Messages from the Earth Contain Secrets to Ascension

TextMaster_08-30-09.29.19When we quiet our minds and shut off the obsessive chatter in our heads, on TV, and on our handheld devices — we give nature room to speak. And nature has a great deal to say.

I know.

After a move to Gallatin Gateway, Montana, I wake up every day and pull incredible energy from the Rocky Mountains. Right over the pass is West Yellowstone, one of the grand entrances into one of the world’s most stunning national parks; the park that contains 40% of the earth’s geothermal activity —


I literally live with my feet and my spiritual antennae pressed against the pulse of the earth. I’m able to translate messages from the universe clearly in part due to the fact that I’m surrounded by fabulous, precious, clear nature.

Why is this important?

Because there is so much going on in the world that sometimes we just forget to actually see the world for what it is.

We have to remember that we can make the world anything we want to make it — paradise, a living hell, the tragic experience, a complete joy.

Our world is leaning in a scaffold created on love. Love for each other, love for the planet, love for what we are able to create. Sometimes with that love comes the fear of rejection, fear of failing, the fear of never having what we want. Or, what we feel that we are designed for. That’s the worst, I think — feeling that we’ll never be granted an opportunity to place the fruits of our fullest design into the world.

That’s pretty much what everybody fears, right?

That’s why everybody wants to win the lottery, to be able to not worry about money but do what they love.

The message that’s coming out of the mountains today is that you are here to do what your soul loves to do. That’s why you love to do it – whether it’s bake, make people happy, create incredible computer platforms – we are human beings and we are a hybrid species — we are worker bees for incredible outcome.

We are literally the manufacturing mill for miracles.

We are the hands of miracles; we are the deliverer of miracles on this third dimension that the Mother/Father Source/God within all of us is thrilled to co-create.

The mountains tell me today to be still, to draw that which is your greatest joy to you. Not your desire, for desires shall change with our moods — yet draw what your joy is, to you.

Be still and think about your heart — what makes you happy? Does visiting with your family make you happy? Does singing in front of people make you happy — and would you’d love to have more of those opportunities? Does working on a team of people crafting an incredible workflow for a workplace make you happy? Think about what gives you joy, and feel it, right in your heart — right now.

Take a second and close your eyes and simply FEEL doing what you love to do feels like. Allow yourself to experience that sensation. Give room for yourself to experience that joy.

Now, did you know that your mind does not know the difference between what is really happening in the third dimension, and what we imagine is happening? The mind interprets every single thing you experience as real. Even worry, even paranoia, even doubt. It is all a “third dimensional experience” to the mind. So we must truly have an awareness of where our mind wanders.

Because that is the reality we are experiencing in that moment.

The spiritual field, the quantum field, the “experience order form” for all the experiences that we’d like to bring to us – is on this vibrational level, this “mental projection” level.

Heaven or hell resides in the mind.

It’s sort of wild, really, when you think about it.

Life delivers us whatever we wish to experience, or whatever we focus on. And then it becomes a “what came first, the chicken or the egg, the misery, or the thing that causes the misery?” experience.

In the end, does it really matter what cane first?

Because the quantum field, the spiritual field, the “experiential order form” is just responding to our energetic request. No pressure, there, consciousness! Ha ha 🙂

The mountains are telling me today that we’ve forgotten that everything we need is under our feet, at the tip of our finger tips. The mountains are reminding me that when my mind decides to cloud my thinking with “should’ve-could’ve-would’ve” thought —

The reality of all provision is still waiting for us, right here. The quantum field, the Mother/Father God, the energetic co-creative consciousness surrounding us – is waiting to bring us that which we focus upon. Where do we place our focus?

So find your joy today. Sit with it, vibrate into our incredible quantum field with it, create your own amazing vibration with it. Because it’s not just your own vibration. It’s the “experience order form“ that the universe is waiting for you to fill out, and it comes through thought and emotion.

Joy is contagious. Achievement is contagious. Forward momentum is contagious. And YOU are the greatest engine for creative, amazing, positive change that exists.

The world is not changing. The human race is changing to see the world for what it truly is — beautiful. Our shift in perception is the gateway to paradise. Yet we’re still unsure whether we’re worthy enough to pass through.

Overcoming our illusion of unworthiness is one of our greatest accomplishments in this time frame.

Welcome to the New World.

About danielleegnew

Named "Psychic of the Year" by UFO's and Supernatural Magazine, Danielle Egnew is an internationally-known Psychic, Medium and Angelic Channel whose work has been featured on national TV (NBC, ABC, TNT, USA) as well as in the Washington Post and Huffington Post. She has provided content consultant services for the CW's hit series "Supernatural" and the blockbuster film "Man of Steel". Danielle is also an author, teacher, and TV / radio host in the field of metaphysics. She anchors her private practice in the Big Sky Country of Montana, residing with her wife and their daughter.
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4 Responses to Messages from the Earth Contain Secrets to Ascension

  1. Jackie Rago says:

    Love this message, such a sweet simple reminder.

  2. elizabethsadhu says:

    Yes yes and yes……..I like to say I AM starting a joy epidemic. My title is Warrior Goddess of Joy.


    Thanks! Great post!


  3. Amy says:

    This one made me cry. You are such an incredible inspiration Danielle.

  4. roger rupe says:

    thank you danielle for sharing your energizing perpspectives

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