Your ‘Free Will Card Account’: Use It or Lose It

Our human race is a complicated mixture of impulsive emotionality and optimistic spiritual design whose template is based upon Light and Love.  To spare you an entirely different blog post covering the Spiritual Physics of Universal Love, Omnipotent Abilities, and their symbiotic relationship with the Law of Free Will, let it suffice to say that we, as a human race, are the crazy Love Child of God and Chaos.

Sound a bit overwhelming? Well, it is, but you can’t pick your parents.

Thankfully, our Universal Parents aren’t without compassion. So to assist in our navigation of this low-rent district of the universe that we call “the third dimension”, we’ve been given a special hall pass. You see, we all carry what I call a “Free Will Card” in our back pocket that we may slap down onto life’s game table, and ante up into the game at any time. 

Picture a poker game. What if you always had an ace up your sleeve? Besides it becoming very uncomfortable, you’d win a lot of hands, right? Well, technically, you have an ace up your sleeve, every moment you are alive — The Free Will Card, the unspoken pass that we can play at any time, in order to “give us the right” to put our life, our identity, and our dreams back on track. It’s a fabulous magic card, the “get out of jail free” card, the most extraordinary permission slip ever. This Free Will Card enables you to do anything, at any time.

Sadly, doing “anything” isn’t always the best choice.  Doing “anything” and doing “something” are two very different energy signatures altogether.  “Anything” suggests that there isn’t much thought put into the action. Doing “anything” is also the type of energy signature one can find around a crisis, as in “Anything would be better than what I have now!” That statement is often made while surviving times of duress, when one wants to flee away from the turmoil in their life rather than simply reaching in their back pocket, pulling out that Free Will Card, and tossing it onto the table to alter the outcome of the game. To do “anything” means that, well —  you don’t really have a plan.  To do “something”, on the other hand, means that some THING must take place. And some ONE, most likely you, must devise that thing.

The Free Will Card grants you unlimited access to unlimited pathways your life. You are never trapped. So why not use the Free Will Card all the time, if it’s our magic ace in the hole? Well, thanks to our immediate indoctrination into limitation thinking, upon birth, most of us don’t even realize that we have a Free Will Card. Instead, we think we have a “Do What I’m Supposed To Do” card. Darkness issues the same set of  Oppressive Buzz Phrase Cards to each one of us when we’re born, hoping we’ll take them to heart before we realize that we have life’s ace in our own back pocket.

These Oppressive Buzz Phrase Cards have wicked little mantras printed on them that we’ve learn as we’ve grown up. The first one is “Don’t Make a Mistake, or You’ll Embarrass Your Mother/ Father / Family.”  We learn that one early, the reciprocal effect of which is generations of people who derive a system of buck-passing and non-accountability in their everyday lives due to a deep-seeded subconscious fear of disapproval from their parents.

Another common Oppressive Buzz Phrase Card favorite is “”You Need To Be Realistic.” This one is by far, the most destructive of all. Why? Because no one, and I mean NO ONE, can properly define “realistic”, from one person to another, as everyone’s version of reality is a little different. Since “being realistic” is a process of evaluating what is REAL according to a person’s understanding of any given current situation, then “being realistic” is, ironically, one of the most freeing activities one could engage in, as everyone’s understanding of the world is unique. Yet when we hear “Be realistic!” we hear “That will never work!” 

To successfully oppress an individual’s life process (which, don’t forget, is the goal of the Darkness), we’ve been taught a very wrong idea of “realism”. That idea is based upon a basic set of human fears that Darkness has found to be very effective: Shame and Desertion. 

If we were to lose these fears, then the Darkness would ultimately loose its powerful grip on the conscious world. So, how do we lose those fears? Well, it’s a process. One of the first steps in liberating ourselves from that rotten, outdated fear structure is to look at how we truly define “realistic”.

When I look up “realistic” in the Official Darkness Buzz Phrase Handbook (10 Millionth Edition, Fire and Brimstone Press, hardback) it says: “Realistic: An abstract term whose effectiveness is based upon shame, to be used as a last resort to distract the human in question from pursuing a higher, problem-solving thought pattern. [Shame – see section marked ‘Don’t Make a Mistake, or You’ll Embarrass Your Mother/ Father / Family.’]”

When someone tells you to “be realistic”, what they should have the guts to tell you is “Don’t embarrass and disappoint yourself”, because that is the true nature surrounding the judgment energy signature of the statement.  We, at any time, can instantly de-rail these implied wrong messages of Shame and Guilt by playing The Free Will card, which states “I can choose to believe that my reality is equally valid”, not “I must be realistic, according to a third party.” And bada-bing — Darkness’ hold over our perception goes up in smoke. 

Now that you know the power in using your Free Will Card, let’s discuss why we often don’t.

Darkness has been very effective at brainwashing us all into worrying about disapproval. It’s not as much a statement on our family and friends as it is a statement on how powerful the brainwashing has been.

To play the Free Will Card means that no one but you will be accountable for the results of your actions. There are no fall guys, no fancy lies one can make up about why the outcome displayed itself as it did. Nope, to play the Free Will Card means that you, and no one else, are responsible for the outcome, good or bad. And that sense of autonomy, that sense of non-group-think, goes against the very purpose of the Darkness, which is to strip every Human Creature of Light from its true heritage, it’s true identity, and it’s true effectiveness, in order to standardize each one of us into a manipulated mass.

In other words, we sometimes don’t use our Free Will Card because we don’t want to rock the boat. We’re afraid to stand out. We don’t want to be seen as an outcast, or a bizarre risk-taker, or naïve, or ideal, or pushy, or senseless. Even worse, wrong messages that we’ve all been indoctrinated with begin to kick into our subconscious, and suddenly, we don’t want to disappoint ourselves by believing in something that might fail – especially if that thing is yourself.

After all, if you believe in yourself, and you fail yourself, then there’s nothing left to believe in, right? BINGO, you’ve just talked yourself out of whatever idea it was, no matter how small.

We can do anything we want to re-program ourselves from these wrong messages. Yet as I mentioned earlier, merely doing “anything” with your Free Will Card is different that doing “something”. It’s important to note here that The Free Will Card can get you into a lot of trouble if you don’t have the discipline and discernment to use it properly. For instance, I have many a friend who is now nothing more than a plastic white cross by the side of a two lane highway in the outback of Montana, whose brilliant application of their Free Will Card was to drink two fifths of Jack Daniels and race down a canyon road at 100 miles an hour.  Free Will dictated the event. Physics and the canyon wall dictated the outcome. 

Another poor example of the application of The Free Will Card is any situation that would result in violence by those who would utilize that powerful ace in their back pocket to victimize another person. Prison is full of people who’ve whipped out that Free Will Card under incredbily poor judgement.

Because we’ve been taught NOT to use The Free Will Card, we do what any oppressed peoples do regarding a situation that is taboo: We obsess on it. Many of us struggle with the proper control and balance of using The Free Will Card. Just like a high school student who receives a credit card with unlimited credit but a crippling interest rate, the card then becomes a secret guilty pleasure that we splurge on irresponsibly, and hope we can pay for later. But at what cost?

The cost can sometimes be high, but it may at times be affordable. It’s all in how we budget our experiences. You see, the Free Will Card account does have an enormous interest rate, so be willing to make a long-term investment in yourself before you use it. Every time you use the Free Will Card, it acquires Life Interest on the event that you used the card on, that will last a lifetime. For example, if you exercise your Free Will Card to forego college, and instead, open your own auto parts store at the age of 18, then you are acquiring Life Interest on that choice. That Life Interest may result in you working 75 hour weeks and struggling for six years to build your business while all your friends graduate and move into six figure jobs at IBM. However, by the time you are 35 and your auto parts store has gone national, and you are making a six-figure income off of every franchised store from here to Nantucket while your friends have been either laid off or plateaued at glass-ceiling jobs, your friends are then acquiring Life Interest on their choice to attend college.

In our everyday life, we call this Life Interest “cause and effect”. There is no way to get around it. Every day we face forks in the road that could potentially throw us in one terrific direction, or in a horrible one. But the hardest thing to do is to begin to deprogram ourselves from the notion that “if you make a wrong turn in your life, then your life is over”. That goes back to the Shame Game that Darkness has worked to imbed in our subconscious in order to create a climate where our very fear defeats us before we start. Remember the “Don’t Make a Mistake, or You’ll Embarrass Your Mother/ Father / Family” mantra on the Oppressive Buzz Cards that many of us received as kids? Yeah. Good times.

The truth is, we can spend some of our Free Will Card account on many wrong turns, and live to tell about it. It just means that we will acquire some Life Interest on the investment. If we merely make a mistake, we won’t ruin our lives. That’s a myth that Darkness loves to pass along. Darkness relies on the fact that we’ve been programmed to think inside the box, or to not think at all, for that matter.

In fact, Darkness wants us to believe that anything we do that involves autonomously rubbing two clean brain cells together will result in our imminent doom. Darkness must work through people to program us to believe this, or It will be rendered ineffective. So let’s clarify the difference between making a mistake and doing something that you really know that you shouldn’t be doing in the first place, because Darkness has convinced us that both issues are one and the same. For you Judeo-Christians out there, let’s recall the Biblical story of Lot and his wife.

Lot’s wife didn’t make a “mistake” that resulted in her death. She was specifically told by God that if she looked back upon Soddom and Gommorah while she and her husband Lot fled the city, she would perish. So off Lot and his wife went, trudging up a hill, getting the heck out of Dodge before they, too, were toast. To her back, Lot’s wife suddenly hears the destruction of the city, a booming crash with whipping winds on every side of her. She keeps on trudging up the hill, but the noise and heat are so great that  curiosity gets the cat, she turns around to look, and badda-bing-badda-boom, Lot’s wife was vaporized into a pillar of salt.

That salt thing was no accident. She chose to look back. Now, if the story went that Lot’s wife was fleeing the city, and in her great haste, her foot slipped, and she tumbled down the hill, her eyes taking in the destruction of the city as she tumbled, and instantly, she was rendered into a pillar of salt, then, well, we’d have a basis in at least one religious culture to justify the “one mistake will kill ya” mentality. But that’s not how that story, or any Biblical story, goes. Now if you work in a chemical plant, then maybe one mistake will kill you. But we’re talking about the applications of free will here, not common sense, or neglect in reading the chemical plant employee manual.

This is exactly where doing “something”, rather than doing “anything”, comes into play. To responsibly use our Free Will Card account, we must do something. We must set a plan in action, then we must DO the plan. The plan must involve taking steps toward our highest good without victimizing another person in the process.  For instance, the plan can be as simple as allowing yourself an extra 15 minutes a day to center yourself and watch the sunset after work, before going home to start dinner. The plan might be to get on the internet and research your dream, which is starting a candle factory in the outskirts of Maine. Whatever the plan may be, it will most likely involve you confronting your own wrong programming, which will immediately run to the surface of your conscious mind, such as: “You can’t take that 15 minutes to watch the sunset after work everyday! You have to beat traffic home!” Or how about “Are you kidding me? A Candle maker in Maine? You live in Spokane and you make $8.5o an hour! Besides, you don’t know anything about candles, except you like to burn them!”

These wrong messages will rush to the surface like a sewer backing up at your house during an important family dinner. If someone is attempting to force you to do something against your will, using shame and fear as their leverage, simply pull out your Free Will Card and toss it on the table. You have the trump card in your pocket. You can win any hand.

Use your Free Will Card account and buy yourself back your own choice making, your own direction, your own dreams, your own thought process, your own ability to stand outside the crowd, and your ability to say “no thank you.” Remember:

1)      You are not the sum total of every wrong message you have ever learned.

2)      You are not the sum total of every fear you have.

3)      You are not the sum total of every wrong that has ever been done to you.

4)      You are not a mistake if you make a mistake.

Instead, you are the co-author of great miracles in your life. You are the air traffic controller for your own international airfield. You are the holder of The Free Will Card with your own unlimited account — an account whose assets are backed by the most benevolent, amazing, omnipotent loving, understanding, forgiving, fearless force in the cosmos – your Universal Parent Creator, commonly known in this low-rent district of the third dimension as “God”.

Your Free Will Card account is open. No limit. Now spend wisely.

About danielleegnew

Named "Psychic of the Year" by UFO's and Supernatural Magazine, Danielle Egnew is an internationally-known Psychic, Medium and Angelic Channel whose work has been featured on national TV (NBC, ABC, TNT, USA) as well as in the Washington Post and Huffington Post. She has provided content consultant services for the CW's hit series "Supernatural" and the blockbuster film "Man of Steel". Danielle is also an author, teacher, and TV / radio host in the field of metaphysics. She anchors her private practice in the Big Sky Country of Montana, residing with her wife and their daughter.
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4 Responses to Your ‘Free Will Card Account’: Use It or Lose It

  1. Bipsy says:

    I love what you write and I love how you write…your flair and sprinklings of humor and they way you choose-to string Imaginations together to explain a point are very lively.if you wrote fiction I would bet it would be very popular….and the contents of your posts hit a home run for me….it’s strange how reading about something in 15 blogposts sometimes doesn’t make sense even though u know the concept by rote by then..and like it..but one piece of explanation finally messes with your hard disk and makes it churn….

    • danielleegnew says:

      Thanks so much Bipsy! I’m very glad it made the “cogs turn” — thank you for weighing in with your thoughts!

  2. Davida R. says:

    Hey Danielle!
    Can the free will card harmoniously co-exist with a sacred contract? I am hearing some theories that the path we take in life is pre-determined via a sacred contract that we agree to before we incarnate. And that the life experiences we agree to, good and bad, serve our evolutionary growth to higher spiritual development. If this holds any truth, then are the choices we make truly free will, or ones that meet our contractual obligations? Thanks for your guidance!

    • danielleegnew says:

      Hey Davida! Well, we do make “sacred contracts” — sort of — we have a “Llst” of lessons we attempt to get through in one lifetime, and we attempt to learn them with other people — the “Contract Holders” don’t always decide they want to follow through, though, lol. There really isn’t such thing as a pre-determined path. There is a path of least resistance, if we choose it, and we try our best to get it all lined out before we get here, but once we get to earth, it looks a lot differet day to day than it did on paper before we got here, lol! Free Will is the Governing body once we are here, in spite of best laid plans. If it were all pre-destined, we would have nothing to gain by being here. I hope that helps, and thank you for participating 🙂 !

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