Is 2012 the ‘End of the World’? You Had to Ask…

This devastating travesty in Japan has shed a blaring spotlight on the white elephant in the room: As a species, who are we going to choose to be, in the face of this “apocalyptic geological behavior”? It is time for the discussion. No more speculating and wondering what the “shift” is going to be like — you’re getting a first-hand view, on CNN. It is upon us, and has been closing upon us rapidly since 2008. It’s time we buck up, put our big boy panties on, and deal with the fact that indeed, we, as a species, need “all hands on deck” emotionally, spiritually, and sociologically. Welcome to the global climate that will define our “wild ride” until the end of 2014. It is time to earn our spiritual right of passage, as the generation who has chosen to be the stewards of the earth during this pivotal time to assist the planet and those dwelling upon it through some thrilling and difficult steps.

The Jack Nicholson character in A Few Good Men screamed in the face of Tom Cruise a phrase that has become a cultural catch-all: “You can’t handle the truth!”  This seems to be a mind set held by many spiritual workers who believe that by sheltering the masses from what Psychics and Mediums “see” during this “2012” cycle, we protect the masses from their own inner chaos. 

I believe that that is an insult to anyone with a brain between their ears.

The fact is, you can do this. You can handle the truth. We can all handle it. That’s why we’re here, right now. The Universe doesn’t set people up for failure. So take a deep breath and relax into the knowledge that you are right where you are supposed to be. Nothing is an accident.

The litany of predictions and prophecies, from Nostradamus to The Book of Revelation to The Mayan Calendar to, well, even my own predictions of world events, really boil down to one singular bottom line. And that bottom line isn’t about who is right, or whose predictions are dead-on while others are not. The bottom line is education, because education spurs preparation. Period. Guys, it’s not in your head – the world has gone a little nuts. And it doesn’t do anyone any good to try and get all “metafizzly” and ethereally allegorical when in fact, sometimes the truth, and a handbook to help get us through the truth, makes a little more sense when trying to navigate a challenging situation.  If I’m lost, I’d rather have a roadmap than a bedtime story.

I’m not saying that I have the entire roadmap, but I can tell you what I know, because then you can add it to your own information that you’ve accrued, and you can tell other people the compilation of what you’ve learned, and together, we can replace myths and fear — with a plan.

Here are the facts about our transition, as I know them, thanks to the input of some fantastic angels, OffWorlders, and last but not least – NASA:

The earth is on an orbiting trajectory that wobbles through the most dense gravitational plane in the Milky Way, every 50,000 years or so.  Starting in 2008, the earth began to enter into this thick gravitational area, and it will continue to travel through it for the next 4 years, coming out of it at the end of 2014. As the earth travels through this dense gravitational plane, it gets a little “scrunched” by the gravitational forces. As the planet is “compressed”, or scrunched, the plates tick and pop and re-adjust themselves. Think of an elephant sitting on the edge of a coffee table – the table will pop and groan and quake under the weight of the elephant. Imagine packing a tight snowball out of fluffy snow. Right now, the earth is that snowball, being packed tighter than normal. Unfortunately, unlike snow, the earth is covered in thick crust, and to “pack it tighter” means to jam some plates under other plates, with an abrupt force. Ergo – an 8.9 (now being clocked as 9.1) earthquake in Japan, in a region that normally has active and “lubricated” fault lines.

To the earth, which has gone through this gravitational well thousands, if not millions of times in its multi-billion year lifespan, this is no biggie. Its part of the earth’s life cycle. To the little ants on the surface of the earth – we humans – it’s a HUGE deal. What is considered to the earth a tiny tick and pop of the earth’s plates is, to the ants above, a cataclysmic event. 

We think that human beings as we know them, descendents of Cro-Magnon Man, have been kicking around this planet for about 40,000 years, and have only really thrived on the earth in organized civilizations for the past 12,000 years or so. According to both our OffWorld and Angelic friends, this is not true. There was a thriving civilization of Cro-Magnon peoples that dates nearly 100,000 years back, who lived in large developed ancient city groups. These groups lived in coastal towns, and unfortunately, did not have the technology that we do today, to warn of cataclysmic events. So, when the earth would experience its 50,000-year-PMS-cycle while passing through this gravitational galactic well, and a tsunami would bring a 35 foot wall of water over their two and three story stone structures – well, that’s all she wrote, folks. The ruins of these 50, 60, and even 100, 000-year-old ancient societies have remained buried beneath sea water off of coastlines for years, and have only recently been heavily investigated. (Side note from our OffWorld friends: The Cro-Magnon species was a successful gene-blending endeavor between the indigenous earthly Neanderthal Man and a segment of our OffWorld family, which is why we are all “galactic cousins”, and why there IS no earthly “missing link”, but I wouldn’t bring that part up to your friends. That’s a little X-Files for most folks.) Neanderthal Man went extinct roughly 10,000 years after Cro-Magnon man climbed back to dominance on the evolutionary scene a second time, about 40,000 years ago. Mountainous Neanderthal Man continued to thrive during the cataclysmic events that wiped out poor coastal Cro-Magnon societies. But eventually, even the high-mountain living indigenous Neanderthal Man just couldn’t compete with it’s more intellectually advanced relative, and extinction ensued.

This is why, when people ask me whether or not “Aliens” plan on taking over the earth, I explain to them that they already did, 30,000 years ago. But I digress.

These re-occurring planetary difficulties have not only been weathered by two different prevailing hominid species over tens of thousands of years with great success, but these species have also survived extreme weather cycles, one of which we are currently involved in. These ancient peoples did not have our technological help, or our medical assistance, and yet, they made it. So the point of this lovely intergalactic history lesson is that yes, indeed, this is not “the end of the world”. We are going to make it through this transition. We are just going to have to reach across the driveway, reach across the pew, reach across the block, reach across the aisle, reach across the planet, and assist our fellow humans. Considering that as a species, spiritually, we are actually hard-wired to help, not harm, this won’t be an impossible task. When the chips are down, humanity is at its best.

This is a time when energies will be answered with like energies, partially in thanks to our newly-thinned ethers that are a side-effect of this exaggerated gravitational pressure on the planet (reference Electromagnetic fields and vortexes, if you really want to go all “Mr. Science”.) Think of our spiritual climate right now just like a hunting expedition where fake bird calls are used. The hunter blows the fake duck call, and a duck answers, and comes to the hunter. Thus is the “boomerang effect” of energy that we are releasing on the planet right now – efforts that we put out will be immediately met with the exact same effort.  This goes for both positive and negative efforts. So it’s best to keep ourselves in good intention, and even better actions. 

The days of “what’s mine is mine” are over, if we plan to survive. Those who sequester themselves, simply put – will not make it through this transition. Those who seek to divide will not survive. Those who seek to crush others to succeed will not survive. This is a time of banding together. We no longer have the luxury of being able to war against another based upon ideologies and differences. When the ship is sinking, EVERY hand is needed to bail out the hull, no matter what sexual preference, religion, social or economic background, or nationality. Big picture, here, people, big picture.

We all have a soul, and that soul is hardwired to Our Parent Creator, who has access to All Knowledge and All Things, so technically speaking, we are all “Psychic”. How to utilize the gift, and to what extent the gift has manifested itself in a person’s life, will vary with the individual. (I can throw a football, but I’m no Peyton Manning.)  However, with these thinning ethers, and the heightened electromagnetic field created by the higher gravitational pull on the earth, people’s sometimes dormant Intuitive Gifts will be awakened to a large extent. Those who possess specific spiritual gifts and talents will experience those gifts blooming to the forefront, and may also experience some confusion in how to deal with them. (I suggest reading my blog post about using your Psychic gifts, if you have questions in that area.) Allowing these gifts to blossom and to be used for the betterment of those around you is the path of least resistance in this time of great transition. You can’t fight an avalanche. 

On top of everything, time has been compressed – or “sped up” —  because of this earth-passing-through-the-gravitational-well issue, and so “24 hours” feels more like 18. This would be because it truly is much more like 18 though the clock shows 24, and our biological clocks notice this difference. Our biological clocks are regulated by our heartbeat and nervous system, and are not “synched” to the same space-time warp that occurs in higher gravitational densities. Our body knows how many fractional seconds exist between heartbeats. It’s an internal timing mechanism that regulates our nervous system. So we don’t automatically “synch” with the space-time compression around us.  This space-time compression is the same principle that Albert Einstein discussed – time travel, or time slowing or speeding, near black holes, which are gravitational vacuums. Okay, is this getting too Carl Sagan? Let me bring this issue of compressed time a little closer to home, because it’s a huge part of why people are becoming surly and struggling through this transition:

Have you been noticing that the exact same routine that you’ve used to get ready every morning for the past ten years, which has always landed you out the door and to work on time – is suddenly short by almost twenty minutes? How can this be? You’ve been doing the exact same thing – getting up, getting in the shower, washing your hair, drying it, doing your hair, and getting dressed, the exact same way, for ten years, yet suddenly, in the past two years, 2010 especially, you look at the clock – and you’re running 20 minutes behind. You’re stumped, and think you’re losing it, and you try again the next day, and wow – you’re still behind. Well, welcome to the effects of warped space-time. You are still taking half an hour to get ready. The problem is, time has been compressed, so the half an hour that your biological clock recognizes is actually showing up on the clock as fifty minutes. Where did the time go? The answer is: Nowhere. It’s just been scrunched. You still took half an hour to get ready. It’s just that that half an hour now registers as fifty minutes in real time. The result is a planet full of people (especially in our Western culture) feeling incredibly frustrated and panicked because there’s “not enough hours in the day” to get anything done. Well guess what? By our biological standards – there aren’t. Welcome to Astro Physics 101 and the effect of high-density gravitational pull on space-time.   

So the gravitational effects on the earth also raise the electromagnetic field across the globe in many vortex locations, pulling wider holes in the ethers and allowing all sorts of spirit life, positive and negative alike, along with OffWorld life, to come and go with much greater ease. As spiritual creatures on the earth, we sense this other-dimensional traffic, and overall it makes us fussy and a tad irritable, like constantly having to listen to white noise in the background. To add to the fussiness, we have less time to get through our day. And, the earth is creaking and popping while moving through this gravitational plane, so we are dealing with wonky climate issues and natural disasters on top of everything else, which further breeds a counterproductive fear consciousness.

But it’s not all a bust, folks. According to our angelic friends, human kind has had several opportunities to step up and make adjustments in how we view ourselves and treat each other, and we’ve been evolving with great promise and great speed, somewhat thanks to our compressed time format. (See? It’s not all bad!) These adjustments in human spiritual growth are a case of three steps forward, two steps back, but according to our angelic friends, we are still ahead, if only by half a step. Spiritually, we are an accumulation of thousands of years of lesson-learning. We are finally evolved to a place of compassionate choice, a place where our need for balance is now equaled, rather than eclipsed by, our need to survive. Yes, there are still people who do terrible things, and there likely always will be, but I am speaking on the topic of human spiritual evolution rather than personal choices.

As a planet, we are on quite a journey for the next several years, and as the old saying goes, a little preparation goes a long way. It’s just smart, period, to keep a few candles and some extra water, toilet paper, and canned goods in the house. There’s no need to go “Crazy Compound” and dig a bunker in the back yard while holding your “John 3:16 – The End is Near” sign, but a few preparatory items for a rainy day won’t hurt anyone. We can expect earthquakes, severe issues with ground water because of said quakes, tsunamis, issues with ground water due to said tsunamis, and some other interesting phenomenon that come along with the earth being “squeezed” – low-hanging methane clouds that have risen from the ocean bottom now floating over oceanic areas, which will ignite in a flash when combined with lightening storms, or bursts from solar flares (no, not the kind that fry the earth, the kind that give a little “bump” to the surface of the earth) that can spur more quakes, and knock out electrical grids.

It appears that the price of gas is going to continue to climb, and the price of food is going to increase, so with that knowledge, just be wise. And be vigilant, and don’t be a panicky crazy person, because with these thinned ethers, that will only attract to you more panic. Calm and steady wins the race in these times. You will likely notice a sharp contrast in people’s choices – people on the news or in your life either doing magnificent heroic things, or people doing unspeakable atrocities, but nothing in the middle. The higher gravitational field environment will affect people differently, but it does put pressure on our brain, as our brain is a living net of electromagnetic energy.

Those who live in illusion will have a much more difficult time maintaining their illusion as the polarizing energies rattle the earth. This “threatening of one’s reality” will cause many to become highly irrational. Be careful not to fall prey to fear-mongering. I’ve noticed a despicable amount of anti-Muslim propaganda being pushed through the United States lately, almost as if people have completely turned off their brains and are acting strictly on knee-jerk instinct. That type of us-against-them ancient tribal panic is actually consistent with the more primitive parts of the human brain, which can be agitated due to the gravitational pressure. Higher Electromagnetic fields can cause extreme paranoia and even hallucinations. Couple that with a failing economy and thinned ethers where Darkness has easier access to peoples’ internal broken places, and you’ve got one heck of a recipe for a witch hunt. So keep your head about you, even in the face of natural disaster.

To put “disaster” into perspective for we who live in the United States, I’ve seen for awhile now a large disruption in the mid-Atlantic ridge that causes a tsunami roughly 1200 miles long, 30 feet high, and heading for the East Coast, from Nova Scotia all the way past the tip of Florida. It was unnerving on many levels to witness the footage of the tsunami wave hitting Japan – it was all-too-familiar, as were the results. I very regrettably don’t have a time frame on this East Coast issue, but I posted news of this event in 2005 on my MySpace page, as it kept replaying itself over and over to me. My posting caused such a ruckus that I took it down. Not one to be “that” lady, I try and not toss out “predictions” unless the prediction can possibly assist people. In this case, I don’t have a date or time period outside of “between now and 2014”, so I’d say if you are on the East Coast, just be sure you can get inland relatively quickly, or get to high ground quickly. I have a friend who lives in Manhattan, and I told her about this issue years ago. I told her that if a tsunami warning fired off, and she couldn’t get off the island, to at least get seven stories up in the air, as the sea water appears to rise much higher down the narrow Manhattan canyons. Her response to all this? “Wow. Well, hey, as long as I don’t need to leave my building.” You have to love New Yorkers!

I feel that there has been an enormous amount of emphasis that the spiritual community has placed on the “spiritual” transitions that we are going through, which are valid, yet not quite enough put on the physical ramifications of this transition, which are equally valid. Again, no Psychic wants to be the doomsayer. That’s antithetical to uplifting people and assisting them. (You don’t “help someone” by scaring them to death) However, I believe that a message also needs to be practical. I’m a Montanan, and it shows in my spiritual work. If we are on the trail together, and I know that up ahead we’re going to run into a den of Grizzlies, I’m going to strongly suggest we take another path and describe the new hiking route, not lecture my hiking partner on the applications of “Bear Totem” within Native American Spirituality. Signs, Wonders, and Metaphors are delightful, yet we all need a steady head to process the weight of the metaphor, and that’s tough to accomplish when your head is walking over the knoll in the mouth of a Grizzly bear.  

I’ve always been a “brass tacks” spiritual worker. Thankfully, there is room for all styles.

However, style does not excuse poor choices. I’m currently incredibly disgusted and disheartened by the number of people who work in the Psychic and Spiritual Arts who are reducing this horrific event in Japan to a marketing tool, to “prove” what a great Psychic they are to the masses. I’ve seen, all over the web like a virus, different Psychics posting very prominently, sometimes in all capital letters, the proclamation: “I predicted this Japan event back in ______!” I’m not talking about passing comments that spiritual workers would make in conversation with one another. I’m talking about seeing full-on announcements, peppering the web, like a demented “Where’s Waldo?” tracking cookie.  Good God. These “Spiritual Advisors” may as well post “So come book with me RIGHT NOW, because I ROCK!” right after their proclamations.

To any Spiritual Worker who is abusing this situation: PEOPLE DIED. LIVES ARE CRUSHED. No one cares what you predicted. No one cares that you were “right”, in the face of a devastating tragedy. It’s tasteless that you would reduce this tragedy to a marketing opportunity, to prove to the world what a guru you are. Hundreds, if not thousands of people are missing or dead. Get your priorities straight, and stop humiliating yourself trying to drum up new clients. If you’re offended by this paragraph – then you’re someone who should be, and this is your wake-up call. Grow up and treat your role as a spiritual messenger here on this earth with the respect, and exercise the emotional responsibility and personal discipline necessary to assist people. If you need validation and attention so badly, and you crave the spotlight of a rock star, go audition for American Idol, but get off the merry-go-round and make room for the rest of us who are actually here to HELP people through this transition – not wade through the blood of others to demonstrate how “accurate” you are.  It’s shameful.

To everyone else who is doing the best they can to shine brightly in these difficult times – God is blessing you, for your work here in your community, in your church, in your meditations, in your family, in your community, and on this earth. You are not alone. You are not forgotten amidst a sea of chaos and apathy.

You are part of the solution.

You have a team of angels that is here for you, everyday, and even though you may not be able to see them, they are your “pit crew”, here to make sure that your life, and the lives of your family (each member having their own angels, mind you) are protected to the best of their ability to do so. You are a valuable contribution to the puzzle that is part of the next chapter in the human evolution as a species, and you are here for a reason, even if you don’t know yet what that reason is. On a spiritual level, all of us on the earth during this exciting transition time have “signed up” with the Powers That Be, to be here, right now, in order to help with this transition in one way or another.  Perhaps you were supposed to have kids, and those kids will help heal this planet when they grow up? Perhaps you are just a loving, uplifting soul in your neighborhood, where Darkness and Chaos have begun to attempt to gain a foothold? Whatever your role – it is important, and so are you. Never forget that, no matter how wonky things may appear.

Don’t fear the mission you’ve signed up for. Besides, you would have never been allowed to be here, if you couldn’t handle it. Have some faith in the spiritual system and remember that God would never set you up to fail. That’s not The Universe’s way of doing business. Human kind will make it through this transition in one piece. There may be some sadness and some casualty along with way, yet all are growing pains in the evolution of our species and of our planet. Each life holds incredible valuable, whether the person is scheduled to stay on the planet to assist, or has fulfilled their obligation here and is free to cross over and go “back home” while the rest of we poor slobs finish cleaning up down here.

Though many wish to paint this as a mystical time, or a fearful time, I see it as an exciting time to be alive in our human evolution. We will see great signs and wonders, such as meeting our OffWorld family “in person”, after thousands of years of disenfranchisement. It’s a time to make history, to participate — not to bury our heads in the sand in fright, or hide in the basement and watch the Weather Channel with a closet full of beans locked behind us. It is time to get out amongst our fellow brothers and sisters and educate them about what is happening in the world, and why. To be part of the solution is to be part of the success of the shift we are currently in the midst of. This is the beginning of the beginning.

Welcome to a new and birthing world.

About danielleegnew

Named "Psychic of the Year" by UFO's and Supernatural Magazine, Danielle Egnew is an internationally-known Psychic, Medium and Angelic Channel whose work has been featured on national TV (NBC, ABC, TNT, USA) as well as in the Washington Post and Huffington Post. She has provided content consultant services for the CW's hit series "Supernatural" and the blockbuster film "Man of Steel". Danielle is also an author, teacher, and TV / radio host in the field of metaphysics. She anchors her private practice in the Big Sky Country of Montana, residing with her wife and their daughter.
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15 Responses to Is 2012 the ‘End of the World’? You Had to Ask…

  1. lord shamon says:

    the end of the world will be on the 13. 13.13 pm on the 13 of the 12 20013
    falls on the friday 13th

    • danielleegnew says:

      Hi John! My observation is that these whirlpools are a result of the fact that the Earth, currently, has been traveling through the most dense gravitational plane in the Milky Way Galaxy, since 2008, and we are smack in the center of that plane now, and will continue through that plane until around early 2015. As such, the earth is experiencing a greater gravitational pressure — like a nerf ball being squeezed. We are seeing evidence of this as plates are crushing under one another, as the Japan earthquake demonstrated, moving the country 8 feet to the West. The Earth travels on a “wobble”, along with the rest of the solar system, crossing through this high-density gravitational plane in the Milky Way once every 50,000-60,000 years. Since the Earth is a giant spinning electro magnet of sorts, coupled with the greater gravitational pressure on the Earth, the natural sea water salinity and hot/cold water in a given area will be “pressurized” and create water columns as the plates shift beneath the sea, in micro shifts. Also, the water is being “compacted” of sorts from the Milky Way’s gravitational plane, pushing the diode molecules closer together, assisting in the “swirl”.

      Thanks to this high-gravitational band we are passing through, we can also expect exaggerated solar flares blasting past the the Earth and toward the center of the Milky Way’s gravitational well, the flares high in EMF (not heat), resulting in the knocking out of power grids and satellite communications here on Earth, and a continuation of wonky weather patterns and earthquakes, including an increase in electrical storms and water spouts jumping to land to migrate as tornadoes in coastal areas. There will be quite a bit to watch out for!! Thanks for the question :)!!

  2. Sean says:

    I just finished reading a few of the articles you have written here, and WOW! I love how honest you are about everything. It’s a great feeling having a lot of my questions answered. I just recently( in the last year or so) started delving into my spiritual side, if you will. I used to be extremely greedy and angry with life. Anyways it’s just very comforting to come across a kind soul such as yours. One who is willing to help humanity out no matter what Darkness tries to do to us.

    Thank you so much for your amazing words of wisdom 😀

    p.s. Do you have a website where I could possibly have you do some readings for me, and maybe even help me to become stronger spiritually?

    • danielleegnew says:

      Hi Sean :)! Thank you so very much — I am very happy to share — and I am so happy to hear that you are reaching into your spiritual resources to fill in some valuable spaces in yourself. There’s nothing quite like opening ourselves to our highest good! I sure do have a website — it’s at , and there is plenty of information about all sorts of spiritual aptitudes there — you may even relate with a few of them yourself :)! Yes, I do readings and spiritual counseling — I have a terrific office manager who assists me in scheduling appointments, and her name is Jessica. She can be reached at . Again, it’s wonderful that you’ve shared your journey, and I’m very happy that this blog has been helpful for you :)!

  3. Maureen says:

    Hi Danielle,
    Thank you so much for all the information. I have known for awhile that something is going on especially with the time. My sleep patterns have cghanged actually my whole way of doing things has changed and I have just been going with it and sleeping when I’m tired and doing what I can when awake. I have been very aware of how things are taking longer and could not understand it and was blaming it on just getting older, lol. Now I understand and it all makes perfect sence to me. Thank you again. One question I live less than a mile from the ocean off the coast of Ma. and I am wondering should I move? How far inland does one need to be to be safe, any idea?

    • danielleegnew says:

      Heya Maureen, I’m glad the information could help you make sense of some things :)! You know, I would stay where you are right now, as you would have enough time if there were an announcement of a Tsunami to head inland. I’d hate for you to give up such a beautiful location when I can’t even be sure of when this incident on the East Coast will occur. It’s wise to keep a vigilant eye out, yet find balance in continuing to live our everyday lives to the best of our abilily. I hope that helps, and thank you for reading and contributing :)!

  4. Witness says:

    Hi Danielle,
    The Japan earthquake was predicted on February 26, 2011 – 12 days before it occurred, on the blog at . There are other predictions there as well. The future looks scary.

    • danielleegnew says:

      Hi Witness :)! Yes, there appeared to be many predictions of thathorrible earthquake — what a sad event! The heart of humanity goes out to all of Japan — and though the future has a few challenges, it’s nothing we can’t handle, and nothing to fear!:) Thank you for reading!

  5. Roman says:

    Yet another well crafted and intuitive message. Thank you Danielle! I truly hope that as I aid my family and friends through this time of change I will come across more people like you and not the opportunists that will try to set up shop. A question for you if I may ask, is it still a worth while endeavour to continue establishing my photography business? Should I focus my resources and efforts more towards gathering the coming change?

    • danielleegnew says:

      Thank you so much, Roman! YOU BET you should still start that fantastic photography business!! This transition is temporary, with just a few hiccups along the way — the world is going to keep clicking along with gusto on the other side of it, and your gorgeous art is here to make the world a better place! GO FOR IT :)!!!

  6. Christa Urban says:

    Great metaphors and information. I couldn’t have translated some of things I have seen in a better way. This helps me put my psychic data in order. Ahh makes sense now.
    Powerful I think I do agree about the marketing of our gifts. Its always been difficult for me to charge people and really promote what I can help with. I guess its a way to get the message out, maybe it will help some, I hope. You are right with we all need to get together and be ready for anything.
    Blessings to you dear sister in light
    Rev. Christa Lore Urban, RN, CME, SC

    • danielleegnew says:

      I’m so glad I could add some clarity to what you’re “seeing”, too! And as tough as it is for you, you should definitely let people know what your gifts are, so they can come to you for assistance! My “marketing” issue was more about the people who, on the day of a world tragedy, were advertising their “prediction come true” as if it were a *good* thing, the focus being on their “accomplishment” rather than on the tragedy. Thank you for sharing your perspective 🙂 !

      • Christa Urban says:

        Yes, I understand its that fine line of promotion. Thanks for sharing this with the world. I hope people start to pay attention to the Truth.

      • danielleegnew says:

        Right on, Christa!(You’re valuable and I want to make sure people know you’re there!) Thank you and blessings :)!

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