Going on Record: What’s Really Inside China’s ‘Mushroom Cloud’

First and foremost, let it be known that I am a huge natural science fanatic. I grew up in Montana and spent a great deal of time learning about nature. As kids living in a very seasonal high-desert climate that is prone to extreme weather changes, we were taught the different types of clouds and the weather patterns that create them in an attempt to keep us from being pelted by an Armageddon-class thunder storm.

That being said: Just because a cloud looks like a thunder head — or cumulonimbus cloud — doesn’t mean that it is a thunder head. If an enormous water tower bursts at the top of the hill, millions of gallons of water pour down the streets. The water looks and acts like a river. However — it is not.

Bejing, China recently was beset with an enormous “mushroom cloud” that struck fear in the heart of its residents. China is no stranger to extreme weather phenomenon, with ice and sand storms as well as raging tornadoes sculpting the landscape. The fact that the citizens of Bejing flooded YouTube with videos of this unusual cloud was — well — unusual. And the fact that the world news covered the giant “thunder cloud” in order to make sure that it was labeled a “thunder cloud” was again — unusual.

I don’t’ recall the last time a big non-tornado-generating thunder cloud received world coverage…do you? If that’s the case, I need to put CNN on speed dial every summer I spend back home in Montana, because according the Associated Press, the cumulonimbus cloud in the Big Sky State would be making headlines every other night during the 5 o’clock storms.

Obviously, the Chinese population knew that this was not an ordinary cloud. So did the Powers That Be, which is why they made sure that media made a big deal out of the fact that it was “just a cloud”. The Chinese people feared the cloud to be nuclear-generated due to the eerie glow emanating from the cloud. One could argue that the “glow” in the cloud was simply the sun’s light being caught high in the atmosphere at sunset. Except if one really looks at the photos of the mystery cloud — that theory is easily debunked. You can’t reflect light from only the inside a cloud, and not have that same light illuminating the outside the cloud.

Well, not unless something inside the cloud was glowing. That is, after all, why the Chinese population was sure that the cloud was some sort of nuclear fallout charged with radioactive particles. Clouds don’t just glow unless you’re watching a Ron Howard film.

Cumulonimbus clouds are thunder clouds of a whopping proportion. They are very tall and shaped like an anvil on the top. They can be miles across and miles high. Their bulky top can sometimes be shaped more like a mushroom, because nature can do what it wants, but mostly the cloud has pointed, flared edges. Cumulonimbus clouds are famous for their “stalk” and “head”. Thus the term “thunder head”.

The cloud over China had neither a stalk, nor a head, so it would have to be one deformed and psychotropic cumulonimbus cloud.  Plus there’s that glowing thing and an entire storm-savvy city population who is freaking out and uploading their freak-outs to YouTube.

But it’s just a great big pretty rain cloud that made international news across all the major press outlets…right?


One of the (unfortunate) side-effects of my Psychic attributes is my ability to pick up OffWorld, or Extraterrestrial communications. As someone who has been visited by them, perhaps this is simply a side effect from their visits. Needless to say, the ability to “pick up” their communications is an “unfortunate” side effect because they often aren’t chatting about anything gripping. It’s more like having a police scanner picking up the idle chatter that goes on all day and all night. Once in awhile there is some really interesting stuff, but mostly it’s all about routine executions of long-standing missions, where earth is concerned. That may sound very interesting, and it was… when I was four. Now, it’s just business as usual. Sound too Star Trek yet? Well just wait. It gets better.

Here’s the deal: Obviously, there is other life in the universe. Human kind is a relatively late new-comer in the galactic life game. God created many other races and species before us, and some of those species are distant cousins of ours. (And yes, my head just about flew off in glee when I saw Prometheus. Take away the Hollywood-ization and add more of a gene-splicing aspect rather than “the starting of life”, and that’s basically it. But that’s another blog for another day). In effect, this planet, and human kind, have been looked after for a very long time, by not only God, and God’s angels, and all the Elementals that God put here to keep nature in line — but by our OffWorld cousins, many of which use the planet’s many vortex points as a “switching station” between different quadrants of the universe. These guys are temporal (wormhole) travelers, and our earth, with its huge amount of salt water and the fact that it’s spinning over an iron core — is a perfect electromagnet. Earth is the LAX of temporal jump points.

Still not Star Trekky enough for you? Well how about this: Right now, all around the earth, our OffWorld cousins have some pretty big craft that are high up in the atmosphere, helping to “siphon off” geothermal energy. The planet is being “scrunched” like a Nerf ball, compressed from going through a high-gravitational well point in the Milky Way Galaxy, something it does every 50,000-60,000 years. This “scrunching” forces the plates of the earth under one another. We saw evidence of this last year as Japan moved 9 feet west. Had our OffWorld cousins not been helping with this “siphoning pressure” project, Japan may have gone mainland.

Basically, imagine a grid of really big ships that act as “flying buttresses” high up in the Ionosphere that help “release” pressure inside the earth and siphon it up through the earth’s magnetosphere and out into space. There are a few vessels up the west and east coasts of the United States, as well as straight up the heartland. Remember all those bizarre earthquakes in 2011 on the east coast and in the middle of the country? This would have been worse if not for our friendly Extraterrestrial “scaffolding” around the nation.  These large craft are obviously stationed other places around the world as well for the same geomagnetic reasons.  I could go on and on about how this geothermal siphoning works, but back to the cloud.

China is a UFO hotspot. That’s no secret. Poor China is constantly yanking all sorts of YouTube videos and smart phone photos offline. The first “Norway Spiral” type phenomenon was first captured in China back in the 80’s. A UFO that shut down a Chinese airport made international news for five seconds in 2011. China did not deny the event happened. They just did what China does best and said nothing at all after the news and photos got out. There are numerous under water UFO “bases” and temporal vortex points at the bottom of the ocean right off the Chinese coast, between China and Japan. The fact that the ring of fire is right around the corner has a great deal to do with these OffWorld occupations and vortex points. Where you find HUGE geothermal pressure — you find “bends” in the EMF field. Where you find EMF fluctuation, or vortexes, you find OffWorlders.

Our OffWorld cousins, though technologically much more savvy than we are, are not God, and don’t have the ability to “save us”. They can, however, help out, which they often do, sometimes not even as much for us but to help stabilize their “runway” on earth, their LAX. Hey, if you’ve been using a roadway for hundreds of thousands of years, you’d want to maintain it, too.

I’ve been picking up for some time that China has a big upcoming earthquake that will likely sprout later this year. This will be followed by more quakes globally. So it makes sense that our OffWorld cousins would have one of these Ionospheric Siphons (really big craft) in place over Bejing to help ease some of that plate pressure.

To cut to the chase: Is there a big ol’ UFO in that cloud over Bejing? Yep. Am I sure it’s just not a storm cloud? Yep. Why? Let me explain.

Cumulonimbus clouds are big thunderheads but they have very specific characteristics. Sure, Mother Nature can twist up the recipe any time she wants. However, if it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck — it’s a duck. In this case, it’s an exceptionally humongous garden-variety OffWorld craft, several miles across, that are usually undetectable because they either go “out of phase” with the pulse of the third dimension, or they bend light which makes them appear “invisible”. (Temporal travel crash course sidebar: 1 – Phasing works like a TV signal. Think TV picture interlacing, where one line, then another, then another stack up on one another to make a whole picture from an odd field and an even field. Our third dimension is the even field and our OffWorld friends are “out of phase” in the odd field, but still in this dimension. 2 -“Bending Light” is about crinkling space and stepping into the crinkle so the light is reflected, like a little kid who hides in the drapes in the living room. The kid is still there but the drapes have him concealed.)

And yes, all major world governments know about OffWorlders and have dealt with them. They just don’t tell us because they think we’ll riot in the streets. The US Government was supposed to disclose to us in 2011 about the OffWorld connection but because of the financial crisis, they decided that would be too Jerry Springer, and didn’t do it. The problem is, with the geothermal issues the earth is going to have in the near future, these ships are going to have to come closer to the earth’s surface, and that makes them harder to hide. Phasing puts off HUGE amounts of EMF and that blows power grids, and though bending light is a softer approach, the fact that the craft has to get lower to the earth’s surface causes EMF pressure.

Pretty much, it’s like trying to hide a mile-long ocean liner in New York harbor. Good luck.

So the world governments are behind on the ET disclosure, and hopefully they’ll get there before these craft must be “de-cloaked” in order to do what it is they are able to do, to their full potential. Like anything else, it takes energy to “hide” a craft of that magnitude, and that energy could be better used elsewhere if push came to shove. Again, they may be technologically advanced, but they aren’t God.

So this is where our Bejing cloud comes into play. The “cloud” is actually an after-effect of a positive ion charge created by technology these OffWorlders use to get their ships to “float”. I call this technology “zero buoyancy”, mostly because the word they use for it doesn’t exist in English because we’re not there yet technologically, and because as far as I’ve been able to chronicle and eavesdrop, it’s a zero gravity technology based upon a reflective buoyancy principle. The “atmosphere” created by the zero-buoyancy technology creates a “resistant” space which surrounds the craft, generating just enough “tension” against the skin of the earth’s gravitational pull that the craft “floats” in the air, as a boat hull floats atop water. The earth’s atmosphere rubs against this “artificial atmosphere” and creates friction, resulting in electo-static energy — or, lightning — as well as charging the air with positive ions. The latter contributes to condensation — clouds.

Too much geek speak? I thought it might be, so I actually delved into photoshop and made some illustrations about how all this works. I figure the less we have to fear, as a species, the less we’ll act like extras on Independence Day once our harmless OffWorld cousins show up. Now, I’m warning you, I usually use photoshop to touch up my press shots, thank you very much. (I’m over 40 — I’m allowed). So this whole “scientific how-to” illustration is new territory for me. Let’s try it one more time with pictures, and hopefully this will all be better explained:

Now one might ask — what about the shape of this cloud? Cumulonimbus clouds have that tell-tale bulbous shape, too, so couldn’t the Bejing Cloud just be a thunder cloud? Well, yes, but it’s not, and the cloud has a few “tells” that if you know what you’re looking for — gives it away. As the craft’s “artificial atmosphere” spins against the earth’s atmosphere and “floating tension” is created, the centrifugal force shifts the cloud vapor to the center points of the craft. Naturally occurring cumulonimbus clouds are tall with an anvil-shaped top “flare” shaped by the storm’s cold air running into warm air. “UFO clouds” have more pronounced “bell” sides in the middle of the cloud, a longer “sloping” bottom, and unusual glow.

Again, with pictures:

Take a look at this view of the bottom “slope” of this amazing “cloud” (craft) — these upper atmosphere stabilizing craft are HUGE:

Are they here to invade? No. They would have done that before the earth was trashed. Plus, many of them used to live here anyway and have moved on.

Are they hostile?  No, not these guys with these craft. They’re on our side.

Are there hostile ET’s? Yes, but they are kept in check by our more advanced OffWorld cousins, like an older brother looking out after a younger sibling. There are also hostile humans and the earth hasn’t been destroyed yet, so don’t let the whole “hostile” thing keep you up at night.

Does the government know they are here? Already covered, and yes. The United Nations, the peace keeping leg of earth’s conscience, even has UNOOSA — The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs. (Which was put into play in 1958, miraculously four years after Eisenhower signed the Greada Treaty with the Grays, but that’s a chapter in my upcoming book). The OffWorld race that has the Bejing Cloud ship is not the Grays.

Yes, there are HUGE cumulonimbus clouds that look kind of like UFO’s that end up dropping tornadoes all over Kansas, and they don’t have anything supernatural going on for them.


I hope I haven’t spun you out into What The Heck Land too badly, but that’s the crash course in OffWorlder occupation, technology, and histoty. Next time you look at a storm cloud, see if you can tell the difference between a garden variety cumulonimbus thunder cloud and a low-hanging OffWorlder craft. Not every cloud is a UFO, and not every UFO is in a cloud.

After all — all apples are fruit, but not all fruit are apples. But one thing’s for sure: Just like an apple — that cloud over Bejing wasn’t empty.

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Named "Psychic of the Year" by UFO's and Supernatural Magazine, Danielle Egnew is an internationally-known Psychic, Medium and Angelic Channel whose work has been featured on national TV (NBC, ABC, TNT, USA) as well as in the Washington Post and Huffington Post. She has provided content consultant services for the CW's hit series "Supernatural" and the blockbuster film "Man of Steel". Danielle is also an author, teacher, and TV / radio host in the field of metaphysics. She anchors her private practice in the Big Sky Country of Montana, residing with her wife and their daughter.
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6 Responses to Going on Record: What’s Really Inside China’s ‘Mushroom Cloud’

  1. gaylen says:

    Wow great stuff where you been all my life I wish I had found you earlier in life I might be a little bit better off

  2. Elizabeth says:

    That really seems to make sense — thank you for the explanation!

    One thing you said in your post caught my attention, though — the hostile ET.s. It would be neat if you could do a blog in the near future in which you discuss the different types of Extraterrestrials and what you know about them. I find UFOs/ETs a fascinating subject.

  3. Roger T. Thomes says:

    Hi, Danielle:
    Another superb article.
    I sent your “What’s Really Inside China’s Mushroom Cloud?’ to a died-in-the-wool skeptic friend. This person does not believe in: any form of spirituality, in extra-terrestrial life, in conspiracies (of any kind–even to the point of denying that there are “fixed” sports contests, etc. Well what can I do? I do what I have done for the past several months–I send him your articles. Just when I was about to drop this ignorant knuckle-dagger (obviously, I listen to your and Shena Metal’s “Haunted Playground”–one picks up all sorts of high-minded expressions that way 🙂 I am beginning to detect from his responses a real, noticeable change in his posture; his communications now use words and phrases like: “okay, what if…”, “assuming that…,”, “that may be true, but…”, what can we do about..”, “if the end of the world does come, I want to be in the middle of the worst, to make a quick end to myself…” This last shows some misunderstanding, but even that is an improvement over business-as-usual.
    I am usually careful to point out that–one must always pay attention to people who are labeled “crazy” True enough, there are many crazies in the world and because of the Internet, one hears more from them than ever. However, one must also be aware that every person that had proposed a truly revolutionary idea, had also been labeled, a “crazy”. In that last instance, my hope is that, one day, I will discover a truly revolutionary idea and become a member of that illustrious group.
    Cheers, Danielle,
    –Roger T. Thomes (Amsterdam)

    • danielleegnew says:

      WOW Roger — that is wonderful that your friend is finding that he has more to ponder than he thought he did!! You are one of the wonderful folks who extend a hand to others who may otherwise be dismissed as being “contrary”. The fact is, we ALL have room to learn and grow, myself included, and I count myself VERY lucky if I, in any way, am able to be part of that journey for everyone else — as you all are part of my journey :)! Thank you so much for the terrific feedback and sharing such an inspirational story, and here’s to those of us who seem a little “off” to a few who may be looking onward, ha ha ;)!!

  4. I can actually understand this as TRUTH.

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