Light vs. Dark: Is Humankind Actually Born Evil?

As long as Humankind has developed the ability to reason, there has been great controversy surrounding the true spiritual nature of our species. Are we good, or are we bad? Are we creatures of the Light, or are we minions of the Dark?

Or – do we check “All of the Above”?

Humanity is incredibly fascinated with itself, like a baby staring at its own refection in the pond. We ponder the most minute of our own details (“Do I look fat in this dress?”) to the most obscure (“Why is this thumb bigger than the other?”).We are masters of self-obsession, all in the name of “self-exploration”. But at what point does this myopic viewpoint – all in the name of science, of course — become so inwardly obsessive that we are incapable of seeing ourselves for who, and what, we are? And worse – at what
point does Darkness leverage our lack of perspective?

I find myself in the minority when discussing the origins of the spirit of human kind, because I cannot find any evidence to support the theory that Humankind, as a species, is “born evil”.  This appears to challenge, and even threaten, the very fabric of belief that many hold dear. In the Christian faith, under which technically I would qualify as a practitioner considering I’ve Pastored more than one Christian church, Humankind’s “evil nature” is the glue that binds us in a dependent relationship with God. I personally find this allegory to be nearly blasphemous, and I have gone toe-to-toe with more than one clergy person, defending the spiritual nature of Humanity. Just because we as a species make some bone-head choices does not make us the Spawn of Satan.

But it sure is much easier for any organization to control people if they first believe they were born a useless piece of garbage.

To assume that we, as spiritual creatures, must cling to God because we are evil without God, is to claim that we were created in Darkness, yet must cling to Light for salvation. However, there are several things wrong with this theory – primarily being as that Light and Dark cannot be in the same exact place at the same exact time, as Light will eradicate the Dark if Darkness lingers too closely. So, for Humankind to be Dark, and seek the shelter of Light – well, again, Dark wouldn’t do that, or it would go up in a puff of

However, like a homing pigeon, Humankind seeks to return to its point of origin, which is The Light. Humankind is at home once surrounded by kindness, love, compassion, and understanding. None of those attributes define Darkness.  We seek The Light because it IS our resting place.  It IS our Point of Origin. It IS our home. It IS the vibration from which we came. It IS the dimension that defines our identity of heaven, which is singularly different for every person. We seek The Light because it is what we know to be true, on a spiritually molecular level. Whether this Light is given a name by us – Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Pagan, Taoist, New Thought, or Atheist – The Light is the frequency where we all find peace in commonality.

To cite a Judeo-Christian reference, Jesus Christ was quoted as saying “You are the LIGHT of the world.” Jesus didn’t say “You are the rotten pieces of garbage of the world.”  We
are Light beings in a physical body living in a free will environment where Chaos and Coincidence are neighbors. With a recipe like that, we’re bound to make some really rotten choices. Yet our lack of discernment in choice-making does not make us “evil”. If I trip and fall into a bucket of blue paint, I am not therefore blue-skinned. I’m just covered in something I’ve stepped in. Thus is the nature of the Human Spirit.

One has to remember that religious texts like the Bible were written from a specific cultural perspective, and in the Bible’s case, more than 3,000 years ago. The Bible has been edited and re-edited by numerous Kings and religious leaders over the centuries, to fulfill many different agendas, and what we have left now is an interesting mix of Middle Eastern tribal history, allegories, stories, spiritual wisdom, and fables. And that’s okay. The nature of Creation is likely not able to be captured by one modality of storytelling,
anyway. The more, the better. The idea of GOD cannot be captured in one perspective, in one voice. For instance, the Bible is a collection of writings from many different authors, spanning thousands of years. The Hindu religion has over 1000 names and personifications of God in its attempt to understand the fullness of God, which Christians love to misinterpret as the Hindu religion having 1000 LITERAL GODS.  But that’s simply not true. Hinduism simply gives a name, and face, to over 1000 ASPECTS of God. Considering Hinduism is an amalgamation of many diverse religious traditions and does not have one originator, or founder, it is fascinating that the “agreed upon version” of God takes 1000 personifications. And, considering that Hinduism is the oldest identifiable religion in the world, meaning they’ve had quite a bit of time to “hammer out” the concept of God – “settling” on 1000 versions is saying something.

The fact is – The Light has no preference for how we find our way home. It just wants us to find the front porch in the middle of the night – so it leaves The Light on. My personal spiritual belief system is a hybrid of Christianity, Native American beliefs, some Buddhist manifestations, and a nod toward The Tao. It has been my realization after years of speaking with numerous Guides, Angels, Inter-Dimensionals, and even some like-frequencied OffWorlders, that the fullness of God, the span of The Light, is far beyond my entire comprehension anyway. So, if I have to patchwork together a belief system from several Sources in order to match my understanding of spirituality from the Human perspective in an attempt to view God with a wide-angle lense — so be it.

We do our best to find our way, and to establish commonality with one another, while living amidst a sea of separately existing “perspectives” everyday. Each one of us has a separate cultural universe between our ears – our own ideas about life — and when we meet by the water cooler, we must somehow translate our own understanding of the Universe to another person, and they must do the same – think of the aliens in the bar in “Star Wars”. It’s truly amazing that we are ever able to communicate at all, each one of us operating in our own separate universe, let alone tie in communicating the concept of God.

I find it fascinating that so many people feel the need to emotionally attach themselves to anger, hatred, and Darkness, in order to identify themselves as “human”. There is a misconception that to reach into the fullness of “being human”, we must also experience the darkest recesses of our capabilities. We must somehow sink to the lowest of our lows, and drudge out of ourselves the worst possible behavior, to then claim that we have experienced the “full capacity” of actually “being human”. I say that this claim is inane.
Simply because I have a mouth, and am capable of chewing anything, does not mean that it’s desirable, or even a good idea, to shovel fecal matter down my throat. Just because we HAVE the capacity to do something, doesn’t necessarily mean we should. And if we choose to do something that is at best questionable, and at worst hideous, to then blame this action on “being human” is as irresponsible as blaming fire for the destruction of Hiroshima.

The notion that “without the dark, we would not know light” is a Philosophical statement about the propensity for Human Beings to assign comparison in order to gain understanding of our full spiritual and emotional movement. From a spiritual perspective, it’s more accurate to say that without the Light, we would not see clearly through the Dark. Light cuts through the Dark, and eradicates it. That is it’s function. Light or dark, black or white, the human spirit is the Great Grey Area.

Humankind, in our dichotomous make-up, appears to need polarization in order to recognize our range of choices. However, outside of the human need to personify the relationship between two independent forces — Light and Dark – these forces, left to their own devices, would independently rattle along the universe just fine, doing their own thing, keeping their own coffee dates, not worrying about the calendar of the other. Darkness would not cross the path of Light for it knows that it cannot withstand the frequency and the weight of Light, and it would be destroyed. In an attempt to understand who we are, or to better appreciate our circumstances, we seem to be the ones hung up on the “vital link” between these two forces, which really — is only vital to us, in our own self-exploration. Outside of that — Light is Light, and Dark is Dark, and they serve their own functions. We seem to find great meaning in attempting to justify their “balance” within ourselves. Yet from a spiritual perspective, the “balance” is not necessary and does not exist outside of ourselves, or outside of our own personal application. It’s like that saying: All apples are fruit, but not all fruit are apples.

Yes, Humankind is fallible. We are animals, and animals have a propensity toward violence when threatened. We are fearful, and can stampede and rage with mob mentality. We become injured and broken, and we decide to pass down the injury. As such, very bad things happen to very good people. We are often quick to hurt and quicker to blame. We are sometimes weak, sometimes selfish, sometimes cruel, and sometimes, we act in a manner that is barely human, for all of its savageness. We are capable of great faults. The Roman archery term, “sin”, means “to miss the mark”. In this regard, yes, we are all sinners now and again – we occasionally miss the mark. But a newborn baby responds to love, and nurturing, and compassion, directly out of the womb. The baby’s spirit responds to the ear makers of Light, as it just left the perfection of Light to join us on this three-dimensional plane. Children must be taught hatred. It is not intrinsic. But they never need to be taught love. That is innate.

Therefore, your honor, I rest my case that Humankind is not born “evil”. We are simply born impressionable. Thanks to our spiritually genetic encode of Light, we seek The Light, and in aligning with our Point of Origin, we are kept safe within a vibration of Light that Darkness will not dare penetrate. To quote a common phrase in the Christian Bible as example, Jesus Christ said “Through me, you will be saved.” Part of that statement is literal, and part of that statement is figurative: Literal in the fact that to align with the Light is to stand within a resonance that repels Darkness. Figurative in that if one is to take on selfless actions like that of Jesus, the karma from one’s selfless deeds will resonate with Light, creating a barrier that Darkness cannot cross.  Either way, the war of principalities between Light and Dark, waged in the psyche of Humankind, is not our battle. We are simply the battle ground. And at times, we are the collateral damage.

We are brothers and sisters in Light, no matter how “Light” is to be interpreted to make sense to each one of us. However we decide to define our Point of Origin, it does not change the fact: Light and Dark cannot be in the same place, at the same time. As the Native American spiritual teaching states — we must either feed the Black Dog inside of us, or the White Dog. Whichever we feed will be our Guide.

It is our CHOICE. Not our birth mandate.

About danielleegnew

Named "Psychic of the Year" by UFO's and Supernatural Magazine, Danielle Egnew is an internationally-known Psychic, Medium and Angelic Channel whose work has been featured on national TV (NBC, ABC, TNT, USA) as well as in the Washington Post and Huffington Post. She has provided content consultant services for the CW's hit series "Supernatural" and the blockbuster film "Man of Steel". Danielle is also an author, teacher, and TV / radio host in the field of metaphysics. She anchors her private practice in the Big Sky Country of Montana, residing with her wife and their daughter.
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6 Responses to Light vs. Dark: Is Humankind Actually Born Evil?

  1. jan weisz says:

    I really want to agree with you, and I think I do, but how do you incorporate mental illness which causes violence into this scenario? Where does that come from? LIke the murderers who had good childhoods, and such? Are you saying these people are from the light as well but chose to make bad choices. Just wondering.

    • danielleegnew says:

      Hey Jan — yes, mental illness is an unfortunate mishap with our “physical equipment” — our brain chemistry or our brain tissue — rather than our “spiritual chemistry”. Now, there are rare cases of mentally ill people more easily becoming “possessed” by demonic spirits, the theory behind which being that the mentally ill person doesn’t have command of their own consciousness and so can be more easily manipulated. However, even in those very rare cases, the person who is “possessed” isn’t evil — the thing that is doing the possessing is evil. And of course, not every mentally ill person who makes bad choices for whatever reason is doing so because of an “evil spirit”. There are very sick people in ther world, and at times, darkness takes advantage of those cracks in people’s psyches. However, it still doesn’t make the person evil. Weak, perhaps, or misguided, or lost, or hurting so they hurt others. Yet true evil is a thing all on it’s own. Can human beings act out evil behavior at times? Yes, but we are not dark in our make-up just because we “play-act” like we are. Can we channel “evil”? Sort of, but in very small, watered down doses, compared to what true evil actually is, and it takes a dedicated effort and is not something that can be sustained. Even Charles Manson liked to laugh, smile, and love, in his twisted up, mentally ill way. So yes — “bad choice making” is definitely the human condition’s biggest obstacle! Great question :)!!

  2. dominica says:

    hey danielle. wonderful and refreshing article. it took me over a decade of studying the “scriptures” and graduate school to realize that the bible does not have the answers i was looking for (plus it condemned my sexuality!)

    love love love the blog!


    • danielleegnew says:

      Heya Dominica — I”m so glad you enjoyed the blog and could relate :)! Everyone’s spiritual path is their own, and no one spiritual source has the right to claim condemnation over anyone. Yikes! Whether a person is Christian, Muslim, Jewish, or no affiliated faith, our relationship with our parent creator is unique to each one of us! Thanks so much for your thoughts :)!

  3. John Scott G says:

    What a lovely article. There are such wonderful passages of insight, humor, teaching, pondering, and love. Thanks to Danielle and thanks to the site owners for featuring this work.

    • danielleegnew says:

      Heya Scott — THANK YOU :)!! Coming from such a fantastic writer as yourself, that’s a lovely compliment!!! And I’m so glad you are digging the site — I’ll pass it on to the site owner — ha ha 😉 — it’s actually my own blog site, but I titled it the “Call To Light Press”, sort of like “Huffington Press” — lol — I figured if Arianna could get the word out, the rest of us could get moving, too!! xo

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