The Human Race: Who We Really Are

What if you woke up one day and found out you were the son or daughter of a superhero, inheriting incredible powers you didn’t even know you had that would enable you to change your everyday world in an instant?

Please allow me to wake you from your slumber — because the aforementioned is true.

How do we access these powers? Where do we find them? How do we know that we even have them? Nothing’s weirder than learning that this whole time, you had superhero genetics. Well, except maybe for finding out that you were the secret heir to WaMart. But I can’t help you with that part.

Since this is a lot of family history to take in, in five sentences… let’s start at the beginning.

Though many people’s spiritual leanings are a cornucopia of this-and-that’s from many world religions, mine included, the creation theories amongst religions do not vary all that much. I find that fascinating because when we’re dealing with the origin of our species, human beings have an inbred knowledge that we did not come from solely from earth. In Plains Indian Native American spirituality, Mother Earth and Father Sky gave birth to mankind. The sky was involved. The most interesting creation theory comes from the Jewish Torah, which does not illustrate a God who needed to procreate with another entity (Mother Earth and Father Sky), but a God that was able to create life from only Itself, and dirt — like throwing a pot on a wheel. According to the Bible, God was the original Do-It-Yourselfer.

In fact, according to Biblical literalists, we are created in the Image of God. The same literalists claim that humankind is intrinsically evil. One of these things doesn’t belong here.  You ever wonder why?

I’ll tell you.

If the human race were ever to truly grasp how powerful we are — our potential, our abilities, our true design — we’d have no need for money. We’d have no need for jobs that did not fulfill the desires of our soul. We’d have no fear of loss. We’d be uncontrollable by a third party who relies on our addiction to the idea that we are limited in our resources, and that these resources can only be granted by a third party who wishes to keep us all in lack, limitation, and fear.

We’d be free to focus not on survival, not on what we don’t have, not on the self — but on developing systems that would continue to benefit the whole. If we no longer are addicted to the idea of isolation, if we no longer see ourselves as a soul against the world, then we become part of everything around us. We become the body of society. We become the blood of evolving and positive change. We become the beauty instead of striving toward the beauty. We no longer have need for stigma, for dogma, or for judgment. We only have the need to connect to All That Is — one another, nature, Universe — God.

This is not an unfamiliar ideal. Jesus the Christ talked a great deal about this concept: Give up your earthly riches, not because there’s anything wrong with them, but because as humans, we tend to get distracted and caught up in shiny things. When we’re caught up, it’s harder to remember that we don’t need to be caught up.  Jesus wasn’t anti-wealth. He was pro-spirit.

Of course, to teach people that they don’t need to have the best bangles and bobbles in order to get into heaven then sort of defeats the purpose of those who are attempting to create a human dependency on “stuff”. As long as we think we aren’t “enough” without the help of something we can buy, including absolution from a church, then those who create the “stuff” hold our very identities in their pocketbooks. It’s brilliant marketing.

How can a ploy so obvious be overlooked? Well, unfortunately, all mammals here on earth have branched out from one another at some point in evolution. Oddly, human beings are a lot like squirrels. We like to collect a bunch of stuff and bury it all over the place — in our attic, in our garage, in our closets — because this makes us feel like we’ll be “protected” from having “no stuff.” This “no stuff” fear is partly biological, as animals tend to stock their dens. However, the level to which Humanity indulges gluttony is truly unique. Pretty soon, our need to “have stuff” isn’t about making sure we have enough toilet paper on a rainy day. The stuff then becomes our identity. We actually believe that the stuff defines us. We believe we are the stuff. We don’t own the stuff. It owns us.

Welcome to the imprisonment of the human consciousness. This is what made Jesus cringe. Not the fact that we obsessively collect Precious Moments figurines.

“Stuff” isn’t always physical, either. It can be dogma. We believe we must “do” this or that in order to “be” this or that. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are who we are. What we are is WHO we are. What we DO is something else entirely.

The Human Race is designed in the image of God. But, that’s not to say God has two arms and two legs. Look at Genesis 1:27 — “And God said, Let us make man in our image…’ First of all, God is so BIG that even GOD doesn’t refer to Itself in the singular. (Note that “my image” isn’t part of that sentence). God exhibits a collective consciousness. That’s pretty awesome. Secondly, the word “image” is translated from the Hebrew word “tselem”, which means “shadow” as a stand-alone word. However, if one knows anything about Hebrew, one knows a word can mean something entirely different depending on where it is placed — at the beginning or end of a sentence — and which male or female qualifier is attached to the word. To translate the phrase, literally and truly, from the original Hebraic language would read in English:

“And the Great Powerful One filled the man with a representation of himself”

Ladies and gentlemen, humanity is Creator’s very own maple bar. God is the creamy filling. Our body is the pastry. This defining Biblical sentence is all about being a physical vessel that is spiritually FILLED with the ESSENCE of God. It’s about humanity becoming living illustrations of the character of God, the compassion of God. We were to illustrate the overwhelming creativity and the ONENESS of an entity that won’t even refer to Itself in the singular when musing on about creating everything.  We were literally created — to represent. We aren’t “God Dolls”. We’re “God Ambassadors”.

And, like an Ambassador, we bring with us the power and the authority of that who sent us. We were sent to DO what we were sent to do. Seeing as that we are a representation of the very thing that created the Universe and everything in it, that means that we, too, have the power to create anything — and everything within it. This is a lot of creative freedom. This means that if we wish to create struggle, for ourselves or for others — we can. If we wish to create restriction for ourselves and others — we can. Our free will and our natural given God-esque creation abilities allow us to create both light and dark representations of everything we wish to experience, without restriction.

This is where we go a little off track.

Humanity is not some sniveling evil maggot under the heel of and angry, righteous God. That is what those who wish to have power over humanity would have us believe. Humanity is a powerful and brilliantly creative race that when aligned can do absolutely anything. We’ve split atoms. We’ve cloned species. We’ve healed and uplifted and educated. We have also raped and pillaged and destroyed. So why, in God’s name, if we are designed to represent for Ultimate creativity, love, joy, and expression — or, God — do we act like Hannibal Lecter?

Well, because we’ve forgotten who we really are, being raised with a limitation consciousness, brainwashed into believing we are so much less than what our blueprints designated us to be. We have been held captive by darkness until we suffer from Stockholm Syndrome, claiming our captor’s nature is our nature. We have been lost on a trajectory that we have created, one chaotic eon after another. We’ve fallen away from our design to connect with one another, with nature, with All That Is and Will Be, and in our oblivion, we’ve fallen into fear.

All is not lost for Humankind. Humankind is simply lost. So let me help us get back on track by busting out the spiritual GPS, and see if we can find a Starbucks along the way, because I could use a coffee right about now.

In our wandering about, lost in this universe we have created around us like a warped layer in The Matrix, whose almighty diety is the dollar and whose sense of connection is 140 characters or less, we find ourselves yearning for something. We yearn for a connection each other, ourselves, what we really are, and to All That Is. We still aren’t sure what it is we’re looking for — you know, like Bono sang about in U2 — so we fill that yearning with the most odd of things. We have moments of connection yet fall back into a place of separation. There’s a reason that TV commercials for anti-depressants are at an all-time high.

Inside of each adult human being is a five year old who just wants to be handed a treat and allowed to play. And what does a five year old do, if lost in the shopping mall? It cries because it’s afraid.

We’re lost in the mall. So, if we are ambassador’s for All That Is, each of us containing superhero powers to create anything we want to our of thin air and a little hard work — then how can we possibly feel afraid? If we contain pieces of The Light, of God — how is it possible that we can fall into so much fear? After all, God isn’t afraid of anything… is It?

The fact is, God does not fear anything, because God IS everything. Yet we are not God. But we are an extension of Everything. Therefore, we have to remind ourselves not to fall into fear. It is fear that drives us apart as a species. We are afraid we will starve, so we pillage. We are afraid we will go without, so we steal. We are afraid we will not be seen for our contributions, so we gossip. We are afraid we are invisible, so we commit violent acts. We are afraid someone will take what we have, so we oppress those who are weaker. Yet if God is everything — God is also fear, right? Right. Yet God does not fear. So how does that work, and how can we get in on that action?

Let me explain.

In our body, blood courses through our veins. Yet we are not “blood”. In our mind, dark thoughts sometimes occupy space. Yet we are not “dark”. Our stomachs growl inside our bodies, yet we are not a “growl”. The singular parts of what God is — what Creation is — does not define It.  It is not even the singular parts made into one body that defines Creation. Creation — God — is only defined by what It creates.

As representations of this design — so are we. We don’t have to be a cake to bake one. Yet we forget that we are not what we create. We are so tied to the limitations in the physics of our physical reality, and so disconnected from our actual spiritual design which has nothing to do with limitation, that we literally believe we become whatever it is we create.

I have good news — this is not true.

I also have bad news — this is not true.

How can this be good and bad news? Well, if one is a person who is not kind, not considerate, and not ethical, yet creates a persona who commits kind, considerate and ethical acts in front of key individuals while terrorizing the rest of everybody — our few planted acts of kindness while wearing that “persona” does not make us “a kind person”.

Since we are not what we create, the good news is that if we create a mistake — we aren’t a mistake. It’s more accurate to say that we live with the consequences of what we create, good or bad.

So, that being said, with superhero powers to create anything — then why not only create things with good consequences? Well, because somehow we still believe that we are a victim in this wild, unpredictable life, like a leaf being bashed against he rocks while plummeting down rapids atop the frigid water. Certainly, we are not in control of absolutely everything. We’re not The Creator. Sometimes we get in the way of someone else’s really rotten lesson, and we get a little rot splashed on us. That’s just a proximity issue, and we can choose to process that “splash” as life lesson if it suits our learning curve. In truth, sometimes crap just happens, and the lesson is just to let it go and not try and personify the crap until we make it into something it’s not. The lesson is to NOT make it a lesson.

Though we are not responsible for the trajectories of those around us, and sometimes those trajectories impact us in horrific ways, we are, however, in control of what WE author in this lifetime.

Which leads me right back to who we really are and your secret rad-dog super powers.

Humanity is designed to DESIGN. Like cells, we are designed to split apart and just keep building things. We are designed to work together in a body, individually, but as one. We are designed to not want, nor yearn, because we are designed to provide everything for ourselves that we need. This design gets in the way of fear, the foremost groove-busting tool of Darkness. People who align with Darkness will then misuse their super powers, designing systems that instead of edifying others, end up restricting resources from people — and then we’re back to square one, too worried about where our next meal is coming from to create a garden that would provide a meal everyday.

Imagine a world without money. Many can’t and many say it’s an impossibility. But it’s more real a probability than one may think. Money is only an agreed-upon form of trade. If no one agrees on the money — it’s worthless. Also, if certain resources were available to all, money would seem a bit silly.

For instance, if food were readily available for everyone, money would have less value. If clean, warm shelter were available to everyone, money would have less value. If clothes were available to everyone, money would have less value. If electricity and clean water were readily available to all, money would have less value. If transportation and fuel were available to all, money would have less value. Money was created to restrict the flow of goods and services and in the process, money is seen as The Creator. Money has been made into God. If one has money, one can become the ultimate creator — one can create anything. One can have it all.

Yet your superhero genetics dictate that you can have it all anyway.

Surely money helps in this reality. Yet we were not designed to need it. Money is a system we created. If we master the ability to do what it was that we were DESIGNED to do, which is literally manifest and create stuff out of thin air — then money seems pretty stupid. If you could call to you anything, manifest anything — then a wad of paper with dead presidents on it would seem like lint in the pocket.

In fact, we are able to create something “from thin air”. We represent God, creation.  We are It’s ambassadors to this third dimension. This ability is our spiritual birthright. It’s part of our spiritual genetics. Because we are not God, we may not have the command of the physics around us (yet) to make a donkey appear in the middle of the room, like David Copperfield. But, we do have the ability to work toward what we want — not simply to “earn the money to buy it” necessarily, but to put the energetic effort out into the universe so what we desire can find us, like a flare in the night.

If we all worked together to share resources, money would be outmoded over night because there would be no power in having more resources than another. This is not Eutopian suggestion, nor is it a nudge toward Communism. It’s a statement on the obvious misuse of the money energy. Many say a world without money is an “impossible dream” thanks to the fear of lack, or greed. I’m here to tell you that it is very possible. Why? Because we are the body, the body creates the work, and the work creates the world.

We have created limitation and restriction up to this point, very effectively. We can create a different trajectory just as easily. That is, if we’d get out of fear.

Perhaps this will help illustrate who we really are, as a species: The moment we decide we do not wish to participate in any energy signature — it goes away. From the Berlin Wall to Small Pox, both of these large agents didn’t simply vanish into thin air. They were vanquished when we created another paradigm to which we all decided to adhere. We did not wish to participate with Small Pox anymore, and we created a cure. We did not wish to participate with the Berlin Wall anymore, and we tore it down.

Evaluate your own life and ask yourself: What do I wish NOT to participate with anymore? And how do I take steps to de-construct the relationship I have, with which I no longer wish to participate? You’ll be amazed at how quickly the “drama” flies out of your life, ergo — “manifesting” the life you have always wanted to have, without spending a dime to move to a better neighborhood and buy better friends.

Change in this incarnation, in this third dimension, comes from action. All action is free. It does not cost money. It doesn’t cost money for me to decide to play an instrument. The deciding part was the action. Once I make a decision, I now need an instrument. I could buy one, or borrow one, or rent one. The later takes money. But I can decide I’m going to take on a part time job just to get enough money to buy a guitar. I “apply” for a job and get it — ergo, I “manifest” the job and the money. I buy the guitar and I learn to play it.

The entire way, money did not rule the trajectory. My decisions did.

Just because I can bake a cake does not mean I am a cake.

As a species we are on a brilliant precipice overlooking our next step in spiritual and emotional evolution. We cannot stay in the illusion that would have us believing that we “are” our “stuff”. Newsflash — no, we’re not. We are creators and designers that don’t need to “hang on” to not only the third-party widgets that we’ve made in order to define who we are, but outdated modalities that no longer serve us. As my dear friend Roy would say:

“If you have one foot in yesterday, and one foot in tomorrow, you pee on today.”


Without today, which is all we have, we have no footing to launch tomorrow. Just like a pre-teen, humanity cannot stop the spiritual growth spurt into which we have begun. We must wake up into who we really are, begin “using our powers for good”, or perish in the illusion of what we are not. It no longer serves us to hide in our weakest attributes — abuse, starvation, neglect. We have learned all we are going to learn, as a species, through those teaching tools. We have yet to learn what life is all about without the addiction to secondary fearful garbage that defines our species.

We have yet to learn that we are not a cake.

In fairness to humanity, we’ve had some occasions to question who we are as a species. The Nazi concentration camps were a tragic exercise in choosing Darkness. War and victimization are both twisted and complex lessons. Yet we have made progress in noting that the outcome is always the same when dealing with those dark energies. Just like the guy who got out of the bad relationship and ran to the hills screaming, we have learned our lesson about “bad energetic relationships.”  Many world banking and business institutions are terrified that they will have no value if money has no value. That’s simply not true. A bank is a storehouse that makes money on our money. If money was no longer needed to level the playing field, then the role of banks would change.  They would simply manage all that  we deemed held value.

This blog isn’t about how “evil” money is. In fact, money is simply an energy, no more, no less. It is humanity’s dependence on the need to control others out of fear that has cast money in the role of the Creator, the Equilizer — of God. But it is not. It is simply something we’ve dreamed up, while drifting through The Matrix. It is our last lesson in restriction. It is our last illusion that we cling to because in order for us to truly wake, we’ll realize what we are truly capable of.

Today, try out your superhero powers. Give them a spin and watch the miraculous change you’re capable of bringing into reality: Decide upon a situation in your life that no longer serves your highest well being, and decide not to participate with that energy anymore. It doesn’t have to be anything dramatic. Just imagine a water faucet attached to your heart, with a hose running out toward the situation that no longer serves you, giving it water to grow. Turn the hose off and watch the water trickle to a halt. Then pull your hose in and carry on. Take the energy away from the situation that is being “watered” by your energy, and turn your attentions to something you’ve always wanted to accomplish. Toss your hose in that direction, and turn on the faucet, watching the water sprinkle this new area of your life. Focus on growing that alone, and watch your life change instantly, one moment at a time.

Seriously, it’s better than watching a Chia Pet grow.

So now that you know who you really are, Grasshopper, I fully expect you to get out into this world and try out your all-creative, amazing superhero powers. Darkness is excepting you to read this blog and decide it’s all hooey. In fact, Darkness is counting on the Stockholm Syndrome to kick in, and counting on each and every one of us to talk ourselves out of who we really are. We’ve been doing it for generations, and we’re good at denying the truth of our lineage. We have been walking about with the keys to a new car in our pocket, yet have convinced ourselves the keys are nothing more than old pretzels left over from a party. We walk asleep amidst the dreamscape of the fearful.

Wake up, you beautiful being. Thaw into who you are. Wipe the crust from your eyes. You’re miraculous. You’re created to do anything. You are anything. You are the creation of Creation. You are hostage to no one, beholden to no one, betrothed only to Light. Wake, and accept your lineage. Wake, and use your super powers for good. The world needs you. You need you.


About danielleegnew

Named "Psychic of the Year" by UFO's and Supernatural Magazine, Danielle Egnew is an internationally-known Psychic, Medium and Angelic Channel whose work has been featured on national TV (NBC, ABC, TNT, USA) as well as in the Washington Post and Huffington Post. She has provided content consultant services for the CW's hit series "Supernatural" and the blockbuster film "Man of Steel". Danielle is also an author, teacher, and TV / radio host in the field of metaphysics. She anchors her private practice in the Big Sky Country of Montana, residing with her wife and their daughter.
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11 Responses to The Human Race: Who We Really Are

  1. Margaret says:

    Thank you !
    I was feeling frustrated with myself and typed in google …who are we really?
    I just recently had friends and family cross over and I felt like a clutsty
    Thank you for reminding me that we all feel like that and why.
    My daughter told me about a dream
    Where she was on a bus and people that were not aware that they had wings. Ever think you could fly?
    She was an intuitive child. She told me about a close friend she saw in the dream and said his wings were a bit tattered.

    There was also a time when I was in hospital with 3rd degree burns …
    let me tell you everyone looked like and angel too me.
    You should see and marvel at our skin our wrists our awesome design.
    it’s right in front of us.
    Those are physical things that I’m sighting but I had forgotten … so I really appreciate the reminder.
    I think I’ll practice feelings appreciating our godliness again.
    Because your right if I go there in my thoughts even for a second I see everyone as divine and it’s also confortable.
    I have also learned that negative emotions in there pure state are meant to aid us not hinder us. We need to recognize that they also move us forward.

  2. gaylen says:

    Danielle I stumbled across your blogs and was very impressed by your writings and what you had to say it was what I was looking for at this time I went to find your hard copy book but it’s not only on the ebook and I don’t have that kind of the electronics I just wanted to tell you thank you I think you’re an amazing person

  3. Roy says:

    Who I am would no longer be that important. I would focus more on the truth of WHAT I AM TO THE WORLD!!! which is what I do every day so not that much would change.

    • danielleegnew says:

      LOL Roy — I would expect nothing less from you, my pal — what we are is WHO we are :)!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!

  4. Cindy ' Tru ' Evans says:


    Just finished reading your article….Was a lot to take in, so probably going to have to read it again. But for as long as you have known me now, you know that I do believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and I’ve been struggling with truly believing that we are capable of accomplishing ANYthing in our lives. For me specifically, you know I struggle in the area of health. Does my “superhero powers” grant me the ability to heal my whole body of the issues that I’m dealing with? I do have a few issues, but You know which one I’m specifically referring to, so I won’t get into it here. If I can heal myself, I truly wish to be healed. Maybe that’s why I seem to keep “hitting brick walls” with trying to get adequate conventional treatment, so that I can be prepared to see miraculous healing in my body…That would be indescribably joyous…and I’d pass it along. Man, what a thought, no??

    In Any Case, thanks as always for your wonderful blog, it always uplifts me.

    Big Hugs!

    ~ Tru

    • danielleegnew says:

      Heya Tru – We absolutely do have superhero powers that extend into the realm of energies and healing. That’s not to say that if one is ill, one is not engaging these energies “enough”. It’s to say that we have the potential to speed along our healing and dramatically affect it’s outcome. I’ve known people who had cancer, who were given one year to love, who decided that diagnosis was not for them in spite of the Xrays and “concrete evidence” set before them. Instead, they decided that they were not going to get onboard with continuing to participate with the illness, and they got on with other areas of their life that gave them joy. By not fixating on the diagnosis, these folks “cut off” the energy to the cancer and they went on to live for fifteen more years, eventually perishing of other natural causes. So though everyone’s path is different, and none of us hold the “final card”, we can certainly affect change HUGELY in our health. You can do it :)!!

  5. Roger T. Thomes says:

    Hi, Danielle:
    You have written an insightful and empowering article. Thank you.
    I have learned more from reading this article than I had from hours spent at philosophical, economic, and religious texts.
    When at university, any time I entered the library, assistant librarians scurried to parts unknown. They had good reason; my list of books often required them searching for hours in the basement archives. For all of that effort, the results were meager. Now with the Internet, I can cross-check (your) statements in minutes. I must say, I often come to conclusions similar to your own. Our differences are not so much in substance, but our differences are in extent; I tend to see things more radically. I am aware Danielle, that as a public figure, you must not to be seen as alarmist; you have the responsibility not to cause panic.
    I agree: humans have the the capacity to create “stuff”, not from nothing, but from energy. Energy is what “stuff” ultimately is*. First, we must learn how to master (to a greater degree) ourselves before we can better manipulate energy.
    Money (power) “per se” is not the problem. The LOVE of money is the problem.
    Keep on keepin’ on, dear lady,
    Roger T. Thomes (Amsterdam)
    * If a scale model of a hydrogen atom were to be made–the proton would be the size of a common housefly; the electron shell orbiting it, would be the size of a football stadium; so much for our “concrete” world.

    • danielleegnew says:

      Hi Roger! Thank you for such an amazing compliment, and I agree with you that our world is so much less “concrete” than we think! It’s up to those of us who wish to get out there and truly explore our options, and to share what we’ve discovered while we are on that exploration so that others may grow! Well I’m thrilled to know that I give your University library a run for it’s money ;), and I’m thrilled to know someone like you is out there reading, and brightening the corner where YOU are! Here’s to the proper use of energy :)!!

  6. Jeane says:

    wow…awesomeness….great writing…..i knew it we’re all eclairs…..I really enjoyed this piece..keep it up !!!!!!!

    • danielleegnew says:

      Thank you Jeane!! I’m happy to be an ecclair — it sure beats being green beans, ha ha! I’m so glad you enjoyed it :)!

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