Five Ways to Survive the Culture of Rage

The feminine time frame is upon us. For some, it’s impossible to see. For others, it’s impossible to miss.

You may not notice the time frame of the feminine when turning on the news and watching yet another old-school patriarchal mess tangling itself into knots in the nation’s Capitol. Yet the era of the feminine is here to stay for at least another 99,000 years, give or take. And that’s one of the main reasons we’re watching the sparks fly; It’s going to take some getting used to.

The feminine time frame is an era of creation, unification, healing as one body, and growth. Since humanity has evolved under the masculine time frame, the true feminine strengths are still widely misunderstood and are often compared to the masculine. 

The women’s liberation movement of the 1970’s had a masculine edge. Women and men alike are just now beginning to understand the deep strength of the feminine as it stands on its own — not attempting to emulate the masculine, or be in contrast to the masculine by being “ladylike”.

Both men and women embody the masculine and feminine. Basically, our inner momma grizzly bear has awakened, and all genders aren’t sure what to do with that kind of raw, unstoppable power within that won’t simply posture as the ram butting another off the mountain — but instead, unapologetically eating the other ram entirely.

Men especially are struggling with this sudden rush in horse power under the hood that has no instruction manual. So the power is coming out sideways.

Welcome to the Culture of Rage, where both men and women alike blow like a rabid volcano for no other reason except that they can. 

While an old, dead patriarchal world plays its very last poker hand in Washington DC, the 20th century caricatures off of your grandpa’s tattered monopoly board bluff their way to another round, chomping on saliva-soaked cigar stubs and snapping their suspenders while winking over smudges monocles.

For some, this is a terrifying situation that means a powerless future for the common American. For others, it means a welcome deliverance back to the good ol’ days where women and people of color respectfully knew their place. 

For the rest of us, it’s a glimpse of an ancient corpse kept alive on failing life support, moments before the respirator is turned off to let the brain-dead body finally Rest In Peace. 

No matter what your take may be on this time frame, the prevailing winds of change have brought forth a ripple in how we treat one another. The dignified niceties once held in esteem when addressing a stranger have been tossed aside for one last round of hubris pie as an endless stream of bully-speak makes its last attempt at being normalized.

The Culture of Rage in our nation has been fortified as the old world lowers its head to take its final bow while bringing down with it an antiquated system of subjugation. 

For those who do not speak the polarizing language of insults and verbal abuse, this Rage culture — ridicule first, ask questions never — is a shock to the system, especially when the rush of the anonymous internet places wind in overly-seething sails. 

The following are five tips to surviving the Culture of Rage, especially in the virtual realm:

1. Don’t try and speak a language that you don’t understand.

Ever notice that online troll who posts something nasty no matter what course the discussion has taken? And ever notice how much energy that person sucks out of the discussion because their bizarre spewing makes no sense and the whole rant is going nowhere fast? 

That’s because they’re speaking a language that you don’t understand. It’s called Nonsensical Rage.

You wouldn’t stand and argue with someone speaking Mandarin Chinese though you didn’t understand them, would you? Of course not. So stop engaging the rage mongers. Stop trying to smooth over their comments by attempting to reason with an unreasonable anger-machine. 

In fact, ignore them. Stop talking to them, period. Let them blow hard into a vacuum. 

They’ll go away once no attention is paid to them. 

It’s no one’s job to make feel better someone who is being blatantly horrible and ruining the vibe of a perfectly fabulous conversation. And you aren’t going to make sense to them anyway. They aren’t there to be converted by your reason and thoughtfulness. They’re there to victimize whomever they can and spew vitriol because those caught up in the Culture of Rage often feel invisible. That’s an issue for their therapist — not your whole thread.

So cut them off and move on. It’s the least you can do for yourself and moreover, true friends and family who share your cyberspace. Whatever you do — don’t feed the trolls. They’ll come back like stray cats looking for an open trash bag to eat out of. 

And that’s just yucky.

2. Be okay to delete / block a bully or a heated antagonist.

Somewhere it was embedded into our heads that we should try to be polite in rectifying a miscommunication so as not to hurt the feelings or embarrass a person who steps over the line of decorum. This is great advice under normal circumstances. 

Yet nothing about the Culture of Rage is normal.

If someone continues to spew ugliness with no provocation — that’s what the “delete” prompt is for. Within yourself, wish them a buh-bye and remove the stream of ugly, or name-calling, or chiding.  

That doesn’t mean you have thin skin or that you’re weak. It means you respect yourself enough to have decent boundaries. 

This act of deleting or blocking can be challenging if it’s a close friend or family member. Yet perhaps it’s time to ask yourself: 

Why am I subjecting myself to this A-Hole anyway?

3. Avoid being baited by challenges or arguments.   

Your opinion on your pages is just that — yours. Your pages. Your space. Your story, your thoughts. You are not responsible for justifying your world view to those who seek exception to your view.

Unless you’re the Washington Post or the LA Times, you have absolutely no obligation whatsoever to host someone’s argument against your own opinion. “Freedom of Speech” only applies to major press outlets, and isn’t Carte Blanche to be a horrible human being in basic conversation.

If you like giving people a platform to rail against your world view for the sake of debate, that’s a slightly different story. Yet you’ll notice that those who have adopted the Culture of Rage have no debate skills. They simply TYPE IN ALL CAPS AND THEN SWEAR AT YOU or they keep making pithy comments with no substance outside of “I know you are but what am I”, relegating them to troll status. (See step #1 for help in dealing with trolls.)

4. Remember that the virtual world isn’t real.

That’s right — those friend counts, shares, re-tweets, likes, and video views, and status posts? They aren’t real. They’re just evidence of an impulse within a moment, an illusion of connection.

Sure, we stay in touch with lots of great people through social media. Yet it’s just something to do to fill time or pass on (hopefully real) news. 

Real life is calling. Go connect with it. 

If you’re finding yourself getting depressed because of what’s on Facebook — that’s like saying you’re ready to end it all because your fan fiction group killed off a character.

It’s time to disengage and address in yourself why you’re giving this virtual platform, with people you don’t even know, so much power in your life.

Instead, call a real friend or family member on the phone and touch base. Have appetizers and a drink with pals. Reconnect, connect, connect in real life. Get off the devices where the Culture of Rage can create whatever craptastic reality it desires and get back into life where you design the experiences.

The virtual world is not real. Yet you are. So wake up out of the matrix and go watch the sunset with your dog while eating a soft-serve cone. 

Make sure to give some to your dog though. It makes them really happy.

5. Don’t allow fear to be your mantra.

So many people live their lives to avoid pain, conflict, and confrontation. This makes sense as the only people who tend to enjoy those things are active participants in the Culture of Rage. 

Yet when we live to avoid fear, we live within fear. It’s our main focus. Everything we do is based on seeing the world through a lens of fear in order to attempt to avoid it. 

Since like attracts like in the spiritual universe, as we ruminate on fear all day, that’s exactly what we’ll draw to ourselves. 

Rather than approaching life with the mantra of “What’s going to be wrong today” (which attracts many members of the Culture of Rage), pop in the recording of “This day is exactly what I make it!” And in that resonation, no low vibration outside of your own design can stand.

The Culture of Rage counts on your addiction to fear in order to find that door cracked open so that they may come in and wreak havoc. 

Slam that bad boy shut, put on some good music and wag your tail to your own drummer. This is your life. Your life is not in response to a bully, but in response to your loving spirit. Own it proudly. Those who love and respect you then understand you. Those who don’t — don’t need to. Bless them on their way and set them free to their own lessons.

We aren’t here to make everyone happy. We are here to be. How someone else perceives our being — is on them.

These are your boundaries, your joy. And that’s non-negotiable. 


With taking just a few positive steps toward not forming attachments to opinions that you’ve never asked for, the Culture of Rage is then denied access to you, your life, your thoughts and your vibrational world. 

Though discussing opposing viewpoints can bring forward untold opportunities for growth and learning, being the whipping post for a person’s rage serves only to increase the sensation of victimization for the abuser, and the role of victim for the abused.

Be okay to walk away. 

Therein lies your freedom in all aspects of life.

About danielleegnew

Named "Psychic of the Year" by UFO's and Supernatural Magazine, Danielle Egnew is an internationally-known Psychic, Medium and Angelic Channel whose work has been featured on national TV (NBC, ABC, TNT, USA) as well as in the Washington Post and Huffington Post. She has provided content consultant services for the CW's hit series "Supernatural" and the blockbuster film "Man of Steel". Danielle is also an author, teacher, and TV / radio host in the field of metaphysics. She anchors her private practice in the Big Sky Country of Montana, residing with her wife and their daughter.
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22 Responses to Five Ways to Survive the Culture of Rage

  1. Marie says:

    if we all do what Danielle says… tune out! I don’t think that type of denial of reality will help anyone. while it’s good to move forward and with YOUR life and to be as happy as you can be, sounds wonderful.

    just thinking that if we all tune out, the women’s march and the scientist march would never have happened. we can’t afford to tune out entirely. too much is at stake.

    Our freedom will be lost if we tuned out too much. that is what they want… so the republican party can change policies in the middle of the night.

    • danielleegnew says:

      Heya Marie! Thanks for your thoughts!

      I hear ya, yet I believe you have taken away something from my blog that was not present within it.

      You’ll notice in my blog that I’ve not suggested that people be in denial, tune out, not pay attention, not get involved, or stop listening to the news.

      I did however suggest that people stop themselves from being sucked into the hysteria and negativity of social media, and to not engage that negativity in social media or to place themselves on the other end of people who seek only to berate them for no other reason than abuse.


      Because engaging a bully in an internet fight on a thread weakens a person and drains valuable resources that could be applied for things like uplifting and safe marches, positive social change that inspires unity and organizing.

      When we leak our resources unnecessarily on the internet, we aren’t in the real world with those resources bringing change.

      Being on the other end of rage inspires a trauma response. This has been documented by our medical communities as we’ve witnessed the high ratios of PTSD in our returning service people from Afghanistan. It is difficult for people to help themselves or anyone else when experiencing post traumatic stress symptoms.

      By removing ourselves from nonsensical streams of rage online, we then may center in purpose, dignity and love, and if inspired to unite or inspired to bring change, may do so without unnecessary “trolling” from unhappy people. So I encourage everyone, always, to step out of the way of online anonymous internet rage which serves no purpose to change anything yet only bully and demoralize.

      Some people like to literally “fight for justice” as the anger pushes them past their apprehension in order to further their cause. Yet overall, our human physiology does not support repeated abuse as a long-term motivator for positive change.

      I’m all for remaining in the know and bringing through all sorts of change. And to do so we need all our strengths about us :).

      No hiding here 😇. Im just not going to fight fire with fire when it’s actually water that puts it out. What “they” want is for us to exhaust ourselves in-fighting online and get demoralized before we ever start. And that’s just not my personal style 😜.

      Keep shining Marie! Keep standing in the gap for light! We’ve all got this :)!!

      • peakae says:

        I would add to Danielle’s response by agreeing with not buying into the negativity but will add “don’t contribute to it.” By that I mean our thoughts create what we are seeing. So there are two steps to follow here if you really mean to make peaceful change. 1) Forgive all. By forgiveness, it doesn’t mean put it away in the corner of your mind to bring up again at another time. Forgiveness means letting it go as if. it. never. happened. Can you do that to someone/something that has created any kind of bad feelings in you? If you’re truly wanting to make positive change you need to forgive all family members, all friends, and yes even the man who you believe has created the rage. Forgive as if it never happened, let go of the negative energy of the past because you are creating it with your thoughts and it is only hurting yourself. You are taking poison expecting someone else to die of it. 2) Our thoughts create what we see. Think negative you will see negative, not the other way around. Think and accept hate and rage and you will see hate and rage in the world. Think love you will see love. So. An example. Think loving thoughts about the family member who you are arguing with now and you will see love. Your thought creates the reality. And it’s not “I love you despite what you think that is different from me.” It’s only “I love you.” Honor your journey and honor their journey that is different from yours. Honor means love. Love your journey and love their journey that is different from yours.

      • Marie says:

        I understand… I am thinking of resistance as a way to fight back the bullying. I think it works to fight back, and it’s all about how you do it. Good luck to us all..

  2. Marie says:

    still waiting for the check and balances on Trump. Seems and I know it’s not what it appears, however, the Republican leaders choose to stand on the side lines and let Trump sign our democracy away.

    It’s been a crazy first week, and i am searching where to hide for the next two years? or more?

    maybe easy for those to hide and not read the news? sure thing…

  3. Nathan Fleischman says:

    Some psychics and astrologers are predicting that Trump will not complete his first term. What do you think?

  4. MILDRED WAYNETTE Van Fleet says:


    # 1. Don be bated!

  5. Mary Kay says:

    Thank you so much for this. I scrolled through facebook tonight and EVERYTHING was negative about DT – I had to quit reading it. This blog was just what I needed – hope! All of this is not real – I don’t know what it all means or how it all unfolds, but my goal is to not get caught up in the fear DT is trying to create.

  6. Mary Jo says:

    I so needed this gentle whack up the side of the head! I had to get the flu (I never get sick) to pop out of the near panic I was in in Nov/Dec. I was so miserable with flue I had no space for “monitoring” the craziness. It had me see that the idea that my witnessing would make any difference was nuts. Now to stay out of the fear and near panic: I am following your suggestions exactly. Thank you!

  7. Zuzanna Vee says:

    Wonderful article and have done just as you suggest. Non engagement is powerful medicine when bullies and trolls are concerned. Have shared this. Thanks!

  8. peakae says:

    We are behaving as those this is happening outside of ourselves. Believe it – it is not. All war, hate, rage comes from within yourselves manifest “out there”, trickery to expend energy in the wrong forum. Look inward, children of God. Look inward for your answers. Action begins with your thoughts – it exists because you think it is so. Think peace; see peace. Think rage; see rage. That is your choice in each moment. Think love; see love. It is that simple … and that monumental. Change your world by seeing your brother/sister in every One, well met or not. Be the change: think the change, see the change. It is in you first and only.

  9. Lily Baddour says:

    Dear Danielle

    I just want you to know how comforting and helpful your posts are during these days of change. It’s hard to stand back and look at everything with a broader perspective, but your ur posts courage me to do so. Keep them coming!

    Lily in Massachusetts

    Sent from my iPad


  10. brigitte sperka says:

    😀🤙 Right on!!

    Sent from my iPhone


  11. elizabethsadhu says:

    Reblogged this on elizabethsadhu and commented:
    Oh yes oh yes!!!!! So confirming, sistar goddess! Pretty much replicates all I have been hearing/getting. HA! Great minds, eh? So fun to have someone else say it! I am seeing this more and more. Wooooohoooooo!
    I have been speaking for months about the Divine Feminine Rising……So fun!
    I block family and friends if they go all rage on me (I love your way of expressing it as a language and why argue with someone when we don’t speak their language.) My analogy is that my Facebook page is sacred and when someone spews on my page it feels like someone came and shit in my living room. Delete!
    Great advice and reminders! Thank you!
    My guides have recommended this as a reminder…… Get up offa that thing.
    And I send love to all! AND I mean ALL!
    Love and Light and Joy to all,
    Warrior Goddess of Joy
    Psychic, Medium

  12. elizabethsadhu says:

    Oh yes oh yes!!!!! So confirming, sistar goddess! Pretty much replicates all I have been hearing/getting. HA! Great minds, eh? So fun to have someone else say it! I am seeing this more and more. Wooooohoooooo!

    I have been speaking for months about the Divine Feminine Rising……So fun!

    I block family and friends if they go all rage on me (I love your way of expressing it as a language and why argue with someone when we don’t speak their language.) My analogy is that my Facebook page is sacred and when someone spews on my page it feels like someone came and shit in my living room. 🙂 Delete!

    Great advice and reminders! Thank you!

    My guides have recommended this as a reminder…… Get up offa that thing.

    And I send love to all! AND I mean ALL!

    Love and Light and Joy to all,
    Warrior Goddess of Joy
    Psychic, Medium

  13. Dawn Crowe says:

    Can’t wait to watch the sunset and eat a soft serve cone with our new puppy 🙂 Your blog is wonderful, thank you!

  14. I’ve been weaning myself off of social media for a few months now. First Tumblr, then Twitter. Me thinks it’s time to let go of the big one….Facebook. You’re right, everything you said, FB in particular. Time for me to go live my real life. That’s why I’m grateful to be able to “follow” folks like you directly from your blog. Go straight to the source. Thank you for your consistent reminders of this ascension process and what’s true and real:= LOVE!!

    many blessings,

  15. Kristi says:

    Great advice! For the most part I’ve been able to maintain distance from it as I’ve spent decades unlearning the old ways. So much of what you say resonates as an ” Amen! “for me and other parts spark a “more work to do on that one” . The childhood banter “I know you are , but what am I?” has been banging around in my head lately. It’s mirror work. Eureka! What once was fear of the confrontation is now realization & standing in KNOWING who I am versus believing the lies of the accusor. Thank you for sharing .

  16. brf526 says:

    I’m having to do this with my husband, and it’s seriously altering my feelings for him. The entire election, and now that Trump is president – I can’t deal with this energy at times.

    He’s addicted to Facebook and making political comments. When I try to point it out, he deflects the conversation.

    I have no problem blocking people or simply just not logging on. But how do you deal with your own family members (a spouse even!) that has been sucked into it all?

    • peakae says:

      “Love in your mind produces love in your life.” Everything involving time, space, and perception is illusory. Consciousness requires the ability to hold itself apart and separate itself from what it is observing. The ego distorts our conscious ability to judge and turns it into being judgmental. This is the ego’s way of protecting its territory and keeping itself separate and special. To maintain its separateness and ‘specialness’, it thinks it has to compete with others. So it becomes ruthlessly competitive. Separateness, specialness and competition also require being right. The over-inflated ego wants to be right, and prove that it is right. Wanting or thinking that it is right makes it want to control and dominate. To do this, it makes demands of others and of life itself. As your honor your own journey, honor your husband’s journey as well. Only you can decide whether there is more to your relationship with him than political opinions.

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