Pluto in Retrograde and Roe Vs. Wade

Pluto is in retrograde in the sign of Capricorn. Which means that this potential SCOTUS overturn of the Roe decision, is going to be front and center energetically. And it’s bringing forward many emotional evaluations. I am no exception.

I’m *literally* tired of the hypocrisy in the United States. That’s the effect the Pluto retrograde has had, which asks us to evaluate that which is the hidden, the illusion of a situation, and what needs to die away away.

Yet the fatigue on reviewing hypocrisy, and the subsequent demoralization, is the plot, for authoritarians.

They wear out our resolve by creating ridiculous living conditions, that seem hopeless. So our spirit is broken, and we fall in line, and everybody casts their eyes to the ground in “what’s the point” defeat.

Except I’m not defeated. And my eyes are squarely on the horizon. Because this potential Roe overturn has nothing to do with abortion.

Be clear on that, please.

It has to do with demoralization, and it has to do with control.


And I will be damned, and I more mean “dammed”, so big, like a giant 500 foot impassable concrete structure that holds back billions of cubic tons of water, that kind of dam(m)ned—

—if I’m going to give this 50-year “holy war” waged by not religious people in office, yet bizarre zealots in office that even scared the Republicans back in the 1950’s when they first surfaced — I’ll be dam(m)ned if I’m going to give them an inch of anything even remotely in the same emotional universal orbit as demoralization.

And this incredibly sad argument I’m seeing floating around the Internet, where people take a very somber tone, and attempt to empathize with those who seek abortions for health reasons, yet stress that this anti-Roe ruling is very important, because abortion is “misused“ and we as a country need to get that “misuse” in check —let me run down some actual reality:

If this court were actually “pro-life”, they would outlaw guns. Guns are “misused” to kill children, who have no choice in the matter. But a majoriy of this court is not pro-life. They’re pro-control, and population demoralization.

If this court were actually “pro-life”, they would outlaw war. War is “misused” to kill children, who have no choice in the matter. But a majoriy of this court is not pro-life. They’re pro-control, and population demoralization.

If this court were actually “pro-life”, they would rule that the minute a woman became pregnant, she received half of a man’s salary who impregnated her. Because that child didn’t choose to come into the world, and had no choice in the matter. But a majoriy of this court is not pro-life. They’re pro-control, and population demoralization.

Please make no mistake. This is not about children. This is not about unborn children. This is not about life.

This is about control.

It’s about executing a systematic discrimination of women, who according to the Old Testement, we’re supposed to be submissive to their male partner, and who under that belief system are not supposed to have any control over their trajectory in life, according to this antiquated, really misled biblical interpretation of a 1950s religious cult, that has been working very hard to infiltrate our school systems, our school boards, our local governments, our local judges, all the way up to the Supreme Court.

For this group, abortion is not the enemy. Secularism is the enemy. And it’s not even religion they pedal. It’s their version of religion that they mandate that everyone adhere to. Which is exactly the opposite of the credo of the entire United States Bill of Rights, and Constitution.

Because really, if we were going to go Old Testament, according to the Old Testament belief of the day, women had nothing to do with the pregnancy. A baby was literally the seed of a man, and women were just like some sort of water glass, holding the goods that men implanted into them.

So if this extremist group wishes to control unwanted pregnancies, and they wish to “save babies”, they really ought to control the flow of semen; go back to the story of Onan, in the Old Testament, who was evaporated by God for masturbating in a tent, and letting his holy seed, which were actually “little mini babies” according to the belief of the day, hit the ground and die in the dirt.

Seriously, read your Bible. You can’t make this stuff up.

This attack on women’s rights is a jihad, of sorts (“Jihad” is an Arabic word which literally means “striving” or “struggling”, especially with a praiseworthy aim.) Its a form of “holy war”, whose goal has passed on from generation to generation.

That’s what’s actually happening here. Which is why I am not demoralized, nor defeated, yet resolved to hold the line for non-authoritarianism.

I’m a married gay woman, in my early 50s. It’s not like I’m going to get accidentally pregnant. Coming out as gay at 19, I was never going to get accidentally pregnant. (Not to say I couldn’t have been raped and gotten pregnant.) However, I have always stood in the gap for a woman’s right to choose the trajectory of their health, of their situation, and of their body. Even though I’m not a demographic that might get pregnant from a fun spin on a Saturday night in the back of a car. (Which is the stereotype against pregnant women seeking abortions.)

I recognized a long time ago that if Roe is overturned, abortion regulation is returned to the states. Some states will decide it’s illegal, some states will not. What this will mean is that many impoverished people, who are raped, or whose pregnancy is the product of incest, or naïveté, will not be able to travel to a neighboring state. They’ll have someone do it under the table. Or they’ll commit suicide, and take the baby with them anyway.

This is the pattern. There are actually 40 years worth of documented numbers to support this pattern.

Many of these impoverished people are people of color—Black people, brown people. So make no mistake, that the white people on the Supreme Court, who are deciding that Roe is needing to be overturned, are exceptionally aware of the demographic difference, and who could potentially perish from botched abortions.

Now for all culturally-insulated middle-class white people out there, who actually think that this is just about keeping an unborn baby alive, because perhaps you’ve never lived in an area with a diverse socioeconomic population, or perhaps something like abortion has never been part of your daily discussion, I will let you know that you probably know dozens of white women who at some point in their life, made that excruciating decision for whatever reason to not carry a pregnancy, and have secretly lived with that decision.

Many of these women are the community epitome of the most selfless and reliable mothers one could ever craft in their mind.

The difficult choice to undergo the abortion of a pregnancy isn’t just something that happens to “those people“—the poor people, the “sluts”, the addicts. This decision faces some of the most respectable people you could possibly imagine in your life. And the lack of empathy for this decision, that this court is exhibiting, is not only sociopathic, it’s the thing that nightmare dystopian novels are written about.

I am further horrified by the ignorant notion that abortion is simply “birth control”. That is utter ignorance. The process of abortion, on a woman’s body, and her hormones, is felt as a long lasting application. No woman in their right mind with “choice” in the pregnancy, is running to the clinic every five minutes, to have an abortion as a “birth control method” because they refuse to have protected sex and are getting pregnant. Abortion takes a toll on the body, and on the psyche.

So for all the people out there who are taking some creepy judging tone from the 1930s, putting on your Puritan hat, and casting the finger of judgment on women who have gone through such a procedure, insinuating it’s a form of “birth control” because they (not they and the man, but THEY) made a “bad choice”, well, you’re just publicly making yourself appear ignorant, and my empathy is with you. (However, do know that you are peddling a narrative that is simply untrue, both statistically and socially.)

Every single person reading this has a right to their opinion on whether a woman should go through with an abortion procedure or not. However, that opinion gets to stay with each one of us. Just because I choose not to own a gun, doesn’t mean I think everyone else should NOT own a gun. That’s just *my* choice.

This is called America. We’re supposed to have *choices*.

No one is forcing men to have vasectomies that can be reversed, once they have demonstrated that they are financially viable enough to take care of children. Did you know that it’s actually very simple to place a “valve” in the testes, to allow semen through into the penis, to allow a male to procreate? It’s literally like a half an hour procedure, with a local anesthetic.

If the court is so worried about babies being distributed all over the place, and potentially killed, they could certainly mandate that men, before they had the ability to just spread their seed indiscriminately, have a procedure done to temporarily restrain the flow of semen, until that male could produce tax returns to a doctors office, showing that they could financially take care of a child. Shoot, we could set the ceiling really low, like $20,000 a year, but just showing that hey, they’re willing to put some skin in the game, and some greenbacks behind that baby.

Sound inhumane? Sound nightmarish and ridiculous? Are those of you with testes completely cringing, reading this? Is your blood boiling, and is your face now red with anger, that someone would sterilize you until it was decided that you could actually have a baby? Are you feeling your heart race faster, at the notion that someone would have the right to tell you what to do, with such a personal part of your own body?

Well, welcome to the experience of hundreds of millions of women, if this Roe decision is overturned. (I’m happy to provide you with that exercise in empathy. You’re welcome.)

Let’s hope the courts don’t actually go this way. However if they do America, do not become demoralized. This is not about babies. It’s not about abortion.

It’s about control.

Don’t let this extremist jihad control you, or your emotions. As I stated at the top of this post, Pluto is in retrograde, in the sign of Capricorn. Which means that we’re having to evaluate our illusions, what needs to die out and what needs to go forward to benefit society, and the evaluation of antiquated rules and systems. This is par for the course for a Pluto retrograde. However, the other thing presented in a Pluto retrograde, is extreme societal evolution, created through the death of a system, and the raising up of a new one.

One could posit that by overturning Roe, it is the death of an old system, and by making abortion illegal, it is executing a “new way“.

However, Roe is a fairly recent Supreme Court decision in our history of America, so actually, overturning Roe is rolling back to an old way, which would mandate that the old way dies off, under the Pluto retrograde energy.

The point of this post is not even about abortion.

It’s about making sure we are all not being manipulated. Because that’s what’s trying to happen, America.

Keep your eye on the horizon, and be smarter than the outmoded authoritarian system that’s trying to trick you into casting our eyes to the ground, and giving up.

If they can’t own your mind, they have nowhere to plant their forests of demoralization.

Without soil, a crop cannot grow.

About danielleegnew

Named "Psychic of the Year" by UFO's and Supernatural Magazine, Danielle Egnew is an internationally-known Psychic, Medium and Angelic Channel whose work has been featured on national TV (NBC, ABC, TNT, USA) as well as in the Washington Post and Huffington Post. She has provided content consultant services for the CW's hit series "Supernatural" and the blockbuster film "Man of Steel". Danielle is also an author, teacher, and TV / radio host in the field of metaphysics. She anchors her private practice in the Big Sky Country of Montana, residing with her wife and their daughter.
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9 Responses to Pluto in Retrograde and Roe Vs. Wade

  1. Hoyt says:

    You have opened my eyes and touched my heart. You’re right not to “fight against” but to rather open to a larger view of the changes that have been so necessary in our country and culture. It’s hard to stay the course, and this is what we must do. Thank you.

  2. Rebecca Ruth Shardy says:

    I agree that it’s about control. Abortion is mentioned nowhere in the Bible and women of antiquity from all places in the world took care of themselves and each other. When and why did it become a national ruckus? “Not by Politics Alone: The Enduring Influence of the Christian Right” by Sara Diamond explains how right-wing ideologues strategized to exploit our human condition in a push for power beginning in the late 20th century. Power to control and punish. So Christlike.

  3. This is exceptionally well-reasoned and well-articulated. Thank you for your clear voice and call to clarity.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Excellent!!! Thank you. Thank you. I wrote this Sept 2, 2021. Yes all about control.

    So in Texas will men have to pay child support 6 weeks after conception? How about medical expenses during pregnancy, labor and delivery, plus child support?

    Abortion is a safe, medical and legal procedure. Women are capable of making their own choices about their bodies. It is despicable in this day and age, that women’s rights are STILL being stomped on. It is appalling that lawmakers still think they have the right to tell women what they can and cannot do with their bodies and their lives.

    On the other hand, a vasectomy is a safe, medical, and legal procedure. Choosing to have a vasectomy is a form of birth control. HOWEVER, I have yet to hear hypocritical men opposing a vasectomy. I don’t see the religious right wing conservatives or anti-abortion advocates carry protest signs against men having vasectomies that say: swim sperm swim or sperm are people too and save the sperm.

    There is no bashing or revolting behavior towards men choosing to have a vasectomy. There are no protests against men and the choices they make for contraception. Why not? Why aren’t men criticized as women are for making legal reproductive choices? Is there a double standard? YES! Is this about control? YES!

  5. Chery says:

    Thanks Yellie you nailed it. I am so fucking sick of the bullshit, bullying and lies. The school board election scared the shit out of me too. What the fuck? Love ya

  6. Patricia Gibb says:

    Dear Danielle,

    You are brave enough to speak the TRUTH!

    I am certain that millions of souls, Hearts still beating…no matter what gender, lifestyle, color, race or creed are feeling exactly what your are revealing! This is not magic, but reality.
    Your written words and style of communication are beyond, of course you know that you are well guided.
    How can we help as Light Workers and ‘Old Souls Seeing Now’ Help this precious planet?

    Would you be able to or willing to go on “ The View” or CNN or God forbid Fox?
    How can we as the collective elevate our voices in these heavyweight times?

    I am well aware that you are an Angelic worker, communication is your gift for sure and ‘THEY ‘
    are always so elated and thrilled to work with you and through you!

    I would be more than honored to read for you or write ‘automatically’ for you .

    With all of my Heart and Highest Soul to you and your Loved ones 🌏

    Patricia Gibb

  7. says:

    You are correct.  To me it is a matter of freedom of religion.  

  8. Thank you, Danielle! It’s absolutely crazy what’s happening. I know I’m not feeling demoralized but clearer than ever that we all have to act on this now. I’m over this religious jihad and their attempts to control us.

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