Going On Record Part 1: Secrets of UFO Propulsion and Craft

Usually, as a Psychic, I know how to mind my own business. However, as of late, with the pending issues with the world, and moreover, with some more pending issues with our OffWorld friends and their potential to assist us, I regularly ask myself: Shouldn’t I be notifying someone who has the ability to help many, like our government, with the OffWorld Cultural information that I have?

When I get in this perplexed space, I hop online and head over to two websites – Whitehouse.gov, and CIA.gov.  I’ve “seen” our involvement with our OffWorld friends. I assume we are aware of the potential we have to learn from them. I’m quite sure that President Obama had to sit through the very same briefing that every modern President has had to sit through, regarding UFO activity and the military. The poor guy came out on camera in a news conference two weeks after he was sworn in – with more grey hair. In two weeks. So I’m sure he got the UFO rundown, on top of everything else that’s pending with the nation.

The fact is, when I go to these sites, I pull up the contact page, and just stare at it, attempting to figure out how to construct a letter that doesn’t make me sound like an X-Files Fan Fiction reject, or someone whose medication ran out. My fingers hover over the keyboard, twitching, wanting to type and reach out to these organizations with a letter that says “I can help you with this!” yet when the pivotal moment comes, to fire off the letter – I don’t.

In my pausing, I will tell myself, over and over again, that President Obama asked everyone to “pitch in”, all across the nation, with any information that could potentially help the country. He has directed the American Public to WhiteHouse.org on more than one occasion, telling us that every letter is read, and considered, because who is to say what new technologies or new knowledge is running around rampant and yet undiscovered in our great nation?

So, even though I, along with everybody, have received a repeat invitation to write the President and offer some knowledge that could be of great use, which also could include our OffWorlder, or “Alien” situation (actually, it would be of huge use, which is why I’m not sure how to proceed with this) – I don’t. The truth is, at the 11 1/2th hour, I chicken out completely. My loss in nerve does not have to do with the information I have, or that I keep receiving from our OffWorld friends. It’s to do with how I fear WE will react to the messenger.

Seriously, it’s bad enough to have had to deal with the ramifications and stereotypes associated with being “a Psychic”, in everyday society. But even most Psychics cringe and excuse themselves from the conversation when you start to talk about UFO’s. It’s true. Paranormal Investigators and UFOlogists are not the same crowd, though sometimes people like both. Paranormal enthusiasts think that UFOlogists are obsessive crazies who never bathe, live in bunkers or airstream trailers in the desert, and sleep with HAM radios taped to their heads. So considering the bulk of my work as a Psychic is with the spiritual  and paranormal community, and even our own spiritual and paranormal communities are divided on the UFO issue, you can imagine my hesitation at contacting anyone outside of either of those modalities.  Don’t even get me started on the law enforcement I work with.  

I mean, I’m not afraid I will be harmed, or drug off by Men in Black and buried away in an underground bunker, although that thought has occurred to me. I’m actually fearful that not only will I be viewed as a Grade A Kook, because why wouldn’t I – let’s be honest — but that when the time came for this information to REALLY matter, and I stepped forward to offer it – they would dismiss me as that one weird Star Trek lady on record who wrote the CIA and asked if she could help decrypt OffWorld language, communication styles, and propulsion systems. Which, you know…is what I want to help with.

I did write the CIA a vague and delicately-worded inquiry email about the OffWorlder issues once, asking if they needed help, and I’m sure you won’t be shocked to hear that I never heard back from them. In fairness to the CIA, I happen to know that they have quite a team of PhD’ed people already working on all this, so a random email would not only look INSANE, but wouldn’t exactly be the type of channel the CIA would take to vetting people they would work with on a top-level clearance job. But as in many things in life – there just wasn’t a really “good way” to ask if I could help out.

I may not have a PhD, but I do have a built-in “radio antennae” that picks these OffWorlders up, constantly, and what’s weirder is that I can understand it. That part is kind of unnerving, but whatever – I’m not sure why I find it any more odd than listening to Joe Dead Guy ramble on about why he won’t cross over. I do know that someone “in the know” would find value in this “translation system” I seem to have, regarding these OffWorld communications. So there you go, CIA. Eat your heart out.

Yet amidst all this “big talk” — here I sit, writing to you. So much for diving in on President Obama’s “everybody come forward” credo. Now, these of course are my fears that I’m sharing. Yet every time I look down the probability margins of how this information would be received, it’s never good. It’s not bad, but there’s enough wiggle room to make me nervous. That, and I’m not particularly sure with the spreading paranoia in the Governmental system in general that I want to be flagged in their database as “that one lady”.

Instead, I stare at the keyboard, utterly frustrated that I have information that would be useful to not only our science fields, especially during this energy crisis, but our communication fields. I certainly don’t think I’m the only human on earth who has access to this information, but when I “check”, it appears that I’m one of a rather small percentage, and when I cast out that Psychic net, to see if any of the other folks who are receiving close to what I am receiving are stepping up and contacting parties that can make a difference, such as the White House or the CIA (it just sounds so stupid to even type that out – good God!) – I get an obvious big goose egg. When I look into reasons why, well – I’m looking at myself.

We all want to take the proper channels and have this information recorded, yet a great majority of us are scared to take the proper on-record channels, for fear of looking like a complete crack-smoking mental indigent. And while I’m dumping my trunk of insecurities out for all to see, I can only imagine how MY particular CIA background check would go:

Agent Smith: “Hmm, let’s see… she lives in Los Angles (chuckles) …of course she does, land of the fruits and nuts… she never graduated college, was a political activist – oh, look, she’s a gay rights activist, too — of course she is — was a rock star, did some acting, works as a…Psychic Radio and TV Host (still chuckling) and…what is this… Film Director? What, is she also a Ballerina and a Fireman? HA HA HA!! Hey, Ted, file this one under ‘That One Lady’, right between ‘Swear They’re Elvis’ and ‘Sightings of Joan Rivers’ Real Face’.”


Hey man, I may work in La La Land, but I can’t help that I pick up the OffWorlders Network. Don’t be haters, CIA. – Sheesh, for all I know, they wouldn’t be. I’m just afraid they WOULD be, and this information is too important to have them poo-poo  just because I live down the street from Lindsay Lohan. This entire situation is living proof that God has a huge sense of humor!

So – I’m taking a middle ground on all this, and you’re it. Since I can’t seem to bring the nerve up to follow-up my completely-ignored (and probably rightfully so) cold-call hinty-email to the CIA, or to even drop Obama a line even though he asked us to – I will post what I know…right here. That way, all the good folks who read my blog can roll their eyes if they wish, and the CIA can someday find this document online using their web crawlers, and the info will get to them, without ME having to get to them. Although, I will say – my bucket list contains a desire to be able to consult on a team that works with this OffWorld technology and culture. There is a lot of really amazing real-time stuff that is always going on with these OffWorlders that I’m, for whatever reason, picking up, on “The Network”, that would be so useful to us, as a society and a nation.

Here we go – I give you Part One of many to come – Propulsion and Craft:      

Seeing as that I’m not on the Secretary of State’s “first call” list when it comes to our government’s dealing with our OffWorld friends ;), I’ve done a respectful amount of “Psychic snooping” to see what we – and they – are up to, together. As such, I do know that our government, moreover, our Military, has a pretty decent handle on attempting to reverse engineer some of the OffWorlder technology, but they are stumped at a particular level of how to get some of this stuff to “work”, and don’t even get me started on the blatant lack of information our world governments – not just our own –are missing regarding a proper way to communicate with these Entities. (That’s just kind of embarrassing.)

Now, as inane as this sounds, these OffWorlders actually chatter on and on about routine working in their own craft, like pilots chatting at the control tower. And, seeing as that, for whatever reason, I’m “wired” to pick many of these races up, it’s like eves dropping on two truckers killing time chatting about their rigs across a CB.  As such, you get a chance to hear about all sorts of stuff that isn’t working properly, within these craft. And, if you’re like me, you go all “Discovery Channel”, and begin to piece things together about how it all works. I geek out on this stuff.

For instance: Did you know that in one-man drone craft belonging to the Greys, the power source (much like our gas tank) involves a spinning “wad” of liquid mostly-metallic substance that, because of the INSANELY fast rotation of this wad in the center of the craft, acts as a “mini earth’s core”, while the hull of this ship spins against the rotation of this spinning metal core, creating what I’ve termed a “zero buoyancy” between the craft, and the earth’s gravitational field? It’s true – these craft have this liquidy-metal stuff that’s WAY lighter than Mercury, and if it’s going clockwise, and the hull is going counter clockwise, the effect is a “mini atmosphere” created around the ship, like the earth spinning in space. It’s somewhat like a pressurized mini sub in the ocean, which appears to “float” underwater because the sub, filled with air, can rest within the resistance and pressure of the water. As such, these craft can “float” using the resistance of our atmosphere (and our gravitational spin) against their own “mini atmosphere” that they created around the ship using this spinny-liquidy-metal core and a conversely spinning hull. They can control how much “resistance” they create against our atmosphere to control their speed, and altitude. They can create a zero-buoyancy that reduces aerodynamic “drag” to nothing, and shoot away like a bullet, because they aren’t relying on our atmosphere to create vacuum and drag to fly, like an airplane. Their ship itself has created its own atmosphere – so they are literally floating, in our atmosphere, with speed, like a gyroscope.

This is why people report “silent” craft. A balloon, floating in the air, doesn’t make noise. Neither do these craft, from the ground. If you get up close to one, you will hear a low-grade humming, but that’s from the spin. But you have to be very close to one.

Also, the “lights” some people see on these craft – not the lights that are solid and stationary, but the lights that sort of swim, and change colors – the reason THAT is happening is because you have to remember, these craft have created their own “mini atmospheres” around themselves, to create this zero-buoyancy in our atmosphere. When the extremely minimal amount of friction happens between their “atmosphere”, and ours, it can create a static charge, and sometimes, creates something that’s much akin to the northern lights, as the sun’s energy skims across out outer atmosphere in space. Only on this case, the “lights” are the static EMF charge skimming between their ships’ “atmosphere” and ours. Again, think Northern lights wrapped around the middle of a spinning object.

The reason I even know about this “Northern Lights” effect is because one of the Greys was basically “bitching” about how the static charge was affecting some property in the liquidy-metal stuff and making it work in a less efficient way. The other craft responded by saying that it couldn’t be helped because of the solar flares, so to just deal with it, basically. I mean, this race doesn’t exactly “speak” in that type of vernacular – they are a lot less expressive and emotional about it – but that’s the jist of the conversation.

I also learned that if both this spinning liquidy-metallic stuff, and outer hull, get to spinning like mad within in the vacuum of the atmosphere the craft has created around itself, the craft can then also act as an enormous supercharged electromagnet, and if it’s in the right place, globally, bend space by tapping access points in the earth’s own Electomagnetic field. Why bed space, you may ask? Well, according to these guys, it’s like a shortcut – a tunnel between “A” and “B”. There are a LOT of portal jump-points throughout the globe, and these guys have been using them forever. For instance, think about the Bermuda Triangle, and how pilots talk about going through mysterious electrified tunnels in the clouds, and suddenly ending up hundreds of miles closer than they should be to their destination, for the limited time they have been on the air. Somehow, these pilots “jump space” much like these craft do, only our OffWorld friends have a much better command on what’s going on, and how to use these doorways, and have craft that will work better through these “A” to “B” tunnels (that appear to be what we would call “interdimensional”). Basically, they are like mini-wormholes that can be accessed and activated by ENORMOUS amounts of gravitational and magnetic pressure.

Also, our OffWorld friends can increase the gravitational well around these craft just enough to bend space just enough not to open a full-on tunnel portal, but to bend light, and when they bend light, it makes them appear to “disappear”. Well, they are still there, but we can’t see them because of the way they’ve bent light around themselves.  (See, this is the stuff I’d love to sit in and explain to a science team, who could actually build and replicate something like this). 

Our radar won’t even pick them up, even though they are there, because the radar is looking for a mass that will deflect the signal back to the source. If you bend light, you bend space, and deflect a radar signal around the bend. What our radar techs needs to be doing is using a high-oscillation rate “sonar” in mid air (I have all sorts of tonal schematics on the type of sonar that would work) , not radar, because though the “sonar” won’t bounce off of the refracted space surface, but will skim it, and spin off of it, creating a static once the tone glances across the bent space. Triangulate the sonar receivers to a satellite, and BINGO, you’ll find these craft sitting right in front of you, but you’ll never see them. You’ll “hear” the rough patch in the air, where they are located.

I love the idea of a sonar, mid-air. That was something that I actually came up with while riding a passenger plane across the Mojave, and realizing that we, by far, were not the only things up on the air. In addition to being “the OffWorld Whisperer” (heh ;)), I do have an acoustic sciences background in “real life”, thank you. I did pay attention in my science classes, and I know how sound travels, and is disturbed, by EMF fields. Geez, anybody knows that – when solar flares are really bad, the FM radio crackles and pops as the sun’s EMF hits the earth and rattles our atmosphere — ergo, rattling those FM waves.

Do I know what that liquidy-metal stuff is? No. I do know what it looks like – imagine melting down a CD, if it could keep its metallic properties. It has that “rainbow shimmer” that a CD has, and is a very light bluish-silver beneath the rainbowy sheen. It gets really, really hot, but these craft are sort of shaped like a donut, and where the hole would be is this liquidy stuff, spinning, and the heat is thrown out the top and bottom of the craft, out the “donut hole”, which also makes the bottom center of the craft, from out point of view, to appear to “glow like a big solid white blue light”. In fact, the Long Beach Police even have infrared video from their chopper of something over the Long Beach Harbor, a glowing light dumping molten looking clumps from the bottom of the craft into the ocean. I saw this clip on “Fact or Faked”, and they couldn’t de-bunk the phenomenon, nor could the Long Beach Police, who took the footage. I sat in amazement watching this on TV, realizing that something had gone terribly wrong with the propulsion system, and the OffWorlders were dumping the liquidy-metal stuff rather than have it result in an equivalent of a “melt down”, though this technology isn’t nuclear. The craft hovered and dumped crud into the ocean for more than three minutes. Of course, if we dove for the stuff, it would be hard to find – it looks like though it has a metal base, it has a tendency to dissipate in water, though some of it may cool into smaller chunks, which divers may mistake for rocks on the bottom. The video below is an edited one of the original 3:45 min video — you can find that one on YouTube, if you want to watch an OffWorld craft “sputter oil”, so to speak, for three minutes.

This liquidy stuff is pretty wicked nifty. I wish I knew what it was. Our OffWorld friends can direct the properties of this stuff, and that’s where you get the “beam” that comes out of the bottom of the craft, with which many abductess have reported being “lifted” into the craft. The “beam” is, in essence, not a beam at all, but an extension of the ships’  “atmosphere” that is at a zero-buoyancy point already – so anything that comes within that field will float, just like the ship will. They can “direct” this “beam”, or rather, force it down below the craft, by increasing the spinning of liquidy-metal but not increasing the spinning of the hull, sort of getting a “splatter” effect from centrifugal force of the liquidy-metal’s mass.

I’ll stop here for now, as this may be getting just a touch technical and dry for many. I’ll write later about the different craft, which species has which types, their communication styles – I’ll get it all out here, on the blog. I understand that OffWorlders aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. But they are our Galactic family, and we have a lot to learn from them. So if you’re now deciding that I’m “That One Lady” right about now, I apologize.

Pardon me, while I retire off to my airstream trailer  ;).

About danielleegnew

Named "Psychic of the Year" by UFO's and Supernatural Magazine, Danielle Egnew is an internationally-known Psychic, Medium and Angelic Channel whose work has been featured on national TV (NBC, ABC, TNT, USA) as well as in the Washington Post and Huffington Post. She has provided content consultant services for the CW's hit series "Supernatural" and the blockbuster film "Man of Steel". Danielle is also an author, teacher, and TV / radio host in the field of metaphysics. She anchors her private practice in the Big Sky Country of Montana, residing with her wife and their daughter.
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8 Responses to Going On Record Part 1: Secrets of UFO Propulsion and Craft

  1. riko says:

    i know how you feel. the goverment wont listen to you unless people like…. you…and all of us will prove to them things we say are real. the truth is… they are not likely to use psychics in public for fear of criticism, besides.. it will show that the goverment is weak if people ever find out they use psychics to empower tough decisions.
    peace to you my friend…. things will change soon and people will really pay attention, also they… the man in black.

    • danielleegnew says:

      Hey Riko! I agree with you — I don’t think they are likely to admit they are working with Psychicss, lol! But I sure hope they are open to some help down the road, even if it’s “under the table” help, wink wink! They could look at working with we Psychics the same way they look at working with new technology… Except its more like ancient technology ;)! Thanks for weighing in with your thoughts and I appreciate a “man in black’s” perspective! 🙂

  2. Mark Christensen says:

    I like it. It was last November and I personally saw one of these crafts in our area. As you say no sound but a light hum. I was close enough I guess and when it turned I could hear it. I almost seemed that the area around it was absorbed somehow by the space it was accupying.
    Keep writing, Mark

    • danielleegnew says:

      Hey Mark! Yes, that sounds right — the humming and the strange ultra-high EM field that comes off the craft as it sets closer to the earth, “sucking in” the environment around it into the “atmosphere” that is created by the ship’s propulsion system — thank you so much for reading and sharing your experience!

  3. Maggie says:

    Would like to subscribe

  4. I have to agree with the psychic paranormal vs, UFO stuff. My jury is out but I must say I can concure with some of this. I think it might have been easier to come out as Gay than Psychic but it is what it is. Just because some people don’t believe these things are true. doesn’t change the fact. The world needs to open their eyes and suspend disbelief.
    Thanks for being brave and sharing this.
    Love and Light
    another one of those ladies

    • danielleegnew says:

      Hey Christa! It actually *was* easier for me to come out as gay, in the music industry, than it was to come out as a Psychic, lol!! I joke about that quite a bit on interviews, in fact — ha ha ;)! In truth, most people that I enounter have been lovely about the Psychic issue. However, I’m happy to be in such company with another “that lady”, lol — thank you for your kind words — and you are welcome to come over and eat cans of beans in my airstream anytime, lol. ;)!

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