a fake science based upon a political agenda.
  4. Our sea levels are rising and we must attempt to mitigate the heating of the planet by monitoring our carbon footprint and preserving rain forests.
  5. There is nothing we can do to stop the planet from heating up, so why bother.

Fact: The earth is round. Documented in numerous world space agency photos and footage.

Truths include:

  1. The earth is flat and a round earth is a fake science claim.
  2. The space / moon landings were / are all staged for political agendas.
  3. The earth is round, just as the moon and other physical planetary bodies in the universe.

Fact: The energetic experience of deep connection between ourselves, our surroundings, and the connection to support from our universe is unique to each person. World science verifies that quantum energy fields connect all matter.

Truths include:

  1. There is no connection.
  2. There is no support.
  3. Physics are fake science.
  4. This connection isn’t science but God.
  5. God and science are one and the same.
  6. God is named Jesus.
  7. God is named Allah.
  8. All feelings of connection are a chemical reaction in the brain.
  9. God is Love.
  10. There are 10,000 different versions of God and one is named Kali.
  11. God is nature.
  12. Nature connects us all.
  13. Everything is random.
  14. Everything is destined.

We can observe from this small sampling that truths outweigh facts by a large margin. Eight billion individuals generate 192 trillion truths from only the few variant selections above.

We can also observe that truths contain an emotional argument, whereas facts simply display accrued data.

From this vantage point it is clear to witness that truth can then become a powerful pawn in the fulcrum of control for those whose fear drives them to positions of power. The human slaughter of the religious crusades are documented displays of what occurs when one person’s truth is forced upon another.

The over-arching lesson in this feminine time frame is the release of forced truth as a validation of our convictions, and the challenge of honoring truths in each other while accepting the presentation of facts from which to make collective decisions.

This involves due diligence in vetting facts, and then accepting that collective facts are, indeed — facts.

If some continue to label an elephant as a mouse, and pass a belief that the mouse cannot harm us if we are stepped upon, we will experience the physics of being crushed.

However, if nearly all decide an elephant is a mouse, and we all pass a collective belief that the mouse cannot harm us if we are stepped upon, we will not be harmed. This is the collective be power of belief, or manifestation. Yet with 192 trillion manifestations happening at one time, a truly collective and focused manifestation becomes challenging.

This is our challenge.

It is not necessary for all of us to believe in the same manner, or for all of us to share the same truths.

However, for the continuation of the human species, it is necessary for all of us to create a neutral social language, a safe space, and agreed-upon trading currency in order to develop structural policies that allow for the safety and growth of society, and the experience of truths, reserving the emotional reaction of truth for each individual‘s own spiritual learning.

With 8 billion of us emitting energies into our collective environment, it remains a fact that what we think, and how we act — matters. This is our lesson, now. This is our crucible. We must pass, or in the end, we fail. Love persists. If humanity cannot embrace love as a cornerstone, along with love’s right-hand-companion, respect — humanity will not persist as love carries forward.

Below is my personal credo, as a productive means through which to build a stable, traceable currency of trust between all of us in the New World:

  1. I place the value of the human being, and the planet, in the first position. Without these elements we do not have a world in which to live.
  2. I am not you and you are not me. I do not expect you to be like me in order for me to believe and accept that my choices are right for me.
  3. I’ve earned my truths as you have yours. They are the keepers of our experiences.
  4. I vow to honor your truth, even if I do not understand it. It is the keeper of your experience and it shares much with me about your journey.
  5. If I begin to fear your truth, I will view this fear as a teacher which is attempting to illuminate mistrust in my own choice-making. I will not project this mistrust onto you.
  6. My truths seek to expand and to become stronger. I may experience fear as this is happening, so I humbly ask for your patience with my fear. I vow to be patient with you, as you experience your own truth growth.
  7. I will not force my truths upon you. In doing so I realize that I do not believe my own truths.
  8. I understand the difference between my opinion, my truths, and a fact.
  9. I offer facts as a means of conflict resolution and bridge building. I am excited to ask you to do the same. Together we will learn, and devise new and ingenious solutions.
  10. If our facts contradict in principle, I will defer to the most common respectful human denominator in reaching for a resourceful outcome.
  11. I place people over principle, always.
  12. I will stand in the gap for those who are victimized by others’ forced truths.
  13. I will stand firm with bridge building solutions should fear drive another’s truth to do harm.
  14. I will not see a person as their fear. This is marginalization.
  15. I understand that fear is many things, including an addiction, a coping mechanism, a false sense of safety, a task master, a trauma impulse, a habit. It is not a person.
  16. I choose to trade with the currency of facts to bridge our truths. I have no need for debate for the sake of debate.
  17. I do not seek to change anyone. That is the responsibility of each individual, their own journey.
  18. I do not take ownership of others’ choices.
  19. If I am passionate about higher resolution, I will respect others by producing facts that may add to their facts. I commit to coming up with new modalities.
  20. I choose love. It is the strongest motivator, the strongest builder, the strongest boundary keeper in the universe.

May we all understand that we may stand up for justice without disrespecting one another; we may interrupt victimization without becoming the victimizer; we may live in our own personal world that reflects our values without insisting everyone else do the same.

And if we all agree on the fact that harming one another is not productive, harming the planet is not productive, subjugating one another is not productive, fearing one another is not productive, and controlling one another is not productive —

We will truly watch ourselves change. This is perhaps the most frightening piece of evolution for many — staring into unfamiliar eyes in the mirror, eyes which actually trust us to make sound decisions from the heart rather than an outdated social script.

About danielleegnew

Named "Psychic of the Year" by UFO's and Supernatural Magazine, Danielle Egnew is an internationally-known Psychic, Medium and Angelic Channel whose work has been featured on national TV (NBC, ABC, TNT, USA) as well as in the Washington Post and Huffington Post. She has provided content consultant services for the CW's hit series "Supernatural" and the blockbuster film "Man of Steel". Danielle is also an author, teacher, and TV / radio host in the field of metaphysics. She anchors her private practice in the Big Sky Country of Montana, residing with her wife and their daughter.
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8 Responses to Truth vs Fact: The Critical Difference

  1. Peg Rasband says:

    So base your truths on facts if possible. Sometimes I just “know” something is true…that works too.

  2. wrnla says:

    I usually like much of what you say but this is off the mark. All you are repeating here are basic notions of tolerance which only exist in liberal societies. In some belief systems (or as you would call them, “truth” systems), their “truths” do not allow for tolerance of the beliefs (truths) of others, no matter how irrational their truths may be, and instead they call for wiping out of other so called truths. Belief systems (truth systems) not anchored in fact are often destructive and intolerant, and thinking there can be a worldwide coming together on under principles of tolerance (which is a western notion) ignores the irrational elements of belief (truth) that do not let others exist who are not also believers.

    • Cee says:

      This is so interesting because for me, I respectfully find this blog post is one of Danielle’s best in the few I have read. Another truth.

  3. Thank you, Danielle! Really appreciating the clarity around truths and facts, and the statement of fact that we’re at the cliff’s edge with a choice to be made. 💞

  4. So much helpful clarity in these words. Thank-you, Danielle!


    On Thu, Jul 26, 2018 at 2:15 AM, From Psychic / Medium Danielle Egnew wrote:

    > danielleegnew posted: ” Understanding truth is important. We’re going > through a period of learning in the United States where truth is in > question. Through this, truth becomes our teacher. What we are learning is > that facts are facts, and facts are not disputable. Yet truth ” >

  5. Cherie Campbell says:

    Thank you, Danielle. This is amazing. For humanity to move forward it is critical to understand the difference between truth and fact. You have artfully defined the distinct difference. For those of us who understand; we need to spread this message.

  6. Gail E Altschwager says:

    Thank you, Danielle, for starting this conversation. Thank you for your courage and example in thoughtfully stating your convictions. Much love!

  7. Much Love & Appreciation, Sweet Soul.

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