Why Donald Trump is the Best Thing to Ever Happen to the USA


In my line of work, I clearly see timelines and futures. I see probabilities rather than possibilities. I compare energies of past, present, and future events in order to calculate similarities, find growth, and evaluate pitfalls.

I see the blueprint beneath the trajectory of events, life paths — anything, really, that involves the melding of human consciousness. Due to this ability, I’ve been hired by Fortune 500 Executives to evaluate failing business directives, Investors to monitor the success-or-failure arc of future projects (and how to avoid the fails), and good ol’ everyday folks like you and me who would like some assistance with the complex hurdles of their own lives.

I’ve assisted Hollywood Producers in developing content that’s consistent with the reality of the paranormal and spiritual world. I’ve been part of ridding homes and people of horrible and pesky spirits, be they Demonic, Human or Elemental. I’ve even consulted with Law Enforcement on cold cases, providing pieces of the puzzle whose goal is to help bring closure to suffering families.

If it has an energy signature, I can track it. I can identify its purpose through several timelines, outcomes, and probabilities. Overall, I’m in the business of solving puzzles for the betterment of consciousness in the highest good of all.

That’s code for “I’m in the healing field”.

And that’s why I’m here to announce that Donald Trump is the best thing to come along for the United States, in a very long time. And we should not only be grateful we have him relentlessly flashing across every media outlet known to humanity, but outwardly thankful for what he is contributing, especially considering the pivotal times that we live in.

Our consciousness in this nation must make a choice if we wish to remain in play as a world super power. Because no matter what our media says — we’re about played out.

Countries won’t buy our exported food because it’s full of hormones and genetically modified garbage. Most of our manufacturing comes from China. We are no longer required to label the country of origin our meat comes from, even if that country has lesser health standards than we do.

We have derailed, put at risk, and marginalized our own populations in nearly every direction. As someone who sees energetic blueprints and connected energies, I can report that The United States of America is not United. And I doubt that fact requires exceptional Psychic abilities to evaluate.

I can also report that Donald Trump will end up uniting our great nation. He is a blessing that should have arrived years ago, yet we simply were not ready for the lesson.

And it’s doosie.

How, you may ask, will Mr. Trump accomplish uniting the USA?

Well, in order for the United States to remain united in this fragile world climate, its time we kick our secrets to the curb. Its time we find out what we really have under our hood, America — who we really are — and stop hiding who we wish we had the courage to be, in the shadows.

Until we come to grips with some serious tears in the seams of our national fabric — no switching of Presidents and Congress will heal the gridlock and the rip in consciousness of the Corporatocracy that though horrifying — now defines our country.

Enter The Donald.

Donald Trump is fearless in his commitment to his opinions, and moreover — to himself. He embodies Capitalism, sensationalism, unapologetic stereotypical male sexuality all with the swagger of a movie-star-meets-professional-wrestler.

He has chosen to present himself as a finely-sketched, perfectly sculpted caricature of American ego, idiocy and ignorance.

To those who have never witnessed self-confidence, or have had the experience of being heard, they stand in awe of his sharp-tongued hubris, logging it as unstoppable success. Perhaps that could be them up there, someday; the big man with all the big opinions that someone finally not only listens to — but obeys.

And obey the masses do. The more applause Donald gets, the braver in the moment he becomes. He is bold and has no second thought to shaming people from his microphone, puffing his chest with self-approval with seemingly uncensored convictions that ignite crowds of 20,000 people to frenzied masses — who then have no where to unload their temporary sense of power except on one another.

In come the police to moderate.

“I’m behind Donald because he speaks his mind,” says millions of followers, crunching on their chips and watching ringside as the circus continues.

Yet it’s not the fact that Donald Trump is speaking his mind in an outside-the-box way that inspires the deep dedication and screeching discipleship from coast to coast. If that were the case, every Donald Trump follower would fall at the feet of Bernie Sanders, who has spoken his mind for decades in a way that definitely has been outside the box. Or, they would be devotees of Hillary Clinton for that matter, who has spoken her mind sharply enough to draw decades of calculated wrath from the pharmaceutical companies, the oil industry, and the gun lobbies.

The fact remains that Donald Trump receives the unfaltering dedication and hero worship from his followers not because he speaks his mind — but the that fact that Donald Trump is indeed, speaking their mind.

Trump gives a name, a face, a resume and a strangely-fitting suit to the ugly stepchild of American Consciousness: Bigotry, fear of change — and the hatred that is born from resentfully stewing these ingredients in repressed silence.

Finally, the Movement of Secret Seething Resentment has a leader.

Those who have shrank their less-than-shiny opinions under the weight of their own conscience, and moreover, under the weight of fear of rejection from loved ones or society — now feel free to pump their sweating fists in the air and declare liberation.


And they do so unapologetically, as many who have truly felt oppressed do. It’s fascinating what we, in the United States, view as oppression, when in other parts of the world, populations are executed for a difference in their opinion.

The United States is growing up. And some are uncomfortable losing their teenage-status in lieu of the responsibilities of global adulthood.

While others have been utterly gob-smacked by the rise of a character like Trump, Donald Trump’s success is no secret to those of us who track energy signatures for a living.

It is not Trump that is the draw himself, but what he transparently stands for. In that, he is the most accomplished politician of all — an irony, coming from a candidate who claims not to be a politician.

Trump inspires a certain population of Americans who do not relate with the fast-paced changed taking place in the country. In fact, it’s not the country, but the world that has changed, and the United States of America is finally slipping into the 21st century.

From an energetic perspective, Donald Trump speaks the language of those who feel silenced in their fear, voices their opinions as if sitting around the dinner table, and inspires them to feel alive again. Trump knows how to create a feeding frenzy that launches endorphins in the brain and raises the heartbeats of millions of Americans. He has an intrinsic knowledge of how to pump the blood back into the extremities of our dulled or frightened populations who have been sleep walking under the guise of feeling invisible, marginalized — voiceless in their terror and discontent.

Much like an old-school preacher, Donald Trump eats the blind faith of his followers to fuel the bully culture of fear, providing the illusion of the escape from that fear while an onlooker becomes part of a mob who for a moment — feels power.

He speaks the words that so many in the USA are fearful of owning themselves for they fear that their opinion may be shot down as ugliness by their neighbors.

And they’re right.


Donald Trump exemplifies everything about America that we pretend does not exist, yet is loathed by other nations across the world. He is the greatest reality check the Universe could have ever sent to the insulated and naive consciousness running within the USA’s borders.

He embodies the bully, the fear of everything outside of our back yard, the deep paranoia associated with the reality that being Caucasian is no longer a free pass for any type of behavior, the crippling resentment and jealousy against women for being the life-bringers, the corporation who buys cheap Chinese steel to erect superstructures on USA soil while sending jobs overseas for dimes on the dollar.

Donald Trump summarizes the insular and offensive nature of the American braggart, all in one human being. He represents impulsiveness, ignorance, selfishness, fear, misogyny, marginalization, ego, unkindness, pride, sadism, and crassness incarnate.

And so does a section of consciousness in the United States.

Notice that I said consciousness, and not people.

People are mutable. We are canvasses that change color depending on the nature of the paint we need apply for decorating the climate of that moment. (In the healing field, we call that “growth”.) People learn through fear, we learn through love, we learn through hatred, we learn through compassion.

People learn in order to evolve and grow. And consciousness is a learning tool.

This is exactly why Donald Trump will save America.

Consciousness represents a tide, a trend. Without a Donald Trump to draw out this sticky, seething vitriol en masse from under the floorboards of Anywhere, USA, the toxin of divisiveness, fear, and bigotry remains the poison that is slowly killing all within our great mansion.

Trump has wicked to the surface a very real and long-standing cancer in consciousness within the USA. Though this consciousness does not represent the majority of Americans, it will remain the passive-aggressive underbelly that fuels Congressional gridlock, race-wars, and fear-mongering for decades to come.


Unless we decide it’s all gotten so crazy, so overblown, so idiotic, that it’s time to stop, grow up a little emotionally, and face our fears by applying ourselves every day to make our communities better, rather than playing the role of victim that needs the swaggering movie-star-meets-wrestler to give us a voice.

How about we find our own voices before they become so pressed with hatred and desperation that they no longer make sense?

With this blatant ugliness in the spotlight, showcased by tens of thousands of people, encapsulated brilliantly by a show-stopping performance by Donald Trump, we all have the opportunity to decide who we wish to be, as participants in this conscious growth journey.

Are we the onlookers who say nothing because we fear the wrath of the mob? Do we step away from the consciousness that fans the flames of divisiveness and work together to help place balm on our fears — by discussing them?

Perhaps we simply shout vulgarities at the top of our lungs because for one moment, we feel the blood back in our faces. Yet that is a temporary fix to a permanent conundrum.

Much like a drug — Donald Trump gives many the fix they are seeking. Yet it does not cure the pain.

There are good people everywhere who feel they need to find a voice in government. These good people do the best they can with the knowledge and emotional resources that they have, to pick a candidate. Yet this isn’t about a candidate. It’s about something much bigger.

Take it from the woman who seeks energy signatures and solves problems for a living: It’s important to note that Donald Trump represents a consciousness — not a wall, not water boarding, not big or small hands — but a consciousness. We cannot agree with the consciousness presented by Donald Trump without agreeing to all his terms. He is, after all, a business mogul.

And in business, it’s all or nothing.

This is a big country. There is room for everyone. If your way of life requires suppressing another — there’s a problem.

I’d like to sincerely thank Donald Trump for so diligently playing his role in the polarization process that ends up assisting in the Ascension of Consciousness for a kinder and gentler America. We couldn’t have done it without you, Donald. After all, we can’t clean the counters if we never move the cookie jar to see that they’re dirty.

The key to the healing that the United States seeks within the hearts of its population is in finding our own voices, without the anger, the desperation, or the need to marginalize another — in order to find room to talk.

That is the liberation of America.

About danielleegnew

Named "Psychic of the Year" by UFO's and Supernatural Magazine, Danielle Egnew is an internationally-known Psychic, Medium and Angelic Channel whose work has been featured on national TV (NBC, ABC, TNT, USA) as well as in the Washington Post and Huffington Post. She has provided content consultant services for the CW's hit series "Supernatural" and the blockbuster film "Man of Steel". Danielle is also an author, teacher, and TV / radio host in the field of metaphysics. She anchors her private practice in the Big Sky Country of Montana, residing with her wife and their daughter.
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187 Responses to Why Donald Trump is the Best Thing to Ever Happen to the USA

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  3. Shelly says:

    Whoever wrote Call to Light is the biggest fool who walks the earth to feel how he thinks a soulless creater as trump walks our earth and insults all is and has no feeling except his. bigot money hungrey sick man

  4. Miles says:

    Here ladies and gentlemen, is the ringmaster of the circus, this writter, if mine gets posted? He is an unbelievable professional writer! He demostrates how he makes his money in his attempt to become wealthy himself off of misinformation and misdirecting of us, to encit and appease our emotions, while turning off our intellect by appealing to our egotism of being intellectual ourselves as he believes he is, not us! So happy for him doing so well in English and manipulation to ensure his opinions and lively hood! President Trump’s history proves factually his wanting power returned to the people and to drain the swamp and protecting our borders, but to find the facts will require much more than a quick Google search as it’s beyond 20 to 30 pages to find ANYTHING factual. Facts and history prove he supports minorities as well! Perhaps we know of some other individual that could have taken on the entire swamp, corrupt MSM and both political parties while having corruption in the voting and have the people elect them? Oh, wait a minute, according to this individual we are all just ignorant uneducated individuals incapable to recognize we’re being controlled by our emotions. This writer’s arrogant BS and manipulation are off the records! His tactics and attempts to scare off dissenting opinions is alarming at best and disgusting at worst, possibly, by using his skills as a writer to browbeat anyone that isn’t. The champion elitist! Mother Teresa perhaps had one choice to improve the world and be part of the solution while being remembered? President Trump had unlimited choices to add to the world safety, keep freedom and power for the people, drain the swamp, improve the world, and be part of the solution, while being remembered! With any of us having unlimited choices too, do we know anyone that would choose the one he did other than those just providing lip service to their answer? He’d already accomplished everything, fame, glory, recognition, wealth, power, accountable family, my heavens. We’d all just chose to enjoy it. We can all presume we have the moral right to decide what others motives are, even for Mother Teresa and the President regardless of our own motives to do so. Clearly this writter has expressed his motives before and are self serving. This writer’s headline is absurdly manipulative as his ego driven opening statement about himself is, where he puts himself as part of the good ones like us! Give me a break, we’ll decide not him! This con just keeps on ticking trashing all us bad ones and only wants to divide us and keep his money coming in, regardless of his resume to sway us differently! Hopefully most of us aren’t so brainwashed by the corrupt MSM and swamp that we’ll allow this snake oil street merchant to sell us his hate? We may not like how the President says things or his swagger, but it takes a strong person and he’s not a phony like this guy, as he’s always produced and been successful, even though his failures. The President wants power back to the people and to drain the swamp and protect our borders while bring us together for all, not just our special interest groups!!!! He’s a factual good guy!! Don’t allow pretty talking, grammatically gifted, arrogant elitist people decide for us! I’ll check and see if this is posted and have copied it in case the need for it to be exposed as not being posted. Please don’t bother if others have the need to protect this writter and retaliate against me. I don’t have time for this small dish that is part of the problem instead of the solution other than today. May we all get ride of our hate and educate ourselves to be more accountable and accepting of our differences! This writter certainly isn’t!

    • Julianna Drew says:

      Miles, it’s ‘writer’ not ‘writter’. My gut feeling is that Trump is sick and twisted and if you can’t sense that then I really can’t understand what it is you’re not *seeing*. Trump is a sexual predator (grabbing women’s pussies against their will) for goodness sake. He’s a sexual deviant….and sexual deviants are deviants in lots of other way as their whole moral compass is just ‘off’. He’s *not* powerful. He represents everything that is *sick* in this world. Having money, fame, ‘glory’, power is *NOT* true power. If he had *true* power he’d be able to attract those women through his natural charm,wit, sexual allure – truth is he makes most women’s skin crawl. He’s a full of hate as ISIS are. Both are sick and twisted. OK, Trump might not actually be physicallyl killing people, but he’s still full of venom and hate and kills people emotionally. Those who he’s sexually molested feel as good as ‘dead’ after what they went through. How can you say he supports minorities? He makes fun of disabled reports. He wants to build a wall between US and Mexico. He wants to take away women’s reproductive rights. He’s skewed. Messed up. Those people from ethnic minorities that do support him are as full of hate as he is..otherwise they wouldn’t have voted for him. I completely understand and agree with what this writer has to say. It’s time to experience the world through the lens of love, not hate. Trump is helping to show us how *NOT* to do it.

  5. coatikid says:

    If this results in a change of our laws to get the money out of politics and reform our corrupt campaign finance system, then there will be transformation. Otherwise, not.

  6. Sal1979 says:

    When was this written? To say this person is the best thing to happen to us…. your mentally ill. You say thus guy will unite the people in this country?? Seriously! The guy once he announced his candidacy, he began talking bad about every race except for his own….
    The same guy that believes his own lies and the same guy that blamed our former president for wiretapping his tower?? Even when our top agencies have all but said it’s no true. But the dumby still says he was tapped? This guy has gone out of his way to make a mockery of being president of the US. You just talked like Donald is a saint and doing everything right! Lol.
    Another thing….. the citizens of this country was not having divided until trump began his campaign. He was talking a bunch of racial crap…. than every darn white person in the Midwest jumped on the bandwagon because some of them don’t have the balls to say it themselves. This was trumps way of making it to the end. He was willing to recruit as many followers as possible and do just about any kind of act to get them.
    He has not done a thing yet. His administration is not even complete and may never be complete. He is also being investigated because he is in business with russians. The guy is probably giving our Intel away to Russia…. we wouldn’t even know. The guy dont know what’s confidential.
    Trump is not tough either…. he likes to attack women and the guy is afraid to leave the country to meet with other leaders. Why? Because the guy knows he pissed off lots of people. That’s not counting us in america. The guy is hated all over.
    I think he should have been impeached already. He is making Bush and Nixon look like choir boys, when it comes to popularity.

    • CJ Loverro says:

      First off, the writer never implied that all of Trump’s actions are right. The writer never called him a saint.
      Second, There are millions of people who live on the coasts, in the north, and in the south, who voted for Trump. To make this a Midwest thing is ignorant.
      Finally, if you’re going to critisize a writer, it helps to have at least passed a basic course in English, so that you might be taken seriously.
      On all levels, your comprehension of the article, your failed English, and hyperbole, you failed miserably.
      Better luck next time.

    • Wiz Garber says:

      This commenter evidently didn’t read the whole piece, or understand her point. She isn’t supporting Trump. Wake up and pay attention.

    • Julianna Drew says:

      Sal1979, unfortunately you misunderstood the basic essence of what this writer was implying. She’s not mentally ill at all. When she said that Trump’s the best thing to happen to the US, she didn’t mean he’s a ‘good guy’. Not at all. Quite the opposite. She was saying that he was good for the US in terms of shining a light on all that is bad in the US. Trump shows everyone how *NOT* to be. He shows everyone what a bigoted, mysoginistic racist behaves like….and hopefully he’s enlightening and teaching people that that is NOT the way forward if we ever want peace in this precious world of ours.

  7. Tanya says:

    Thank you for writing this and putting it so well. I feel this, too.

  8. lisa bolton says:

    I appreciate your hopeful, encouraging and unusual perspective very much.

    Thank you,
    Lisa Bolton
    Nashville TN

  9. It’s interesting that you mention this because as election coverage was happening 11/8, i just kept feeling this heaviness in my chest but it didn’t feel mine, and this headache that i couldn’t shake regardless of how many pills I took. And the ringing and popping in the ears…it was so wild. But something shifted that night, and I decided to meditate (which i havent done in 15 years when I was a “poser” and wanted to do what my artsy friends were doing) and something happened to me….something…changed. And I’m not the only one. Names started popping into my head, and I would connect with people to only find out that since election night, they have all been on a spiritual journey like they have never experienced. Something huge is happening, and i can feel it. 11:30, 11/30, 1130…I don’t know…keeps popping up and feels important…thank you for this…it’s confirming that I’m not crazy and that it’s not just me that feels this energy “shift”…if that makes sense…

  10. Ralph 123 says:

    It is impossible for anybody to make an analysis that is 100 % accurate. The author makes a lot of interesting and intelligent insights, but it is just one way of looking at the things. There are billions of other ways to look at the Trump craziness, so each person’s analysis may to just as good as anybody else’s analysis. When human behavior reaches the level of madness, nobody can explain this madness with 100 % accuracy. It is impossible to conclude if madness is a blessing in disguise or a precursor to even more madness

    • laura Mendoza says:

      Right! And a year and 1/2 in – all I see is more madness. Unchecked insanity.

      • SOS says:

        Yep, we’re now in 3 years and 115 days and have 86,970 dead Americans because of his malignant narcissism and ineptness. Unchecked insanity is an understatement at this point.

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  12. Laura says:

    Hi Danielle.

    I designated with these words so much. At the beginning of the week when the election results came in, I was crushed. I was so devistated that racism and hate crimes were becoming “popular” again and the uncomfortable and unsettling behaviors threaten to determine a new norm.

    As I grieved this for the possibilities, I also had a sense that although I know it’s awful and ugly, it has brought forth to the surface something collectively we need to deal with. ..The judgements ..the hate. ..the US verses THEM. It brings light to this so that we can bring forth healing and unity.

    I also had the revelation that I was divinely supposed to be here during this very time and place for a reason. We all word. I feel specifically I am here as a light worker and healer.

    I am ready to do my part. I am grateful for the collective opportunity to heal, even though uncomfortable and devastating in some ways, I also realize this is part of the solution. Getting it to the forefront to decide how to handle it with love and grace.

    Sometimes I try to make myself test myself against being a hypocrite, because I feel like all of us fall into that. My anger for what their doing and blaming this behavior, etc. is hard for me to let go.

    I absolutely loved your perspective here in this portion.

    “This is a big country. There is room for everyone. If your way of life requires suppressing another — there’s a problem.”

    It helps to have a guideline to define how to approach these conversations.

    Thank you for your thoughts.


  13. Vesna says:

    30 years ago I came to this country. I loved it, was proud of it. I worked hard whatever I had to do (legally) for my daughters. Today I live American dream. Healthy, hard working and wealthy. I believe in hard work, small business, security and tolerance for all. I feel great today. America will be even greater! I work hard on making my self millionaire. Now, I know with Trump lowering taxes for small businesses I am on my way to become another Emigrant- self- made millionaire. And for closure, when I came here I did not speak English, no family, no husband……go figure to those cry babies and losers.

    • Julianna Drew says:

      Vesna – your comment about ‘cry babies and losers’ sounds incredible cruel and unkind. You say your’e a millionaire, but you’re not very rich or powerful inside otherwise you wouldn’t say such hateful things. Shame on you. True happiness comes from an entirely different place than being financially rich. I should know. I was born into a ridiculusly wealthy family and believe me, true happiness comes from an entirely different place. Wealth is no guarantee for happiness, nor should it be a yardstick by which you determine your own worth. My close friend was sexually molested and raped as a child and has recently been (finally) diagnosed with PTSD and has severe depression/anxiety/illness/suicidal feelings at times. As a result she can’t always work and is on benefits. Have some compassion, for goodness sake! True wealth is NOT about money, you narrow minded silly fool.

  14. Kristina says:

    I found this comforting, until I read your May article stating that Hillary was the candidate and Trump a mere jester in the background… didn’t quite work out like that, did it

    • Julianna Drew says:

      Kristina – no it didn’t work out like that because all those ‘jesters’ in the US voted for Trump.

  15. Harold says:

    This article was well written and done with excellent skill .. I wish it could be read in one of the international news rooms.

  16. AudieAnne says:

    Reblogged this on RunningThruSprinklers and commented:
    This pretty much sums it all up. Today is a very sad day in my part of the world, but just knowing there is a little bit of hope, even if it comes from a very real acknowledgement of what is wrong with the United States, I’ll take it.

  17. gregory says:

    In 2012 65% of the white males voted for Romney and 595 of all white people including the white females yet Obama won [ supposed]. this shows us we are clearly off track. first it was the white man and his ideas as founding fathers who started this nation out right. Look where we are now1

  18. Deborah Zawacki says:

    Will not respond to your classless ignorance. Find a new hobby deplorable one.

  19. raproducer says:

    Deborah, what the hell is a street crew? Was that supposed to be classist? Racist? What?
    Anti-Motion Picture and Television Unions? (please explain what a “street crew” is before you throw Hillarity around) I’ve worked for MTV, Vh1, and Nickelodeon as well as almost every other network and I don’t know what a street crew is. Please tell me, because clearly you watch more TV than I do, and I make it.

    • Deborah zawacki says:

      I didn’t say anything about a street crew. No idea who you are referring to.

    • Julianna Drew says:

      Raproducer – I hope you’ve had help since last October with your strange delusions.

    • D Lynn says:

      raproducer, huh? Should we be surprised that someone involved in a music genre that has weaponized black music against black people, influencing them to embrace a self-degrading value system, is a far right wing extemist propagandist?

  20. raproducer says:

    Genuine psychic people and genuine patriots know (and feel) and have been presented evidence on a personal level the truth that if we don’t get Trump, warts and all, and instead get this weak, drugged, egomaniac insane Democratic candidate, then we will be allowing the dark side of destruction to overcome and destroy all we hold dearly, plunging us into deep and continuous grief and destruction as a planet. This is absolutely a choice between criminality or ethics. But forget all of that. Forget being psychic or aware and look at just ONE realm of evidence — the media.

    I am a 30+ year veteran of the media with #1 ratings. I am in the Union. I am a leader in my profession. I have street cred. That said, I have observed and gathered direct evidence of the manipulation, gas lighting, and twisted lies, and even technical sabotage that can be proven black and white Hillary’s 2 billion dollar smear fund is using that are more overwhelming than any propaganda campaign in history — including the campaign of the National Socialists in the 30s.

    WHY would Hillary need such lies and demonic activity if she is a good candidate? Why would any acceptable candidate need tricks to such depth as are occurring? No Hillary supporter can answer that question without admitting she is rank and pure manipulated evil. Really.

    Any any “psychic” or sensitive reading this, not under the influence of satan, knows these words to be TRUTH — even if they burn.

    • raproducer says:

      Just to prove a point, I will circumvent my first reply, which will say something disparaging regurgitated from Hillary’s coffers — and it will be an attack on me personally, not the truth. Hillary supporters have never ever ever answered truthfully, never are able to defend or support their candidate. All they can do is attack others.

      Ive never heard ONE say ANYTHING good about their candidate. NOT ONE!!! In contrast, Bernie and Trump supporters can go on for hours, even if you don’t like some of what they say, they are passionate about what their candidate stands for. Not Hillary supporters. They are all “anti” and negative without one positive thing to say. Why do you think that is? GREAT forces are at work right now. And for once, because of social media, we have a slim chance that we as a nation will actually elect a President we voted for. We can DREAM, right? Praise God.

      • Deborah Zawacki says:

        I have followed Hillary for years and while I admittedly was taken aback by her as a First Lady, because she didn’t fit some preconceived idea of what I thought a First Lady should be… and yet, over time, through multiple campaigns, I have come to appreciate her.

        First, let’s be clear… a First Lady cannot contradict her husband while in office– obliged to support him regardless and for better or worse.

        As a senator and Secretary of State she still did not have ultimate authority– she still did not have the power to decide– only to vote or recommend.

        The email issue– I do not believe this was an attempt to commit treason– it was at worst a matter of convenience and personal privacy– a poor decision yes…. But I have not one shred of doubt that Hillary loves her country. And the idea that she might bring harm to it would break her heart.

        But let’s come down to brass tacks. I grew up in New York State– and upstate NY has been in decline for many more years than Hillary was around. So she should not be blamed for the fact that jobs didn’t come back– and I don’t believe that Trump could fix that either. Syracuse was referred to in my youth as “the place where business come to die”….

        That being said, I know of several folks who live there who had problems needing attention– and when no one else would or could help, when contacting Hillary Clinton became the only other option– the problems were addressed and resolved. Hillary cared, Hillary acted, Hillary Fixed it, Hillary made a difference.

        So take your Street crew and your #1 rating and dig a little deeper– apparently your opinion is based on a myopic view.

      • raproducer says:

        Offense intended, what a bunch of privileged FECES Deborah. How will Hillary be better than Trump for non-entitled (non upstate New York) people? Please answer the pertinent question and stop dribbling.

      • raproducer says:

        Almost took your bate, Deborah. Stay on point.

        Give a reasonable justification to the following question:


  21. Kelly Clover says:

    There is a serious problem with the messenger and his character attributes. Donald Trump has a long history of cheating other people to enrich himself. He is very much a loose cannon who leaps before he looks. Donald Trump converted huge amounts of campaign contributions to his own selfish personal use. His campaign contributors ought to be extremely angry.

  22. Monday Emmanuel says:


  23. Holly Thomas says:

    Thank you so much for putting words to this experience we are all watching unfold in the shift! Beautifully explained, well written. Thank you!

  24. elizabethsadhu says:

    Reblogged this on elizabethsadhu and commented:
    Yep! Been getting that the Donald serves a huge purpose. Gratitude…..

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  26. Deborah Zawacki says:

    I think it probably takes a sophisticated reader to realize that you are not pro-Trump by the way this begins– you have to be a bit enlightened to read between the lines. I admit to holding my breath as I read this from start to finish wondering if you had changed your mind.
    I asked another psychic recently if evil was winning this thing– and how Hillary could ever be successful with so many against her…
    The response was in line with yours: Evil is not winning, but the evil needs to be exposed. That the truth has to be brought to the surface and revealed….and until that happens, it cannot be addressed and corrected.
    So that as painful as thisis, and thise of us empathetic to what Hillary is enduring suffer for her, its part of the reveal….

    • D Lynn says:

      You don’t have to be sophisticated. You just have to bother having read the article in it’s entirety. Stop using manipulative language. It’s unbecoming.

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  29. markanthonymartinjr says:

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  30. Rob ONeill says:

    Danielle, I just read more vitriol, hatred, divisiveness, derision, and condemnation in your very words above than anything I’ve ever heard from Donald Trump or any of his supporters. There is some really terrible toxin within you. Much of it spilled out on the pages of your condemnation of Trump and his supporters. Your words were hatred themselves. You projected your own inner ugliness onto the man and those who believe in him. I’m stunned that so much verbal hatred has been pounded out on your very keyboard. Woman, what you have festering inside of you is truly frightening. You should definitely find your way to a church. You need a confession and a major purge. You have a devil within you and you are truly nasty. You’re in real trouble girl. God help you.

    • Julianna Drew says:

      Rob – how can you not see this? Trump is a sexual predator who brags about sexually molesting girls and women. That is sick and twisted….and if you can’t see that they it’s you that’s in major trouble man. God help you.

  31. Me says:

    It is the undoing of the Hitler energy where society finally wakes up

  32. Me says:

    I feel this is how Hitler must have risen and society allowed it to happen. Trump used to read Hitler’s book to no real surprise. It’s almost like the story of How The Emporer Had No Clothes. Where someone had some power (Trump) and no one was brave enough to tell the emporer he was buck naked or in this case crazy. It’s a time of the oposite of Hitler where society will catch itself and tell him your no emperor (never be president) and by the way your not wearing in clothes and your ideas and ideology suck.

    • Rob ONeill says:

      You’re nuts.

      • Julianna Drew says:

        No, it’s YOU that’s nuts Rob. Wake up man.

      • Jodi Horner says:

        True that! If only these scardy cats were afraid of the true tyrants! Obama! Hillary! They *dictate* what will happen, even as it opposes the constitution. There isn’t an iota that has been done by Trump that goes against the Constitution. These snowflakes have forgotten what the true America once was.

  33. Donald Trump’s candidacy can be summed up in one of Shakespeare’s most famous lines,
    “It is a tale. Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury. Signifying nothing. — Macbeth (Act 5, Scene 5, lines 17-28).

  34. Lauren says:

    I feel that there are aspects of this election that you are disregarding. Seeing Trump as less evolved and a representation of the darkness is only looking at this from the surface level. The political arena has been absolutely corrupt for quite awhile. Trump is the first person to come along and EXPOSE the darkness. He is shining the light on the dark. God Bless him.

    To the people that think we are less evolved and unspiritual for not wanting every single person to come into our country as they please… consider this: Remember the recent murder of Christina Grimmie at her meet-and-greet with fans? As her killer approached her, she had her arms and heart wide open for a hug… only to be fatally shot. She was probably a highly evolved and loving soul that was too trusting and only to have it blow up in her face. The liberal left wants us to be theoretically wide open for any living being that might want to come around much in the way that sweet, highly evolved and beautiful soul that Christina Grimmie was. Thats great. We can become that… but probably to eventually end up with bullets in our bodies. There is no amount of love that the US can generate in order to cancel out the hate that is festering in those freaks overseas. They are brainwashed and ready to kill. Its not enough to be spiritual. You have to be smart as well.

    • Julianna Drew says:

      Lauren – yes the political arena has been corrupt since time began – but make no mistake Trump is even more corrupt than most. What he is doing is a least showing us – *now* look. NOW look at the mess we’re in. He’s a sexual predator who brags about molesting women. That’s sick and twisted. His moral compass is way off so his behaviour is deviant in lots of ways, not just sexually. Hence we see his off-balance behaviour being displayed in all it’s gory glory, e.g. racist, bullying, margnilisation, humiliating, shaming, anger and nastiness.
      Gosh your analogy is way off. Look at the Las Vegas shooting last week. For goodness sake this isn’t about those ‘freaks’ overseas. That ‘freak’ was a US citizen! Wake up!!! Hate lies within all human hearts regardless of country/race/creed/religion. Yes of course there’s a problem with radical Islam and we should be able to discuss it, but you cannot tar everyone with the same brush. Not all Muslims are terrorists. There are Muslims fighting against ISIS in Syria. Please educate yourself.

  35. Jim Mooney says:

    And yet, as regards nuclear Russia, Trump is less of a warmonger and antagonist than Hillary. Nothing is absolute ;’)

    • Julianna Drew says:

      Jim – yes of course, there’s nothing warmongeriong or antagonistic about Trump’s exchanges with Kim Jon Un is there?!! What an absurd statement you make. Hillary didn’t bring us to the brink of nuclear war now did she? Please wake up.

  36. raproducer says:

    In order to understand what is happening, one must at least be open to the hypotheses that (1) H. sapiens are adolescents approaching galactic adulthood and (2) extinction is the deliberate or natural process of purging failed lifeforms too unethical or too dangerous to reach galactic adulthood.

    If the reader is so jaded he won’t even consider the above, don’t bother continuing.

    Those who are aware enough to understand the above premises will also understand why we truly are in “end times” — except only a smaller still minority understand that “end times” are only to be feared if you live a fear-based life.

    A hopefully reasonably large fraction of us have everything to look forward to after end times *end* – because they don’t always end in extinction — for the lucky civilizations who grow up in time, the re-entry into the feminine pattern of God is a glorious time of unbridled abundance.

    But, like death, end times come to *every* cosmic civilization across the cosmos.

    It’s gonna be a wild ride. Any of you every been here before? You’ll know what to do. The rest — may God/dess have mercy on you and protect you from fear.

  37. Angelica says:

    Trump is a psychopathic fascist who wants to start world war three

  38. Jen Pyne says:

    Donald Trump does seem to represent many of the-isms we have repressed. He is voicing the bigotries we Americans quietly harbor. Trump is bringing these fears out into the light of day. This is neccesary in order for consciousness to change. Since I was a kid I have been fascinated by how we learn to transform racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, etc. You can’t heal what you don’t own. You can’t grow in consciousness if you feel like you have to keep quiet about your unacceptable thoughts and feelings. Yes, even what we would label the most hurtful and hateful thoughts and emotions. We don’t need people hurting, oppressing and persecuting each other with this hatred, fear, and bigotry; but how are we going to change this hatred, fear, and bigotry if we pretend we don’t feel or think these things? Trump makes it okay for people to embrace what they have been thinking and feeling, but were afraid to say. This does create an opportunity for healing and dialog. Thanks for your article. It articulated a lot of what I have been sensing too!

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  40. fattymoon says:

    Very interesting, and plausible peek at what the future may hold.
    I have my own take on why Donald Trump will win the nomination, and the presidency (not that I’m a Trump supporter). You can read it here and see if it makes sense.
    View at Medium.com

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  43. Tell this to the Belgians. 😦

    • Elise Travis says:

      Here’s from the Belgiums:Caitlin Schwerin I would like to quote a Belgian who responded to U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders’s expression of upset about the attack in Brussels:

      “Dear Mr. Sanders, I live in Brussels and I’ve been following your campaign very closely. I truly believe that the political revolution you’re fighting for could transform the USA for the better and the rest of the world as well! As you know, a lot of people who are not American are paying attention to the 2016 election, and we are extremely worried by all the other candidates’ views on foreign policy, democrats included. So on this sad day for my city, I wanted to thank you for the hope you bring, the courage you demonstrate, and the wonderful energy you generate. I know it’s a hard fight, but it’s worth it! I sincerely hope you’re the next president of the United States of America, for the sake of all people – American and foreigners – and for the sake of this planet. With love, M.”

      I stand with M and with Bernie Sanders.

  44. I have been a professional Psychic (I dislike the label Psychic and I don’t use it anymore) for over 30 years. , although, I have been relatively inactive for many years , I have decided to step-up due to the fact this WHOLE WORLD is in trouble!! – To put it simply, if Mr. Trump Treats and Attacks people the way he does in public – It is VERY unsettling to see what he would do or be behind the scenes. Integrity and values are coming slowly but surely. What is on the surface is minor to what is underneath and I hope people will look at that.

  45. E B Smith says:

    Trump’s a blustering oaf who’ll say anything to get elected, you’re a scam artist who pretends to have magical powers. Hard to say who’s worse.

  46. dcowan76 says:

    the Purpose of the Politics of Polarity
    Posted on March 5, 2016 by dcowan76

    In the final days of Rome, the population had become complacent and easily agitated by the declining conditions of their lives. Rome had enjoyed the vast spoils of war and conquest, creating an artificially high standard of living for those living close to the seat of power, but impoverishing the rest of the Empire. By Rome’s end, the politicians were tossing bones to the populace in the form of free ‘entertainment’; the ‘Circus Maximus’ where the throngs could go and watch gladiators destroy each other and religious zealots (Christians, mainly) provide sport by being eaten by lions. By the last days of Rome, half the Empire was employed by an army resented by the populations it had ‘liberated’ and was extended far beyond it’s ability to maintain itself while the other half lived on state welfare. Are you seeing the obvious?

    Today we are witness to a global media-fed Circus Maximus with the astounding presence of one Donald Trump. It seems the more exposed he is for his clearly underdeveloped personality, the more he grows in popularity, or at least in entertainment value. Even I am writing about him! Yikes! While I am sure, incredulous as it seems, there are many ‘true believers’ in his camp, I suspect that many are simply drawn to his audaciousness, while he surrogates for all the frustrated, angry and disenfranchised ‘bottom layer’ of the pyramid of planetary power foisted on humanity by a very small minority of ultra-rich sociopaths. They look a lot like bankers.

    In watching the increasing power of this man to polarize the population, not only of the good ol’ USA, but of the rest of the world connected in cyberspace, I can only marvel at how far we have come as a species to amplify our differences to the point of passionate loyalty given to raving reductionist slogans dressed up to appear to make sense.

    I am well aware that perception, whether on an individual or collective level, can only represent the projection of the state of mind of the observer. Yes, nothing happens to us…it all comes from us. This makes the world nothing other than a mirror of the observer. Again, you are free to choose the role of victim as long as you like, and there will always be a rationale available to you to support that position. Once you get sick and tired of being a ‘leaf in the wind’ subject to the whim of every event occurring around you, you may be ready to open to the notion of the power you truly have to consciously choose your experience and recognize your mind as the cause of it all. If this makes no sense to you yet, it will, simply because it is true.

    Trump has done a masterful job in both exposing the complacency of the political system and voting population … a complacency that has resulted in disastrous policies of endless war to create profit for soulless corporations, bottomless debt, and a serious abrogation of the responsibilities inherent in declaring oneself as the ‘world’s only superpower’ and global cop. When simplistic slogans clearly reflecting a state of fear and contraction from all true democratic ideals are held out as bait, those who are looking for a simple answer to explain the angst and frustration built up over decades of being deceived by a for-profit-at-all-cost model of social development, it becomes understandable that this voice should provide the rallying call. Unfortunately, as in Nazi Germany in the late 1930’s, the population doesn’t in fact have a realistic grasp of the true reasons for the societal angst we all feel. After all, by completely controlling the sources of information and public education, the ‘powers that were’ (thanks for that one, David Wilcock!) have almost completely bamboozled the populace into dancing to their discordant and dysfunctional tune, all the while convinced they are ‘free’!

    The popular polarization we are seeing now is providing a tremendous service toward the eventual and inevitable outcome of world peace. We are seeing clearly what our choices are…a ‘reality check’ on a grand scale is unfolding. The choices we are presenting ourselves in this process are simply between love and fear. Fear seems to make the biggest noise, yet in it’s inherent weakness, is doomed to implode into itself, much as the Republican party is doing now. Fear is the voice of ego. Ego is the false thought made self we are now here to transcend. You might say the false ego self has served us all it can in being the source of interminable suffering … all the greed, anger and violence of the ages is nothing than the expression of the fear-based ego. As each of us individually cope with this inner beast, and we all are in a position to cooperate with our evolutionary opportunity now to completely overcome and transcend the ego entirely. As seeming opposites, love and fear must ultimately converge, with a single outcome. This is because love and fear represent a state of duality. Duality is a temporary artificial state based on the erroneous assumption that anything can be separate from anything else. This is only true on the level of perception, again, perception being an effect of a mind which is inwardly divided, but in essence, one. Because fear is inherently weak and self-destructive, while love is all inclusive, healing and forgiving, which do you think has the best chance of surviving this ‘war of the worlds’? We need not wait only as spectators to this event. Each of us can decide in the moment what ‘works’ best, and in that choice, begin to see the opportunities we all have to create a better world through inclusion, compassion and understanding. Thank you for reading this, and for considering the possibility of a life lived in, for and as Love. Is there really a choice here?

  47. Sean says:

    It is abit long.
    I liked some bits like:
    “Countries won’t buy our exported food because it’s full of hormones and genetically modified garbage. Most of our manufacturing comes from China.” [But its not just countries but citizens. I’m scared to buy anything considering all the sprays etc.]
    “the corporation who buys cheap Chinese steel to erect superstructures on USA soil while sending jobs overseas for dimes on the dollar.”
    (Whether these are true about Trump or not i don’t know. There are so many lies and untruths esp in mainstream media, but generally i find all mainstream parties and politicians are bad.)
    I quite liked Roi’s comment.
    I wish i could say alot more re the blog post and also comments, but i just don’t have the time etc.

  48. My goodness, it was torture getting through that essay but I kept thinking there was going to be at least a sentence dedicated to how generous and charitable and resilient we are as a nation. Well, after 8 years of Obama, and suffering through Jimmy Carter’s one term (and waiting in gas lines), I’m perfectly accustomed to apology tours.

  49. smoth says:

    OMG. Would someone edit this long winded writer? She needs an editor. At some point she is just writing to hear herself. I think we all checked out somewhere along the way but are pretending we actually read the whole article.

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  51. Jack Kann says:

    “Trump knows how to create a feeding frenzy that launches endorphins in the brain and raises the heartbeats of millions of Americans.”. Great, just like Hitler, Mussolini and Lenin. Well done you bunch of non-thinking, sheep like followers. The rhetoric is unbelievable, where is the substance in this endorsement??

  52. I absolutely have been receiving the same insight. I could not have said it as well or better, nor with less words. However, this message would be much more palatable if it were shorter for the people who could awaken from this download! I shared it on FB because even though it is long, it is resoundingly clear.
    Hi Danielle! Nice to meet you 🙂

    • Jack Kann says:

      If you had an education, you may have the ability to understand the rhetoric and read the entire ‘endorsement’. This is why you should only have 1/3 of a vote, RIGHT? Do your history.

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  54. This may be the most I’ve resonated with anyone voicing anything on the subject. Thank you, deeply Danielle, for “speaking [my] mind” 🙂

  55. angelfeather says:

    For a “psychic” you sure have things backwards. The most powerful fear and loathing unearthed by Donald Trump during this election is coming from his detractors – including you.

    You wrote: “the blind faith of his followers to fuel the bully culture of fear, providing the illusion of the escape from that fear while an onlooker becomes part of a mob who for a moment — feels power.” That is actually an apt description of Trump’s protesters. They are the mobs trying to bully and intimidate Trump supporters and deny them of their rights to free assembly. Hate-filled anti-Trump protesters are the ones who are blocking traffic, dressing up like KKK people, and spitting on black Trump supporters.

    A black cop went to a Trump rally to see for himself. He had no problem with the peaceful Trump supporters. The Black Lives Matter/anti-Trump crowd, on other hand, were acting “crazy” and scared the crap out of him. You can look this up on YouTube: “Police officer talks about his experience at Trump’s rally in Tuscon.”

    That a few people at Trump rallies finally lost it and reacted to the constant goading and rudeness of the hateful anti-Trump disruptors is actually a credit to the majority of Trump supporters, who have shown admirable restraint in the face of taunting, name-calling and outright violence directed towards them.

    Clearly, your bias and personal hatred of people who don’t abide by your political viewpoints is skewing your “psychic” ability. Try to let go of your attachments and try again.

    • angelfeather says:

      PS Here is an article about the video by that black cop with important excerpts:


      [[ Although it was the protesters who were accusing Trump supporters of being hateful, Tatum asserted, “These people [the protesters] are the most hateful, evil people I’ve ever seen, I could not believe what I saw….I thought at some point it was going to be a full fledged riot because these people were acting so outrageous.”

      “I had no problems when I was there, I’m an African-American man, I had no problems with people [Trump supporters] going against me,” added Tatum, again countering the narrative that Trump supporters are racist. ]]

      What a shame that you are misusing your psychic credentials to generate more hatred and race-baiting towards people who simply want the country to be prosperous again. Shame on you.

  56. Avi says:

    Who is your handler? And who is Trump’s handler? Until this phenomena becomes widely known and consciously addressed there is no such thing as “uniting America” although there are many up the chain that would like to think so, wishful thinking which gets you every time because it is “easier” for them to have a population that just accepts their manacles and yokes in order to continue doing what they have been doing for thousands of years The subconscious knows all, however, without discrimination or division, so the confusion perpetuated by the perception management team is what, ultimately, is responsible for the diseased mental state of this country, because deep down inside everyone knows, but the conscious mind is blocked and meets obstacles from those who create alters, confuse minds and as I started this comment, handle, those who have become useful pawns within the chess board. “It takes a great deal of energy to maintain a white elephant this big within the room, and it’s been my observation that this particular energy drain is one of the major sapping points in our nation, emotionally. Time will tell the tale :).” If you are truly sincere in this remark then, yes, time will tell the tale and imagine all the exorbitant energy the oligarchy expends in maintaining its little illusion and con for the sake of a few at the expense of the many BECAUSE the white elephant in the room is not addressed, that elephant so to speak is PERCEPTION and the many many many ways in which it can be manipulated, attention captured and “anchored” into a limited belief structure that is then orchestrated or guided, like a raft down a river, into channels or rivers of thought that benefit that oligarchy. These people are no nonsense, murderous, liars, rapists and willing to go to any length in order to maintain their status quo because to them the ends justify the means no matter the ends and no matter the means. To keep their lies intact and to keep people from breaking free of the chains which bind them, chains that are made of their own thoughts, emotions, prejudices and perceptions about what is or is not, the first line of attack is confusion, chaos, contradictory statements and keeping people hooked upon looking “out there” for the answers. Humanity must become aware of the phenomena of hook operating in a conscious manner, that handlers control the puppet strings of every single politician alive today and that the force, the interlocking network and interlaced weaving web of lies and deceit are kept convoluted in order to keep people from the true magic of the universe, inner silence. The more people debate this debacle and utter farce of democracy, which it is NOT, no democracy exists when the oligarchy selects rather than elects President’s, the greater the entrenched can keep deep in the trenches.

  57. J. Brocker says:

    Male big business runs this country. Male big business is in it for the dollar and for itself. Male big business chooses the president and runs the president. it won’t change if a Republican wins. Republican govenors run Kansas, Wisconsin and Illinois..all in bad shape. Some people who are workers will vote for Donald and wil screwed once again.

  58. Beauty Of Images says:

    I won’t understand but i think this a fine post. http://beautyofimages.wordpress.com

  59. freedom rocks says:

    There are a lot of reasons why people feel disconnected from society and it’s not because they are inherently racists, sexists, homophobic and the like.

    People are sick of the hypocrisy and double standards based on groups and political preferences.
    (i.e. Hillary Clinton and the server, etc)

    It’s just a sad fact that there isn’t the political will for politicians to enforce immigration law, but a lot of Americans actually want to see the law enforced! (See the tension there?) (Anyone?) If only for the simple reason of “if I don’t follow the law, then I end up in jail. So why are other people excluded from following the law and aren’t penalized for it?” (Doesn’t it seem like a formula for anarchy?)

    Why do we have laws if people aren’t enforcing them? Or why are our laws enforced selectively?

    I think these are valid questions people are asking themselves these days.

    I’m glad Trump is poking the politically correct crowd in the eye. The US has come a long way in terms of vanquishing discrimination and atoning for her sins, but to hear the social justice crowd tell it it’s still 1960 and slavery ended last week. A lot of us live in the 21st century and really have no use for “safe spaces” or “free speech zones”. That is what’s enslaving us, making us less free. And people can’t even see it…..that’s the worst part.

  60. yogadharma1 says:

    As all true teachings converge, I am reminded of one of the last messages in the Hopi Prophecy which is to “witness the darkness without attachment.”

  61. Wayne Ford says:

    “Donald Duck” Quack!! Quack!!

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  63. oracle says:

    Yes we are all xenophobic of new change, new world order… go figure, most population isn’t satanic and dull as you thought… maybe you should exam your egotistical words in the start of article before you start about trumps ego

  64. Luna says:

    You are a disgrace. You are from the pits of the pits of hell to support Satan himself in the rise to abolish the country of any pride we may still have.
    A healer you are? A healer of what? Toe fungus?
    Only in Hollywood would Satan rise to take over this country.

  65. Ann says:

    This would have decent merit if you actually were consciously aware of the real politics and take over of the nation. Sovereignty is at risk. Protecting ourselves is at risk. There is ZERO evidence of Trump being a misogynist. You’re merely reacting to what was REPORTED what he said, not what he actually says in the context in which it was said. Trump has NEVER been accused of being a racist until he declared a moratorium on illegal immigrants. That’s not racist. We don’t have a faucet of money for them that never runs dry. The well has run dry. That’s business ma’am. But wow you must have a writing or English degree. Now open your eyes with your psychic brain.

  66. Zor Dumach says:

    This is like thanking Hitler in the 1920’s for what would eventually become a more sage and kinder Germany.

    Sorry, can’t thank Trump or his angry hate filled myopic supporters.

    This Trump support and violence are evil and vile and will NOT create good except in the way posted in my opening sentence.

    • angelfeather says:

      Sorry, but YOU are part of the darkness…foolishly believing the false propaganda that Trump supporters are “evil” and “vile.” Check your own hatred in your own heart before accusing others.

  67. Elise Travis says:

    Yes, this is all about raising the consciousness on this planet and if Donald Trump is the catalyst in this process to get more in touch with our inner selves and who we really are as people and who we are meant to be , then he has accomplished his mission and fulfilled his destiny. We are here for one reason only. To Love and be Loved. Everything else is immaterial . Nothing else matters. It is within each one of us to look to ourselves to find the true meaning in life and why we are all here to begin with.

  68. indalo0505 says:

    Although you are correct on the point that Drumpf is unleashing the underbelly in the USA, he is really a through back of an authoritarian, strict-father figure that not even a quarter of the population adheres to. In my estimation he represents the tide pulling everyone back to the past and keeping us from advancing. Do you really have to elevate him to expose what he represents as you do? Just acknowledge he is a force to reckon with but not the savior of this country.

    No, The real saviors of our people are those who have perished through salvery, bigotry, hate, sexism, and repression at the hands of people that Drumpf represents. There voices are lifted in the women, people of color, those imprisoned via the war on drugs ( another form of repression and slavery) and countless leaders in community organizing, shelters, places of worship, working families – who don’t get the notoriety that Drumpf’s hateful speech gets in the media. These quiet patriots are the real heroes who are carrying this country forward.

    • angelfeather says:

      And yet, you are sooo blind to your own hatred and bigotry and negative assumptions towards other people! What a shame!

  69. susm40@aol.com says:

    Yes, all Trump supports are angry, ugly racists. You have figured it out. You are a genius.

    • angelfeather says:

      Actually, she’s not much of a genius nor a psychic if she honestly thinks Trump supporters are “angry, ugly racists” – it means she has bought into media propaganda. She is also not being very kind or charitable either.

      • @Angel—–she is brainwashing and infesting/projecting her ego consciousness opinions on the populace. This is NOT what the Angelic Community represents. Shame on her! She is abusing her power, and it will come back to her. She does NOT REPRESENT THE ANGELIC COMMUNITY!

  70. Steve Dodd says:

    Although you give some interesting points of view. Mr. Trump really needs to stop giving out insults in debates and other press conferences. He should step above all this 3rd grade pandering and talk about the issues and how he is going to solve them. Especially if Congress has the different majority party.

  71. Anthony says:

    Let’s not complicate the reason Why? It is obvious that a big % of people are just tired of trying to be political correct on religion, race, nationality 2nd amendment ect.. Trump is a very dangerous man and his beliefs are radical but Trump supporters don’t think it will effect them so they are willing to Break a few eggs to make an omelet such as Black lives Matters, Immigration, ect. They are not filled with hate and racism just tired of living life by the rules , working for what they have and not getting anywhere. Can you Blame them?

    • Yes, I can blame them. They are supporting misogyny, bigotry and hatred in general. Absolutely, they are what is wrong with the world.

      • angelfeather says:

        No, they are not. You are so blinded by your stereotypes of other people that you can’t even look past the labels you have created to see that people just disagree with you and aren’t all evil because of it.

    • You’re pretty double minded. Trump’s about as dangerous as Obama. You only get 8 years to screw things up unless you’re Jimmy Carter or George HW Bush, then you only get 4. I love all the hyperbole relating to Trump and the doomsday prophecy. Well I love it as much as I do political correctness. Yep, that much.

  72. Rhonda says:

    That’s a nice piece of self-serving fluff you’ve written, Danielle. Way to play down the middle. You jumped on the Trumpwagon by managing to endorse and disavow him simultaneously. You admit Trump represents America’s worst qualities, yet you spin it as a blessing in disguise. You say he’ll change America by forcing us to grow, to examine the country’s dark side, to “find our voices” and talk about our fears. And then somehow we’ll magically all be kinder and gentler. Well, news flash: Trump supporters have no interest in introspection or discussion. What do they care about? Winning! Being great! Being tough! And did I mention winning? They’re tired of being losers. They think they are entitled to some sort of greatness just by virtue of having been born American. Because, you, know, American exceptionalism. They believe in that, even as the country falls further behind in education, health, technology. And if they personally are falling behind, it’s got to be the fault of those others, those non-Americans, people of color, people of other religions and ethnicities, even their fellow citizens, because they aren’t “real” Americans like them. That’s as far as their insight goes. And now that Trump has legitimized bigotry and sanctioned violence, his followers grow bolder and more numerous. Are you reading their “energy signatures”? Don’t you see a deadly threat here? Lynch mobs, riots, murders? I certainly do.

  73. Very well written. I find it hilarious that some feel you are actually advocating for Trump. I am one of those who have flummoxed by his success. I live in an area where there is such diversity that is is very difficult to fathom the support he is getting. i came to the same conclusion that there is a large portion of the population who are misogynistic, prejudice, and looking to blame others for their own lack of success. Where they could lay the fault at the feet of those responsible (as Bernie would say, the top 1%), they have been convinced by the media and right wing ideologies that certain populations are the underlying cause.

    • angelfeather says:

      Very sad for you that you are surrounded by diverse people but apparently living in such a bubble that you honestly think Trump supporters are “prejudiced.” Get out more and realize that people who disagree with you aren’t inherently evil nor can they be boiled down to a dehumanizing label like “racist.”

      • Vicky says:

        Do not disparage my great experience living in a diverse community where we respect each other. I do listen politely to views of arch conservatives but I can never respect their bigotry, name calling, and ignorance. We live in a great nation. It is not perfect but with understanding and education we can live peacefully without the rancor and hatred which has bubbled to the surface thanks to Mr. Trump.

  74. Jann says:

    God Bless you! This is so right on! The reason that I endorsed Trump in the first place is because I can feel his energy and it’s an awesome energy! We are headed into a downward spiral with other politicians. Hillary is an unconvicted criminal with her actions is Benghazi. Bernie Sanders is crazy about raising taxes to the point of insanity. Cruz is not qualified to be president because according to our US Constitution, he is not an natural born citizen. But more importantly, these other candidates are owned by the Elitist who use them as puppets to get their way and destroy America and it’s greatness just as if it were a game of chess for their entertainment. Trump is a self made Billionaire. He wasn’t always rich, but worked his way to greatness through the confidence and strategies that made him who he is today. Out of the box thinking and owned by nobody! Thank you for such a wonderful and complete article! You’ve touched on everything that is important!

    • Rhonda says:

      Did you even read the article?

    • Caroline says:

      This shows people don’t read past cover titles anymore. No wonder Fake news and fake websites won Trump the presidency. Not saying this was a fake article or even close, just pointing out the mindset of half the population of the U.S. To quote the new president elect: “So Sad!”

    • Julianna Drew says:

      Jann – yes Trump’s awesome! So awesome that he’s brought us to the bring of WW3. What a clever man!! OMG Jann – you clearly didn’t even read the article – that or you simply didn’t understand it. I’m almost embarrassed for you. Your lens is so skewed. Trump isn’t self made at all. It’s all daddy’s money. All of his business ventures turned to shit. He’s a useless businessman. He was bailed out time and again. He has ZERO true confidence – it’s all fragile and surface confidence. The reality is that he has an extremely fragile ego. That’s why he can’t abide criticism and has to ‘fight’ back with those ridiculous tweets. Silly foolish man-child. He’s supposed to be President. Act Presidential. Mature, wise, confident, calm, diplomatic.. His energy isn’t awesome – it’s crass, ignorant, volatile, angry, skewed, hateful, vitriolic and menacing. He *brags* about sexually abusing women (grabbing them by their pussies against their will). What are you not seeing here ????

  75. Roman Zenz says:

    Dear Danielle,
    I read your article with a lot of interest and to be quite honest it was nice to feel hopeful about the future of politics in America for a minute. But as much as I commend your glass-half-full attitude, in my opinion the reality is much more bland. U.S. Americans never learn from mistakes and allow history to repeat itself over and over again.

    As somebody having grown up in Germany, I have to tell you: You have to nip those fascist tendencies in the bud through the political system. If you let it play out, it will come back to haunt you. If we think of Hitler right now, we think of Hitler in 1941, when he was powerful and not of Hitler in 1932, before he was elected. Back then nobody took him seriously either, but he said what a lot of people wanted to hear. Germans felt safe to elect him, because they relied on the democratic system in place. Before they knew it that system of democratic checks and balances was gone. Now you might be saying: ‘But that could never happen in the U.S., we have such an old and strong democracy.’ Let’s not kid ourselves: The voting system in the U.S. has been so eroded over the last couple of decades, that this country remains a democracy in name only.

    And the notion to allow the ‘Party of No’ in their various iterations to get to power, so it all goes bad before it can get better, just never works, because of selective amnesia among the voting population. The fact that politicians aren’t held responsible for their actions is causing that feeling of powerlessness a lot of people are experiencing and which is driving them in the arms of a seemingly strong and decisive Donald Trump.

    Following your logic you might argue, that there are good consequences of The Second World War as well. Today Germany is a peace-loving, multi-cultural and socially conscious society, that is an a way a reaction to the experience of the Holocaust. But what a price to pay! I don’t think history supports your argument.

    You need to take the threat of a Trump presidency extremely seriously and stand up to everything that he and his followers represent. This is not the time to put our hands in our laps and wait for fate to play out. The logic that it has to get worse, before it can get better does not apply here.

    • angelfeather says:

      And yet, isn’t it interesting that a lot of people fear that Obama is the wanna-be Hitler, and are concerned that he won’t ever leave office. Funny how that authoritarian shoe can also go on the other foot.

      • Roman Zenz says:

        Excuse me: What? I honestly never heard of that fear you are speaking of and don’t think anyone who is in control of their full mental capacity and has only so much of a slither of knowledge of history would be compelled to compare President Obama to Adolf Hitler. Also I can not find anything ‘funny’ about proverbial authoritarian shoes. The latter might be owed to my proverbial lack of a sense of humor as German.

  76. Mike says:

    What a bunch of bull! I do not know what I find more entertaining – this ridiculous article or the various “America is evil”, “Americans are bigots”, “Bush the Devil”, repsonses that I have read. We the people began to lose this country to the politicians when they decided to make it a lfetime career and not a civic duty. The old axiom about Power was, is and always be true – Power Corrupts… Few, if any, politicians really give a crap about us so everything they do is focused on staying in power. That is why I grew up as an Independent because they are all liars and presidential elections have become voting for the lesser of two evils. We all know Trump is in this for himself but seriously – the others running for president are in it for themselves as well. Sanders’ appeal to the downtrodden has obvious reasons – stick it to the rich guy! All of us should have realized it would come to this – an election gone wild – because those in power want to stay in power. The solution to right our path is both simple and apparently unreachable – severe term limits to ensure civic-minded people run for office – run for office, get elected by the people, do the right thing for the people, and go back to your day job! No special priviledges or perks or exemptions for polititians. BUT, that would require an Act of Congress and Appoval by the President – fat chance of that ever happening with this bunch of morons who are in power.

    • Average Joe says:

      Mike, very well written. When corporations were allowed to be seen as “people” and allowed to contribute to (read BUY) politicians we hit the bottom of the integrity barrel. You hit the nail on the head. There is not one single politician, rethuglican or demoncrat that gives a damn about Jonh Q. Public! They care about money and power. They care about power to keep the money rolling in. I agree 100% with your solution. The solution to right our path is both simple and apparently unreachable – severe term limits to ensure civic-minded people run for office – run for office, get elected by the people, do the right thing for the people, and go back to your day job! No special priviledges or perks or exemptions for polititians. ” Very well stated.

    • Mike, please run for president! And don’t stop at term limits! While you’re at it, ban lobbying and stop taxing income!

  77. Glenn Johnson says:

    Perfectly said. I also wish those who have the ability to reach the masses, would remind us that in order to change, we need to to clean up the Congress and Senate. The President doesn’t just change the laws, etc. It’s the Senate and Congress. Many people forget that as we see over and over again the President always gets the blame. People forget or are blinded of who voted things into law.

  78. quasimodo says:


    When you loosed your demons
    did you ever stop to think
    that they might hate you
    more than those you paid
    them to destroy?
    Did you think your money
    and your guns would buy
    you their affection and loyalty?
    But of course you would,
    in your diseased and infantile
    mind, money can buy you
    love and the five dollar
    whore in the darkened alley
    really really loves you true.
    Do you understand how much
    you are hated and feared
    for your madness and your
    insane and untenable self-regard,
    your vaunted exceptionalism,
    your self-appointed free pass
    to ravage and destroy wherever
    your insane greed chooses?

    Are you listening?
    Do you understand?
    Do you ever listen?
    Will you never understand?

    • fattymoon says:

      Good poem.

    • Me says:

      Listen Quasimido

      Stop preaching from your soapbox.
      You are not speaking about every American.
      We are not perfect but I doubt you are either.
      Do you not see the good as people make a human chain to help someone in a flood in America?
      Do you not see the good as police officers help a homeless teen with a hotel and pass it on and a Go Fund Me page raises thousands to help him go to college on America?
      Do you not see the good as doctors save a homeless dog that is blind and operate for free in America?
      Do you not see the good as we as a country give to other countries in their times of need?
      No doubt America is not perfect but let us see the good.

  79. dreamsawake says:

    Nice rant and way to promote yourself via the Donald! How will you feel if he gets elected? What great deeds will he have done then? Yes we all know the way Bush motivated a lot of us who had been asleep at the wheel to get active and engaged. Obama was the outcome of that wake up call. Unfortunately he did not have the muster to prosecute Bush for war crimes. How different would things be now if he had done the right thing? We also know now the great damage which has been done to our electoral system to make in easier to cheat. What we are seeing is a collapse of all of our systems, which we depend on and have fought so hard as a nation such as voting rights, infrastructure, women’s rights, and civil rights. Truthfully if we were really dealing with our problems as a nation, we would focus more on foreign policy and how we are an imperial power starting wars and gutting countries with violence and weapons with impunity. Why has no one tried to stop us? Because we have the most nuclear bombs. Now the prospect of a complete sociopath holding the reigns of power is perhaps the worst way of addressing this issue, but we as Americans need to understand that we are torturers, and bombers of innocent children and civilians across the world. We orchestrate coups that instigate more violence, we intervene in world conflict to depose dictators and leave a power vacuum for fundamentalist groups to take root and take power. We are now seeing the same thing in America after the Banking crisis and no one was prosecuted. This left a power vacuum and now we see fundamentalists taking power. While I voted for Obama, he could have done more to prosecute the banksters and George W. Bush and company for war crimes. Now we are left with the ravages of a political system that is governed by money interests and lobbyists. Bernie Sanders is the only one trying to clean up this mess, and he has been speaking truth to power in this historic campaign. The headline should read, Why Bernie Sanders is the best thing to ever happen to the U.S.

  80. quasimodo says:

    At the height of his popularity Hitler had the support of more than 90% of the German populace. Trump is reading straight from Hitler’s playbook. When, as seems likely, he will be President, do you suppose he’ll go against the Corporatocracy’s supplanting of sovereign nations via the TPPs and TSIS which cede superior legal status to Corporates over Nation States? Do you think your “exposure” of the great American Barbarism will cause the great red necked unwashed rabble to wake up as from a dream and come to their senses? Seriously? The American Empire is already dead, it’s just taking the normal length of time that it takes for this to sink in. A little less own trumpet blowing and a lot less preaching to the convertible would be a step forward for you.

  81. Nicole says:

    I couldn’t have said it better than this:

    “The fact remains that Donald Trump receives the unfaltering dedication and hero worship from his followers not because he speaks his mind — but the that fact that Donald Trump is indeed, speaking their mind.”

    My only challenge here is this quote: “And in business, it’s all or nothing.”

    Danielle, could you explain this more? In the context it seems you are generalizing Moguls, or Big Business Owners…(which you may not be, the writing gives that impression)…That’s one divide that I see with a lot of spiritually focused people in my tribe- they see wealth and Business as this evil, seperate thing….meanwhile often feeling entitled to receive help and handouts from the “evil rich.”

    I think that polarity is one we have to resolve. While there are big corporations doing major damage (as you mentioned with cheap labor and we also know environmentally)- there are also higher value enterprises emerging. Personally I’ve met more amazing multi millionaires who truly care in the past year than not. I think ultimately creating businesses and socially sustainable enterprises (like Tom’s Shoes- which donates a pair or shoes for every pair purchased) will create more change than getting riled up about and invested into politics. Let’s stop giving power to the government and look at what WE, as Infinitely Creative Souls can do for ourselves and each other.

  82. AJ says:

    Would you similarly conclude that, in the bigger scheme of things and in the end, Hitler also largely unified collective consciousness?

    • Tsur.t says:

      Hey Aj,
      My answer is yes, at least in three aspects I know of:
      1) World war II led eventually to the union of Europe (European union). This is not trivial. Europe was the result of most wars on earth. Today they are the most consciously mature continent on earth. They learned the hard way.
      2) He united the Jews all over the world and caused the world to accept the necessity for them to have their own country.
      3) With his fall, he brought to the fall of at least 3 more dictatorships (Japan, Italy and Spain)

      Most of the humanity do not seek to change. This is why the way we learn things is the hard way.
      If more people would have sought self-development and self-awareness, we would not have had to make such big mistakes in order to learn not to do them.
      So Hitler did unite parts of the world and made us wiser, but we don’t have to have catastrophes in order to learn.

      • Rhonda says:

        Oh, well, then. The torture and death of millions of people, and the suffering and displacement of millions more, was well worth it. Let the Donald have his way with us, it’s all good.

      • Me says:

        He also killed 6 million Jewish people and believe me that is one collective energy…

  83. Maria says:

    Despite a couple typos, this is brilliantly written. Thank you.

  84. Yes, please, by all means, let’s send this article to the family of the Puertorican man who was shot and killed by his White neighbor because he spoke Spanish with his son (who survived). I’m sure they’re very grateful for Trump’s ideologies giving excuse to a crazed bigot to put in practice his true beliefs. You might have the privilege to thank the Universe for this enlightenment, but some of us, whose first language is NOT English and who do NOT look like white U.S citizens, do not.

  85. David Zunker says:

    Very sad commentary. You may be psychic but you are promoting darkness by supporting Trump. He will not be the President. He is spewing nonsense, has no policies. He promotes hate, violence, and division. And his massive ego. He was born wealthy, cares nothing for the common family, and has a trail of failed businesses. He is an arrogant twit with no reason for his empty pride.

    • Faye Hall says:

      I don’t think she wants him to be president. I certainly don’t want him to be president.

    • Me says:

      If Trump loses he wins (all his followers will stay at his Hotels) He will be a future RNC speaker if their is still an RNC. His business will boom. If he wins America will lose.. hope, women’s rights (If a woman has an abortion she should be punished he said) Hispanics will be deported, Muslims whom he bashes all the time.

  86. Wow. Amazing point of view. Thank you for sharing.

  87. Roi says:

    The USA is a paper fictional corporation! Every president except for one has been related by blood. It’s a family cartel of rulers with only the illusion of freedom. This is an economic plantation and the systems of control are worldwide. Divide the earth into little portions, get people waring and economically competing against each other and it becomes easy to control people. Issue all of the currency worldwide through a central bank and the ultimate control – financial becomes how the ship of Gaia is steered! People vote for their own enslavement beLIEving they have a right to vote because that is the false history they have been taught. Donald Trump is no more a solution than Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders or any of the other paid shills who are a stand for a legal fictional and delusional system of harm.

  88. Hi Danielle,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insight. Your perspective is a much needed (and appreciated one)! Sometimes when we see something ugly and scary, it can represent the coming change that will end up benefiting us all (if we don’t run away from it). You had a wonderful way of expressing that possibility.

    I just covered this vibration on one of my shows as well – talking about the growing resonance among Trump supporters that is continually spreading.

    My hope is that the exposure of this ugliness will result in people looking within instead of lashing out. Change can be such a simple process – but taking that first step inward may be the most difficult step of all.

    Thanks again for sharing!


  89. Kirk says:

    It’s a steep learning curve.

    Your article reminds me of a song in the Coen brothers movie, Brother Where Art Thou? “Keep on the sunny side.”

    Assuming they intended a message (always a bad assumption) it would jibe with yours, and they produced that movie 16 years ago! The movie evokes another era, when the only thing we had to fear was fear itself. A lot of the elements are the same — race, poverty, politics and American minstrelry.

  90. Lynn Winborn says:

    Does it really help raise the consciousness of America, or does Trump just give permission for the collective ego to run amok? How many of his followers will actually do the work required to evolve spiritually? Do they even want to evolve? From what I see in comments on many articles, many of his followers aren’t even capable of coherent communication, or of independent research, or thinking for themselves. They only act like playground bullies, picking on those who are different, name calling, pushing people around. And Trump is the leader of the gang.

    • Tsur.t says:

      Hey Lynn,
      You cannot change that which lurks in the dark. In order for it to change it must be exposed.
      Those people aren’t going to change because they want to evolve, but because the rising consciousness in the world and in the American society will not tolerate such a behaviour.
      Lately, Obama said something very interesting. He said that tramps opinions are not much different than that of many other candidates in the Republican party.
      I’m don’t understand much in the details of American politics, but the consciousness tramp representing is the same as of George Bush(s).
      Back then these energies were covered with politeness and rationality.
      Trump helps us to see more clearly it’s true nature.

      By the way, this is a very similar procedure to that which happens with Isis.
      The beliefs this organisation holds are not new. They were there all the time, among the Muslim society. Saudi Arabia, as a country, has legal executions not far different than that which Isis performs, and it treats women and homosexuals not better.
      Isis is the catalysator of cleaning the Muslim society of this old consciousness.
      The Muslim world sees now better than ever what is the nature of this energy, and many of them say “no more”.

      • Linda Shovea says:

        Thank you Tsur.t …well said, and explained. “In order for it to change, it must be exposed”. And nobody is comfortable with change, eh? But change is necessary in growth! I think your opinion, being outside of America, is crucial. Thank you again.

  91. stephan geras says:

    this essay defines and demonstrates why healing and critical political analysis are effectively completely estranged from each other. And this is the reason why we are here, now. Intuition and critical analysis here are sadly estranged. It’s called dumbing down.

  92. themonthebard says:

    So Donald Trump actually IS the American Antichrist. 🙂 He is perfectly and transparently channeling the darkest side of the US American unconsciousness — not because it has “possessed” him in some Hollywood fashion, but because it fits so perfectly with his very human strengths and weaknesses.

  93. Sally says:

    Namaste. I woke this morning with the words “I am a hypocrite” echoing in my mind and spent the last hour examining, acknowledging, and welcoming all of that home. I recognized that Trump and in fact all of them are mirrors of me, reflections of aspects of me that I’ve resisted for so long. And then I came to FB and read this exquisite piece. Perfect timing!

  94. Paul says:

    WOW…..what a great speech. “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears……………”

  95. smilecalm says:

    deep, true expression, danielleegnew!
    may we awaken
    with this challenge
    & keep from falling
    into the abyss 🙂

  96. Frankcraven says:

    We R 1. All being is connected to source. A popularity contest amongst candidates is old school divide and conquer by illuminati, we are indigenous counsel fire wisdom keepers that have a phone technology now to track individual voters vers rigged computers and electoral college represent some moneyed interested in US!

  97. Karen Wan says:

    Reblogged this on Our Enchanting Adventure and commented:
    Fascinating article . . . I hope that our American consciousness expands to be more loving and kind to each other.

  98. Thank you for validating that it is indeed time to look in the shadows.

  99. Robert says:

    “… Hillary Clinton for that matter, who has spoken her mind sharply enough to draw decades of calculated wrath from the pharmaceutical companies, the oil industry, and the gun lobbies.” All of which are financial contributors, big time. Perhaps that energy vector was overlooked. It does all seem to be political theater, and the oligarchical fix is in. I failed to believe the Trump is some sort of morality play. I think he is more a reflection of the worst of human nature, He is the Jerry Springer side of us, and we have forgotten the difference between information and low entertainment.

    • Todd says:

      Do you Leftistsbhonestly think that by silencing a person’s first amendment rights by violence is American? And Libertarian? And Nationalist? This thing line behaviour by NON trump advocates is what will DESTROY America.And the millenialista sheople and the brainwashed left beleive they are in accountable..As usual…Clinton Admires Senators who are KKK members, so wthu , and stop being so blind!! Trump is not racist, but because the Left beleived in subjectiveness, there’s no discernment of what is or isn’t.Evil is good, and good is evil…Ppl, and America has NEVER been more divided, and I beleive civil war is on the horizon. I, as a conservative, am not even allowed to go onto a college campus to publicly voice my views without being mobbed, so.etimes violent by Leftists who are CO.pletely brainwashed, and cry ” tolerance” while being utterly vile and intolerant absolutely…idiots…

  100. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💡🐬🐟🐘🐳🌲🐋🐄🎂🙈🕯🐉🎼🐝🎃🐠🐆🌩👽🐌🤖😇😀☃🌎🐵♻️🌐

    Or something like that! 🙂

  101. Erica says:

    Are you high?? Legit question…

  102. Elise says:

    Brilliantly written ! Thank you for being the conduit for these words and perspective to be shared. I have, just as many other healers and people on their spiritual journey have, had this discussion over and over. We are shifting to a new paradigm, a higher universal consciousnes and we are at the brink of making that choice, to step forward into the unknow that will not include some people’s normalcy of hatred and marginalization, but that very unknown will include a brighter, happier and more balanced future. Where healing can and will Occur on all layers of our being. This is more promising than not making the choice to take that step!
    Thank you, I honour the spirit in you.

  103. Loreena says:

    This is one individuals over blown ego’s interpretation and it is interesting how it has been presented to favor their viewpoint and to put down and degrade any one that would differ. I would say all that was said about Donald is true of the author/medium. Yes he does reflect much of what’s going on in United States but he also represents newness and breaking out of status quo which does not work for all. Of the two choices Hillary or Donald I will take Donald any day. He is playing the political game and he is showing everyone the evil in it. In my book he’s more of an awakener, to many he brings hope. This is the awakening of the planet and of the people.
    Danielle you have used the light to promote your bias viewpoint you in fact YOU have many of the so called negative qualities that you have criticized/pointed out about Donald. He may not win but he has awakened a sleeping giant had for that America should be happy to have their spine back.

    • Julianna Drew says:

      Loreena, I agree that we need to break out of the status quo, absolutely and Donald is certainly doing that for sure!! But he’s doing it by making things even worse…he’s brought us to the brink of WW3 for goodness sake. He shows us how NOT to behave. He has zero dignity, calmness, diplomacy. He’s a pathetic playground bully, not to mention a sexual predator (grabbing women’s pussies against their will) for goodness sake – he’s sick and twisted. He’s the epitomy of everything wrong with humanity – ignorance, selfishness, misogyny, marginalization, ego, unkindness, pride, sadism, and crassness.

  104. Monika says:

    Danielle, What you have written resonates so strongly with me. Over time I have reflected on what is being played out in the USA. This is where my reflections took me .I believe there is a Divine Plan and I took a look from a different perspective. Light workers say we chose to be here at this time to do the work so . Perhaps Trumps’ role in the awakening process is akin to the resurrection of Jesus. So many hate and condemn Judas, however if Judas had not played his part in the Divine Plan, would we have the resurrection story? Light workers acknowledge that we came here at this time to play our part. So, if this is our thinking, is it possible that Trump is also playing his part by exposing the disenfranchisement, inequality and immorality of the current political system?

  105. Tsur.t says:

    Thank you Danielle,
    Just some hours ago I asked to be given with some answers that would shed light on the enigmatic process taking place with the popularity of trump, and here it is…
    I’m not an American, I live in Israel, and I believe a similar process is taking place in Israel too.
    A year ago we had an election, that seemed is going to bring a change.
    At the last moment our long lasting, old consciousness leader, “Benjamin Netanyahu”, managed to win the election using a racist trick that met some of the deepest fears of many people.
    Now we have the most extremist government we had for decades, but I believe (at least I hope) it is a part of a cleaning process, since the current government is so corrupted, they don’t even bother hiding it, and I hope that now, the old consciousness people who chose it, would see more clearly what is the nature of this low energy.
    I feel you (U.S.A) are very fortunate to have a leader like Obama for the last 8 years. He is definitely a representative of the new consciousness.
    In this aspect, I think we are lagging behind you.

  106. Simon Leigh says:

    Do the bigoted, fearful, ill-educated Trump fans really hide their opinions for fear of being disapproved of? By whom? They’re not a minority; the elitists like you and me are the minority.

    • Marko Simon says:

      Simon, I don’t know that anyone has hard data on what percentage of people support Trumps ideas compared to those who don’t. Sure polls are one thing, but those numbers might be false.

      I think the point the author is making here is that what is so liberating for the Trump followers is finally they can shine their true colors. Finally they can speak of hatred and supremacy and SOMEONE is finally supporting and hearing them! The roots of the weed of bigotry and racism run deep and long in the USA. The roots of this weed have been alive and well. Now that the weed is starting to grow a stem and flower (we can see the flower, but the root of racism is hidden underground), we can more easily see it for what it is and hopefully our country (everyone, both for and against Trump) will do their part in pulling this weed, taproot and all, up out of the ground for good.

      • Anthony says:

        Let’s not complicate the reason Why? It is obvious that a big % of people are just tired of trying to be political correct on religion, race, nationality 2nd amendment ect.. Trump is a very dangerous man and his beliefs are radical but Trump supporters don’t think it will effect them so they are willing to Break a few eggs to make an omelet such as Black lives Matters, Immigration, ect. They are not filled with hate and racism just tired of living life by the rules , working for what they have and not getting anywhere. Can you Blame them?

  107. johnbpeebles says:

    Demographics have shifted to the point a winning candidate must capture many non-white voters.
    What it takes to win a Republican primary is not what wins a General Election. I wonder if the GOP has become so white that its candidates have no ability to identify with the needs of the minority.
    An open tent is needed if the Republicans want to offer a real choice.
    I don’t see any mention of the two party system. We are conditioned into accepting only one of two choices when in fact there are so many voices–perhaps even a majority–that go unrepresented. Unfortunately the two party system gives us no options. It also turns criticism of one candidate into support for another. This means being anti-Trump is being pro-Hillary. There’s no way to avoid that…
    Your article is wise to point out the maturation process that we as a country are experiencing. It’s like we haven’t thought through where we are and where we need to go–like a teenager.
    There’s also been a huge issue with individualism, especially with the Boomer generation. Everything was fine back when they were at their peak earning years, but they now need the help of others, as too little has been saved, either by our government or by the soon-to-retire.
    One last point: unvetted Muslim immigrants do present a threat. Is it racist when a large percentage of one particular group believe in the destruction of Western pluralism and its replacement with religious rules governing all manner of behavior? That’s a real threat to our liberty. Liberals are far too tolerant of people who would use their tolerance to exercise homophobia and degradation of woman–things that must not be tolerated. They should be kept out and it’s not racist to say so. It isn’t it evil to stop evil things where they must be stopped as it takes nothing more than good people to do nothing for evil to prosper.

    • K keating says:

      Large percentage of Muslims? Not true!

    • johnbpeebles, I am writing specifically in response to this aspect of what you wrote:

      “unvetted Muslim immigrants do present a threat. Is it racist when a large percentage of one particular group believe in the destruction of Western pluralism and its replacement with religious rules governing all manner of behavior? That’s a real threat to our liberty.”

      In responding to you and this belief of yours, I point out to you that I have not only lived for two years in an Islamic republic, but have widely traveled in more than a dozen countries that are exclusively or predominantly Muslim*.

      My personal experience of meeting people, talking with them, and introducing myself as an American in these countries leads me to challenge your perspective that “a large percentage” of Muslims “believes in the destruction of Western pluralism.” Your notion could not only be further from the truth, but the fact that many people believe this is at the root of the very problem that Danielle writes about here..

      It leads me to ask you how it is that you acquired this belief. If it has been via the media, then I think it is high time you question what you read and see in the media, because you are being misled. If your view is the result of your travels and personal experiences with Muslim people, then I will just have to state that we have had different experiences in our travels.

      Overall, I applaud Danielle’s analysis as written here. I not only believe it to be accurate, but I hope that we, as citizens and voters in the USA, take up the challenge by roundly defeating Donald Trump at the ballot box, thus showing to each other and the rest of the world that we reject the hatred and narcissism that he displays, in favor of living in a nation and a world that truly looks beyond the superficial differences among us. Next time you have the opportunity to say the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag, I ask you to ask yourself if you really do believe in a life of liberty and justice for all.

      *List off the top of my head of the countries I am talking about: Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal, Mali, The Gambia, Tunisia, Egypt, Indonesia, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar.

    • Like I always say, I will not discuss racism unless one is willing to discuss religion. The first book I read when I first came here at when I was twenty-one years old escaping a fascist regime, was “Why I am not Christian” by Bertrand Russell. He laid out a convincing case against the three revealed religions for the damage they have caused to humanity. Islam laid the grown work for racism and the Roman Catholic Church, better known as the Holy Roman Empire followed suit with Papal pronouncements that have led to the conversation we are having today. Everything you accuse Muslims of are also being advocated by The American Brand of Christian militancy, are symbolized by Ted Cruz and most of the membership of the GOP/TEA PARTY/KKK IN THREE-PIECE SUIT for example and are also present inside the military. White supremacy is the DISEASE THAT HAS ALWAYS AFFLICTED THIS NATION, and now the patient is almost TERMINAL.

    • To say “Many Muslims are racist, therefore they should be kept out” is in itself a racist statement.
      Everyone deserves to be treated according to his own virtues and character, and not according to what “Many of those in his group” believe or don’t believe.

    • Scott Gorrell says:

      “Unveiled Muslim immigrants do present a threat”??! Any threat the very small minority of Muslims intent on sabotage through terrorism presents is far overshadowed by the very real danger presented by Christian Fundamentalists. They already have infiltrated our political and governmental bodies (especially Congress) and are striving for a theonomy (and ultimately a theocracy) of their choosing. They have schools (Patrick Henry College is best known) whose only purpose is to teach their followers how to infiltrate the federal government and press their influence into law. A few Muslim terrorists can attack the surface of the U.S body, causing a few scabs; Christian Fundamentalists are a cancer killing the brain, the mind and the soul of the U.S. body.

  108. Caroline says:

    The psychological analysis you make here as to how many Americans are projecting their fears onto Trump is very thorough and accurate. Trump is a reflection of the infantile, greedy shadow of America in dire need of healing. The trends are clearly here and flowing energetically. Yes, I am grateful for this unraveling, yet I will not thank Trump himself. I find it immoral to thank anyone for causing harm. As well, it would be naive for me to presume that we will automatically arise as a gentler nation as a result of the impending upheaval. Sorry, but no one can predict the future. There has been and will be abuse of power/fascism, as well as awakening from the trance of such cruelties. More than ever it is incumbent upon us to act both inwardly and outwardly in favor of the highest good.

    • danielleegnew says:

      “More than ever it is incumbent upon us to act both inwardly and outwardly in favor of the highest good.” Absolutely Caroline — I agree 100%! it appears as though this is exactly what folks will be inspired to do after watching the outward theater of this type of negativity, which in turn inspires a kinder environment. One could even call that “rational cause-and-affect” as opposed to “seeing the future” :). And truly, my thanks to Mr. Trump is a tongue-in-cheek nod in the interest of satire in the blog. I am indeed grateful for the opportunity for all this ugliness to be out in the open. It takes a great deal of energy to maintain a white elephant this big within the room, and it’s been my observation that this particular energy drain is one of the major sapping points in our nation, emotionally. Time will tell the tale :).

      • eflower47 says:

        Thank you danielleegnew for a summary that gives a higher perspective on a what at present is a circus/sideshow… Outside of America we have had these thoughts of what it represents to the rest of the world… It has been a threat. It wants power and to be more powerful than anybody else instead of uniting and becoming a powerful society… As we know power is not received from coporocracy, militarism or wealth. America is a society that has grown as a new land to lead towards new ideas and yet it has allowed the age old idealism of White European leadership through royalty whereas it has led its citizens to believe in the Prince and his Princess ‘happy ever after’ theory and those who do not conform, like you say, supress their anger, hate and vitriol and yet deep down believe in the dream or possibility!
        Unfortunately we also know that these stories come with fear and anger that create wars among those which want to hold their ground and keep their status and their soil for their own choosing believing in their own power! From my country I have watched as it’s people want to follow two directions. That of the old White European and yet that of the new thoughts and ideas and it sits on a very hinged fence not knowing which way to jump. It is a country of many possibilities and yet it is relying itself on these two big idealism.
        I, like, you believe the consciousness will bring out those of the unconscious mind to realise a better way. Unfortunately I am not so sure of this election campaign (as in Hillary) however for future campaigns I know there is an uprising of those that wish to embrace the higher consciousness and yes as we see the plays of ‘Dark and Light’ and it’s many spin offs we see the rising of those with a higher consciousness!

  109. Heather Foran says:

    Very well said, my friends mother and I have had this very same discussion. And conclusion. We feel we have crossed the tipping point our Millennials are here we can grow up, and we are canvassing tomorrow for whom we think may lead our growth. When I saw Marianne Williamson say I’m In, my heart soared we are awakening.

    • danielleegnew says:

      Amen sister!!! I’m In too, and what a beautiful call to participating we are all responding to. Evaluating how “disconnected” many have become in the energetic process of government — once we are-connect and our “give a darn” stops being busted, the beautiful tides of change flood in :).

      • @danielleegnew: who are you?! those of us doing deep REAL spiritual work, shun you and are ashamed of you…you lack PURE intention and a grasp of the greater perspective…Trump is not a catalyst to Higher Consciousness, just a well planned divisive distraction…the “The Grand Chessboard” is fixed and you are but a tool/fool: shift the PARADIGM not the chess pieces…wish we could do this in person but feel free to rebutt so maybe, just maybe, you will begin to see the errors in your path…

      • “…and our “give a darn” stops being busted, the beautiful tides of change flood in”

        These words call tears to my eyes…

        I have two millennial daughters whose give a darn is on fire like so many among them. Thank you for these words, and your breath blowing life into the hearth fire.

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