Why Voting in the 2016 Presidential Election is the Biggest Spiritual Act of Our Time

This election is playing out exactly as it looked like it would play out as I peered through the ethers back in May. Yet even though one may be able to spot the rocky terrain ahead –

—  it still doesn’t prepare a person for the actual jolt of the ride.

I channel information that’s given to me to share. The Universe has no desire to watch people panic, and whatever truths may be shared in order to waylay some panic, well – that’s my job, as the translator. I feel like the Anderson Cooper of the spiritual realm, although he has much better glasses. Though Anderson and I don’t exactly do the same type of work, and he would probably squirm in his beautiful shoes at being compared to a Psychic, we do the same type of job: We break news.

And that doesn’t always make everyone happy. Yet it is what it is.

As a spiritual news-breaker, I’ve written a number of blogs and produced a number of videos on how this 2016 Presidential Election is not about the President at all, but about a demonstration in a shift of consciousness and in outmoded operating systems as we move from the masculine time frame into the feminine.

At the time, this message was a touch ahead of the curve, as the country was still in the primaries. There seemed to be some furrowed brows over the fact that some wild-haired chick in her robe and glasses was espousing energetic election results, and even more furrowed brows that the same woman had not only called out a dated and abusive out-of-balance masculine energy, but named Hillary Clinton, not Bernie Sanders — the winner of the 2016 election.

What was a Psychic doing, messing with political projections? Talking about male and female energies? Was it a ploy, to get visibility? Was she paid by the Hillary campaign, or a secret spokesperson? Was she a man-hater? (Because Facebook showed she had a wife.) I was disavowed by a few people in my own spiritual field who claimed that I was one step off of being an ambulance chaser – a sensationalist for my own gain wading into pseudo-celebrity waters by even being associated with the name “Donald Trump”.

As the translator, the spiritual news reporter – I sat back and watched the many reactions to this news I had placed forward. I observed many hanging upon this messenger their deepest fears. It was fascinating and a little frightening at the same time as death threats peppered threads on my YouTube channel and wove between rational comments on my blog.

In the face of quite an emotional and energetic storm, I knew that none of this was about me.

In fact, when the dust settled, the message I’d passed along had done its job. It resonated, and continues to resonate, as the collective many have looked into this fire and have attempted to make sense of the unusual sparks.

My blog post “Why Donald Trump is the Best Thing to Ever Happen to the USA” and my Presidential Prediction video both went viral. I was contacted by the Washington Post to add my two cents on the shift on consciousness we are experiencing, and the Huffington Post cited my work as accurately making sense of this time frame. People everywhere were tuning in, waking up, realizing that indeed – there was a bigger picture attempting to paint itself past the usual hair-splitting and name-calling that elections bring forward.

As the real nature of the lesson of this election has made itself more and more clear, I’ve since been a national tele-conference speaker alongside New York Times best-selling authors, been humbled to be on the cover of a Magazine, sat on a “State-of-the-world” panel with accomplished individuals such as a Rabbi, a Muslim woman, and an infectious diseases specialist. I’ve been a guest on terrific radio programs and have even chatted about politics with Ghost Hunters Jason Hawes and JV Johnson on their radio show. I continue to get a chance to speak on the evolving nature of this consciousness, yet six months into the circus – the spiritual news broadcast is making a lot more sense to most folks.

That whole time-lapse-confusion part is simply a job hazard in my field.

Through this election process, we’ve watched energy exchanges in the Presidential debates where a centered and focused Hillary Clinton has weathered the blustering, stammering, sniffing, pacing, stomping, shifting, scowling, interrupting, and looming of Donald Trump. No matter which candidate – or neither – that anyone prefers, the outward display of caricature-like behavior exhibited by Mr. Trump is driving the nail of ascendance deeper into the consciousness coffin.

As I’ve mentioned before, Donald Trump is here to represent a dying consciousness; one of ego, victimization, bullying, narcissism, and the out-of-balance masculine. These chest-bumping attributes of 20th century cigar-chewing, suspender-snapping conquest are antiquated in a global society where working together is necessary for not only the preservation of one another, but our planet.

As a human species, we learn through contrast. So here comes The Donald, unapologetically wielding every trick in the used car salesman’s handbook (1985 edition), demonstrating for us that the “guy with the credit card” energy falls flat against the empowered feminine. The grandmother energies are upon our wounded earth, as heralded by the Hopi Nation ten thousand years ago. And every naughty little boy is going to get a wooden spoon to the butt – spiritually speaking.

Donald Trump appears to be on a divine schedule: As the clock ticks down to November 8th, he somehow recognizes that soon, his name shall disappear into the annals of news history, so he’s going to make sure to throw down every exaggerated man-tantrum behavior before he loses the unprecedented press coverage.

As someone who reads timelines, I’m grateful for his unwavering dedication to the petulant. It appears that only through his jaw-dropping demonstrations of projectile hubris are we willing to learn that being a completely separatist authoritarian bully who lacks accountability yet fakes it ‘til he makes it – doesn’t work in the 21st century.

Societally in the USA, it is to our best interest to get it together in the area of overall consciousness, and we don’t seem to want to do that until we’re threatened with a world leader who basically – can’t. In more plain terms – we really need to stop bickering over everyone’s differences and embrace our own accountability and strengths instead of distracting ourselves with lowest-common-denominator dramas.

The next two years is going to pose difficulties in not only clean drinking water here in the USA and abroad, but difficulties navigating world weather. So building walls, blaming others, and creating an isolationist culture of fear doesn’t exactly cut it.

At this point, I look at Donald Trump as an activist, championing his representation of the dying 20th century patriarch with dedication. He’s placed nearly 100 million of his own dollars into propagating this image, and I cannot thank him enough for investing in the education and expedited evolution of America that would have never taken place – without him.

And he’s not finished yet. With the latest “Looming Trump” body language exhibited in the Town Hall Debate in St. Louis, Mr. Trump has kicked the lid off of another septic vat of consciousness as women everywhere were spun into anxiety attacks while recalling the overbearing posturing of their father, their husband, their brother.

As Hillary quoted first lady Michelle Obama, going high when he went low, Trump continued to squirm and twist and turn and grip the back of the chair as if at any moment, he would explode with the indignation of literally – having all of his power removed by moderators and a rather unshaken opponent. There was a moment in the debate where my wife turned to me and said, “Hillary needs a drink after this.” I mentioned I was fairly sure it was whiskey. And perhaps that would be a two-shot evening.

I personally received dozens of emails from women asking me what to do, from a spiritual perspective, with the level of resentment that had emerged while watching Trump pace in and out of Hillary Clinton’s personal space like an impatient large cat as she answered questions. Women described to me feeling “sick”, “anxious”, and revisiting the traumatic stress that living with a narcissist, a bully, and an emotional abuser had left within them.

Some women were shocked at the feelings that emerged while watching Trump, not even realizing that their childhoods had been so fraught with tension – until they watched it play out on national TV. I even heard from a few men who had lived through difficult and abusive fathers who were also made tremendously uncomfortable by Trump. The underlying commonality between these groups was the fact that most of them felt they had dealt with their issues around their fathers – or so they thought.

Until they felt panic, and sickness, and smallness, in watching what Hillary Clinton managed to completely ignore. It was then that they realized a small child still resided within them, frightened by the bully, terrified by the narcissist.

The consciousness experience known as Donald Trump is the gift that keeps on giving, and he’s not done yet. With such a limited amount of time left to completely encapsulate a mentality that is flying out the door faster than a red shirt out of a Star Trek airlock, we are going to see more intense outbursts of seemingly unfathomable conscience from Mr. Trump. Yet that’s what he’s here to do. And the more outrageous Donald becomes, the closer we are to turning a corner to a new chapter in consensus in American government. And we are ready.

The spiritual ticker tape is ripe with future news, and the news wire isn’t bleak, but hopeful and brilliant:

This is the era of the divine feminine. The truth is that we have many years of growth ahead of us. There will be an historic election of women into the Congress this year, with focus on minorities. Hillary Clinton will be elected into office with a near 63% margin. There will be an unprecedented working together of both political parties as the USA is faced with tough challenges in energy, water, and climate. Infrastructure will boom and jobs will be on the rise. Education is boosted as Bernie Sanders comes onboard as a higher education advisor to a new task force that will be put into place to better serve students and those who wish to obtain alternative education in vocational aptitudes. The green energy act coming into play will boost innovation within the USA and the limping steel industry is moved ahead with new gas furnaces as dwindling coal companies are given dividends to train their employees in alternative energy means.

This is a time of great transition, and fast transition. The focus will not only be on a better America – but being a better world steward.

In the midst of this golden growth, there will be those whose identities have been so mired in the dysfunction of the abusive 20th century patriarch that the new world improvements simply will not be acknowledged, or believed. There will be those whose form of income is derived from the suffering of others. The plain and simple truth of an America on the rise will be dismissed as spin and media manipulation because that reality is the only world that many know; they shall cling to the identity of the limited, the victimized, the fearful, for as long as possible.

It will be our job to be patient with those who struggle against the tide of great growth and improvement. Their fear is a prison and compassion is the only key to early release. To judge someone caught in the snare of fear is to admit that we will never be free of fear, ourselves.

We are in transit, and the train is slowing pulling into the new world. This world is created by our choices and our willingness to work together – because thanks to Donald Trump, we have seen what it looks like to work apart. Everyone in this breakneck evolution has played a valuable role – especially Donald. We couldn’t have done it without him.

To all who have participated in this great ascension process– I have gratitude. We aren’t done yet. But the ship is almost to the dock. And when we get there –

– it’s going to be one heck of a party.


About danielleegnew

Named "Psychic of the Year" by UFO's and Supernatural Magazine, Danielle Egnew is an internationally-known Psychic, Medium and Angelic Channel whose work has been featured on national TV (NBC, ABC, TNT, USA) as well as in the Washington Post and Huffington Post. She has provided content consultant services for the CW's hit series "Supernatural" and the blockbuster film "Man of Steel". Danielle is also an author, teacher, and TV / radio host in the field of metaphysics. She anchors her private practice in the Big Sky Country of Montana, residing with her wife and their daughter.
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28 Responses to Why Voting in the 2016 Presidential Election is the Biggest Spiritual Act of Our Time

  1. Troy Sosa says:

    Heello mate great blog post

  2. Obama Jackass says:

    Donald Trump IS the ascension. Baby! If you aren’t feeling it , guess what? … you are being left behind.

  3. radar says:

    LOLOL. So much for such confidence ‘Hillary will win 63%”. The embodiment of feminine energy. hehehe. Nope. i see her to be hawkish. Btw. Trump won today. I loved Bernie. but now i make peace with what IS.I am infact glad that its trump not hillary who won. I find her more hungry for war than Trump. I dont know trump . apart from media’s projecition of him being racists etc etc. Its an opportunity for this country to find out who he is. i trust this is a step towards harmony even if many cannot see it .

    • Alexi Frest says:

      Bernie boy, we see how you good old boys are all LOLOL over Trump. It shows who you Bernie supporters are. You have nothing to do with progress and the Democratic Party. You only gave trouble to us. You are the kind of thugs who stood in front of Hillary rallies with signs “You deserve to be raped.” You are a good white male and do not mind that Trump is racist and misogynist. Bitter old Bernie is the same as Trump, there is NO difference between them, and no, we, the majority, Hillary’s voters, will never vote for you, misogynist folks. What do you know about feminine energy? Aside from obviously enjoying to taunt us and humiliate us? No, thank you, Bernie voter. We do not need two Republican parties. WE Democrats do not give our party to you.* You are too happy to laugh that Trump won and not Hillary, you clearly do not mind how immigrant children are torn from their mothers, how people with serious diseases lost health care coverage, how elderly, sick, and disabled people lost vital help and now they struggle to survive. You Bernie voters lied that you were friends of the environment, ask Texas where Bernie sent toxic dump, and all the half billion solar panels that will NOT be built for the next 4 years, or should I ask you about national parks opened for rigging? That is how Bernie is “anti-fracking”. Thank you, Bernie, you are SUCH a good friend of people and the environment. *You per se clearly do not mind that Planned Parenthood facilities lose support – you white boy knock up your girlfriend and you can run away, like your good old Bernie did. Not much reason to trust and like you and your candidates! Forget any sort of support from us, the majority of Democratic voters!

  4. junett says:

    you’re not going to address the corruption that Hilary represents? she is no divine feminine. she harbors a dark energy, I’m very surprised you didn’t pick up on it. all empaths can easily detect this.

  5. Alex says:

    Men are influenced by things like ‘How can we avoid future wars? What can we do to rebuild the economy so that we can build healthy families? How can we end the endemic government corruption?’

    Women are influenced by things like ‘Trump looked menacing from that camera angle how he stood behind Donald Trump.’

    There is a reason that the pyshopathic global elites pushed feminism so hard in the 20th century. It’s been a wonderful tool for the subjugation and enslavement of humanity.

    Let’s be honest – talking about the repressive patriarchy while advocating for the relentless, lifelong warmonger who has the blood of tens of thousands on her hands and is loudly beating the drums for war with Russia is not just misguided. It’s is frankly evil, for all of humanity.

  6. mahala2020 says:

    I agree 100% with this. Yes, i loved Bernie – and No, the world was not ready for him – YET- and while people are so willing to demonize her – so much of that seems unfair to me. I am not a big fan- but once she became the only Alternative – i began to really look at what had formed my dislike – and the more i dug – the more i realized (Real Eyesed) that MUCH (not all) of it was hyped up hyperbole shaping my opinion. Few could have survived the past 30 years of attacks –and still be standing to fight another day for the causes she believes in. She would NEVER be where she his if she had not “compromised” a lot along the way. I am not an apologist for her- but i am SEEING it more clearly now. I stand with her and i cannot imagine any of us being in her seat at that second debate – with angry crowds screaming “Lock her UP” and the Neanderthal man promising – HE WOULD in fact do just that. And calling her “the devil”. She is no Angel but she is not the DEMON people seem to think. She is a human being. Flawed, courageous, strong, and deeply committed. Let’s get behind her. She needs all of us. I too believe that NOTHING could have brought the two parties together like this election. They WILL Be working together now- (at least most of them) because they can now see what can happen when they don’t. Thank Danielle for your insights – and blogs. 63% seems “right” to me- just wish it was 90!

    • Kavita says:

      I love your comment, and totally identify with your thoughts and feelings. I’m an All About Bernie kind of gal, and a dyke to boot, and it took me a good long while to search within to locate the source of my anger(s) about HRC. Having made some surprising discoveries (like, my own misogyny, among other things), I recognize that my main aim is to play my part in DT not-being elected. That means voting for the only candidate who stands a chance at winning. That also happens to mean voting for a highly qualified (politically speaking) candidate whose gender is female. No human is without flaws. No human is free of grievous errors in their lives. Certainly not me, and not Hillary either. May it be so that the majority of players from both parties reach across the vast divide and join together.

  7. I know there are so many powerful emotions that are connected and directed towards all of this….. and I say this with as much honesty and sensitivity as I can. Jill Stein embodies the Divine Feminine, where as Hillary has the energy of a man…. and a mean one at that. IMHO, If you look at how many folks that will vote for Trump, regardless of who says what, the only way Hillary gets 63 percent, is if she steals the election, the same way she stole the party nomination…. so I ask myself, why would the Divine Feminine candidate, have to use every rotten trick in the book? We know the wikileaks, at least regarding her stealing the party nomination to be true, we saw the head of the party resign immediately too…. Makes me wonder, just what is real or true? Just look at Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein or Gary Johnson, none of them have the terrible energy of the two we are supposed to choose from, and yet we are to believe what we are getting is ushering in a new age of Divinity? No, Hillary is not the answer, and most certainly does not represent the Divine Feminine. You can call a snake a bow tie, but it doesn’t change what the snake truly is, and to think or believe otherwise, gets you bitten, sometimes right in the old brain pan. The entire election process reeks of everything dark and satanic, and will not birth a new paradigm. It’s the continuing illusion of democracy, and all of the actors involved, bow down to hidden bosses, who have nothing like decency or visions of ascendance, rather a sad mimicry of both. *bows smiling*

    • Cher says:

      Well-said. I submit the author is off-line. Hillary represents all that is OLD and wrong with the political system of both parties. We’re xperiencing a reformation, or revolution of the citizens in their lather for Trump and Bernie simply because she is more of the awful, corrupt SAME. She is definitely NOT the Divine Feminine. That’s laughable.

  8. Lexi Sundell says:

    You offer some clear perceptions and insight here. The only caveat I would offer is that the wounded masculine evokes the wounded feminine and vice versa. The divine feminine evokes the divine masculine and vice versa. What I see being played out is wounded masculine and wounded feminine. Divine feminine leadership arising at some point in the future is not necessarily likely. We may just be switching cycles from dysfunctional wounded masculine to dysfunctional wounded feminine. Making the leap from wounded to divine energies is the deeper issue lost in the uproar of the election.

  9. Kelly says:


  10. Thank you! I needed that.

  11. What an amazing post – thank you. You put into words the things I know in my gut, but haven’t been able to speak to others. You also eased a tightness in my chest from that sick, sick feeling of watching that brute – and being unable to look away.

  12. John Deakyne says:

    It is all just epic. Love your insight. Can’t wait to meet you.

  13. elizabethsadhu says:

    Reblogged this on elizabethsadhu and commented:
    OH YES! Fucking brilliant and well said. I also believe that the Donald is “helping” to facilitate huge change….I have been calling it a healing crisis of epic proportions……Danielle really says it so perfectly and explains more about what is going on right now. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE

  14. elizabethsadhu says:

    Thank you!

    What you share is so affirming and there is so much synchronicity! I have shared here and there a bit about The Donald totally serving to bring all this crap out into the light. AND we are in a healing crisis of epic proportions…..and it is ugly and gross and painful but we ARE healing……SO MUCH coming to light…..it has ALL been there under……and rising and being encouraged to rise by the presence of the most entertaining the Donald.

    I love what you say…….perfect perfect perfect…..

    I do think Hillary is the perfect first woman to be prez. She has a great combo of masculine and feminine energies…….to navigate all the crap. AND she is still a woman!

    My hubby has been so freaked out that the Donald will win (not so much now) and I have been telling him over and over…..”HE WILL NOT WIN!” 🙂

    Blessings and fun and giggles to you!

    I think you are a kindred spirit. I loved your video in your bathrobe. That inspired me.

    Angelic Ambassador of Joy – The Joy Coach

  15. deeps says:

    This article title kind of contradicts her prediction. if she has predicted the outcome with such certainty then its easier for everyone who dislikes both candidates not to vote and sit out this election. because according to this lady Hillary will win with 63% votes. LOL. why bother voting then? there are many who would like to not BOTHER voting because they dislike both candidates.

    • Nathan Fleischman says:

      WHY BOTHER VOTING THEN? Because if you don’t, then there is a chance Trump could beat the prediction and destroy America. Voting will help the prediction come true.

  16. layalcs says:

    While I agree with everything you have said and thoroughly enjoyed the way you expressed this, I am not sure Hillary should make herself to the White House, for our highest good. I still hold out for a miraculous turn of events in favor of President  Bernie Sanders. He will in no way be in contrast to the rising of the Divine empowered feminine. We are firmly and substantially here now.Blessings, Laya

    Sent from my Verizon 4G LTE smartphone

  17. The truth you write rings loud and clear, and it’s in that ringing that powerful energies relay the truth in ever-increasing frequency and strength around the world.

    Thank you, Danielle. Blessings be.

  18. Thank you, I am grateful for your clarity. All is indeed unfolding in Divine time, exactly as it should. many Blessings and Love.

  19. Kavita says:

    Thank you. Thank you for your videos, blog posts, good humor, and insight. Thank you for all your work and play. Thanks to all those who sustain and support you. Specifically, in this post, thank you for sharing your observations about the women and men who’ve lived through abuse and are experiencing a re-stimulation or un-suppressing of those experiences as a result of this election cycle’s intensity. I draw strength and sustenance from your observations and perspectives. They help me come back to center and see through lenses other than fear and angst. They help me dial-back the amount of media coverage I ingest. They remind me that love trumps fear. Thank you.

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