2013: More Hardcore, More Compassion

The Event Horizon was achieved: As a tired world sloughed off the last of that 20th century energy signature with the passing of December 21st in 2012, human kind let out a sigh of Transcendent relief. Or, put more plainly — our species just passed a huge energetic bowel movement after being spiritually constipated for over 10,000 years. Basically, we’ve been bunged up as long as we’ve been evolved into our current operating model.

No wonder the Mayans, Aztecs, Incas, Hindus, Hopi and Ancient Chinese were all obsessed with that date. Nothing says “You’re gonna feel better!” than regularity. Especially when it’s spiritual.

Irregularity, however, is synonymous with Human kind. So as we bask in the afterglow of the shift, we’re best served to remember that we still have some work to do ahead of us. Those of us who are in the spiritual field are best served to get our ducks in a row as soon as possible because we’re going to be expected to continue to help navigate some bumpy terrain as all the pieces of the puzzle keep snapping into place. That’s a pretty fair trade off for the whole You-Can-See-The-Future-And-Talk-To-Dead-People aptitude.

Nothing is free, people.

Though December 21st 2012 was the Event Horizon, we are still trucking through brand new uncharted waters in a new realm of Spiritual Physics. For we who are obsessed with making energetic maps out of the infinite number of probability paths flapping about in the ethers — this is like being asked to climb aboard the Santa Maria with Christopher Columbus. I’m in particular hog heaven about this energetic shift because of all the unbelievable opportunities that the current Spiritual Physics will present to us. Even more than that, I’m thrilled that the human operating system — the system of producing miracles as an extension of God in this third dimension — is finally going to be given a chance by the same humans that once thought it impossible.

Before I sound too much like a tangent born of Carl Sagan and Benny Hinn, I’d like to point out that many will notice a great polarization in people’s behaviors as 2013 wears on. Most of us will be in the “it’s great to be part of the global family!” boat. The few stragglers just dying to be attached to a system that is no longer in play — the “Suspicion that THEY are after MINE” crew — are going to have a tough time with the fact that the rest of us… well, we’re all ready to get along.

To me, this new system — or rather, this system that was always designed to be in play until we kicked it out in favor of learning through a lot of pain and restriction — is an extremely natural energy in which to immerse. But you’re hearing that from someone who spends a majority of her time surfing dimensional curls.  This new system will be conundrum-bearing for many. It requires us to suspend our need to control everything and to stop judging everyone. It asks of us to release our past pain and resentments in order to reach out to those who are still trapped beneath their pain and resentments.

And for those who claim they have crawled out from their pain and resentments — it will provide opportunity for that claim to be put to the test.

To succeed in our new Spiritual Physics, we must have faith. Not in the traditional sense, but faith in the rubber-meets-the road sense. We must have faith in one another. We must trust one another once again. We must allow ourselves to be vulnerable to our neighbor so that our former imperviousness is set aside. We must acknowledge that we tried Looking Out For Number One and all it did was produce a generation of self-obsession that led to a really bad Corporatocracy. Which, by the way, is going to be stomped out albeit it while kicking and screaming; the death knells of a sociopath’s last stand.

To succeed in the new system, we must all work in tandem with one another. The thinned ethers we now operate within — thanks in part to the geomagnetic placement of the planet in the Milky Way and a spreading of our general consciousness a la Twitter, Facebook and YouTube — are acting as a spiritual Blue Tooth. We are connected in a way that we have never been, on a spiritual, intellectual and cellular level, on a level we have always been intended to be connected — and in this there is great understanding of one another.

It’s really hard to hate somebody when you can feel them.

So why is this important to note? Because there are a few folks out there who are still laboring under the delusion that the Old Way — being a self-centered nightmare — is a good idea. And my heart breaks for them. That’s a really lonely row to hoe at this juncture and isn’t going to net a crop. It’s virtually incomprehensible to me that anyone could miss the weight of this “Do The Right Thing” energy signature. Yet as I look around and occasionally hear phrases like “I don’t rescue people anymore” and “we all come in and out of this world alone”, I can’t help but be astounded that those same 1990’s buzz-phrases are still being considered. The black-and-white dogma of the 20th century isn’t going to fare well in the 21st.

Sure, we can’t rescue people from their own lessons or their own destructive behavior, especailly to our detriment. This is true. But there has never been a better time to try and give someone who is truly struggling the benefit of the doubt. We can’t even exactly give someone a “hand up” anymore because of the very definitive energetic tracks that now exist; we have each chosen our direction over the last several years — Light or Dark — and in this direction we are squarely moving. However, we can offer support on how to change tracks for those rare few who are not digging the inertia of their choices.

We can still be there emotionally for people who are struggling as long as we don’t become part of their problem or our emotional support doesn’t continue to help create some sort of “artificial environment” in which the confused person then continues to play Emperor’s New Clothes. At that point, if we are unable to affect change, it’s time to gently allow that person to wander into their own chaos, but without nastiness or Dr. Phil type judgment. Actually, we should have compassion for anyone who chooses deep illusion and isolation. Their path is one of great loneliness. Especially now that it’s going to be harder and harder to find people who want to play “bitter consciousness” in the sandbox.

This shift is about going back to what we have all wanted in the first place: Acceptance. As a race we’re not perfect, but we weren’t intended to be. We were intended to be a biomass of individualism. There is nothing more powerful, beautiful or complicated than the Human species. That’s why we rock. I am so blessed to be able to interface with many other species throughout creation — OffWorlders, Angelic Beings, Elementals — and I’ve found that the Human race is the only species that requires contrast for learning.

Think about that a minute.

Light-Dark, Hot-Cold, Bitter-Compassion, Right-Wrong… we swing from one end of the pendulum to the other all while trying to discover our own limitations and our own capabilities. At best, we’re heinously indecisive. At worst, we’re self-obsessed wrecks. But we spend an awful lot of time engaging in activities that pretty much mean nothing — except to us.

That is — until now, thanks to our New Physics. Now we’re being asked to grow up, speaking on both a spiritual and Intergalactic basis. No, that’s not right — we’re not being asked. We’re being forced by the Physics of Necessity. We’re just flat out of time to keep dinking around with our own hands making shadow puppets on the wall simply because it’s cool. It’s time we use our hands to build understanding. As a species, we must evolve together or we will perish together. I mean that quite literally. We can get our act together and stop quibbling over minutia, or perish in a pile of minutia. The changes we are going to face, globally, cannot be overcome as individuals. They can only be overcome as one people. One could argue that this is why we’ve placed ourselves in this position — to force us to grow into what we were always intended to be.

It’s important to understand how we fit in, on the spiritual / galactic consciousness scale. Why?  Because the more we know about everyone else, the more we learn about ourselves. We do learn through contrast, remember.

Take Angels for instance. Angels just are. They do what they do because they do it. It all makes sense to them and they don’t need to prove to themselves that this modality is better than that in order to have a sense of self. They don’t even need “self”. In fact, “self” is irrelevant if you’re an Angel. It is all about the connection to the flow, not how many widgets were created during the flow.  They don’t need to be “right” because they don’t have a consciousness that is separated from creation, so there is no “right and wrong”. There just “is”, and the flow of “is” becomes the priority. They don’t require credit or acknowledgment for their actions. Their actions are simply “that which furthers the energy / missions”. Their priorities are completely different.

Often when I describe Angels, a look comes over a person’s face — a horrified, cringy-lost expression, as if the person was shown a picture of a naked and unwaxed Will Ferrel. We can’t comprehend “no credit”. We can’t comprehend “no self”. We can’t comprehend not needing to be right, or to be heard, or to prove our point. The aforementioned is a brainless hell to most humans.

That is — until now, thanks to our New Physics.

Let’s look at our OffWorld friends — not the Greys because they aren’t our friends and they’re just too weird for this comparison with the whole “hive mind” thing — but the species from which we’ve borrowed genome over the eons no longer feel the need to go to their darkest places of action in order to prove to themselves where their morality lies. In fact, many of these ancient races view morality as an issue of basic compassion rather than guilt driven by an Angry God. (Poor God. I’m so sick of Creator getting thrown under the bus by some wacked-out religious franchise. Universe, I apologize for our bad marketing. As Humans, I’m sure you expect some degree of tacky. But still.)  For those OffWorlders I’ve encountered who are spiritual, and most are, their collective sense of spirituality is an acknowledgement that all Creation is them, and they are all Creation. Many of them do not see a separation between their “individual” choices and the choices that affect them all. They see their pertinent individual actions as an action of the body. They have moved past their need to bang a stick on the ground for attention.

The closest culture we have on earth to mirror the Ancient OffWorld races would be that of the indigenous Native Americans who believed they were part of everything and owned nothing that came from the earth. They also believed it was rude to interrupt someone who was speaking. This was a culture that didn’t just flap their trap for attention. In fact, they let their actions speak for them. So if for some reason they were speaking, it was clearly important.

And what about Elementals, or God’s middle management in the Nature department? Do they need to light a tree on fire just to see what happens to the tree? Just to see how it makes them feel to kill the very living thing that they were commissioned to take care of? Nope. Not at all. Elementals know what they are and they are confident in that design. I’ve never encountered envy in an Elemental, nor have I encountered ego. They are one-trick ponies, tending to what they are designed to care for. They often butt heads with humans who mow over bushes and forests. Many hauntings are actually angry Elementals rather than human spirits. And there are some dark Elementals out there that can be a real pain to get rid of. But their value system is the same: Do the job. Protect. Drive off destroyers of nature. Keep the energy of nature flowing. Keep vortexes open and / or closed. If that Earth energy is disturbed, the third dimension suffers. Elementals have bigger fish to fry than who is getting the next promotion.

Even Demons don’t need to dabble with Light to know they are Dark. I mean, honestly.

Our living environment is so deluxe on planet earth that we really are the Trust Fund Babies of the Universe. It’s kind of embarrassing. It’s not that we’re any better, or have anything “more than” anyone else. It’s just that we are an amalgamation of many races, many things, and many forms of creation. Ergo, we are mutts, with a lot of gifts and talents. We benefit from the efforts of other entities who take care of a lot of other difficulties for us.

That sounds pretty cakey, doesn’t it?

Well, we’re supposed to be giving back to these entities — and to creation — as well. We’re an active piece in the machinery. We’ve just been a little slow on the uptake, but now it’s time to stop taking our half out of the middle because what we have been taking is far outweighing our contributions at this point.

Thanks to the Industrial Revolution, we have made the world of many Elementals into a nightmare of pollution, dead plants and springs, polluted oceans, and dying species. We have made their job very, very difficult, and those poor one-trick ponies are losing their minds trying to keep up with our destruction. We are supposed to take care of the earth but we are mucking that up — until now. We are supposed to take care of animals and we’ve been horrible to them — until now.

Thanks to our HAARP array in Alaska and many others just like it peppered across the globe, we are messing with the Ionosphere — the electromagnetic mesh that also commands Vortex movement on the planet. We’re jacking around those temporal doorways that OffWorld species have been using for travel, for countless centuries — long before we were ever here. They use earth like a giant airport, the intergalactic LAX thanks to our planet’s humongous electromagnetic capabilities. We have lots of wormholes here, some of which we’re destabilizing with HAARP and other arrays. (Basically, we’ve been blowing up “intergalactic runways” at the biggest airport in this area. Nice.)

Thanks to our fascination with Darkness, we have made the job of Angels more challenging. Their job in relation so Human beings, among many other things, is to assist us in staying connected to Creator, as that Light is our internal fuel, like oil in a lamp. We receive that light through the love of others, and the love we have for ourselves. Love is the oil. Yet we learn about ourselves while experimenting with self-hatred until that Darkness trickles forward into our everyday lives and this third dimension. So we add “personal body guard” to these Angels’ already unbelievably long list of “things to do”.

But for all our self-absorbedness, we can’t get out of our own way when it comes to helping someone — even a panicked animal — in need.


Because we are made in the image of Creation. Actually, so are all the rest of these entities. They just represent different aspects of a Creator that is so complex that we’ll never “get it” no matter how many phone-a-friend turns we use up. In reference to humans, the Biblical term which has been translated into “likeness” actually means impression. And like a plaster cast impression of an original wax master work to be made into bronze, we are a backwards representation of the beauty we are trying to create — we are a relief of the Creation / God beauty we have been wrapped around until we took its shape. Our version of that beauty is then only visible to one another by filling ourselves with substance and producing something into the world. We see God in us and in the world by what comes out of us. It’s that whole actions-louder-than-words principle in full play.

Our new system requires us to accept that we are not losers riddled with sin, or victims needing to protect our emotional borders with vitriol, or maggots under the heel of an angry God, as many of our Darkness-inspired religious institutions would have us believe. The fact is, we have always had the ability to connect deeply to Creation. We just didn’t overall because we believed we couldn’t…because that’s what we were taught. Spiritual figures such as Jesus the Christ all brought messages of compassion, stating that we are all connected not only to one another, but to Creation — that this is our design and our birthright. Our “New Spiritual Physics” of 2013 have always been The Design. Just ask Buddha.

So with all this at stake: the many other facets and entities within creation that also depend on us; with these ethers shifted and the spiritual, mental and physical health of our species on the line; with our consciousness blue-toothed together in a way that actually allows us to physically feel the pain of a parent who lost a child around the globe — it is truly, truly out of my wheelhouse to attempt to grasp how any individual would choose the selfishness of last century’s Physics.

Yet some will. And we will watch them. And we will hurt for them as they suffer a deep fear caused by the separation from the Operating System they were always intended to walk within.

It’s important to be patient with those who are struggling to get onboard with these New Physics — whether we continue to interface with those individuals or not. Our frustration and vitriol will not move their evolution along any faster, and will only inhibit our own expansion within the system. I’ll be honest — I’m struggling a bit in the patience area with those who are completely caught up with kindling personal dramas and still making it all about them, them, them during such an exciting and transformative time, mostly because my perspective about the timeliness of our “snapping to” is a touch different. (It goes back to that energy mapping thing.) But even I am developing patience. It’s part of my growth right now as well.

2013 is about enacting hardcore choices in our life trajectory, compassionate love for the self over tough love, stepping into who we know we really are, and reaching into ourselves to overcome fear with faith in our fellow humans. It’s also about just “knowing”, or accepting that we will be granted what we need when we need it (if you build it they will come), not fretting that we will “go without”. It’s about committing to action for what is right for the whole over the desperation of the self. It’s about being a little uncomfy once in a while in our daily routine so that the Whole will right itself down the road. It’s about addressing any Holes in our sense of self so that they may be repaired by our own action that uplifts others, not stuff, people, opportunities, or vindictive revenge. It’s about believing in the balance of the spirit and allowing the Spiritual System to work. It’s about not needing to structure our life so it’s all about what makes us feel good all the time no matter who is impacted — that personal indulgence is dangerous at this juncture as it leads right back to a dead-end hallway attached to the old system. It’s not about selflessness, but more about honoring others as we would honor ourselves. It’s not about “Love and Light” but about Living Light.

There will still be human insecurity. There will still be foibles and missteps and the need for people to say they are sorry. We will always make mistakes. But our days of having to learn through restriction and suffering are over — if we so choose.

Human kind, it’s time to grow out of our adolescence as a species — time to rise to the occasion for our planet and each other and time to relish in the type of spiritual completion that comes through accomplishing healing in others and on the planet. It’s time to realize that we are built to be fearless and joyful multi-taskers. There is more to our life path than simply our own purpose.

This is not a drill. This a pass / fail scenario.

I choose pass.

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Named "Psychic of the Year" by UFO's and Supernatural Magazine, Danielle Egnew is an internationally-known Psychic, Medium and Angelic Channel whose work has been featured on national TV (NBC, ABC, TNT, USA) as well as in the Washington Post and Huffington Post. She has provided content consultant services for the CW's hit series "Supernatural" and the blockbuster film "Man of Steel". Danielle is also an author, teacher, and TV / radio host in the field of metaphysics. She anchors her private practice in the Big Sky Country of Montana, residing with her wife and their daughter.
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4 Responses to 2013: More Hardcore, More Compassion

  1. Noah says:

     2013 Less hardcore, Less compassion

     As we walk this planet I find agreed free ride is not the answer. I often ponder human traits belief that the meek will inherit the earth. Hardcore and compassion is detrimental to most near term. Humans will pick a side soon.

     Classic battle, good verses evil.

     I side good.

    Love you.

  2. Danielle Egnew–Wow! Your essay is going to take me weeks to internalize. However, starting now, I am determined to be a better human being. Thank you. –R.T. Thomes (Amsterdam)

    • danielleegnew says:

      Heya Roger! I hope you have a wonderful New Year, and here is to all of us being the best version of ourselves that we can be :)!

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