Terrific Podcast about Angels, and Even a Great Song


This is a FABULOUS show, and I was graced to be a guest!

See You On The Other Side Podcast is all about paranormal phenomenon, and hosted by a paranormal-hunting musician, Mike Huberty , who, with his fantastic band mates including Wendy Lynn Staats, write and record an original song after the interview, BASED on the interview we did!

Now, for those who don’t realize how much work all that writing-recording-mixing is, on *top* of producing a great-sounding podcast — it’s A LOT of work!! In fact, as a musician, that very time-consuming fact keeps me from chewing into producing more recorded material. I’m very grateful to Mike Huberty not only for a REALLY fun interview, yet for the talent and time that he and his band mates put into the song.

Music is such a channeling exercise, and all of we musicians are channels. The song Mike and Wendy wrote actually choked me up :). Mike cited a piece of our conversation that caught him during the interview. This piece inspired the song:

“I think that the most interesting thing that Danielle said to me is that human spirits are basically good, it’s the machinery of the body that’s broken. So there isn’t any Hell really. We have a second chance the next time around, even if we’re evil, even if we’re mentally ill. Even if there’s some kind of imbalance, we are capable of being forgiven.

That reminds me of the legend of Tannhäuser, someone who the Pope said his staff had a better chance of growing new leaves than of God forgiving him. Well, what happens is that the staff ends up blooming, but it’s too late. No one is beyond redemption, no one is unworthy of forgiveness if they are penitent.

What does it mean if there is no Hell? What does it mean if the Universe doesn’t care about justice? What does that say about Free Will? Anyway, just some questions to ponder as you listen to our latest Sunspot track, “Bury It With Me”.

Words and music by Sunspot

A polluted genealogy
colonized my head
And if vengeance isn’t mine
then anger has no end

a faulty biology
for this blood shed
and if karma is a lie
then you never can forget

Redemption is tears in the rain
sometime before sacred and after profane
So when the sleeper wakes up from the dream
a thousand years have disappeared in the land of the Faerie Queene

as the sinner begs his penance
these wet androids come to me
when there’s no one left to blame
then we’re just broken machines

Oh, bury it with me


— Check out the music track HERE –>>


Check out my interview on the podcast, with a great blog summary of the interview here, and take a listen to these talented musicians!


Thank you Mike and Wendy for such a fantastic experience, and I love your tunes :)!

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