Five Signs that You Aren’t Ready for a Psychic Reading

As someone in the metaphysical field who has been blessed with a booming practice for over 15 years, I’ve had the privilege and the opportunity to visit with thousands of different personality types representing countless needs. I’ve made many observations in this field about what people are truly seeking, once making an appointment with me. And in assessing these observations, I’ve found several commonalities that may assist many who are debating whether or not to actually visit with a Psychic or Medium.

Let’s face it: Money isn’t exactly growing in most people’s gardens. And before I ever “came out” as a Psychic, I was a Montanan. As a Montanan, I feel it’s my pick-yourself-up-by-your-bootstrap-duty to save someone else a headache.

With that motivation on the table, let’s get to the five signs that you aren’t ready to visit with a Psychic.

1) It’s not the job of any Psychic to convince you that you should have faith in the Universe.

This is a job best suited for a pastor, a priest, or perhaps, your bestie or your mom. It’s a waste of your hard-earned money to sit across from a Psychic, whose job is to provide you with guidance, and demand that the guidance be backed with some sort of iron-clad guarantee that faith will accompany you on the rest of your life path journey.

Faith is a trust issue. It has nothing to do with Psychics, or Doctors, or even Lovers. These trust issues have more to do with whether or not a person can trust themselves in their own decision making. No angel in creation is able to tell a person whether or not they will choose to trust themselves, the universe, or any other individual.

Trust is a free will issue, and a great lesson for many.

The issue of faith resides within each one of us, and it is the job of each one of us to access that faith center within the self and decide where to place our faith.

Which leads me to number two on our list.

2) It’s not a Psychic’s job to prove to you that they’re Psychic.

Honestly. This is almost silly to address, yet it’s going to get a few paragraphs because this issue gets in the way of people receiving the valuable information they are paying for.

If you don’t trust medical science – don’t go to see a doctor. If you don’t trust roller coasters – don’t get on one. To pay for a service that you don’t believe in, or that you don’t trust, is baffling. Sure, take from a reading that which resonates, and throw out the rest. That’s called discernment, something that most people don’t trust themselves enough to access. And that’s back to the “faith” issue.

Yet if you are walking into a reading wanting the Psychic to “prove” they are the real deal – that wastes your time, the practitioner’s time, and moreover – your hard-earned money. There are many 1-900 sites available to entertain you with mentalist tricks if you are simply bored and seeking to be “wowed”. And that can be fun in and of itself.

One of the most irritating misconceptions floating around the metaphysical community is that a Psychic should never ask you questions, and if they do, they’re not a real Psychic. That is a fear-based assumption that is ridiculous on a hundred levels, yet I’ll cite one, to start.

If I am visiting with a client, I will see a wall of issues that need to be addressed. We have a time limit and I want to make sure that I am addressing the issues the client wishes to deal with during our session. After all, it’s not my session – it’s theirs.

The other misconception is that the Universe knows exactly what we are seeking before we get into a session, and if a Psychic can’t “guess” our “big question” without the client mentioning why they are there, they are not psychic.

This isn’t a game show.

Of course the Universe knows what you need. Yet human beings have DOZENS of issues that need addressed, at any given time. And often the issue that brings someone to my office only scratches the surface of the issue that truly needs to be addressed. Yet THAT is the issue folks are ready, emotionally, to start with. And Universe meets us where we are at. If you need to hear a related message that you’re not asking for, the Universe will make sure that message gets through.

We MUST ask for the help we wish the receive. There are no “cheats” to life, and the Universe will rarely throw us a bone if we are constantly trying to “test it” so that it can “earn our trust”.

Trust yourself to know what you need. The idea that you don’t know what you need is an outmoded dis-empowering brainwashing modality from the old religious ages.

Free will is at the very learning core of the human species. I know, I know, we all want to be “floored” by Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character on “Ghost Whisperer”, when she walks right up to us and says, “I have a message!” Yet only in rare cases is that not a violation of free will. Every Psychic is different, yet ALL of us are bound by the physics of free will – as is the angelic realm when dealing with us.

Which bring me to number three.

3) If you’re not ready to hear unexpected information regarding your life path — you’re not ready for a Psychic reading.

This is perhaps the most important piece of information in this list. I have lost count over the years of the number of people who come to see me, wishing to hear from their angels the best life path choice, or the most effective job decision – only to balk at the answer when it’s not what they expected.

Well of course it won’t be what a person may have expected. It’s change. And change is hard for people. In order to change our life, we must do something we’ve never done before. And that’s scary sometimes.

When someone mentions they hate their job, and then they mention they wish to have some hints form the universe on which direction they should choose to place their efforts, it’s likely that the universe will re-direct the person into a different occupation. That is, if one truly is displaced in their occupation. Yet this base fact scares the ba-jeezuz out of most people because changing occupations sometimes requires financial “risk”, furthering education, and the one thing that most folks dread more than the dentist – a heap of courage to change, and a leap of faith.

There’s that faith issue again.

Which leads me to number four in our list.

4) If you already have all the answers – you don’t need a Psychic reading.

Again. I simply cannot fathom, as someone with a family and a family budget, the disposable income someone must have in order to book a session, receive information, and then argue every point that is presented with “why it won’t work”.

Of course we don’t have to agree with everything in a reading. Yet if you’re kicking everything out immediately with comments that nothing will ever work – perhaps the reason your life isn’t working is because of that very negative base line to begin with?

Save your money and work on your mentality surrounding limitation consciousness. And reference the paragraph on “faith”.

And last but not least, number five.

5) If you want to visit with a deceased loved one and you are wanting them to give you the “secret sign” to believe it’s really them – you’re not ready for a Mediumship reading.

Again, please see a priest or a holy person to assist you with issues on the afterlife, if you’re not sure what happens after our bodies die. I regularly answer many questions about the afterlife, but not from the “prove there is an afterlife” perspective.

That energy isn’t conducive to learning.

When we cross over, we still have free will. Nine times out of ten a deceased loved one will come back to give us a message of peace. If you want to “test” the spirit to make sure it’s really Aunt Sally by asking her what color underpants you put on this morning, it’s highly unlikely the spirit will answer you, because again, that goes back to the “trust” issue that we’re all learning. And once spirits cross over, they have an incredible understanding of what is in our highest interest.

Now, maybe Aunt Sally has a sense of humor and will answer you. I’ve had that happen. But it’s rare. Spirits come back to deliver our hearts the healing they are seeking and to help bring us closure in our grieving process. That is, if they show up.

Sometimes, spirits won’t come forward if someone has formed an unhealthy attachment to letting that person go. Sometimes they do come forward just to help with this issue. Yet again, we are dealing with free will here.

The misconception is that we Mediums can just “dial up” spirits like we’re calling someone on the phone. Well, we certainly try. And just like a phone, sometimes, folks pick up, and sometimes they are busy and let the call roll to voicemail.

Again, discernment is key here. If you are fearful that you can’t trust yourself to know whether the spirit communicating through a Medium is actually Aunt Sally – engaging in a mediumship session is not for you.

In summary

Obviously, there are disingenuous people in all fields, and the Psychic field is notorious for charlatans and weirdos taking off with the money of hurting people. There are people who make big money off of claiming to remove “curses” from folks, for only three sessions of a bazillion dollars each.

I get why folks are a little gun shy.

However, if you truly are gun-shy, then it isn’t the right time for you to seek the type of assistance from someone like myself, or many other reputable practitioners, who have dedicated our lives to bringing through messages for the growth and highest good of all.

Most of us are here to help you. It’s pretty simple.

Make sure to do your research before booking with any Psychic, and the most valuable research you can do is – ask around. Any troll online can say anything. However, real people will tell you the real truth about their experience with a person.

And most of all – trust your GUT. When you’re seeking a reading, trust the FEELING that you get when you view someone’s website, videos, or read their blog. That feeling is the Universe nudging you to “go for it” or to “wait”. The more we learn to trust ourselves, the more we trust those around us, getting more out of our personal relationships.

And that’s the greatest spiritual gift of all.

About danielleegnew

Named "Psychic of the Year" by UFO's and Supernatural Magazine, Danielle Egnew is an internationally-known Psychic, Medium and Angelic Channel whose work has been featured on national TV (NBC, ABC, TNT, USA) as well as in the Washington Post and Huffington Post. She has provided content consultant services for the CW's hit series "Supernatural" and the blockbuster film "Man of Steel". Danielle is also an author, teacher, and TV / radio host in the field of metaphysics. She anchors her private practice in the Big Sky Country of Montana, residing with her wife and their daughter.
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15 Responses to Five Signs that You Aren’t Ready for a Psychic Reading

  1. John says:

    I like how you suggest your belief in the universe should come from your community. I guess a psychic is just a medium for information. I’ve been real stressed about a promotion at work, so maybe I’ll what a psychic thinks my odds are.

  2. Rosa Ashley says:

    I love this post on so many levels!

  3. larrynweaver2017 says:

    That seems pretty verifiable that change is hard. If your reading gives you unexpected information, that’s valuable. You can’t achieve more than you’re already doing without change.

  4. John Mahoney says:

    Thank you fort talking about trusting yourself when looking for a psychic reading. It makes sense that keeping this in mind can help you find someone you are comfortable with and who can provide the services you seek. I would want to make sure I do my research and find someone that get good reviews and are friendly with you.

  5. PoppyDaisyLily says:

    Hi there Danielle :-). Very interesting post. As someone who is a ‘hopeful skeptic’ though and looking for some validation, I’m left confused. If what you say is true, there is no real way to know if the psychic you are seeing is kosher or not. If it’s not up to them to prove it, you just have to accept it regardless from if it’s from a real psychic or not? You should only go and see a psychic if you already believe in it, and you shouldn’t question it. Is that correct? Forgive me if I’m reading it wrong, I’m trying to find my own way through all this. xx

  6. Theresa Flint says:

    Hi Danielle: Theresa Flint here again from Canada. I was so impressed with your article I would like to have permission to link it from my web site to your site. Can I do ​that? Please advise. Blessings, Theresa

  7. Karma Shanti says:

    Amen …. Awesome post Danielle… These 5 points are so right on target on so many levels..
    This is something that I’ve never seen addressed but have had those come to me with these same misconceptions with some of my clients. It just feels very validating to have another Psychic/ Medium validate these expereinces and set clear guidelines… Much Love & Vibrant smiles

  8. Reblogged this on Daily Muse and commented:
    I love this post on so many levels! I’ve heard exactly word for word everything addressed in this piece. Enjoy!

  9. Pingback: KEEN: Musings from moon advisor : FANTASTIC NEW ARTICLE BY Danielle Egnew! A MUST READ! Thanks Danielle!

  10. Beth says:

    Very nicely put! All I can say is Amen!

  11. Victoria Larson says:

    Thank you Danielle. Question, do you ever come to Missoula?

    • danielleegnew says:

      Hi Victoria!! I love Missoula yet I don’t get up there too often, though when I do — I have s blast!! I used to go Mountain Biking with my cousin Glenn up there on Rattlesnake trail — love it!!

  12. Theresa Flint says:

    Hi Danielle: Theresa Flint here in Canada again, you did a reading for me a few months ago, thank you. This article is very well written, good for you and it is great to defend our profession as well as you did. Blessings, Theresa ​

    On Mon, Aug 22, 2016 at 1:45 PM, From Psychic / Medium Danielle Egnew wrote:

    > danielleegnew posted: “As someone in the metaphysical field who has been > blessed with a booming practice for over 15 years, I’ve had the privilege > and the opportunity to visit with thousands of different personality types > representing countless needs. I’ve made many observation” >

    • danielleegnew says:

      Hey there Theresa!! Great to hear from you fabulous lady!! You are welcome, and thanks for reading :)!! I’m hoping folks find the right help for *them*. Big hugs from the big sky state :)!

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