A Lighter Future Later is About Heavy Lifting Now

Photo by Rebecca Douglas Photography

I’ve worked as a full-time spiritual advisor for the past 18 years. I continue on in that work. My work encompasses far more than “reading the future”, which truly, is in and of itself, a skill that takes years to understand.

Yet what I do, everyday, is about so, so much more than “predicting outcomes”—like what job a person will land, will someone marry, what team will win, etc.

The biggest portion on my work is always focused on how to convert energies into something phenomenal. I’m not only a translator, but a collective recycler, a repurposer of sorts.

That’s what angels do, you know; they take what is presented, a mucky mess of indecision, crossroads, fears, and uncertainty, and mix all that mud until the goo falls away, and it turns crystal clear. Then they pour it all into neat little bricks and together, we build a sturdy home in which we can live, if we choose—walls so strong yet transparent, to keep us safe, yet able to see the horizon.

The biggest hink in our lives tends to be that we simply don’t believe, really, in hardly anything anymore. At least, not in much that’s productive.

And Universe won’t save us from our own cynicism. (They see it as an exercise in “denying the reality of Ultimate-Provision”, so they hang out and wait for a window to help out, while we flail about in our illusion that there’s nothing bigger than us, and our own freak-outs.)

American society pedals cynicism as if it’s selling PhD’s. The less we believe in something, the smarter we’ll be; the less gullible, the more protected.

Yet the more cynical we become, the more we cut-off our life-force and our connection with everything that wishes to bring us miracles.

The Universe isn’t the problem. Our unwillingness to connect to What Is, causes the hiccup.

It’s us. Not them.

We often don’t believe in our ability to co-create these beautiful crystalline bricks forged out of our muckiest life-poo—we think that’s pie-in-the-sky insanity. We don’t believe in angels, or Universe/God, or the good intentions of others; we don’t believe in anything at all, including science.

We’re so afraid to trust.

We’re just so afraid.

Why can’t we just admit that we’re so afraid? Then we could help each other out. Human love to help others.

My job as a spiritual advisor is so much more than casting out predictions. Yeah, that’s part of the job. Yet the predictions are only a building block in the home of the soul, the rebuilding of our foundation of trust with a perfect balanced spiritual system.

The spiritual / quantum system is fine.

We’re gaslit by a sociopathic and narcissistic society, to believe nothing—but fear. That way, we’re very controllable. And it’s generally those pointing the finger of “you’re afraid!” that are the most afraid.

In my spiritual practice, angels / The Universe helps me to assist individuals to remember the truth of where they’re from, spiritually; of what super-powers they’ve talked themselves out of; of what mystical and magical ingredients exist around them, every day.

Angels help in that area, a lot.

They’re quantum beings that don’t mess around. WE mess around, avoiding our lessons. We wade into our own insecurities, trying to figure out how to get past childhood emotional pitfalls, while dwelling on everything that’s wrong.

My job is to help take those painful lessons that come about when “wrong” rears it’s head, and create solutions from the lessons we learn.

It’s a giant puzzle, whose pieces are disappointment, dreams, fear, hope, love, sadness, trepidation, anger, excitement, despair, rage, and the desire to believe.

Humans are deeply magical beings. Yet we think we’re idiots. Sure, we can act like idiots. That’s a fair human trait. Yet we’re also amazing. We’re kind. And compassionate, and we love to love.

The very essence of the particles in our bodies are held together by a magnetism that we actually can’t entirely explain. Sure, we can identify the chemicals and the compounds that conduct the electricity in the cells and keep them alive. Yet in our conventional ways, we can’t explain the origin of the electricity.

We are literally held together by light.

So over the last 18 years (and counting), I’ve been working on reminding humans of what we ARE. Not what we’ve been gaslit to believe we are. When we connect with what we are, then EVERYTHING that feels like molasses around our ankles clears away, and we’re free to run.

Heck, we’re even free to fly.

Yes, here on Planet Earthling, trauma and pain and heartbreak are real experiences,. Yet they are experiences which then plant fertile seeds in their tilled and disturbed ground. Just like a forest fire, razing the landscape to the blackened quick, only to grow a magnificent rainbow of color the next spring.

That’s the cycle of recycling lessons. Yet it’s often mislabeled “toxic positivity”, in our culture absolutely addicted to debunking every single thing. (“Toxic Positivity” used to be known by its old moniker, “Denial”).

We’re so used to debunking everything, that we’ve gone a little insane with it, even a touch paranoid, and have now created fictional stories where ex-president’s wives eat children, and lasers from space kill individuals. We’ve literally gone crazy in our need to have all the answers, and then in having all the answers, we supposedly satiate our fear of what cannot be controlled in our life.

Yep deep down, we know we’re buying our own fictional BS.

And that makes us even more insecure, that the crazy malarkey that we’ve made up in our mind, has become our doctrine. The fabrication becomes our guiding light, our mantra, our gods, the only “truth” we have left; the fiction we’ve created to make sense of a quickly-changing planet.

We have become our own worst gaslighters.

So for 18 years, and counting, my job has evolved into assisting people in the de-programming of some pretty outrageous beliefs, that have taken the place of simply believing in themselves.

As the world keeps turning in America, it becomes more and more difficult to communicate to people that they are worthy of love, that they have something special for the world. That they have purpose.

We are inundated with complete and utter paranoiac garbage every day. “Living” becomes more of a Jedi-Knight-like exercise, to focus our minds and our spirits and our souls, in order to fill our days with peace, with connection, with meaning.

We fight over vaccines and masks and political affiliation, all to stay distracted from the fact that we are actually the solution to a planet that needs our assistance. Many really don’t believe in ourselves anymore, in terms of making the world better than we left it. Many don’t believe, or don’t care anymore, that we can even begin to make a difference, in these pivotal times.

And they are pivotal.

People say that there are cycles in history, that everything happens again and again. I can see this re-cycle happening now, with the divisions in our country, going back to the Civil War. Yet our times now currently are more pivotal than the times back then. Why?

Because for the first time ever on the planet earth, we have almost 8 billion people.

For the first time ever, on the planet earth, we have technologies that will help us live through an Ice Age.

For the first time ever, on planet earth, we are interconnected with folks that we’ve never met in person, who live halfway around the world in tomorrow-land, Australia, and we can speak to people who live in the future in real time.

For the first time ever, on planet earth, we have science and medicines that help us live through diseases that killed our great grandparents. (Well, we had some of those before, yet many of our natural remedies were stomped out through the conquest and consumer years.)

For the first time ever, on planet earth, we have enough human brains to link together in a massive Bluetoothed net, to affect the quantum realm, to change negativity into usable positivity, to transmute weather patterns, really.

Anything energetic this planet can dish out? Team humanity can affect. Because there are enough of us, enough mobile radar towers known as brains, broadcasting.

Yet the truth is, we don’t even need this many humans to create an incredible “intention beacon”. We could do it with five people, if five people truly had their heads on squarely. Yet it’s going to take 8 billion people with their heads barely on, twisted in every TickTokFaceInstaTweetTubeNews direction, to achieve the same results.

That’s okay. In a world where the average attention span of Gen Z is 8 seconds (yep, true story), that’s where we’re at.

So that’s my job. For 18 years, I have placed one paving stone down, then another, then another, a very unsexy task really, usually kinda dirty, attempting to build one little pathway, to get from point A to point B. It doesn’t happen overnight. Not for an individual, not for a society. And with a generation that expects things to happen instantaneously, within 8 seconds, I’m certain this is a fairly disappointing reality.

However, we’re all here for what we’re each here to learn. We are eachother’s teachers, and students. Everyone of us. Whether we’re here on Planet Earthling to learn patience, perseverance, surviving suffocating grief, causing someone suffocating grief, whatever it is we are here to do— we’re going to do it.

Rest assured, you won’t miss your big moment.

Yep, this is where it gets confusing. We are taught by our Type-A consumerist- achievement-obsessed society in America, that our “big moment” is supposed to be something that causes everyone to stand up and applaud, or receive news coverage, or hands us a gold statue with our name engraved.

Sure, though every single human being on earth loves to be acknowledged for our contributions, and we all should be, we’ve been a bit brainwashed that “our big moment” is going to be marked by the universe as a noticeable big moment, something seen from space, something that wins a Pulitzer or Nobel Prize.

Yet our biggest moments are so huge, so impactful, that they create ripples outward that we don’t see for years. Much like an earthquake at the bottom of the Mariana trench, out in the Atlantic ocean, miles below the surface of the water, our biggest moments shake the very muck that bring life into the world, yet by the time the waves at the beach, everyone just thinks it’s a good surf day.

That’s not to say that we won’t have moments of being appreciated. We all need those. It’s also not to say that we won’t see the “fruits” of our “life’s work”.

It’s to say that your greatest magic, all of our greatest magic, all of our greatest gifts and abilities, aren’t even measurable on this American consumer is to scale. They’re scarcely measurable on a first world scale.

What matters most about all of us, what fuels us, what glues us together, what comes so freely to us, but we don’t have to spend a dime on, our birthright, our ability to transcend anything on this planet— is free.

And what is it?

It’s YOU, embodying the most peaceful YOU, that you can be.

It’s your hope. It’s your love. It’s your willingness to try.

And it doesn’t mean we have to be all these things all the time.

We all get to take our turn with sadness and grief, with no motivation, sometimes even depression. We get to take our turns as the villain, we get to take our turn as the hero.

Sometimes, when we’re very out of balance, we take our turn as the oppressor or the victimizer, until we realize that our deep pain within has changed us, warped our behaviors, until we don’t recognize ourselves in the mirror anymore.

These are behaviors, which can be unlearned. Within all of us is a reset button. Regrettably, we can’t just punch it like a computer, to override our corrupted programming overnight. This “insty-fix” mentality is the lie of the pop-guru-motivational industry, its the lie of the get-skinny-quick fitness industry, and its the lie of the get-rich-quick industry.

People make billions of dollars each year selling lies about how change happens overnight, if you buy this self-help mechanism, or swallow the right pill, or listen to the right programming while you sleep, anything to circumvent the path of deep learning—the path that it truly takes to become our best selves.

Many of us are terrified to walk that path.

Because on that path are snapshots, and logbooks, and people, who remind us of behaviors we’ve had that we are not proud of. Our weakest moments. Our most cowardly reactions. Our most ugly emotional outbursts.

Yes it is in evaluating that which we are most ashamed, that which we keep secretly under the floorboards of our misery, where we see how we’ve grown, how we’ve survived, and how we’ve made changes.

Sometimes we see that we didn’t change at all, and perhaps it would be in our best interest to do so. And so we shrink in fear that we will not be up to the task. Instead, we run with thousands of dollars to the Insty-Pill-Program-System that will “fix us”overnight.

We spend thousands on trying to stay away from the pain that is ours, the pain that lives within us, that is trying to teach us to love ourselves, and to release and forgive ourselves. Perhaps even to release and forgive others.

The pain within each one of us is not a punishment. It’s a teacher, crying for attention, so that it can show us that what we once feared has not been recycled into something that will enable others to heal.

We are walking transmuters. Some pain will always just be the periodic bouts with the pain. As they say, grief is what happens when there is nowhere to put all the love in your heart.

Yet even in our pain, we love. Even in our pain, we invent. Even in our pain, we affect others that we are unaware of—

— our biggest moments go undetected by us. Generally, until much later.

This isn’t because the universe is cruel, and doesn’t want you to know how well you’re doing. It’s because our biggest moments happen when we are cracked open and the most very raw. It’s when we’re not paying attention to our presentation, or what we’re wearing, or doing. Our greatest moments happen when we are being our most authentic, and in those moments our attention is often not focused on ourselves, but on the needs of others.

Our greatest moments are given away without a second thought.

Because that’s what it really means to be human.

Certainly, earning awards and accolades is wonderful. They are terrific metric of how we’re doing.

Yet how are we really doing?

We’re evolving this planet. We all matter. Every single thing we say and do ripples the quantum-sphere of this existence.

And this is my job. To continually remind us all, that we are not only not alone, yet we are impacting people that we are not even aware that we are impacting.

In fact, we are architects of many of our experiences. Sure, bad things happen to very good people, and animals, and plants, and water, and air. Why this continually happens, when we are capable of so, so much more as a species, is far above my pay grade, as an angel translator, and untangler-of-future timelines. (I have my thoughts on it.)

Yet my job is not merely to see the future. My job is to help us all create the most phenomenal future that’s possible.

Really, that’s all our job.

I’m just keenly aware of my role.

So this is what I do. When I’m asked “where I’ve been”, or folks say they haven’t “seen me around”, or I’m not posting giant accolades and life events, I’m still working.

I’m working every moment I’m alive.

I’m sitting quietly by myself, sometimes weeping with the universe on that day because humanity might be losing its battle with its collective grief.

I might be wandering, in my pajamas, in my house, speaking to a friend for hours, who is in a crisis.

I might be wandering, in my pajamas, in my house, speaking to a friend for hours, because I’m in a crisis.

Yet I am deeply present on this planet, in this and so many other multi-verses, and in so many ways. As should we all be. As are we all. Again, I’m just deeply aware of it.

So I write this today, as I would 18 years ago, to continually remind us all of the same thing: don’t you give up on yourself. Don’t fear the work that is yours to do, in your life. Don’t you give up on that life. Don’t you give up on this planet, don’t you give up on our society, don’t you give up on bringing into this world what you are born to bring into this world.

Just because you may not know what purpose is, right in the second, right in the 8 second attention span of Gen Z, does not mean that you will not explode into this universe in ways that you never expected.

There are truly those in this world, and in our country, who wish us all to believe that there is no hope left. They wish us to drop our face to the ground and look at our shoes, cocktailing ourselves into oblivion, and drugging ourselves out of our minds, not just once in awhile to take the load off, but every moment of every day, so that we cannot put our hands to the task of evolving a world that will fulfill all of our dreams, regardless of socioeconomic station, regardless of race or gender or background, or belief system.

We are capable of changing it all. That scares those who wish it to “stay the same”, both an evolutional and mathematical improbability.

So here’s your reminder, for today and everyday, that even though it may seem bizarre out there, you’re just where you need to be. Make changes if you feel you need to. Rejoice in what’s actually working. Yet know that you have so much tread left on your tires—

—and beautiful miles to quietly cruise, with your windows down, and the music on.

About danielleegnew

Named "Psychic of the Year" by UFO's and Supernatural Magazine, Danielle Egnew is an internationally-known Psychic, Medium and Angelic Channel whose work has been featured on national TV (NBC, ABC, TNT, USA) as well as in the Washington Post and Huffington Post. She has provided content consultant services for the CW's hit series "Supernatural" and the blockbuster film "Man of Steel". Danielle is also an author, teacher, and TV / radio host in the field of metaphysics. She anchors her private practice in the Big Sky Country of Montana, residing with her wife and their daughter.
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7 Responses to A Lighter Future Later is About Heavy Lifting Now

  1. Nathan Fleischman says:

    I have a question. Do you have any thoughts regarding what is happening in Ukraine? I would like to see a blog post about it. Please?

  2. Suzanne Myers says:

    Absolutely beautiful….

  3. Pam Johnston says:

    I always look forward to your posts, and this has to be one of your very best yet. It is so timely, and so reassuring that I am not losing my marbles, and explains so many who have been baffling to me as of late. Thank you, thank you.

  4. Mira Furth says:

    Thank you again Danielle. I needed the reminder. Much love.

  5. Barbara Kolarz says:

    Thank you Danielle! Your words are a beautiful reminder that we need to remember that the true essence of every being on this planet is love inspite of what may be
    appearing. Looking at “challenges” as lessons for out evolvement in to higher beings; and accepting that we are all right where they are supposed to be in this process. Thank you !

  6. Gail Altschwager says:

    Thank you, dear Danielle! I needed to hear your message. I will continue to work on my Shadow and pray for all of the other souls on and off this planet for love and peace. Love you!

  7. This is so beautiful and resonates so much, Danielle. Thank you!

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