Insider Look: A Psychic Profile on President Donald J. Trump

When even the Washington Post is commenting on the white elephant in the room with an article entitled Demonic activity was palpable’ at Trump’s rally, pastor says, you know that people are ready to actually hear what’s going on inside our most-unusual President.

I’m not a psychotherapist, nor do I know President Trump personally. Yet due to my skill set, I have the opportunity to view the energetic blueprint within people, as well as situations, and I’ve found this viewpoint to yield vast amounts of enlightening information. I’ve volunteered this skill set to law enforcement when they have sought to close cold cases, requesting of me additional information on perpetrator motive or background information on the case.

Since so many tend to find our President to be a mystery, this unknown appears to be causing undue fear.  Sometimes, a little inside scoop goes a long way. Information on any given circumstance then dispels this fear of the unknown. And in that spirit, I provide the following information from my spiritual and psychic perspective.

I don’t know about “the devil”, yet I have encountered Darkness in my work as both a Psychic / Medium and a Reverend, paranormally and spiritually.

One of my greatest concerns about our current President was his ease and excitement with igniting rage in people in order to convey his message. Obviously, not all people felt rage when being excited by his messages, yet many aligned with this need to vent seething hatred.

Rage is fuel for all sorts of dark beings. It’s the fire-hose, jet-propelling the energy they consider “food”. I watched numerous Trump rallies where he stood atop the foray of rage below, cool as a cucumber, smiling, absorbing the unfettered rage energy the crowd gave off like a sunbather taking in the warm Bahama rays.

That — and that solely — chilled my bones to the core about the man who was running for President.

At the end of the day, I’m a Montanan — which means I could care less whether you’re a Democrat or Republican. You just need to be a dang decent human being. I will always vote for the rights of the many and underprivileged, which tends to put my vote in the (D) section yet I don’t blindly vote “party line”. If the (D) was a politics-towing robot phoning-in the basics because they wanted a job with great health insurance, and the (R) was genuinely excited to bring positive evolution in government, had a warmth toward all people, supported green energy and infrastructure development, was into education, into human rights for all, and balancing the budget without cutting people’s ability to have assistance — they’d have my vote no matter what letter was in front of their name.

People’s motives and intentions matter to me. And because of the way I’m wired, people’s motives light up in my viewfinder like a 24 Hour Vegas sign flashing over a free all-you-can-eat buffet.

You can’t miss them.

What concerned me about this President was not the (R) in front of his name. That’s a technicality. What concerned me was why he was running in the first place, and what he got out of running —

— because it was never about service to the country, but what the energy of the campaign trail could bring to him. Not the energy of the office, but the energy of the campaign trail.

He didn’t want to be President. He wanted a platform to eat people’s energies, to feel the rush of thousands through his skin as he energetically swam through the crowd with his gaping jaw dropped like a big dark whale, scooping up millions of tons of people’s anger-angled worship.

That gluttony stopped me in my tracks.

I could go on for days about what causes this insatiable and unquenchable energetic hunger in a person: Disrupted emotionality in childhood, ignoring intense empathic gifts, emotional, spiritual and /or sexual abuse. The circumstantial breeding ground for this behavior is huge.

Narcissists have a big, permanent “crack” in their heart chakra that they can never seem to locate in order to patch up. Yet the leak nags at them constantly. Through that crack leaks their energy 24/7, a slow trickle continually leaving their inner energetic reserves low. Because they are disassociated from the fact that they, themselves, can fill this reservoir (generally they’ve been disempowered at a young age), they seek to siphon off energy from outside sources, typically other people, in order to “fill their cup”. This creates an obsession with drumming up and receiving “attention” from others, and a sheer instinctual panic if they are not the center of all energies.

Narcissists have much in common with drug addicts who go into withdrawals when they aren’t close to a dose. For a narcissist, other people’s energy is “food” for their battery pack.

Some refer to people who exhibit these narcissistic behaviors as “psychic vampires”. Yet I really think that romanticizes a much more tragic and straight-forward issue: Emotional and spiritual neglect.

Rage is the next-biggest huffing-rush of energy for a narcissist who has not experienced true parental love or self-love. Rage is what fills the cup. It’s the drama often mistaken for “love” because nearly all of the attention the narcissist had ever been shown from parents had been, in one form or another, negative or conditional.

And attention from parents must be love…right?

In fairness, most people seek to absorb some sort of energy from how they apply themselves in the world. That’s how we, as humans, are built — to Bluetooth with one another. That syncing lets us know we’re connected. Yet narcissists don’t Bluetooth fully because they give nothing back. They just forcefully hijack a signal and siphon, siphon, siphon — an energetic parasite at its most needy.

On the campaign trail, and even now, Donald Trump didn’t seek to absorb the energy of unity in order to give back a bridge. He didn’t seek to absorb the hope of the masses in order to give back opportunity.

He didn’t seek to give back anything.

He sought to gain, to poke the fire with a stick in just the right place so that the log would roll over and burst into flames — because he craved warmth.

The guy already had ultimate power and money. He wasn’t chasing what he already had. He was chasing what he didn’t have — thousands upon thousands of people, feeding that big, non-fillable black hole created by an ever-leaking heart chakra.

In short, Donald Trump never wanted to be President. He just wanted to eat. He wanted to absorb that energy from every rally, this seething, unfettered, dark rage energy which is mistranslated as “love”. This was why he threw another “rally” in Florida even though he’s been elected.

President Trump is starving already, having developed such a big apatite in the campaign trail.

People love to hate President Trump, yet I just can’t bring myself to do it because I can see his deep struggle beneath the strange comb-over and awkward orange spray tan.

This is a man who suffers so grievously in his own skin that he can’t sleep. He must create his own reality to protect an inner child who is terrified of the world outside of his imaginary design; it is within this imagination that he has retreated from deep emotional neglect. His compulsion to receive attention, or energy, drives his every move, an addiction far beyond his ability to ever co-author healing within himself.

There is never any rest for an individual who experiences this type of “leak”. And though I don’t subscribe to the belief that his inner issues then justify actions that inspire fear and divisiveness, I also can’t get on board with tossing a weight belt on a drowning man. That’s just raw.

Trump lives in a never-ending hell on earth, authored within his own internal chaos. Which is why he attracts Darkness.

It aches my heart for those who truly believe in this poor man’s ability to usher in change. His supporters see only charisma and success, and that’s fair. We all experience the world through a different lens, on a different wave length. Yet from a spiritual physics perspective, President Trump’s supporters have no idea that to him, they’re the fat cows in the pasture that will taste great on the energetic BBQ.

Watching this then-Presidential candidate filling a big, black hole within himself by inspiring rage in others made me sick with dread. Because as someone who works in the spiritual field, we recognize this blind need to inspire rage as chum in the spiritual waters, calling in chaotic great white sharks from the dark depths below.

What people don’t understand about Darkness, or demonic activity as some call it, is that Darkness can’t occupy space within our life, or ourselves, unless we allow it. Unfortunately, much of our Christian culture has taught millions of people something quite different — that the devil is the real power, seeking to destroy us every day, and human beings must cling to the life raft of God in a giant swirling dominating ocean of evil that it is waiting to swallow them at any moment.

Though that’s a fabulous plot for a Ridley Scott film, one that I would probably enjoy as I nervously munched my popcorn watching the beleaguered protagonist wage a war against Darkness, single-handedly winning with only their wit (and a spare emergency rubber band )—this “all-powerful devil” plot line is an untruth in day-to-day reality.

Love is the most powerful energy across many dimensions. Darkness isn’t an energy. It’s a modality that follows an energy.

Through mis-interpretations of the Bible, much of Christian religion has developed a personified fan-fiction personae in Satan, who is out to purposefully make miserable the lives of God’s children like some whacked-out jilted ex stalking the family after they were dumped.

The truth is — that’s not true.

If you are a person who believes in an almighty God, a maker of heaven and earth — then it stands to reason that God made everything. Including Darkness. If you observe nature, you’ll observe that nature wastes nothing. Everything in nature eats something. It’s an enormous recycling system that is very efficient. If God made everything, and God made nature, then it stands to reason that God is a big believer in recycling, and wastes nothing.

For instance, pain turns into lessons. Demoralization turns into motivation. Hopelessness turns into purpose. Everything has a dual use.

This is also true in the practical, physical realm. Catfish eat unidentifiable mung at the bottom of muddy rivers. Tilapia have a particular taste for bass poo. All living organisms give off waste. And for every waste, there is an organism to eat it, absorb it, and turn it into useful energy.

Human beings give off a tremendous amount of physical waste that is used for nothing — simply rotting in landfills and polluting the ocean. We are the only species on this planet that are in denial that it is imperative to our survival to work in harmony with nature, not against her.

And it doesn’t stop there. Because we love to take our half right out of the middle, humans also give off a tremendous amount spiritual waste due to our insistance that we are separate from boundless sources of manifesting energy. In other words, we have a lot of constant fear that isn’t used as fuel, but simply burned off as a toxic energetic bi-product into the ethers, like carbon emissions.

Exposure to constant fear energy is toxic to humans because it inspires the body to overwork the adrenal system contributing to sleeplessness, thus weakening the immune system and limiting the proper manufacturing of healthy brain chemistry.

Fear, or chaos, if not removed from the ethers, then causes contamination problems like any other toxin. Since nature seeks to balance itself on all ways, enter Darkness.

Like a Catfish, Darkness is designed to eat the mung, or the dissonance, out of the ethers. Just as a shark swims through waters to clear the oceans of dead matter, Darkness swims through the ethers and cleans out the chaotic pollution that humans energetically emit into the ethers on a regular basis.

No energy can be destroyed. It must be transferred. The job of Darkness is to swallow and absorb chaos so that it may be transferred into a different dimension and recycled into something useful there.

The imbalance here is caused by humans, not Darkness. In our over-consumption, our self-absorption, our me-me-me mentality, humans just can’t stop bleeding fear into the ethers. Darkness, or demonic activity, tends to hang out where the energetic bleed is, just like sharks who continue to remain in an area where a fish is bleeding out into the water. Considering most living beings hang out close to their favorite food source — you can do the math.

Darkness isn’t going after people. It’s after our bi-product.

Donald Trump isn’t going after human rights. He’s after the squeeze of rage in the ethers, directed at him. He’s not going after immigrants. He’s after the squeeze of anger that expels into the world, directed at him.

He eats, he eats – he starves and he eats.

I’m not saying that Donald Trump is evil, or in any way that he is the embodiment of “the devil”. I’m pointing out that the same system through which he feeds that slow leak in his heart chakra is also the same system that then causes spiritual “blood” to flow into the ethers as he pokes his crowds until rage flies — and the dark sharks come to eat the rage.

It’s a spiritual food chain issue.

Unfortunately for those crowds, Darkness tends to tag along with anyone who will feed it, like a mangy stray cat. So I have a tremendous amount of empathy for folks raging at those rallies, then leaving to potentially take home with them a dark passenger who expects to be fed the next day.

Donald Trump isn’t “evil”. He is desperate. His supporters who rage angrily aren’t “evil”. They’re afraid. Desperation and fear feed Darkness, whether they come from a Trump supporter or a Bernie supporter.

Humans are the only species I’ve encountered that labors beneath the hypocritical facade of moral high ground.

Until we can accept that every single one of us is a mirror for one another, perhaps showing us a rather unflattering view of our backside that we can’t see unless we turn just right — then we will continue to fall into the mind-numbing trap of us-against-them.

President Trump has no idea that his heart leaks energy that could be used for so many more productive ventures. His is a taxing situation for the physical body, like a cancer that goes undiagnosed. Even if President Trump were to read this article, it likely wouldn’t resonate with him as the inner child creating his reality has been trained for survival to fill the crack, feed the leak, as a biological imperative.

Put plainly —

Hating feeds this energy beast. Anger feeds this beast. Rage feeds this beast. Fighting feeds this beast. Contention, chaos, disruption, panic, fear, desperation — feeds this beast and makes it stronger.

If you seek to move away the feeding trough for Darkness in your world, lead out with compassion for the difficulties that those you disagree with may be facing. Lead out with temperance (a level head) so that you may respond, not react. Stand up for what you wish to hold sacred, in a way that does not compromise your dignity, or the dignity of someone you disagree with.

Fighting fire with fire feeds the blaze. Entering in a different element — water, earth — suffocates the fire. Bring forward a differing element to situations that are burning out of control.

Be aware of your own emotional triggers. If any one politician or cause instantly blinds you with rage, it’s not them you are angry with, but a wound deep within yourself that is begging to be acknowledged.

Have compassion with yourself and engage in the process of healing your wounds, always. It doesn’t happen overnight. Yet what an unlikely internal tour guide these politicians and world events can be, in discovering our own inner wounds we’ve been carrying — perhaps for far too long.

And maybe that’s why they inflame us; to purposefully help us relieve ourselves from invisible thorns within. Maybe secretly, deep within the spiritual system – they’ve been on our side, all along, rooting for our healing. So perhaps it’s time we root for their healing, right back.

Our own emotional accountability and inner healing then makes interacting with contentious situations far less painful and much more productive, as we are not fearing the outside world as the bringer of our pain, yet acknowledging the lesson we are co-creating by holding our own pain within.

This removes the “victim” energy that seeks only to feed itself in an attempt to heal a wound.

We are in a quickened ascension process right now, which, in plain terms means we’re having to deal with a whole bunch of garbage at once, emotionally, sociologically, spiritually, and psychologically. Standard western society has taught us to compartmentalize every aspect of ourselves and our lives. Yet we are now face-to-face with the reality that mind, body, and spirit are indivisible.

Why must this lesson be driven so intensely? Because nature wastes nothing and prepares for everything, and the climate will be experiencing further changes coming up quickly where everyone’s participation is mandatory for survival.

It is in our best interest as a species to give away the idea of one ideology, one savior, one President, fixing everything. Together we are the body of positive change, the collective mind of evolution. There is no us-vs-them.

We ARE them.

View the larger whole of President Trump for who and what he is. And view yourself for who and what you are. We are all part of the solution to avarice and world destruction.

Thanks to lessons President Trump is bringing us, publicly submitting himself for perhaps the greatest example of spiritual, emotional and social disconnection we’ve seen in decades — we grow faster, in observance. There is great gratitude to be had for his service in this regard.

Be okay to learn, and don’t always take the lessons personally that are intended for the world. That gets rough. Invoke the Law of Love — lead your own life with grace, respect, and of course, love, the greatest element on the spiritual periodic table.

All of that, met with a little good ol’ fashioned elbow grease, integrity, humility and hard work —

— and the rest falls into place, healing the world.

Because nothing is wasted.


About danielleegnew

Named "Psychic of the Year" by UFO's and Supernatural Magazine, Danielle Egnew is an internationally-known Psychic, Medium and Angelic Channel whose work has been featured on national TV (NBC, ABC, TNT, USA) as well as in the Washington Post and Huffington Post. She has provided content consultant services for the CW's hit series "Supernatural" and the blockbuster film "Man of Steel". Danielle is also an author, teacher, and TV / radio host in the field of metaphysics. She anchors her private practice in the Big Sky Country of Montana, residing with her wife and their daughter.
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36 Responses to Insider Look: A Psychic Profile on President Donald J. Trump

  1. Nathan Fleischman says:

    Jeff Sessions is facing a scandal now.

  2. Barbara says:

    Brilliantly written Danielle. I shared it on my Facebook page

  3. Tamara Klein says:

    Love this article’s depth & insights. I’m hopeful you will comment on Steve Bannon & crew also. Bannon seems to be the power behind Trump’s ineptness, a modern-day Richelieu hell-bent on destruction. How do you see him fitting into this narrative? Thank you so much for your work.

    • Lily says:

      You didn’t say what you specifically want to know about Bannon, but Danielle did write about him in her last post. It’s title was something like “Our Role in This Ascention is Bigger Than You Think” so if you haven’t read that one it’s still on her blog.

  4. Reblogged this on Black Swan Sybil and commented:
    This is an excellent article… I couldn’t agree more

  5. Lily says:

    Danielle, I hope your angels or you can help us understand how to let go for good rather than off and on. After reading your soothing words I felt fine until #45 just blocked some of the press and continues to call the press our enemy. Most of us know that getting rid of the press is the first step towards dictatorship. This kind of thing continues to trigger me despite my understand of your message. How can we free ourselves of this burden in a lasting way?

    • Rick says:

      Lily, Trump never said that “the press” was the people’s enemy. He said that “fake news” is the enemy of the people. But that “fake news”, otherwise known as the mainstream media, never to step out of character, when they reported what Trump said they left out the word “fake”. This is EXACTLY why they are “fake news”. They lie, slander, libel, deceive. They have an agenda. They work for the cabal.

      GAF, nice. 🙂

      • Rick says:

        And Lily, this is why it’s so important to make your own judgment about someone and not let someone else, like the msm, make that call for you. If you would have heard the words out of Trump’s own mouth then you’d know, but I’d venture to say that you don’t listen to him to judge and discern for yourself but you judge others on what some third party has to say.

  6. An excellent article. I too, as a professional Exorcist was very concerned during the campaign while watching Donald Trump stir up the crowd using hateful rhetoric, and when the crowd responded he would stand there with a smile on his face soaking it up. The last time I saw this was video tapes of Adolf Hitler speaking in front of his devoted followers. This would not be of such great concern had he not been elected president of the United States and has some great power to make our lives miserable, such as changing laws which are very tangible and not psychic in the least. So there’s a real danger here.

  7. a whole lot of passive folks is exactly what will allow this man to be successful at his hate-filled & discriminatory agenda. Let our voices be heard, stamp our feet in protest like the Israelites in bringing down the walls of Jericho… understanding he’s a child of the Universe like you or I is a given but as long as I’m alive I will do everything in my power to have him.. be gone from creating the fear-filled, hate-filled greed-filled agenda around the world… this is our modern-day Armageddon & we must figure out the part each of us has to play in shining light on this darkness threatening to overcome us… some of us are at the front lines (figuratively speaking) while others are praying in the secret chambers… whatever it is, figure out where we stand.

  8. peakae says:

    Demonic? Trump wasn’t evil incarnate until he ran for president against Hillary Clinton. He’s been in the public eye since, what, the ‘80s. 30 plus years. I’d find this characterization of any man somewhat entertaining if it weren’t such a sad reflection.

    I don’t understand the hysteria and destruction. I absolutely and truly hated the policies of the previous administration but no one I knew called people names or destroyed property or didn’t allow anyone to state their opinions. A lot of people didn’t do that.

    I’d say most of the people who voted for Trump to be president weren’t enraged. They were tired. They were tired of being called names by Clinton and her circle and her followers and the media and looked upon as uneducated , stupid, know-nothings. They were tired of being bullied. Yes, bullied for daring to have a different viewpoint. They were tired of the Obama administration using their governmental powers to do harm to “the other side.” There are consequences to actions. The left didn’t listen or care.

    So why Trump? He wasn’t my candidate. But he became that because of opposition tactics and internal warfare waged upon the other thirteen candidates of the party. He was the last one standing. And because the primary system is flawed – by the time the primary votes happen in my state (MT), the candidate is already decided by other states. There is only one person by then on the ballot in my primaries. What needs to happen, IMO, is a one-time national primary and the top two candicates of the field are who move on.

    Trump became president because electing the job position isn’t a popularity vote. It is a coalition of states. The states were to have the supreme power in this country according to the founders. It is structured so that the states who are largest in land or biggest in population can’t rule the others just because they’re big each and every vote. The candidate has to be chosen by more than one type of citizen in order to win. It’s a very smart system.

    So ultimately, is Trump evil, mentally ill, demonically possessed…. ? No. He’s just a man. Is he symbolic of the changes happening in our conscious? Maybe. Is change bad? Good? No, it’s just change. Is it worth creating so much negativity in your own life day after day after day in the form of anger or fear or destroying relationships or hating people you don’t even know? No.

    How do we do it? Let go of it. We teach children not to descriminate based on the color of their skin or their gender or their choice of partner, etc. Don’t descriminate based on “side” because then you’re adding to negative you think you see. See with love in your eyes and your mind at everything and everybody also no matter the “side.” Be the change because there is no one else but you.

  9. Karen says:

    I seem to wax and wane between stark terror and anger. The anger feels better than the fear and hopelessness (I’m in the liberal camp). I have enough sense to know that both are killing me, right now psychically, and heading towards physical, and love would be much healthier. Knowing and doing are two different animals. I had a melt-down this morning, awake since 4:00 AM. I’ve known about what I call energy vampires for years for lack of another term. I seem to be more susceptible to them than others. Not good. Thanks for this article because his behavior makes more sense. Yes, I have that terrible need to make sense of things. I’ve had one read-through and will be reading it often.

    • Lily says:

      I’m in the liberal camp too. Initially I vasilated between anger and depression. There is some lingering fear now because I believe this is how Hitler began and no sane person wants to lose the democracy we have. I hope we can both free ourselves over time. Danielle’s posts help me along with all the peaceful protests.

  10. Shema Satya says:

    Fantastic article!

  11. Lynn Deen says:

    Thank you, Danielle! I’ve known there is something seriously wrong with his mental being, was thinking he has a mental sickness/unbalance – and your insight is right on! I will never understand
    how much this nation, and we, feed on violence, oppression and hate. This nation being built on genocide and slavery for centuries, and still now, would create this accumulation, do you think?
    Maybe Karmic?
    I so look forward to your blogs – you are a guiding Light!
    Thank you !

  12. Kitty says:

    In addition to his leaking heart chakra, his astrological placement also makes him a conduit of this dark energy. With a Sun aspecting Pluto in Leo (as per his Leo Rising), expressed negatively, he is like a psychic refuse bin, who easily absorbs all the negativity around him; including unexpressed grief, fears and anger usually concealed behind happy faces. He takes all these and reflects them back to the people in typical Leo Showmanship. But behind closed doors, he is suspicious, paranoid, subversive, sabotaging and/or self-sabotaging with lots of (possibly sexual) secrets and secret enemies. He is tormented by his own demons and this is what we must observe anytime he hijacks our consciousness so we can distance the tormented showman from our reality.

  13. Gretchen Paul says:

    I like her point (s) of view on Trump.


    On Thu, Feb 23, 2017 at 1:30 PM, From Psychic / Medium Danielle Egnew wrote:

    > danielleegnew posted: ” When even the Washington Post is commenting on the > white elephant elephant in the room with an article entitled Demonic > activity was palpable’ at Trump’s rally, pastor says, you know that people > are ready to actually hear what’s going on inside our most” >

  14. Roberta Weadley says:

    Thank you Danielle, I am relatively new to this level of spirituality, so have a question. Do people with energy patterns such as this president, attract users to them who are more “evil” in intent, simply to USE the energy that the Narcicist draws to him? I am curious why his broken heart chakra would attract such characters as Bannon and Conway and the more naive Priebus (at least outwardly he appears naive). He seems to be acting a bit like a puppet who’s steins ate pulled by the likes of Bannon. I choose not hate since that is negative energy and does no good. But I am concerned with his actions on things he has not dealt with during his business dealings. Thank you for your insights!

  15. deWriterMD says:

    A friend posted this on a closed FB group (spiritually-based) and I really resonated with it. Before the election, I pulled Tarot cards on the candidates. I pulled The Devil for Trump, The Moon for HRC. I had a nagging feeling…even the night before the election that Trump would win, due most to his emotional appeals to his base. While the Moon is all about the feminine, its light is reflected from the sun and hides her dark side from us. The day after the election I drew cards…in the future position, you might find very interesting as it is mentioned in your article too, Temperance.

  16. Chery says:

    Nice great read….so much sadness. Thanks again much love

  17. Linda Vice says:

    I think this is a compassionate way to view the Trump persona/ situation. Hope we can learn from the times and move on to a better place!

  18. Helen Joy Gardener says:

    Thank you Danielle always right on ❤

  19. Lily says:

    Danielle, I love reading your blog and wondered if you are a Reverend in a Billings MT church. If so, I would enjoy attending.

  20. Paulette Goodno says:

    Oh dear god, Danielle! This is soon on the mark I can’t even! I’m new to your posts and these posts are giving me the view from outside that I so needed. I forward these to my husband and 2 daughters as they are also on a track to understand this phenom. Thanks!


  21. peakae says:

    What happens outside is a reflection of the inside. Do you really understand what that means? It does not matter who is the person of the “inside” reflection – a supporter of Left or Right ideologies – the reflection is YOU — yours alone. It isn’t your neighbor doing this, it isn’t your family doing this, it isn’t your co-workers doing this, it isn’t somebody on TV doing this — If you see rage and fear and conflict, that is a reflection of what you have inside yourself at this exact moment. Let go and you will see them disappear outside yourself. It is only “you”, not any others of any kind who need to do this act of love.

    Separation, rage, fear, anger, hatred … these are all nothing. They are imaginations of your Ego trying to perpetuate the lie that you are not of God or that you of course are a child of God because you’re “spiritual” but he/she certainly isn’t because they don’t see things the same way you do. You are believing the shadow movie that the Ego created to keep us from love is real.
    “But he believes… .but they want ….” It doesn’t matter the details. You might as well say “but he believes PURPLE is better ….” Or “he thinks CHARTREUSE should be first ….” an argument over colors and the political debates are the same thing in the eyes of Universe/God/Spirit.

    Until you accept he or she or they believe purple and chartreuse…. or left or right … or us and them are equally as loving and loved because they are children of God, you will perpetuate by yourself the hate and anger and fear and separation of the outside world.

    Look you to your own spirit for that is never ending. Send love and light to that which or whom you hate and feel fear. Then there will less rage and fear.

    • Marilyn Wise says:

      This is such nonsense in my opinion. . Do you think Hitler and the genocide he inflicted was the result of the people of those times? This is spiritual bypass and keeps people passive at the exact times they should be involved. I have tremendous love in my life and am a very loving person, But I can also discern danger, and dishonesty which is also a necessary attribute for survival.

    • GAF says:

      Like… if you stepped up to a mirror and saw you had something on your face and you went to wipe it off… in your reflection.

  22. Hannah says:

    This type of behavior or mindset is not new. There are many African-Americans (still alive) who actually witnessed black people being lynched and tortured by those with an unknown kind of joy. A perverted celebration. That kind of pain has been internalized over many generations and they hang on with there by any means necessary(religion, various forms of psychopathy etc.) No this is not new.

  23. Kelly says:

    And the darkness and rage showing from the Left? If I was to rank rage and darkness, I would give far higher marks to the sheer nastiness emanating from that end. There are those who would say Obama and others gave them chills. Me among them.

    • danielleegnew says:

      Ah Kelly, I agree that rage is rage, for sure — not to be redundant with what I stated in the blog, yet I think we all have a responsibility to “not go there” if we want to keep our bubbles in the middle. I watched a lot of rage run through the Dem camps as well. People fume about what they fume about — sadly, no matter what the reason for rage – it always nets the same results.

      • Robert says:

        Many of us on the Left find Trump’s behavior so despicable that he no longer deserves any respect. Thus, we are free to humiliate him. Thus, we become more and more like Trump. We will not have peace until we make peace with the “Trump” within.

  24. peakae says:

    Danielle, before I say anything: you’re speaking of rage of Trump supporters … what’s your definition of “rage” in this context? Just need some clarification. 🙂

    • danielleegnew says:

      Heya peakae! Ah, yes – I was mentioning in the blog that not all Trump supporters (OBVIOUSLY lol) have this “rage” — more so making reference to the Washingon post article the pastor put forward, and his experiences with the energy at the Trump rally, which mirrored countless other experiences many had had with certain Trump supporters. Truly, the blog is about the energy dynamics between rage / darkness and substitution / satiation — which was why I wanted to make sure to point out that even folks on the left can walk that SAME rage route (nastiness is absolutely bi-partisan 😉 — and experience the same results ;)! More love, less rage, less attracting pests designed to eat that nasty stuff — unless of course that’s someone’s lesson, but holy moly, the blog would be 100 pages long, lol!! LOVED your response up top!

  25. myeasystreet says:

    Wow! Such an in-depth assessment of the chaos we are witnessing. Your insights are spot on and I so appreciate your time, efforts and energy to bring this to us at this time. Many blessings!

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