What will 2023’s Year of Rooting hold for us?

It’s almost the New Year. Just a shout-out about 2023! For those who couldn’t get to my Dec. 14th Barjon’s Forum in Billings, MT on 2023 and what’s to come, as shown to me by the angels—here are the Cliff-notes recap. This isn’t a short read. Because 2023 is involved.

2023 is the Year of Rooting. It’s the beginning of a new 10-year cycle.

2012 was the immersion into the Timeframe of the Feminine. The Mayan calendar called 2012 “The End and the Beginning”. The Western World, which leans heavily in business on the masculine, called 2012 “The End of the World”.

But it wasn’t the end. It was just the end of only the masculine energy leading all things.

This doesn’t mean that since 2012, males are lesser. All living beings have Yin and Yang/ Masculine and Feminine energy. For the past 100,000 years previous to 2012, we leaned forward with the Yang / Masculine side of energy, societally. It makes sense if you think about it: spread the seed, build the roads and bridges, etc.

In 2012, the energy shifted, because there was nothing left to conquer, nothing left to terraform, no more seed to spread on an already over-populated planet, without compromising said planet.

In fact, toward the end of this 100,000 masculine year cycle, the divine masculine had spun out of balance, into averous. Into ego. Into excess and greed. The carnage of “Manifest Destiny” in action.

Every energy shift has a shadow period. It’s a cross-fade time where the energy of what’s coming in, wiggles with the energy of what’s going out. Like a riptide on a beach. Think of Mercury Retrograde, which has a 6 or 7 days period beforehand where electronic stuff just starts to sputter and act weird, even though the retrograde isn’t here yet.

A Mercury Retrograde lasts a few weeks. So a shadow period is a hand full of days.

A masculine / feminine energy cycle on the earth lasts roughly 100,000 years, or enough to imprint society and the planet. So a shadow period of this nature is several years long.

From 2012-2017 was the shadow period from the masculine to the feminine timeframe, Crossfading the portion of the wiggling masculine timeframe, with the incoming feminine timeframe.

Out was the time of conquering and submitted/subjugation (the imbalanced masculine), and in was the timeframe of stewardship, caring, compassion, and the extreme strength to hold these tenets in place, no matter what (the divine feminine).

We saw the #MeToo movement rise.

We saw Black Lives Matter.

We saw MMIW take center stage.

We saw the deep caracature of the masculine push back with Trump. And so many more.

It was time to caretake the planet we lived upon. (Long past, actually.) Not simply exploit it.

So here we are, upon 2023, The Year of Rooting. The big brush stroke version is that we have had 5 years to get our crap figured out. To decide what we stand for, who we are, what’s important to bring into the world, and what, in us, needs to go.

We’ve been given ample time to figure out what we’re about. This year’s 2022 Year of Expansion was an exercise in EVERYTHING in our consciousness, our bodies, our lives, and our life paths expanding—our hopes, our fears, our wellness, our illness, our strength, our weaknesses, our isms, our quirks—it ALL expanded.

Each one of us changed remarkably in 2022, whether we chose to acknowledge it or not.

We flung through the wild atmosphere like a tree being ripped from the soil by a tornado, spun high into the stratosphere and sunk deep into the ground, hundreds of miles away—in 2023.

Where we landed, we landed.

Put very plainly, the time for playing both sides against the middle, the time for hedging our bets, the time for “faking it until you make it”—is over. Long over. There’s not one bit of energy in the cosmos that will support the grift, the spin, the illusion, the procrastination while we wait for “universe to intervene”—anymore.

Whomever you’ve chosen to be up to this point in 2022, is what will root in 2023.


Which is why I’ve harped for several years on working on our consciousness. Because the roots are hitting the soul, right now.

Now, in 2023, it’s time to GROW DEEP. Whatever you are, whatever you’re doing—if it serves you, grow it DEEP.

2022 was like fishing on a Florida charter boat, where you toss a bunch of poles over the side, each one with a different bait, each one tied to the railing, to see what you’ll catch. It was about diversification. It was about the last bet-hedge we could make.

2023 is about learning what bait was “hit” the most while fishing. It’s about fishing with one pole. With the bait that works.

It’s about conscious focus.

It’s about being okay to commit. To whatever that may be.

If you have been hedging about changing jobs, or retiring—do it. If you have been hedging about starting or leaving a relationship—do it. If you’ve been on the fence about an entrepreneurial idea or starting a business —DO IT.

Don’t stay frozen, waffling in nowhere’s-ville in your current situation out of complacency, laziness, or fear. Or you’ll find it tragically hard to leave later, as the roots of your decision grow tightly around your ankles, freezing you in complacency, laziness and fear throughout 2023—sour soil for any prospective crop.

Take action. It’s not a “risk” if it betters your life, and the life of those around you.

Root those commitments down deep, to weather upcoming storms. Whether we wish it to or not, 2023 will place us all in a shoot, and down that slide we shall go.

2023’s Year of Rooting doesn’t erase free will, or erased our ability to change our mind. However, it will place us all on the path we have truly been moving toward over the past five years.

Not the path we WANT. Not the path we HOPE for. Not the path we think we’re ENTITLED to.

But the path we’ve put the WORK into. Or—not.

2023 asks us to stop effing around with our own whining self-absorption, and to BE WHAT WE ARE in the world. Because the world needs us.

That takes work, on all of our part.

The imbalanced masculine cries “Look at me! I am the answer!”

The divine feminine whispers, “Look to us all. For we all are the answer.”

2023’s Year of Rooting, for some, will be the launch of what’s seen as “overnight success”—which is actually the culmination of years and years of conscious focus, taking ROOT.

For others, 2023 will feel like tar around the ankles, as they seem to go nowhere —which is actually the culmination of years and years of a conscious lack of focus, taking ROOT.

If we root our lives in LOVE, we will grow a mighty oak fortress whose roots can bear the hefty weight of those fruits.

If we root our lives in fussiness and discontent, we will grow a soft weeping willow, bending in the slightest breeze, supporting only the whims of the wind.

Neither is better than the other. As in any forest, all trees serve a purpose.

Yet 2023’s Year of Rooting forces us to sht or get off the pot. Or, more accurately, to sht and move on, or to become the sh*tter pot itself. With a strong foundation, either way.

2023 is a magical year for hope, for decorum. For innovation, for invention.

Extremism is out. Moderation is in. Seething vitriol won’t be tolerated. Because it cannot permanently ROOT. It is a passing fancy.

LOVE will root.

KINDNESS will root.

HELPING and SUPPORTING others will root.

Self-aggrandizement, self-victimizing, attention-seeking through the lowest common denominator, raging, blaming, paranoia, conspiracy—all are energies that have no roots, yet teeter atop insecurities whose roots are begging to be healed. None will root in 2023.

Don’t take my or the angels’ word for it. Watch the media trends, even now, moving into 2022. Media has always exploited people’s wounds.

I’m 2023, watch the move away from the sensationalized negative, a shaming tactic used in the old world imbalanced masculine timeframe to sculpt the public narrative.

Shaming is out.

Accountability is in.

Bragging is out.

True actions taking in humility is in.

Currently, we can watch Tech Titan Elon Musk digging himself an embarrassing hole on Twitter, his same braggadocio that was celebrated in the old world masculine, landing like nails on the chalkboard of the compassionate feminine timeframe.

We will see the most dramatic social changes of the last 5 years, in 2023.

Not through civil wars. Not through authoritarian take-overs.

Yet through hundreds of millions of people—simply not engaging the madness and the bullsh*t , and moving on to build a more functional, compassionate, sustainable world.

Power only has power if the masses give it power. “Power” is a fragile illusion, granted to many through participating with their narrative.

The feminine doesn’t demand power. It IS the power that nurtures. The feminine in males, nurtures. The feminine births. The feminine ideology in the masculine births modalities. It is the time of co-creating, trusting, rooting that field which we have seen over the last year.

Negativity will grow a crop of misery and chaos in 2023. One sprout at a time.

Love will grow a field of opportunity in 2023. One root at a time.

This is the overview. Yet the bullet point is that it’s time to sink the shovel in the ground to begin construction on the next ten years’ worth of our energies.

Time to take root

Time to grow…up.


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Named "Psychic of the Year" by UFO's and Supernatural Magazine, Danielle Egnew is an internationally-known Psychic, Medium and Angelic Channel whose work has been featured on national TV (NBC, ABC, TNT, USA) as well as in the Washington Post and Huffington Post. She has provided content consultant services for the CW's hit series "Supernatural" and the blockbuster film "Man of Steel". Danielle is also an author, teacher, and TV / radio host in the field of metaphysics. She anchors her private practice in the Big Sky Country of Montana, residing with her wife and their daughter.
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2 Responses to What will 2023’s Year of Rooting hold for us?

  1. Barbara says:

    Thank you for this uplifting forcast!

  2. Ricardo Cisneros says:

    Thank you Danielle Its Ricardo from twitter. i followed you for years until that platform just became too toxic for daily consumption. Im the Sundancer who dances in SD and invited you years ago. As always your posts are spot on and thank you for never giving up the good fight. I hope more and more know who you are and the message you share. Its strong medicine. Wopila Tanka my sister from another mister

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