People are Demanding ‘Non-PC’ Comments on Terrorism — So Here’s the Mother of Them All

I’m seeing a ton of vitriolic comments all over Facebook, Twitter and other social sites about how we need to “stop being PC” and really address the terrorist issue by “really talking about what’s happening” without “censoring ourselves” to make everybody else comfortable.

As a Christian Pastor, I tend to raise an eyebrow at this. Not because of the lack of PC-ness, but because of the repressed anger I’m seeing. Yet this lack of PC discourse seems to be what people need right now. So okay. If that’s what everyone thinks will help — I’ll go there. As a Christian Pastor, and as a white American female, I’ll dump my PC filter and say it like it is in an effort to help us all heal. That seems to be what everyone is calling for.

So here it is.

America, you’ve gone yellow.

You’ve gone from a dignified nation who stood confidently in our identity knowing who we were in our strength while proudly accepting our melting-pot role to the world, able to extend compassion to the world’s citizens when tragedy struck without being intimidated by other religions or ways of life because we were so secure in our own global role — to an hysterical mess of knee-jerk exceptionalism, racism, gross misinformation propelled by our media as we Sheeple just sit back and buy it because educating ourselves takes time and work and lord knows we could be binge-watching ‘Breaking Bad’ instead, and 140-character headlines that are easier to whip into a frenzy than whacking a hornet’s nest with a stick.

Stop it. Snap out of it.

Get your intellect and your decorum back. Grow up emotionally. Have your opinions and express your incredulous anger at atrocities committed around the world, but get a grip. Stop acting like a frightened trust-fund-baby whose parents threatened to take the freedom of their credit cards away, and start acting like a World Citizen that can take one for the team while they console another who is hurting. Suck it up. Act like AMERICANS, not a contestant trying to get through an episode of ‘Survivor’ or that one chick at Walmart’s Black Friday sale that body-checks an old lady just to get an extra discount Duck Dynasty T-Shirt.

Yesterday when I pastored church, I addressed how to curtail our need to demonize that which frightens us. Fear begets fear. For many right now, that fear is Islam. For those confused by the concept of Islam, or who believe that all Muslims are terrorists, this guy being interviewed on the video below hits the nail on the head in spite of the leading questions by CNN, who didn’t enjoy his honest factual answers that couldn’t be manipulated and don’t support the American vitriol towards this religion.

Before we become part of the extremist problem by pushing *extreme* ideals that we claim are the “god’s honest truth” because we read it online so we’re passing around propaganda that supports our freak-out and subsequently causing others to freak out, let’s get our heads in the game. Let’s get our facts straight rather than purporting fan-fiction authored in fear. We can’t address a terror problem if we’re insisting on creating a war with every Muslim on earth. That’s not addressing a problem. That’s starting one. That’s ignorance and it’s dangerous ignorance at that — just as dangerous as extremist Muslims who want to war after every other religion.

I’m stunned by the amount of hyper-paranoia over one world religion because of a few minority extremist sects. WOW. What about the millions of other peaceful Muslims? Did you know that the word “Islam” in Arabic, though meaning “submission / resign oneself / surrender” (as to a higher power), also shares a root with the word “Peace”?

How frightened we have become, America? Looks like the terrorists are winning after all, for many of you. You may want to consider that before pushing around the internet a bunch of garbage that’s just not true but is scaring the dickens out of everybody. Way to help out ISIS.

Don’t turn into the people that terrify you. I’m warning folks ahead of time — I’ll be deleting off this thread any of this “Sharia law” propaganda or “why Islam will ruin the world” propaganda that only fuels misinformation and fear. This is MY page. Spread misinformation and fear on your own wall or blog, to your own audience.

So how are you enjoying our non-PC discourse? If you’re like most Americans, you’re already bored, rolling your eyes with the “Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’ve heard it before” expression on your face, already flipping through the channels looking for the next biggest thrill.

Alas, you can stay on this channel — as I can help you there as well.

You want to get really un-PC? You want a real throw-down, the kind of tell-it-like-it-is verbal blow-out that has America captivated with “candidates” like Donald Trump? I’m not sure that you do. Not when it could all be directed at you, rather than “those people”. Yet since we’re being as UN-PC as we can be here, as that seems to be what the American public is calling for in our obsession with brute demonstrations that project our lack of ability to really identify where our fear is coming from, let me provide you with what many Americans have been craving.

I give you the most UN-PC commentary on world terrorism of all:

America terrorizes itself. Americans feel powerless, and have since the Twin Towers fell in 2001 and then again in the Recession of 2008. We have a grid-locked Congress and a relationship with lobbyists and big money in government that neuters anyone in the Executive Branch. We are fearful because we fear we aren’t taken care of, even at home, by our own. We are too busy fighting over who is married to whom, who is doing what with their body, and who gets a tax break. We’ve become a nation of obsessed busy-bodies spitting hyper-criticism away from ourselves to mask our own feelings of weakness.

We tolerate poverty in America yet criticize it in other parts of the world. We have become the biggest demonstration of hypocrisy on the planet as a “Christian nation” who has forgotten to apply the most basic tenets of the Christian religion: Love and Acceptance of All. We continue that demonstration of hypocrisy while preaching the doctrine of the “American Dream”, holding much of the planet’s wealth and opportunity for advancement in technology, yet trailing far behind in first and secondary education, health care, and poverty per capita, as we restrict our resources to only the privileged few.

With gun violence making headline news, we feel we can’t even keep ourselves safe within our own borders because we have forgotten how to care about our neighbor. We handle our daily feelings of being invisible by showering movie theaters and schools with bullets, just to show anyone watching that we’re alive.

We demonize brown-skinned people because they are taking jobs that we whites statistically refuse to do anymore because we aren’t “paid enough”, jobs like manual labor, cleaning toilets and working at fast food chains. And then we whine that there are no jobs.

Overall as a nation we are frozen in fear, laziness, and in emotional impotence waiting for “someone at the top” to come riding in on their white horse and make it all better for us. Even as we elected a “grassroots” President with our convictions of “changing corrupt government” by getting involved in our own communities, as he asked us to — as many pledged to at the time — we got bored with the heavy lifting as we always do and dropped the ball. Instead, we sat waiting for the President to “fix it” for us while we put our feet up and watched the Super Bowl. Yet we still complain.

We have forgone personal accountability for the credo of “someone else will handle this” while we hit the 20% off sale at the nearest outlet mall. America, we have become an exercise in denial, escapism, blame, fear, malaise, segregationalism, overall laziness, and emotional entitlement (and by ‘entitlement’ I am not referring to welfare recipients. I’m referring to armchair quarterbacks.)

So how about we handle the fact that we’re feeling powerless and fearful as Americans in a different way? Can we not see that trying to give a face to our fear by uniting under the banner of “us-against-them” then snags a play right out of the ISIS handbook?

I, for one, as an American — am not going there. I love my country. I LOVE what my country was founded upon. And I stand in the gap for that. I love what my country REALLY stands for — not this second-rate sad shell of whining and blaming. I choose to educate myself. I choose to rise above this hysteria.

I choose strength and temperance. I choose Love above all things.

If you wish claim we live in the greatest country on earth — then act like it. Spread encouragement to your communities. Don’t hide in a hole and stockpile ammo. Build your communities. Don’t build walls around your communities. Talk about love for all, not hatred and segregation for those who aren’t like you. Engage in activities that encourage others to talk about their fears in a healthy way. Not blowing anti-Islamic Facebook posts all over creation to form “teams”. Stop comparing who is the bigger martyr– Christians or Muslims. This is not the time for the Oppression Olympics. Be honest with yourself, Americans, that you feel unsafe in the world because our own government and our own society has appeared to give up on us — not because of a handful of scattered extremists doing horrible things around the world. These things have always happened. America didn’t fall apart when Hitler rose to power. We didn’t fear that we would all be “forced into being German”. Saurkraut wasn’t put on a watch list.

Somehow along the way we have forgotten how to not cave into fear and stand in the strength of common world purpose. Perhaps the Twin Towers falling on our soil rattled our emotional constitution. It’s one thing to watch a war on TV. It’s another when it happens in the Big Apple. However, let’s take some pages out of the playbooks of other nations over thousands of years who have survived hideous atrocities on their own soil — and STILL operate under hope, love, and seeking common bonds with other global partners.

Buck up, America. This self-pity needs to end.

Own your fear. It’s yours. Danger is real — fear is a choice. No one can force us to feel fear. So don’t give fear a face. Don’t give it a cause or a nationality. Your fear lives inside of you. It is only triggered by outside sources. By giving your fear a cause, you are doing exactly what ISIS is doing — projecting their own fears onto hapless and innocent victims. You may not be killing anyone — yet. But you’re killing yourself. Fear is the great disabler, the great poison of the soul, the slow-leaking dimentia that distorts perception into nothing but chaos and ugliness. Fear is the drug on which most people overdose yet remain an upright walking corpse, dead in the eyes and dead to all further growth and possibility.

Love is the answer. I’m sorry there are so many of you that don’t believe this. And it’s a sad statement on where the United States of America is at, as a “Christian nation” (as claimed by many though we are a melting pot), that the Law of Love would be the first thing to be discarded. Yet love and respect for our fellow humans IS the answer. Jesus talked about it. John Lennon talked about it. Ghandi talked about it. The Quran talks about it. The Hindu and Jewish religions talk about it. The Wiccan practice cites “do no harm”. Sure, the people committing these atrocious acts don’t speak the language of love, so it’s likely that world militaries will deal with them in a language that they understand. However, for the rest of us that do speak this language, it’s very important that we don’t lose our ability to recognize the language intrinsic to the human soul when it’s spoken to US.

The moment we replace the Language of Love, the global, human language of our spiritual birthright, with the hysterical and isolationist silence of fear, well. That’s the time that we, as a species —

— call it quits.

Choose love, America. And stay in the game.

Watch CNN get their keesters handed to them on the issue of Islam at the link below:

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Named "Psychic of the Year" by UFO's and Supernatural Magazine, Danielle Egnew is an internationally-known Psychic, Medium and Angelic Channel whose work has been featured on national TV (NBC, ABC, TNT, USA) as well as in the Washington Post and Huffington Post. She has provided content consultant services for the CW's hit series "Supernatural" and the blockbuster film "Man of Steel". Danielle is also an author, teacher, and TV / radio host in the field of metaphysics. She anchors her private practice in the Big Sky Country of Montana, residing with her wife and their daughter.
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141 Responses to People are Demanding ‘Non-PC’ Comments on Terrorism — So Here’s the Mother of Them All

  1. Glad you got your lecture off your chest. As a “Pastor”, one who has chosen to dedicate their life to God, I was shocked at the condescending manner in which you relayed your “non-PC thoughts”. As ANY “Pastor” should know (be educated, CHOSE to seek the truth) that the Muslim religion simply cloaks the Islamic government (sharia law). Islam controls every aspect of a Muslim’s life. From what they eat to how they vote. It is a political system. A government. During your “self education” did you read the Immigrant and Nationality Act of 1952, Public law 414, 2, 212? This laws forbids entry of anyone with a different political ideology than ours and specifically names Muslims.
    Did you read up on our forefathers experience with the Muslims? American trade ships kept getting attacked so Adams, Franklin and Jefferson headed to the Middle East to see what could be worked out. Things were going no where fast so Franklin left. Adams and Jefferson were finally told there would be no peace. No agreement. Islam would one day rule the world. They came home. Both brought the Quran. Upon returning they briefed Washington and Congress telling all to read about this government/religion. Warning us all.
    When Jefferson became President a small group of Muslims showed up and demanded a ransom with subsequent monthly payments for which in return they would leave our ships alone. Jefferson, rightly, threw them out, raised a Navy and fought them back to the shores of Tripoli. (Soon other countries started paying us to provide safe passage.)
    Any of this ring a bell?
    You’ve done no one a service here but yourself. You’ve removed the filter from your own speech but then you spoke YOUR bias and opinions. Not’s God.
    And you, a woman of the pulpit, thinks we should be accepting of a government/religion that created their own god and is performing Christian genocide in the Middle East? And if you were there, you would be killed too.

    Jordan settled all the Syrain refugees. Over two years ago. They’ve published that information more than once. The “refugees” are from Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. There’s no war there. The EU changed their name to immigrants. That didn’t go over to well either. As of now they’re migrant with a few asylum seekers. They’re being turned back now. (All of them. (Especially groups that hold signs that say “let us in or die”.) The first thing people noticed was out of roughly 1 million people going into Europe last years over 95% were male. Over 85% were from countries listed above.

    You have done a great disservice to your audience. On purpose or out of the same ignorance of which you accuse your fellow Americans.

    Perhaps you need to turn off the TV yourself and delve into some history books. I can help you with two other topics I didn’t dicuss: 1) the Crusades and 2) why did Jefferson have the Quran printed and what does the preface say. Just for some extra homework please read the following from the Quran: 29:28 (conflict with freedom of speech; 26:23-24 (conflict with the 8th amendment); 18-26 (conflict with Article Six); 4:89 (conflict with 1st – freedom of religion); 2:282 – (conflict with 5th amendment); 8:12 (conflict with preamble to our Constitution); 33:50 (conflict with 15th); 5:60,7:166 and 2:65 (conflict with the 14th); 33:27,8:69,48:20 (conflict with 4th); 9:29 (conflict with 2nd)

    And before saying those things are believed anymore or something along those lines then what is? Does a Muslim pick what passages he follows? Does a Christian? Or a Jew?

    Next time you get the urge to call your fellow citizens uneducated cowards you better know all your FACTS and NOT just try belittle their feelings. YOU, have NO idea WHAT anyone else KNOWS.

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  3. Connie says:

    I like a lot of what you say hear, however I don’t know where in the bible it says to love and accept all. I know about the love one another but not the acceptance of all. As I remember it christians are not to accept everyone’s actions or beliefs. That’s how I took that statement you made. Christians are not called to accept behavior and/beliefs that go against the bible. I agree that they are supposed to love everyone but don’t have to accept them.

  4. Patti Lindgren Gera says: Here is another truth-telling piece that helps to grow with your piece toward a round look of perspectives on the same condition and options.

  5. Kyaza says:

    Reblogged this on A Writing Vice and commented:
    I just finished my “International Relations” course, and we spent the last two weeks discussing ISIS and the mass shootings that have been happening. I don’t agree with everything in this article, but I do agree with what is perhaps the central idea – America terrorizes itself. We create our own culture of fear.

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  7. Omaima Aboul-Saoud says:

    My comment on “People are Demanding ‘Non-PC’ by Pastor Danielle Egnew.
    I thank Pastor Danielle for her article it is well said & written.
    I agree with her that people forgot the Power of Love & give in to the fear that the media created. Love is the basic of all religions. But because of small fanatic , terror group/s at any religion should not condeming that religion in general . The condemnation should be on those groups that takes the name of any religion ; Islam, Christianty, Judism…..etc.
    Those groups are criminal should be dealed with & not to give in to the fear that they are creating.
    America is the Land of Love & Caring for each other.
    Omaima /NJ
    American Muslim

  8. Robin Reid says:

    Perfect. Brilliant. Thank you.

  9. Leslie says:

    Hi Danielle, I just discovered you on Dr. Simon’s Show. Great show btw. This is awesome!!!! You have said everything I have been feeling and then some yet couldn’t find an articulate way to express them. And in light of what has just happened in Calif (my former home state) this is so appropriate. I am not on Facebook, but am sharing the love w/you and all your readers and am committed to bringing in the love. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts and insights.
    Much love and light to you

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  12. Kathleen S. says:

    Wow. You totally nailed it. Thank you so much. Moving forward…

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  14. JCK says:

    Brilliant and beautifully said! Absolutely, it is our malaise and ignorance in a time of fear. Love will win out. It’s what I hold on to and what anchors me. Thank you for taking the time to write this post. Your words are powerful.

    And, Reza Aslan is one of our favorite people at All Saints Church in Pasadena. He’s incredibly articulate and knowledgeable about the Middle East. He’s a regular speaker.

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  16. Terry Mink says:

    If not me, who..
    If not now, when..
    If not here, where…

  17. R C Douglas says:

    Actually sauerkraut was “put on the watch list,” only during WW I, when it was called “Liberty Cabbage.” (I wonder if somebody thought about that during the “Freedom Fries” hoorah?)

  18. Joan says:

    BAM!!!!! Undeniably well said……and necessary……Kudos……sharing……

  19. Allegra says:

    Thank you for this – it’s so needed, and so on point.


  20. pointless.musings says:

    Reblogged this on pointless.musings.

  21. Attani says:

    First, tl;dr.
    Second, everyone is either “don’t let them terrorists in” or “show how wonderful we are and let everyone in”. Both are idiots.
    The EU wasn’t prepared for this batch or the one before it that has produced a second generation without jobs or hope, many of whom have allowed themselves to be radicalized. Ever hear of Austerity? That’s what the EU has been about for the past few years.
    If you want to bring in huge amounts of people then you need a realistic game plan, not just for this generation but for future generations. That involves finance, schooling, housing, and, like it or not, assimilation (not just a bad Borg word). Many of my ancestors had to assimilate.
    You also have to consider the fact that people are going to be pissed off because we already have poverty and homeless people. Are they adding to that problem or taking our jobs? That is human nature. So you also need psychological preparedness for an assortment of personality types.
    It’s not just open the flood gates and let them have at it. It’s not just love and Christianity. And btw, we should be a Democracy. I do not consider us to be any kind of religious nation. From what we are seeing it should be obvious that religion and politics is a deadly mix.

  22. Religion IsRidiculous says:

    Religion is ridiculous, full stop. Have a great day, “pastor.”

    • John Whiting says:

      Other than her implication that we are a “Christian nation”, she did not frame the issues in religious terms.

      She has left her religious leanings out of the discussion (for which I’m grateful) and addressed the situation in secular terms.

      Regardless of what you and I might think of religion, the problems she actually discusses are real, and are serious enough as to be crippling. We should emulate her, and leave our religious beliefs out of this discussion.

      You may have read my long-winded lament above. I have no real solutions to the problems under discussion. Do you perhaps have some suggestions?

  23. John Whiting says:

    I agree with most of what you’ve said, Ms. Egnew, with the exception of the implication that America is a “Christian nation”. It is not one, nor should it ever become one.

    We have indeed become a nation of selfish cowards who project our worst flaws on to others, and then blame them for it. We are a nation that deliberately elects hate-filled idiots, and cheer on the people who claim that “uncompromising” is a virtue, not a flaw. When someone genuinely changes their mind, we accuse them of “flip-flopping”. It’s now considered appropriate to waste huge amounts of time and money trying sixty-plus times to repeal something, and to threaten to shut down the government if demands aren’t met. We have a party that says “We weren’t effective at getting our message out” instead of saying “maybe our goals need to be re-evaluated”. We have two parties that will cheerfully vote for what the rich demand, and not what we demand.

    This nation used to be almost as great as we proclaimed it to be. Now, our proclamations have as much truth in them as a Soviet Union newscast. (For those too young to remember, that means pretty close to zero.)

    Our politicians speak obvious lies, get caught at them, and double-down explaining why they aren’t lies. “97% of what Planned Parenthood does is abortions.” “You can’t pregnant if it’s legitimate rape.” “Mission Accomplished.” “People on welfare are lazy, cheating the system, and/or spending our money on illegal drugs.” “Voter fraud is rampant.” “Taking care of people deprives them of the dignity of work.” “I’m not a scientist, but . . .” “America, love it or leave it! (And when we say “love it”, we mean don’t you dare criticize it even if it’s true).”

    We have become a laughingstock in the world, and rightfully so. But I don’t know how to oppose the people who have made us this way without violence, which also won’t work. I’ve voted. I’ve signed petitions. I’ve joined boycotts. I’ve donated money to causes I thought were good, some of them political, more of them charitable. And it none of it has even slowed the erosion, let alone repaired.

    I used to have faith in our system. I’ve lost all faith now. My only remaining goal is to try to survive well enough to die comfortably, instead of homeless, jailed, or a refugee to another country. And I’m dubious of even that.

    • LivelyClamor says:

      John Whiting, I could have written that! so frustrated about it all! Now I know why my father became a near-hermit and stopped voting, and that was back before 9/11 and all the ensuing mayhem. Nothing seems to work. I’m tired of bashing my head against this wall.

      • John Whiting says:

        I am additionally handicapped and biased by the fact I have clinical depression. I don’t think it makes what I said any less real, but it probably does make the darker parts easier to see. [wry smile]

  24. scaler911 says:

    As an atheist, I’ll say that this is the best thing I’ve read all year. “This is not the time for the Oppression Olympics.” I might have to borrow that if you don’t mind. We should all aspire to your ideals Ms Egnew.

  25. T. Greg Squires says:

    I love you. I’m sorry. Please, forgive me. Thank you.

  26. Nicholas says:

    Where to start. You have raised so many topics that I feel the need to answer this Christian Pastor. I feel the need to return an answer in a like manner “un-PC”.

    So let me begin with your assumption that Americans are afraid of refugees. Because this is a topic that I have thought about long and hard. So from the information that I have received there are reported to be 7700 men with the first 10,000 refugees coming into our country. Now while in a country of 360 million people this is a very small number of people. But the discrepancy in the men to women and children ratio does raise some concerns. I mean in what culture to men abandon their women? Are they cowards? Have the wives and children of these 7700 men been murdered? If so why aren’t they staying to fight against ISIS, who may well have caused their deaths. More to the point money can buy you quite a bit of things including training and knowledge and for the right price money can buy much. So just a hypothetical here. What all 7700 of these men are jihadist? Just suppose… And they have money, because ISIS, has money, and they are somehow able to find some retired “Special Forces” veterans that willing to train them to do what they do for the right price. Let me explain to you what that would mean. That would mean that 7700 guys just got trained how build, recruit, train and command an Army. Each one of those 7700 men would be able to command a contingent of 200 soldiers. You multiply 7700 by 200 and you come up with a number along the lines of about 1,540,000, potentially well armed, well trained soldiers you its invited into your country. Now that’s not including children and teenagers that they may be able to recruit as well, so that number could be even higher or possibly lower. Now you would say it’s fear mongering, but the reality is its a very real possibility. So let me use another analogy that you would be better able to follow. If asked you to take in 10 refugees. Only 10 into your home? Would you? Of course you would because you love everyone. But what if you have children and I told you that 70% of those refugees are men who we know have the potential to be child pedophiles…. Hmmm you might decide differently then right? Cause it would be your daughters well being at stake now. But for some reason with all of your “love” speech YOU, can’t seem to love your fellow American enough to say, “You know this might not be a good idea”.

    So you can talk about love and fear all you want it won’t change the fact that bad decision is a bad decision. It won’t change the fact that in anyone of the instances given would it be a good idea to put yourself in a position to get hurt or seriously injured on purpose.

    As far as Islam being a peaceful religion, where is your proof of this statement? When the Koran explicitly says that a Muslim may lie, cheat, steal, and kill so long as it further the cause of Islam. Where is the peace when it commands its believers to kill all non believers. Where is it?

    Brown people and white peoples not doing jobs because they don’t pay enough??? Are you serious? You really want to go there with someone that has lived for many years in a state that had an illegal immigration problem? Because let me tell you it’s not a matter of not being paid enough, it’s a matter of the business owner wanting to even pay minimum wage to do that job. Literally. At a time when minimum wage was $7.25 an hour I knew business owners that were refusing to hire Americans because they could hire a Mexican for $5.00 an hour. So let’s not go any further into that debate because you know not what you speak about as it pertains to”white people”, doing these jobs or not doing these jobs.

    Where in the bible does it say I have be tolerant of anyone who is not a believer? Did not Jesus say, ” Do not be unevenly yoked?” Is it not written that we are to, “Stay away from the pagan religions?” At what point would Jesus consider taking into your home potential rapist so and murders a good thing? Did he not command us to take care of the widows and orphans? Or does that only pertain to refugees from another country? See it isn’t a matter of fear it’s a matter of common sense and logic. You don’t invite wicked people into your home in the hopes that love and kindness will stop them from killing you when they already said they were going to.

    As far as fear being paralyzing emotion, let me tell you from personal experience that fear is a good healthy emotion that will keep you alive at times when nothing else will. Fear means that you recognize a threat to your physical well being and should act to prevent that thing from happening. So with all due respect you have a very well thought outpost but I think it’s mostly wishful thinking and b.s.

    • Candi says:

      Excellent response Nicholas. Many of my own thoughts exactly. I have been in the position of having to literally fight for my life, and have looked down the barrel of a gun twice. So I think I can validate your remark about fear, or more appropriately self preservation, being a great mobilizer, not immobilizer. I have done a lot of research on Islam, and it was apparent reading her post Danielle has not done HER homework. It is estimated 2% of Muslims are full scale radial, and the numbers are rising. What’s 2% of 1.5 billion? And there are quite a few of them right here right now. What most Americans don’t know is Homeland Security and the FBI recognize and stop terrorist attacks before they occur with alarming frequency….many of them right here in this country. The San Bernardino attacks could have been prevented because the neighbors noticed a lot of strange activity occurring at the Suspects’ apartment in the weeks prior to the attack. They did not notify authorities because they were laboring under this very mindset Danielle is touting. Now 14 people are dead and dozens of other lives are shattered forever. Because no one wanted to be the “hate mongers ” that were racially profiling their neighbors. Certainly not all Muslims are killers, but the Qur’an IS filled with demands to murder infidels. And some Muslims DO take those commands seriously, and they ARE a threat. If you choose to bury your head in the sand, you do so at your own risk. Don’t hate everyone for no reason, but if you walk around humming ” All you need is love”, you could be in for a very unpleasant surprise. Islam isn’t the only threat out there folks.

  27. Rain Adkins says:

    YOU GO, GIRL!! This says it incredibly well, and I plan to share it alllll over the place.
    And may I just say that, given your verbal skills, I would never, ever want to piss you off. 😀 😀 😀

    PS–If I may, it’s “Gandhi”, not “Ghandi”.

  28. On this feast day of Christ the King, is the what Jesus would say, pastor? I think we’ve traded love and tolerance of religions for the truly redeeming man of the Word – the one and only Way to true Peace and Security. The answer is in the Scriptures, pastor, not in ego-centric intellectualism. In the end, we will all be saved by the Women Clothed in the Sun of the book of revelations – honored lovingly by both Christians and Islam. Be in the world but not of the world so you can point the way to Eternal Life. This life on earth will be gone soon…

  29. rwfcooking says:

    Excellent. It really does boil down to love versus hate. Let love win.

  30. violetbird7 says:

    When we are pushed into fear and thinking that is the only option as a ‘group’ we are easily manipulated/controlled, it is not to serve us but those who would gain, i.e. those in Government/Congress who support War as the ‘only’ option along with the Military Industrial Complex, To Big Too Fail/Wall Street Banks and other Big Corporations who prospers as we are oppressed and loose everything under the guise of being ‘protected’ from “them”. It is the old divide and conquer all for financial gain.

  31. violetbird7 says:

    Thank you for putting onto paper what I’ve been saying for too long- for me Peace is present and a choice. As a human I can fall out of peace and when I become aware of that, work my way back to peace as it supports me so much better than fear.

  32. This is a fantastic article, thank you so much, now I share, and hope that someone will listen and read, 10 mins is all it took me. I am 45 we grew up with the Fear that Russia was going to wipe us out, all through growing up they were the “enemies” I made borscht a few nights ago, learned from one of our Ukrainian friends, she argues with my Russian friend over whose is better. They too grew up in Fear, of us, U.S. and now we eat together and enjoy being humans. They grew up with very little so relationships are extremely important to them. There is so much misinformation being put out there. News stations are really just editorial stations, tell us facts, impossible to watch CNN anymore. I pledge to make a positive contribution, thanks so much for the article, but then you Knew I’d like it 😉

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  34. hideaheart says:

    Here! Here! Superb!! Now, WE AMERICANS have an obligation to spread this non-PC wide and far, near and nearer, loud and louder. Salute!

  35. David Wright says:

    Great piece. One misleading spot, no doubt unintentional, which is I think a big of “golden age” thinking (ie. everything use to be so great) around the following: “These things have always happened. America didn’t fall apart when Hitler rose to power. We didn’t fear that we would all be “forced into being German.” Saurkraut wasn’t put on a watch list.”

    Well, yes and no. The U.S. did intern over 11,000 Americans of German descent during the Second World War. During the Great War (when many German immigrants were still first and second generation), there was virulent (and violent) popular backlash against all things German: German geographical and family names were changed, the German language was no longer taught in schools, and Saurkraut was renamed “liberty cabbage.”

    Not to draw shaky equivalents or seek to justify anything: merely to remind us that the forces of ignorance, intolerance, xenophobia and bigotry that this piece so passionately and eloquently decries are nothing new in America: it has always been a feature of our moral character, often with tragic and horrifying results, and has always called for responses such as this one. Amen: keep fighting the good fight.

  36. Liliane Duran says:


    Your comment on fear takes me back to Frank Herbert via the Dune saga. That famous timeless quote.


    Thankyou for this.

  37. jopr says:

    I’m not American, but I think this rings true for many Western countries. It’s a powerful wake-up call to us all. What do I say to friends in the UK who are trying to ban the Burka?

  38. Donovan nohl says:

    Amazing article! Only problem is those that need to hear this message won’t listen or feel attacked. Most people reading this already agree with you. I’ve tried countless times to talk to others about these same things. They either are to ignorant to understand or have been brainwashed so bad they think you are the devils advocate. But what do you expect from a natiom that cut education funds to fund wars and make the rich richer.

  39. Thanks for saying all the things I’ve been wanting to say!

  40. Hey people it is just common sense! (Seems like everyone has lost that.) We can bring these refugees here and welcome them with open arms, show them that the lies they have heard about us being terrible people is just that, lies. Or we can turn them away, and prove that ISIS is right, we don’t care about anyone except ourselves and their oil. It is up to each of you to shape what the world will judge us as.

  41. Bill says:

    I agree in general with this very well thought and written piece. I would like to augment it a bit, or perhaps shift its paradigm a little. First, our instructions from the Lord on caring and loving and mercy are just that: instructions to US. Not to THE US. We can certainly show love while at the same time have our nation show caution in how it handles incomers at its borders. There are many areas where I’m sure we think our government is doing a poor job of controlling spending and regulation. This is the same problem-it just seems like there has to be a better way. Also, let’s not be lured in with Matthew’s of governmental obedience; finish reading that passage. What we are required to obey is a government that is righteous.

    Secondly, remember the Lotd has gifted each of us differently. If one gifted with mercy and another with wisdom or discernment, they can easily come down on the opposite sides of the current divisive refugee issue. Neither is a “better” Christian and does not deserve the judgmental remarks flying around the last week or so in the e-space.

    Satan LOVES this division.

  42. Trishdy says:

    The interview segment reminds me of a Peanuts movie because the CNN people seem to be hearing only, “Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah” when the adult in the room, Reza Aslan, speaks.

  43. Trishdy says:

    This is the most powerful, honest statement I have read thus far on this issue. I friend shared it with me and I have been sharing the heck out of it on Facebook since receiving it earlier today. Thank you so very much.

  44. taniashaw says:

    I haven’t been to church in 30 years. I’d go to yours. Amen.

  45. Almost perfect — except the line when you say “America, you’ve gone yellow.” The United States of America, the nation which you are addressing, is just one of many countries in North, Central and South America, and it is another part of our exceptionalism that we appropriate for ourselves the title “America”

  46. Mike Watson says:

    Thanks Danielle,
    I appreciate and support your thoughts, comments, and most importantly your spirit. We as a country, and a world are at a tipping point in which those in power can see their control slipping and so they do what they know how to do- create chaos and fear, the only thing they fear of course is heart-centric people that use LOVE to put all people first, this simple strategy disarms their ability to segment communities, criminalize races, and propagate fear. Those who believe we can do nothing and or that your words are hallow- are still stuck in fear, so grateful for you. Peace, Mike, Heart-centered leadership,

  47. Sarah says:

    Who is the original author of this post? It’s wonderful and I’d like to find out more about the author.

    • danielleegnew says:

      Hi Sarah! Thank you for your kind words! I’m the original author 🙂 — I’m Danielle Egnew, and this is my blog, the Call To Light Press. I have a couple of websites — , and , though the latter needs a little updating 😜. If you’d like some cliff notes instead, there’s an “About Danielle” page here on the blog. Have a beautiful day :)!!

      • Sarah says:

        Very powerful message! (Thanks for confirming that you are the author. I wanted to make sure so I cite you when I reference this.) Cheers and be well! 😊

      • Candi says:

        I have a question Danielle. How can you be a psychic AND a Christian pastor? You are aware the Bible condemns psychics and “seers “, as well as homosexuality. Which you specifically defend as a right. I assume you are also aware of the New Testament verse prohibiting women from teaching men. Now we’re ignoring PC. I cam also assuming you are aware of the terrorist attack in San Bernardino….not a far away land, literally my own backyard. While I agree with you people need to spend a lot more time educating themselves about the real issues, not relying on what they hear others say, I find your credentials questionable. You cannot be a committed Christian and a professional psychic. No, John the Baptist was not a psychic. The Holy Spirit is not a spirit guide. He is God. To quote John Lennon in the same breath as Jesus Christ is borderline hypocritical. Personally I have no issue with Gay marriage or women pastors, but the Bible, the Word of God, says no. I don’t have to understand why or even agree, but I do have to follow God’s commands. It seems you have created your own loopholes so you can do whatever you like. The reality is the “All you need is love” argument is thin. I HAVE done my homework. I read the Qur’an (I haven’t gotten all the way through it….it is the insane ramblings of a madman and is difficult to comprehend), study the tactics and rituals, and you are wrong about ISIS wanting us to be afraid. They consider us fools because of people like yourselves- they work very hard to create the “Islam is peace and love” and they prey on America’s tolerance. They COUNT ON IT! I know this because I HAVE DONE MY OWN RESEARCH. You talk about lazy people not doing their own research but you ramble on and on and I don’t see any evidence you know what you’re talking about. Even more disturbing, you have failed in your research of the Holy Bible, how can you be expected to complete any competent research on such a complex subject as Islam? The Bible is very clear. There is one way to God the Father….through the Son, Jesus Christ. There are not “many paths”….that is the lie the Devil uses to compromise people. Groundless fear is dangerous, but witless apathy is just as dangerous. I have seen far more people skipping through life with the attitude of, “It’s not going to happen here. And if it does, there’s nothing I can about it”, than paranoid Islamophobia. The real world and the Facebook world are not the same place. I have no doubt you will delete this post because I have seen only complimentary posts. You seem to be a tad narcissistic but insecure. A more confident person wouldn’t just leave posts that fawn all over your “amazing insight”. There are many wonderful Muslims who deplore and condemn the violence and murder, and they are many times the victim’s of the “radicalized ” Islamics. This does not reduce the threat of radical Islam. Read your Bible, Pastor. Its all there. I have no doubt you will delete this message because I have only seen positive posts, praising your amazing “insight “. A more confident individual would leave the negative posts as well (within reason, of course)but you appear to be a bit narcissistic as well as insecure. That’s okay though, because this is only for you.

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  49. Joni O says:

    Truth. Spoken in Love. Thank you. As a Christ believer, the book that teaches me Christ and Truth tells me ‘true worshippers worship in Spirit and Truth’ (john 4:23, 14:17,16:13), also says ‘Spirit is truth’ (1john 5:16). Tells me to be ‘wise as serpents and harmless as doves’ (matt 10:16). Shows me that when someone comes to kill you (John 18:4-6) ‘Spirit and Truth’ knocks them on their butt out of His beauty Love, compassion and mercy. That ‘perfect Love casts out fear’ ‘there is NO fear in Love’ (1john 4:18).
    100% agree that Love is strength and Truth. I am on the journey of learning to love more perfectly. Forgive me for the Bible verses, it’s the book I know. I have no doubts that similar messages are in other books that I am ignorant of, because Spirit and Truth is not limited. Thank you again.

    • Soar says:


      Matthew 22:36-40~*

      “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?”

      Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.

  50. Christina Pisani says:

    Well written and astounding on target… Thank you the reminders, the focus, and the helpful suggestions for action

  51. American fear and corresponding hatred and misinformation extends to every unpopular group in this country. Replace “terrorist” with any American marginalized group in this nation and this article equally applies.

  52. Daisy Do says:

    thank you so much for this…yes, yes, yes, yes!!!! This is not the oppression Olympics….yes…..fantastic…thank you….this is what is upsetting me, this is what I believe, you are on the right track. Thank you for taking the time to write it down. Keep up the good work please.

  53. St.G says:

    Let’s never joke about France being surrender monkeys ever again after this whole ordeal is over.

  54. KD Bota says:

    Brilliant! Thank you for saying it all.

  55. Beth says:

    I’m sorry, how is it you know that all whites are refusing jobs that “don’t pay enough?” I wouldn’t reuse any job right now. Please stop assuming things.

  56. Krista Sarchet says:

    This piece is SO refreshing to read among the ‘crap’ that continues to fill my feed! So much in the blog and comments to percolate on and soak in. As a christian I feel like a minority when I speak up and say we are NOT a christian nation….we are a nation built on religious freedom. Freedom to choose our religion and freedom from FEAR OF PROSECUTION but now a nation built on FEAR who would prosecute any and all if given the chance!
    The only point that I don’t wholeheartedly agree with is:
    “You’ve gone from a dignified nation who stood confidently in our identity knowing who we were in our strength while proudly accepting our melting-pot role to the world, able to extend compassion to the world’s citizens when tragedy struck without being intimidated by other religions or ways of life because we were so secure in our own global role”
    I feel that we have ALWAYS feared other religions and cultures in our country. African-Americans, Hispanic, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, you name it! Throughout our nation’s brief history we also seem to oppress or place blame and hatred on someone or something we can’t understand rather than educating ourselves. It saddens me. All I can do is continue to teach my girls: “all you can control is YOU – your actions, your response to situations – THAT is the only control we have” Don’t point your finger and complain saying ‘they made me’ b/c NO ONE has that control over you. Show them Christ’s love!

    • Janice Cimbalista Stranick says:


      You made my day, what a wonderful response to all of this horror and hatred that is filling our minds and our precious hearts. Your words settled me for the night and now rest may come. You are a remarkable person and must continue with your writings Many years ago i too thought of writing now, age and wisdom fail me. Promise your heart to continue with your beautiful writings!
      Love blessings and peace, Janice Cimbalista Stranick

  57. William Underhill says:

    Ma’am, I came across your post via a link from a friend’s FB page. May I share your words also? I’ve been trying to figure some way to say much of what you’ve said, but being a crusty old salt, I tend to start throwing mess-deck language into the mix, which usually doesn’t end well.

  58. erinszoo says:

    While I fully agree with the end statement of this post, we need to love, your argument that America was anything other than a fear mongering place filled with racist tendencies is a little off. We have a history of fearing anything that isn’t the norm. Ask any mother of a child with autism trying to participate in normal societal functions. Ask the Japanese who were interred during WWII. Ask Mexican immigrants who are struggling to make a life in a new country. And dare I mention Jim Crow laws?

    This function of being afraid of anything that isn’t part of the expected societal condition is not new and to assume it is misses the ability to find the root cause of what the problem really is.

    Love is great … but compassion is better.

  59. Stephen Lombardi says:

    I understand and agree with the sentiment of this piece and I am an American… however I say bring them on… what you are doing here is the exact same thing that “SOME” Americans, “NOT All” but some are doing when they lump all Muslims in one ball of beeswax as terrorist. I am not one of those Americans… uk uh… no way…

  60. Heather K. says:

    Thank you for speaking about this apathy that has caused our nation to fall under this umbrella of media-frenzied fear. I agree completely that people just whine and don’t actually know that taking action on a local community basis would alleviate that sense of helplessness. If only people would live their lives in a way that served the cause of humanity rather than cowering in fear and feeling paralyzed. That is the best way to empower oneself and to make a real difference in the world!

  61. Barbara Desrosiers says:

    Beautifully and honestly written. Thank you.

  62. LivelyClamor says:

    I sometimes wonder what would happen if a shooter were confronted by someone spreading their arms out and walking fearlessly forward and saying at the top of their voice, “I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU ENOUGH THAT I CAN’T LET YOU BE THE ONE KILLING ALL THESE PEOPLE. LET ME LOVE YOUR PAIN AWAY.” Would I actually be in the headspace to do it? I have no idea. I’m just as big a chicken as anyone.

    • Jeff Thomas says:

      Shooters shoot. Many people have been killed, looking, with great dignity, into the eyes of their killer. Many more have begged for their lives or prayed to be saved. In vain. Because shooters shoot.
      What would you advise your child to do? Walk fearlessly forward saying I love you? Or try to escape? Or fight and possibly save others?

      • danielleegnew says:

        What fascinating questions to pose. I can only imagine that once someone gets to the point of being a shooter, the pain that would drive the person to do such a thing appears to take over all the senses. Surely, I’m not even sure what *I* would do, in such an instance, so I feel like I’m not in a position to give anyone advice on that subject. My commentary on Love in the post is not necessarily advice on how to handle being at gunpoint, or how to handle the conflict of world terrorism, yet how we at home in the United States handle our perceptions and our fears. My thoughts are in dealing with our fears, we are then able to make more rational community and world choices. As I stated in the blog, the folks doing these horrible world events don’t speak the language of love, so it’s likely that our military and other world militaries will address them in the language of aggresion that they choose to speak. And I have great respect for all military folks (I have lots of ex-military in my family 🙂 in that they are human beings who are born into the language of love by spiritual birthright, and they must learn also to speak a language of aggresion for the protection of others. I think that would really be rough — at least for me! That’s why I have so much respect for the “dual-fluency” — for some, this ability to translate more than one language comes naturally. My belief is that if we get a handle on our own fears at home, much (of what I consider to be) unnecessary fear and chaos at home can then be averted. Compelling questions!

      • LivelyClamor says:

        I don’t know what I would do, let alone advise a friend, family member or stranger. I am struggling deeply with that.

  63. themonthebard says:

    Two thumbs up. This is what REAL non-PC commentary looks like.

  64. Alex says:

    I never write comments, but I got goosebumps reading this. Thank you.

  65. Good reading, but that video was awesome

  66. Katrina McGinnis says:


  67. mythican53 says:

    Thank you for your refreshingly non-PC read! In Love and Light…

  68. Peter Bella says:

    Well said. I think the dam burst for you… glad it spilled so eloquently. P.S. You are 100% right, in my mind. Thanks again.

  69. Mike says:

    Nice, you nailed it! A bit heavy on the fear and love messages, AND you could have been a bit more non-PC (I was enjoying that), but well written, and in a way both sides of the isle can relate to. Now figure out how get this message to those who really need to read it.

  70. Thank you for this impassioned on-the-mark piece. Must reading. Unfortunately, those who need to read it the most, will decline the opportunity and continue to fear and hate. I can just love and hope.

  71. Adam says:

    I expect many Americans will be outraged if it is pointed out to them that they are regarded as terrorists in many places in this world, places where they are bombing and killing indiscriminately.

  72. Jennifer says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! ❤️

  73. dementia not dimensia. Excellent article.

  74. Brad says:

    I have a question. I mean it in the most respectful way. Did Jesus not say to NOT commune with psychics, see-ers, soothsayers, mediums and the like?
    Your message here resonates with me btw.

    • Soar says:

      That part struck me too…Beautiful and inspiring write on the power of love that we should be sharing with these refugees that need it the most, God’s love. Yet to see a Christian minister say she is also a medium? God’s Word is very clear on that indeed…

      “If a person turns to mediums and necromancers, whoring after them, I will set my face against that person and will cut him off from among his people” Leviticus 20:6

      “Do not turn to mediums or necromancers; do not seek them out, and so make yourselves unclean by them: I am the Lord your God” Leviticus 19:31

      And many more Bible verses being crystal clear on this subject…

      • Patti Lindgren Gera says:

        This phrase is to oppress the feminine, for the feminine is a medium, a conduit, to the other world. The feminine in me as woman human and any man as a man human. This was to keep God in the sky doling out rules and punishments from a masculine perspective and put the magic of the feminine into the ground. That time in our evolutionary process is complete. The wounds are healing and the feminine is coming back to teach us about Right use of the considerable power we hold within. If you are believing in the writings of a book, please consider that it was written by humans and that without the ability to check their motives, an open and discerning mind, heart and felt sense is required.

        In response to the article, I think it leaves many holes of compassion, but it is a fairly accurate truth telling on a big picture basis. It will do good in the world, and it will also cause some who are suffering to fall in deeper. Grieving is complex, not rational, and it needs its good space and time. It is a necessary part of life and of the return of the feminine. So straight talk, yes, and also big humility for all of those paths we never get to walk or understand that belong to others.

  75. jeff bragg says:

    100% spot on.

  76. Michele Darr says:

    Wow, Danielle. I feel like I know you already.Thank you on behalf of the Children of Earth… Deep, deep bow of Respect, Dear Mother Goddess ❤

  77. Elaine says:

    So beautifully written and exactly what I myself have been preaching!

  78. Tim says:

    Thank you for this! I have been simi wrong in some my thoughts as a Christian. You and some others have helped straighten that out. As a former Marine I want to see the ones guilty for their crimes against mankind receive justice. Yet the now Christian in me prays for them and will let God have that right. I want love, the love of Jesus and all He taught to conquer all. Thank you. One correction. In my learning there are 1.6 billion Muslims not “Billions” as you stated. small thing but lets be totally honest if that is what we are going to be. Thanks again!

  79. Sam says:

    Let’s really be non PC – The American governments past & present have been funding BOTH sides of this so called war on terrorism. You all rave on how marvelous America is while you do nothing about your gun laws. I doubt most of you know the capitols of Europe or the REAL size of Africa. Your myopic views of the world around you are outstanding. You really believe Fox News. You allow complete morons to be in positions of power because you can’t be bothered to vote. You believe that you single handedly won both world wars when the truth is both times you came in late to the party WW1 started in 1914 America came in 1917 the war ended 11/11/1918. Although the war began with Nazi Germany’s attack on Poland in September 1939, the United States did not enter the war until after the Japanese bombed the American fleet in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on December 7, 1941. You are viewed as a pariah throughout the world due to your relentless pursuit to Americanise EVERYTHING including the English language. You put inedible food in every country. You take over small business areas and put in large, multi level, florescent, devoid of feeling malls. You change history to suit yourself. The world DOES NOT revolve around America. You are not number 1. You are a part of this earth like the rest of us and it is time for you to be a global citizen.

  80. Susan Curran says:

    Beautifully written. I wish all politicians would read it!

  81. Reblogged this on Pagan Church Lady and commented:
    Not what it sounds like from the title, and well-needed words. Brava!

  82. warren child says:

    The way I word my views change as I gain knowledge and experience understanding communication.

    I actually have a really good Muslim friend, and he is the only one I personally know.

    Unlike other friends, when I look back to the years we went to school, He not once tried to push his religion on me. He never even once mentioned his religion and trying to glorify his culture.
    He was one of the most generous kind hearten gentleman I have ever met.
    I did almost get caught up in the hype, but for different reasons, not my fear of Muslim culture over throwing ours. But because I was raised to fight, I fight for what I know is true, I fight for my friends, and family, I fight to be free and so OTHERS can be free.

    The fear I am personally dealing with, is the fear of being a coward and running away from such heinous crimes. It really struck me emotionally when I saw how many people were running the only thing I could think was stop running, go fight. My fear is, if we all run away from the problem it gets bigger, and that fear and cowardice will continue into our children, and other generations beyond. So much, so that they fear so much they lose their freedom because they are so scared of the world and how it really is. Fear begets fear, My personal fear, may translate different to someone else, and without even realizing it I instill fear into others. The next generation, (my sisters generation and my friends babies) they are so full of love, and intelligence, with a peaceful, confidant knowledge about them. I am going to stop fearing for the future, It will work out.
    I will be spreading your messages and have enjoyed your talks, and writings a lot in the last year. God bless you and yours Danielle.

  83. Marketing by Roxanne says:

    Your response is great and let me give my non-PC reply as well. I am fine if people want to bring refugees to this country and I am 100% behind helping others, but it should be the choice of each PERSON and not forced upon the PEOPLE. If the government wants to pay to bring them here, then it should be the PERSON who has to house them, Americans should sign up to bring the refugees into their homes and pay for their food, shelter, schooling and healthcare needs, it should not be a government bill. You talk about the goodwill of the American people, but why when families can not feed their own children, can not make ends meet, are loosing their own homes, should they be forced to pay for people from a world that they do not even know. Religion does not matter, of course not all of the refugees are Muslim! Culture matters a little, but we should not be giving houses that should be going to our homeless veterans, homeless battered women and children, away to those people who come from worlds away. If American people want to support these refugees and fight terrorism, then let those people house the refugees in their homes. Vouch for these refugees, pay their bills, watch them, and ensure the safety of the rest of America. The government and the other people need to stop demanding that every American give up their way of thinking in order to agree with others. If a person is so set on what they want, then they need to stand up for it by putting themselves out and not the whole nation.

  84. Steve Lopata says:

    I must disagree, in part. Fear and loathing seem to have been a part of the American psyche since the travesties committed by British and patriot supporters during our Revolutionary War. I believe that xenophobia is a part of the human condition. It must be battled at the individual level. Failure to take responsibility, to fight for the cause was pretty evident during our Civil War when a rich man could buy his son out of the fight by paying a substitute.

    DAESH/ISIL/ISIS truly wants the west to battle all of Islam. They are trying to bring on an apocalypse, after which, they believe a few chosen will be left to enjoy the smoking rubble that remains. Our own paranoia builds into this. Remember what happened to the Nissei in 1942. If not, there is a popular musical playing on Broadway (Allegiance) which recounts part of the story.

    You are right in saying that we, as a people, are somewhat lazy when it comes to rolling up our sleeves and going to work on a problem. Again you’re right in saying hat our intellectual lassitude is part of the problem. I, like many of my generation grew up seeing the knottiest problem solved in 40 minutes with another 20 for advertisements for the good life. It’s a real downer to find out that ain’t the work life really works; and there are plenty of us unwilling to learn that lesson.

  85. GM says:

    spot on , great post! However, PLEASE stop using the term Isis to describe these terrorists, use DAESH, they hate it!

  86. slavicdiva says:

    I am not a Christian and not religious, but I shared your post today – because I am good and tired of being told to be afraid of everyone and everything. Fortunately, I never was very good at asking “how high?” when told to jump.

    I am very aware that peddling fear makes money for the fearmongers – but I don’t have to buy what they’re selling, and I don’t have to approve of the method, either. I will not repeat the messages of fear and hysteria that bombard us all day, every day.

    Any one of us could die today, from any number of things – I could keel over of a heart attack here at my desk, or be hit by a bus on the way home, or have some other misadventure end me. If I let fear win, I might as well never leave my bed – which is to say, I would stop living anyway, so I might as well end it. If the worst did come to pass, all the fear in the world would not have prevented it, but fear would have greatly reduced my enjoyment of today, and the joys it has to offer.

  87. Tawny Boyd says:

    This is so perfect. I’m not going to pick at your slight inaccuracies, it doesn’t change the message or the tone. I’m so tired , so “over it” of hearing how afraid people are, how “scary ” the world is. Crappy, lousy, mean hateful, horrific things have happened throughout the history of mankind. You’re absolutely right it’s time to take our place at the table as Americans and as the strong global citizens we are and stop sniveling. Amen, sista!

  88. David says:

    There are the cowards who would believe that these religious zealots could kill us all. In the home of the brave, we should be answering any threats with the simple phrase they they can’t kill us all and move forward with our fear in control.

  89. Thank you for this. _/\_

  90. Tommy Dees says:

    i posted the following just this am:
    I wanna talk about personal observation on religion for just a moment. While this pertains to all religions i’m focusing on two groups.. christians and muslims. For those of you that adhere to one or the other… let me just say you have a perception problem. for the muslims… you’ve allowed the taliban, al-quada and isil to become the face of your religion. for christians… you’ve allowed the most hateful and vile bigots to become the face of yours. sarah palin, rush limbaugh, glenn beck, foxnews et all, and seemingly every conservative christian politician in washington. the next time someone starts clammering about a war on your religion, you have nobody to blame but yourselves. you’ve allowed these people to go unfettered and permeate. it’s up to you to stand up to these people and denounce them for the evil they are. these people do not represent christianity. Do they? The damage to your religion comes from within your own rank and file. I’ve noticed that now, after the incidents in Paris, the muslim community is finally fed up and starting to speak out against those few hate groups whom have become the face of islam. they want to change their perception. if christians want to change their perception, then they need to stand up and publicly start denouncing those who are tarnishing their religion.
    Not doing this only drives more people away from your religion and by not doing so, you not only advocate this message of bigotry and hate, you facilitate it. ~ Peace,Love and Music to All.

    • John Whiting says:

      As an outsider, I have noticed that too many people use the “No True Scotsman” defense for the outliers in their religion. That is to say, they say “No True [fill in the blank] would do [fill in the other blank], therefore this person who does this is not a True [refer to first blank].”

      No only is this poor reasoning, it also means that outsiders have no useful referent for telling the difference. You can argue that no True Scotsman would make himself wealthy by creating a megachurch, but there’s a bunch of people with megachurches claiming they’re Scotsmen—and no one making more than a rare and random protest to the contrary. There is no steady opposition, and no reason not to believe that these megachurch operators are not also Scotsmen.

      It leaves outsiders with little choice but to believe that these people are also Scotsmen, if only because they claim to be.

      There’s also the problem with the over-aggressive recruiters. They’re the ones who think that their religion is under attack because their symbology is being removed from places that, Constitutionally speaking, it never belonged in the first place. They also claim their religion is under attack when people wish them “Happy Holidays” instead of mentioning their specific holiday by name. They also claim that they’re Scotsmen, make all Scotsmen look bad, and are also largely condoned by the silence of everyone else.

      The only way for outsiders to understand that these alleged non-Scotsmen don’t belong is for the group to expel them and shun them at every opportunity, not merely enough to present a token illusion now and then. Otherwise, it’s not very convincing.

  91. Nancy Jennings says:

    Thank you for writing so succinctly and beautifully about this issue. I am grateful.

  92. Pingback: People are Demanding ‘Non-PC’ Comments on Terrorism — So Here’s the Mother of Them All – by Danielle Egnew | the inadvertent feminist

  93. Splendid article, but one caveat. The word “Islam” does not mean “peace” in Arabic. It shares a root with the word for “peace”. The word for “peace” in Arabic is “salaam”. The word “Islam” comes from “aslama” which means “to surrender or resign oneself”. Otherwise excellent.

    • danielleegnew says:

      Thanks for the smoother explanation Anne! My referencing the root was probably confusing and sounding misleading. (Studying Ancient Greek roots, they’re are a little more forgiving in their current application — Hopefully it will make more sense now :))

    • alan newcomer says:

      In Arabic, the word “Islam” means submission or surrender – however, it was derived from the root word “salam”. From this root word, you can also derive the words peace and safety. Many people feel that Islam implies some sort of enslavement to Allah, but others find it more helpful to define the word “Islam” as surrender.

      Many religions have a concept of surrender to God. In Jewish history, when the ancient Hebrews obeyed God’s commands, they had a long period of prosperity and stability.

      In Christianity, surrendering to God is a way of putting your life into more capable hands – in fact, Jesus asked many of his disciples to surrender their livelihoods and follow him.

      So, if we look at the word ‘Islam’ in this way, we can understand why obeying Allah’s commands and trusting in Allah’s wisdom could bring about peace for a Muslim.

  94. Mikel says:

    Peace, Love, Hope, and Charity.. 4 pillars that, when present, allow us to grow..

    Peace must grow from within. before you can love, you must find peace.
    Love grows from the presence of Peace.. it can then be given. Where there is peace and love;
    There can be Hope. Hope gives Peace and Love a purpose, and Hope grows until there is enough to share.
    Charity brings us peace. Where we support our brothers and sisters , the Peace does as it did before, Love and Hope radiating connections of Charity that take root in Peace with their neighbors.
    I don’t care what magic book you hold reverant, Peace, Love, Hope, and Charity will always work..
    if it doesn’t, find a better book. That’s why You have free will.

  95. Carmen Hudgins says:

    Everyone needs love, but love does not solve all problems. Our husbands, sons, daughters, sisters, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, and in-laws make up the military so families just can’t “let the militaries” take care of situations such as this without some emotional involvement. To the best of my knowledge, “Love” has not won a war such as WWI, WWII, Korean War, Viet Nam War, etc. However, it takes love to serve our country, to take care of those in need, and to comfort those who are hurting. I agree that love should not be withheld because of color, sexual affiliation, nationality, or political affiliation; however, as a mother protects her child, a husband protects his family, our local, state, and national governments have the responsibility to try to protect us and our friends. Love, be loved, share the love, but do not embrace evil with love, nor dismiss evil, because it exists everywhere as you said.

    • Lolan Goss says:

      Thank you for saying it like it is. You cannot love a rabid dog at your front door. You have to eliminate that dog. Then try to love the non rabid dogs that follow in it’s path. Sometimes you succeed and sometimes you don’t, because you have to weed out the rabid dogs that follow in it’s pack. The situation now is this, ISIS has stated that it will kill all Americans and Christians. I for one, will not let this happen, if it is in my power to do so.

      • You can’t love a rabid dog at your door? Maybe at that exact instant you have to put it down, but after you have done that, you may still mourn the fact that it was necessary, wish things had been different, and feel bad that you had to do what you did. That’s love. So of course we can operate in this spirit with human beings.

        Love doesn’t mean putting flowers in your hair and being groovy with everything. I fully believe you can love people you may nonetheless, because of your love for others and for humanity, have to kill.

        If ISIS came pounding on my door, I’d kill every one of them without a second thought to protect my family. Then I would mourn their wasted lives, mourn that parents lost their children to this evil, and that in order to oppose evil, I had to become part of it.

    • steve says:

      Jesus of Nazareth might disagree with you. Didn’t he say to love your enemies and do good to those who revile you?

  96. Taekwondogirl says:

    This post is SO refreshing. Among all of the disputing back and forth lately, I have been thinking the exact same thing. I am tired of people being afraid and even hateful of others just because they are different from themselves. Thank you for a reminder that we are all still humans trying to get through this world together. It is amazing how true this post is about people placing their burdens on others and wanting others to fix problems when the true issue is within themselves. Psych 101: when someone is complaining, being judgmental, or finding scapegoats, they truly aren’t comfortable in their own skin. So again, thank you for such a refreshing reminder that we need to send love to those who are different than us.

  97. Sophia Smith says:

    Long time no see, Danielle! You couldn’t be more correct in your assement of things in this day and age. I found this post on my Pintrest feed and recognized you immediately, you look the same as you did almost twenty years ago and I attribute that to you living your message. Love truly is the answer. Just look at how haggard all those people whose hearts are filled with hate appear. I believe our inner nature is reflected on the outside, and girl your light shines through! Keep messages like this coming.

  98. Jen Dunham says:

    thank you…

  99. redfivenine says:

    This is an extremely well-written and accurate piece….thank you …

    One error – this is not a Christian nation…never has been, wasn’t intended to be…freedom of religion is just that – freedom of religion, even if your religion is that of no religion (because atheists can be as dogmatic about there being no god as any religion about there being a god)….and yes, freedom of religion include feeding from religion….thank you again for the well written work …

    • Me says:

      Thank you; was about to point that out myself.

      Beyond that inaccuracy (which I feel says more about the writer’s views than the country’s), this was totally on point. There are enough saving graces to keep the focus beyond the misstep.

      • danielleegnew says:

        Hey redfivenine and me, I actually agree with you both completely about America being a melting pot with no official religion designated for our country — my apoligies that the irony in my inner voice, when writing this piece, didn’t quite translate in the quotes with that particular passage with my reference to many claiming that America is a Christian nation. My reference was to those who *claim* that it is a Christian nation. I’ll make that a little clearer. I am in 100% agreement with you guys, so thanks for pointing out that the passage is being read that way. Everyone is free to choose or to not choose at all 🙂 Thank Goodness for that!

    • yolanda1158 says:

      Please note that “Christian nation” is parenthesized. Many conservatives claim that we are a Christian nation, thus the reference. I don’t believe she is saying that she thinks we’re a Christian nation.

      • bobcat666 says:

        And subtleties like parenthesis is missed by the right. That is why they took Obama’s jesting sarcasm that “his Muslim faith” is taken literally by the right, while we snickered at his intended humor at the press corps annual jest fest. It seems, when you speak to the right you have to be careful you don’t say anything in a way they can take a part of it and make it something evil. I just want those afraid of the refugees to admit they don’t seem to like Christian values, or American values if they turn away the destitute because they aren’t likely Christians,

  100. James Grant says:

    You have spelled out the problems exactly- which is why what you say won’t make any difference. Embarrassed and sorry. Thanks for hanging in there with love.

  101. Reblogged this on Riley Amos Westbook and commented:
    Choose love!

  102. Bob Mayer says:

    Excellent. Thanks.

  103. Andrea Sanders says:

    ALERT-email looks long but, well kinda is! Hi Danielle! Just read your email about PC/Filter- your passion is contagious and I know that so many feel as you, though you were given an ability to let it flow so wonderfully and in terms of all understanding. A twist that’s different. You make a difference and even though what you said in your video on one world about not being anybody special or unique than anybody else there are people who are given what they’re given inside to lead , guide, inspire, and to show them that if that gal in her living room in Montana can take a stance say how she feels without fear, then they can do it too. It’s what it’s all about is connecting with each other instead of disconnecting finding the similarities and the differences remembering when we were in a place that we needed help and returning that back to others and in hopes of it going on and going on. I know you get told plenty of things like this quite often just like many people get told many things about their traits that shine, but sometimes one might not realize it but you could be the big can of grease that finally gets those hinges to move and that door to fly open.

    • ahnurae says:

      Than you so much for writing this! I am in complete agreement, this is how I feel and what I see. Thank you!

    • Angela Nolan says:

      I absolutely love your piece and have shared it, but I’m confused. Are you both a psychic medium and a Christian pastor?

      • danielleegnew says:

        Hi Angela! Yes, I am both :). I’m really fortunate to be able to use these attributes to assist people. Spiritual gifts are part of our birthright as human beings. The Bible (and many other religious texts belonging to other world religions) is full of spiritually gifted people yet they used different terminology back in the day to describe the gifts. By today’s terminology, John the Baptist was a fantastic Clairvoyant, foretelling the coming of Christ and the fall of kings. Jesus thought he was pretty awesome and went to go get Baptised by him, so clearly Jesus wasn’t wigged out by John’s gifts (lol). Elijah (by today’s terminology) was a fantastic Medium, receiving messages from past relatives. Jesus was also a great Medium, talking with Moses and Elijah, who had passed — in front of James, Peter and John. Jesus was also a great clairvoyant, foretelling his own death and other events. Saul sought a Medium to talk to Samuel and Samuel’s spirit came forward. Now I’m not claiming in any way, shape or form to be a “prophet”, lol!! Hardly 😜!!!! I’m just one lone middle-aged chick in Montana :). I’m simply saying that our spiritual gifts and talents are a gift from Creator (Paul wrote about spiritual gifts and talents) and back in the day, they called these gifts by a more lofty names (in my opinion.) My job as someone who interfaces with spirit life is to simply pass on messages 🙂 I feel that the moment we stop demonizing the same gifts and talents that we admire, say in the Bible, which is a very mystical book, then we can begin using ALL of our gifts and talents as a species. I believe this is what Jesus meant when, after he did all the miracles he did, he told his disciples (and anyone who would listen, really) that we would do what he did and even greater. That isn’t blasphemy — it’s our spiritual birthright if we chose it. We are miracle machines. We are empowered to be spiritual beings. I think that’s awesome and it’s been my belief that all roads to God, and to love — are good. I happen to have been raised in a Christian background and that’s what I tend to relate with, in its purity of Jesus’ message of love for all rather than the more “fringe” approaches to “Christian judgement.” Yet I have great respect for ALL world religions as I’ve studied many, and as such, I would never proclaim that I have all the answers to how God / spirit speaks to every individual on earth, lol! I believe we all hear God in the language that makes sense to us — nature, a sunset, a kind act, laughter, for some it’s church. For some, there is no need to connect to “God”, yet to just be a good person. That’s their ‘religion’. That’s good enough for me! (Jesus was all about LOVE.) I feel the less we need to create a “God” in our image, (“judgmental”, “fickle”, “choosing sides”, “punishing”, “wrathful”, etc.) the better. We are all connected in Spirit, no matter the name we give that spirit. I really believe God could care less what we call him/her/it. I think that only matters to us. Heck, we’re a species that personifies cars, lol, (“She’s going to get me across the country!”) so we’re bound to do it to God, too ;). I do recognize that there are many in the Christian Faith that would likely consider what I have said to not be “Christian”. And that’s okay, too! God / Creation / Universe speaks to each of us in the language we understand 🙂 I believe it’s not my / our job to judge anyone’s life or spiritual path, especially “by the book” — ANY spiritual book. God is not a character in a book, but alive in our actions with one another. As a Psychic, a Medium and a Pastor, I do my best to translate spirituality to the best of my ability. I certainly don’t have all the answers. Thank goodness! Where would the wonder be? 🙂 I leave the relationship anyone has with their higher power — up to them. I feel my job as a pastor is *not* to “tell” people *what* to believe. My job is to encourage them to connect with the God within in any way that makes sense to them. Because in that, each person hears Creation — LOVE — in the language that was always intended for them. ☺️

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