That ‘Titan Missile Launch’ off the CA Coast Wasn’t a Missile — Here’s Why

Question of the last 24 hours: “WHAT IS THE STRANGE LIGHT ABOVE LOS ANGELES? UFO? TIME PORTAL? ASTEROID? MISSILE?” Sometimes, it’s just rough when an event that you are witnessing is labeled something else by the powers that be. There’s no good way to truly approach answering a question when a government agency comes out with a formal annoucement “de-bunking it”. The Navy came out after hundreds of YouTube videos hit the deck announced they were making a Titan Missile launch test from a submarine in the Pacific. They re-routed aircraft from LAX for this “test”.

Articles whose title include “NO UFO! Just a Missile” include similar videos of missile launches that look a little bit alike, and explain why the high-atmosphere missile trail would “glow” from the suns rays way above even though it’s dark below. That’s actual science. The military can justify that science. ‘Nuff said for most people.

Except this wasn’t a missile launch.

And neither were many similar phenomenon occurring at breakneck pace all over the world. Some were missiles. Others weren’t. Some of these contrails look alike. Others don’t. All apples are fruit. Not all fruits are apples.

I’ll answer this question one time. Many will discount the answer which is why I don’t bother answering once the military comes out with something. That’s easier for people to swallow and really, I don’t enjoy the blowback from people who are a little scared this could be something else, and then get angry online. I don’t have enough skin in the game to have one opinion or the other where people place their beliefs. Everyone has a right to their opinion. Yet I have been asked a question by hundreds of people. And I feel I have a responsibiliy to answer it, rather than worry about the “troll blow back”. Haters will hate. Seekers will seek.

So here’s the answer.

Though missile contrails CAN look like this — this wasn’t a missile. Neither have been many other similar phenomenon that have popped up online. When I lived in LA, I saw an actual missile test tearing acorss the upper atmosphere. It was a tiny bright spot that flickered like a flare and left a huge thick contrail plume that was GLOWING and unmistakely smoke or steam. It was obvious it was a rocket propulsion system, even that high up. As a psychic I could not detect one ounce of life or consciousness in that missile high above. This event has NONE of those attributes if you watch the video from the beginning.

Also, no military branch issued a test-de-bunking press release on any of the missile launches we all witnessed in LA. I saw many of these tests in LA and there was never anything online or in the news about it manily because back in 2007 not nearly as many people were capturing video on their phones. It was just never mentioned. Yet this de-bunk came out in less than 24 hours.

It is confirmed by the NAVY that the military deferred air traffic from LAX, one of the busiest airports in the world if not the busiest — for a TEST that could have been blown off ANYWHERE, away from that much volume of air traffic? And never mind the fact that the sub was dispatched from WA state… to head all the way down to California right off the coast of the biggest city in the USA… for a missile test. Yep.

If you’re a facts hound and don’t mind a boring as heck read, please read the US MILITARY document attached at the link below which explains WHEN the military has jurisdiction to re-route commercial and civilian FAA traffic. You’ll find that “testing” is not including in the definitions of what constitutes the military to issue mandatory civilan air traffic control re-routing.

So why all this now?

Because people are onto something that’s happening. And they can upload it to social media in a blink. So best to get people’s mind put to rest before they figure it out. Yet we’re trying to be shown someting here, as a race, that’s magnificent. So hang in there with me while I explain.

Though it’s important to point out that sometimes missiles look a little like this — this isn’t a missile. It’s a very small and very stable “white hole”. Black holes eat light. White holes spill out light. It’s one end of a temporal event created by a very advanced civilization that’s been coming here for hundreds of thousands of years. They poke a hole in space by an “anchor craft” (that’s what I call them, the glowing craft in the original video) that “holds” the end of the wormhole they are attempting to open from a much bigger craft that is generally “anchored” by a distant star, using the star’s own gravity to open a “door”. That star’s light spills in once the hole is opened.

You’ll note the anchor craft in the original video. This is the greatest TELL of all, de-bunking the missile story. The large glowing smaller anchor craft (which is actually pretty huge) in the original video has no contrails. It’s too low to be above the atmosphere, so the fire propellant should flicker. (Again, plese keep in mind I’ve witnessed several missile tests while in LA. They all flicker when they’re that low.) This light of the craft does not flicker. (Because…it’s not a missile.) In fact, it gets bigger as the field of the craft widens to anchor the white hole for the larger craft coming through. Once this temporal doorway is opened and all the light floods in from the distant star, the smaller ship “disappears” once the “hole” is opened because it’s the nature of the gate system — that smaller craft swaps places with the larger craft to continue to hold the doorway open.

I could go on and on about this technology because I’ve chatted a lot with the OffWorlders who developed it – but I won’t bore you here with it because this is a REALLY LONG post already. Once this “hole” in space-time is punched, a much larger craft comes through this “hole” from a very distant quadrant of the universe. It’s their version of LAX.

We don’t often see the bigger craft because the temporal technology also bends light, so the ambient light we are seeing in the night sky is “bounced off of ” the field created by the ships. Think Star Trek and Cloaking, as cheesey as that analogy is.

However, if you’d like to “see” the much larger ship coming through the wormhole, watch an original video of this and watch as the wormhole opens wide, letting in the light from the distant star. You’ll note a blue “event horizon” stripe behind the opening. If you focus on that, you’ll see it black out very briefly as the craft moves across it. It’s a rough one to catch, but it’s there.

Many UFO sightings are above LA because of the geomagentic properties involved with the plate techtonics of California. The electromagnetic field on the earth weakens, or “bends”, at plate implact zones. This makes it easier for our temporal-bending friends to use this technology.

Our Offworld neighbors are coming in at breakneck pace to help with planetary electromagetic stabalization. This has to do with weather and atmosphere, which affects their temporal “runways” they’ve been using for hundreds of thousands of years.

Our military is grateful for this help. The military isn’t the bad guy here. They’re trying not to freak everybody out. They know it’s going on. Which is why the NAVY came right out with the announcement and diverted the air traffic prior to the event. That’s not to say that a Trident sub was in the area, or perhaps somewhere they were doing missile testing.

Yet this wasn’t a missile.

All apples are fruit. But not all fruits are apples. Keep an open mind this year. You’ll see magnificent things. Don’t fear that which has always been bere. It’s all part of Creator / God’s plan anyway.

Have a great week!

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Named "Psychic of the Year" by UFO's and Supernatural Magazine, Danielle Egnew is an internationally-known Psychic, Medium and Angelic Channel whose work has been featured on national TV (NBC, ABC, TNT, USA) as well as in the Washington Post and Huffington Post. She has provided content consultant services for the CW's hit series "Supernatural" and the blockbuster film "Man of Steel". Danielle is also an author, teacher, and TV / radio host in the field of metaphysics. She anchors her private practice in the Big Sky Country of Montana, residing with her wife and their daughter.
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