Are Angels Real? Well, If You Must Know…

A good deal of my spiritual work is working with people’s angels in order to bring clarification to that person’s life – call them what you will – guardians, “guides”, but any way you slice it, they are, indeed, angels. I’m not certain why our culture has such a hard time with the concept of angels being real, when we can so readily accept the idea of demons. That saddens me beyond measure, especially considering that demons and angels are both derivative of the same spiritual genus. That’s like saying that wolves are real, but Labradors are not. It makes no sense.

 Angels are not former people who have died, donned a white robe, and turned into “angels” – they are their own “spiritual species”, just like human beings are their own spiritual species.

I’m very fortunate, and I feel quite blessed, in that I have the opportunity to be on the receiving end of dialogue with these formidable angelic folks, for as long as I can remember. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to consult on the concept of angels for more than one television show. I will tell you that angels are not who we have painted them out to be: Fluffy, do-gooder feathered friends with a Roma Downey accent and a halo that could double as a Folf disc.  Angels are God’s “Black Ops”, God’s “Special Forces”, who, amongst other things, multi-task down here on planet earth, and we are often part of their “multi-tasking duty roster”. Think of an angel like a Marine who is looking after a village of civilians that is trapped in a war zone. The Marine will of course strive to assist the civilians in keeping out of danger, yet the Marine’s primary orders are to fight the war.

As such, angels have a very “different” sensibility than do human beings, as their priorities are, well – just flat out different than ours. I visit with angelic entities quite regularly, and they are rock solid in their counsel, and their delivery. In fact, there’s nothing quite as blunt, and sometimes too on point, or dry and rambling and over-detailed, as a conversation with an angel. Perhaps reading a law text might be a close second. Angels are completely literal. They notice everything. They are quality control on steroids. Human beings would initially meet an angel and mistake it for someone with high-functioning autism that worked themselves into a nattering case of OCD. Angels don’t subscribe to allegory unless to provide images to us so that we may understand something, but again, that is for our benefit, not theirs. In their world, there is no grey area. It either is, or it isn’t, much like binary code – on or off — and they don’t have a great deal of understanding for our “waffling” down here, because their reality is so much different than ours. Light and Dark cannot be in the same place at the same time, period, as the Light will obliterate the Dark – unless the light and dark are mixed together in a little paint pot called humanity.

We are the grey area.

However, theirs is not to cast judgment. Their confusion in dealing with us sometimes comes from the fact that, again, they are multi-tasking, and we are but a civilian they are trying to help remain safe during a war. Yet unlike the Marine, they are not allowed to “dive in and save the day”, unless we are willing to accept the help. It’s a three dimensional world down here, heavy on the laws of free will and the subsequent cause and effect, and we must ask for the help we wish to receive. Angels can never arbitrarily intercede where it would usurp our own lessons. So you can imagine their frustrations with us, though they are never “frustrated”. That’s a human response. It’s more like they know what to expect from we knuckle-draggers down here – and they make time for our indecision. When they can not be of help, or the information they have to offer would not edify the person receiving it, or assist them onto a more productive path, they simply don’t speak. It would benefit humanity to take a cue on THAT behavior. 

They are brilliant creatures that appear to be all light – white light, blue light, sometimes gold if it’s a real heavy hitter. I’ve had only one opportunity to see an arch angel, that I’m aware of, and it was Michael. Before you think I’m that “woo woo” lady who makes this stuff up, hear me out. It was during a healing, on me, that was being performed by a friend and colleague, that I saw Michael. I saw this incredibly tall angel, nearly eighteen feet, standing with its hands on my head, and he was as gold as can be. In fact, he had on almost what appeared to be a “metallic angel suit” that he was embossed in, and it looked a little odd, even almost on the “toy soldier” spectrum, with the metallic page boy haircut and the Roman statue blank eyes. This gold suit covered him entirely, making him appear to be, for lack of a better description —  a gigantic metallic Christmas ornament.  I stared at this big gold “Christmas angel”, who wasn’t looking down at me but was incredibly focused on the task at hand, and I recall feeling very “small” next to this being, and felt like I really shouldn’t be staring at him. There was something to huge, so powerful, so…well, potentially scary about this entity, that it was best for me to just close my eyes and allow this incredible energy to flow through me. I didn’t mention it to my healer friend, because even I thought it was a little bizarre. After the healing, said to me: “Did you see that gold angel? That was Michael, at your crown chakra.”

 I was stunned my friend had also seen the gold angel. I said, “The Christmas angel was Michael?”

 And she replied that she wasn’t sure what I meant by “Christmas”, but that she saw a huge gold entity that identified himself through his energy, and continued his work. For the record, Michael wasn’t a chatter. He was a doer.

It made sense, suddenly. Michael wouldn’t need to “wear a suit”. It was likely that what my consciousness was able to interpret as a “gold metallic angel suit” was twofold:  a way to keep me shielded from the outrageous energy that angels output, and a way for my consciousness to not absolutely shrivel in fear at the actual sight of an arch angel, which are described to be monstrous looking by our standards. Energetically, arch angels make unshielded nuclear reactors look like Black Cat Firecrackers. So I’m certain that what I saw as a “gold suit” was much more of some type of a dimensional cloak, or “place marker” in this incarnation, so that Michael’s sheer angelic energy wouldn’t fall into discordance with our third dimension physics, and evaporate the west valley, and this “gold suit” also served to give Michael the appearance of something that I would find non-intimidating to look at. Since he knew that I would be able to see him, Michael would have done what all angels do — borrowed from my consciousness an image that I would find utterly disarming – a Christmas ornament. He looked like an eighteen foot tall Macy’s special. He did a great job with it.

The white light angels seem to remain on the “other side” of the ethers, and “talk” from there. When I am reading for clients, a majority of my messages come from white light angels. The blue light angels appear to be a little more “front   line”, like Navy Seals or Army Rangers, to use the military analogy again, and they come back and forth from this plane to the next. They may take on a body for a short amount of time, to accomplish part of their overall mission, or help someone in a jam who is asking for help. You have to keep in mind that there are rules for engagement down here on earth, and one is that anyone who is walking and talking must have a body.

Even Jesus was issued a standard-issue flesh suit.  Rules are rules in this three dimensional incarnation.

The “blue light” has something to do less with “the color blue”, but more with the fact that the angel is resonating at a slightly less rapid oscillation rate. Because “matter” is more dense the slower it oscillates, these angels are “part-time earth walkers”. They need to be able to seat themselves into a flesh suit, even if it is only being manifested for a few minutes, hours, days, etc., and from what I can tell, the slower light oscillation makes this “marriage to particle density” (jumping into / manifesting a body) much easier for them.  The white light angels are resonating at a REALLY high vibration, as they are seating in a VERY high vibration environment on the other side. (The dimension of Heaven is not exactly a downer.) That high vibration would blast a body apart, on a cellular level. You never want to look that white light right in the face unless they have taken precautions to “shield” a person from their high frequency – otherwise, that ends very badly for the knuckle-dragger. (That would be “we humans”).  Think of an ant under a magnifying glass at high noon coupled with the same principle as an ultrasonic toothbrush, exciting the particles between the teeth so much that the “dirt” flies apart and flies right out of the crevices. There’s a lot of physics involved in communicating well with these entities. Mostly, staying the heck out of the way.

I don’t want to be that “one lady” who poo-poo’s the idea of the beautiful Favio angelic stereotype – but, well… that is our version of these entities, not theirs. They can appear to us in this Ethereal Eros format because we find it pleasing. We’d run screaming if we saw what they really looked like, and a screaming, flailing human tends to be counterproductive, when attempting to deliver a message.  Angels are rather frightening looking in their native format. They don’t look like people, though they look humanoid…ish. They are huge – 14-16 feet tall, and tend to either not have a face at all, or just eyes, which is oddly unnerving, or several faces on one head, and that’s just incredibly unnerving, especially if six sets of eyes are all looking at you at one time. Mostly, I don’t look them in the face – it’s not necessary for the way they communicate – and the white light angels don’t actually wish to be engaged on a hyper-personal level. They are messengers, not crowd-seeking gurus, and though they have names, unless it is a dramatic reason where the name would be of enormous significance to the person they are assigned to help, they don’t wish people to develop personal relationships with them. It’s an “angel no-no” to participate with a human to the point of the human either deifying them, or praying to them, or fixating on them so much that the human forgets that God is really the one who holds the trump card.

The blue light angels tend to be more social, but again, that is an implied learned response they fall back on when dealing with humans, much like an American soldier who has spent time in an eastern culture, like Japan, will be much more familiar with the customs, language, and culture, than one who has not. Still, the blue light angels are a “tick off of” what we would understand as “normal”, especially sociologically. They try, but they are not us, and nearly everything about us requires learning for them. We’d consider them a bit “off” or “socially odd” or “eccentric”, even though they’ve developed much more casual communication skills, comparatively, when stood against a white light angel. That’s not saying much. In a diner conversation, they’d still register on the “weird” scale to most people.

The one “like thread” that humanity shares with angelic life is loyalty through love. Angels have an enormous capacity to be in love with “All Things God”, and humanity is pretty close to God’s heart. Ergo, angels have the capacity to love – or more accurately, value — humans a great deal. They’re just a bit odd about it. The Bible and other religious texts are full of angels who have been taken with humans, and often, that ends badly. Angels have a terrible time understanding why humans struggle with the concept of unabashed love and loyalty, since both are the only operating system for that particular species. When angels and humans WOULD manage to work through their cultural differences and reproduce, it also ended badly — The Nephilim were cited in several religious texts as half-man half-angelic highbrids. They were said to be giants with foul dispositions, super-human powers, and horrible cruelty problems. I actually see how this could be the case – mixing the human capacity to bully someone less imposing than 14 feet with the pragmatic cut-and-dryness and supernatural abilities of an angel, and you can end up with quite the polarizing tyrant. (Can we all say “Greek Gods”?) I’ve sensed “angelic DNA” in people, though it’s much more of a spiritual stamp than a physical one. I’ve run across the “blue angels” in a “person suit” walking about on earth, here to accomplish a temporary goal, and be gone. Much like our OffWorld friends, angels are also a regular visitor to our home planet. Its part of the cycle of spiritual life here. 

For my extensive work with angels, I have had the distinct honor (I say with an enormous amount of sarcasm) to be cited in several books penned by Evangelicals who are quite certain that I’m 1) part of the Devil’s army, 2) Duped by the “Evil Angels” who are pretending to be good (because that’s an easy mistake to make…??) , or  3) just some mentally ill quack.  Again, the world is filled with demonologists who claim to confront demons everyday, yet you mention once that you interact with angels, and you’re a whack job. What a glorious double standard we’ve created down here on earth. To believe in demons makes a person a fearless warior. To believe in angels makes a person a delusional unicorn-chaser. I’ve got to give Darkness a few marketing points on that one.

Angels are infinitely fascinated by our reality and surroundings, and infinitely stumped by our inability to make choices. They are stumped by our curiosity with Darkness, as to them, Darkness is an infestation with which they are at war, that requires extermination. Angels don’t have what we would consider “emotional reactions” (unless dealing with Darkness, but I highly suspect there may be some long-time bad blood there that we may only begin to observe a tiny portion of). Angels repsond like a light switch: It’s on, or it’s off. It’s for your highest path, or it’s not. It’s dark, or it’s light. That is the nature of their universe, a sea of constants.  Angels are not concerned with questions like, “If I have sex with Bob, and he’s married, will I go to hell?” They don’t do morality, as morality is our self-awareness path, and that is between us, the lessons we wish to learn, and how we wish to experience God. They would typically answer a morality question with a question, because their job is to re-direct us on our highest path: “Why would you give yourself to someone who has chosen another?” Again, they have a hard time understanding why we do things, but they don’t judge us for it. “To Judge” would require an emotionality that they would find useless. I once had a client that was saddened because of all the “bad” things she thought she had done. She asked me, “Do my angels think I am a terrible person?” And they all responded to her (they can speak as a unit sometimes):  “You think you are a terrible person.” Again – they share a great love for all things that resonate with God, and we are part of that family. It is not in the angelic programming to judge God.

You are surrounded by angels, typically two to five, and they are matched to YOU. Angels, though black-and-white, do have distinctive personalities, and I can tell a lot about a person I’ve never met by chatting with their angels first. If an angel is particularly detail oriented, I know that my client will be, also. So when you are wondering if you have a guardian angel, the answer is yes. If you’re wondering why that guardian angel hasn’t “kept you more safe” in your life, it’s because they are not allowed to make our choices for us, or make choices for others. Occasionally, if the randomness in the universe creates a deal-breaker that is just way out of left field, an angel will step in and keep the path clear. For instance, if a piano is going to fall on the little girl who is going to cure cancer when she grows up, the angel will step in and either push the girl to the side, or push the piano to the side, and disaster averted.

We call these instances Miracles.

YOU are a miracle. Look for the miracles in your life. There are many, everyday, that we dismiss away with “common sense”, yet we are more than ready to claim that there’s a “demon is in the attic” just because a loose vent pipe is ticking against the ceiling. Watch for pennies – they are angelic prompts that angels are around you, there for you. Angels can move pennies easily (copper is a terrific energy conductor). Pay special attention to the date on the penny, as often times it corresponds with a time in your life when something very positive was happening. Stop and think, “What hopeful message am I being given today?” For instance, I was once having a bad day with mixing music, in the studio. I found a penny in the middle of the floor of the studio, that wasn’t there moments before, with the date 1995 printed on it. 1995 was the date I started my band Pope Jane, and the band went on to be very successful. The message was, “You may be struggling with the mix, but you are capable of making music that is very successful. Remember who you are, and what you’ve accomplished.” And, I promptly went right back into mixing room, and finished the project — and it went amazingly well, thanks to my attitude readjustment.

I challenge you today to be on the look-out for the angels around you. They are here to help you, and they are everywhere. They are easier to spot walking with us everyday than our OffWorld friends. People can even be our “angel” that day, through their compassionate actions. Angels are our champions, and our gate-keepers, our miracle-bringers, and sometimes, they give us a lot of tough love by delivering to us exactly what we ask for, which can be trickier than you’d think in the long run, but they are bound by our choices. They are our spiritual family, though more like step-siblings who are much older, who are just really cool because not only do they own a Harley, but they built it – from scratch.

Today, open your eyes to the miracles around you, and accept them. We must accept the miracle we wish to receive. But that’s another blog.

About danielleegnew

Named "Psychic of the Year" by UFO's and Supernatural Magazine, Danielle Egnew is an internationally-known Psychic, Medium and Angelic Channel whose work has been featured on national TV (NBC, ABC, TNT, USA) as well as in the Washington Post and Huffington Post. She has provided content consultant services for the CW's hit series "Supernatural" and the blockbuster film "Man of Steel". Danielle is also an author, teacher, and TV / radio host in the field of metaphysics. She anchors her private practice in the Big Sky Country of Montana, residing with her wife and their daughter.
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15 Responses to Are Angels Real? Well, If You Must Know…

  1. Timmy says:

    Hahahahaha! I don’t think you’re a whack job. Took me a minute to realize I’m not a whack job. Though I go back and forth on believing though I’ve seen. The mind is a terrible place sometimes. The angels appear to me as sticks of light. Though one particular blue one comes blue. Every time. He tried to teach me to speak something and when i try to this day i can feel his energy. Really cool. Keep up what ever you’re doing! I only wish i could straighten up long enough to stay in contact with them. Addictions abound. Lol. Peace love and light to you

  2. lol I call them Guardians as well. Felt nice seeing that here too. Michael… I’ve always seen him as tall and very quiet.

    I deal with Gabriel. Very different energy and chatty as heck. Mostly I don’t share anything of my life, but G gives you a thumbs up and I trust him. You blog makes me feel guilty though… my blogging enthusiasm with phhhffffft about 3 years ago.

    Oh! Only one thing I still blog and still campaign for BLOGBLAST FOR PEACE. Look them up. It still is something worth doing, IMO.

  3. Someone sent me a link to your, “2016 Psychic Presidential Prediction”. I hadn’t heard of you before and I can see that that was my loss. Your message left me awed and enthralled. I so much appreciated your candor, clarity, and sense of humor and, as an added bonus; your video brought me a great deal of peace. Of course, I know all of these things, but I continue to be contaminated by the mass hysteria that is all around us. In any event, I went on to your website to see if I could find some additional gems—I did. The only thing I wasn’t quite sure about was how you understand demons.

    I was a ships officer in the Merchant Marine and then a Jesuit for about 11 years. When I found religion becoming a little too restrictive, I left the Order before I brought discredit to it. Following that, I got my doctorate in clinical psychology and had every intention of beginning a traditional practice. However, I took everything into account except the Universe and its indomitable sense of humor and or appropriateness. I was continually being presented with non-traditional clients and my practice took off in an unexpected fashion. Almost all of the issues I was faced with had to do with either past-life issues or spirit attachments, neither of which I had any experience with at the time and wasn’t even sure I believed in them. So I researched these issues and read everything I could get my hands on, but there is no teacher like experience. I have released countless spirits into the light since the late nineties, a good number of which were demons—some small, some large and incredibly frightening—and I have come to the belief that demons and angels are exactly the same, with the exception that demons are still suffering from a contagion brought on by being immersed in a very low vibrating environment for eons. Once that contagion is removed they revert to their angelic expression.

    It has become my understanding that “we”, the creator beings that happen to wear a human appearance at this point in time, created this planet as a place of learning. The best way we found to do this was by contrast—experiencing something as well as its opposite. Thereby, creating a system of duality. In order for the system to be maintained we had to ask for volunteers to hold both the “positive” and “negative” energies. Some very courageous angels responded to our request to hold the negative energies and over the eons began to change, as a consequence of vibrating so low for so long. Over time, they began to identify more with the task they were asked to perform and less and less with their original identity. Eventually, the light within them was buried so deep that there was no evidence of it.

    Since the Harmonic Convergence, these heroes (perhaps too strong a word) of our evolution have been being released back into the light. It is not always easy going, but in the end it is always of their own choosing. They are being repatriated because there is no longer a need for the system of duality to continue. It may not be easy to love them, but as an aspect of the light, I believe they deserve my respect.

    Again, I have found perusing your webpage an absolute delight and I will be following you more closely in the future. Thank you!

  4. Zoe says:

    Hi Danielle – I know this was written a long time ago but I recently had an experience while I slept where I had beings in blue stand over me and beam a light that was white at its core and radiated out to blue right at my heart. It wasn’t a comfortable experience – it went on for some time like all night but when I woke I felt calmer and more balanced as I have been emotionally all over the place being in love. Were they angels? I’d love to hear someone who works with them opinion on it and what they might have been doing. Thanks!

  5. Lindsay says:

    Hi Danielle,

    I found this post very interesting. I have been curious about this lately and maybe you can help me out with this… but for those of us without your abilities, is there any way for us to connect deeper with our angels to better understand/hear/see our guidance? I know that meditation is supposed to help, but will it really ever get us to the point of communicating with them in a clearer way? I hate to say that I just want this for security, but in a way, it really would make me feel (and make life seem) a little bit more “okay”.

    As an example, with your penny story (beautiful, by the way), did you actually hear/feel/see the message that you put in quotations, or was it just a symbolic thought that you sort of put together based on the coin? Can we get more clarity with our life plan and with guidance from above? Sorry for the questions, I am just so curious about learning. 🙂 Thank you!

  6. klc says:

    i think i am an agle

  7. Derek Williams says:

    Great article. My understanding of “Angels” are that they are fallen spirits whose task is to inflict as much grief and misery on it’s human host as they can until that person is either destroyed or that person banishes them in the name of Jesus . I enjoyed your blog entry (and your radio show), but how can you be sure that you have not been deceived by fallen spirits?

    • danielleegnew says:

      Hey Derek! Thanks so much for the props on the radio show, and I’m so glad that you enjoy it :)! That’s a very good question that I would love to address, as there appears to be much confusion about “fallen angels”, “angels”, “deceptive spirits”, and how to tell the difference. In fact, I am going to make this confusion the next blog topic! What you are referring to are “fallen angels”, or demons. Demons are very specific in their approach to humanity, and won’t use the name of God, or ever offer information that would benefit the life path of a person. It is simply not in their design, to be able to “pretend” to love God. They are incapable of this. There is confusion, especially in our Christian communities, surrounding “deceptive spirits”. As a former Christian pastor myself, I understand where some of this confusion comes from, and it would behoove our Christian churches to stick to the Bible a bit more in their teachings, rather than four-wheeling through the what I like to call the “interpretive fear forest” ;). Though I’m a big believer in erring on the side of caution in dealing with spiritual issues, I can tell you that there is no mistaking a Chaotic Dark entity – a demon – and an angel, especially for someone who is very sensitive, or frankly, pays attention to, energy signatures. Though demons are tricksters, they can’t completely turn into something they are not, especially when God and love are involved. A demon cannot emanate love. It cannot praise God. That’s the spin of Hollywood. Demons will praise a PERSON, or a VENTURE, in an attempt to engage a person’s low ego and ingratiate themselves (think of that one brown-noser at work ;), but they will never praise God. They can’t. Where people are “deceived” by spirits are typically when using dime store divination tools, like a Ouija board, when a “spirit” will claim to need help and be a little girl, and then turn out to be a dark entity. Again, however, people shouldn’t be noodling around with Ouija boards in the first place, especially if they lack the aptitude to “see” what they are speaking with, or to “feel” what they are speaking with. Demons have a very different resonation than angels, an extreme heaviness, and they cannot mask this resonation. It’s a physics issue. To someone who perhaps has never dealt with anything in the spiritual realm before, perhaps there may be some initial confusion for them, whether they were dealing with a light or dark entity, but if they paid attention to their “gut”, they would know. Darkness automatically sets off an “alarm” inside each and every one of us, because we are creatures of light, and they are not, and there is an oil-and-water aspect, internally. Some people are very drawn to that oil-and-water conflict, out of curiosity, in the same way that some people are drawn to that plummeting feeling on a roller coaster – lol – to each their own! The only “deceiving tool” that demons have is our ego. They try and appeal to our wants, needs, and desires, in order to manipulate us for dark outcomes. Demons have an agenda to spread hopelessness, ruin, and chaos, and to create an illusion of separation between us and our parent creator, God. Rest assured, they wouldn’t appear as angels in order to positively change lives, or inspire a blog written about the power of angelic life, the power of God, and how miracles are real. That’s pretty antithetical to their “evil cause”, lol! Anyway, I hope that answers some of your questions, and thanks for listening to the show :)!

  8. Daniel Jun Kim says:

    This is a fascinating post and worth its length. Briefly, if you’ve got a spare moment, could you possibly say a few sentences about what you see as being the main difference, according to your own experience, of what ppl in the spiritual community typically call angels or guardian angels vs. what they typically call spiritual guides? Based on my own reading, one of the biggest things seems to be that the spiritual guides were formerly incarnated humans while the angels never incarnated. I’m less clear about the specific WAYS that each type guides humans.

    • danielleegnew says:

      Hey Daniel! Thank you 🙂 — and you’re right on the mark with that — angels were never people, and “guides” were once people. Angels have a much more pragmatic and cut and dried way of assisting, and formerly human “guides”, which I deal with less in my work, but are certainly there, have a more allegorical way of assisting people. Both are valid, and very diferent. Angels deal in keeping darkness away from you, and you hitting the maximum potential for your life path. Guides deal with more emotional issues, but with the aformentioned intention. Since angels don’t really engage emotionality the way a guide will, they can sometimes help a person “net” more direct results. However, some people deal better with “guides”, rather than angels, because they are seeking a route that is more counseling based, rather than results-ordiented advice. Again, both are valid, and both offer different strengths. That’s a terrific question :)!

  9. Davida R. says:

    I believe! Thank you for sharing your insights and personal experiences with angels Danielle, it’s beautiful that your sweet soul allows for communication and engagement with angels, I am in awe of that! I have a question for you about the influence or inspiration we may draw from our personal angels. Do we get “assignments” from angels, that we have the choice to accept or pass on? Throughout the course of my life, I seem to attract on-going opportunities to get involved with others that are struggling and need help in some way, sometimes small ways and sometimes big ways. And, I have accepted those tasks because I am God motivated and believe I am supposed to do those good deeds. Is this just my imagination for my own personal “ego feel good”…or is it possible that angels do give assignments to those who are open to receiving them and responding? I asked a psychic that question once in regards to a very challenging situation I took on and her answer was that if I believed it was an assignment that was given to me…then it is! Not sure that really answered it for me…what say you? Thank you Danielle and God Bless!

    • danielleegnew says:

      Hey Davida! Good question! Well, it’s been my experience that angels do not give us any sort of assignment, as that would not fall within their job description. In fact, we are *their* assignment, and their job is to try and help keep us on the “straight and narrow”, so to speak ;). However, we may, on our own, feel compelled to help someone, and that feeling comes from within ourselves, and our hearts. We may be responding to a need that we feel should be met, or we may simply be wishing to assist that person. Those choices to offer assistance are up to us. Sometimes we find ourselves placed in a situation where we can make a difference, and that’s much more of a “Universe moving the cogs” for the highest good of all issue, rather than a specific angelic-guidance issue. We do get angelic prompts of encouragement to act on good deeds, if we are already headed in that direction. As far as an “assigment given to you “, only you can make that determination. That’s between you and the Universe :). I have a litmus for myself that I often use, if I feel guided to assist someone (with anything other than Psychic advice — it’s against the rules to offer that unless someone has asked). My litmus for myself goes as follows: If my input, or “help”, is for the highest good of all, is not offered for personal gain, and does not cause disruption, then it is fair to offer the assistance. All we can do is our intended best. Sometimes people are meant to learn their lessons at the pace they are meant to learn them. I’ve found in my own experience that it’s best to ask someone if they would like assistance. Otherwise, our “help” can become a stumbling block upon their path, if we offer it simply because we want to help, rather than whether or not they require the help. Sometimes we are meant to dive in and help, to save a drowning person. All are valid, but all require being very keyed into the needs of the situation, as well as our own. I’ve learned a long time ago — no one likes a nosey Psychic, lol! Usually, the Universe will work it all out one way or another, and discernment is the key when we are feeling guided to do something. All we can do is put our heart in the right place, and hope for the best :)!!! Thanks so much for participating!!

  10. Roxie M. Dean says:

    Your gift today of giving such great insight and clarity to an unseen world, is most welcome indeed! I believe we all take for granted the great days we have seen miracles right before our eyes without considering we are part of the awe inspired moment, after all, haven’t we all said at one time or another “that things happen for a reason”….. I truly believe our angels are that reason! Very Inspiring!!!

    • danielleegnew says:

      Thank you, Roxie, and I agree — I believe we all tend to take for granted the beauty and miracles around us as well. What a terrible human habit to have to learn to break! Thanks so much for weighing on the topic and sharing :)!

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