What Is ‘The Cult of Limitation’ and How Did I Become a Member?

In order to de-program yourself from The Cult, you must understand what a cult truly is, why it was put into place, and who put it there.  The purpose of a cult is to provide a controlled environment that is conducive to ultimate control of the masses by the central figurehead. A cult is an invisible set of shackles, and an invisible fence that only allows its followers to stray as far as is convenient for the person in charge. These invisible fences and shackles are made up of a shared belief system built around a central figure’s belief, adopted by a group as truth, no matter how improbable. Once the belief system is digested as truth, the group is then discouraged from interacting with anyone outside of the group, because on some level, the cult leader is very aware that should the group be exposed to outside truths—they may no longer subscribe to the cult’s ideology. Should a member step outside of the cult’s belief system, they are to receive berating from the other members, even resulting in being ostracized.

For a member of a cult, who is really part if a group-think mind, this ostracizing is a very terrifying thing. After all, people do not join cults to exhibit their individuality. They join to have a security blanket, to feel part of something, to be sewn into the fabric of an identity or a cause, because they, themselves, lack a sense of purpose or identity. They join to lose themselves in order to find themselves. But that ideal is simply an illusion. The truth is that they only find an idea of themselves that is fed to them through the cult leader.  In short, cult members cease to be an individual and become an extension of the identity of the cult itself.

In the case of The Cult of Limitation, our society completely supports The Cult’s ideology.  We are taught that we cannot believe in anything outside of The Cult’s identity. Think about it. How many times do you hear, “Miracles aren’t real! What are you, some kind of Touched-By-An-Angel freak for believing that?” or “You have to live in reality.” Or my personal favorite: “Life is hard. Get used to it.” These are beliefs that the cult leaders – such as disingenuous governmental heads or religious organizations – have passed down as truths. Should you be someone who believes in miracles, or believes that it is possible to manifest “loaves and fishes” out of thin air, you may often feel ostracized by the other members of The Cult of Limitation. Because no one wants to be thought of as “weird” or “crazy”, and no one wants to lose other friends and family that are part of the cult cell, many of us change our opinion to reflect the group-think of The Cult, so that we are not ostracized.

So it is that we go back to believing that we’re “lucky” to have the minimum wage bell-to-bell job that works us to the bone, we’re “lucky” to have the abusive spouse at home because it’s better than being alone – so it is that we succumb to the limitations and settle for the powerless identity of The Cult.

Who would design such a horrible cult, built solely for the oppression and complete management of others? Who would have the conscience to do such a thing? The answer is rather obvious: Darkness. And how would Darkness put The Cult into place, when human being are actually Creatures of Light? Well, by subtly accessing Religious and Governmental institutions over thousands of years, of course. After all, rulers are only as important and powerful as the amount of people who follow them, right? 

Darkness infects leaders until the very organizations that were put into place to provide for the masses begin to fear the loss of control over masses. So in order to keep the control, Darkness suggests a group-think that is much more easy to manage, and The Cult of Limitation is born – a belief system that we, as humans, are powerless in our lives; that we are the victims of an angry universe, and that only The Cult leaders can protect us.

Darkness has a lifelong plan for those who are indoctrinated into The Cult. We are programmed from the day we are born that we, on our own, are not enough. We are programmed that we must fight against life everyday we are alive, to scrap for what we get, no matter how dysfunctional. We are programmed with the idea of a highly conditional God that will only loves us if we act a certain way. We are programmed that at any minute, something or someone can swoop in, and take everything we have. Conditions, conditions, conditions.

The Cult of Limitation is only effective if its members all subscribe to the belief that they are completely powerless, and completely inadequate. This, unfortunately, is the definition for the cultural identity of a Western Civilization whose consumption theory dictates that “If we only had the right clothes, the right house, the right car, everything would be fine.” Again, that theory states that we are inadequate in and of ourselves, and that we need something that exists outside of ourselves to achieve peace.  Considering that peace comes from within, that modality is a losing battle for the human spirit, and a battle won for Darkness.

How many times have you gone to church and listened to the pastor preach about an angry God that has nothing better to do but just lay in wait to punish you the minute you step out of line? That type of dogma is an invisible shackle. It fences in the congregation via their shared fear belief of God’s retribution. This belief dictates that only the church can save the members of the congregation, encouraging individuals to ignore their indigenous connection to their Parent Creator God, and replace it with a fear consciousness handed down, generation to generation, from The Cult of Limitation.  

So how does this work? I mean, how can a whole society be convinced that they are powerless and ineffective enough to believe all of this B.S. in the first place?

It works like this: For thousands of years, leaders would feed an ideology to their masses that would consist of an omnipotent and angry king, or god, that held all the power. The leaders would exhibit this power by taking away material possessions such as land and food, a person’s freedom, or even their life.  Disingenuous leaders chose this methodology because the human psyche fears loss over all things, as loss is reflective of a lack of control. People would then feel these losses and experience having their deepest fear poked with a stick, then seeing the oppressor as all-powerful.

So it was that the sociological and spiritual operating system known as The Cult of Limitation was born, and we’ve all since been card-carrying members, generation after generation.

If you teach someone that they are infinitely powerful through the Design of the God that created them, that they are able to literally create anything they wish for themselves, including a new job and a new home, simply by accepting that the possibility is theirs.  That they can manifest out of thin air “loaves and fishes” and a car that runs and a warm place to sleep and world peace. Masses who have an Infinite Supply no longer fear loss. They will no longer look to their leaders to deliver them. They will no longer need a sociological operating system that requires long work hours to acquire money. They will no longer fear suffering from an unknown disease. They will no longer fear death. They will no longer fear at all, because all the fear tools culled by Darkness would be rendered ineffective in the face of Infinite Supply.

Should this rendering happen, the invisible shackles and fences placed around a majority of society by the Cult of Limitation will come tumbling down, and it’s members, including you, will walk free.

This is not a unique idea. Many holy people, including Jesus himself said, “Know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” Jesus , The Buddha and Paramahansa Yogananda also taught these same principles. The oppressors of the day called Jesus blasphemous for His teachings, which showed people where their purpose was, and how their miraculous power to manifest miracles could be best put to use. In fact, The Cult was furious that Jesus might tip their oppresive hand if people really understood how easy it was to create anything they wanted for themselves. So The Cult did what any maniacally oppressive organization would do when they can’t hush a rogue member – they excommunicated them. In the case of Jesus, Ghandi, and Martin Luther King, The Cult of Limitation excommunicated these individuals from their lives, entirely.

Surely, a message that was so powerful that it was worth dying for must have some tremendous weight – and truth.

It is time for you to learn the truth about who you really are—a miraculous, powerful being capable of limitless creation by nature of the fabric of your very spiritual make-up.  If our Parent Creator God can create anything, and we are fashioned in the image of this Parent Creator, then we, too, have the ability to create anything. It is within our spiritual gene pool. Jesus said to His disciples, “These things [miracles] that I do, ye shall do, and greater.”  Many human beings only utilize their infinite powers of creation to manifest terrifying situations from themselves. They fear being alone, and therefore, they attract situations that support their loneliness, because in the spiritual universe, Like Attracts Like.  That on which we ruminate will come to us – good, bad, or indifferent. Because human beings fear loss over all things, all of that energy spent ruminating on “loss” creates a “loss magnet”.

The Universe does not make the same value judgment on “good and bad” energies, like we do. The Universe is bound by the Laws of Free Will, and therefore, if we, as human beings, wish to pour an energy into the universe called “loss”, that is our right. If we wish to experience loss, in order to prove to ourselves that we can live past our deepest fear – the Universe is bound by law to say “amen”, and bring to us what we ask for.

Thanks to hard work by The Cult of Limitation, we are almost always asking for the wrong things.

It is time for you to delve into accruing spiritual knowledge to learn the truth about your real heritage, the spiritual gene pool that has birthed you into a fantastic and unstoppable Miracle Machine. It is time to learn, and accept, what you are really capable of in this lifetime. It is time that the invisible shackles come off of your wrists, and the invisible fences stop blocking your path, leaving you open to wander in education, growth and enlightenment. Most people aren’t afraid of failing. They’re afraid of succeeding, because then, much will be expected of them, and they are not certain that they can deliver stellar results on a regular basis. That is a limitation consciousness, telling you that you are not enough. It is time for you to de-program yourself from this Cult of Limitation.

Say it out loud:  My life, as I know it, has been based on what I think I am, as taught to me by The Cult of Limitation. This version of me is but a shadow of my potential. I am real beyond my wildest dreams. I must learn and accept the fullest extent of who I am, in order to apply who I am for the highest good. To do this, I renounce the limitation consciousness of The Cult, and I embrace all possibility, In Light. I do this without fear, because miracles are my spiritual birthright.

Trust in your Design, let your membership in The Cult of Limitation expire – and welcome yourself home.

About danielleegnew

Named "Psychic of the Year" by UFO's and Supernatural Magazine, Danielle Egnew is an internationally-known Psychic, Medium and Angelic Channel whose work has been featured on national TV (NBC, ABC, TNT, USA) as well as in the Washington Post and Huffington Post. She has provided content consultant services for the CW's hit series "Supernatural" and the blockbuster film "Man of Steel". Danielle is also an author, teacher, and TV / radio host in the field of metaphysics. She anchors her private practice in the Big Sky Country of Montana, residing with her wife and their daughter.
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6 Responses to What Is ‘The Cult of Limitation’ and How Did I Become a Member?

  1. Chante says:

    Quality article, sweet website style, stick to the good work

  2. Mike Cucciardi says:

    Danielle… if you look back to some of ‘my’ ramblings of the past several years… well,, you and i are on a parallel course to … yes… there! Cults, Fear-based teachings or brainwashing, group think, dynamics of the group… and of the individuals who make up that group, and the groups that make up our society filled with pressures to conform, pressures to take sides…. especially when life is an on-going continuum of endless possibilities and wonders. We are all individuals, which means, we have to spend much of our lives (at least this one) trying to filter through our external enculturations, expectations, and reflections of ‘others’ letting the cream of our souls rise to the true essence of ‘self.’ We are all integrated, inter-dependent, inter-active, and inter-related creations… whose lives are not to be tyranized by those who profit, with self-gratification and/or profit; turning us all into androidal human robots.
    We all have purpose!
    We all need love!
    We all are searching for ‘us!’
    We all are in this together, to learn, help, listen to, and heal others…

    just sayin’

    you sure you and I didn’t meet in a dream last night??? lol

    • danielleegnew says:

      Hey Uncle Mike :)!! Holy cow, I hope you weren’t in my dream last night — it was WEIRD, and involved a lot of dirty water flooding everywhere, because it’s raining buckets here right now, lol! I agree with you 100% — we are all needing to awaken from this “sleep” we’ve been in, to embrace challenges that may occur, in a way that uplifts the many, rather than benefitting the few!! The human spirit is too unique, and too able. (Maybe we’re hanging out in the Matrix somewhere 😉 ?? Thank you for the terrific contribution and expanding thoughts, as usual — we are SO overdue for coffee 🙂 xo!!

  3. Tina says:

    Thank you for this read. It made so much sense to me, and although i have tried to live my life freely and without these limitations, there have been setbacks along the way. But, i have always been able to get through it and bounce back. I really need to try harder to not allow certain things to overwhelm me, but sometimes, certain situations or people make that difficult.
    I hope you have a good day…thanks again

    • danielleegnew says:

      Hi Tina! You’re very welcome, and congratulations on having made so much headway through life’s limitations! We all have setbacks — that’s part of being human 🙂 — it’s in how we overcome said setbacks and do our best to continue to grow that really defines our journey! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your experiences :)!

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