WHY you’re feeling drained all the time right now – and what to do about it before it gets worse!

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This blog EXPLAINS in detail what is ACTUALLY GOING ON physically (and spiritually) right now. There is all this buzz about “Ascensions Symptoms” yet I’m not seeing a whole lot explaining what it is, why it’s happening — or what to do about it. Only that it’s happening, and you may feel crummy. (Can I get a “DUH” from the classroom? ;)) This “ascension” is VERY physical, and in my opinion, this is the most important aspect to address. It’s killing me that there isn’t more out about the physical aspect of this issue.

In fact, this whole Ascension issue has become so esoteric and metafizzly that I really think many are missing the point of WHAT IS HAPPENING at this critical time. So I will do my best to weigh in with information that is applicable day to day, rather than simply discussable in theory. I’m all for the feel-goods about the angelic and ethereal applications of an ascension. But seriously. I’d rather not feel like crap while it’s happening.

So let’s get to some brass tacks here.

This is really important. Sharing this information isn’t about marketing, or spreading the word about my blog (which has been rather neglected in the blogosphere the past many months as I’ve been attending to some other things, so it’s not all that stellar to shout out about anyway right now.) This is about helping people. Because people REALLY need help right now. So please share this. No one needs to feel the way they are feeling right now and there are things we can do to change it.

Here’s the scoop:

So, so, sooooooo many of you are reporting fatigue, physical discomfort, depression, lack of enthusiasm, malaise, body aches, flu-like symptoms without having the flu, and a general feeling of “being drained” no matter what you do, with nothing working on the horizon to alleviate these symptoms.

I feel ya!!

I want to let you all know what’s going on, so that you don’t think it’s some crazy “losing your mind” problem, though it’s hard not to feel that way right now for some ;). We have some spiritual and many more physical issues at play that are too important not to share publicly. It’s part of my job to report on this stuff for the betterment of all, so here is the spiritual ticker-tape-latest, hot off the presses!

The Physical:

First and foremost — this Ascension requires physical participation!

Currently, the earth is going through HUGE changes. Thanks to our climate change, and other issues which would take up too much space here, we are experiencing electromagnetic fluxes that affect the brain and affect the spirit. The magnetic field of the earth (especially in the northern hemisphere) is beginning to shift as our poles attempt to swing around (and this will happen with no adverse affects to life on earth). This slight lessening of our gravitational field over the USA in particular will be “noticed” by the brain, especially during CME’s (solar flares). With a slightly thinned magnetosphere above — we’re getting hammered with more sun energy.  (No, we won’t all be burned to a crisp or turned into mutants like a 1968 episode of Star Trek. Though if that happens — please put it on YouTube and I will share it 😉 ).

The brain, being an electromagnetic organ, picks up on this, as our brains are set to work better in a higher gravitational environment. So our brains are struggling a little to create all the feel-good chemicals that they normally would produce (Google “brain function” if you’d like to learn more about how gravitational and EMF arrays affect brain chemistry.)

Also, in the northern hemisphere, the earth is traveling away from the sun, into fall. This is shifting the earth’s natural Vortex points and geomagnetic ley lines, and “pulls” the chemistry in the body a certain way. The biology of a human interprets this as “hunkering in” and “starting to shut down”. It’s how we survived the ice age — and will do so again.

Add to this natural phenomenon the slight thinning of the gravitational field around the earth (and it’s strengthening around Australia, so rock on Aussies, you’re getting some good brain boosts down there!!) and we have not enough “juice” in the brain to make all the snappy chemicals. Because THAT’S what we all need — right?

THEN, add to the mix all sorts of geomagnetic and geothermal disturbances on the earth (fracking making earthquakes worse, the volcanoes that have been going off that the USA news has not been reporting on, etc), and we have quite a chaotic electromagnetic spin cycle going on. The electromagnetic nervous system in the brain reacts to all of these things. And right now, we need to SUPPORT the physical self, more so than any other time in recorded human history.

We are not separate from the earth. We are an extension of it. She flexes, we feel the pull.

To combat this flexing, we can’t just “phone it in” anymore, you guys. Burger King drive-through every day and no sleep every night isn’t going to cut it. Nature is forcing us to make more responsible physical choices as the physical body is no longer able to just “wing it” with crappy chemicals in food, energy drinks to get through the office day because we’re not sleeping because we’re freaked out about bills — we have got to take more responsibility for our mental and physical health. If we don’t — put plainly — you’re going to feel crappier and crappier. That’s just the reality. I realize this isn’t very “puffy metaphysical”, yet though I am a Psychic and Medium and Channel for Angelic Entities — I’m also a Montanan. And when it’s time to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps — that’s a spiritual focus as well. It just is what it is.

We are, indeed, subject to our physical bodies. Even Jesus had hunger pains. He got so mad at a fig plant that wasn’t producing fruit when he was hungry, he swore at it. And it died.

We don’t have to get so Old West to get results.

This may also qualify as Spiritual, yet our DNA is being activated in a very specific way. This isn’t hoo-doo-voo-doo metafizzly speak. It’s science. Evolution occurs in the mutation and triggering of different DNA once different environmental cues are established. We have DRASTICALLY cued our environment to be different by lessening our air quality, water quality, food quality, deep earth stability with fracking, and noddling with our electromagnetic field around the earth (with the HAARP arrays and many other world arrays sending high frequency sound waves up into our Ionosphere, the Planet’s “protective EMF net”.)

Our DNA is fighting back, adjusting by turning back ON many of our extrasensory spiritual gifts and talents. Now keep in mind that many of these gifts have never been turned off. We’ve just been taught to ignore them as Darkness and Limitation Consciousness had a chance to see if it could permanently change the world — whatever that streak of hubris was all about.  However, we’re coming back online, and it’s happening in HUGE chunks of populations across the globe.

This is what we loosely (and rather ethereally) referred to as “The Ascendance”. I’m not really sure where we are ascending TO, except to say that we are pulling ourselves up and out of a Limitation Consciousness that has never, or will never, work. So this is a plus, Humanity. Pat yourselves on the back. Wherever we’re headed, it’s better than where we’ve been.

My feeling and my observation around the Spiritual Physics of this Ascension Event is that it’s not a place, but a way of Being. The Fifth Dimension, as many spiritual practitioners refer to — is a state of consciousness, from what I can tell. And this Ascension Consciousness requires physical action on our part, if we are to “Ascend”, which honestly I think sounds pretentious as all get-out. I feel it’s a more honest assessment of the situation to say that’s it’s finally time we get with the program, considering all the amazing spiritual gifts and psychic superpowers that we, as a species, have been blessed with.

Out with the victim mentality. In with empowerment and using our gifts that can no longer be ignored, for the highest good of all!! WHOOO HOO!!

I personally think it’s more productive, and more easy to wrap the human brain around, to think of this Ascension period as an ACTION period. If we don’t choose to take action, we stay stagnant. Our body and our DNA are shifting to support our action. It is in our highest good to follow biological suite, and enact behaviors that would support our gifts that are being activated.

To act, we must be free of energy that is leaking toward unresolved issues in the past. See the link-back to the Year of Reconciliation? Universe has a pretty good grip on timelines and which phases of development should come first.

That action changes this physical realm, or the third dimension. Action is followed by reaction. Cause and effect. Picking ourselves up by our bootstraps and making changes. It’s very physical as well as spiritual.

With these gifts being tweaked in our DNA to the point of being very prominent, we can’t ignore them anymore. Our ESP connection to one another, our Bluetooth connection to God / Universe, our gift of empathy to feel others and the earth (a human trait, by the way, one of our strongest) are all bursting online like pop rocks being dropped into Coca Cola. We are EXPLODING with spiritual gifts at a microbial level.

Just like any other body function that uses up resources  (if we work out, we need to eat more protein afterwards to re-fuel the muscle tissues),our spiritual gifts and talents also use up physical resources, which is why I was on such a naggy-Nancy rant earlier regarding good health. To cut to the main bullet points of this issue before this blog ends up being War and Peace, we must fuel the body in a more responsible way. I’ll give you some tips, but before I do, I want you to consider WHY our spiritual gifts and talents have been easier to suppress up to this point.

Let us do the biology math here, and you will see a fascinating pattern: Spiritual gifts and talents burn more energy in the body, and require the body to take in more minerals, clean foods, and regenerate with deep sleep in order to properly function without burning out the body. This is why (real) gurus, reputable spiritual teachers, and people who are dedicated to a rigorous output of spiritual energy then do their best to fuel and re-charge the body responsibly. Spiritual gifts and talents also require a decent amount of brain chemistry in order to keep the machine running well, and that requires a balance in electromagnetic stimulation.


If someone is dedicated to suppressing these gifts, then they must limit nutrition by noddling with genetics in food so that the core minerals and blood-building elements are removed, making healthy food really expensive so you have to be a Trump to afford it, limit healthy EMF levels in the brain by making sure that humanity is surrounded by over 3000 satellites and countless cell phones, towers, and VLF (very low frequency) arrays that pull brainwaves down to 6 Hz from the optimal 7.83 Hz, and demanding more and more of people in the workplace so that sleep is a thing of the past.

See the creepy take-over-the-world-super-villain pattern? Yup.

The good news is that we are not robots or slaves to a system. We’re just kind of lazy, at least here in the USA, and we’re a little emotionally entitled when it comes to having to dig deep and make changes. It’s an ugly truth, but it’s the truth. We’re the trust-fund babies of the globe in the USA, and we use our “freedom” to often sit back on our heals and coast from one Netflix and pizza night to the next. This feels great, to decompress, most days, as many feel over-worked. That is, until this Ascension time frame hits us, and we realize that the “coasting” lifestyle will require some serious tweaks so that our “DNA leaks” in energy then become humongous assets.

It is up to US to change our nutritional habits, our sleep habits, and our media habits. And we can do this a little at a time. No one is expecting anyone to be a health superstar overnight and it’s not that we can’t relax. It’s that our LIFESTYLES need to change, to keep up with the changes in our DNA that we, ourselves, have kicked off. We are trying to better ourselves, as a race. This is what has always been intended. We know what doesn’t work. And we know what works. It’s time we reach for what works, physically.

WE need to change. Or, we’ll die. That’s evolution for you.

So here is a list of what you can take to kick into your routine in order to help the body begin to return to a place where it can support the extra energy going toward “switching on” these spiritual gifts and talents, as well as replenishing the energy these gifts and talents naturally use up within the body. Now obviously, I’m not a medical doctor. Always see a licensed practitioner for your medical advice. This is a list I’ve compiled after meeting with hundreds of clients that are all going through similar symptoms. This list has been passed on from angelic entities, so I figure they probably know a thing or two about a thing or two. (I learn a lot in my job.)  As we physically transition, imagine being a growing 13 year old boy. You may need more:

– HIGH Protein
– Vitamin D
– Vitamin Bs – 6, 12 (for sleep)
– Magnesium (this is huge to dodge the feeling of depression and malaise)
– Calcium
– Iron (so many people seem to be missing big portions of this in the blood)
– Omega Fatty Acids (fish oils, flax oils )
– Acai (antioxidant support as the body kicks out old toxins)
– Vitamin C (our immune systems are suffering as we try and “grow”)
– Kelp / Iodine (liquid is great, thyroid support)
– Honey (antioxidants)
– Resveratol (DNA support)
– Zinc
– Evening Primrose Oil (ladies)
– Folic Acid
– Biotin
– Frankincense (this is good spiritually in the ethers as well as AMAZING for the body. It is edible. Chew it like Gum. Google it. It supports many regenerative functions.)
– Clean Foods: Fresh spinach, fresh veggies, stay in the outside aisles of the grocery stores. The inside aisles with chemicals and processed foods are stunting the body’s ability to transition with this DNA issue. Can’t afford clean food? Find an old pot and grow some tomatoes, and a few zucchini. They grow like weeds and are chalked full of vitamins.
– BATHS. The human body is meant to recalibrate itself in water, energetically. Remember, we are a heavily electromagnetic beings. Our spirit, our soul, is scientifically measurable in EMF. SOAK yourself in a bath at least twice a week if you can. If you don’t have access to a bathtub, soak your feet. All energy flows through the feet. And add three cups (YES, CUPS) of Epsom Salt to a full bath and one cup to a foot bath. Magnesium Sulfate is an amazing “bad energy buster” as well due to the nature of its crystalline content.
-BODYWORK: Get as many massages / Reiki / what-have-you’s as you can. Make this a priority. Help the body rid itself of toxins it is releasing at breakneck pace.

Also, physical movement is important. We are sloughing off old tissues as part of this DNA shift because these old tissues are full of old toxins and YUCK that won’t support the accelerated physical system of  having all our superhero psychic bells and whistles online. We’re replacing old yucky tissue with new tissue, so let’s support that process! Get out and walk. Ride a bike. Live in the snow an can’t go jogging? No worries! Shoveling snow is a great way to get your blood moving. Move the body. It needs your will to do so, and it needs our help to flush out the YUCK of the past.

The Spiritual:

We talk so much about the ascension of human consciousness during this time, and that is all true. Yet to ascend our consciousness means that we must be responsible stewards of cause-and-effect — the planet, our environment, our body, relationships — all of it.

Why is this happening? Well, in fairness to THE UNIVERSE, we’ve had plenty of heads-up that this was coming. We’ve been fighting GMO’s for several years, and 2015 is the first year in the Ascendance cycle (with the three-year transcendence cycle being completed — 2012, Year of Transcendence; 2013, Year of Polarization; 2014, Year of Illumination), 2015 is the Year of Reconciliation. We have got to reconcile our data columns, which may mean in some modalities, we are receiving, and in some — we owe. Some areas we are gently putting to rest, and some areas in our lives are blowing up because we have not yet assumed accountability for them.

Good times.

So, if “stuff” in your life is coming up — get it handled. No matter what it takes, no matter how deep you may need to reach emotionally, no matter how frightening it may appear — handle it.  Own it. Your lessons will be crossed off the learning list and they will fall by the wayside. Running from past ills is a no-no in the Year of Reconciliation. They will catch you this year, no matter what.

No. Matter. What.

Please hear this.

Back child support owed? Make arrangements that work, or even suck it up for a bit while it’s reconciled. Work out past debts. Make right on your end (since we can’t control others) any emotional situations in which you contributed to unrest.  Step into accountability and Make it Right. Step into Acknowledgement if there is nothing you can do to “right” a situation, and take emotional responsibility. Face fears. Walk through them. You’ll live, and you’ll be stronger. Own what is yours, both magnificent and challenging.

Reconcile with yourself. Blame is out. Accountability is in. Polish your not so shiny spaces within, and SHINE.

By doing so, the energy that is being “drained” from you right now will be freed up to be used to build new and beautiful things. Mostly, your body and your spiritual abilities, which will be deeply needed as more of our creature-comforts flop by the wayside for a temporary time, due to our neglect of the planet.

It’s for our highest good that this is happening, to get our closets totally cleaned out for our new “spiritual wardrobe” we will be receiving during 2016. (This, by the way, will be the Year of Reclamation. I just received that download about three weeks ago. More on that later.) Your spiritual gifts and talents are part of your wardrobe.

Light and dark cannot be in the same place at the same time. Denial and truth cannot, malaise and purpose cannot, action and inaction cannot. We must make a choice in which camp we wish to lay our gifts and talents. Do we choose fear? Blame? Victimization? Or do we allow our physical bodies the ROOM to develop and grow, allow them the sleep and nutrients they need, to house our true Spiritual Nature, which is that of an unstoppable MIRACLE MAKER?

Who do you want to be? It’s up to you. Yet sitting on the fence, thanks to our current Spiritual Physics, is no longer an option. Sitting on the fence defaults into Camp Fear. None of us wants to be there, though fear is a very valid learning tool. I’d say it’s the least fun, however.

Everything you have ever wanted is at your fingertips. It takes a little physical discipline to get us pulled around from a very unhealthy lifestyle set to limit the fueling of our gifts and talents, to a lifestyle where our psychic and spiritual gifts and talents do not deplete us, but edify us. We are telepathically connecting to all things. Think of the bandwidth being used up in your internet when too many people log on in your household. Now imagine what is happening within your body, as it relays all of creation — at once?

Give the flesh suit a break. Give it some support. And you automatically support the spirit.

We ARE in ascension. This is an unstoppable physical and spiritual action. The spiritual avalanche has left the side of the cliff and is plummeting down the hill, cleansing all beneath it.

How do you choose to handle the inertia?

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    Superb post however I was wondering if you could write a litte more on this topic?
    I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit more.
    Appreciate it!

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    Reblogged this on 1jdadam and commented:
    “With these gifts being tweaked in our DNA to the point of being very prominent, we can’t ignore them anymore. Our ESP connection to one another, our Bluetooth connection to God / Universe, our gift of empathy to feel others and the earth (a human trait, by the way, one of our strongest) are all bursting online like pop rocks being dropped into Coca Cola. We are EXPLODING with spiritual gifts at a microbial level.”

  5. Thanks for the in-depth blog post, very well written and detailed on our current times! I’ll be honest, 2015 has been a REALLY tough year for me and many other people I know. Many of my experiences have been battles with the negative, bad events or situations happening over and over, and the internal battle between light and dark within myself. 5 years ago I left religion and started to go on my own path, it’s seriously been a wild and bumpy ride! Letting go of the lies that we’ve been taught, propaganda and distortions has been tiring and intense at times. Learning to trust myself more and being open life, to express my truth clearly and openly and to not give into fear have been my assignments in order to grow! Composing and releasing music has been a huge positive influence in my growth, I swear without music I would’ve gone insane by now. Lately, I’ve found myself dealing with internal issues and past wounds, so I have taken one day at a time. I found you through Simon Atkins twitter feed, thanks again for the good blog article.
    I’ve linked my website through here and my facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/benjaminbubb, look forward to connecting!
    Much Love,
    Benjamin Bubb

  6. Tawney says:

    Thanks for this information! My symptoms started quite awhile ago so I’ve done a little research and found that proper nutrition IS really helpful. I have noticed that, as an empath, things that I was able to ignore before are impossible to ignore lately. I did think I was going a little crazy some days. Lol. Especially since none of my friends are experiencing what I am. I’m glad to have found your blog. Oh and thanks for accepting my and my husband’s friend requests on Facebook. You are saying a lot of the things we are thinking and posting about as well.

  7. Belle Salisbury says:

    Hello Danielle, I wanted to thank you for such a fun and informative response to the changes many of us are experiencing today. It is such a valuable assessment of the energies we are responding to, whether we realize it or not. I wanted to ask your permission to share this article in the September issue of my magazine, Bellesprit, which is a free online magazine, http://www.bellesprit.com.  I know that our readers will get that ‘ah ha’ feeling when reading it. We will give absolute credit to you as the contributor. All I ask of you is a brief bio (about 1 paragraph) and a photograph of you so that we may create an author page for you where your article will be available for any of your followers. Your author page will, of course, include your web site to send those interested in what you have to share to your site to learn more about you. I thank you for your consideration.Blessings,Belle Salisbury  From the Desk of Rev. Belle Salisbury Psychic, Medium, Spiritual Counselor http://www.bellesalisbury.com

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    Great info! Thanks Danielle

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