No, you’re not overreacting. The United States of America is actually in jeopardy.

I literally no longer have any worry about who this message will offend. Because being offended means, on some level, it’s hitting a nerve. And I’m not responsible for people’s nerves.

The Universe doesn’t actually pay much mind to the emotional ramifications of “offend”. They see it all as lessons. To put in terms more human—the heavens don’t really care if we get butthurt over observing reality.

I’ve cared.

But the Universe?

Facts are facts, for them. Lies are lies. Change is change.

The Universe isn’t mired in the weeds of whomever’s personal feelers get a little ruffled during transition.

It cares about the honesty and learning and awareness of the transition, because in that honesty and reflection, we bring through the greatest opportunity for evolution and growth.

When anything evolves, that means that another system dies out. And we are staring in the eyeballs a system of 400-year-old white domination, male domination, that is already dead, that’s attempting just like the emperor in his underwear, to convince everyone that his tighty-whities are long flowing robes.

Yet no one is buying it. Except others who are stranded in public, wearing underwear, calling it Gucci.

It’s not men, nor Caucasian people, who are “dead to the universe”. Many misunderstand this.

It’s the conquest model, the victimization model, the suppression model, that’s dead to the Universe.

Many white males can’t pull themselves apart from that model, or see themselves apart from that mode. And that’s an even more sad, more insidious systemic problem.

Consequently, anyone who adheres to this conquest and suppression model as a “way of life”, or who has mistaken this model for “the American Dream”, is feeling the squeeze of time, like a python around a trapped goat; when anything’s death is impending, it fights as hard as it can to stay alive.

In our reality, this demonstrates itself as a Supreme Court illegally packed full of Justices who carry this outmoded banner, at least two of whom were not even confirmed by a full bipartisan committees, because Democrats mistakenly thought their Republican colleagues would follow the rule of law, and not be able to vote-in a rushed-in Justice without a full panel.

There were Democrats who simply did not attend the confirming hearings out of protest for the immense haste in which these political pawn Justices were being tossed into the court by the same senators that blocked out Barack Obama’s Merrick Garland pick, for over a year.

It’s the law, that no Justice can be ratified until a full committee voted.

Yet a half-committee of Republicans voted-in Amy Coney Barrett, and a President who was assisted by Putin to grab an election and destabilize America, shoved this Justice through.

Yet the extreme right tweets and cries that it’s DEMOCRATS, trying to ruin the country. Democrats, who won’t even with a majority add justices to the Supreme Court.

They could.

They could ram through four justices, and they have the votes to do it. Kamala Harris would be the senate tie-breaker.

They could easily take a play from the Republican playbook and illegally ratify whomever they wanted, if Republicans didn’t show up to the hearings.

Just like the Republicans did.

But the Dems aren’t using their majority to BREAK THE RULE OF LAW.

Just like the Republicans did.

And the Dems were so stunned—they did nothing.

If Biden had the temperament of Trump, he’d pull in his attorneys and de-install Barrett especially. And by law, he could.

She was not ratified by a full panel.

But Biden wants to try and heal this country, so he left her there.

It was a mistake, by any Democrat or Independent, to think that this jihad being played out by the religious extremists who worship a new god of dark money and unlimited power would want to heal anything.

Don’t be bamboozled. These folks aren’t the GOP.

They aren’t the accomplished American conservative civic servants like Bush or McCain or Romney or Cheney. They don’t wish the country to heal.

They wish the country, as it is, to collapse.

Their goal is to build an empire in their new god’s image. They manipulate the faith of those who are unaware of the new god they worship; they are the worst kind of false prophet.

They make sure that the most unstable Americans remain armed under the once-again false-battle cry of “the Second Amendment”.

They keep pushing a civil war, an anarchist outbreak, with paid sponsorships to hosts like Tucker Carlson (who, just like Rush Limbaugh, doesn’t even begin to believe all the nonsense he spouts for money) to agitate the masses. To fill them with buzz-phrases snapped right from the KGB’s psychological warfare playbook, like “groomers” for drag queens. “Sociologist Marxists” for anyone who isn’t this particular brand of religious extremist.

Us against them in tiny digestible bumper-sticker snack bites.

The buzz phrases change every few weeks, to keep the frightened flock destabilized, more stirred-up, on edge, ready to snap, peddling the illusion that they are trapped in the fabricated world of “forced liberal indoctrination” —simply another term for people who don’t agree with the new idol, the new god’s Authoritarian opinion.

From the KGB’s handbook on mutiny, these extremists label lawbreakers, those who take the new god’s message into the world, as heroes—“patriots”.

Make no mistake. This extremist group does not want the country to heal.

They wish it to collapse, so they may build another country in their new god’s image, using 300 years of super-power resources for their vision.

The Dems didn’t appear to understand the gravity of this long-standing jihad, this holy war, put into play on the 1950’s, where even Republican Barry Goldwater warned his party about the “dangerous preachers” embedding themselves, hiding within the system of conservatism.

Goldwater, too, saw the writing on the wall. For a time, he was heard. Until Reagan. And that’s when the separation of church and state blurred dangerously.

That was over 60 years ago.

The Democratic party is in a tough position. Do they break the law, to stop these extremists hiding in the GOP from breaking the law? Because those in the GOP who have attempted to do so have been ostracized by their own.

Do the Democrats stand up to the jihad, now that this army is armed with quick repeating assault rifles, and ready to storm the Capitol building again in the name of the new god?

Or have the Dems recognized that by the time their own hubris subsided, they were entrenched in a war they never saw coming, believing that “the constitution” would keep them safe?

The Constitution only works when everyone adheres to it.

And these extremists do not care for the Constitution, though they claim it is their guiding light.

They are working to tear apart state constitutions, with plants from their extremist belief system in state governments all over the USA.

My home state of Montana is no different. Currently, we have “Republican” representatives who are working hard to tear apart one of the greatest and balanced state constitutions in the country—ours. If they succeed, Montana, the live and let live state where common sense, mutual respect for one another, and respect for the land, are the law of the land—will cease to exist.

They wish, too, to tear down the United States Constitution. They’ve already ignored it, backing a former President who was a key player in an insurrection.

The Democrats seem to be paralyzed in this scenario.

Perhaps the best they can do is ride out their government retirement and hope they won’t be rounded up into camps of dissenters.

The blaring fact is that the country is needing to evolve; a large power-play has been made for who is going to run this nation, so we do, quite literally, have a war waging within our borders, yet none of it looks like anything that anyone would have expected.

Except Barry Goldwater. And Hillary Clinton. Who warned everyone.

Yet they and many others were labeled as “crazy” or “paranoid” by either a system that simply was not ready to look at our own ugly; a system that simply had no clue that a jihad of this nature was possible in our idealistic, and slightly arrogant, USA.

The people who went on record about this jihad were laughed at. Liz Cheney has been been threatened with her life. And she’s a lifelong Republican.

Good Republicans and good Democrats are dealing with desperate, insane people who are enmeshed in a holy war to turn back time in the name of “God and Country” which is just code for “we still want a different set of rules that sets us on top, with no checks and balances.”

This has never been about God.

Nor the country.


This is about keeping all the money.

And if those particular “God and Country” folks think that, well—God—is going to appreciate being dragged into their game of false piousness; if they truly do not know their god well enough to understand that the tongue taking the Lord’s Name while their heart worships at the feet of greed and dominion is not going to be noticed by an all-seeing Entity, well—

that demonstrates the level of hubris, ego, greed, and sociopathic disconnection the country is dealing with.

That the world is dealing with.

Either these extremists don’t believe in God at all, and are using the idea of God for votes. Or, the God they believe in was created in their own image, for their own needs.

That’s called Idolatry.

And I observe that that is what has happened.

This is the desperation behind keeping the dead way of oppressor-life alive—to go through the trouble of creating a NEW GOD that justifies everything they choose to do.

They then serve that “god”, against the rule of law.

To me, that’s terrifying.

And maybe that’s why The Universe has had it, with the niceties in translation regarding this timeframe.

Thank God. Thank God in heaven that the Heavens are where they are at right now.

Because I’m exhausted from trying to get points across, skirting certain words, trying not to rock the boat too much, so “everyone” can hear the message. As a translator, that’s the job. The message is the most important.

Yet anymore, the ethers recognized that folks have chosen their path of participation. Sure, any of us can make changes. Yet paths are laid, and most folks are blindly walking upon the stones they don’t even realized they hammered into place.

Therefore, the heavens aren’t speaking in niceties. They are grueling right now; they are ragged and on-point, and raw and real, showing fear for what it is, oppression for what it is, illusion for what it is, hubris for what it is, laziness for what it is, neglect and apathy for what it is, narciccism for what it is—ergo, here I am today.

The translator.

For the on-point section of our historical program.

The fact is, everyone won’t hear or understand this message. And I’m not really talking to those who won’t hear it, anyway. They’re on a different trajectory with a different set of lessons that frankly, I really have nothing to do with.

Watch the actions of these extremists — the extreme white Religious Right casting themselves as the continual victim and martyr, though no one is doing anything to them. Yet they claim the victim hood, the attention.

It is the classic definition of narcissism.

“Republican” senators are demanding the POTUS protect the Justices, the court, churches, pro-life centers—even though NONE of these people are in direct danger.

Yet these extremists in power continue to stir the pot, rallying their troops, hoping someone will snap, and bring the dramatic and holy end to the current USA, so they can rebuild.

Now, thanks to these dog-whistlers, we have a people running around squeaking like Guinea pigs, “Our Justices are in danger! Our churches are in danger! Danger, danger, Will Robinson!”


The government put an unscalable wall up around the Supreme Court before this ruling. Anytime you must protect yourself from your own people, that should be a sign of imbalance.

The white Right Wing extremists know that the Justices are protected by personal security. That goes with the job.

Yet this is how how the Authoritarian destabilization game is played: oppress others, then claim you’re the victim.

Just like Putin.

Just like Kim Jong-Un.

Just like every genocidal warrior king in Africa.

So please be aware that in the United States of America, at this time in History, we art at war with an enemy that has overtaken our legal borders, from within.

We are not at war with each other, which is what the new dark money god would have us all believe.

We are at war with an enemy so cunning, they knew better to announce themselves. Instead, they saw the wisdom in pretending to be that which was already accepted: conservatives. God lovers. Patriots.

They do not wish to have an America based upon our experiment of Democracy, which will, by its nature, change the country every few decades, as the world changes.

That is the design of our nation’s fabric, the brilliance of our founding documents. Our founders didn’t expect us to keep the country static. They expected us to be just as excited about the process of self-governance, societal creation, and evolution, as they were.

Many do not realize that the change they fear is the very engine of the bright-shining light on the hill.

Perhaps after reading this, many will understand the much-wider-view of this Roe Vs Wade decision.

This isn’t simply about “women’s rights”. It’s about an entire country’s operating system being usurped from the inside out.

The United States has been successfully invaded.

The United States has been successfully taken over, legally.

This is not the time for denial.

And this is not a war that can be fought with guns, nor protest, nor destruction.

Destruction and civil unrest is the highest form of worship for this new god.

We must not give it the power. We must not feed its followers with purpose.

As with every false god, there is a weak place in the gold plating of the idol. In this case, the weak spot is money.

The new god of dark money craves money above all things; it’s power is derived from money.

Pull away the money, and all you have is a little man behind a curtain operating the great Wizard.

To win this war, and take America back to the principles of a country that is literally penned to evolve with the times, we must starve the new god. We must topple it from the inside out, just as it has toppled the American justice system from the inside out.

To do so, we must not feed it money.

Research companies that worship the new god. Don’t purchase their products if they support this new extremist occupation.

Please be clear that the followers of the new god want an old-school, bloody turf war, where their twisted martyr fantasies of bleeding out into the street for the cause of their new god are fulfilled.

They are the bully, slapping the child sitting in front of them in the back of the head while the teacher isn’t looking, until the child in front snaps, turns around, and clocks the bully in the head with a book.

The bully then falls to the floor dramatically, bawling, claiming he’s been victimized, reveling in delight as the startled kid is hauled off to the principle’s office.

To win this war, we must be as patient and cunning as those who have infiltrated from within. Or we’ll be hauled off to the principle’s office by those who know how to manipulate the rule of law.

We must turn the money OFF, to the god machine.

No “war”.

No “destruction”.

Just dwindling profits to the point where the boards of these failing companies become the ones with the torches and the pitchforks, storming the gates of the new god’s temple.

This is about saving what’s left of the nation.

If you are a company planted in a state whose government has been taken over by the extremist followers of the new god, consider opening locations in additional other areas.

If you’re spending money with a company that feeds the new god, stop. We have a world full of vendors.

Make another choice.

Once the money stops, the new god will panic; it’s followers will panic.

Without money, the monster topples.

Please hear this:

We are at a deeply pivotal time in the USA. What we do now has long-standing repercussions.

Do not become violent. Violence feeds the self-importance of the new god.

Do not riot and destroy. This feeds the purpose of the followers of the new god.

Instead, land a theoretical punch light where it will take the giant down—pull your money away from the machine.

Continue to write your congresspeople, go ahead and peacefully protest, yet congresspeople are pinned against upholding the rule of law against those who won’t. And protests are ignored by that same group.

Washington DC isn’t on the same page anymore. It’s not even on the same operating system.

If you are unhappy with what is occurring in the USA, VOTE.

Sign up new voters.

With enough votes, they cannot be manipulated. The followers of the new god are cowards. They will never outwardly defy the law without a loophole to hide behind.

Except with Amy Coney Barrett. That was an outward defiance of the law. Yet they were still insulated from the people by process.

Outwardly defying all the people? That’s the bully hitting the kid in the back of the head while the teacher is watching. The bully usually doesn’t have that kind of resolve.

So understand what’s happening, truly, not simply in the United States, but across the pond in the UK, in France, the same authoritarian regime is attempting to envelop our earth, to keep this planet which can transmute anything into something fabulous—in its control,

And all for money.

Be smart. Follow the money. Control your spending of your money. Don’t fund the beast. Don’t fuel the beast. Be as cunning and patient as the new god itself.

Every evil archetypal enemy has a fatal flaw. The new god is not exception. It is made weak by its complete addiction on money, and on having followers.

Just look at Donald Trump, the poster child for the Order of the new god.

And always remember—any law, or any government, only has power because WE THE PEOPLE participate with its power.

We the people are the power in the United States. We must wake up into the responsibility this entails.

Part of that responsibility is recognizing that we will never agree fully with our neighbors. Yet we can live in a country where everyone is free to decide what is best for them, as long as it is not harming another, or victimizing another, or jeopardizing another.

We have an opportunity to create a United States that moves away from its founding domination and suppression model.

We have an opportunity to truly create a country from the trust the founders had in the fabric of the principles that are encapsulated in the constitution and the Bill of Rights.

We can come away from the juvenile need to be violently reactive in the face of dissenting opinion; to overcome our own egos long enough to focus on our own brilliance, and the brilliance of another with whom we may disagree, to be able to create a third option which is more genius than that of the originating two authors, to be able to overthrow the United States’ occupation by the new god.

This is called growth.

What we are seeing in the United States with Roe V Wade being overturned is the product of turning a blind eye. This agenda has been here since this country was founded.

We walked over the top of first cultures and committed heinous genocide in the name of western expansion.

Enslaved people built our country’s wealth.

We looked away at the ugliest portions of what we were capable of, societally—all for money.

Money, the new god, making its way to the top of the pedestal for three hundred years, now experiencing its shining idol moment, directly in the sun.

For all to see.

Let us see if, finally. For if we choose to be blind to our own greed, we are choosing to be blind to the base problem not only in the United states, yet in our human condition.

Our blindness will not only end democracy in America. It will end humanity.

If this extremism gains control of the world’s super power, and the world super power’s military, we will have a bloody crusade across the globe the likes unseen in human history.

The new god is staving, insatiable. And it wants IT ALL. Putin worships the same new god. Ukraine is the current sacrifice.

This is what our current timeframe is all about—our choices.

Raise your eyes from the ground, USA, where the dirt horizon at the top of our tennis shoes is a Supreme Court Decision. Look to the sky of immense responsibility, and see the true weight of our choice:

Do we wish to have enough emotional discipline in the USA to do what it takes, to watch our money, to be involved and run for local offices to be a firewall for true freedom, to vote, to remain eerily calm yet cunning, to move away from the supposed “influence” of the new god, and lock it back into the trunk of the unwanted, for good?

Or do we feed our impulse to be seen, heard, like a crying child, blaming those who we lazily thought were “doing something” while we tweeted about the Johnny Depo trial, angry that our version of the USA isn’t here yet as if it will magically appear without our participation, lying to ourselves that “dropping out” is noble, unable to look in the face the reality we have mostly ignored—until now?

It’s up to us. Choice A, or choice B?

“Dealer’s choice,” says The Heavens.


How do you play your hand?

About danielleegnew

Named "Psychic of the Year" by UFO's and Supernatural Magazine, Danielle Egnew is an internationally-known Psychic, Medium and Angelic Channel whose work has been featured on national TV (NBC, ABC, TNT, USA) as well as in the Washington Post and Huffington Post. She has provided content consultant services for the CW's hit series "Supernatural" and the blockbuster film "Man of Steel". Danielle is also an author, teacher, and TV / radio host in the field of metaphysics. She anchors her private practice in the Big Sky Country of Montana, residing with her wife and their daughter.
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8 Responses to No, you’re not overreacting. The United States of America is actually in jeopardy.

  1. Serena Yogina says:

    I don’t know where else to put this, I request you remove me (Michelle Star) from your list. Thanks. I wish you well, filled with joy and divine love 💕

  2. PeaceBringer says:

    You need to Update your Reality. You are trapped in an old paradigm of illusion that no longer fits the new reality that is breaking and collapsing all around us. Using your platform under the guise of Spirituality to mislead the uninformed incurs greater Karma than those who spout the same unknowingly. Move from the entrapment of an old 3D paradigm which no longer works and ask to be shown the real truth. Illusion is very strong right now and you are adding to it. This old trajectory that you are on no longer exists. Step off it. Unless of course this is the part you are deliberately choosing to do, so as to mislead as many as possible. If so, then I leave you to answer to the Lords of Karma. Be well.

  3. Lois Gordon says:

    amen, I see it too, all about power and money, I see it in big corporations buying up all houses that go on the market, and turning them into rentals, to make them money. Soon it will become more and more difficult for the average middle class person to own a home. I also believe, much of this is due to over population. The earth is a living being, and it is suffocating as it is overwhelmed. The crazy weather, earthquakes, floods, and yes….wars….are a means to an end. I also feel covid was a means to bring down the population….and even those who survive, may find it more difficult to have children. This anomaly is already, quietly in the background being noticed, that birth rate has dropped and elderly or ill are succumbing to it. That’s why Roe V Wade was imposed, the Gods you describe need to keep people being born to have someone to control….regardless of their means, and especially among those least likely to try to take away their power. These are my thoughts, and I feel we are in sync. Thanks for that. Lois Gordon

  4. Rabia says:

    Thank you so much for writing this. I am going to reread this. A lot I resonate with. Last week was an energetic tidal wave–they did it, they actually did it, and it has nothing to do with life. The other supreme court decisions made me feel like I am living in Gilead.

  5. Rebecca Ruth Shardy says:

    The enemy is also a mindset of objectification: everything is material, not personal. A tree is merely a thing. A fox is merely a thing. A human is merely a thing. Use them as you want. When everything is an object – even God perverted into political strategy – nothing is sacred. The mind loves objects; only the heart sees rightly. A return to heart- its empathy and intuition – can restore us to balance.

  6. Janet says:

    In many traditions this is the time of upheaval and change. The Q’ero in the High Andes came down from their mountain villages to warn us of this time and provide tools for change. The change has to happen. The domination of people and the planet has to end; has to transmute to a different way of being. A way of being that is gracious and grateful. The Hopi know. Prophecy Rock tells the tale. Two choices. Many cultures know our culture is not the first and may not last. And cannot last as it is. Our choices are running out for human life on the planet. Money is not Life. Soil, air and water is Life. Community with people sharing the work is Life. So yes. I cannot be “eerily” calm. (Too many scary movies!) I can be deeply calm. And will I act? Yes! Will I protest, Yes! Will I vote? Yes. Will I remember Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., John Lewis, Elijah Cummings, Sitting Bull, Black Elk, Elie Wiesel and others. I will read Carl Sandburg, Oliver and John O’Donohue. I will sit on a big rock on a mountain or rock on the lake in my kayak. Deeply calm, i remain steady in the storm. There are beacons that beckon. There are people with the light and the calm. We gather. We are strong. We are powerful in the ancient ways.

  7. Ednerd Van Halen says:

    look at the state of this country. that’s the democrats handy work. I don’t much care about abortions. I think that people who want abortions, probably shouldn’t be raising children in the first place. Less criminals on the streets. However, The Supreme Court made the right decision. Abortion was never a constitutional right. So by definition, that goes to the States to decide. The Supreme Court did not take away any rights. They simple put that decision where it belonged in the first place…to the states. There is too much Federal over reach as it is. If people want to kill babies they can move to California and New York.  you need to watch something other than CNN. It has already been proven that Trump had no ties to Putin and that Hillary Clinton paid for that scam. You people have all lost your minds. You believe the democrats and left really care about you. All they care about is power and they don’t care if it destroys our country. Because they will all be sitting pretty while we are drinking sewer water. It’s this ignorance that drive me insane!

  8. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for your insight. These justices imposed their beliefs and religion on all Americans. The lack of respect for women by the Republicans is appalling. This is about control and power.

    It is vital each individual has the right to choose what is best for them. Equal opportunity for all. Freedom, equality and a democratic process that allows for the expression of choice. I just voted last Tuesday and plan to donate to Planned Parenthood supporting women who choose to have an abortion.

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