Darkness: The Original Smoke-And-Mirrors Show

Evil, “The Devil”, Chaotic Darkness, Bad Vibes – call it what you will, and acknowledge it or not, but Darkness is indeed a real part of our spiritual landscape. I’m here to expose Darkness for what it is, and call out some of its most prominent methods for “duping humans”, because the more we know about this bully, the easier it is for us to kick Darkness to the curb.

There is no love lost between me and The Dark. I see Darkness as an infestation, like a roach problem. I don’t fear the roaches, yet I don’t want them crawling all over me, because Lord only knows what types of diseases they carry. As such, I don’t fear Darkness, but I don’t want it around me, either. So here is an expose on the nature of “Evil” that will help you crush Darkness beneath your boot heel, just like the head of a cockroach. Like a roach, you may not be able to kill it – but you can sure send the infestation packing. The more education people have on this elusive energy signature, the less power it has over humanity. It’s time to call BS on this energetic bully, planet wide.

Darkness, or Evil, has a terrific publicist — our very own Christian churches, who repeatedly teach their congregations that the devil is “all-powerful”. That’s just what Darkness wants, to be represented as more powerful on earth than God. Which it is not. On the other side of the spectrum and in defiance to the Judeo-Christian attention given to Evil, there has sprung up a popular metaphysical school of thought that dictates that Darkness, or Evil, is not real, but simply a “scapegoat” — a projection of the human consciousness. Well, as much as I love that idea, that’s just not the case. (I’d also like to believe that “Real Housewives of Orange County” isn’t a TV show – but alas, no luck there either.) Darkness is just as real in our spiritual relationship with the Cosmos as is Light. Neither one of these beliefs – “all powerful” or “non-existent” — serves the human pursuit for spiritual balance. Until we truly understand what Darkness is, we will continually fall prey to its rather piddly, yet often times effective, bag of tricks. 

It’s important to realize that Darkness, Evil, The Devil, Chaos – however you look at it – is an illusionist, and illusion is it’s biggest weapon. Darkness is called “The Great Deceiver” in the Bible, and “The Trickster” in Native American Spirituality. It creates worlds within worlds, in our own consciousness, by bringing up to our attention negative data it finds in our own “fear vaults” within our minds, until we become immobilized by the illusion of isolation, failure, distrust, and self-loathing.

Though esoterically, the Yin-Yang argument that “Light cannot exist without Dark” is interesting, its not very practical. Even stating that one “cannot have Light without Dark” isn’t exactly accurate. It would be more accurate to say that we wouldn’t notice the Light, without the Dark, and indeed, that “pointing out Light” aspect is one of Dark’s default functions, much to it’s chagrin. We, as humans, are capable of great light and great darkness, all on our own. I’m not talking about the human capacity to make bad choices and to self-explore through said choices, into greater territories of emotional and spiritual development. I’m talking about dealing with the approach pattern of Darkness towards humanity, and the dogma surrounding “The Devil”.

What exactly is Darkness? Darkness, or “Fallen Angels”, is chaos, for the sake of chaos, pain for the sake of suffering, torment for the sake of sport. It is the perfect predator. It is the perfect Sociopath. People cannot die and become demons. Demons, like angels, are a whole separate spiritual genus, and were never human. A rotten, cranky, creepy human can die, decide not to cross over, and hang around a location to become a rotten, cranky, creepy ghost. But it won’t become a “demon”. It’s more likely that the rotten, cranky, creepy human “ghost” will become a cat-toy for a demon. (Demons love the really tormented humans who refuse to cross over).

Through all of our human foibles, it is nearly impossible for a human being to understand why something would wish to cause pain, suffering, and chaos, for absolutely no reason outside of, well – just doing it – because we’re not wired that way. I’m not saying that humans can’t do hideous things, because we can – but there is always a reason. Darkness needs no reason. It just does it.  

We have to keep in mind that Darkness is a predator. Like a shark, which is wired to eat, Darkness is wired to cause chaos. It’s just what it does. Just as being attacked by a shark is not personal, neither is being in the crosshairs of Darkness. We like to pretend that spiritual attacks are personal, but believe me – they’re not, even if Evil pretends that they are to our face, which it often does to “get our goat”. Remember, making something personal would require emotionality, and Darkness, like a sociopath, lacks emotion. Darkness is an equal opportunity tormentor. None of us are special in its eyes.

The whole mission of Darkness is to disturb Light. This is a tall order, because Darkness has to try a lot harder, especially in this Light-created third dimension, to get its point across. It’s true. Let me be one of the first in line to officially “debunk” the wrong teaching that “the devil is all powerful” down here on earth. That is as ridiculously incorrect as me claiming that I can play basketball as well as Kobe Bryant, just because I can dribble. (Sort of.)

The truth is that Darkness is up against quite a number of difficult obstacles here on earth, most of them having to do with spiritual physics, so before it can establish its “Big Fat Evil Empire”, it needs to figure out how to get around down here. To do that, it needs a human being to further its agenda. Okay, let me take a moment to mention that anything that requires a third party to carry out its big scary evil plan is sort of lacking in the “terror” department. If Darkness were a virus, sitting on a table, and next to it was a cold virus, the cold virus would overtake the Darkness virus instantly, because the cold virus does not have a consciousness to manipulate, and Darkness would be helpless to it. Again – anything that a cold virus can kick the backside of is not really “Universe-Ruling” material.

Because Light, or God, created our third dimension reality, Evil has to deal with the fact that this entire reality is on a wavelength, or resonation, or “bandwidth” that is comfortable and workable for Light to operate within. As such, Light has the home court advantage, and can gently whisper to humanity in one way or another, to get its point across. Down here on earth, Darkness, which is on a lower vibration, or “bandwidth” than is Light, has to shout to be heard, and it typically puts on all sorts of creepy floorshows, like scratching people, throwing plates, and possessing people – again, showy, showy, showy – in order for humans to even notice it is there. 

Evil does not have the upper hand in this environment, no matter what’s on the five o’clock news. It’s just not possible. Yes, people make horrendous decisions and do some horrific things to one another. But HUMANS decide to do that, not the Devil.  The spiritual physics don’t work out to favor Darkness here. Just as science has discovered that the human soul actually has a physical mass – around 3 ounces, in fact — Light and Dark both have a physical mass, and that physical mass is not equal. If a person were to weigh a teaspoon of Light, and a teaspoon of Darkness, the Light would be far more dense, and weigh quite a bit more. This is due to the fact that Light resonates at a much higher vibration, and “tighter waves” means “more waves” in the same space. (Think of how much more thread is in a two inch square of 1200 thread count bed sheet, as opposed to a two inch square of cheese cloth). So it takes many times more parts Darkness to have the same effect as one part Light. If you’ve ever wondered why it takes a Legion of Demons to possess ONE person – now you know.  

Since Darkness, the weaker energy signature, is working at this energetic deficit, it must behave like an ambush predator, but in slow motion. It can’t take on Light directly, and it can’t tip its hat that it’s here, or we’ll run away.  So it stalks its prey for a reasonable amount of time, deciding our weak points and strategizing the best point of attack, which is executed one tiny blow at a time, one little subtle “tick” in our subconscious at a time, until we cave into our own negative thoughts. WE ruin our lives – the Devil doesn’t. Are we worried about money issues? Darkness will target our money insecurity. Are we afraid we will never be loved? Darkness will target our jealousy button. However, none of its material that it uses against us is original. It is all borrowed from US, our own fears turned inward.

Think of Darkness like a dirty, one-eyed sock puppet, sitting up on your shoulder. It’s allowed to look inside of us, and see what we’re afraid of – our fear of being alone, our insecurities around weight issues, our fear of losing our job and our income. It hears our thoughts as we look into the mirror, saying, “I’m getting older, and I’m still single. Who is ever going to love me?”

Then it starts to nag us, in that Beavis and Butthead voice: “Yeah, who IS going to love you? Especially since you’ve gained so much weight!!

Us: “Wow, I’ve really gained weight since I’ve lost my job.”

Them: “Yeah, you’re fat, and you’re broke, too!”

Us: “I’m so tired of not having a job! That’s it. I’m not going out to tonight. There is no one who would love an overweight person who has no money.”

The result is, we stay in, never meet anyone, stay isolated with our own negative thoughts for one more night, go to bed feeling terrible about ourselves, and the sock puppet wins that round.  600 more rounds just like that one – remember, Darkness can wait and wait, as it’s eternal —  and we buy deeper and deeper into the illusion of isolation, losing our hope. Bingo, we’ve swallowed the demon bait a little at a time until it’s all the way down. We keep our beautiful inner light under a blanket of despair, and we contemplate drug and alcohol addiction, or even suicide, to stop the pain we feel inside of our hearts.

Meanwhile, Darkness pulls up a front row seat, pops some popcorn, and giggles away at the picture show of our misery, its feet propped up on our backs.

Again, WE are the ones to enact the outcome of the self-doubt, not The Devil. WE sabotage our own lives by caving into the relentless nagging of Evil. Darkness does not victimize us – we victimize ourselves, on its suggestion. One of the greatest cinematic villains of all time – Hannibal Lecter from “Silence of the Lambs” – is a perfect analogy for how Darkness works. Hannibal would simply talk everyone into doing horrible things to themselves – and they actually would.

Darkness needs a human to act out its chaos. WE are ultimately responsible, not Darkness, for bringing evil actions through the veil, and into this incarnation. We are the Drug Mules for Evil, if we choose to participate.

That is why it is so important to understand how Darkness works.

How do we know when we’re in the cross-hairs of Darkness? Well, if you ever have any thoughts at all about you being “lesser than” – that’s Darkness, period. Darkness is easy to track, once you know its footprint. My advice is, when you hear that negative self-talk starting, to visualize that rotten one-eyed sock puppet yammering away on your shoulder, and just rip it off, and toss is behind your back.  Recognize it for what it is, and make a choice to let it go, rather than engaging the negative thoughts. We all have bummer thoughts now and again, and they are not always Evil Incarnate. But when thoughts of doubt, fear, limitation and despair come sneaking in, especially right before or during something incredibly wonderful happening in your life – that’s Darkness.

Darkness loves to try and waylay us right before something super important and life-changing (for the better) is going to happen in our lives. It is allowed to try and run us off the road by attempting to convince us to “close the store” before the woman who just won the lottery shows up and “buys all our inventory”. Remember, Darkness, like our angelic friends, can see the future, and the past, and works that to its advantage in planning its predatory slow-motion pounce.

For instance, if you ever have a terrific day, and some random person comes up and snaps at you in the Starbucks line, and says something particularly cutting to you, as it hits on a key insecurity you have – that’s Darkness. The message in that situation is, “Hey, something REALLY important and positive must be happening in my life right now, because Darkness is trying to throw a wet blanket on my cozy bonfire!” Take it as a confirmation that you’re on the right path, because Darkness wouldn’t bother to mess with someone whose life path wasn’t going to make a difference. Though Darkness’ attacks are not personal, it happens to loath happiness, and if there is a particular spike in happiness in your life, it will sometimes be attracted to that brightness, until it figures out that we won’t host it, and it moves on to someone who will. Remember, Darkness is fighting a war against Light, and we are the collateral damage in that war, quite often.  

None of us are immune to having a bad day. And obviously, not every snarky action we take is “The Devil”, shouting crummy instructions to us. But Darkness is a one-trick pony. The approach pattern of Darkness is always the same, and once you isolate the way that it approaches you in your life – you can see it coming a mile away, and not participate with it, whether it is by identifying obsessive wrong thoughts, or being able to spot the footprint of Darkness in someone else’s actions toward us.

The saying “it is always darkest before the dawn” has a lot of truth to it. Darkness will “lay it on thick” with us, when it knows it has a limited amount of time to try and persuade us to self-destruct before we reach a really fantastic life-changing mile marker in our journey. If something in your life has become very hard, or your life has suddenly tanked in a way you weren’t expecting, especially in matters of the heart — HANG IN THERE!! That means that Darkness, who can see your future, has looked ahead and has seen an incredible, life-changing experience coming directly toward you, that will change the lives of many others as well – and it’s trying to knock you off of your path before you get there, so you won’t be able to make a difference for you, or others. I call that modality the “Evil Sock Puppet Roller Derby Mode”.

So to recap, Darkness works by:

     1. Acting as a patient, sociopathic predator

Darkness uses against us:

      2. Our deepest fears

Darkness’ biggest weapon is:

     3. Illusion

Darkness is NOT:

     4. All-powerful

Darkness IS:

     5. An infestation of weak blow-hard low-vibration entities

Darkness can be overcome by:

     6. Identifying it’s footprint in your life, and not participating with it when it shows up.

Darkness is crippled by:

     7. Love, Hope, Light/God

Don’t be bullied by an Evil Sock Puppet. You are so much greater than that. Shine brightly and don’t fear the Dark. Instead, LOVE yourself, LOVE your neighbor, and LOVE your connection with your Parent Creator God. It all doesn’t have to be perfect – it just has to be yours. You are exquisite in your design. Rejoice in that.

About danielleegnew

Named "Psychic of the Year" by UFO's and Supernatural Magazine, Danielle Egnew is an internationally-known Psychic, Medium and Angelic Channel whose work has been featured on national TV (NBC, ABC, TNT, USA) as well as in the Washington Post and Huffington Post. She has provided content consultant services for the CW's hit series "Supernatural" and the blockbuster film "Man of Steel". Danielle is also an author, teacher, and TV / radio host in the field of metaphysics. She anchors her private practice in the Big Sky Country of Montana, residing with her wife and their daughter.
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7 Responses to Darkness: The Original Smoke-And-Mirrors Show

  1. Simon says:

    Thank you for that post, very helpful

  2. Jenifer says:


    You’re entries are amazing. I just found your site yesterday, and already I need more content to pore over. These entries help me identify and piece together spiritual, scientific and psychological puzzle pieces – that’s my fave activity!

    Thank you for writing!

    • danielleegnew says:

      Hey Jenifer, you’re so very welcome!! I’m so glad to have you here, and thank you for that wonderful input. I love to upkeep the blog, so it’s very encouraging to know that these messages find their rightly intended “homes”! Here’s to working out the puzzle :)!!!

  3. Tamatha Clay says:

    Very well put love and light.

  4. Derek Williams says:

    Really amazing article. It made me aware of something I had not considered before and that is that evil may see something in it’s victims future that is positive and will try to undermine that future.

    My only reservation with your article is that you seem to excuse the human host that the evil is working through. For example, that narcissistic administrator at work is clearly behaving in a cruel manner designed to hurt those under them, why assume it is only Darkness working through them?

    I have tried to believe that everyone is intrinsically good and it is only their current level of consciousness that makes them do what they do, but the observable reality , at least as I perceive it, is that these people are just mean.

    That sock puppet analogy was pretty amusing and accurate in my experience.That being the voice in invalidation.

    I think I need to read this blog at least a second time as there is much here that I have found useful in processing my own experience in the past couple of years. Without going into specifics, it’s so unfortunate that a couple of years ago I wouldn’t have had enough awareness to appreciate what you wrote here and more importantly acted on the advice. I hope you decide to someday put all your blogs into some kind of book.

    • danielleegnew says:

      Thank you so much , Derek, for your in-depth thoughts and experiences! 🙂 And most certainly, hopefuly there is no confusion in the difference between how Darkness works on the human Psyche, and people making the choice to exhibit bad behaviors. There is never any excuse for a person to act in a harmful way to another, whether they are “channeling” evil, or are just a very unhappy person. “The devil made me do it” is not a reasonable “excuse” for anyone to choose to be a rotten person to another. Regrettably, there are many people out there who default to emotional laziness and apathy, two modalities that Darkness will eventually exploit, but some people are just not very nice, period, for a host of reasons. Those people are ultimately responsible for their behavior, no matter what their motivation. Darkness will find cracks in the armor of a very insecure person, and work on their egos, but at the end of the day, no one but us is responsible for how we choose to conduct ourselves. What we find here on earth is that many people have had rough beginnings, either emotinoally or spiritually, and don’t put in the emotional or spiritual work to properly heal themselves, leaving untouched landscapes within themselves for Darkness to take up shop. More people than not “bury” their emotional pain, or abuse, by passing on the cycle of abuse to another. Though Darkness is behind suffering, people are in charge of how much they wish to participate in becoming the victimizer that once made them a victim. Again, though people’s individual circumstances can be very sad, there is no excuse for treating another person poorly — bad childhood, the Devil, or no. Certainly, there are lessons to be learned from horrible things that happen to us, and more often than not, we are much better, stronger people for it — but it sure doesn’t feel very good in the moment of the lesson! Thank you again for your kind words and your fantastic thoughts, and when I get my book finished, I’ll be sure to let you know :)!

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