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‘Want’ vs. ‘Have’: Are You Ready to Receive?

There’s an old saying: “Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.” In this archetypal American catch-phrase, there is much wisdom. It’s one thing to continue to “want” – that’s an entire energy signature all on its … Continue reading

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Going On Record Part 1: Secrets of UFO Propulsion and Craft

Usually, as a Psychic, I know how to mind my own business. However, as of late, with the pending issues with the world, and moreover, with some more pending issues with our OffWorld friends and their potential to assist us, … Continue reading

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‘Missing Peace’ — Score 1 For The Good Guys

If we’re lucky, we get a chance in this lifetime to make a difference. I believe we are given this chance time and time again, yet we sometimes hesitate on taking it. I’m proud to say that I have been … Continue reading

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When Dreams Become Predictions, or – Is It Just a Scrap of Cheese?

[Author’s note: I wrote this piece in Word on April 4th, and made the decision to wait a few days to post this here.] I had a dream last night (night of April 3rd) that I felt was a tad auspicious, … Continue reading

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Don’t Let Go of ‘The Hope Rope’

 Hope is not a campaign phrase. It is not the fluff in a bedtime pillow. It is not a myth. It’s an energy signature that obliterates Darkness and locks the hatch on despair. Hope is not the light at the … Continue reading

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Where, Oh Where, Has My Mercury Gone? Understanding Mercury Retrograde

As someone who works in a field where communication is incredibly important, I have a friend named Mercury, the planetary ruler of communication, whose name has been drug through the mud. If you had a friend that everyone was bad … Continue reading

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