The Weight of the Shift: When the Bough Breaks

The grade school shooting in Connecticut not only leaves me with a sense of overwhelming grief but a sickened pit in the bottom of my stomach. I’m certain I’m not alone in this sensation. President Obama, a leader known for his ability to harness his emotions, struggled greatly to get through his address to the nation, dabbing tears from the corners of his eyes. Though this is not the first time in the United States that a gunman has opened fire on innocent victims, the nature of this event is nothing more than insidious. We as a people are feeling the impact of this event more than ever, in part due to the openness of the holiday season and also in part due to the connected nature of humanity at this time in our spiritual evolution. The ripples created in our cumulative emotional pond send waves of despair to impact each of us in a way that rocks the hulls of our daily lives.

This insidious event comes at a very delicate tipping point for not only we as a nation, both socially and spiritually for we as a global people. This is not simply about a mentally ill young man who appeared to take out his rage against his mother — a teacher — by killing her, then enacting hideousness toward the innocent children who mattered in her life. This event is an ear-marker in the breaking point of the human spirit — or in more secular terms, the human psyche. This tragedy marks a key moment in the approaching event horizon affecting the consciousness shift toward which humanity is on a collision course.

This blog is not about my attempting to “make sense” out of a senseless tragedy by blaming it on Dec 21st 2012. It’s about whistle-blowing on the physics of such a tragedy. And that whistle-blowing is likely to challenge the thoughts and beliefs of many. That’s why it’s called whistle-blowing and not “winning a popularity contest”.

“The Devil Made Me Do It” is hardly a reasonable defense. Yet it is not only irresponsible but unconscionable to experience an incident such as this Connecticut shooting and not discuss the white elephant in the room: The polarization occurring in the bowels of the human spirit.

This polarization has been termed “the shift”, “the rapture”, “the awakening”, all colorful euphemisms that struggle to identify only a portion of the nature of the effect a global transcendence in consciousness has had on humanity. Certainly, bad things happen and always will. Broken human beings can and will act like monsters. That’s part of the frailty of our species. But the nature of this Connecticut tragedy, the energy around this tragedy, is different. It is a marker toward something else. It is not a warning shot fired across a bow, but a torpedo taken into the gut of a warship that is rapidly taking on water.

Therefore, I simply cannot “get onboard” with the malaise of thought which preaches that the mechanics of this shooting is “nothing new” — when a big part of what is fueling the ugliness is absolutely something new. So for those who will be offended by the notion that humanity can evolve as a species enough to experience a new depth, be it spiritual, societal, or emotional, that we have yet to experience — this blog is not for you.

I however, along with many others, have observed that the spirit and psyche of humanity has been in a boiling pot whose temperature has been rising steadily over the last ten years. Though there has been a recession and terrorist issues, the boiling of which I speak is a pressure brought on not by the fear of homeland comforts threatened, but a fight-or-flight response triggered on a spiritually subconscious level — or for my more science minded friends — the pressure put on our spiritual DNA to evolve, or die.

Every species must evolve. If they do not, their DNA will be considered obsolete. It’s the way creation recycles the best of itself, over and over again. The notion that “the nature of humanity will never change” is not only absolutely antiquated, but inanely limiting to our species. Humans will always seek to survive at any cost, certainly. But that is not our “nature”. That is a universal survival instinct. Human nature changes with cultural need, and has throughout the centuries. The nature through which humans seek these basic survival needs WILL change, based upon education, circumstances, mores, and resources. This trend is observable historically. We once burned “witches” out of fear. We don’t anymore. In first-world countries, we once skinned people alive and de-bowled them in front of a crowd, for entertainment. We don’t anymore. Why? Because those acts now offend the nature of humanity, where once — human nature was blamed for their enactment.

As a species, we are far greater than the sum total of our fears and weaknesses. And we are just now beginning to believe that, globally, in 2012, because we can see the Muslim guy across the world in Iraq on YouTube posting a video of his child’s third birthday party and though we can’t understand what he’s saying, we understand the smile in his eyes as his child throws her arms around his neck. We no longer are afforded the blind judgment under which to operate in order to create the “us-against-them” ideology that allowed very dark people to control the world for a very long time. We are changing as species, from the inside out, from the cellular memory of our beautiful point of origin right through to the pores of our skin. I can see it in people. I can feel the change in humanity’s resonant energy field. It’s real. And as far as I’m concerned, those who are in denial about this change might as well post on Facebook that they believe the world is flat.

Once can posit the question: If we’re changing, then how could this heinous act occur in Connecticut? The answer is in the nature of how this tragedy has shaken us to the core as a nation. And the answer is in the tragedy itself.

There was a time when it took the dropping of the World Trade Centers for we as a nation to lift our noses out of the McDonalds bag long enough to feel this type of pain. Now — we are able to feel the wretching pain of those Connecticut parents, right in our cells. The breath is knocked from our bellies in front of the TV screen as we watch the coverage in Connecticut because we can actually FEEL the WEIGHT of that pain. The actual pain, not simply the idea of the pain. Our empathy has been heightened to a point of almost directly interfacing with one another.

The evolution of the species includes turning on our emotional Bluetooths within our human wireless network — or our spirits. This is why many of us are able to experience the actual pain running through humanity’s pipeline straight into our souls, when previously we would be able to frown piously and say a prayer on our way out to happy hour.

We’ve changed. We’ve evolved, spiritually, socially, and psychologically. We have made the choice to connect to those around us everyday  and make their journey OUR journey. It’s called Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest — all catalysts for awareness adjustments. Unknown to us, these catalysts have created a choice in awareness for us to be connected to ALL. That is how the spiritual evolution of a species works. We think we’re doing something for one silly reason — to post a photo of our scary fruitcake sent to us by a scary relative —  yet it has more far-reaching affects in another area, such as getting into a discussion on the fruitcake thread with a gal suffering under abuse in Uganda, who thought the cake looked good. The post was about the fruitcake. The ensuing thread is about loving support for someone we’ve never met.

Welcome to Light finding cracks through which to grow a daisy in the remains of the post-Apocalyptic sidewalk.

Human nature changes. And we can only benefit from understanding these changes to better assist those who are spun into the chaos of feeling this spiritual DNA shifting beneath their skin, yet having no idea what’s occurring. Like this tragic young man who shot his mother and 26 other people. We’d spend more time at this point in our culture attempting to explain to someone who was bitten by a werewolf what to expect from the bite than we are spending time explaining to people what to expect from this shift we are experiencing.

Though this shift has the potential for amazingly positive results, it isn’t all about rainbows and unicorns. It’s about bringing to the surface any and all issues a person contains within themselves. The “spiritual pressure”, if you will, has been rising, just like a pressurized canning kettle. All the jars in the kettle are being put under extreme heat and pressure so that the lids will seal. In this instance, the pressure is coming from within all of us and is created by the spiritual “pressure” of the change in consciousness from the “I” to the “we”. Those who are capable, or who have the tools, to “vent out” the pressure of this shift will do so, in a productive way. We will become hyper aware of the needs of the many over the needs of the few — reference the Occupy Movement, for instance. Those who don’t have those same tools, or who don’t believe they have an outlet — will snap.

It is these people to whom we ALL must reach out. We are ONE BODY as a people. We are ONE SPIRIT as a people. We are one body with CREATION. That is our design. It is because we have cultivated a LIE about our “autonomy” that those who struggle with the darkness and pain brought on by an illusion of isolation are then left with nothing but lashing out, to be seen — to have the suffering of their existence be made relevant even in some horrific way. We “shelve” the problems of those we consider the least of us: The mentally ill, the hopeless, the poor — because we do not see how they are us — and we are them — until we are wounded by their crippling desperation. When a portion of us fall, we all fall. When a portion of us suffer — we all suffer.

No one deserves to feel like they are drowning in the pressure of their own skin. It is a lonely, frightening sensation. That type of “soul invisibility” will warp one’s image of oneself. We as a culture have allowed people to drown in themselves for decades. We have figured it was “their own problem”: Seek a therapist. Buck up. Get a grip. Bother someone else. And though I do believe only we can choose to fix what is “off” in each one of us — if someone slips off the deck of the crab boat and is plunged into the freezing water of the Bering Sea, too paralyzed by the cold to move their arms to save themselves — do we let them drown, because they were fool enough to step foot on the crab boat in the first place?

Do we allow each other to drown simply because we are fool enough to be human? Well that certainly is the height of self-loathing judgment and lack of empathy, isn’t it?

Of course, in the case of the boat — we pull in the person from the freezing water. Surely, no one can save another person from their lessons or do “the work” for them that they themselves can only grow through doing. Yet we as a species can, and should, extend compassion much more readily. Emotional support is everyone’s right. Those that seek to exploit that right through exaggerated dramas and never-ending me-me-me scenarios in order to gain attention usually get cut off by friends and family. And they should. But those who are doing the best they can to maintain an even ballast, especially in the face of challenging circumstances, do deserve the dignity of the benefit of the doubt, and the effort of our compassion.

Especially when someone is crushed beneath the spiritual pressure that is so tremendous right now — because we all are. We are ALL on the edge of the spiritual crab boat’s slippery deck, clinging to an iced-over railing as huge waves are bashing 1000 pound crab pots overboard. I could go into what is causing the pressure of this “Dec. 21st 2012 shift”, an energetic event foretold by not only the Mayans, but the Incas, the Aztecs, the ancient Chinese, the Hindus and the Hopi. It’s a complex and fascinating cocktail containing astrology, collective consciousness, geothermal vortex shifting, and some good ol’ cause and effect. But, at the end of the day, the “why’s” don’t matter. It’s what we do with it. It’s how we handle the complicated hand we’ve been dealt. It’s how we finally talk about it, and debunk the mystery of the oppression that comes with it.

It’s how we come out of our own spiritual closet.

I’m not suggesting that because we are nearing Dec 21st 2012, the Connecticut shooter is enacting some doomsday prophecy. To do so would be horrific sensationalism and outrageously disrespect those whose lives have been lost. I’m suggesting that the shooter is a heinous and tragic example of a soul squashed in the pressure cooker of this shift who felt he had no where to go and ergo — nothing left to lose. I’m suggesting he is an example of what is possible with our populations when we are not made aware of the spiritual environment in which we are emersed right now. This “boiling under pressure” isn’t anything new. Stick a frog in a pot of water and slowly increase the temperature. By the time the frog is boiling, it has no idea until it’s heart stops.

Why do we think we’re any different? And why aren’t we talking about what is REALLY happening here? I fear it’s because we’re terrified. After all, how can we stop an energetic transition? We can’t. And when we feel trapped, we lash out.

People under pressure snap. Especially when they have no idea what’s happening. I’ve had countless clients over the last 18 months tell me that they feel as though they are “losing their minds”. In fact they are simply feeling the weight of this energetic change-over, yet no one is choosing to speak about how those spiritual physics put pressure on us to “clean our emotional house”. Because God forbid you sound like one of those Metafizzly nutjobs, or one of those wacked-out Fire-and-Brimstone Revelationists. Or worse — someone trying to sell your line of Mayan Tarot Cards, special 2012 edition.

The spiritual pressure that is enacted upon the earth at this time is not only highly unique to this time period for many reasons, but tragically invisible to many, though they feel its effects. It would be as if an elephant was standing on your toe but you were being told it wasn’t an elephant because there are no such things as elephants in Indiana. The Principle vs The Reality are two different things. And, this 2012 transition has been blown way out of proportion by either psycho survivalists obsessed with “The End”, or wack-cracks in the Metaphysical industry who have gone on and on about some completely unrealistic “Nirvana” we’re going to achieve through this “shift”. After awhile, mainstream people think the whole thing just is bullpucky, and I can’t say I blame them.

Yet this spiritual transition is very real even though it’s been packaged to be completely ridiculous. That’s why my patience wanes with those who wish to minimalize this period of time as “just another cycle”. No, its not, and to suggest such also suggests a limitation on the claiming individual’s ability to comprehend the complexities of the times we’re in. Nothing more, nothing less. People either “get it” right now — or they don’t. Whatever. I’m not here to sell the concept of “the end of the world”. On the contrary. What is attempting to occur is an enormous beginning. And to do that, destructive old useless systems must go by the wayside. If we ourselves are dedicated to those old, destructive systems — if that’s what we decide we’re made of — then, we too will go by the wayside.

Sure, there are mechanical aspects of this time period that have occurred before — a public shooting, financial crisis, humans behaving horrifically, climate change, etc. But those things have never happened while we, as a people, as a species, have been aligned with such a global “awareness” because the last time we had climate change, there was no internet to connect everyone.  And according to NASA, 10,000 years ago during the last ice age, we weren’t even near the high-gravity-well zone in the Milky Way that our solar system has been passing through since 2008 which has increased the gravitational pull on the planet, and upped our massive earthquakes. The HAARP Array wasn’t around 2000 years ago to affect the weather patterns by dinking around with the Ionosphere.

So yes, though the earth has experienced many like issues at one time or another in our known history — no, we haven’t “gone through this” combination of challenges before, as a species. That’s why many ancient world cultures were able to peek into the future ethers and see that this time period is a unique opportunity for growth — or, as the Hindus labeled it — “The Golden Age”. From their perspective, the spiritual weight of change was so dramatic and obvious, it was akin to spying a waving guy wearing a spotted clown outfit through a telescope while scoping out the identical and endless sand dunes of the Mojave.

The Dec 21st 2012 event horizon is designed to separate the contrary energies within people and set their feet on a definitive path. Think of this “shift”, or energetic time period, like a sluice box in mining: There are different chambers and sections of the box which enable the rolling water and all the refuse within to be separate from the gold.

The Universe is separating our gold from our gook, within every one of us.

Many metaphysical cultures speak of the post December 21st 2102 climate as an almost euphoric society where people are able to come together and ugliness is eradicated. Though there will be a majority of people who will experience this social and spiritual transcendence in a way that would inspire that sort of healing action, many other people will experience this polarization as a threat because they fear the growth within themselves. They fear the loss of what they feel they have built, not seeing that one does not lose, but gain, by growth. They will feel their “world is ending”. As humanity continues to connect with each other at speeds unheard of in our previous cultural evolution thanks to never-before obtained technologies and Social Media, we all are allowed a front-row seat to every major action taken across the globe — including our collective reaction to pain.

And guess what? We’ve learned that surprise surprise, nearly all of us are leveled by the exact same painful situations. Why? Because we are one body. We always have been. We just bought into an illusion of separation from one another, from God, from the earth.

Has the universe gone through transitions other times, in many different ways? Sure. But all the pieces have never been in place like they are right now to create this particular environment. There have been different pieces — just not these. Again, those who just want to believe this is “just another cycle in humanity” are welcome. It’s not something I’m going to debate — just like I wouldn’t debate with folks who don’t believe global warming is real, or don’t believe dinosaurs are real. Believe what you wish — knock yourself out. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what anyone believes. It matters what we do, now that we’re here. We no longer have the luxury, as a race, to banter “why” the wave hit the deck. We need to get busy pulling people in from the freezing ocean who have gone overboard. To argue the “why’s” in the face of greater fish to fry is part of the self-absorbed old system that is in the process of dying.

It’s time to roll up our sleeves and help. Regardless of “why”.

I believe that Human Kind is not doomed to learn only through pain. Think about it. That’s what we’ve been taught. Born into what I’ve termed as “The Cult of Limitation”, we’ve been taught that we must suffer what for what wish to have. That’s garbage. Yes, we all need to work hard. But suffer? That’s ridiculous, and a counter-productive use of spiritual energies. God didn’t design us to be miserable. We just thought we’d try that experience on while we were down here.

I’m here to claim that we as a species, through thousands of years of enacting our worst impulses and watching the cause and effect of such atrocities, are now capable of learning through pre-emptive compassion. We don’t need to watch someone martyr themselves to “get the point”.  That’s why we, as the body of humanity, are all hurting so greatly over the senseless deaths in Connecticut: It didn’t need to happen for who we are now, as a people, to learn that “killing is bad”. What we learned through this horrendous tragedy is that we, as a species, are far more compassionately connected than we realized. And that realization is uncompromisingly important.

There is no law that can save the masses from the brokenness of someone like the Connecticut shooter. I believe strongly that we do need better gun laws, absolutely. It’s much harder to get approved for a home loan than it is to buy a gun and you can’t kill someone with a house (unless the house is in Amityville or you’re the tornado from “The Wizard of Oz”). Why is it easier to buy a gun than a house? Because we value our money more than we value human life. Therein lies the problem with morality in this nation. Before we worry about whether or not God is in schools, we need to define who we believe God to be. As for the United States of America, Money is the Almighty.

I’ve seen numerous posts on Facebook that if we, as a society, would cease violence in video games or put God back into schools, events such as the Connecticut shooting wouldn’t happen. Well, I’d love to believe that. I do believe our casual desensitization of youth through video violence is on a surreal par with something from The Hunger Games. And I’m all for students learning about ALL world religions. However  — God will not save us from ourselves, no matter how much stimuli we strip away. God will never do that. We have to do that. That’s why God gave us free will. That’s why this shift is happening, so we can get it together and be the very best versions of ourselves that we were intended to be. God is present on this plane through our compassion and our actions. God doesn’t simply appear like a referee in a football game and call penalties as we go along. I wish God would. Visible flags on the field would make this whole thing a lot easier to navigate.

The principles of morality will not save someone in the face of their own desperate pain. Nor will the principles of morality curtail the effects of mental illness. Morality, however, should inspire those of us who remain as survivors of this wounded body to step forward and enact compassionate outstretched arms to those who may be hurting. We never know who we have loved, who without that love, would easily become a shooter at a school down the road. We can only teach another human being the value of life — to a point. It is then up to that person to CHOOSE to value life. Morality is a choice, and God, in Gods infinite wisdom, gave us the ability to choose. Part of Humanity’s evolution is learning to not only value our life — but all life. There is currently a 100 square mile floating patch of garbage in the Pacific Ocean, hundreds of feet thick, that has fouled the water so badly that all flora and fauna on the ocean floor thousands of feet below — are dead. A majority of the corporate heads from the USA who decided to add to that trash heap are well into their 70’s by now, and grew up in schools saying the pledge of allegiance — and praying. So clearly, God in the schools alone didn’t teach these US corporate heads enough morality to value life.

Regrettably, there is no quick fix for the lack of a conscience.

At this time in our human evolution, with the advent of this global innate connectedness that inadvertently educates us and turns into a friend those we once demonized out of fear — humankind is out of excuses for acting selfishly. The nature of this shift is to polarize, set right, and bring together. At this point in time, after years of ramp-up and chances to “pick a side”, people’s spiritual alliances have already been set in motion. We are either on “Team Light”, or we are on “Team Dark”. That’s a very unpopular opinion in most secular and even metaphysical circles, who are still operating under the auspice that we can flip-flop day in and day out and it won’t affect anything. That isn’t true anymore, and it hasn’t been for awhile. Not under these spiritual physics. I’m sorry if that is inconvenient for all those fence riders out there — but I didn’t make the rules. I’m just observing them.

Certainly, we can always change our minds. However, it seems that our minds and our paths have been set for now until this shake-out can knock loose all the pieces of the Universal Puzzle that are muddying the mix.

Hearts have either expanded, or hardened. It is the nature of the polarization.

The human spirit is designed to operate in Light. That is our point of origin, our home. It’s why we all grieve as one body over this senseless tragedy.  It’s why a majority of us are simply incapable of understanding how this could happen. As we feel the heat continue to rise through this transition, it’s the job for those of we who recognize what’s occurring to attempt to give a hand-up to those who may be stumbling. We do this not through beating a Bible over someone’s head or forcing someone to swear to one set of religious ideals or another on principle. It is no longer about the principle. It is about the actions — of forgiveness, of compassion, of empathy. We give a compassionate hand to a struggling person because it is right. Not because if we don’t, God will be mad. We do it because we want to. Not because if we don’t, we’ll suffer the penalty of Hell.

Human beings do not have to suffer through our lessons alone. Because of the nature of these spiritual physics of change, a majority of folks who have chosen the rocky road will very stubbornly stay there. That is their choice. The people who have chosen the road of Light will continue to grow this road, and grow community with one another. It is the very few stragglers, the people who are lost in the middle, shoved outside the door jam by the pressure of the times we are in, who are wobbling beneath the uncertainty of this spiritual pressure cooker. It is to them we must extend an empathetic hand.

The shootings in Connecticut are mind-numbing. And sickening. A majority of the USA is on our knees in stunned horror. The empathic reaction of the latter is actually a positive sign for the direction of humanity, which has been on a bleak trajectory. We suffer greatly tonight with our body in Connecticut. There are no words to console a parent over the loss of a child. As the body, we can only lean on one another to grant strength forward.

May God bring peace to our body during this Holiday Season in which hope weaves strength and compassion extinguishes the burning sting of seemingly senseless acts.  And may we all have clarity in how to proceed through this most polarizing energetic transformation  — leading us into the last great frontier to explore: Our own inner depths.

About danielleegnew

Named "Psychic of the Year" by UFO's and Supernatural Magazine, Danielle Egnew is an internationally-known Psychic, Medium and Angelic Channel whose work has been featured on national TV (NBC, ABC, TNT, USA) as well as in the Washington Post and Huffington Post. She has provided content consultant services for the CW's hit series "Supernatural" and the blockbuster film "Man of Steel". Danielle is also an author, teacher, and TV / radio host in the field of metaphysics. She anchors her private practice in the Big Sky Country of Montana, residing with her wife and their daughter.
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17 Responses to The Weight of the Shift: When the Bough Breaks

  1. I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was
    good. I don’t know who yoou are but definitely you are going tto a famous
    blogger if you are not already 😉 Cheers!

  2. BlueSkyFish says:

    I can relate to what you said, i think this evolution has always been inevitable since the invention of the WWW. we have now become a global community and with this level of communication we share so much more, i can only see this as a positive thing. it is also a good thing that we no longer burn free thinking intelligent women at the stake 😉 love and light – blue

    • danielleegnew says:

      Hi BlueSkyFish! Yes, I also believe very much that we are now a global community and we will continue to grow in that area. And I am most definitely glad the “burning at the stake” days are behind us! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!

  3. Winona says:

    I was reading all the posts on my FB page and all were feeling the hurt and pain of Connecticut, however not one of them mentioned the once innocent child, who in his pain, was driven to such a horrible act. My heart went out to and always goes out to the victimizer as well as the victims. I agree whole heartedly that we are going through such a transition that it is like being dragged through a knothole backwards! I for one choose Team Light. Thank you for such a wonderful post and to bring this awareness to the forefront! What we individually do with the information is of our choosing of course, however sometimes it needs to be put in front of our faces to be aware of it. Thank you Danielle, it is my first time to your post and I am excited to read more!

    • danielleegnew says:

      Hi Winona! I’m so honored you found relevance in the compassion for *all* — I’m with you, I always feel a great sadness for the person whose brokeness drives them to enact such violent outcomes. May we all get in touch with our greatest strengths through this shift! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  4. Terry says:

    Many Blessings of Love and Light!

  5. Brian Flowery says:

    Utterly fantastic and thought provoking. This article needs to be posted on EVERY possible social media and internet outlet so that it can go viral and been seen by millions more. Having chosen “Team Light” and the road of light myself in this past year, the insights have just been flowing, and the reading I had with you Danielle, in October really was the proverbial frosting on the cake. I can’t thank you enough.

    • danielleegnew says:

      Hey Brian!! You are so incredibly gracious, my friend, and post away, on every outlet you see fit! I agree with you 100% that our populations need to be educated on what’s happening inside of each one of us. I truly feel that will help so many people make sense out of such chaotic energies! May your walk on Team Light’s path bring our roads together again soon! Blessings!

  6. Pamela Beaty says:

    this is wonderful Danielle ! Amazing insight. Im gonna repost on my facebook page.

    • danielleegnew says:

      Heya Pam!! Awww, thank you, thank you so much! I respect your take on this shift very much, as not only a dear friend but a fantastic veteran colleague in this field dealing with the same things! Lots of Blessings to you!

  7. Awesomely well said Gal. Hard to put all those concepts to words but you did it. Thanks for sharing your talents with the world. Holiday Blessings to you.

    • danielleegnew says:

      Heya Christa, thanks *so* much, lady! That means a lot coming from such a talented and wonderful colleague. May your Holiday season be filled with Peace, magic, safety and joy!! BLESSINGS to you!!

  8. Danielle Egnew, Your commentary is an explosion of a wake-up call. After that, no one can claim: :”Duuh, I didn’t know”! Remember, the weak excuse exposed in the fable where the woman excused her action by saying: “The serpent told me…” (in that context, I’m not forgetting the man’s culpability, either) . The facts you laid out, now, make us all answerable for our: thoughts, attitudes, and actions. Knowledge carries with it, responsibility.
    Danielle, you made plain: we are in the middle of a refining process; the “heat is on”; the next step in humanity’s evolution is inexorable. The question remains: Will we, personally, evolve to a higher level; or, will we go the way of the dinosaurs (now devolved to Col. Sanders’ consumables)?
    –R.T. Thomes (Amsterdam)
    P.S. May I quote you (always with credit): “As a species, we are far greater than the sum total of our fears and weaknesses.”?

    • danielleegnew says:

      Heya Roger! Thank you so very much for your kind words, and I’m very glad the spirit of the blog spoke to you! We are indeed given the chance now, to “evolve or become obsolete”! And I would be honored to be quoted by you — anytime! May you have the most blessed of Holidays!

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