Our Role in this Ascension is Bigger Than You Think


This chapter in American history isn’t simply about Donald Trump. He’s only one guy, one player in a vast cast of ascension. It’s not just about him.

It’s about all of us.

The bottom line is that most folks simply were not in a space to hear what was happening with this bizarre election in real time, let alone a future perspective. Rationality had been replaced with an utter blinding fear consciousness, followed with the ensuing grief.

People were shaken up, angry, scared, that an entire election was literally stolen from our first female candidate, all with the help of a foreign coup aided by the FBI. And make no mistake — this election was purposely, and calculatedly — redirected. Not to spite a candidate, but for big, big money gains. And the financial pay-offs promised to all who helped this outcome pop into fruition are immense.

Meanwhile, the once-powers-that-be in the USA stood around in shock after the fact — and let it happen, as not to rock the boat.

Because no one knew what to do.

People needed to process the injustice of that reality, as well as the reality that many people in the midst of a full-blown corporate government take-over still believe that liberty and justice have won out at the polls. Some even believe that God made it happen.

There was, and still is, a lot of anger. Yet this anger has turned to purpose for the masses. And that was, indeed, the spiritual point of this whole escapade. To wake us up. To get the blood flowing. To prove that ALL outcomes are possible, whether manipulated or not, so be alert.To break down the system so that the system can be rebuilt from a differing perspective as the old perspective had locked horns for good.

Let us all thank the coup for placing into effect a free-for-all, the effect of breaking a system down completely, where we take the broken pieces and like shattered pottery in Japan, we mend the break with gold. The piece then becomes more valuable in its usefulness.

This is the time frame of the feminine. Women are tough. We re-invent ourselves. Our bodies change, our roles change, our minds change, we change. We lead not through bragging but through action and actions of compassion. And we don’t back down when what we love is threatened. A mama grizzly bear is the most formidable creature in the Rocky Mountains.

This feminine time frame, that which the angels call “The Great Healing”, is upon us.

The temple-punch of the last few months’ events is beginning to subside. The consciousness of the nation has placed it’s bubble between the lines, putting fear on the back burner for united action. And now it’s time to speak about what’s to come because healing minds are at the helm and the smoke and mirrors of the Old World are about to come crumbling down.

We will save ourselves. We were always going to save ourselves. Which was all part of a message I translated back in May in a video entitled “Presidential Prediction — You May be Shocked!”

And indeed many of us were.

We all weigh in. We all reach out. Not in hatred, or partisan anger, but in the need to bring love to the forefront to create that #FirewallForLove that has always been the motivation to bring evolution. We find our inner feminine strength, not the masculine strength wrapped in feminine clothing, but the deep feminine within every man and woman — and we push through the pain as we birth a new nation, indivisible, into life.

We lead, we lead, we lead, from our homes first, then into the streets, then into the businesses, then into the capitals, then into the world.

WE LEAD. We do. We don’t stop. We don’t back track. We don’t rest. We stay on course, the body of the many, in this channel, in the momentum of true evolution, the inertia of rebuilding.

This time frame, now, has been the vision of Bernie Sanders, the masses uniting against the lurking corporate tyranny that sounded like a conspiracy — until we see the tyranny in action within the white house — now focusing Bernie’s fiery message of Power to the People. This time frame, now, has been the vision of Hillary Clinton, all the empowered women coming forward to hold the space for one another and stand strong in union, the women’s March on Washington spurring marches all over the world, now focusing Hillary’s hopeful message of being Stronger Together.

Now these are no longer campaigns phrases, but templates for the new world.

This has been the exercise, giving away the savior identity that would have been assigned to either Bernie or Hillary that neither of them would have wanted — as they both shouted for America to come off of auto pilot and engage our true potential as a diversified mind in this nation.

Yet it took an incomprehensible coup to bring us this same lesson, years in the making, fragile to pull off, and impossible to uphold over time.

The universe went through a lot of trouble to get us this message, to get us up on our feet.

Now that we are here —

This governmental illusion will fall apart before it gets the footing to truly tear down the country. It never had the power to ruin us. This experiment in consciousness was set before us to see if we would give this hiccup in the timeline the permission to become a full-time nightmare.

Yet the majority does not give this illusion permission.The majority doesn’t relent beneath the photo ops of executive orders. And the illusion evaporates, a parlor trick of the last old world stand-off.

The walls — they come tumbling down quickly.

Comey and several other high-rankers within the FBI will be investigated for their part in Russian efforts of hacking and fake news distribution; Those who need to be held accountable, will be; the Supreme Court, no matter what mandate the administration sends down, will not roll back civil rights that are in place; and no wall will be built. The masses are not thrown over the border and deported. No medicare is stripped away. Even the ACA though “repealed” is still in place because in this grand illusion – there is nothing to replace it. The Dakota Access Pipeline falls into it’s own pit of hubris as legal action stalls out yet again as half-dug canal beneath a lake is suspended in court. Later the pipeline itself experiences seal breaks as unprecedented rains pepper the midwest in 2017-2018, causing flooding. Shifting ground weight twists the best of engineering’s designs. Oil profits are lost deep into the soil and water. And new legislation will be born under a new President to address these great natural resource losses.

In our wobbling awakening state, we must experience loss before we are galvanized to act. And then we lead, we lead, we lead, with the #FirewallForLove.

All of this chaos and distraction has been transparent from the moment it hit the news. Parlor tricks, headline-grabbers, keeping our heads turned away from the stock market and the business world attempting to position money before the President is impeached — which is his hope, so that he may return to his own dynasty. His unfortunate plan blinds him from his closest advisors turning on him, Bannon one of the first out of the boat once the President’s usefulness has expired.

Interestingly, Bannon is a film director. His idol is a Nazi propaganda film maker. Our President is a TV star, being directed. Once a director walks off-set — the actors have no vision, and the production closes.

We are not saved this time. We create the next step, and the next plan, and the next move. We create the future. This has always been our next phase of ascension, no matter who was in office.

We lead, we lead, we lead with love. With respect for those we disagree with, with secure dignity instead of fear. And with temperance and purpose, not entitled rage. There is no more need to fuel ignorance in ourselves in order to mirror ignorance in others.

There is no us. There is no them. There is only We the People.

We lead with the thinkers, the warriors. We lead with the peace makers. We lead with the teachers, the healers, the spiritualists, the singers, the shy, the outgoing, the doers, the activists, the moms, the dads, the children, the scientists, the workers. We lead not with whose god is right, but with right goodness. We lead with those who wish not to lead. We lead with those who do. We are the collective consciousness awakening. We all matter,the angry, the righteous, the pompous, the pious. No *one* person does more than another, or takes away more than another. All energies are accounted for. All have their application.

The ego is dismissed in lieu of purpose. Your neighbor is not your enemy. And Party Lines are not real.

We must decide if our addiction to tribal warring outweighs our need for survival.

We course correct with directing the phenomenal energy of intention flowing through us — energy behind phone calls, behind starting new community centers where all are welcome, with letters to those who make decisions, with not sitting back in shock, but leading with love.

We lead with the energy of putting our dollars in banks that don’t back endeavors that are contradictory to a united and respectful earth for all. The money shifts. Then more fear of more money shifting turns the perspective for those whose god is the dollar.

We step up. All of us. In our own way. And we have extra compassion for those who cannot, for their burden is great.

The time lines are put right. This inserted reality falls away as the exercise is received in record time — for humanity’s ascension is imminent.

A coup cannot bend destiny, only buy time for the lesson.

And this opportunity for growth is about transcending, overcoming, through love. Love, the verb, who stands in the gap for what is to come — an earth moaning beneath the neglect we’ve dealt her, the weather bringing to us all lessons in humility, and working together.

This is your time, humanity, to step up in your design and do what you do best — work together for something amazing.

We lead.

We lead.

We lead with love.


About danielleegnew

Named "Psychic of the Year" by UFO's and Supernatural Magazine, Danielle Egnew is an internationally-known Psychic, Medium and Angelic Channel whose work has been featured on national TV (NBC, ABC, TNT, USA) as well as in the Washington Post and Huffington Post. She has provided content consultant services for the CW's hit series "Supernatural" and the blockbuster film "Man of Steel". Danielle is also an author, teacher, and TV / radio host in the field of metaphysics. She anchors her private practice in the Big Sky Country of Montana, residing with her wife and their daughter.
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23 Responses to Our Role in this Ascension is Bigger Than You Think

  1. Robin Ann Reid says:

    Thank you, Danielle, for putting into beautiful and wise words the message I have been getting since August of last year. I am grateful for your eloquence and power. We lead with love.

  2. Reblogged this on Black Swan Sybil and commented:
    This article is excellent… I wish I had written it myself

  3. Awesome post! Excellent! Thank you for writing this! I couldn’t agree more

  4. Nathan Fleischman says:

    Trump is facing problems with Congress. His nominee for Labor Secretary withdrew his nomination. Michael Flynn resigned as national security advisor. His travel ban was suspended. And he could be facing a scandal comparable to Watergate.

  5. Mary Kay says:

    I am so grateful that your blog has come to me and that I am able to then share it with others. You put into words what I think and feel and you give me such hope. I’ll lead – with all of you!! I hold up my piece!

  6. Thank you Danielle! Once again, you showed us the bigger picture. I am so grateful to you and for you sharing your wonderful gift.

  7. We lived through times when hate and fear seemed stronger;
    We rise and fall and light from dying embers, remembrances that hope and love last longer
    And love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love cannot be killed or swept aside…
    ~ Lin-Manuel Miranda

  8. Donna Lipman says:

    Reading this, Danielle, I am encouraged and believe that it is totally up to us to lead. Thank you for being a voice of sanity and clarity. I want to know in my heart and soul, however, there are people as of yesterday being tossed back over the border. They are being rounded up in my own city (a sanctuary city) as I write. I say this because you mentioned that no one will be thrown over the border and deported…it’s happening. I am interested to know your response to this. I am doing my part each and every day. Thank you.

    • I wondered the same thing and would be interested in a response. I also wanted to say I found Danielle about two weeks ago when I had to turn away from everything “out there” and find inspired writing. I don’t even know what I Google’d but this blog has been a salve for my soul and I completely resonate with everything. Danielle, you are brilliant! But it is so hard to witness the suffering.

    • danielleegnew says:

      Heya Donna! Yes, I saw that too — that’s making me so sad 😔– there will be some folks who will be temporarily displaced “for show” for the administration, which will lead to Supreme Court action over eminent domain and lead to the new definitions of being “an American”. This administration loves to make ripples before it’s reigned in by the courts. This in between period is heartbreaking though. I could have been more clear to state that there may be a few folks who will go through some horrible inconvenience with this, yet a great vast majority of them are let back in (this will be much like the airport issue). It’s horrendous it’s even happening. Yet these folks will inspire huge lawsuits and court action so that this can never happen to anyone else again, which is what inspired my comment of folks not being rounded up in huge masses — that’s the end result of all this horror. It’s just not sustainable and it forces us to look at what the morality and lawfulness of all this truly is. My prayers are going out to all who are being displaced — they will find their way home! Blessings to ALL!!

  9. Ann Adkins says:

    Thank you for sharing your amazing insight and message. You make my heart soar.

  10. Christine says:

    So inspiring, comforting, empowering and energizing. Thank you for shining your light and the light of love. Thank you for letting me borrow some light in my moments of darkness when i get pulled into my own fear and the drama around me. Today was a bad day, now I am back, thank you. Love your writing and your clear seeing.

  11. Iconoclast says:

    Reblogged this on Infinite Shift.

    • Yellow says:

      I enjoyed reading your inspirational vision and loved the lovely image on your site. I’ve yearned for the change you described so beautifully.

  12. elizabethsadhu says:

    Reblogged this on elizabethsadhu and commented:
    Oh yes, Sistar Goddess, oh yes! So confirming and comforting. As A Spirit Translator myself, I have have been getting some inklings of this.

    I AM seeing the love everywhere, in everyone!
    Elizabeth, Warrior Goddess of Joy

  13. Incredible. Your writing is incredible. Your message is incredible. Thank you!

  14. Carrie says:

    I believe that the world was created and approved by love, that it subsists, coheres, and endures by love, and that, insofar as it is redeemable, it can be redeemed only by love. –Wendell Berry

    • danielleegnew says:

      AMEN Carrie!! Into the world we go with love, the language of the soul. Out of the world we leave with love, leaving the planet whole 🙂

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