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What Is ‘The Cult of Limitation’ and How Did I Become a Member?

In order to de-program yourself from The Cult, you must understand what a cult truly is, why it was put into place, and who put it there.  The purpose of a cult is to provide a controlled environment that is … Continue reading

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Your ‘Free Will Card Account’: Use It or Lose It

Our human race is a complicated mixture of impulsive emotionality and optimistic spiritual design whose template is based upon Light and Love.  To spare you an entirely different blog post covering the Spiritual Physics of Universal Love, Omnipotent Abilities, and their symbiotic relationship with … Continue reading

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Is 2012 the ‘End of the World’? You Had to Ask…

This devastating travesty in Japan has shed a blaring spotlight on the white elephant in the room: As a species, who are we going to choose to be, in the face of this “apocalyptic geological behavior”? It is time for … Continue reading

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At the Crossroad: Wondering What To Do With Your Life?

In my years of spiritual and psychic counseling, it never ceases to amaze me how many people blame the difficulties they are having in their lives on many exterior things.  Most often, Darkness gets the bad rap, a.k.a. Evil, or … Continue reading

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