Donkeys? Elephants? Why Keep Us So Distracted?

I like a good political show-down with the best of them. I used to work in political marketing and grassroots campaigning on a local level, back in the day. I wanted to make a difference and back then, twenty years ago, that’s how I figured I could do it best. In fact, myself and a lot of other hard-working people did make a difference in the area I was living at the time. So I guess it paid off.

But that was then, and this is now, and now has not only gone off the rails politically on a federal level, but it really does deserve its own Reality TV slot.

Before I get all sorts of bi-partisan hate mail, sure that I am bashing one side or the other — this blog is not actually about politics. It’s about those who control the media. It’s about distraction. It’s about how obvious “it” all is. It’s about what’s really happening. It’s about what it’s really about.

What is “it”, you may ask? Well, “it” is the media circus surrounding the us-against-them smack-down that has been turned up to “10” since last November. The Republicans have come out the gate with the most socially polarizing platform since slavery was enacted. The Democrats have swung back with the “we’re doomed!” drama of Leo DiCaprio while he clung to the lifeboat, freezing to death while the Titanic sank behind him. The melodrama is at an all-time high. The characters in the play are crafted to be caricatures of our worst villain and our most oppressed hero.

These characters have been cast in a do-or-die showdown that is the most polarizing good-vs-evil storyline since Harry Potter and he Who Shall Not Be Named had it out at Hogwarts. Oh, wait — that worked really well to get butts in the seats — that must be where they borrowed the archetypes.

If I sound flip about an election that many are claiming could be “the end of America” if it goes one way or the other — well, you’ll forgive me. My work is no longer in the political field, but in the field of reading energy signatures, and unpeeling the onion to see what’s actually going on. And this onion is insultingly stinky. I can honestly tell you that the main players in this election are earnest in their pursuits and claims, on both sides. I can also tell you that it’s just not gonna matter, because the REASON that these candidates are being played up by the media as caricatures from a melodrama is because “they” are hoping the American people will be glued to this finely crafted script, in hopes we won’t see what’s actually happening. “They” are those who drive the true religion in America — alas, not Christianity, but the worship of the almighty god known as “The Dollar”.

So. Let me tell you what’s actually happening in the world, my fellow drama-addicted Americans. And let’s put this craziness to rest, because I believe I’m losing IQ points every time I receive a political email in my inbox.

While all this election hoopla is going down, post-earthquake Japan has replaced all of its nuclear reactors with state-of-the-art wind turbans that are generating ALL of their power. Unless they are paying God a royalty for the wind — their power is clean, and free. The Arab Spring has created a whole new ideology in many middle eastern countries, and people in America are realizing that online petitions — not lobbyists or federal mandates– can change the decision making of huge corporate powers, such as Chase Bank. Humanity is connected in a way that it never has been before through social media, and it’s really hard to pull the wool over the public’s eyes. Back in the day, the media machine controlled the perceptions of everyone by placing key stories in the news. Now, someone can post “I saw Bigfoot!” with a photo on Twitter. So much for controlling content, which controlled the masses.

Now, the only way to control public opinion is through perceived fear. This whole recession was a plan by those who have been trying to shift the power away from the people in America because they looked ahead and realized what the internet was capable of. That doesn’t take someone with psychic abilities. This whole economic issue was avoidable, and happened not because of a few greedy people (which is what we’d all like to believe) but because a global economy decided it was time to pass the superpower hat, and the only way to do that is either through war, or economic collapse. Well, considering that to overthrow the USA would require nukes, and no one wants to play such a permanent game, they opted for financial collapse. And considering “the American Dollar” is a RELATIVE figure — there is no such thing as a real financial collapse.

There’s only a collapse if you’re told it’s collapsing, and we all buy into it. And that’s what happened, right after 9 / 11 (out of respect for those who lost loved ones on that hideous day, I won’t comment on 9 / 11, but I think you’d know what I’d say), which lead to shutting down the airlines — a way to connect people — which lead to slowing shipping, and travel, which lead to slowing down revenue, then slowing down jobs — it was like putting the breaks on a ten thousand mile long train. Eventually, the whole thing just stopped.

And, like trying to start up a ten thousand mile long train — the economy lurched, and chugged and lurched, but the weight of everything that had been attached behind kept it firmly in place, on the tracks.

Those who shut this system down knew exactly what they were doing. They weren’t terrorists. They were global bankers. It was a ten year plan to shift the money on the planet earth that also involved slowing the rest of the global money system to a halt, so it could be re-set.

Ladies and gentlemen, watch your news in 2013 for the brand new global money standard — oil. You heard it here first. And watch for a global bank. Because THAT’S a good idea, allowing one entity to control the commerce for an entire planet. Yep. That will end up fair for everyone, I’m sure.

So, in the meantime, we kept people busy and distracted with homes being repossessed, bail-outs, whatever else would offend the American sensibility to the point of people shutting down and checking out. The Occupy movement was part of this whole “keep ‘em distracted” thing. It was supposed to polarize US against THEM even further. We were supposed to go all Les Miserable on the government, so that Marshal Law could be enacted constitutionally.

But we didn’t do that. Instead, The Occupy movement became about Hipsters eating P & J’s on the front steps of banks, and body odor taking over Times Square. Why? Because those who have orchestrated this whole “fake collapse” forgot one major key component: Americans have been trained to have a short attention span.


In this American culture (many people who have lived pretty well by the rest of the globe’s standards), we don’t like to be inconvenienced. We’ve been trained by “them” to be fickle consumers. We partake in something, dispose of it, and move on. We’ve been conditioned to only be attached to the seriousness of an issue, or an item, for a short while — by the same media system that censors our world news by replacing major events covered by the BBC with blurbs on the Kardashians.  Then we stop by Taco Bell on the way home while moving on to Netflix to catch up on “Weeds”.  That’s being an American. The very system they have put into place back in the 1950’s to control the masses through media distraction has trained the masses to be disinterested in anything that takes more than a week to resolve. So this isn’t gonna work so well for a movement like Occupy, which was supposed to build into a Marshal Law situation.

Did I say Whoospie? See, this is what happens when sociopaths attempt to manipulate the body of human culture. They just don’t factor in boredom. Seriously. As an energy puzzle, this is so obvious its painful. And I’m now feeling insulted that “they” think this is actually working.

Hey, guys — it’s not.

In fact, it’s SO not working that they aren’t exactly sure what to do. They tried to break our spirit, and that lasted a few years before an intrinsically happy America — that’s what we’ve been trained to be — decided to get happy again. We got hopeful again. We started social networking again. Christmas came to the Who’s in Whoville anyway.

The ten thousand mile long train started to lurch forward, one chug at a time. And believe me — the “Powers that Be” were floored. We weren’t supposed to do that. We were supposed to lay down and die in fear. But we didn’t. Now, they couldn’t send troops in to control the streets. This whole “crushed by fear” thing was losing ground because good ol’ Capitalist, fickle, changeable Americans were just plain-out bored with being in pain.

Again, something a sociopath wouldn’t be able to see coming.

People fear the coming of the New World Order. But it’s been here since 2000. We’ve been in it for twelve years. This new world money thing they will try and lay down “for the good and stability of the global economy” based upon oil will be the last straw. They know the military won’t turn on its own people at home for no reason, so now that’s out. Leveraging the money across the globe is all they have left.

By taking away the credit cards and bank loans, something that was supposed to demoralize the overspending American public, they have re-trained our obsessive consumer culture to SAVE. And to VALUE. And to no longer seek an outside source to make us feel good, but to DO something for our community to bring in a feeling of true fulfillment into our lives. We have been re-trained to have values once again, by the same weirdos who created a culture without values.

So today on our show, here the New World Weirdos scramble to use the political forum for their podium, trying to pull up a fear file that they think will still work on a culture that lived through one of the scariest times since the great depression, and is now wearing smiles on our faces.

We didn’t collapse in contempt. We made online petitions that changed bank policies.

Can I get one last “Whoopsie”?

They’re pulling out all the stops with the “evil archetype” thing this political election in a way that hasn’t been seen.  It’s quite something. Now let me be clear in stating that both politicians are very earnest about what they are campaigning for. It’s just that those who are running the system have a place for that drama, and that place has nothing to do with either party’s values, nor the agenda of either candidate.

The fascinating fact is — the American people just aren’t buying the drama like they used to. We’re tired. Once again — something a sociopath would have no clue about. There are, of course, people out there who still believe whatever they see on TV. But due to the fact that many no longer trust in the “Powers That Be”, that media information is automatically questioned. For those of us who have been sitting back watching this thing unravel like an energetic ball of string — which does not take a Psychic, by the way — we see different writing on the wall.

I see people not buying into the hysteria. I see a push to frighten and polarize, and this push being ignored as simply too ridiculous and frivolous after all we’ve been through as a nation. I see a panic ensuing as Darkness tries to throw everything it has at the moral of humanity, and humanity saying, “You are not welcome. I reach out to the body of my community, not the body of my fears.” I see people connecting to one another again not on a consumer level, but on an emotional level. I see people turning away from contention and discourse because it simply is too draining to continue to fight. Something a sociopath would never understand.

I see the very thing that “they” were terrified of — the very thing that “they” attempted to strip from this nation by feigning world financial collapse and blaming it on a few people who bought expensive houses (REALLY??) — I see the very thing over which there is no dominion — I see this thing rising as a riptide and stripping away the last of their perceived control:  I see human compassion at an all-time high.


Do your thing, political candidates. I’m a voter, so I’ll do my part. Yet remember:

We here, the body of this nation, know what the deal is — for the first time in a long time. We know that though you both believe in what you’re doing, you both are only two people. You are part of us. We are the body. We are the breath. We are the heartbeat. We are the pulse. We cannot be overrun again. We won’t let it happen. We will not succumb to the same manipulations. We understand that template now. We do not deify money as we once did. We do not deify items as we once did. We do not deify fame as we once did. We have returned to what matters, and in this, there is great power — the power in the compassion of the people.

We, the people, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

You’re welcome to join us.

Now, for those New World Weirdoes who keep trying to bang this ol’ gong of woe, fear, and control so we won’t notice the power we truly have, as a unified body — it’s too late.  So please join us in the culture of 21st Century America.

It was, after all — your doing.

About danielleegnew

Named "Psychic of the Year" by UFO's and Supernatural Magazine, Danielle Egnew is an internationally-known Psychic, Medium and Angelic Channel whose work has been featured on national TV (NBC, ABC, TNT, USA) as well as in the Washington Post and Huffington Post. She has provided content consultant services for the CW's hit series "Supernatural" and the blockbuster film "Man of Steel". Danielle is also an author, teacher, and TV / radio host in the field of metaphysics. She anchors her private practice in the Big Sky Country of Montana, residing with her wife and their daughter.
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6 Responses to Donkeys? Elephants? Why Keep Us So Distracted?

  1. Errata: In place of “respect”, please “respecter”.–R.T.T.

  2. Noah says:

    Test, will Hillary defeat Romney in 2016?


    • Hi, Danielle: I agree with much of you wrote. However, how you arrived at the idea that oil will be the new monetary standard, I’ll never know. You must be psychic 😉 .More seriously, Danielle: by remaining mute on your knowledge of the 9/11 Incident, I appreciate that is your way of respecting the victims of the 9/11 Incident. I feel, however, that truth is no respect of persons. From the very beginning of their coverage of the 9/11 Incident the news media have lied. One tantalizing example is the report by a British “journalist” who, standing near-by Building Number Seven, told viewers and listeners that Building Number Seven had also collapsed; her “report” aired nearly twenty minutes before the actual event (Was she psychic, or did she read from a script?). Many details of the 9/11 Incident “coverage” can be viewed at: . The purpose of the 9/11 Incident was to panic the government into trashing the U.S. Constitution (e.g.: anyone, anywhere can be arrested at any time and be kept in confinement without seeing an attorney, without being notified of the charges levied against him, indefinitely [presumably, for the rest of his/her life, if the “authorities” saw fit]. The fact remains–the military are in control of the U.S. Government. The “Homeland Securities Act” (2002) and the “U.S.A. Patriot Act” (Public Law 107-276 107) give the Executive Branch of government sweeping powers of control over: people (right to assemble) and their persons (bodies), their–property, speech, money, and access to legal counsel. The U.S. President is head of the military; he is also head of the Executive branch of government; we are witnessing the greatest power-grab since Caius Julius Caesar.–R.T. Thomes

  3. Roger T. Thomes says:

    Hi, Danielle:
    You invited a reply. Thank you.

    I agree that: There is the tendency toward a global money system. I disagree that: A global money system is a good thing. More important than this pre-election horse-and-pony show, were the events of the past decade. Those events resulted in the shredding of the U.S. Constitution.
    Money IS power. History has proved that a concentration of power has had a bad effect on the majority of people. From per-historic time, would-be dictators have pleaded: “Just give up a little of your rights as a Human; I who have the knowledge and skill, will save you.” For example: In Revolutionary France, the noblesse who were, quite literally, trying to save their necks, started the rumor: “The brigands are coming. At this very moment, they are at the borders of France, preparing to invade. We must unite and fight them”. The French people were so desperate from hunger, they would have invited the “brigands” to dinner and eaten them!
    In our day, the latest bogeymen, are if you will, “brigands” who have been relabeled “terrorists”. So-called proofs of the vicious threats of those “terrorists” were: the destruction of the Twin Towers, the “pulling” of Building Number Seven, an “attack” on the Pentagon, and the crash of an passenger plane. Those events are reminiscent to the burning of the burning Reich-stag that eventually, lead to the handing-over of supreme power to Adolf Hitler.
    Look at the “mastermind, arch-terrorist,” Osama Ben Laden, an Arab prince, who “instigated” the 9/11 nefarious crimes; he was finally discovered living next to a military base! Osama Ben Laden was allegedly shot and “disposed of ” at sea. Look at Sadam Husain, the Iraqi “arch-terrorist”, who “had weapons of mass-destruction (W.M.D’s)”, who “could attack the West in 45 minutes”. “Never mind” (in the spirit of hearing-challenged, Emily Latella) there were no W.M.D.’s ever found in Iraq. Oh yes please, we must name, “just” the murder of Sadam Husain, a murder who, only months before, was shaking hands with U.S. dignitaries and receiving trade concessions. Sadam Husain ended–a scared rat discovered in a hole, also summarily shot. Dead evil men tell no truths.
    George Santayana wrote: “Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.”
    Is this (to use the well-worn, but true phrase) “media circus” coverage (or is it, “cover-up) of a Presidential Election, the best that the monied can contrive to divert attention from the crimes of the recent past? Now, we have “bread-and-games”, but without the bread (fast-fading food stamps).
    Cheers, Daniella Egnew
    –Roger T. Thomes (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

    • danielleegnew says:

      Hi Roger!! What terrific thoughts you left! You mentioned, “I disagree that: A global money system is a good thing.” — lol — actually, you and I are in complete agreement that a global money system would be a terrible idea. My comment on the global money system was good ol’ fashioned American sarcasm, lol, and perhaps doesn’t translate well from one language to another, ha ha :)! And I agree about the WMD never havign been found — or, really, never having been there in the first place. I dreamed about the Irag war years ago, when I was 17… someone who looked like Alfred E. Newman searching for nukes in the desert that didn’t exist. Instead, they found oil. They were after the oil the whole time. I didn’t understand the dream until after Operation Desert Storm was completed.

      Thanks for weighing in :)!

      • Hi, Danielle:
        Thank you for reading my response to your article on the up-coming election. Also, I thank you for taking time to reply. After all, it appears as though we do not disagree on anything. Only thing, since leaving the U.S.A., twenty years ago, it seems as though I have lost some of my American sense of irony. From this time on, I will not mind appearing a sycophantic fan (etymologically, short for “fanatic”) if you do not mind receiving occasional messages from me. Okay, I will begin now…You are the most spiritually-enlightened and well-grounded person I know.
        –R.T. Thomes

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