At the Crossroad: Wondering What To Do With Your Life?

In my years of spiritual and psychic counseling, it never ceases to amaze me how many people blame the difficulties they are having in their lives on many exterior things.  Most often, Darkness gets the bad rap, a.k.a. Evil, or “The Devil”. Sometimes, the culprit is “Bad Luck”, or Lord help us, the catch-all — the client actually believes that they are the victim of “a Curse”.  (Curses aren’t real, by the way.) Many of my clients invariably want to know why “Life has it out for them”. They are convinced that Darkness has the power to keep a veil over their eyes so that they can’t see their true purpose in life. Well, Darkness doesn’t have that kind of power over us, but we sure have the power to keep ourselves blind to our own brilliance, all on our own. It seems as though the common resounding thread amongst people who visit with me is the need for life path clarification. No matter what the demographic, or how wealthy, poor, successful or downtrodden, the million dollar question seems to be: “I’m at a crossroad. What should I do with my life?”

Though we are all born with a very specific primary design in order to achieve a very specific result by playing our part in the universal machine, many people have unplugged from what I’ve termed their “primary operating system” of Love and Light, making it nearly impossible for them to continue to function without experiencing some sort of internal breakdown.  If an engine is designed to run on eight cylinders, yet only six are allowed to fire, the engine will most certainly break down due to improper wear.  My heart breaks for the many clients that sit in front of me as an eight-cylinder engine, pulling a boat with only five, confounded why their engines keep breaking down, and their lives continue to explode in a big black cloud on the side of the road.

Another way to look at our primary design, and how we fit into the world with our specific gifts and talents, is to think of ourselves as a computer platform with specific sets of software that came with us, in our box, from the factory. If you’re a PC, then you can’t run any Mac software without a conversion program, and at best, the program will still hitch along and certainly not run at its peak potential. If you’re a Mac, you can’t run PC software without the conversion program, either, with the same sputtery results. It’s just not compatible with your operating system. When we force a foreign program onto an incorrect operating system, we attempt to edit and overwrite the way in which our very platform runs, replacing any sort of success that could be had with failure. Not failure due to our inability to accomplish a task, but failure based upon the fact that we’re just not built for what we’re trying to do. Think about it: how many times do you hear people in an office saying things like, “I wanted to be a marine biologist, but I have to pay the bills, so here I am.” …Who ever said you couldn’t pay the bills being a marine biologist? I’ll tell you who—the little voice in the wrongly-running program, the very program that is breaking down the primary operating system of the poor chump who keeps insisting on re-starting that broken program, over and over again.

This mismatched “spiritual platform-to-software” problem is typical of our Western Society, where the goal is much more important than the journey. Newsflash: Without the journey, the goal is non-existent. And without the proper tools with which to make the journey, the goal becomes farther and farther out of reach. During our aspiring for the goal, we forego our own tool box of given programs that work the very best with our primary operating system, because we dismiss them as “stock”, coming from the factory and bundled in our box. We think that simply because these programs came free with us, that they must be cheaper, or useless. So we run out and buy the latest, flashiest program we can find in the software aisle – the one with the best reviews by everyone else—and then attempt to blindly load up the program on our operating system, never mind the specs.  And we’re always so dumbfounded when our system crashes!

This preoccupation with becoming what we think we should be, rather than simply sinking into and embracing what we are designed to be, is not consistent with our primary design. Inside of each one of us, we hold a perfect template for our contribution to the universe. It is not based upon what is right for everyone else. It is based upon what is right for you. Newsflash – God and the rest of the Universe are not impressed with your resume. Only you are. Yet we spend most of our life attempting to impress ourselves, by being someone whom we perceive as greater than we think we are. And we still end up disappointed.

If you knew that the achievement of your ultimate goals, wishes, and dreams was at your fingertips, would you activate that life path? I bet you would. I’m here to pass on to you that—guess what? All of your life’s aspirations are at your fingertips, or more rightly, in the palm of your hand. You must choose to run the right programs that came inside of your box, inside of yourself, in order to bring those dreams into this three-dimensional world. The key word here is choice. There is a wrong sense of entitlement here on this rock called earth that we live on, and we spend a disproportionate amount of time sulking in a corner that we haven’t been given “our fair share” due to “all of our hard work”. Perhaps you’ve been working harder, not smarter, as they say, or in the wrong environment completely, for your primary design? Again, that Mac can work like crazy to run that PC software—but it’s never going to happen well. You don’t see a Mac sulking in the corner over the fact that though it’s worked so hard, it can’t run the program without glitching. It simply pops up an error message of incompatibility and moves along, no emotional investment made, no sense of failure or defeat, and it most certainly doesn’t take it personally.  If only we would accept an error message the first time it came up, without assigning to it volumes of unrelated emotional details! Yet alas, welcome to the human condition.

Sure, sometimes, through our best efforts, it seems as though we are foiled. There are crooked people in the world who choose to actuate their life in a crooked, low vibration way. But if that’s not your operating system, why would you even give that person’s way of running their self-defeating program another thought? Won’t the preoccupation with how their system runs, and what program they’re running, take valuable energy away from running your own programs?  Absolutely! Our Parent Creator never said that everything would be handed to us “just because”.  That breaks the “Cause-And-Effect” rule down here. But it has been pointed out to us time and time again, in many different spiritual texts from Christianity to Buddhism, that if we choose a path of non-illusion and truth, the desires of our heart would be ours.

Like Attracts Like, in Spiritual Physics. Opposites only attract if you’re dating, or you’re a magnet.

The “reality” of the world we live in everyday, is not the reality.  Our “reality”, the one we connect with everyday, is actually a darkened shadow of what really is — more like a dumpy “preview” of what we are capable of.

We’re all capable of wiping away the veil that we’ve wrongly written into our wrongly-run programs, and seeing our actual reality, if we choose to. It’s not a magic trick, nor does it require the focus of a yogi, or eons of self-study, or buying zillion-dollar courses in self-help, although if that’s what it takes to help you focus, then so be it. But it does require making a choice. And that choice starts with you. It starts with accepting that everything you thought was real and concrete—well, often times isn’t.  And that what is real and concrete, is more beautiful than you ever imagined, even though the view of your life path that you have right now may not reflect that very important fact. Just remember: If you are in Manhattan, and your hotel room window opens up to view another brick wall across the alley, are you completely surrounded by bricks? Hardly. That is only one view, from one window.  Walk ten feet across the hallway and you’ll be privy to the whole New York skyline.

Sometimes, the key to addressing a crossroad in our life is just a matter of movement — of moving ourselves. And that movement, quite often, is spiritual, starting with moving, or shifting, our attitude. This is basic Physics: An object at rest stays at rest. An object in motion stays in motion. So, if you’re uncomfortable in the position you’re resting in — move.  The rest will follow.

Through choosing to participate in your own path, and not claim “victim status”, you’re taking the first step to uncover your own key to who and what you really are, and what your purpose is. It’s no “Secret”, even though an entire industry has been built around that manifestion-buzz-phrase.  The fact is, we often choose to make our purpose in life into a secret, and then keep that secret from ourselves. That way, we’ll never be held accountable for what our full potential is, and we can never really ever fail at our purpose in life—because we never really tried.

It is not your worst inability that you fear people seeing.  It is your greatest potential, because then you fear you will be always held to a higher standard that you fear you cannot actually upkeep. After all, the only thing that can ruin our life is ourselves, and the only way we can do it is by choosing a foreign operating system based on fear.  Let me ask you the age-old question:  Right here, right now, what would you do with yourself and your life, if you weren’t afraid to do it?

Today, look yourself in the mirror, and say to yourself: “I’m going to stop setting myself up for failure. I’m going be okay with running only the programs that are supported by my primary operating system. I don’t have to be all things to all people.  I deserve to be what I am, to the best of my ability.  If that is not enough for the people in my life — so be it.”

The truth is, if the people in your life cannot love and accept you for who you are, and for your dreams, aspirations, contributions, and overall operating platform as a human being, you have to ask yourself: “What are these people doing in my life? Are they here because I can’t accept me, either?” 

Accept your primary operating system.  Like it or not — it’s yours. You are perfect in your design. Give yourself some credit. You know how to make choices that are right for you. A Psychic can only assist you in confirming what you already know. 

Have the courage to accept that the view of the brick wall is not the view of the entire city.  Now — go outside and play.

About danielleegnew

Named "Psychic of the Year" by UFO's and Supernatural Magazine, Danielle Egnew is an internationally-known Psychic, Medium and Angelic Channel whose work has been featured on national TV (NBC, ABC, TNT, USA) as well as in the Washington Post and Huffington Post. She has provided content consultant services for the CW's hit series "Supernatural" and the blockbuster film "Man of Steel". Danielle is also an author, teacher, and TV / radio host in the field of metaphysics. She anchors her private practice in the Big Sky Country of Montana, residing with her wife and their daughter.
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12 Responses to At the Crossroad: Wondering What To Do With Your Life?

  1. David says:

    In one word ‘awesome’

  2. Jeryca says:

    This message came to me right at the perfect moment, I am currently at a crossroads needing to make one of the biggest decisions of my life. It has nothing to do with a career, I am currently in college studying Psychology, it pertains to my relationship with my fiance of nearly 6 years. I am so confused on what to do, what would be best for my daughter and I before we move so far away from my friends and family, which is his dream not mine, I do not want to move away from the people I love, but he wants to get away from them. It is a long and complicated situation, which is why I am so torn, I have been praying for guidance towards the right path for me, and this website was the first listed on my first google search, so honestly I took it as a sign. I believe everything happens for a reason, so thank you for the advise.

  3. theresa says:

    I searched out comments on crossroads and yours is what popped up. and I must say they fit exactly what I needed to hear. Its made my decision alot easier. thank you.

    • danielleegnew says:

      HI Theresa! I’m so glad that you found the article during a rough time , and that it helped you! Thanks so much for sharing your journey! 🙂

  4. Tamatha says:

    Thank You For Sharing Your Knowlege, Going Through So Much Myself Right Now, Caused From My Own Doing. It Was Real Inspiring and Reality Check For Me. Blessings Tamatha

    • danielleegnew says:

      You’re welcome, Tamatha, and we’ve all been there, evaluating our own life path and thinking, “Aw, man, how did I put myself here?” The important part is the recognition of the situation, and I have no doubt that you will set your path right in no time! Thanks for sharing :)!

  5. Danielle,

    That was a great read!
    We already know what to do internally and something stops us… Fear!
    Fear!… is the worst word:(
    We have to believe in ourselves first so others may appreciate our dreams .
    Dreams do come true !…I can attest to that:)
    Everyone has choices!
    We must choose a path !
    Sometimes the path chooses us.
    Listen to our inner spirit and voice then make a decision.

    Even as some people ponder at the crossroads and do not pick a path right then is also a decision~
    Nobody can choose the path for you.. I know:)

    I’ve had incredible dreams lately and some were foretelling.
    I also get vibes from people energy of various sorts and I see things that come true.
    I’m not as afraid of this as I once was .
    It all comes down to choices!
    Your writings are a great Danielle!
    always the best to you!
    Miss Kelly Lynn Diehl~

    • danielleegnew says:

      Thank you so much, Kelly!! I’m so excited that you resonated with this blog posting, especially about “choices” — we are so free to execute them, yet we often feel as though we cannot make the hard decisions, because of “fear”. Continue to embrace your spiritual gifts and receive the strength to utilize them to assist others! Thank you for sharing your journey with everyone :)!

  6. Michael Lee says:

    Interesting read. Hope this will inspire you!



  7. Roman says:

    You amaze me Danielle,
    This message came to my phone just as I was thinking about my cross road! It’s as if you composed it for me alone. I so much want to be a full time photographer,but I keep falling into that fearfull trap – “Me”! I’m going to push forward with my dream with more gusto and intention than ever before. Thank you!

    • danielleegnew says:

      Right on, Roman!!! YOU GO FOR IT!!! We don’t have the desires in our heart for no reason — YOU CAN DO IT!! :)!!

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